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[Back at the Nickar, the Demonoids have seen it all]

Westcott: Another lucky break for the Crystal Exceeds. Give those demons the Giga Beam, LN.

[LN pushes the Giga Beam button, but nothing happens]

LN: It's not working, sir. It's out of juice. I have to recharge it.

Argon: In the meantime, allow me to enlarge those demons, Master Westcott. In fact, I'll do more than just make them bigger. I'll merge them!

Westcott: Very well, Argon. Do it!

[Argon's third eye glows; back at the park, a red beam from the sky hits the remains of the demons, restoring them, enlarging them, and fusing them into Troika]

Troika: We're back!

Tomoe: They fused! It's Troika!

Troika: That's right. Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon all rolled into one, but twice as powerful!

[He unleashes energy blasts upon the Exceeds, who narrowly dodge]

Lilith: It's time to call our Blaze Beasts!

Tomoe: Right!

Exceeds: [whip out their Crystal Coins] Crystal Coins, ready! Summon Blaze Beasts!

[The Blaze Beasts appear; they combine to form the Primal Blaze King; the Exceeds jump into the cockpit]

Exceeds: Primal Blaze King, ready!

Troika: If that's supposed to scare me, you're sadly mistaken.

[He and the Primal Blaze King get into a fight; Elaine looks up from down below with admiration]

Elaine: She made the right choice.

[She dials Noah's number on her smartphone]

Noah: Speak.

Elaine: Noah, tell your father the wedding is off.

Noah: What?! But, ma'am, the marriage is our ticket to maintaining our finances.

Elaine: My granddaughter's happiness comes first.

Noah: [growls] Screw you, Bristol! [hangs up]

Elaine: Well, I never. Worse than I thought. [looks up at the fight] Give it to him, Lilith!

[Back at the fight, the Primal Blaze Ki

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