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ACME Wheel of Fortune » ACME Wheel - Season 2 Premiere » Yesterday 6:50 pm

Rated TV-PG (CC; Stereo)

Tomoe: We're about to start the the season premiere of ACME Wheel, everyone!

Tor: Just make sure your room is brightly lit, and that you're not too close to the monitor.

[Jon gets out of a Ford Fiesta with a key that starts a car]

Jon: These set of keys start this Ford Fiesta. [grabs a bowl of four keys and puts in the key and mix them up] But four of them do not. One of our contestants could be driving this car home, today on the season premiere of....!

Audience: WHEEL....OF....FORTUNE!!!

[Cheers and applause]

Sarah: The famous wheel is spinning your way towards thousands of dollars in cash! And now from the ACME Studios here are the stars of our the season premiere of ACME Wheel, Jonathan Mann!

Jon: [enters HQ] Oh yeah!

Sarah: And the troublemaking raccoon himself...Freddie!

Freddie: [enters HQ] Yes, sir!

Jon: Hi, everybody! Summer's over. Reruns are over. Vacation is over! Welcome to an all new season of ACME Wheel of Fortune. The game you loved ACME's way. Now as Alvin mentioned Freddie, he's my new side-kick.

Freddie: What's up everybody?

Jon: Freddie and I are best buds ever since we named him my co-host. We enjoyed having so much fun together over the summer.

Freddie: You bet. And now, we've put our camping gear away for an all new ACME season.

Jon: We've made some exciting changes this season. You can not only win cash but also a brand new car!

[Audience reacts]

Jon: We'll get to more details on that in a second. But that not all, one of our contestants in Rounds 2 or 3 could be spinning the wheel for you for some cash in our new home player spin!


Jon: But first, let's meet our first three contestants of the season. Sarah?

[Now to the contestants]

Sarah: Contestant #1 likes to play soccer, baseball, and enjoys going to the movies. From Passiac, New Jersey, meet Evan Luteh

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