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4/13/2016 10:45 am  #1

TVLubber's Season 8 plans (w/the new semi-weekly format)

341. Bye-Bye, Balboa (Wonder Rat steals Balboa Park)
342. The Perilous Polka Pinch (Kneemoi steals Polka dancing and music)
343. Volcanic Panic (Robo-Crook steals Mt. Vesuvius)
344. Vincent Van Gone! (Sarah Nade steals The Starry Night from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City)
345. Rock & Roll IN Jeopardy! (Double Trouble steal Rock & Roll Jeopardy!.) (guest stars: Alex Trebek, Johnny Gilbert, and Jeff Probst)
346. The Creep in the Creek (Vic the Slick steals Wounded Knee Creek)
347. No Buttes About It (Patty Larceny steals Porcupine Butte)
348. Oglala Go Bye-Bye (Top Grunge steals Oglala Damn)
349. Cheyenne Chagrin (The Contessa steals the Cheyenne River)
350. Windbag in Wind Cave (Eartha Brute steals Wind Cave National Park)
351. Mayhem in Mobile (Sarah Nade steals Stewartfield from Mobile)
352. The Soo Line High Bridge Bust (Wonder Rat steals the Soo Line High Bridge from Minnesota and Wisconsin)
353. Shell Shocked (Vic the Slick steals the Shell Service Station from Winston-Salem)
354. Locomotion (Robo-Crook steals the Eureka Locomotive from Nevada)
355. The Well Wipeout (Top Grunge steals Drake Well from Pennsylvania)
356. Tic Tac Done (Double Trouble steal Tic Tac Dough)
357. Goodbye, Gambit (The Contessa steals Gambit)
358. Dice Demise (Eartha Brute steals High Rollers)
359. Criminal Pursuit (Patty Larceny steals Trivial Pursuit (the board game and the game show))
360. Debt in Debt (Kneemoi steals Debt)

NOTE: This is actually going to be season 9, not 8.

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4/13/2016 10:47 am  #2

Re: TVLubber's Season 8 plans (w/the new semi-weekly format)

1. It will now be a semi-weekly program (Saturday and Sunday afternoon), so as I can catch up on my side-fics.
2. No more returning Sleuths. Therefore, the winning Sleuth of episode #340-- If he/she does not capture Carmen in that episode or the next, he/she will be the only returning Sleuth in my fanfics to retire undefeated without capturing Carmen.
3. The jackpot will now start at $50,000, and if Carmen is not captured, $5,000 is added for each location correctly identified in the Map, and the Gumshoe wins $1,000 (half in cash, half in savings bonds).
4. The winning Gumshoe will receive a $5,000 savings bond instead of $500. Finding the crook on the first try in the 2nd round will earn them a $10,000 savings bond, as well.
5. The Lightning Lot and Chase Pot will be no more (which means that whatever is left in the pot in episode #340, if they are not won in their respective rounds, they will automatically be awarded to the winning Gumshoe so they do not go to waste). The cash bonus for answering all questions correctly also goes.
6. The regular scoring will be increased: 250 to start with, 50 for each correct answer (or 100 if all three answer correctly), 25 per correct answer in the Lightning Round and the Chase, and Gumshoes can wager 0-250 in increments of 50.
7. The bonus game is also gone (from now on, the jackpot increases the hard way).
8. There will be no more weekly Home Viewer Sweepstakes. All daily winners receive a Carmen t-shirt.
9. At the end of the season, a 4-day Tournament of Sleuths is played in the same style as before (the Gumshoe who captures Carmen in the fastest time wins $1,000,000 and 10 trips to anywhere in the world!).

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