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12/07/2017 10:07 pm  #1

Side-Fic 267: Meteor Mission Pt. 1

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Capt. Qoone: Everyone, let me remind you to watch the show in a brightly-lit room and not too close to the monitor. Standard policy.

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[In the Nickar, Cyber Demonitron drag the wounded Savage by chains up the stairs to the gallows]

Savage: This hanging is ludicrous. All I wanted was to make a living in this world! But to execute me just because I escaped so I could stop working like a slave?!

[LN throws a tomato at his face]

Savage: A tomato. Really? What's the matter? Run out of eggs?

LN: Shut up, traitor! You think I forgot what you did to Sir Mechike?!

Savage: He turned my brother into a robot, which drove him to his death! I had to do something! I don't deserve to be hanged for that.

Delta: Not if you abided by our rules!

Epsilon: You almost shattered our whole mission, because you betrayed us!

Mu: You're better off dead!

Savage: So you think you cows can slaughter me like a lamb?! You're all outta your minds!

LN: [chants] String him up! String him up! String him up!

All Demonoids: [chant] String him up! String him up! String him up!

[The chanting continues]

Savage: [in his mind] Owen, give your son my best regards. It's too late for me, but not for you. And the Demonoids-- Those ignorant pigs. I should never have trusted Prescott in the first place. Temper and I would have had a happy life if he hadn't turned to me.

Prescott: All right, boys. String him up.

[The Cyber Demonitron string Savage to a noose]

Prescott: If anyone knows a reason why this traitor should not be hanged--

Mechike: [enters] I object!

Prescott: Mechike?

Mechike: I agree that Savage should be punished, but it makes no sense to hang him when he's still of some use to us.

Prescott: He's a deserter, Mechike. Locking him up again won't stop him.

Mechike: Hanging him won't do us any good, either. In fact, it'll only cripple our army even further. Remember, he was once your top demon. And based on his recent battle with Delta, I'd say those powers would be put to better use against ACME Crime Net. And I have a way of making doubly sure he doesn't desert us again.

[He walks up to Prescott and whispers into his ear]

Prescott: Oh. Very well. Cyber Demonitron, release the traitor and hand him to Mechike!

[The Cyber Demonitron remove Savage from the noose and hand him over to Mechike]

Savage: Sir Mechike, after what I did to you, you want me to be spared?

Mechike: Your usefulness is far from over, Savage. Come.

[He drags Savage all the way to the Demonoid Laboratory; a few Cyber Demonitron follow]

Mechike: Strap him down, boys.

[The Cyber Demonitron strap him to a surgical table]

Savage: What the hell is this?! Release me at once!

Mechike: Comfy?

Savage: I'll kill you, Mechike! I'll make you suffer worse than you did my brother!

Mechike: A perfectly good experiment gone horribly wrong. But Lord Prescott doesn't tolerate failure or treason here, and I'm gonna make sure you don't stoop to that level like Temper did. [prepares a powerful menacing-looking drill and points it at Savage] Now, open wide and say ahh. [laughs maniacally]

[Cut to outside the lab]

Savage: NO!!!

[About a week or so later, out in space, a giant red meteor (the size of Texas) is on a course with Earth, but is many lightyears away]

[William D. McDowell Observatory, Thursday, November 23rd, 9:48pm]

[A scientist: Professor Eugene Steiner (played by Michael Rosenbaum), looks through the telescope and sees the meteor]

Prof. Steiner: Ah. A meteor. [calculates the trajectory] Hmm... So it's expected to miss by a million miles. Hmm... [extracts a remote-control device] What better way to oust ACME for firing me from their lab division 10 years ago? Mechike, you beauty.

[He points the device above; out in space, the meteor's trajectory changes, now heading straight toward Earth]

[Meanwhile, on the Catian Mothership (right above Earth), Dr. Durel looks out the window of her living quarters]

Dr. Durel: Nothing very unusual.

[She suddenly notices a faraway glowing red star coming near them]

Dr. Durel: Hmm?

[She looks through her telescope; she magnifies and zooms in until she sees the oncoming meteor]

Dr. Durel: A meteor!

[On the mothership's bridge, Captain Qoone eats a slice of pumpkin pie w/whipped cream]

Capt. Qoone: What a way to spend our first Thanksgiving. Who knew such a holiday could mean a lot of delicious food? Especially this pumpkin pie!

Chayka: [eats a slice] I know! Not to mention the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, the works! Plus, I love watching football games before chow time.

Melwin: Plus, that big parade we saw on TV this morning-- Those giant lead balloons and those performances by Broadway shows! They made me purr every time I saw them!

[Durel runs onto the bridge]

Dr. Durel: Captain, sorry to interrupt your dessert, but this is important.

Capt. Qoone: What's the matter, Doctor?

Dr. Durel: [hands the captain a note pad with the meteor's position, velocity, trajectory, etc.] I just saw a giant meteor on my telescope.

Capt. Qoone: Hmm. Melwin, run a universal scan.

Melwin: Yes, Captain.

[She runs a universal scan until she gets a visual on the oncoming meteor]

Melwin: Durel's right. It is a meteor. And even though it's several lightyears away, it's on a collision course... with Earth!

Capt. Qoone: This is horrible. That meteor is so big that its force is tantamount to multiple hydrogen bombs, and if it hits Earth--!

Chayka: We gotta warn ACME Crime Net.

[Cut to the bridge of the Nickar; Mechike gets a transmission from Steiner]

Mechike: Professor Steiner, I see you've managed to redirect my meteor to make sure it doesn't miss Earth.

Prof. Steiner: Hey, you gave me the remote. I don't deserve any of the credit.

Mechike: But you cooperated. And I commend you.

Prof. Steiner: I've done some quick research of that big rock. It's virtually indestructible. And it's so fast, that come midnight, it'll completely obliterate the planet upon impact in just seconds!

Mechike: Lovely. Remain where you are while you await your escape vehicle.

Prof. Steiner: You got it, Sir Mechike. Steiner out.

[His transmission ends; LN enters]

Mechike: LN, set our course. We're leaving Earth immediately.

LN: Yes, Sir Mechike.

[She sets the course; outside, the sub rises from the sea and goes into flight mode, its nose pointing upward like a space shuttle; inside, everyone straps in tightly]

LN: Preparing for final countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Ignition!

[Outside, the sub lifts off out of Earth's atmosphere and into deep space; once in orbit, the sub stops]

[Cut back inside; Prescott approaches the bridge]

Mechike: My lord, our safety is assured. My meteor won't even land a dent on us.

Prescott: Well done, Mechike. All we can do now is wait until the meteor hits.

[132 Madison Street, 10:00pm]

[In Kio's room, Kio looks up info on convicted criminals in the NYPD database; Eris, Aoi, and Manami look on]

Kio: John Dukakis, hails from Greece. Says here he got convicted of reckless endangerment and possessing a dangerous weapon in July.

Manami: What weapon?

Kio: A powerful gem called the Eye of Selene. In the wrong hands, it'd set a violent goddess free. A trio of thieves got their hands on it and set the goddess free, and she ended up going on a rampage, killing one of the thieves. But thanks to Alvin's campione friend, ACME killed the goddess. The other two thieves then killed each other in a quick gunfight. As for Dukakis, he's doing life in Attica.

Aoi: Life? For reckless endangerment and possession?

Eris: How many counts?

Kio: 30 counts of reck-1, one count of first-degree possession, all counts to run consecutively. 20 years for the possession charge, and seven for each count of reckless endangerment. 230 years total. No early parole on any charge.

[He looks up info on Alto]

Kio: This must be the Alto guy that Alvin told us about. Real name: Ralph Rizzoli. Convicted in early 2016 of two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy. He was killed while awaiting his appeal.

[He then looks up Marcello Vega]

Kio: This is the perp, Marcello Vega, a repeat offender. Among Alto's murder and other charges, he was also convicted of the murder of his girlfriend. He's doing life in Attica. He was one of Prescott Vorstein's henchmen. A year in prison, and he still won't give his boss away.

Eris: You know, Kio, it's great that you're getting info on ACME Crime Net's record of captures. They sure caught quite a lot of bad ones.

Kio: [opens another file] There's one convict that really caught my eye before you came in to bring me pumpkin pie.

[The file shows info on Eugene Steiner]

Kio: Professor Eugene Steiner. Had a domestic violence collar each year over the past 10 years. But his wife was too scared to file any charges, thinking he might do the same to their kids.

Aoi: A wife-beater?

Eris: What drove him to it?

Kio: Well, he actually used to be head of ACME Labs before he got fired and lost his pension 10 years ago for downloading 100 dirty images onto the lab computer.

Manami: Jeez! He's an even bigger perv than you.

Kio: Manami!

Aoi: Why didn't he just delete the files from the computer after he downloaded them?

Kio: He did after he transferred them to his flash drive, but one of the interns used a recovery program and found out exactly when the files were downloaded. When Steiner came into work the next day, the Chief fired him on the spot. He and his family moved to Lyndhurst, New Jersey, where Steiner got a new job at the William D. McDowell Observatory.

Eris: But I bet he wasn't fond of his new payment and treated his wife like trash, huh?

Kio: Right on the money, Eris.

[Eris' bell chimes; Eris taps on it]

Eris: Go ahead.

Capt. Qoone: Eris, there's a giant meteor heading for Earth!

Eris: A meteor?

Manami: We've gotta get to the lab.

[They all rush down to the lab; Eris runs a universal scan on the main computer; it opens a channel to the meteor's coordinates]

Eris: Oh, my God. It's approaching at 400,000 miles per hour!

Kio: That's more than double a meteor's average speed!

Aoi: At this rate, it could hit Earth before morning!

Manami: Captain, is there anything we can do?

Capt. Qoone: Get to the Cosmo MagnaShip and try to divert the meteor. I'll call Tyler Steele and have him warn the others.

Eris: Yes, ma'am! [taps her bell] Kio, go wake up Antonia. It's go time!

[NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C., 10:16pm]

[Robert M. Lightfoot, Jr. holds a press conference]

Lightfoot: People of Earth, I regret to tell you this on the night of Thanksgiving, but I have disturbing news. We've just received word from the Catian Mothership that a massive meteor is on a collision course with Earth.

[The press is shocked]

Lightfoot: Every country on Earth has been alerted by now. Currently, we're doing all we can, exploring every means possible to avert this calamity. A calamity similar to the one that occurred on our planet over 65,000,000 years ago. An asteroid about the same size and traveling at the same speed hit Earth with devastating results. The impact formed a cloud of dust and water that covered the entire planet, shutting out nearly all of the sunlight needed to sustain life. Hundreds of plant species died, and scientists presume that this may have caused the dinosaurs to go extinct. The meteor is expected to hit at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, but we're currently seeking the help of Earth's finest.

[The entire press conference is being broadcast all over the world]

[Cut to Owen and Ewan Mathers' apartment back in Manhattan; Owen and Ewan are watching the press conference (along with the meteor's approach) on TV]

Ewan: Good lord! You think maybe we should retreat, Dad?

Owen: No, Ewan. No one is leaving this planet, because that meteor is not going to hit.

Ewan: What do you mean?

Owen: When I did research on recent meteors this morning, there was nothing about a meteor of this shape. That meteor must be Prescott's doing.

Ewan: How can he have access to a meteor?

Owen: The Demonoids, no doubt. I've got to go and stop him.

Ewan: But how? You don't know where the Nickar is.

Owen: Actually, I do. [extracts his iPad] Before Savage and I escaped, I planted a waterproof homing device in the pod docking bay where no one can find it.

Ewan: But how are you gonna get there?

Owen: ACME Crime Net can take us there, with the Cosmo Cats' Cosmo MagnaShip.

Ewan: Well, if that's the case, then I'll go with you, Dad. You're gonna need some backup.

Owen: Son, you've been in prison for 15 years. You need some extra time at home before you hunt for a new job.

Ewan: I've spent all that time training. You need some extra muscle to deal with Prescott's army.

Owen: [sighs] Very well. Come.

[They exit]

[132 Madison Street, 10:30pm]

[Eris' group, the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, Hunter, Corona, Aqune, Lumen, Sparkle, Layla, Sora, Rosetta, Marion, May, Mia, Anna, Sarah, and all eight Battle Spiders are all gathered together]

Hunter: Okay, guys. We're all gathered here for good reason. The meteor-- Wait, where's Pamela?

Layla: Don't you remember? The cast of Theatrical Camp is in town, and she's been spending Thanksgiving with them. I relayed the situation to her, but she hasn't responded.

Hunter: Then we'll have to go on this mission without her.

Manami: And another thing-- Why are you and Corona even here? It hasn't even been two weeks since baby Monica was born.

Corona: The doctor said I was well enough to go back into work just yesterday. And don't worry about Monica. Hunter's father is with her.

Hunter: Anyway, the meteor is expected to hit Earth at around midnight. Our job is to stop it. Diverting it won't do. Knowing Prescott and the Demonoids, they'll try and redirect it back to Earth. Our objective is to destroy it. But it's gonna take the combined efforts of all of our machines to do so. Eris, how's the crew on the mothership coming along with those explosives?

Eris: They're all set and loaded into the Cosmo MagnaShip, Hunter.

Hunter: Good. What we have to do is insert the explosives, and the moment we all leave the meteor's surface, we detonate 'em.

Corona: That's the Cosmo Cats' job, with Araneus and Hyllus backing them up. The rest of us will try and hold the meteor back until all the explosives are in place.

Alvin: But there's still one thing I wanna know. The Spider Riders' machines--

Hunter: Don't worry, Alvin. The "super" upgrade gave them the ability to fly into space. My dad thinks of everything.

Kio: All right, then. Let's suit up and get to work!

Spider Riders: Spider out! Arachna Super Power!

Gladiators: Kaleido Power!

Cosmo Cats: Cosmo Power!

[They all get suited up; the Spider Riders merge with their Battle Spiders]

Hunter: Things could get ugly, guys, so let's give that meteor all we've got.

[There's a knock at the door]

Simon: Uh-oh. Company. Who's there?!

Owen: Open up. It's me, Owen.

[Alvin opens the door to let Owen and Ewan inside]

Alvin: Owen? Ewan? What are you doing here?

Ewan: We wanna help you. That is, if you can help us.

Layla: Why would we help Prescott Vorstein's right-hand man?

Alvin: Layla, we told you before, Owen is a new man.

Simon: He never wanted to work for Prescott. He just needed the money. And his son is making amends for ever working for Prescott in the first place.

Owen: Listen to me. That meteor was sent by the Demonoids. It's all Prescott's doing. But I know of a way to stop it.

Sora: How?

Owen: Before I escaped Prescott's submarine, I planted a homing device. [extracts his iPad] That way, I can trace the sub's location so you can take me there. There, Ewan and I will put the meteor on immediate self-destruct. [gets a signal; is surprised] Oh. Lucky day. The sub's currently in Earth's orbit. Had no idea the Nickar was capable of doing that.

Eris: We were just on our way into space to help destroy that meteor.

Ewan: You think you could give us a ride?

Eris: All right, but remember, no tricks!

Owen: You have our word.

[Outside, the Cosmo MagnaShip takes off into space, followed by the Mega Star Borg, the MechaBeetle (flying via its jet engines), the three auxiliary KaleidoBorgs, the Super Spider Caesar (Ninja Formation), the Indigo Paladin, the Spider Samurai, Araneus, and Hyllus (all of the Spider Riders' machines fly via their own jet engines); while the MagnaDroid orbits Earth, the other machines venture forth to find the meteor]

Hunter: [from the Super Spider Caesar] All right, Cosmo Cats. We'll look for the meteor. You carry out Owen's plan.

Kio: [from the MagnaShip] Copy that, Hunter!

[Cut to the bridge of the MagnaShip with the Cosmo Cats, Owen, and Ewan]

Aoi: How much closer to Prescott's sub, Owen?

Owen: We're less than 600 miles away. Turn right.

[Outside, the ship turns right]

Owen: But please take note that Prescott has ways of detecting his enemies nearing the sub. I'd recommend not getting too close.

Eris: Oh, that's no problem. Luros, engage active camouflage mode.

Luros: Okie-dokie, Miss Eris! On it!

[The ship goes into active camouflage mode, as if it were a chameleon]

[Cut back to the bridge]

Eris: So long as we're in camouflage mode, this ship won't be detectable by anyone.

Owen: [sighs] Wonderful.

Ewan: All right. Here's the plan. Once we're close enough, we jump into an escape pod, we sneak on board the sub, we set the meteor on self-destruct, and boom!

Antonia: [hands Owen a wireless headset w/microphone] Here, so you can keep in contact with us while you're on the sub.

Owen: Thanks, child. We'll make sure to keep you posted.

Eris: The escape pods are in MagnaDeck 5. Good luck.

[Cut back to the Nickar; the alarm blares]

LN: Radar's detecting the Spider Riders and Kaleido Gladiators making their way towards the meteor!

Mechike: Argon, send out the ArgoStar Fighters! Every one we've got!

Argon: As you command, Sir Mechike!

[Outside, the carrier bay door opens, releasing a large fleet of ArgoStar Fighters]

[All the while, the MagnaShip is now just 1,000 feet away from the Nickar; an escape pod emerges from the ship and lands in the carrier bay just before the door closes; once the door is shut, Owen and Ewan exit the pod in cloaks and sneak into the control room]

Owen: [to his headset] All right, Cosmo Cats. We're on board now. The control room is pretty quiet.

[Cut back to the MagnaShip]

Eris: Good. Find the main computer and detonate the meteor.

[Cut back to the sub]

Owen: Roger that.

[He and Ewan approach the main computer]

Owen: Currently at the computer.

[He opens up the program that controls the meteor]

Owen: Found it. [types in the self-destruct code] This is it. Just one more key stroke, and it's ta-ta to the meteor.

[Suddenly, Savage, now with cybernetic implants on most of his body, enters the control room]

Savage: Owen!

Ewan: Dad, we have company.

[Owen notices Savage]

Owen: Savage, it's you. What are you doing back here?

[He notices the implants all over Savage's body]

Savage: Yes, it is me, only far superior to what I used to be.

Owen: Savage, what did they do to you?

Savage: The same as will be done to you.

[He charges at Owen]

Ewan: No, you don't!

[He kicks Savage back]

Owen: Ewan!

Ewan: Dad told me you and he were friends. Why are you doing this to him?!

Savage: No one deserts Prescott Vorstein.

[He and Ewan get into a fight]

Ewan: Do it, Dad! Blow up the meteor!

Owen: Right!

[But just as he is about to hit the enter key, Mechike hits the escape key, closing the program, then grabs Owen by the arm]

Mechike: So, the traitor has returned.

Owen: [furiously] Mechike!

Mechike: And who is that man fighting the new Savage?

Owen: That's my son. And you did that to Savage! [pushes Mechike back] He was my friend! And you turned him into a monster!

Mechike: Just like I did his brother. But this one will succeed where Temper failed.

Owen: Temper? He's... dead?!

Mechike: Oh, but it wasn't my doing. It was ACME. They killed him.


[He is about to punch Mechike, when LN intercepts with her hands]

Owen: Ellen!

LN: Fool. I am LN, and I'm a Demonoid.

Ewan: Ellen?! [kicks Savage and approaches LN] Ellen, it's me, Ewan! Your cousin! Don't you recognize me?

LN: I have no family. I have nothing but a mission: To serve Sir Mechike and Lord Prescott in their quest to destroy ACME Crime Net, then corrupt the world.

Ewan: [to his father] You're right. She's completely lost everything.

Owen: Mechike, you'll pay for this!

[Savage grabs the duo; Mechike wraps chains around the two]

Mechike: Try to destroy my meteor, eh? Well, that's not going to happen. Frisk them.

[Savage and LN frisk Ewan and Owen, respectively]

Savage: This one's clean.

LN: [extracts the unit blocker from Owen's pocket] Hold on. What's this?

Owen: That's private!

LN: Scanning.

[Her eyes glow; she runs an analysis on the unit blocker]

LN: So, this thing disables the functions of a Cyber Demon Gear unit, eh?

[She crushes the unit blocker with her hands]

Owen: You crazy bitch! That could've saved the lives of many minions!

Mechike: Prescott's army is no place for failures or traitors.

LN: But as long as you two are here, we've got something special planned for you.

Owen and Ewan: NO!

[Owen's headset falls to the floor; Mechike stomps on it, destroying it]

[Cut back to the MagnaShip]

Eris: Owen? Ewan? Hello?! Are you still there?!

[Static is heard]

Eris: Their signal's gone.

Manami: [slams her fist on the controls] DAMN IT! Why the hell did he choose to go back there?! And with his son, no less?!

Kio: Manami, calm down! Both Owen and Ewan made those decisions, and there was nothing we could do to stop them.

Antonia: Look, they made a sacrifice to make up for what they did wrong.

Manami: But it was all for nothing!

Eris: Not really, but it will be if we don't go after that meteor! [taps her bell] Hunter, bad news. Owen and Ewan got caught. We're on our way to your location so we can destroy that meteor ourselves.

Hunter: We're very close, but there's ArgoStars trying to stop us. Please hurry!

Eris: Roger. Eris out. [taps her bell] Guys, let's form the MagnaDroid!

Other Cosmo Cats: Yes, ma'am!

[Outside, the MagnaShip moves away from the Nickar, deactivates camouflage mode, releases Eris' ship and CatiEarth One; all three ships combine to form the Cosmo MagnaDroid; the Cosmo MagnaDroid takes off and joins the other machines in fighting against the ArgoStars]

Eris: No doubt Prescott's trying to stop us. Everyone strike!

[The Super Spider Caesar strikes five of the ArgoStars w/its Xenon Katana; the Indigo Paladin slices five w/its twin blades; the Spider Samurai slices five w/its twin katana; Araneus and Hyllus fire lasers at five, destroying them; the Mega Star Borg fires its Six-Wing Flash at five, destroying them; the MechaBeetle strikes five w/its horn; the KaleidoBorgs 7-9 fire their attacks at five, destroying them; the Cosmo MagnaShip smashes five more with its Tiger Hammer]

Layla: Let's finish 'em off! Giga Borg, assemble!

[The MechaBeetle combines with the Mega Star Borg to form the Giga Borg]

Gladiators: Kaleido Giga Burst!

[The Giga Borg fires all its weapons at all of the remaining ArgoStars, destroying them completely]

Sora: There goes another obstacle.

Brittany: Guys, look!

[The meteor is coming their way]

Eris: There's the meteor! Time to insert the explosives!

[The MagnaDroid, Hyllus, and Araneus land on the meteor while the other machines try and slow it down by holding it steady]

[Cut to Hyllus' cockpit w/Aqune]

Aqune: Okay, guys. Let's get started.

[Cut to Araneus' cockpit w/Alvin]

Alvin: This spot is where we have to bury the first explosive.

[Cut to the MagnaDroid's cockpit w/all five Cosmo Cats]

Eris: Right! Deploying drill arm now!

[Outside, the MagnaDroid's left shin opens, revealing a claw arm, which pops out and drills a hole big enough to fit an explosive]

Aqune: Good job. Hyllus, insert the first explosive.

[One of Hyllus' front arms extends and extracts a massive red container (almost like a battery) from its compartment in the back]

Alvin: Easy with that thing, Aqune! Don't drop it!

Aqune: Don't make me nervous!

[Hyllus gently inserts the explosive into the hole]

Manami: Good job, Aqune. Let's move on to the next.

[The three machines float to another area 1,000 feet away from the first explosive]

Eris: Drill arm, begin!

[The MagnaDroid's drill arm drills another hole]

Eris: Okay, Alvin! Ready when you are!

Alvin: [as Araneus uses its right front arm to gently insert a second explosive into the hole] On it, Eris!

[After the second explosive is successfully inserted, the machines move on to another position 1,000 feet away from the second explosive; the MagnaDroid drills another hole, then extracts a third explosive from the compartment in its chest and gently inserts it]

Aoi: That's explosive #3 all set. Last one!

[The machines fly to another position 1,000 feet away from the third explosive; the MagnaDroid drills another hole, then extracts a fourth explosive from its chest and gently inserts it]

Manami: That's all four. Now let's get our asses off this rock before the three minutes are up!

Eris: Right! Everybody off!

[All machines are about to take off]

[Cut back to the Nickar; Mechike has seen the whole thing]

Mechike: Leaving so soon? I wouldn't dream of it! Meteor, awaken!

[Back at the meteor, giant tentacles emerge from the meteor's surface and grab ahold of all machines and suck their power]

Mechike: I guess no one told you, but this meteor is a living being. Now you can all just sit back and die once this meteor hits your precious Earth!

[Cut back to Araneus' cockpit; the bomb timer freezes at two minutes and 15.57 seconds]

Alvin: Guys, not only are we stuck, but so's the bomb clock! The explosives won't detonate automatically!

Eris: [through radio] This isn't good!

[Cut back to Hyllus' cockpit]

Aqune: At this rate, we may have to detonate the explosives manually!

Portia: We can't, Aqune! We'll end up killing ourselves! Besides, we can't move! These tentacles are too strong!

Aqune: Portia, if we don't do something, the meteor will hit, and it'll all be over for everyone!

[Cut to the MagnaDroid's cockpit]

Kio: These tentacles are sucking the machines' power! We can't call for any weapons!

Manami: Even the power of every one of our machines can't stop this meteor!

Aoi: This is not the way I wanted to go out!

Antonia: [slams on her controls] No! All we've been through, and Prescott's gonna win?!

Eris: Guys, we have to keep it together! We've got to at least try and break free so we can destroy the meteor!

Kio: There's not gonna be enough time! We're less than half a million miles away from Earth's atmosphere!

[Cut back to the Nickar; Prescott, Argon, and the Demonoids watch as the meteor nears Earth]

Prescott: At last! The end of ACME is near! Just a quarter of a million miles to go. Mechike, you're a genius.

Mechike: That I am, my lord.

LN: By the way, gentlemen, Professor Steiner, the man who redirected the meteor toward Earth-- He's expecting an escape vehicle. Shall I send one now?

Prescott: I don't think so. It's too late. Let the meteor kill him.

Mechike: We never had use for that stuck-up scientist, anyway.

LN: Very well.

[Cut back to Earth; citizens all over look up at the sky in shock as the meteor is slowly approaching the planet's atmosphere]

[Cut back to outside Earth; the meteor is getting dangerously close to Earth]

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Pamela: MechaEagle, transform!

Sora: Pamela's back!

Brittany: I knew it!

Layla: Better late than never!

Prof. Steiner: That last meteor was just a decoy. There's one more approaching Earth, and it's far bigger than the last.

Gold: Leave this task to the Spirit Soldiers.

All Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Voyager, ready!

Pamela: Next time on ACME Crime Net, Meteor Mission, Part 2! Vigilance, dedication, courage!

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ACME Crime Net. Vigilance, Dedication, Courage!