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12/24/2017 11:19 pm  #1

Side-Fic 269: Prescott's Last Stand

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Hunter: Get ready, 'cause this show's gonna be epic! That's why you really gotta turn on all the lights in your room and sit away from the monitor while you're watching. Merry Christmas!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[At the Nickar, the demonic giant robot Devitalos is complete]

Prescott: The time has come, ACME Crime Net. I'll destroy you myself! Gelman!

[Gelman enters]

Gelman: Yes, sir.

Prescott: You and I are gonna pilot this baby as we ravage New York City and lure ACME out.

Gelman: Absolutely, sir. Once we're rid of ACME, the rest of society will follow.

Prescott: Let's go.

[He and Gelman board Devitalos; outside, the submarine surfaces; the carrier bay door opens]

Prescott: Devitalos, rise and bring about chaos!

[Devitalos flies toward New York City]

Prescott: This is the end! We shall mark this Christmas Eve as the day ACME Crime Net meets its end! [laughs maniacally]

[132 Madison Street, Sunday, December 24th, 4:38pm]

[The whole warehouse is being decorated for Christmas, courtesy of the Assistroids; the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and Eris' group (along with Miss Itokazu and Ichika) are decorating a Christmas tree]

Ichika: Isn't this fun? Our first Christmas here in New York.

Theodore: Not to mention, our first in this new warehouse. [sighs] It's just too bad that Dave couldn't be with us this year.

Simon: I know, but he's got a lot to catch up on with Grandma and Grandpa.

Alvin: But he sends all his love, and he, Grandma, and Grandpa have already overnighted their gifts to us.

[He points at the bundle of wrapped Christmas gifts beneath the tree with the Chipmunks and Chipettes' names on them]

Manami: Damn! You guys really cleaned up this year!

Alvin: Yeah, but there's more to look forward to on Christmas besides just the presents. Like tomorrow's big Christmas party, karaoke caroling, and dinner.

Eris: You know, Alvin, tonight's the anniversary of the day Aoi, Manami, and I got engaged to Kio.

Kio: Not to mention, the anniversary of the day I got my first kisses.

[He has a flashback of when the three girls first kissed him]

[Back to the present]

Miss Itokazu: By the way, how you girls coming along?

Aoi: [rubs her now five-months-pregnant belly] Dr. Durel said they're in good health. Just three and a half months more, and it's parenting time.

[The tree-decorating is nearly finished]

Eris: Well, all that's left is to put the star on top.

Jeanette: [hands Antonia the star] Here you are, Antonia. I'll give you the honor this year.

Antonia: Thanks!

[Kio lifts her up; Antonia places the star on top of the tree]

Antonia: Beautiful! Well, guys, all that's left to do is--

[The alarm blares]

Antonia: Uh-oh.

Eris: To the lab!

[Everyone rushes to the lab]

Simon: [begins the transmission] Tyler, we read you.

Tyler: Sorry to interrupt your decorating.

Alvin: No problem. Just finished.

Tyler: Perfect. Now for the emergency. A massive robot is making its approach into the city. I ran a scan, and you won't believe who's piloting it.

[Footage of Devitalos approaching is shown; a scan shows Prescott and Gelman piloting it]

Alvin: Who are they? I don't recognize them.

Tyler: I ran a quick scan on the main pilot's DNA, and you won't believe the results.

[The monitor shows the results of the scan, showing two images of Prescott: One of his original self on the left, and one of his current self on the right]

Eris: Is that Prescott Vorstein?

Tyler: Yes. Apparently, after Alvin scarred him, he underwent surgery and got a major facelift.

Alvin: He must be getting desperate.

Eris: We have to take action now.

Jeanette: In your condition, girls, you're gonna have to abstain from fighting for a while.

Tyler: We'll keep the Cosmo Cats on standby. And since most of the Kaleido Gladiators are out of town for the Christmas show, the only thing we can do is send in the Spider Riders.

Alvin: Perfect. I'd like to give Prescott a taste of what I gave Klaus.

Simon and Theodore: Yeah!

Tyler: I'll send for the other Spider Riders. This is our big chance to take down our greatest foe yet. Brittany, I need you to stay with the Cosmo Cats until you're needed.

Brittany: Understood.

Alvin: Let's go, bros!

Simon and Theodore: You got it, Alvin!

[The Chipmunks head out]

[Little Italy, 5:01pm]

[Hunter, Corona, Aqune, Lumen, Sparkle, and the Chipmunks, riding their Battle Spiders, enter the area]

Hunter: So these are the coordinates Dad gave us?

Simon: Yep. It's weird, though. This is where we fought Alto two years ago before we arrested him.

Alvin: What better way to defeat Prescott than on the very turf where his torture of Alto's wife led to Alto's final battle here?

[Devitalos lands on the ground in front of them and stands tall; the gang stops and looks up at it]

Corona: That must be the new robot Hunter's father told us about!

Simon: It's huge!

Alvin: All right, Prescott! Come out of that robot with your hands up now!

[Prescott and Gelman jump out of Devitalos w/their hands up]

Prescott: Ah, Spider Riders, welcome.

Gelman: What do you think of Devitalos?

Hunter: And who are you, sir?

Prescott: Meet my master mechanic: Ira Gelman. He's the creator of the Cyber Demon Gear units.

Gelman: I didn't build Devitalos, though. This was Mechike's idea.

Aqune: It doesn't matter. You two are under arrest. Prescott, for, among other things, breaking out of prison and multiple murders, including those of your own henchmen!

Prescott: Murder? They deserved what came to them. They failed me.

Corona: That's no reason to kill them!

Gelman: You know it's the only way he can guarantee they won't fail him again.

Prescott: And based on what you've seen before, such as what happened to Owen, you all know what becomes of traitors.

Hunter: Especially traitors like you!

Prescott: You ruined my plans of destroying your planet with meteors last month. But luckily, what's left of the second meteor will prove helpful as the radiation from the pieces powers my mighty Devitalos. Come, Gelman!

[He and Gelman board Devitalos; Devitalos' eyes glow burning red]

Hunter: This is it, guys! If we're gonna beat Prescott, let's give him a taste of what he set out to steal over a year ago!

Alvin: Yeah!

All Spider Riders: Arachna Super Power!

[They all get suited up, then merge with the Battle Spiders]

Hunter: Courage of the Oracle! Spider Rider Hunter!

Corona: Charity of the Oracle! Spider Rider Corona!

Aqune: Strength of the Oracle! Spider Rider Aqune!

Lumen: Stealth of the Oracle! Spider Rider Lumen!

Sparkle: Speed of the Oracle! Spider Rider Sparkle!

Simon: Knowledge of the Oracle! Spider Rider Simon!

Theodore: Honor of the Oracle! Spider Rider Theodore!

Alvin: Might of the Oracle! Crimson Rider! Spider Rider Alvin!

All eight Battle Spiders: Spiders by their side...

All eight Spider Riders: ...ready to ride!

Hunter: Calling all...

All eight: Super Spider Riders!

Alvin: Ninja Formosa, mobilize!

Other seven riders: Super Spider Racers, mobilize!

[The Super Spider Racers and Flash Formosa enter the scene; the Flash Formosa converts to the Ninja Formosa; the Spider Riders jump into the cockpits; the Super Spider Racers fire their weapons at Devitalos, who is unfazed by every blast]

Hunter: It's not working!

Corona: It's gotta be the radiation!

Prescott: That's right. And there's more to Devitalos than just that. Desolation Missiles!

[Devitalos fires missiles from its legs at the machines, hitting them]

Alvin: Ninja Formosa, Duplication Strike!

[The Ninja Formosa poses like a ninja, then multiplies; all copies strike the Devitalos w/their twin katana; the duplicates vanish]

Prescott: [as Devitalos' eyes continue glowing] Nice move, but you can't destroy Devitalos that easily.

Alvin: Darn! Let's bring everything together, guys!

Voice: Super Spider Racers, combine!

[The Super Spider Racers combine to form the Spider Caesar]

Voice: Spider Caesar, ready!

[The Spider Caesar combines with the Ninja Formosa to form the Super Spider Caesar: Ninja Formation]

Voice: Super Spider Caesar, Ninja Formation, ready!


Aqune: Black Widow, mobilize!

[The Black Widow crawls into the scene; Aqune jumps into the cockpit; the Black Widow converts to the Indigo Paladin]

Voice: Indigo Paladin, ready!

Corona: Spider Samurai, mobilize!

[The Cyber Spiders enter and convert to the Spider Ronin; the Platinum Pardosa enters and converts to the Ninja Pardosa, then combines with the Spider Ronin to form the Spider Samurai]

Voice: Spider Samurai, ready!

[Corona, Lumen, Sparkle, Simon, and Theodore jump into the cockpit]

[All three machines face Devitalos]

Prescott: [laughs] Even though you're all supered up, you're still no match for me.

Hunter: I'm starting to get tired of hearing that every battle.

Alvin: Ditto. Star Power!

[The Super Spider Caesar fires glowing ninja throwing stars from the red ninja star symbol on its chest plate at Devitalos, who blasts them to pieces with lasers from its eyes]

Prescott: That might've worked on Temper, but Devitalos is different. Demon's Roar!

[Devitalos lets out a loud howl, causing the Super Spider Caesar to hit the ground]

Aqune: Indigo Cross Slash!

[The Indigo Paladin strikes Devitalos w/its blades]

Corona: Double Katana Strike!

[The Spider Samurai strikes Devitalos w/its katana in an X formation]

Shadow and Dagger: Xenon Katana!

Hunter and Alvin: Ninja Strike!

[The Super Spider Caesar jumps up and raises its katana, but Devitalos intercepts with its horns]

Alvin: Wow. Not even a scratch.

Prescott: Spin!

[Devitalos' head spins, then tosses the Super Spider Caesar far back until it hits the ground]

Corona: Hunter! Alvin!

Aqune: You guys okay?

Hunter: We're fine, but no matter what we throw at this guy, nothing works!

Corona: Aqune, we'll have to combine the Indigo Paladin with the Spider Samurai.

Aqune: But, Corona, Hunter's father hasn't even tested it out yet.

Corona: There's no time. We gotta combine.

Aqune: Right!

Corona and Aqune: Combine!

[The Indigo Paladin combines with the Spider Samurai to form a new configuration:
The Indigo Paladin's arm-mounted blades (arms and all) are gauntlets
Its legs are shin guards
Its front is a chest plate
Its back is a pair of jet engines
The Spider Samurai retains its original katana]

Voice: Super Spider Samurai, ready!

[Cut to the cockpit w/Corona, Aqune, Lumen, Sparkle, Simon, and Theodore]

Corona: Watch out, Prescott, because our new configuration will make you wish you'd never been born!

Aqune: Supersonic Mode, energize!

[Outside, the Super Spider Samurai's jet engines ignite; it charges at Devitalos at maximum speed and strikes it with its katana]

[Cut to Devitalos' cockpit w/Prescott and Gelman]

Gelman: Something's wrong. Our defense shields are dropping somehow. It's slow, but it's happening.

Prescott: But all weapons are still on-line, right?

Gelman: Yep. Let's try the blades.

[Outside, Devitalos becomes equipped with wrist-mounted red blades; it strikes the Super Spider Samurai w/its blades]

Prescott: New combinations won't be enough to destroy Devitalos.

Hunter: Then let's try a team attack! Star Power!

[The Super Spider Caesar fires ninja throwing stars at the Super Spider Samurai, who bats every one of them toward Devitalos, hitting it hard]

Hunter: [laughs] Betcha didn't expect this to happen, did ya, Prescott?

Prescott: I wasn't ready. But I'm even more ready for this! Demon Grenades!

[Devitalos fires gigantic grenades at the Spider Riders' machines, hitting them; the grenades explode upon impact, causing the two machines to hit the ground]

Hunter: Guys, we need Araneus and Hyllus, and fast!

[He inserts all four Oracle Keys into the controls]

Hunter: I summon the almighty Araneus!

Alvin: I summon Hyllus!

[Outside, Araneus and Hyllus crawl into the scene]

Prescott: Nothing more than a speed bump.

[Devitalos fires its Demon Grenades at Araneus and Hyllus, hitting them; Araneus and Hyllus fire large webs at Devitalos, who slices the webs with its blades before they can even touch it]

Hunter: It's too bad since the super upgrade, our new machines can't combine with these two. It'll cause them to overload.

Alvin: What about the new upgrades?

Hunter: That's right! Dad said that Araneus and Hyllus had been upgraded to work in conjunction with our Super Mode. But they're still experimental.

Alvin: Hunter, we don't have a choice. Hyllus!

Hunter: Araneus!

Hunter and Alvin: Begin transformation!

[Outside, Araneus and Hyllus each take on a massive humanoid form]

Voice: Araneus, Fighter Mode, ready! Hyllus, Fighter Mode, ready!

Hunter: All right! They look awesome! Let's give 'em a whirl!

Alvin: You got it! Switching to autopilot now!

[He and Hunter jump out of the cockpit; Hunter jumps into Araneus' cockpit; Alvin jumps into Hyllus' cockpit]

[Cut to Araneus' cockpit]

Hunter: Araneus, Arachna Magnum!

[Outside, Araneus fires a blast from the blue gem on its chest at Devitalos, hitting it]

[Cut to Hyllus' cockpit]

Alvin: Hyllus, Arachna Magnum!

[Outside, Hyllus fires a blast from the red gem on its chest at Devitalos, hitting it]

Prescott: Do something, Gelman!

Gelman: Let's tie 'em all up. Deploying hooks now!

[Devitalos fires its horns on chains at all of the Spider Riders' machines, tying them up]

Prescott: Time for a little jolt.

[Devitalos fires bolts of lightning at the bound machines, zapping them all]

Prescott: Now to take 'em out. Initiate the finisher!

Gelman: Right! Annihilation Wave, full power!

[Outside, Devitalos' eyes glow red; it gathers a mass of black energy and focuses it all in the palms of its hands]

Prescott: Well, ACME Crime Net, it's been fun, but all fun things have to come to an end.

[Devitalos fires all of the energy it gathered at the Spider Riders' machines; suddenly, a familiar giant female being drives into the scene on a familiar Vespa and strikes Devitalos, cancelling out its blast]

Prescott: Wait! Who is this?!

[The figure reveals herself to be Lady Noia Lya (in Vespa Valkyrie form)]

Lumen: Lady Noia?!

Noia: Miss me, my prince? Thought you could use a little hand. If we're to get back at Prescott for what he did to the Inner World, we gotta work together!

Prescott: The rest of your abandoned home can wait until after I do away with you, as well as the missing refugees, wherever they are.

Noia: [clenches her fists] We won't let that happen, Prescott! Vespa Armor, activate!

[Her Vespa transforms into armor, with which Noia gets equipped; her sword becomes a gold lance; her wings double and grow larger]

Noia: Super Valkyrie!

[She charges at Devitalos w/her glowing lance]

Noia: I've waited too long to do this again! Norse Lance!

[She strikes Devitalos w/her lance]

Noia: And last but not least, Vespa Beam!

[She fires a beam from the gem over her breast at Devitalos, hitting it; Devitalos hits the ground and struggles to get back up]

Prescott: I'll kill you! All nine of you!

Corona: Super Spider Samurai!

Corona, Aqune, Lumen, Sparkle, Simon, Theodore, and their Battle Spiders: Double Katana Star Strike!

[The Super Spider Samurai strikes Devitalos hard w/its katana in a star formation]

Hunter and Alvin: Super Spider Caesar, Xenon Katana, Ninja Strike!

[The Super Spider Caesar jumps up, raises its katana, and bisects Devitalos with it, electrifying it]

Hunter: Araneus!

Alvin: Hyllus!

Hunter and Alvin: Double Arachna Magnum!

[Araneus and Hyllus fire beams from their gems at Devitalos at full power; Devitalos gets hit by both beams at once, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown; Devitalos' head (w/the meteor piece attached to the bottom) pops out from the explosion, then hits the ground; Prescott and Gelman fall out of the cockpit]

Prescott: Don't think this is over! Devitalos still has its core: A piece of the meteor that the Spirit Soldiers blew up. And that's not all. I've also got a plan B. Argon!

[Split-screen to the city and the Nickar]

Argon: Yes, Lord Prescott.

Prescott: The time has come. We've waited long enough. Break his seal now!

Argon: As you command. Spider Riders, believe this. Devitalos is nothing compared to what we have in store for you next.

[His third eye glows]

[Cut to the Netherworld; a dark seal appears over an underground prison]

Argon: In the name of Lord Prescott Vorstein, I break your seal. Melchom, come to me and cast your rage upon the Spider Riders!

[The seal breaks, and the giant disembodied demonic head deity known as Melchom appears and growls; he disappears, then reappears in the city above the scene of the fight]

Melchom: I am Melchom, a deity of the Netherworld, and father of deity Radon. The very deity you Spider Riders destroyed nearly five years ago.

[Cut to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Hunter: Radon's father? No way!

Alvin: That's okay, Melchom. We took care of creeps worse than you. Just ask Seymour Wellsworth, the guy who summoned Radon and sent him to attack us!

[Cut back outside]

Melchom: That Wellsworth fellow was a fool. He drove my son to his death. But you, those who helped rid the world of Wellsworth's evil, did the deed. Now, to destroy you! Breath of demise!

[He unleashes a devastating breath upon the Spider Riders' machines and Noia, pushing them back; they hit the ground]

Prescott: Now, Melchom, use your power to merge me with the remains of Devitalos!

[Gelman steps back]

Melchom: Yes, Prescott! It will be my pleasure!

[He unleashes his breath upon Prescott and the ruins of Devitalos, merging them together into one giant cyborg with Devitalos' body and parts of Prescott's face, with longer blade arms, flamethrowers on its shoulders, and more horns]

Alvin: Oh, you've gotta be kidding me!

Hunter: This guy's really big!

Prescott: I should've done this a long time ago. Destroy!

[He and Melchom fire multiple blasts at the ground, causing numerous explosions; countless people narrowly avoid each blast, as does Gelman]

Gelman: Hey, watch where you're aiming, huh?!

Prescott: Are you questioning me on how I conduct my business?

[He raises his right foot and is about to stomp on Gelman, but Gelman quickly dodges]

Gelman: I'm outta here!

[He is about to retreat]

[Cut back to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Alvin: Hunter, I gotta go after Gelman. No way am I letting him off the hook for this. You guys keep Prescott and Melchom busy.

Hunter: Be careful, Alvin.

[Alvin jumps out of the cockpit and blocks Gelman's path]

Alvin: Not so fast, Ira Gelman! You're under arrest for conspiracy and accessory to arson.

Gelman: Abandoning your team, huh, Alvin? Well, no way am I going down without a fight. [whips out a duel disk] Duel disk, engage!

Alvin: [activates his duel disk and inserts his deck] Fine! If that's the way you want it, so be it!

[They put on their duel gazers and each draw their first five cards]

Alvin and Gelman: Let's duel!

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Gelman: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Alvin and Gelman: [roll dice] Go, dice roll!

[Alvin's die comes up 4; Gelman's comes up 3]

Gelman: 4 beats 3. I choose to go first. [places a card] First, i draw two cards with Pot of Greed! [draws two cards, then places another] Next, I summon Gold Gadget!

[Gold Gadget appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,700]

Gelman: If I summon this monster, I can special-summon a level-4 or lower Machine from my hand. [places another card] Silver Gadget!

[Silver Gadget appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500]

Alvin: I take it this one has the same effect as Gold Gadget.

Gelman: Right you are, Alvin. [places another card] I special-summon Red Gadget!

[Red Gadget appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,300]

Gelman: [takes a card from his deck] By summoning this gadget, I get to add Yellow Gadget to my hand. [sets two cards] Next, I set two cards, then activate the Spell: Poison of the Old Man, giving me 1,200 more life points. That ends my turn.

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Gelman: 5,200 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: Seeing as you're Prescott's top mechanic, it's no surprise you use machines in Duel Monsters.

Gelman: Kid, I adore machines. In fact, I used to be a mechanical engineer for KaibaCorp.

[He has a flashback of when he worked at KaibaCorp]

Gelman: Back in the days when KaibaCorp was a weapons corporation, I was the chief mechanical engineer. That is, until some guy named Nezbitt replaced me. That old skinflint Gozaburo Kaiba wanted someone a little younger. He demoted me to vice-chief mechanical engineer, but Nezbitt treated me like crap from day one. Then the day came when his foster son, Seto Kaiba, took over the joint and changed it to a gaming company, and he laid off a lot of employees, including me. And even after I got word that Nezbitt was dead, I didn't bother to beg for my job back. Besides, I had a better job: At a power plant repairing generators. But pretty soon, many new and younger engineers came. I was soon laid off, I thought no one would want my superior skills anymore. That is, until Prescott came along and hired me as his mechanic.

[Cut back to the present]

Gelman: I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for him.

Alvin: You do realize that your inventions, such as the Cyber Demon Gear units,--

Gelman: I wanna be honest with you. I was reluctant to increase the power output, but Prescott, being the control freak he is, was willing to do whatever it takes to destroy ACME and succeed where his uncle failed. People's lives-- He doesn't care about anyone but himself. And anyone who ignored his orders would end up dead. Owen and Savage-- They got lucky for a moment, but-- Well, you know.

Alvin: At this point, your only safe way out of Prescott's command is to turn yourself in.

Gelman: But only if you win. I don't intend to lose.

Alvin: Neither do I. [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Field Spell: Necrovalley!

[The field transforms into that of Necrovalley]

Alvin: While I control Necrovalley, our graveyards are protected from all card effects and being banished. It also gives all Gravekeeper's monsters an extra 500 attack and defense points. [places another card] Next, I summon Gravekeeper's Commandant!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,600 (boosted to 2,100)]

Alvin: Gravekeeper's Commandant, attack Red Gadget!

[Gravekeeper's Commandant charges at Red Gadget]

Gelman: I'll protect Red Gadget with this! [reveals set card] Impenetrable Attack! This card protects Red Gadget from being destroyed during this battle phase.

[Red Gadget is not destroyed by the attack]

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 4)
Gelman: 4,400 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: Doesn't matter. You still take battle damage.

Gelman: I don't care. 800 points is paltry.

Alvin: [sets three cards] I set three cards and end my turn.

Gelman: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I summon Yellow Gadget!

[Yellow Gadget appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,200]

Gelman: [takes another card from his deck] By summoning it, I add Green Gadget to my hand.

Alvin: None of your monsters have enough points to destroy Gravekeeper's Commandant.

Gelman: No, but this one does! [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Metalhold the Moving Blockade! I target Gold Gadget, Silver Gadget, and Red Gadget and special-summon Metalhold to the field!

[Metalhold the Moving Blockade appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 0]

Gelman: Gadgets, equip yourselves to Metalhold!

[The three targeted Gadgets equip themselves to Metahold]

Gelman: Now that they're equipped, Metalhold gains all their attack points.

ATK: 4,400]

Alvin: That can't be good.

Gelman: And as long as I control this monster, it's the only monster I control you're allowed to target for attacks and card effects. [sets a card] Next, I set this card. Metalhold, attack Gravekeeper's Commandant!

[Metalhold fires a blast at Gravekeeper's Commandant]

Alvin: [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Half Unbreak! Gravekeeper's Commandant is saved, and the battle damage gets cut in half!

[Gravekeeper's Commandant is protected by a bubble; Metalhold's blast hits the bubble, but doesn't destroy anything; Alvin gets blasted with half the damage]

Alvin: 2,850 (Hand: 1)
Gelman: 4,400 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: Just the same as you did last turn.

Gelman: Except you took more damage than I did.

Alvin: Big deal. [reveals set card] Next, I activate Damage Condenser! [discards a card] By discarding a card, I get to special-summon a monster from my deck with attack points equal to or less than the battle damage I took. [places a card from his deck] Come forth, Gravekeeper's Priestess!

[Gravekeeper's Priestess appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,000 (boosted to 1,700)]

ATK: 2,300]

Alvin: While I control her, all Gravekeeper's monsters gain 200 attack and defense points. And that's not all. [reveals set card] I activate Rite of Spirit! This card lets me special-summon a Gravekeeper's monster from my graveyard, and it's unaffected by Necrovalley.

Gelman: But you don't have any Gravekeeper's monsters in your graveyard.

Alvin: Think again, Gelman. When I activated Damage Condenser, I discarded a Gravekeeper's monster from my hand. Gravekeeper's Assailant, rise!

[Gravekeeper's Assailant appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500 (boosted to 2,200)]

Alvin: Hiya, Yasmin.

Yasmin: [removes her hood] Glad to be back, Sir Alvin.

Gelman: Where did the name Yasmin come from?

Yasmin: I was born with it. [turns to Gelman] Now, your massive machine may be strong, but it will not defeat Sir Alvin. We will defeat it, and then you.

Gelman: You're biting off more than you can chew.

Yasmin: We shall see.

Gelman: I end my turn now.

Alvin: [draws] My turn! I draw! [places a card] I activate Card of Demise! As long as I don't special-summon any monsters this turn, I get to draw until I have three cards in my hand. [draws three cards] I draw three cards. [places another card] Now, I activate the Spell: Mystical Space Typhoon! Say goodbye to your Trap Monster, Gelman!

Gelman: Not so fast, Alvin! [reveals set card] I activate Imperial Custom! This card protects all Continuous Traps from being destroyed!

[Mystical Space Typhoon's effect is blocked]

Alvin: Then that means... I can't destroy Metalhold at all?!

Gelman: That's right. Face it. You're hopeless.

Alvin: [huffs] I switch all my monsters into defense mode.

[All of Alvin's monsters switch into defense mode]

DEF: 2,200]

DEF: 2,200]

DEF: 2,200]

Alvin: [sets his last two cards] I set my last two cards and end my turn.

Gelman: [draws] I draw! Metalhold, attack Gravekeeper's Assailant!

[Metalhold fires a blast at Yasmin]

Alvin: [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: No Entry!!

[All monsters switch into defense mode]

DEF: 0]

Alvin: All our monsters switch into defense mode. Since this card doesn't target, Metalhold is powerless to stop it.

Gelman: Yes, but as long as I have Imperial Custom, you're powerless to stop Metalhold. I end my turn.

Alvin: My turn! [draws] I draw! [places a card] I summon Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500 (boosted to 2,200)]

Alvin: When he goes into battle with a monster in defense mode, you take piercing battle damage. And since Metalhold has no defense points, even though the attack won't destroy it, you'll still take battle damage. Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier, attack Metalhold with Lunging Spear Assault!

[Gravekeeper's Assailant fires his spears at Metalhold, hitting it; Gelman gets struck with damage]

Alvin: 2,850 (Hand: 0)
Gelman: 2,200 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: I end my turn.

Gelman: [in his mind] Alvin's right. Even if he doesn't destroy Metalhold, my life points are in serious jeopardy. And what I have in my hand won't help, either. Plus, my entire back row is full. No more Spells and Traps for me. Better put him out of my misery quickly. [aloud; draws] I draw! [switches Metalhold back into attack mode] Metalhold, destroy Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier!

[Metalhold fires blasts at Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier, destroying him; Alvin gets knocked back with damage]

Alvin: 550 (Hand: 0)
Gelman: 2,200 (Hand: 2)]

Gelman: I switch Yellow Gadget into defense mode, then end my turn.

[Yellow Gadget switches into defense mode]

[DEF: 1,200]

Alvin: [draws] My turn! I draw! [places another card] I activate Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I draw two more cards. [places another card] Now I tribute Gravekeeper's Shaman and Gravekeeper's Priestess!

[Said monsters vanish]

Alvin: This monster is the mightiest deity of all Gravekeeper's. All bow before the mighty Gravekeeper's Oracle!

[Gravekeeper's Oracle appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,000 (boosted to 2,500)]

ATK: 2,000]

Alvin: Now for its effects. When Gravekeeper's Oracle is tribute-summoned, I can activate any number of its effects, depending on how many Gravekeepers I tributed to summon it. I can choose to give it 100 attack points times the combined levels of the tributed monsters, reduce all your monsters attack and defense points by 2,000, or destroy all your set monsters. Since you don't have any set monsters, I'll just activate the other two effects!

Gelman: Before you do that, I chain the effect of Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit! [discards said card] When a monster or a Spell or Trap already on the field activates its effect, sending Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit to the graveyard destroys that monster, even though its effect is not negated.

Alvin: [places another card] I chain the Quick-Play Spell: Chaos Scepter Blast! Because I control a level-8 or higher Spellcaster like Gravekeeper's Oracle, I get to banish a card on the field face-down, and the effect doesn't target! Out goes Metalhold!

[Metalhold gets blasted by magic from the sky and is banished; all of the gadgets equipped to it are destroyed, then Gravekeeper's Oracle is destroyed]

DEF: 0]

Gelman: Well, defense points or no defense points, I'm still gonna survive this turn. You made a foolish mistake by tributing two monsters instead of just one to summon Gravekeeper's Oracle.

Alvin: That's what you think! Gravekeeper's Assailant, get set to strike!

[Yasmin charges at Yellow Gadget]

Alvin: [reveals set card] I activate the Spell: Ego Boost! Gravekeeper's Assailant gains 1,000 attack points.

ATK: 3,000]

Gelman: Worthless, since Yellow Gadget is still in defense mode.

Yasmin: Not for long, courtesy of my effect! Sir Alvin?

Alvin: That's right. When Gravekeeper's Assailant declares an attack while Necrovalley is on the field, I can target one face-up monster you control and switch its battle position!

[Yellow Gadget switches into attack mode]

[ATK: 0]

Gelman: This is impossible!

Alvin: Gravekeeper's Assailant, attack Yellow Gadget and wipe Gelman out with Stealth Slice Strike!

[Yasmin strikes Yellow Gadget w/her dagger, destroying it; Gelman screams as he gets struck with massive damage, then hits the ground]

Alvin: 550 (Hand: 0)
Gelman: 0 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin and Yasmin: Game over!

Alvin: Thanks again, Yasmin.

Yasmin: We did it together, Alvin. Now go and take down Prescott.

[She vanishes]

Gelman: [tries to get back on his feet] I may have lost,... but you'll never beat... Prescott Vorstein.

[Alvin walks up to Gelman and cuffs him]

Alvin: Ira Gelman, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent and to an attorney. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. If you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights?

Gelman: Yes, but I don't care.

[A squad car approaches; Alvin waves his hand to signal; the car stops; out come police officers]

Alvin: Take him away, boys. I've gotta help the others finish off Prescott.

Cop A: You got it, Alvin.

Cop B: C'mon, Ira.

[They take Gelman into their car and are about to drive off; Alvin jumps back into the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Alvin: That duel was quick, but tough. Good thing Gelman never stood a chance.

Hunter: Good job, Alvin. Unfortunately, Prescott and Melchom are too strong for us.

[Outside, Prescott kicks Noia and the Spider Riders' machines to the ground; they get back on their feet]

Prescott: You're all weak. Melchom, annihilate them!

Melchom: Yes, my lord!

[He fires demonic bolts of lightning at Noia and the machines, hitting them all hard; they hit the ground]

Prescott: And now, I-- [looks down] Huh?

[He notices the squad car about to leave]

Prescott: So Gelman lost to Alvin, eh?

[He gathers energy around him and focuses it in the palms of his hands, then fires it all at the squad car, hitting it; the car engulfs in a massive explosion; everyone notices]

Noia: [furiously] You-- You sick snake!

[She charges at Prescott w/her lance]

Noia: Killing two cops and your own mechanic?! OFF TO HELL WITH YOU!!!

[She stabs Prescott through the midsection with her lance; Prescott laughs and fires a blast from his cannons at Noia, pushing her back to the machines, which catch her]

Prescott: [pulls the lance off his midsection and snaps it in half] That was foolish of you, Vespa Valkyrie. It was foolish of all nine of you. My mission is to destroy. First, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes destroy my aunt and uncle's prize-winning smuggling ring, which led to their loyal dog being euthanized, then my aunt gets executed for killing a warden, then the rest of my family gets executed for other murders. I won't allow you, the very organization that destroyed my crime family, to live! Nor any of mankind!

Alvin: Might we remind you that you switched places with your twin brother against his will so he could get executed instead of you?!

Hunter: To top it all off, before your aunt got the needle, you brutally raped Alto Rizzoli's wife, which caused her to kill 11 people! Because of that, NYPD had to shoot her down, and Alto, thinking it was murder, sought revenge on us 15 years later, and it drove lots of his henchmen to their deaths. Two are still in jail, and are never coming out. You're just as responsible for Alto's actions and the deaths of the head of the Kings County Crime Coalition and the Balkan clan as if you did it all yourself! Alto's family wouldn't be a gang of criminals and would still be alive it it weren't for you! And you nearly destroyed the Inner World!

Prescott: Neither here nor there, Steele. Precious lives are nothing to me. They get in my way of reinventing the Vorstein clan. And the same goes for my army. Once they figure out my true nature or turn their backs on me, it's my job to execute the traitors.

Corona: The only traitor in your army is you!

Aqune: That's why we're not giving up until you're brought to justice!

Prescott: Deluded buffoons. Melchom?

Melchom: Feast your eyes on this!

[He unleashes blasts of black lightning from the spikes and horns on his head upon the gang, hitting them]

Noia: These two-- Can't take much more.

[She shrinks back down to her normal size and reverts to normal]

Lumen: Noia! Hang on!

[The Super Spider Samurai transports Noia and her Vespa into the cockpit]

Noia: How could this happen? I've never been beaten in Super Valkyrie form before.

Lumen: Well, neither have we, since we gained our Super Modes. Don't worry, Noia. We'll finish him.

Sparkle: We could try combining all our machines.

Aqune: I don't know. Hunter's dad never said anything about new formations beyond what we have now.

Corona: We should at least give it a whirl.

Simon: Okay, but who knows what'll happen?

[Cut back to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Corona: [through intercom] You got all that, Hunter?

Hunter: All over it, babe. Alvin?

Alvin: Well, all right.

Hunter: Super Spider Caesar!

Corona: Super Spider Samurai!

All eight Spider Riders: Combine!

[Outside, the Super Spider Caesar and Super Spider Samurai get back on their feet and bump fists, but an electrical surge separates them]

Hunter: Nothing's working!

Corona: I don't get it. Why can't we combine?

Prescott: Having trouble with your machines?

[He slashes the machines w/his wrist-mounted blades]

[Cut back to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Shadow: All systems are shutting down!

Dagger: We'll have to go back and regroup!

Alvin: Are you crazy?! We can't leave the city unprotected! The Cosmo MagnaDroid can't be formed without Eris' ship, and only she can pilot it, and she can't go into battle in her current condition. And the MagnaShip alone won't hold these two off in battle.

Hunter: Plus, we can't use the Kaleido Gladiators' machines without the Gladiators, and Brittany's all we've got. With Prescott and Melchom around, the MechaDove is sure to be destroyed.

Shadow: And so will we if we don't leave!

Hunter: No. We've gotta keep fighting. The city's counting on us. We won't stop until these two are history!

[Outside, Melchom glares at the fallen machines and snickers]

Melchom: Shall I finish them off, my lord?

Prescott: Let me. Annihilation Wave!

[He unleashes a wave of his energy at the machines]

Hunter: Everyone brace yourselves!

[Suddenly, six familiar flying machines intercept the energy wave with their shields, then reflect it right back at Prescott, hitting him]

Prescott: Who are you?!

[The flying machines reveal themselves to be the Sephira Voyagers]

Alvin: It's the Sephira Voyagers!

Hunter: Then that means...!

[Cut to the Gold Voyager's cockpit with Soldier Gold]

Solider Gold: Hey, Hunter. Just thought we'd give you guys a last-minute Christmas present by keeping these creeps occupied for you.

[Cut back to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Alvin: I knew it! It's the Spirit Soldiers!

Hunter: Thanks, you guys. C'mon, guys. Let's regroup!

[All of the Spider Riders' machines transport out]

Soldier Gold: Now, where were we?

Prescott: So, you fools are the famous Spirit Soldiers, huh? The one team of heroes I could never track down.

Soldier Gold: That's right! And I take it you're the infamous Prescott Vorstein? The very man who drove Alto Rizzoli to his life of crime?

Prescott: That's right, and I'll do it to another when I get the chance.

Soldier Gold: If you do, but you won't.

All six Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Voyagers, combine!

[All six Sephira Voyagers combine to form the Sephira Robo]

[Cut to the cockpit with all six Spirit Soldiers]

Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Robo, ready!

Soldier Gold: We need the Sephira Robo saber! Energize!

[Outside, the Sephira Robo gains its saber and points it at Prescott]

Prescott: Melchom, shrink me back down to my original size. I'm gonna go after those cowardly Spider Riders.

Melchom: Right.

[His eyes glow; Prescott shrinks back to his normal size (but retains his robotic demonized form), then sets off]

Melchom: As for you, Spirit Soldiers, it is time for you to die!

[He fires lightning bolts from his spikes and horns at the Sephira Robo, who blocks each bolt w/its saber]

Soldier Gold: [to the intercom] New recruits, we'll keep Melchom at bay. Tail Prescott before he catches up to the Spider Riders.

Melchom: Ghouls, rise and lay waste!

[An army of giant ghouls appears; each holds a dagger]

Soldier Violet: I don't care how many you throw at us. They don't stand a chance against us.

Soldier Gold: Let's go!

[The Sephira Robo charges at the ghouls and strikes them w/its saber]

[Back at the Nickar, the Demonoids, Argon, Owen, Ewan, and Savage watch the fight]

Mechike: The Spirit Soldiers. Every time I see them in action, I get a funny feeling.

LN: I've got that same feeling myself, Sir Mechike. Might I recommend we go down and tear them apart?

Mechike: No. This is Lord Prescott's fight. Besides, now that he's combined with Devitalos and has Melchom, I doubt he'll need us.

Delta: To add to that, Melchom and his ghouls have the Spirit Soldiers outnumbered.

[Mechike receives a transmission from Prescott]

Prescott: Mechike, I must say that your Devitalos robot was a dud. However, its pieces and its core have proven useful in empowering me when Melchom fused us together. So you're off the hook for now.

Mechike: I promise, this won't fail.

Prescott: It better not. Because if it does, I'll have Argon send yours and LN's souls back to Hell for eternity, and melt your bodies down. I brought your soul out of Hell. I can send you back.

Mechike: Understood, sir.

[The transmission ends]

Epsilon: Is it true, Sir Mechike?

Mechike: Once a Demonoid's reincarnated soul is banished back to Hell, it can never be reincarnated again. And that applies to us all. But I'll see to it that we won't fail. [snickers]

[132 Madison Street, 5:42pm]

[The gang (now back to normal) is gathered in the lab]

Hunter: Well, Dad should be able to get the machines up and running again from his lab back in my apartment. Plus, he's got Professor Hart lending a hand.

Lumen: Yeah, but even after he does, we still can't combine the Super Spider Caesar with the Super Spider Samurai.

Corona: There's gotta be a missing piece to this puzzle.

Alvin: Our machines only go into Super Mode when we're in Super Mode. Yet, even if all eight of us are together in Super Mode, combining everything can't be done.

Aqune: And the Oracle Keys didn't help much, either.

Sparkle: It could be that Hunter's dad didn't program any new combinations into the machines beyond the Super Spider Caesar: Ninja Formation and Super Spider Samurai.

Theodore: Or it could be that their power levels were too low.

Hunter: No way. Even in their moments of weakness, the machines could still combine.

Simon: Wait, guys. Remember, every time we formed a new combination or used a new move, Devitalos started growing weak. And since Prescott is now connected to it,--

Hunter: That might work, Simon, but Prescott is still at full power now, and our machines can't combine beyond what we have now.

[Suddenly, the Spirit Oracle of the Inner World appears]

Oracle: This appears to be the appropriate time.

Hunter: Spirit Oracle!

Oracle: I apologize for the suddenness of my appearance. But I have been watching over you when you fought Prescott Vorstein and my old enemy Melchom. I understand your machines have yet to combine.

Simon: I know you're no expert on machines, but can you at least help?

Oracle: That is why I have arrived. [as a box appears in her hands] This box was unearthed recently by survivors of the attack on Arachna while they were repairing the damage left by Argon. It was buried many years ago, Hunter Steele, by your grandfather, to keep it safe from the original Invectids after his last battle. But it was never found or spoken of again, until the day it was unearthed. He would want you to have this now. Consider this my Christmas gift to you.

[She hands Hunter the box]

Hunter: Here goes nothing.

[He opens the box, revealing a large faceted amethyst]

Hunter: A jewel.

Oracle: This, my friend, is the Amethyst of Arachna. When your grandfather was a Spider Rider, he used this rare jewel to harness great power beyond his imagination. With the amethyst's power, he defeated his enemy, but the Invectids sought after its power.

Hunter: And that's why Gramps buried it where the Invectids would never find it.

Oracle: Exactly. But now that that threat is no more, and the time is right, the power of the Amethyst shall bestow upon you a powerful new mode to enhance your own powers and unlock more powerful combinations for your machines. Raise your manacles and point them towards the amethyst. But we must hurry, for time is of the essence. I sense Prescott drawing near.

[All eight Spider Riders point their manacles toward the amethyst]

Hunter: Keep your minds focused, guys. This is for Earth.

Lumen: For Arachna.

Corona: For our people.

Sparkle: For all the pain and chaos he caused.

Aqune: For everyone Prescott betrayed.

Simon: For Owen.

Theodore: For Ewan.

Alvin: And for us.

[The amethyst starts glowing; eight rays of light disperse from it and fly into each of the Spider Riders' hands; the rays of light each take the form of a silver amethyst-encrusted cartridge]

Hunter: What are these?

Oracle: Those are the Ultra Enhancers. In Super Mode, insert them into your manacles, and you will assume your new mode: Ultra Mode. You will be granted new battle armor and weaponry, such as the Ultra Twin Blades. Now, you must hurry and stop Prescott. I must take my leave. Good luck, Spider Riders.

[She vanishes]

Hunter: Right. Let's go!

Lumen: Noia, I need you to stay here on standby in case we need you.

Noia: Okay. Be careful out there.

[The Spider Riders exit the warehouse]

[Outside, Prescott approaches the entrance]

Prescott: At last, the Chipmunks and Chipettes' new base of operations. Time to pay 'em a little visit.

[Suddenly, the Spider Riders (back in Super Spider Rider uniform) burst out]

Hunter: All right, Prescott. Ready for the next round?

Prescott: Spider Riders!

Shadow: Let's go, Riders!

[All eight Spider Riders charge at Prescott and fight him; Prescott fights back]

Prescott: Eight against one isn't going to beat me!

Hunter: You're forgetting our Battle Spiders have merged with us in Super Mode.

Corona: So technically, you're facing 16 of us.

Prescott: Well, numbers mean nothing to me! Alvin Seville, since you're the very person who thwarted Uncle Klaus' scheme and drove him to his death, I want the pleasure of making you suffer by watching as I destroy your fellow Spider Riders, starting with your brothers.

[He points his cannons at Simon and Theodore and prepares to fire]

Alvin: NO!

[He tosses his blade at Prescott, striking him in the right side of his face (the one without a scar); Prescott screams in pain]

Prescott: Not again!

Hunter: You sick sissy. Good shot, Alvin!

Alvin: Now they match.

Prescott: I'm gonna make you pay for that, Alvin!

[He charges at Alvin, blades ready]

Voices: Spirit Crossbow!

[A pair of bright arrows soar toward Prescott; Prescott narrowly dodges and turns around]

Prescott: Who?! Who's doing this?!

[Approaching the scene are two new Spirit Soldiers (their helmets and suits colored orange; they each have the Roman numeral VIII on their right shoulder; on one's left shoulder is an A, and on the other's left shoulder is a B); in each of their hands is an orange-colored crossbow made of steel]

Hunter: Check it out, guys! Two more Spirit Soldiers!

Alvin: They're both orange-colored!

Prescott: Twin Spirit Soldiers?!

Soldier Orange A: You got that right, you sick pissant!

Soldier Orange B: True. But we have the same ambition.

Both twins: To protect! Splendor troopers of wind! Spirit Soldier Orange!

Prescott: [points his cannons at the twins] I'll destroy you! All of you!

[He fires blasts from his cannons at the twins]

Twins: [fire blasts from their Spirit Pistols] Fire!

[Their blasts repel Prescott's blast]

Soldier Orange A: [jumps up, then off of her twin's shoulders, then fires arrows from her crossbow at Prescott] Spirit Crossbow!

Soldier Orange B: [fires arrows from her crossbow at Prescott] Spirit Crossbow!

[Prescott gets struck by all arrows]

Prescott: You little brats!

Hunter: Hey, you forgettin' about us?!

[Prescott turns around and faces the Spider Riders]

Soldier Orange A: He's all yours, Hunter.

Soldier Orange B: Yes. Give him Hell.

Hunter: Thanks, ladies. Spider Riders, it's time.

[All eight whip out their Ultra Enhancers]

Hunter: [in his mind] The Spirit Oracle said these Ultra Enhancers would enhance our power. Let's see if she's right. [aloud] Ultra Enhancers!

All eight riders: Ready!

[They insert their enhancers into their manacles]

Spider Riders: Ultra Mode, energize!

[All eight of them gain brand new amethyst-encrusted armor, as well as twin blades for each]

Prescott: How did they--?!

Hunter: Courage of the Oracle! Ultra Spider Rider Hunter!

Corona: Charity of the Oracle! Ultra Spider Rider Corona!

Aqune: Strength of the Oracle! Ultra Spider Rider Aqune!

Lumen: Stealth of the Oracle! Ultra Spider Rider Lumen!

Sparkle: Speed of the Oracle! Ultra Spider Rider Sparkle!

Simon: Knowledge of the Oracle! Ultra Spider Rider Simon!

Theodore: Honor of the Oracle! Ultra Spider Rider Theodore!

Alvin: Might of the Oracle! Crimson Rider! Ultra Spider Rider Alvin!

Spider Riders: Super Spider Riders, Ultra Mode!

Soldier Orange A: Gotta love that new get-up!

Soldier Orange B: Compliment: There's no way they can lose now. Let's catch up to the other soldiers.

Soldier Orange A: Got it. Orange Sephira Voyager!

[An orange-colored Sephira Voyager soars into the scene; the twins jump into the cockpit; the Orange Sephira Voyager is about to fly away]

Prescott: [notices the Orange Sephira Voyager about to escape] I'll show those intruders! FIRE!

[He fires blasts from his cannons at the voyager, but it erects a reflector shield around it, reflecting the blast right back at Prescott, hitting him]

Twins: So long, sucker!

[The Orange Sephira Voyager flies off; Prescott growls, then turns to the Spider Riders]

Prescott: How did you get that power?

Hunter: That's for us to know and for you never to find out! Let's give him a taste of our new Ultra Power, guys!

Other seven: Right!

Prescott: Cyber Demonitron, attack!

[An army of Cyber Demonitron appears; they, along with Prescott, charge at the Spider Riders, who charge back and fight them with their Ultra Twin Blades]

Hunter: Damn, these Ultra Twin Blades pack a punch!

[Corona slices one of the Cyber Demonitron in half w/her blades, cutting its core in the process]

Corona: Wow! First shot, and the core's gone!

Aqune: Let me!

[She stabs one of the Cyber Demonitron in the midsection w/one of her blades, revealing the impaled core on the tip of the blade]

Aqune: All right!

Alvin: [slices a dozen] They're dropping like flies, guys!

Simon: [slices a few more] Keep it up!

Theodore: [slices a few more] Oh, yeah!

Lumen and Sparkle: [strike down a dozen more] Out you go!

[Pretty soon, all Cyber Demonitron are destroyed]

Prescott: I can't believe it! One slice apiece, and my Cyber Demonitron are gone?!

Hunter: And you're next, Prescott! Ultra Twin Blades!

All eight Spider Riders: Ultra Victory Strike!

[They all jump up and strike Prescott hard w/their blades; Prescott screams]

Prescott: [growls] You lousy fools! You may beat me, but the rest of my army is still out there, and they will destroy you!

Hunter: Not gonna happen! Super Spider Cannon!

[The Super Spider Cannon appears]

Hunter: Riders, attach your Ultra Enhancers to the Spider Cells, then load 'em into the cannon!

Other riders: Right!

[They attach their Ultra Enhancers to their respective Spider Cells, then load them into the cannon; the cannon takes on a new shape]

Spider Riders: Ultra Spider Cannon!

Prescott: No!

Hunter: Lock on target!

Corona: Ready!

Alvin: Aim!

All eight Spider Riders: FIRE!!

[The cannon fires eight massive blasts of multicolored light at Prescott, hitting him hard; Prescott screams, slowly falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Hunter: Justice has won out.

[Back at the Nickar, the Demonoids have seen the whole thing]

Owen: Our master has failed.

Mechike: Not quite. LN, fire the Giga Beam!

LN: Yes, sir.

[She pushes the Giga Beam button; outside, the submarine's laser cannon fires a red beam into the air; the beam hits an unmanned satellite, which reflects the beam back down to the city, awakening Prescott and making him grow giant-sized; Prescott laughs maniacally]

Prescott: I can always count on Mechike to back me up. Now for those Spirit Soldiers.

[He runs off]

Hunter: We gotta tail him. Let's get the machines!

[The others nod; they head out]


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Re: Side-Fic 269: Prescott's Last Stand

[Back at the battle with Melchom, Melchom's ghouls strangle the Sephira Robo while Melchom zaps it with his black lightning]

[Cut to the cockpit with the core six Spirit Soldiers]

Soldier Gold: Damn! Who knew how persistent ghouls could be?!

Soldier Violet: Keep it together, guys!

[Outside, Melchom laughs]

Melchom: Spirit Soldiers, try as you may, you can never destroy me.

[He spews bursts of flames from his mouth at the Sephira Robo, hitting it]

Soldier Red: Hang on!

Soldier Fuchsia: What's keeping those twins?!

[Outside, five ghouls charge at the Sephira Robo, pointing their daggers at it; suddenly, the Orange Sephira Voyager fires lasers at the five ghouls, vaporizing them, then doing the same to the two who are strangling the Sephira Robo]

Soldier Orange A: Sorry to keep you waiting!

Soldier Orange B: Question. Are you okay?

Soldier Red: Took you long enough.

Soldier Gold: Join your voyager with the Sephira Robo. Let's see Melchom try and muster our new configuration.

Both twins: Right!

[The Orange Sephira Voyager splits into two, which convert into shoulder cannons, which attach to the Sephira Robo]

[Cut to the cockpit w/all eight Spirit Soldiers]

Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Robo, mode 2, ready!

Soldier Orange A: Wow! Gotta love this spacious cockpit!

Soldier Orange B: Agreed. All eight of us, and it's not even half-full.

Soldier Violet: Save the admiring for later, you two. Let's finish this!

[Outside, the Sephira Robo faces Melchom and the remainder of his ghouls]

Melchom: That does not pose any greater a threat to me. Ghouls, get them!

[His ghouls charge at the Sephira Robo]

Soldier Orange twins: Activate Hrotti Shoulder Cannons!

[The Sephira Robo's cannons fire blasts at the ghouls, vaporizing them all]

Melchom: Lucky hit. But that will not destroy me!

[He unleashes black lightning upon the Sephira Robo, who narrowly dodges, then fires from all of its cannons at Melchom; suddenly, Prescott appears and takes the blast]

Melchom: Prescott?!

Prescott: Sorry for the delay, Melchom. Now, let's get rid of these Spirit Soldiers once and for all.

Melchom: You take the lead.

Prescott: Annihilation Wave!

[He fires Annihilation Wave at the Sephira Robo, hitting it hard; the Sephira Robo hits the ground]

Prescott: They're down. Melchom, take 'em out.

Melchom: With pleasure.

[But before he can do anything, the Super Spider Caesar (Ninja Formation) and the Super Spider Samurai appear]

Prescott: Hold everything! The Spider Riders are back.

Melchom: In that case, we'll destroy them first.

[Split-screen to the Super Spider Caesar and Super Spider Samurai's cockpits (the Spider Riders are still in Ultra Mode)]

Hunter: With our new powers by our side, destroying us is gonna be a big problem for you.

Corona: Spirit Soldiers, are you all right?

[Cut to the Sephira Robo's cockpit; the Spirit Soldiers receive a video transmission from the Spider Riders]

Soldier Gold: 100%, thanks. Wait! Where'd you guys get that armor?!

Soldier Violet: Is it a new mode to power up your machines?

Alvin: Oh, it's a lot more than that.

[Cut back to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Alvin: Okay, guys. Let's see if our machines can combine now.

Hunter: Insert the Ultra Enhancers into the controls, and we'll see what happens.

[Split-screen to both Spider Rider machines' cockpits; all eight Spider Riders insert their Ultra Enhancers into the controls; the cockpit starts to glow]

Voice: Ultra Enhancers, engage! Combine!

Hunter: It's working!

[Outside, the Super Spider Caesar and Super Spider Samurai bump fists and glow; the Super Spider Samurai's arms and legs attach to the Super Spider Caesar's top armor as shoulder cannons; the head conceals itself as the torso attaches to the Super Spider Caesar's as armor; it becomes equipped with a more powerful version of the Xenon Blade and an amethyst-encrusted shield]

Voice: Ultra Spider Caesar, ready!

[Cut to the cockpit with all eight Spider Riders]

Spider Riders: Ultra Spider Caesar!

Hunter: Hell's yeah! Our Ultra Enhancers were just what we needed!

Alvin: And check out its new sword!

Dagger: We're calling it the Ultra Xenon Blade.

Shadow: The power of this new configuration is more than enough to go toe-to-toe with Prescott and then some!

[Cut back outside; the Ultra Spider Caesar points its blade at Prescott]

Prescott: [charges at the Ultra Spider Caesar] You can't beat me with that tin can! Annihilation Wave!

[He fires his Annihilation Wave at the Ultra Spider Caesar]

Corona: Amethyst Shield!

[The Ultra Spider Caesar blocks the blast w/its shield and reflects it right back at Prescott (w/its power increased tenfold), hitting him hard]

Prescott: Get them, Melchom!

[Melchom unleashes his devastating breath at the Ultra Spider Caesar, who is not even close to fazed by it]

Melchom: How can it not faze that thing?!

Hunter: Ultra Cannons, full power!

[The Ultra Spider Caesar fires blasts from its cannons at full power at Melchom and Prescott, hitting them both]

Prescott: You can't beat me! I'm the almighty Prescott Vorstein! I can't lose after all I've been through to restore my family's legacy!

Melchom: Allow me to finish them for you, my lord. They still have yet to see my ultimate move.

[His eyes glow red]

Melchom: This is for Radon. Underworld ARMAGEDDON!

[The sky darkens, and clouds fire a barrage of lightning, flames, and demonic energy at the Ultra Spider Caesar]

Soldier Gold: Some "ultimate move". Gungnir Cannons!

All eight Spirit Soldiers: FIRE!!

[The Sephira Robo fires large blasts from its Gungnir Cannons at Melchom, hitting him]

Hunter: Thanks again, Spirit Soldiers! Let's finish this creep, then go after Prescott! Ultra Xenon Blade!

[The Ultra Xenon Blade glows]

All Spider Riders: ULTRA STRIKE!

[The Ultra Spider Caesar raises its blade, then bisects Melchom; the blade releases bright energy upon Melchom, electrifying him hard]

Spider Riders: ULTRA XENON FLASH!!

[The Ultra Spider Caesar swings its blade, firing a massive wave of multicolored energy at Melchom, hitting him hard; Melchom screams, turns into a fireball, gets sent flying into the sky, and engulfs in a massive explosion; the sky clears up]

Prescott: Impossible! This was supposed to be my ultimate glory!

[Cut to the Ultra Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Hunter: If you're gonna complain, save it for your family in Hell! [inserts all four Oracle Keys into the controls] I summon the almighty Araneus!

Alvin: I summon Hyllus!

[Outside, Araneus and Hyllus crawl into the scene in Fighter Mode]

Hunter: Ultimate formation!

Voice: Combine!

[Araneus converts to a carrier robot by spinning its torso 180 degrees, revealing what appears to be a robotic throne; Hyllus disassembles w/its arms attached to Araneus' forearms as howitzers, and its legs attached to Araneus' front as the engine; Hyllus' torso attaches to the Ultra Spider Caesar's legs as boots; the Ultra Spider Caesar positions itself on the throne of Araneus' back]

Voice: Spider King, ready!

Prescott: What's going on here?!

[Cut to the cockpit w/the Spider Riders]

Alvin: Prescott Vorstein, your evil ends here!

Hunter: Spider King, lock on all weapons!

[Outside, all of the Spider King's cannons' shields open; the cannons energize]

Prescott: Annihilation Wave!

[He suddenly freezes in his tracks]

Devitalos: Fatal error! Power overload! Too many mode changes! System locked!

Prescott: I... I can't move!

[Cut back to the Spider King's cockpit]

Simon: Yes! All our mode changes caused Devitalos' system to weaken, and since it's fused with Prescott,...

Alvin: Our ultimate formation caused the system to shut down and freeze him completely!

Hunter: He's helpless now! Let's put an end to this! For the Inner World!

[Back outside, Prescott gasps in horror]

Prescott: This can't be happening! Six years of plotting! Training! How can all this slip away?!!

[All eight Spider Riders focus their powers; outside, the Spider King glows as its cannons' power maximizes]

All Spider Riders and Battle Spiders: ORACLE'S DIVINE LIGHT!!!

[Outside, the Spider King fires massive blasts of light from its cannons at Prescott]

Prescott: NO!!!!!

[He screams at the top of his lungs as he gets struck hard by every last blast from the Spider King]

Prescott: [gets engulfed in sparkling explosions] Don't think that this war will end by defeating me. Be assured that my Demonoids will avenge my defeat and destroy you!

[He slowly falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown]

[Cut back to the Spider King's cockpit; the gang cheers wildly]

Hunter: Objective complete! Let's go!

[They all jump out of the cockpit]

[Cut to the Sephira Robo's cockpit; the Spirit Soldiers cheer]

Soldier Gold: Spirit Soldiers, victory is ours!

[They jump out of the cockpit and join the Spider Riders]

Hunter: Thanks again, Spirit Soldiers. If it weren't for you, we'd have never finally brought Prescott to justice.

Soldier Gold: No problem, Hunter.

[He and Hunter shake hands; squad cars and ambulances pull up; from the wreckage of Devitalos emerges Prescott's hand; the Spider Riders remove the debris and pull Prescott out; Prescott is back to his normal size and form; Prescott raises his arms]

Hunter: Prescott Vorstein, you're under arrest for murder, escaping from prison, and a lot of other crazy stuff. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

[He hands Prescott to the EMTs, who strap him to a stretcher and carry him to an ambulance, while cops join them]

EMT: These injuries he took-- He might have enough stamina to go through arraignment, but it could be months before he's finally well enough to stand trial.

Hunter: We'll wait. In the meantime, we'll clean up the mess he left behind, including the Demonoids.

Soldier Gold: You're right, Hunter. We still haven't figured out who Mechike really is, but we're already starting to put the pieces together. Right now, we'd best be off. My sister's waiting back home. She'd never forgive me if I left her behind on Christmas.

Soldier Blue: You Spider Riders take care now.

Soldier Violet: And we'll be back before you know it.

Soldier Orange A: So long!

Soldier Orange B: Later, gators.

Soldier Gold: And from all of us, Merry Christmas.

[The Spirit Soldiers transport out]

Hunter: Merry Christmas, whoever you are.

[Back at the Nickar, the Demonoids, Argon, Owen, and Ewan have seen everything]

LN: Lord Prescott has failed us.

Mechike: We'll avenge him, LN. I swear to you. Everyone, get to work at once. We've got a big war ahead of us.

Everyone else: Yes, sir!

[They exit, leaving Mechike in the bridge; Mechike laughs]

Mechike: That old skinflint was a fool to have ever reincarnated me as a robot. My memory of my past life is still a blur, and I can only remember my ambitions of turning Earth into a world of chaos and making it my own. Now that that piece of low-spec garbage is out of the way, I can finally finish what I started! [laughs maniacally]

[Unknown to him, the Spirit Soldiers' spy has heard everything; she clenches her fist, then transports out]

[Bellevue Hospital, 6:54pm]

[In the prison ward, Prescott is in traction; by his side is attorney Ted Lester; Judge Walter Johnson presides]

Judge Johnson: Docket ending 5811. People of the United States v. Prescott Vorstein. Pretty long list of charges.
80 counts: Murder in the first degree.
One count: Escape in the first degree.
One count: Rape in the first degree.
One count: Kidnapping in the first degree.
And the long list goes on. How does Mr. Vorstein plead?

Prescott: [weakly] Not guilty.

Alex: Your Honor, Mr. Vorstein is a violent felon who was already in a holding cell awaiting the verdict in his last murder trial before he escaped his cell and swapped places with his unwitting twin brother. Bail shouldn't even be considered.

Lester: In his current condition, my client can't walk, let alone flee.

Alex: Mr. Lester, this is a federal murder trial. He's facing the death penalty. Again.

Judge Johnson: Mr. Vorstein is remanded to the prison ward of Bellevue, pending trial. No visitors, no mail, no phone calls. [bangs gavel] I gotta get back to Part 47. [exits]

[Lester walks up to Alex]

Alex: If you're gonna discuss a deal, forget it. The Feds have already overturned the verdicts in his previous trial and are awaiting retrial.

Lester: I'm not here to discuss a deal. I'm only here for arraignment. His attorney from his last trial will be here after Prescott is well enough to proceed. I just wanted to tell you that come tomorrow, I'm retiring to Rochester.

Alex: Why do you wanna retire?

[Lester follows him down the halls]

Lester: Well, it's time for me to move on. Besides, I gotta take care of my daughter and her kids. Her husband died two weeks ago, she just got a job and will be starting after New Year's, and she needs a babysitter she can afford when her kids aren't at school. So I volunteered just yesterday. I put in my papers at the firm this morning.

Alex: Well, I respect your decision, Ted. Your family needs you more than your firm does. Especially around the holidays. But it's gonna be pretty empty without you.

Lester: I know. But it's for the best. For my daughter. My grandkids. Take care, Alex. Happy Holidays.

[He and Alex shake hands]

Alex: Happy Holidays, Ted. From the entire DA's office.

[Lester smiles and exits]

[132 Madison Street, 7:50pm]

[The whole gang (now joined by Jeb, Tyler, and baby Monica) has a Christmas party; Alvin receives a FaceTime call from Sora]

Sora: Prescott's finally in jail?!

Alvin: He's in Bellevue's prison ward, but the docs say he just slipped into a coma. Until he finally wakes up, there's no trial date. And there's no guarantee he might even survive.

Sora: What about the rest of his army?

Alvin: They'll be back to avenge their boss. And we'll be ready for them. Anyway, how's your Christmas party going?

Sora: I'll show you.

[She takes her iPhone and opens the door to the lounge where the cast of Kaleido Stage is having a Christmas party with Kalos, Yuri, Leon, and the cast's families]

All at the party: Merry Christmas from Kaleido Stage!

Alvin: Merry Christmas, everyone! I miss you all. Can't wait to see you again for New Year's Eve.

Sora: Don't forget about that gift I sent you. I'm sure you'll love it.

Alvin: Thanks, Sora. Have a good Christmas.

Sora: You, too, Alvin. I love you.

Alvin: Love you, too, Sora. [hangs up]

[He joins the rest of the party]

Eris: It's too bad we Cosmo Cats couldn't be with you for that battle.

Kio: Not that you actually needed us, anyway, thanks to your new power-up.

Hunter: I owe it all to Gramps. If he hadn't found that amethyst in the first place, we'd have all been dead.

Brittany: Now that Prescott's gone, what's gonna happen to the Demonoids?

Alvin: Obviously, they're gonna build new and far stronger machines, since they know we have the power of the Amethyst of Arachna. Plus, we still gotta get Owen and Ewan back.

Corona: And don't forget, Savage might be out for revenge after we offed his brother. Even though he's now a brainwashed part-Demonoid, it won't stop him from avenging Temper.

Aqune: Mm-hmm. Plus, the Kaleido Gladiators are gonna need more power-ups and machine combinations. So far, only six of the 10 have Mega Modes.

Manami: And us Cosmo Cats-- We'll need more, too.

Miss Itokazu: [clinks a glass] Okay, everyone! Dinner!

[Everyone gathers around the table for Christmas dinner]

Ichika: Finally! I'm starving.

[She grabs a plate and reaches for a slice of glazed ham; she takes a bite]

Ichika: Lovely!

Hunter: Hey, Ichika, you got the first bite, so you say grace.

Ichika: Do I have to?

Brittany: House rules.

Ichika: Okay. Let's all join hands and give thanks.

[Everyone joins hands]

Ichika: Heavenly Father, we thank you for gathering us here this holiday season. And thank you for guiding the Spider Riders and the Spirit Soldiers through their rough battle against Prescott Vorstein. And thank you for this food we're about to eat. We hope Arisa and Aiko will join us next year. We miss them. We also give thanks for baby Monica, the newest addition to our family. Thank you for blessing Kio with a whole new family. And thank you for our new life here in America. We hope we'll all gather again in the years to come. Amen.

Everyone else: Amen!

Kio: All right. Let's eat!

[Everyone starts eating]

Prescott Vorstein, now in an indefinite coma, remains remanded to the prison ward of Bellevue Hospital.
Following the death of Ira Gelman, his case was marked "closed".]

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Alvin: What do you mean the next episode is a clip show?!

Brittany: The producers wanted to give it a try. What better way to ring in the new year?

Alvin: I don't know. A party, maybe?

Brittany: Next time on ACME Crime Net: New Year's Eve.

Alvin: Clip shows are just an excuse to save money.

Brittany: Vigilance, dedication, courage.

Alvin: Quit ignoring me, Brittany!

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