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1/09/2018 9:08 pm  #1

ACME Coming Attractions for 2018

Narrator: Here are some exciting coming attractions from ACME Crime Net!

Narrator: Twenty-five years ago, Walt Disney Home Video released the American version of everyone's favorite yellow puppy.

Duncan Lamont: With a smile and laugh, he can bright up your day
like the sun peaking over the hill.

Narrator: He's Spot. Based on the best selling books by Eric Hill. Spot has been entertaining American audiences for a quarter of a century, even since Spot joined ACME Crime Net in 2010. And to celebrate his 25th American Anniversary, ACME will present a marathon of all twenty-five Spot adventures that were released on Walt Disney Home Video. 

Spot: Woof-Woof!

Narrator: So gather up your family and friends for Spot's 25th Anniversary Special. Coming right after Easter. Only on ACME Deux. Rated TV-G.

[NOTE: The existing Spot episodes up on ACME Deux will be removed next month to prepare for this marathon. And coming soon, new HD remasters of Spot the Dog (including the two specials) will be coming!]

Narrator: Coming soon to ACME. Rated TV-Y.

Narrator: Do you like to teach your children when they grow older about sex, strangers, danger, and other important key topics your children should know? If so, this popular 1980s PSA video is for you. Strong Kids, Safe Kids covers topics to protect kids from abuse and abduction. The combination of pop-culture, and horrendous editing make it a comedic classic. Hosted by Henry "The Fonz" Winkler. With special guest appearances by John Ritter, Mariette Hartley, and various Hanna-Barbara characters. Coming to ACME Holidays and Specials! Rated TV-PG (DS).

Also coming soon to ACME:

All new High Definition uploads of Richard Scarry's Best Silly Songs, Mother Goose, Busy People, and Learning Songs Videos Ever! All rated TV-Y, except for Learning Songs which is TV-G.

Dog Eat Dog (Season 2) Only on ACME's DailyMotion Channel. Rated TV-PG.

ACME Wheel: Spring Season on this forum. Rated TV-PG.

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