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1/28/2018 8:54 pm  #1

Side-Fic 270: New Year's Eve

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Alvin: Even though today's show is a clip show, just remember to watch in a brightly-lit room, and don't sit too close to the monitor. 2018, here we come!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[132 Madison Street, Sunday, December 31st, 11:25pm]

[The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, Eris' group, the crew of the Catian mothership, Sora, Layla, May, Marion, and Pamela are having a New Year's Eve get-together]

Simon: 35 minutes before the ball drops.

Alvin: [looks out the window] It's a good thing Sora and the others came early so they'd beat the traffic. Otherwise, they'd never have gotten here. Can you believe how many people are in Times Square by now?

Pamela: It's too bad Pack and the others left to be with their families on New Year's Eve. It would've been fun if we'd done a New Year's show this year.

Sora: Too bad we're not doing one at Kaleido Stage this year, either.

Layla: 2017's been a wonderful year for us, hasn't it?

Marion: Yeah. I can't forget our first case of the year. Can you imagine all those Legendary Pokémon in a single area?

[She has a flashback of SF 253]

Brittany: Don't I know it? Not to mention, all those escaped convicts.

May: Especially that crazy-ass bitch Mars of Team Galactic. She wouldn't stop until her murderous boss was avenged.

Simon: I won't forget that battle. It was when my Braixen evolved into Delphox.

Saturn: [in flashback] One of those Braixen just evolved into a Delphox!

Mars: That can't be!

Simon: All right, Delphox! Give Giratina a taste of Shadow Ball!

[Delphox fires Shadow Ball at Giratina, hitting it hard]

Simon: Now, finish it off with Fire Blast!

[Delphox fires Fire Blast at full power at Giratina, hitting it; Giratina suffers a burn ailment and roars in pain]

Saturn: Giratina!

Jupiter: It's burning!

Jeanette: And remember when Alvin's Charizard used something called a Z-Move against Hoopa?

Alvin: [in flashback] Time to see what this new Firium-Z can really do!

[He activates his Z-Ring and strikes the pose for Inferno Overdrive]

Alvin: With every fiber of my being, the zenith of my mind, body, and spirit, like the great Mount Vesuvius, become a raging fire and burn!!

[Charizard roars ferociously]

Alvin: Charizard, it's time to power up your Flare Blitz!

[Charizard strikes the same pose and becomes empowered; he gathers a large ball of fire]


[Charizard launches the ball of fire at Hoopa with all his might; Hoopa takes the hit, and the ball of fire engulfs in a massive explosion]

Ghetsis: This... can't be!

[All the other escaped convicts look on as the smoke from the explosion clears, leaving a charred Hoopa; Hoopa glares at Charizard and is about to make one last move, when suddenly, it suffers from its burn ailment and slowly faints, then reverts to its original form upon hitting the ground]

Ghetsis: NO!!!!!

[Back to the present]

Layla: I remember that day. It was when those famous Pokémon trainers came to help us.

Marion: I think Lance was handsome.

Simon: It was also the day the Spider Racers got a new upgrade to work in conjunction with our Super Mode.

[Cut to said flashback]

Hunter: [in flashback] Sync up, Spider Riders!

[All seven riders insert their Spider Gems into the controls; cut back outside; the Spider Racers transform into the Super Spider Racers]

Hunter: I give you the Super Spider Racers!

Hammond: Super Spider Racers?!

Simon: [voiceover] And Hunter's Navy Caesar-- Can you believe it?

Alvin: But what made our new machines even cooler was that they could combine to form the Spider Caesar.

Hunter: [in flashback] Guys, let's bring the Super Spider Racers together!

Corona: My thoughts exactly, Hunter.

All seven riders: Unite!

Voice: Super Spider Racers, combine!

[The Super Spider Racers combine to form the Spider Caesar]

Voice: Spider Caesar, ready!

Alvin: [looks up at the Spider Caesar] So cool!

Sora: The Spider Riders have a new machine now?

Layla: It's amazing!

Brittany: Best machine I've seen out of their arsenal.

[Back to the present]

Brittany: Well, at least until the Spider King came along. But I don't wanna get ahead of myself here.

Theodore: Anyway, that day was epic, but it was also kinda sad.

Alvin: I know. For one, the man responsible for harboring the escaped convicts-- He was killed by his own Cyber Demon Gear unit after using it too much.

Theodore: Not half as sad as Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie leaving us.

[Cut to said flashback]

Ash: You guys cleaned out your desks?

Clemont: Everything, Ash.

Bonnie: But it was pretty heavy.

Serena: It's been a slice, guys.

[She and Brittany embrace]

Brittany: Take care of yourself, Serena. Tell your mom we said hi.

Serena: Will do, Brittany.

[Simon and Clemont shake hands]

Clemont: If you have any inventions in mind, I'd be happy to exchange some tinkering tips.

Simon: You got it, Clemont.

[Bonnie hugs Theodore]

Bonnie: Be good while we're gone, okay, Theodore?

Theodore: I promise, Bonnie. And by the way, take it easy on this matchmaking thing. You know how your brother gets.

Bonnie: Anything you say.

Alvin: I really hate to see you guys go, but I know you have to. Promise me you won't forget us.

Serena: It's a promise, Alvin.

[She and Alvin embrace]

Alvin: Now, go on. Your flight's waiting.

[Ash's group and the guests enter the cars]

Ash: I'll call when we land, okay?

Greg: You got it, Ash.

[The car doors are shut, and the cars take off for JFK; the gang waves goodbye]

[Back to the present]

Eris: What are they doing now?

Brittany: Well, Clemont and Bonnie are back to running the Lumiose City Pokémon Gym, and Serena is in Hoenn to take on Pokémon Contests. She might end up being like our old friends May and Dawn.

Eris: I only wish I'd have met them. But I really like Ash's new friends from Alola.

[She has a flashback of when her group met Ash's Alola friends]

Lillie: Hi, everyone.

Mallow: We're here.

Lana: And ready.

Kiawe: [looks around] Hmm. Nice digs.

Sophocles: These your new living quarters while you're in New York, Alvin?

Alvin: Mm-hmm.

Ash: Guys, you remember the Chipmunks and the Chipettes. And these five with 'em are the newbies. Kio, his wives Eris, Manami, and Aoi, and their young friend Antonia.

Lillie: Hi, there. [shakes hands with Eris] I'm Lillie. Nice cat ears.

Mallow: [shakes hands with Kio] Mallow.

Lana: [shakes hands with Aoi] Lana.

Sophocles: [shakes hands with Antonia] Sophocles.

Kiawe: [shakes hands with Manami] Kiawe.

Eris: Welcome to the club, guys. [gasps] Oh, my! [touches her belly] The baby's kicking!

Lillie: A baby?

Eris: Yeah, you wanna feel?

[Lillie puts her hand on Eris' belly and gasps when she feels a light kicking sound]

Lillie: You're gonna have a baby?

Manami: So are Aoi and I.

Aoi: And it's all thanks to Kio.

Kio: It was nothing, really.

Kiawe: Dude, you've gotta be the luckiest guy on Earth to have kids with three women. But isn't it illegal in New York?

Kio: Yes, but not on Eris' home planet Catia.

Eris: We Catians have no laws whatsoever against polygamy. In fact, because the female population on Catia is about 30 times larger than the male, a male is allowed to have multiple mates.

Ash: Whoa.

Aoi: Don't worry, Ash. Polygamy is still legal in some countries on Earth.

Manami: Plus, since we now live here, this warehouse is governed by Catian law. It's the Provisional Catian Embassy of the United States. But whatever you guys do, don't let this out to the general public, or that'll send criminals a message that will lead to disaster.

Ash: Uh, okay.

[Back to the present]

Eris: Speaking of babies, remember when Hunter and Corona's baby was born?

[She has a flashback of when the gang visited Hunter and Corona at the hospital to meet the new baby]

Nurse: Mr. and Mrs. Steele, your daughter.

[She hands Corona the baby; the rest of the gang is in awe; some fawn quietly]

Corona: Sweet little baby, meet all our friends. [turns to Aqune] And your aunt Aqune.

Aqune: Hi.

Jeanette: Look at her. She's so adorable.

Antonia: Yeah. Hey, she's got Corona's nose.

Corona: And she has Hunter's smile.

[Hunter smiles]

Hunter: Dad, I'd like you to meet your granddaughter, Monica Kaitlin Steele.

Tyler: Oh, that's beautiful, Hunter.

[He gets a closer look at baby Monica]

Tyler: Hi, sweetheart. I'm your grandpa.

Manami: How'd you come up with such a sweet name, Hunter?

Hunter: Monica was my mother's name. And Kaitlin-- That came from my old friend Kaitlin Star from Cross World City. And speaking of Cross World City, I gotta text my brother a photo of his new niece.

[He sends a photo of Monica to Ryan with the text: "Hey, "Uncle Ryan". Meet your new niece, Monica Kaitlin."]

Hunter: Monica, I'd like you to meet our friends.

Miss Itokazu: Hunter, seeing your daughter like this-- I just wish I had a baby of my own.

Eris: Well, at least Manami and Aoi and I won't have to wait too long. Just five more months, and we're moms.

[She, Aoi, and Manami look down at their pregnant bellies]

Corona: Aw, you three will be wonderful mothers. And one day, Miss Itokazu, so will you.

[Itokazu smiles shyly]

[Back to the present]

Pamela: I'm proud of Hunter and Corona. And their baby, too.

Sora: Every time I see her, I keep thinking of how beautiful Yume used to be when she was a baby. I'll probably do the same once Kio's children are born. By the way, when are they due?

Aoi: April 28th. Hey, anybody got any chips?

Manami: I'm with you.

Eris: Ditto.

Antonia: [hands them each a bag of chips] Here you go. I know how much you like the ones with the ridges.

Manami: Thanks, Toni. The ridgy ones scoop up more dip.

[Maya and Sara enter with a tray; on it are six jars of chip dip]

Maya: You know, girls, I actually envy you.

Sara: So do I. It's a crying shame neither of us can have children.

Antonia: What?! Maya, Sara, is that true?!

Maya: Well, seeing Sir Hunter's new baby a few weeks ago, Sara and I wondered what it would be like to have kids of our own.

Sara: So just yesterday, we went to a clinic, but we found out it's not gonna happen for me or Maya.

Antonia: Oh. No wonder I heard you two crying overnight. [frowns] I'm really sorry to hear that sad news.

[She embraces Maya and Sara]

Sara: Milady...

Antonia: I want you to know, I'm here for you, just like you're always here for me.

Maya: We weren't always with you. Remember that time you got kidnapped?

[She has a flashback of when Antonia was kidnapped at the Museum of Natural History]

Antonia: Okay, let's make this quick, 'cause you know how protective my bodyguards are.

Man: No problem. [snaps his fingers]

[Out of the van come the other men from earlier with a burlap sack]

Antonia: What the hell is this?!

[The men stuff her into the bag, load her into the van, get inside, and shut the doors; Antonia screams for help; Maya and Sara come out]

Maya: Milady?

Sara: Where are you?

[Antonia bangs on the windows inside the van]

Antonia: Sara! Maya! Get me outta here! It was a trap!

[The men bag her again; the van is about to drive off]

Maya: [whips out her gun] Aim for the tires!

Sara: [whips out her gun] Roger!

[They fire their guns at the van, but none of the bullets hit the tires by the time it is out of sight]

Sara: [growls] Damn it!

Antonia: [voiceover] That was my fault. I should've known better.

Sara: [voiceover] But you had no way of knowing the guy who lured you out was a member of Joshua Thornton's mouse cult.

[Back to the present]

Layla: Oh, yeah. Joshua Thornton. He was a sick freak.

Aoi: Yeah, but his butler was just as sick.

Antonia: He was this close to burning me alive. Thank God for Kio.

[Flashback to when Thornton's butler is holding Antonia at gunpoint with the stoves at full blast]

Montague: It's hopeless, Kakazu. Nothing you can do will save her. But you get to choose the manner of death. My gun or the burning stove.

Kio: [clenches his fists] You filthy scumbag! Antonia's nothing to your boss or his dad! The only one to blame for what happened to Ishmael Thornton is himself!

Montague: Make your decision, or I'll do it for you.

[He smirks as he looks down at a small bottle of gasoline in his left jacket pocket; suddenly, a bullet hits him in the right shoulder (the shoulder of the arm that is holding his gun); Montague screams and drops his gun]

Kio: How did that-- [turns around and notices Manami (who fired her gun at Montague)] Manami?

Manami: Hurry, Kio! Get Antonia!

[Kio nods, then runs inside the kitchen, unties Antonia, and carries her out]

Montague: No! [weakly grabs his gun with his left arm] How dare you! [points his gun at Manami] You contemptible little bitch! [fires another bullet at Manami]

Manami: [narrowly dodges] Piss off!

[She pulls the trigger twice, firing two bullets at Montague; one hits him in the left shoulder, causing him to drop his gun; the other hits his left jacket pocket; a big stain of gasoline appears; Montague groans]

Montague: [charges at Manami] You think you're hot crap, huh?!

[Aoi barges in and kicks Montague towards the stove; Montague hits the stove]

Aoi: You're one to talk.

Manami: Damn! Good kick, Aoi!

Kio: Oh, my God! Look!

[Because of the gasoline in his jacket pocket, the flames from the stove set Montague on fire; Montague screams]

Montague: I'm burning! Burning! BURNING!!

[Back to the present]

Miss Itokazu: Montague was such a sissy. And what a way for him to go out.

Kio: Actually, Miss Itokazu, he was killed by one of the Ratians just after he got burned.

Pamela: And speaking of the Ratians, that was one hell of a battle we fought against them.

Eris: Yeah. It was because of them that we became the Cosmo Cats.

[Flashback to when Eris' group first became the Cosmo Cats]

Eris: Okay, guys. Time to test out our new powers. It's pouncing time! Cosmo Pendants!

Kio, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia: Ready!

[All five raise their pendants to the sky]

All five: Cosmo Power!

[They all get suited up into their Cosmo Cat suits]

Eris: Guardians of Catia.

Kio: Guardians of Earth.

Eris and Kio: We stand and fight for what it's worth!

All five: [pose] Cosmo Cats, we are united!

[We now flashback to their battle with Thornton]

Antonia: And my final confrontation with Thornton-- Boy, talk about brutal.

Thornton: It's time to put an end to you meddling kids! And I'll start with the very girl that destroyed my father! [charges at Antonia] DIE, MORFENOSS!!!

[Suddenly, Antonia clutches him w/her grappler]

Thornton: Hey! Let go! Let go of me!

Antonia: Just look at you, Thornton. Always placing blame on someone other than yourself when you don't get your way. The truth of the matter is, your dad only cared about money and destroying my grandfather's fortune. And in the end, he shot himself in the mouth when Grandpa's success caused your dad's business to dwindle. The only good thing he did for you-- Leave you his wealth. And what do you do with it? You sell his business and use all the profits to start a villainous mouse cult. And how do you get people to join? Bribe them with money! You're even worse than your dad!

Thornton: I am nothing like him! I'm a stickler for mice. Dad wasn't fond of any animal. Hell, he even once tried to boycott PETA.

Antonia: Nevertheless, to make matters worse, you conspired with an alien rat to destroy humans and Catians, not caring about the consequences! And for that, there's only one place for you!

[She slams Thornton to a tree; Thornton drops the sword]

Thornton: [secretly reaches into his right pocket] Don't do this to me, Morfenoss! I'll do anything you ask of me! I'll give you all my money! I'll shut down my cult! Anything! Just please spare me!

[Antonia growls and tightens her grappler's grip on Thornton; Thornton screams, but soon slowly pulls a gun out of his right pocket]

Antonia: After all that you've done?! BURN IN HELL!!!

[She tightens her grip even more, but Thornton points his gun at her and is about to pull the trigger]

Eris: He's got a gun!

Kio: Antonia!

[Just as Thornton pulls the trigger and fires the gun, Kio pushes Antonia to the ground; Aoi and Manami each whip out a spare gun and fire at Thornton, hitting him in the chest; Thornton falls to the ground dead]

Brittany: [voiceover] Glad that scumbag's dead. But we still had one Ratian to contend with. Aegis.

[We now flashback to the giant battle against Aegis]

Aegis: You may have destroyed my people, but now I'll return the favor and destroy yours!

[She fires demonic energy at the gang, who narrowly dodge]

Aegis: At last, the end of Earth is at hand! [laughs maniacally]

[The sky darkens]

Aegis: [reveals she now has five tails] Well, well. Five tails. Wonderful!

[She unleashes her tails upon the gang and grabs Kio with all five of them]

Eris, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia: Kio!

Aegis: What better way to lower your Catian friends' spirits than to destroy the very male human they cherish the most?

Kio: I won't let you! [stabs one of the tails w/his blade, electrifying it] Try this!

Aegis: [scoffs] Didn't even tickle. [squeezes Kio even tighter] My turn!

[Kio screams in pain, but tosses his blade at Aegis' head; Aegis blows it right at the gang on the ground; Eris catches it]

Sora: We gotta get back to our machines!

Chayka: But we can't risk hurting Kio!

Melwin: Well, we have to do something!

[Suddenly, Itokazu charges into the park with an M1903 Springfield rifle]

Kio: [voiceover] I also can't forget the time you risked your life for me, Miss Itokazu.

Miss Itokazu: Put him down, you dirty rat!

[She fires her rifle at Aegis eight times, hitting her in the tails, forcing her to drop Kio, who falls]

Miss Itokazu: KIO!!

[She drops her rifle and, in slow motion, catches Kio in her arms]

Miss Itokazu: Kio, are you all right?

Kio: [pants] Miss Itokazu? But why?

Miss Itokazu: I still had my doubts about you and the others being able to handle the Ratians with those new suits, so I followed you. I came here just before Thornton was shot. I was about to leave when I thought you had Aegis beat, but then she turned into a giant monster and tried to kill you. I just had to step in. [tearfully embraces Kio] I just couldn't let your babies be born without a father.

Kio: [smiles] Thank you, Miss Itokazu. [gets back on his feet]

[The other Cosmo Cats walk up to him]

Aoi: Kio, that was a nasty fall.

Eris: Are you okay?

Kio: I'm fine, thanks to Miss Itokazu. We gotta get back to the Cosmo MagnaDroid.

Eris: Right. Cosmo Cats, to the MagnaDroid!

[She and the other Cosmo Cats jump back into the MagnaDroid's bridge]

Eris: Guys, maximize the power!

[All five Cosmo Cats maximize the power]

Eris: This is for Earth, for Catia, for all the pain you caused your planet and your people, and for Kio! Unleash the finisher! Cosmo MagnaDroid!

All five Cosmo Cats: COSMIC ROAR!!

[Outside, the Cosmo MagnaDroid fires a massive blast from its cannons at Aegis, hitting her hard; Aegis screams, dissolves into dust, and a massive explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Aegis is gone, for good]

[Back to the present]

Brittany: Haven't you guys forgotten who created the Cosmo Cats?

Eris: Oh, Brittany, of course we haven't! Your drawing was a real inspiration.

Chayka: Hey, guys, I've been thinking-- How did Pamela become a Kaleido Gladiator in the first place?

Layla: You might not believe this, Chayka, but it all started when Pamela got kidnapped by a quintet of thugs known as the Parasites. Prescott Vorstein sent them to kidnap Pamela.

Sora: Then he sent one of them to steal the Ivory Eagle's wristband. Pretty soon, we Gladiators took on the Parasites, only to find they were just decoys.

Pamela: Then I came along.

[Flashback to when Pamela first appeared as the Ivory Eagle]

[Flying into the scene is none other than the Ivory Eagle (wearing a mask); Mitch notices and smirks smugly]

Mitch: Well, Kaleido Gladiators, it looks as though you've finally met your match. Say hello to my star attraction.

Seth: Meet the Ivory Eagle, the newest general in Prescott Vorstein's army.

Layla: Who are you?!

Ivory Eagle: Your worst nightmare.

Sora: We don't wanna kill you.

Ivory Eagle: Kill me?! Your pathetic powers don't stand a chance against the powers of the Ivory Eagle! But just try.

[The Gladiators fight the Ivory Eagle over the course of two minutes, but the Ivory Eagle is too much for them]

Ivory Eagle: You're nothing. [fires steel arrows from her Ivory Crossbow] Ivory Crossbow!

[The Gladiators narrowly dodge the arrows; one of them grazes Sora's right shoulder; Sora winces]

Layla: Sora!

Sora: I'm fine, but she won't be. [pushes the red button] Mega Armor, activate!

[She assumes Mega Mode]

Sora: Mega-Armored Gladiator!

Ivory Eagle: I don't need a sword to finish you.

[She flies toward Sora, who flies toward her; they fight rigorously]

Sora: I don't wanna hurt you!

Ivory Eagle: Prescott Vorstein's orders are absolute. I must destroy you!

[She punches Sora in the chest]

Sora: And once you're done destroying us, he'll kill you!

Ivory Eagle: He promised me his loyalty!

Sora: Don't force me!

[The Ivory Eagle fires an ivory blast from her shield at Sora, hitting her]

Sora: Blade of Hope!

[She raises her glowing blade]


[She strikes the Ivory Eagle w/her blade; the Ivory Eagle groans and hits the ground; Sora's Mega Mode wears off]

Layla: That did it.

[Suddenly, the parasite around the Ivory Eagle's neck glows; the Ivory Eagle gets back on her feet]

Brittany: She's coming back?!

Sora: How could she have survived that?!

Layla: Gladiators, assemble the Super Kaleido Cannon!

[All nine Gladiators combine their weapons to form the Super Kaleido Cannon]

Ivory Eagle: [points her crossbow at the Gladiators] It's no match for me!

Mia: One blast should finish her.

[The Super Kaleido Cannon locks on to the Ivory Eagle]

[After 15 seconds of pause, the Ivory Eagle's mask splits in half, revealing her face to be that of Pamela's, much to the Gladiators' shock]

Sora: No. [tears up] Pamela?

Brittany: She's the Ivory Eagle?!

Layla: [growls] Stand down, ladies.

[The Super Kaleido Cannon disappears]

[Back to the present]

Sora: And that guy who was pulling her strings, Mitch Bryant-- I hated that guy!

Eris: Aside from controlling Pamela, what else did he do wrong?

Layla: Trust me, it's too painful to tell you.

[She has a flashback of the Gladiators' second battle with Pamela]

Mitch: You may have crippled my team, but now I'll enjoy the pleasure of crippling yours! Ivory Eagle, take down the one blew your shot.

[Pamela points her crossbow at Sora]

Sora: Pamela, look at me. It's me, Sora. Sora Naegino of Kaleido Stage. Don't you remember that show we performed together at Theatrical Camp? I played the princess. You played the evil sorceress. And after the show, you told me you used to be part of Kaleido Stage. We're friends!

Pamela: That Pamela is gone. And as I stated before, I have no friends. And as Prescott Vorstein has ordered, I'll destroy all nine of you once and for all! And I'll start with you, Angel of Hope.

[She fires a steel arrow at Sora]

Sora: Angel Shield!

[She shields herself w/her wings and reflects the arrow right back at Pamela (pointed at her forehead)]

Sora: Oh, no! Not the forehead!

[Suddenly, Elvin awakens and notices the scene; he gets back up and pushes Pamela out of the way and gets struck in the head by the arrow (the arrow does not go through, but it leaves a gash on the forehead); Elvin hits the ground]

Mitch: Elvin? But why?

Elvin: [in pain] That arrow could've killed her. The Ivory Eagle was your only protection. I was trying to save you, Mitch. [groans and collapses]

[Mitch walks up to Elvin's body and checks for a pulse]

Mitch: Cocky to the end.

Sora: He's dead?

Mitch: [picks up the arrow] The Ivory Eagle's arrows are made of steel. Even if one doesn't pierce its enemy, it can still be as harmful as a bludgeon. But if anyone's to blame for Elvin's death, only Elvin is.

Krista: [weakly] Elvin? He's gone?

[Mitch notices Krista lying on the ground next to him]

Krista: Mitch, is Elvin really dead?

Mitch: Yes, Krista. He thought he was trying to save me. He was a fool.

Krista: Listen, Mitch. I don't think I'll be able to fight anymore. And neither will Seth and Amelia. Their use of their CDG units took too much out of them.

Mitch: Indeed, they did. They failed. Just like you.

[He impales Krista through the midsection w/the discarded arrow, then through the chest w/the remains of Krista's rapier; he removes both weapons]

Layla: You're low, Mitch! Killing off your most loyal teammate!

Mitch: Why should I bother with my useless fellow Parasites now when I've got the Ivory Eagle by my side? Disengage!

[His CDG unit disappears back into his dog tag]

Mitch: Let's go, Ivory Eagle. We gotta recharge.

[Pamela nods; both vanish]

Sora: You ruthless coward!

[Cut to a flashback of the next day after Mitch was arraigned]

Mitch: This isn't over yet, Gladiators.

[As he is escorted out, Sora notices he still has his dog tag around his neck]

Alvin: We gotta stop him before he gets on that bus to Rikers.

[They get out of their seats and exit the courthouse, only to find the Rikers transport bus is about to leave]

Marion: We're too late!

May: Damn it!

Layla: We'd better transform fast.

[Suddenly, just before they attempt to suit up, the bus topples over and crashes into a truck that is pulling out of a nearby driveway; the truck and bus engulf in a massive explosion; the gang shields their eyes]

Passerby A: Call the fire department and a medic!

Passerby B: On it!

Alvin: There were a bunch of perps on that bus! There was a driver in there!

Brittany: And in the truck, too!

[Mitch, now equipped w/his CDG unit, emerges from the debris unharmed]

Mitch: Told you it wasn't over.

Sora: Monster! Some of those defendants could've been innocent!

Mitch: Saves the Department of Justice a lot of trouble.

Mia: Some of them had families, God damn you!

Mitch: Neither here nor there. My objectve is to destroy you and become Prescott Vorstein's new right-hand man!

[Back to the present]

Chayka: Jeez! And I thought Thornton was a sick bastard.

Alvin: Thankfully, we were able to break Mitch's control over Pamela.

Marion: But it really was a tough battle.

[Flashback to the third battle with Pamela]

Pamela: [points her crossbow at the Giga Borg] All your powers combined is not even close to enough. Eagle Arrow!

[She fires an Eagle Arrow at the Giga Borg]

Gladiators: Kaleido Giga Burst!

[The Giga Borg fires all its weapons at the Eagle Arrow, which struggles to fight back; as it slowly gets pushed back towards Pamela, Pamela tries shielding herself w/her wings]

[Cut back to the Giga Borg's cockpit; the Gladiators, one by one, shout a battle cry; outside, the Giga Borg increases its power; the blast vaporizes the Eagle Arrow and strikes the parasite around Pamela's neck]

Mitch: [screams] NO!!!

[After the blast clears, the parasite cracks and vanishes into dust; Pamela shrinks back down to normal size and falls to the ground; her Demon Armor vaporizes into nothingness, and she reverts to normal]

[The Gladiators fly out of the Giga Borg's cockpit and revert to normal]

Sora: Pamela!

[She runs up to Pamela and helps her up]

Sora: Pamela, are you all right?

Pamela: [holds her head; groans] My head. What's happened to me? Where am I? [notices Sora] Sora?

Sora: Thank God you're back, Pamela.

[She embraces Pamela]

Pamela: Thank you, Sora. Thank you.

[She returns the embrace; the other eight girls and Alvin approach]

Pamela: How did I get here?

Layla: It's a very long story.

Pamela: Oh, man. What have I done?

Alvin: What you did wasn't your fault, Pamela. [points] It was that guy's. He kidnapped you and made you his puppet!

[Pamela turns to Mitch]

Pamela: You!

[Cut to the climax of Alvin's duel with Mitch]

Sora: [voiceover] And Alvin dueled Mitch and defeated him.

[Flame Wingman becomes enveloped by massive gold flames]

Alvin: This last attack is for every Parasite you betrayed! For all the misery you've caused! For what you did to Krista and her baby! For Pamela! And for me!

Mitch: [on bended knee] NO! Have mercy on me, Alvin! PLEASE!!

Alvin: Flame Wingman, attack Mitch with all your might! WIPE HIM OUT!! INFERNAL RAGE!!!

[Flame Wingman charges at Mitch with all his might and strikes him with a massive blow; Mitch screams at the top of his lungs as he gets blasted with massive damage]

Alvin: 50 (Hand: 1)
Mitch: 0 (Hand: 0)]

[All monsters fade]

Alvin: Game over!

[The rest of the gang cheers]

Alvin: [joins the gang] You have anything to say before we turn you in, Mitch?

[Mitch, shaken and in shock, reaches into his pockets for a pair of guns; he points them at the gang]

Mitch: I still have a plan C, thanks to Savage's bonus.

Apollomon: He's armed!

Layla: [to her wristband] 10-13 outside federal courthouse. Suspect is armed, attempting to fire at police.

DIspatcher: Copy that.

Alvin: Mitch, this isn't the way to solve anything. Drop the guns.

Mitch: If I'm going down, I'm taking you all with me!

[But just as he is about to pull the trigger on each gun, Pamela deploys her Ivory Crossbow and fires a steel arrow at Mitch, hitting him through the chest; Mitch groans, drops his guns, and hits the ground dead]

Alvin: Whoa!

Layla: [to her wristband] Suspect down. Requesting a bus.

[She runs up to Mitch's corpse and checks for a pulse]

Layla: He's dead.

Alvin: Pamela, that was you?

Pamela: I'm surprised Kaleido Gladiators can actually use our arsenal even if we're not in uniform. Ivory Crossbow, disengage.

[The crossbow disappears]

[Back to the present]

Melwin: He was quite a coward. Not to mention, a spoiled brat. I'm glad he's dead.

Marion: But there were some enemies we felt like mourning, like Brian Rawlings.

[She has a flashback of when she beat Rawlings]

Marion: Using the memory of my father's killer and her vicious friend against me is unforgivable! You don't even deserve to speak their names! [jumps up and raises her halberd] Hydro Halberd, Ocean Strike!

[Her halberd becomes surrounded by aquatic energy; Marion bisects Rawlings' unit, causing him to electrify; Rawlings screams, falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown; after the smoke clears up, Rawlings lies on the ground unconscious, his dog tag and unit destroyed]

Marion: Gladiators, victory is ours again.

Sora: Nice work, Marion.

Alvin: Cuff him!

[Marion slaps the cuffs on Rawlings]

Marion: Brian Rawlings, you're under arrest for conspiracy and mass assault. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

Rawlings: [comes to; gets back on his feet] Well, don't bother sending any extra cops here. Just before Shrinkada brought the Chipmunks here, Prescott told us that his new submarine base was ready. This cave is only a temporary base.

Marion: Where is that base?

Rawlings: [sighs] It's right where--

[Suddenly, a magic demonic circle appears and unleahes a blast of demonic energy at Rawlings, hitting him hard; Rawlings groans and hits the ground]

Marion: Mr. Rawlings!

Alvin: Who did this?!

[The circle disappears; Prescott and Temper approach]

Alvin: You!

Prescott: Nice work, Temper. I did warn you, Rawlings. That was your last chance.

Rawlings: [groans] You... son of a... bitch! [collapses and dies]

Hunter: Prescott, you cold-hearted bastard!

Prescott: I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got an important engagement, and the others are waiting for me. But remember, Shrinkada was only the first of my Demonoids. You won't believe what they have in store for you next. [about to push a red button on the wall that is connected to a massive detonator] That is, if you can get out of here alive in 15 seconds.

Alvin: [tosses his blade at Prescott like a boomerang] SNAKE!

[Prescott gets struck in the face by the blade before he can hit the button; he screams in searing pain as he starts bleeding; he kneels down and holds his face]

[Flashback to the battle with Corrine Robertson]

Brittany: [voiceover] And Corrine Robertson.

Brittany: [in flashback] Mega YumeBlade, Mega Dream Strike!

[She bisects Robertson w/her blade, electrifying her; Robertson screams, falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Robertson lies on the ground out cold]

Soldier Fuchsia: Well done, Brittany. [shakes hands with Brittany]

Brittany: We did it together, Fuchsia.

[Suddenly, Robertson gets back on her feet, clenching her fists]

Robertson: [grabs the top half of her rapier and points it at Brittany and Soldier Fuchsia] No. It's not over yet. I won't surrender! I won't turn myself in! And remember, Temper and his monster army are still fighting for Prescott's dominance. We'll stop at nothing to win. ACME Crime Net, your world is doomed! [laughs maniacally]

Brittany: Get your pistol ready.

Soldier Fuchsia: [readies her pistol] Way ahead of you. [aims her pistol at Robertson]

Robertson: I'll see you both in Hell!

[Suddenly, she groans in pain and drops the last of her rapier, which vanishes; she falls to the ground; her unit vanishes completely]

[Soldier Fuchsia runs up to Robertson and checks for a pulse]

Soldier Fuchsia: She's not breathing. [puts her head to Robertson's heart] No heartbeat.

Brittany: Is she... dead?

Soldier Fuchsia: I'm afraid so. Overusing that unit completely severed her vital signs.

[Cut to the final battle with Temper]

Simon: Savage's brother Temper.

Temper: [charges at the Super Spider Caesar] To Hell with all of you!

Alvin: Star Power!

[The Super Spider Caesar fires glowing ninja throwing stars from the red ninja star symbol on its chest plate at Temper, pushing him back]

Temper: Gutsy move, Spider Riders!

[The Super Spider Caesar's katana glows]

[Cut to the cockpit]

Hunter: Xenon Katana!

All Spider Riders: NINJA STRIKE!!

[Outside, the Super Spider Caesar jumps up, raises its katana, and bisects Temper with it, electrifying him]

Temper: You may have won this battle, but you'll never win the war against Prescott Vorstein! [splits in half] SAVAGE!!!

[He engulfs in a massive explosion; after the smoke clears, Temper is gone, for good]

[Back to the present]

Alvin: All because of Prescott and the Demonoids.

[Eleanor is thinking]

Brittany: Eleanor? You okay?

Eleanor: [snaps out of it] Oh! Sorry, Brittany. I've been thinking about the Spirit Soldiers. During the times we encountered them, have you noticed anything familiar about them?

Brittany: Oh, yeah. I remember when we first met them.

[Flashback to when the gang first met the Spirit Soldiers]

Brittany: Cool suits! They're almost like the Cosmo Cats!

Soldier Gold: Spiritual power of five, unite as one! Sephira Squadron,...!

All five: Spirit Soldiers!

Janko: Mechike didn't tell me there would be more superheroes!

Soldier Gold: We don't work for ACME, but we're glad to help 'em out! Girls, whip out your Spirit Pistols!

Soldier Red: Got it, bro!

[She and the other Spirit Soldiers whip out their Spirit Pistols; they fire at Janko, hitting him]

Janko: You meddlesome Spirit Soliders!

[Soldiers Blue and Red stand on top of Violet, Gold, and White]

Soldier Gold: Spirit Soldiers, Pentad Formation!

All five: FIRE!!

[They bring the tips of their pistols together and fire a star-shaped energy blast at Janko, hitting him]

[Layla and Sora raise their swords]

Sora: This is for Layla! Blade of Hope, Angelic Sky Strike!

Layla: Mega Phoenix Saber, ignite!

[They both strike Janko w/their swords; Janko gets electrified, screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

[Flashback to when the Sephira Voyagers went after a meteor]

Alvin: [voiceover] They were also very brave when they went after that meteor.

Soldier Gold: All right, girls. Max out your laser power!

Other Spirit Soldiers: Right!

All six: Fire lasers!

[The Sephira Voyagers fire their lasers at maximum power at the meteor, but the meteor is not destroyed]

Soldier Violet: Damn it! It's still on course!

Soldier Gold: Photon Missiles!

[The Gold Sephira Voyager fires its missiles at the meteor, hitting it; nothing happens]

Soldier Red: Guys, the way I see it, we'll have to combine the Sephira Voyagers.

Soldier Blue: But we haven't tested it yet.

Soldier White: We don't have a choice. Otherwise, the meteor will hit Earth.

Soldier Gold: I'm with you on this one. Let's bring 'em together!

All six: Sephira Voyagers, combine!

[All six Sephira Voyagers combine to form the Sephira Robo:
The Gold forms the torso
The Violet forms the jetpack and head
The White and Red from the arms with cannons on their wrists
The Blue and Fuchsia form the legs]

[Cut to the cockpit with all six Spirit Soldiers]

Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Robo, ready!

Soldier Gold: Remember, girls, like the vice-commander said, only a direct hit from the Gungnir Cannons at close range can blow up the meteor.

Soldier Red: But there's no guarantee of survival. If we miss, it's over.

Soldier Gold: Sis, at this point, we're have no other options.

Soldier Red: Valid point, big bro. Engage Gungnir Cannons!

[Outside, the Sephira Robo's Gungnir Cannons power up]

Soldier Gold: We've only got one shot at this, so it'd better work!

Soldier Fuchsia: It's pulling us into its gravitational field!

[The Sephira Robo is slowly getting pulled into the meteor's gravitational field]

Soldier Blue: We're almost there!

Soldier White: Everyone keep it together!

Soldier Red: Hold her steady, troops!

Soldier Fuchsia: She's gonna rip apart if we don't hurry!

Soldier Gold: Do it!

Soldier Violet: Locking on target!

[The cannons lock on to the meteor]

Soldier Gold: Gungnir Cannons!

All Spirit Soldiers: FIRE!!

[The cannons fire a massive silver blast at the meteor, engulfing it in an explosion]

Soldier Violet: It worked! We did it!

Soldier Gold: Good shot, #2!

[They hi-five]

Soldier White: I could've done that with my eyes closed.

Soldier Fuchsia: Doesn't matter. The meteor's gone. Though it was pretty nerve-wracking.

Soldier Blue: I'll say.

[An alarm blares]

Soldier Red: Hold your horses, guys. Look!

[The six soldiers look ahead; as the smoke clears, the meteor is still on course, but with a big hole in it (revealing a glowing radioactive core)]

Soldier Gold: Oh, crap! It's still on course!

Soldier Violet: All that blast did was blow a hole in it!

Soldier Blue: Looks like we're all gonna die.

Soldier Red: Don't say that! There's gotta be another way.

Soldier Fuchsia: Let's just stop and think, you guys. And fast. The meteor's veering dangerously close to destruction territory.

[Soldier White takes a close look at the core]

Soldier White: That core.

Soldier Violet: That must be it. Soldiers, take the rest of the Sephira Robo back to Earth.

Soldier Fuchsia: What?!

Soldier Violet: If I take my Voyager and hit the meteor's core, I can probably destroy it.

Soldier Blue: No, you can't! You could get yourself killed!

Soldier Violet: I'm sorry, but the way I see it, we haven't a choice. Besides, there'll be plenty of other Spirit Soldiers.

Soldier Gold: You can't do this. Not after what we've been through!

Soldier Red: Just think about what our field leader is saying!

Soldier Violet: Just let me. Besides, that first aim was my big blunder. I have to make up for it.

Soldier White: If that's the criteria, then... farewell.

[She pushes two buttons on her control panel and transports out of the cockpit and into that of the White Sephira Voyager, which detaches from the Sephira Robo]

Soldier White: Sephira Robo autopilot engaged.

Soldier Gold: What?! You?!

Soldier White: Soldier Violet, you have nothing to atone for. But I have much more than that.

Soldier Violet: No! You can't go!

Soldier White: This might be goodbye. Have a safe trip back to Earth. Farewell,... everyone. Realign to target!

[Outside, the remains of the Sephira Robo automatically flies toward Earth as the White Sephira Voyager flies into the hole in the meteor]

Soldier Gold: Come back, Soldier White! These are your orders!

[Five seconds after the Sephira Robo is far enough away from the meteor, the meteor engulfs in a massive explosion; after the smoke clears, the meteor is gone]

Brittany: [voiceover] But Soldier White was too tough to go out that easily.

[Cut to the White Sephira Voyager returning to battle on Earth]

[The White Sephira Voyager reattaches to the Sephira Robo]

[Cut back to the cockpit; Soldier White reappears]

Soldier Fuchsia: Soldier White!

Soldier Blue: She made it!

Soldier Red: She's alive!

Soldier Violet: Is that really you?!

Soldier White: Would I lie?

Soldier Gold: But how did you survive?!

Soldier White: It came to me the moment I laid eyes on the meteor's core.

[She has a flashback of when she flew her Voyager near the meteor's core]

Soldier White: I knew that if I just got close enough, I'd just be able to destroy the core with my launcher.

[In the flashback, Soldier White climbs to the top of her Voyager's roof and fires her Spirit Launcher at full power at the core, then instantly dives back into her Voyager and flies out of the meteor just before it explodes]

[Back to the present]

Soldier White: Crazy idea, wasn't it?

Soldier Violet: You can say that again! What the hell were you trying to prove?!

Soldier White: That I was a better markswoman than you.

Soldier Violet: You idi-- [reacts] O-kay. Maybe you're right. I mean, you do have the best marksmanship on the team.

Soldier White: Missed me, didn't you, Toh--?

Soldier Violet: Never mind that. Let's end this fight!

[Back to the present]

Jeanette: Yeah. They were quite the team. But I still wish we knew who they were.

Brittany: But those voices-- They sounded so familiar.

Alvin: You know, the twins in orange, the new guys-- One of them sounded a lot like Manami, but hammier.

Manami: Hmm. The little one in blue also sounded like Eris, but a bit younger.

Eris: [blushes] Oh, stop it, Manami. You're making me blush!

Marion: You guys don't think they could be some friends we made during Global Week two years ago?

Simon: They might be. But if we try and expose them, we'll be blacklisted for life.

Layla: Well, I don't care who they are, or even if we don't ever find out. As long as they provide their services, we'll surely wipe the Demonoids out of existence.

Sora: I'm sure the time will come when they reveal their identities.

May: [looks at the clock on the cable box] Speaking of time, it's almost midnight! [switches the TV to New Year's Rockin' Eve] Time to welcome 2018!

[The Assistroids prepare party poppers; Sadakichi grabs ahold of a monofilament cord; the countdown is now under 10 seconds]

Eris: Just in time! Ready, everybody?!

All: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

[Auld Lang Syne is heard in the background]

[Sadakichi tugs the cord, releasing the balloons from the ceiling, causing them to fall to the ground; the other Assistroids pop their party poppers]

[There are hugs, kisses, and "Happy New Year" wishes all around; Maya and Sara stare at everyone; Maya kisses Sara on the cheek]

Sara: Maya?

Maya: Happy New Year, Sara.

[Sara blushes, then smiles]

[Outside the warehouse, a Spirit Soldier in a black helmet and spandex watches them through the window, unbeknownst to anyone]

Soldier Black: Happy New Year, my old friends. We'll meet in the battlefield again soon.

[She jumps into a familiar black magic circle and transports out; the circle vanishes]

[Clips from upcoming side-fics are shown]

Narrator: Coming in 2018, Earth faces danger like never before.

Layla: This is like armageddon.

Narrator: New enemies have surfaced.

Roget: Try as you might, you're hopeless.

Tomahawk: You don't know what we're capable of.

Narrator: And enemies of old have returned.

Eva: Guess who's back?!

Harry: Miss me, boys?

Narrator: Our heroes must now call upon new powers and machines.

Gladiators: Ultimate Star Borg!

Cosmo Cats: Omega MagnaDroid!

Narrator: And new friends.

Yuya: If it's a duel you want,...

Zuzu: It's a duel you've got!

Soldier Black: You gonna beg for mercy or man up and fight?!

Narrator: And new superheroes.

Crystal Exceeds: Kouryou Squadron Crystal Exceeds!

Narrator: Plus, some serious shockers.

Sarah: This is hard to say, but...

Dr. Cornell: Guys, say hi to your Soldier Gold.

Narrator: And epic battles.

Asuka: Ninjas, ready?!

Everyone else: READY!

Jason: So, you're ACME Crime Net's superhero teams?

Adam: You guys sure got skill.

Narrator: Stay tuned for a whole new year of ACME Crime Net.

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