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2/04/2018 12:03 am  #1

Side-Fic 271: Sarah's Amazing Engagement/Football Frenzy

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Sarah: Hello, everyone! The show's about to begin! Just remember not to sit too close to the monitor, and watch in a brightly-lit area.

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[132 Madison Street, Sunday, February 4th, 5:30pm]

[The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and Eris' group are setting up for a Super Bowl party]

Eris: Alvin, I'm curious. What's this "Super Bowl" you've been speaking of all day?

Alvin: Eris, the Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League. The biggest game of the year!

Antonia: That's why Super Bowl Sunday is very popular, even though it's not an official holiday.

Theodore: Every year, fans like to hold a big party with so much food.

Manami: That's why the kids and I went out and bought all these snacks for tonight.

Kio: So who are you kids pulling for?

Antonia, Chipmunks, and Chipettes: Eagles, all the way!

[The cast of Kaleido Stage and Pamela enter the warehouse wearing football jerseys]

Pamela: Any room for 11 more football fans?!

Kio: Hey, you guys! Glad you could make it!

Marion: Whatever it takes to motivate the Eagles in their big game against the Patriots.

[Brittany stares at Sarah, who has a long face]

Brittany: Sarah, why the long face? Something wrong?

Sarah: Oh, it's... Well, let's see if this answers your question.

[She holds up her right hand, revealing a diamond ring]

Manami: No way!

Aoi: That must mean...!

[The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, Eris, Kio, and Antonia are in shock and awe]

Sarah: [now with a smile on her face] That's right! Kalos proposed! We're getting married!

[The gang cheers]

Sarah: He popped the question just before I boarded the plane last night. I wanted to wait for the perfect time to tell everyone.

Eris: Congratulations, Miss Sarah!

[Everyone else congratulates Sarah with handshakes and hugs]

Sarah: Thank you, everyone. [sighs] Now for the bad news. This is hard to say, but... I gave the captain my two weeks notice this morning.

Layla: Sarah, you can't be serious.

Sarah: I am. [with a tear in her eye] I have a wedding to plan, and Kalos may need my help at Kaleido Stage full-time.

Antonia: Well, I do respect your decision, Sarah. But what about the Kaleido Gladiators?

Brittany: Yeah. It won't be the same with just nine Gladiators.

Sarah: Trust me, we've already made arrangements to find a new Lorikeet of Love. But don't worry. We've got two weeks to find my replacement before I leave. In the meantime, let's make the most out of these next two weeks, starting with the Super Bowl!

Everyone else: YEAH!!

[Cut to the Nickar; in the operating room, Delta constructs a new football-themed Demonoid (modeled after a football player)]

Delta: Who better to crash their Super Bowl party than a football-themed Demonoid? [hits the switch to power up the Demonoid] Awaken, Mechaback!

[Mechaback awakens and walks up to Delta]

Mechaback: Ready! Down, set! HUT! HUT!

[LN, Epsilon, and Mu enter]

Epsilon: [groans] What the hell's all the racket, sis? The Super Bowl's almost on!

Delta: Epsilon, I'd like you to meet our newest Demonoid: Mechaback. Half-robot, half-quarterback.

Mechaback: [conjures up a crimson red metallic football] Hey, babe! Go long!

[He tosses his ball at Epsilon; Epsilon steps back, then catches it]

Epsilon: Touchdown time!

[She suddenly disappears]

Mu: Huh? Where'd she go?

LN: [looks down at the floor] Wait a second! Check this out, girls.

[Everyone looks down at a football with Epsilon's face on it; LN picks it up]

LN: She's finally useful!

Mu: Beautiful! Play ball!

LN: Go long!

[She tosses the Epsilon ball toward Mu, who catches it; Mu kicks it back to LN]

Mu: Field goal!

Delta: That's enough already! You have no right to torture my sister like that!

[She fires laser beams from her eyes at the Epsilon ball, transforming it back into Epsilon]

Epsilon: [gets back on her feet] Jeez! You guys give me such a headache!

Mechaback: I was just testing my ball. Chill. Now that I know it works, I'll give your enemies that same treatment. But first, Delta, could you reprogram this ball so it doesn't work on Demonoids? [props his ball on the table]

Delta: No problem.

[She reprograms the ball]

Mechaback: I'm gonna need a whole team to take down ACME.

Epsilon: In that case, I'll be your linebacker. And trust me, women have played football before.

Mechaback: Whatever.

LN: Start by luring the Kaleido Gladiators into Thomas Jefferson Park. I'll send in some Demonitron to join your team.

Mechaback: You got it, boss!

[Thomas Jefferson Park, 5:42pm]

[Charlotte and Julie clean up the field]

Charlotte: Jeez. We're supposed to be investigators for the DA's office, not park sanitation. And this is no way to spend our day off.

Julie: [mocks Flynn] "Make yourselves useful while you're off, girls. Sanitation at Thomas Jefferson Park is short-handed today." [groans; normally] Come on! It's Super Bowl Sunday!

Charlotte: [gathers the last of the trash into a bag] Well, at least this job's almost over with. Just gotta dump this trash.

[She and Julie take all the trash bags to a nearby dumpster and dump them all]

Julie: Let's hurry. The Chipmunks and the Chipettes are waiting for us.

[Suddenly, Epsilon and Mechaback appear]

Epsilon: Don't think so!

Charlotte: Demonoids!

Julie: Just leave us alone, creeps. We, like, have a Super Bowl party to get to.

Mechaback: Who gives a crap about watching a football game when you can actually play one?

Charlotte: We're not afraid of you creeps! Julie!

Julie: [nods] Yo!

[She and Charlotte charge at the two Demonoids and fight them]

[Back at the warehouse, the alarm blares]

Alvin: Oh, great. Fine time for a Demonoid attack. To the lab, everyone!

[Everyone heads for the underground lab; the monitor shows Charlotte and Julie fighting Mechaback and Epsilon at Thomas Jefferson Park]

Rosetta: Charlotte and Julie fighting Demonoids? You don't see that every day.

Layla: Those two goofballs. But it's nice of them to keep them busy for us. Gladiators, let's go.

Sora, Rosetta, Marion, May, Brittany, Mia, Anna, Sarah, and Pamela: Yes, ma'am!

Layla: The rest of you stay here until we need you.

Jeanette: Right. I'll prep the machines, just in case.

[Back at the park, the fight continues]

Epsilon: You think I'm gonna fall to mere humans?!

Charlotte: Don't you know that evil never prospers?! Julie!

[She and Julie jump and double-kick the two Demonoids far back]

Julie: Give up yet?

Mechaback: Ball!

[Epsilon holds the ball to the ground]

Mechaback: PUNT!

Charlotte: [catches the ball] Think that's gonna stop me?!

[Suddenly, the ball surrounds her with aura, transforming her into a lavender football with her face on it; Epsilon grabs it and laughs]

Julie: Charlotte! No!

Mechaback: And you're next, bitch!

[Suddenly, the Kaleido Gladiators fly into the scene and land]

Julie: Gladiators!

Layla: Julie, where's Charlotte?

Julie: She's been turned into a football. You see the one Epsilon's holding?

[The Gladiators notice the Charlotte football Epsilon is holding]

Sora: But how?!

Julie: Epsilon's football friend threw his own ball at Charlotte. When Charlotte caught it, it happened. Whatever you do, don't let that ball come into contact with you, or you'll end up like Charlotte!

Mechaback: [tosses his ball at Julie] Aw, shut it!

[Sora fires an arrow at the ball, but Epsilon fires lasers at the arrow, vaporizing it; the ball strikes Julie]

Julie: [groans and becomes surrounded by aura] See what I mean?

[She transforms into a mint-green football with her face on it]

Sora: Julie!

Epsilon: Protecting her was hopeless. Even if all 10 of you came at us at once, it wouldn't have worked. Besides, that ball is impervious to your weapons.

Mechaback: Anyways, at the end of the first quarter, it's a lopsided 2-zip for the visiting Demonoids!

Sarah: You picked the wrong day to mess with the Kaleido Gladiators, you gridiron geezer! Prepare to be sacked!

[Back at the Nickar, the other Demonoids have seen it all]

Delta: 10 against two? I find that unfair.

LN: No worries, Delta. I'll send in a team of Cyber Demonitron so your sister and Mechaback can score a touchdown.

[Back at the park, eight Cyber Demonitron appear]

Epsilon: Ahh! Now we have a complete team!

Mechaback: Ready to be sidelined, Gladiators?!

Layla: The only one who's gonna be sent to the showers is your team. And seeing as you're robots--

Mechaback: I wouldn't bet on it! Ready, team?!

Epsilon and Mechaback: [as their team stances] Down! Set!

Layla: Gladiators, ready?!

All 10 Gladiators: [stance] Down! Set!

Mechaback: You got guts, ladies. But I'm one problem you won't be able to tackle. 36! 52! 19! HIKE!

[He snaps the ball towards a Cyber Demonitron, who catches it as the two teams charge at each other; the Cyber Demonitron tosses the ball into the air; the Gladiators struggle to tackle Mechaback's team to try and stop any of them from reaching the ball; as Mechaback knocks each of the Gladiators back, Epsilon raises her arms as she reaches a goal line]

Epsilon: I'm open! I'm open! I'm open!

[She catches the ball]

Epsilon: Touchdown!

[She sets her sights on Layla, who is blockaded by three Cyber Demonitron]

Epsilon: You appear to be all blocked up, Golden Phoenix.

Layla: Buzz off, Epsilon!

Epsilon: [laughs] Hilarious! Let's see ya laugh this one off! [tosses the ball at Layla]

Layla: Phoenix Shield!

[She shields herself w/her wings; the ball hits, but Layla suddenly becomes surrounded by aura and transforms into a red ball w/her face on it]

Sarah: Oh, no! Layla!

Sora: How come her Phoenix Shield didn't work?!

Epsilon: You should know that her wings are part of her while she's in uniform. Face it. All your defenses are useless.

May: Don't count on completing your next play! [inputs a code on her Kaleido Booster] 4-2-3! Demon Hyper-speed!

[She skates toward Mechaback in hyper-speed and strikes Epsilon w/her trident]

Mechaback: Time for the extra point!

[One of the Cyber Demonitron holds Mechaback's ball for him to kick toward May; May gets struck by the ball and transforms into a black football]

Mechaback: [laughs] Two down, eight to go!

Anna: [inputs code 1-5-3 on her Kaleido Booster] Cheap shot! 10-yard penalty! Salatiga, come to me!

[Salatiga appears in her hands; she flies toward Mechaback, who kicks his ball toward her, hitting her, and turning her into a green football]

Sora: Anna!

Mechaback: Got her! All right! Who's next?!

[Sora and Brittany (now in Double Wing Mode) fly towards him]

Sora: Let's see if you can do two!

Brittany: With twice the wings!

[They both kick Mechaback; his ball flies out of his hands]

Epsilon: [catches the ball] I got your back, Mechaback! Hut 1!

[She tosses the ball at Sora, hitting her; the ball bounces back to Mechaback]

Mechaback: [holds the ball, then kicks it toward Brittany] Hut 2!

[Brittany gets struck by the ball; both she and Sora transform into footballs (white for Sora, mauve for Brittany); Epsilon catches Mechaback's ball]

Epsilon: Successful two-point conversion!

Mia: [tackles Epsilon to the ground] You automated ass-wipe! How dare you do that to Sora and Brittany!

[The ball slips out of Epsilon's hands just as Mia whacks her repeatedly w/her lance]

Mechaback: Oh! Fumble! [catches the ball] Don't worry, Epsilon! I'll fix her for ya!

[He tosses the ball at Mia, hitting her and transforming her into a platinum football; Epsilon gets back on her feet]

Epsilon: Wonderful work! Six down, four to go! [holds the ball] Aim for the little one.

Mechaback: All over it! [points at Marion] Try and stop this, Aqua Blossom! [kicks the ball toward Marion]

[Marion tries to dodge, but the Cyber Demonitron push her back in the line of fire]

Marion: Aqua Cannon, Super Soak!

[She fires a blast of water from her cannon at the ball, but it rockets right through the blast and strikes Marion, transforming her into a blue football]

Rosetta: Marion!

Epsilon: [tosses the ball at Rosetta] Don't think you're off the hook, either, Diabolo Fairy!

[Rosetta narrowly dodges the ball]

Rosetta: [tosses diabolos at the two Demonoids] Star Cradle Barrage!

[Epsilon and Mechaback get struck by the diabolos]

Pamela: Ivory Crossbow!

[She fires a steel arrow from her crossbow at Mechaback]

Mechaback: [tosses his ball at the arrow] Goin' long!

[The ball knocks the arrow back and is about to hit Pamela]

Rosetta: Pamela, watch out!

[She flies up and grabs the ball, turning into a yellow football]

Mechaback: Ooh! Intercepted!

Pamela: Rosetta!

Sarah: Let me at this one, Pamela!

[She whips out her flute blade and charges at Mechaback]

Pamela: Go get him, Sarah! [turns to Epsilon] As for you,... [inputs a code on her Kaleido Brace] 8-1-9! Digimon attack! [as a glowing spike appears on her arm] Spiking Strike!

[She strikes Epsilon w/the spike, which then disappears]

Epsilon: [whips out her bo staff] Don't think I ain't no pro with the bo!

[She charges at Pamela w/her bo; Pamela blocks w/her hands, then kicks Epsilon in the face]

[Back to Sarah; Sarah tackles the Cyber Demonitron to the ground as they try to block her, then charges at Mechaback]

Mechaback: C'mon, Dupont!

[Sarah punches Mechaback in the gut, then strikes him with a tornado kick]

Sarah: Time I ended this quarter!

[She is about to strike Mechaback w/her blade, but Mechaback kicks her to the ground, then grabs his ball]

Mechaback: Eeny meeny miny moe! [points at Pamela] The Ivory Eagle's the next to go! [tosses the ball at Pamela] Bombs away!

Sarah: Pamela, step aside!

[Pamela steps aside, but Epsilon punches the ball at her, hitting her and transforming her into an ivory-colored football]

Epsilon: And with that, the second quarter is over! See what happens when you deal with a Demonoid general?

Mechaback: Goin' into halftime, the score is 11-0, in favor of the Demonoids! [laughs maniacally] Sorry, Lorikeet of Love, but it looks like your season's over!

Sarah: [to her wristband] Alvin, do you copy? I'm the only Gladiator left! I need to report back!

Alvin: Roger! And hurry!

Mechaback: Hey! You forgot to tell the kid about all the cool footballs I made! Guess I'll just hafta make another one!

[He tosses his own football at Sarah, who flies away just in time; the Cyber Demonitron grab all the transformed footballs]

Epsilon: Damn it! She knows better than to leave in the middle of a game! Some sportsmanship!

Mechaback: Ah, we'll get her in the second half. All right, team. To the locker room!

[His entire team disappears]

[132 Madison Street, 6:01pm]

[In the underground lab, Sarah, still in uniform, explains everything]

Sarah: Alvin, how am I gonna beat Mechaback without the others?

Alvin: Based on what I've seen in that fight, Mechaback is very dangerous for one person to deal with alone.

Sarah: Why don't you and the other Spider Riders back me up?

Simon: Unfortunately, Prince Lumen and Princess Sparkle are on a ski trip with Lady Noia, and Mechaback is so powerful, us Spider Riders can't beat him without Ultra Mode, and Ultra Mode only activates when all eight Spider Riders are in the same area.

Sarah: What about the Cosmo Cats?

Kio: With my mates still on maternity leave, Antonia and I are defenseless.

Antonia: And even with the combined powers of two Cosmo Cats, six Super Spider Riders, and one Kaleido Gladiator, we won't beat Mechaback.

Eris: Ever since we caught Prescott and the Spider Riders gained their Ultra Mode, the Demonoids have been cracking down hard.

Aoi: And that means stronger robots.

Jeanette: Wait. When I saw the fight on the monitor, I saw that when the Gladiators turned into footballs, they emitted energy waves. Maybe if we invert them--

Sarah: The spell will be lifted!

Simon: Bingo!

Eris: [sends a text to Qoone] I'll relay this to the Catian mothership.

[The alarm blares; the monitor opens a channel to Central Park, where Mechaback and Epsilon have moved all the footballs]

Jeanette: Looks like halftime's almost over. Mechaback and Epsilon have already moved the footballs to Central Park.

Simon: [looks at the weather app on his iPhone] And as if that's not enough, a rainstorm is closing in. That could disrupt the inversion of the energy waves.

Alvin: If that's the case, we're gonna need the Spirit Soldiers. Even one should have more than enough strength to take on Mechaback.

[Suddenly, a familiar black magic circle appears, and surfacing through it is Spirit Soldier Black]

Soldier Black: Ask and ye shall receive. [waves to Alvin] Hi, Alvin!

Alvin: Wait a minute. Now there's one in black?

Soldier Black: Mm-hmm. The commander in red appointed me as the newest recruit. Hey, where's Brittany?

Sarah: That's why we need your help. She and the other eight Gladiators have been turned into footballs by the Demonoid Mechaback.

Soldier Black: Football? I've read about that American pastime. I also heard this special event called the Super Bowl is on in less than half an hour.

Sarah: Then we'd better hurry.

[Chayka hurries into the lab with a pair of nets (big and strong enough to support Mechaback's football) w/wires attached to the rims]

Chayka: Good thing our techs had these built last night for a case like this. [hands one net to Sarah and one to Soldier Black] These nets should reverse the energy fields.

Soldier Black: Much obliged, friend. [to Sarah] So, shouldn't we get going now?

Sarah: Right. Back to action!

[Central Park, 6:07pm]

[Sarah and Soldier Black, nets on hand, look up at the cloudy sky]

Sarah: Looks as though the storm's on its way.

Soldier Black: Like you said, Sarah, these nets won't work in wet weather. We gotta do this fast.

[Epsilon and Mechaback burst into the scene with the footballs]

Mechaback: Lookin' for us?!

Epsilon: [notices Soldier Black] Aw, not another Spirit Soldier!

Soldier Black: Too bad, so sad, Epsilon. Sorry, you two, but this game's as good as over.

Sarah: We're gonna force you into a fumble, then we'll control the game!

Mechaback: Tough talk comin' from chicks holdin' butterfly nets. You sure have high aspirations. But I think I'll have you join your friends instead.

Sarah: Well, now that I can reverse your spell, Mechaback, I don't fear you.

Soldier Black: Ditto! It's sixth and down for you, pal!

Sarah: [laughs] Fourth and long, silly.

Soldier Black: Uh, yeah. What she said.

Mechaback: Aw, stick a pig in it!

[He holds the ball for Epsilon to kick toward the duo]

Sarah: Here it comes!

[She catches the ball in her net]

Sarah: Touchdown!

Mechaback: Very funny! Now gimme back that ball!

Sarah: [tosses the ball towards the footballs made from Charlotte and Julie] Gladly!

[The ball lands in front of the two footballs, then releases an inverted energy wave on them, turning them back into Charlotte and Julie]

Charlotte: We're back! [points at Sarah and Soldier Black] Hey, look! It's Sarah!

Julie: And another Spirit Soldier?!

Soldier Black: You two, get to safety!

Charlotte and Julie: Okay! Let's go!

[They exit the area]

Mechaback: [grabs his ball] Well, they may be gone, but you're not, and there's still enough time left in the quarter for me to execute one of my favorite plays!

[Epsilon holds the ball for him to kick high]

Soldier Black: [moves back to try and catch the ball w/her net] I'm open! I'm open!

[The ball lands in her net]

Soldier Black: Yes! Another touchdown!

Mechaback: Aw, come on, guys! Play fair and gimme my damn ball back!

Soldier Black: Whatever you say. [tosses the ball] Extra point!

[The ball lands in front of the remaining nine footballs, releasing an inverted energy wave on them, turning them back into the other nine Gladiators]

Layla: That's one experience I won't soon forget. Everybody okay?

Sora: I'm fine, Layla.

Brittany: Me, too.

[The others nod murmur in agreement]

Mechaback: 20-yard penalty! Too many Gladiators on the field!

Sarah: Way to go, Soldier Black!

Soldier Black: We nailed it!

[The other Gladiators join them]

Mechaback: Just who do you think you are?!

Soldier Black: Allow me to properly introduce myself. Understanding trooper of shadows! Spirit Soldier Black!

[She poses triumphantly]

Sarah: Okay, Gladiators. Let's turn the tables on this pillock.

Layla: Gladiators, assemble the Super Kaleido Cannon!

[The Gladiators (minus Pamela) combine their weapons to form the Super Kaleido Cannon and point it at Mechaback]

Pamela: [points her crossbow at Mechaback] Ivory Crossbow!

Layla: Ready!

Pamela: Aim!

All 10 Gladiators: FIRE!

[They fire their weapons at full blast at Mechaback, hitting him hard]

Sarah: Allow me to finish him, girls!

[She charges at Mechaback w/her blade and strikes him with it]

Soldier Black: You could use a utility player, Sarah!

[She also charges at Mechaback; a black blade-like musket made of steel appears in her hand]

Soldier Black: Spirit Musket, Firearm Mode!

Mechaback: [sarcastically] Oh, a gun. I'm so scared.

Soldier Black: Your days of rushing are over, Mechaback! Spirit Musket, Bullet Barrage!

[She fires a barrage of glowing black bullets at Mechaback, hitting him hard with each one]

Soldier Black: I excel in marksmanship. Sarah, he's all yours.

Sarah: Thanks! Lorikeet Flute, Blade Mode!

[She flies up and raises her blade]

Sarah: Dynamic Slash!

[She strikes Mechaback hard w/her blade]

Mechaback: That didn't even leave a dent!

Sarah: [prepares her Kaleido Booster] Then it's time I unleashed--

[Suddenly, the red button starts flashing]

Sarah: Well, well! All right! This is where the quarter ends! [pushes the red button] Mega Armor, activate!

[She gains lorikeet-themed armor; she gains two more wings; her flute transforms into a falchion]

Sarah: Mega-Armored Gladiator!

Mechaback: No fair! You can't change in the middle of the quarter!

Sarah: Tough talk coming from someone who never plays fair. Ultrasonic Wing Blast!

[Her wings fire ultrasonic waves at Mechaback, causing him to cover his ears]

Mechaback: [grabs his ball and tosses it at Sarah] Go to Hell, DuPont!

[Sarah swiftly slices the ball into pieces w/her falchion]

Mechaback: [screams] My ball! My one and only ball! Look what you've done to it!

Sarah: That's nothing compared to what you're about to lose next!

[Her falchion glows]

Sarah: Harmony Falchion! [takes to the sky and raises her falchion] Melodious Strike!

[She bisects Mechaback w/her falchion; Mechaback screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Mechaback is left in pieces; suddenly, the back of what's left of his right leg electrifies and glows]

Epsilon: You haven't won yet, Gladiators. Sis, fire the Giga Beam!

[Cut back to the Nickar]

Delta: All over it, Epsilon.

[She hits the Giga Beam button; back in the park, the beam repairs Mechaback and makes him grow giant-sized; it starts to rain]

Mechaback: Fourth quarter, Gladiators! And time's tickin'!

Solider Black: You Gladiators deal with him. Epsilon is mine.

Layla: Good luck, Kur-- [sighs] Good luck, whoever you are. [in her mind] But I still have a feeling about this Spirit Soldier.

[Soldier Black nods, then charges at Epsilon]

Sarah: I'm giving you a two-minute warning, Mechaback!

Brittany: MechaDove!

Pamela: MechaEagle!

Other eight Gladiators: KaleidoBorgs!

All 10: Deploy now!

[Said machines enter the scene; the Gladiators jump into their respective machines' cockpits; the core five KaleidoBorgs combine with the MechaDove to form the Super Star Borg; the other three KaleidoBorgs combine with the MechaEagle to form the Ivory Star Borg]

Mechaback: Penalty! Double-teaming! Aw, who cares?! I'll tackle your asses outta this game before the game's up!

Sarah: [from the Ivory Star Borg] Not gonna happen while we're around.

Pamela: Wing Cannons!

[The Ivory Star Borg fires silver blasts from the cannons on its wings at the charging Mechaback, hitting him; Mechaback jumps up and kicks the Ivory Star Borg to the ground, then charges at the Super Star Borg, who blocks w/its arms; both struggle to push each other back; the Ivory Star Borg flies toward Mechaback, spins around, then kicks Mechaback to the ground]

Mechaback: [fires a barrage of football bombs from his shoulders at the two machines] Can you muster this?!

[The machines get struck by the balls]

Sarah: The Chipmunks were right. The Demonoids really have grown stronger since we caught Prescott.

Anna: [scoffs] He's nothing without his football.

Pamela: But we have to find his computer chip. Mia, run a quick X-ray scan.

Mia: Roger!

[She runs an X-ray scan on Mechaback; a glowing red circle points out Mechaback's computer chip within his right foot]

Mia: Unbelievable that the Demonoids could make his dominant foot in football his Achilles' heel.

Sarah: Then that's where we'll strike. Ultrasonic Pitch!

[The Ivory Star Borg unleashes a loud, high-pitched screech at Mechaback's right foot, causing him to fall on his back; the Super Star Borg grabs him by the right foot]

Rosetta: Helmet KB3, energize! Fire jet lasers!

[The Super Star Borg gets equipped with Helmet KB3 and fires its jet lasers at the foot, blowing it up and exposing the damaged chip; the Super Star Borg drops Mechaback]

Mechaback: [struggles to get back on his feet] This can't be happening! I can't lose!

Sarah: Now for the final extra point!

All Gladiators: Quadruple Knuckle Strike!

[The Star Borgs' fists glow; they fly toward Mechaback and strike him with their fists, sending him flying and screaming; Mechaback hits the ground, and an explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, there is nothing left of him]

Sarah: Final score: Gladiators: 21, Mechaback: 11!

[Back on the ground, Soldier Black continues her fight with Epsilon]

Epsilon: I don't know who you Spirit Soldiers are, but I do know this. Master Mechike has it out for you, and he won't stop at anything to destroy you!

Soldier Black: [fires bullets from her musket at Epsilon] Eat lead!

Epsilon: [blocks each bullet w/her bo staff] No, thanks. I'm dieting. [strikes Soldier Black w/her bo] Why don't you eat bamboo?!

[Soldier Black repels w/her chest]

Epsilon: [growls] Repelling my attack with your boobs, even in spandex?! Whoever trained you must be a total pervert!

Soldier Black: [laughs] On the contrary, I mastered that technique on my own. But never mind that. You haven't seen my musket's pièce de résistance.

Epsilon: I don't care what it is. [shoots missiles from her chest at Soldier Black] Demonoid Gatling Missiles!

Soldier Black: [fires a copper bullet from her musket at each missile] Spirit Musket, Time Freeze Mode!

[Each missile freezes upon getting struck]

Epsilon: Time Freeze?! But how?!

Soldier Black: I used to have special powers like this. They were more volatile then. This way is more complex and only freezes the target for about 15 seconds, but I still excel in marksmanship. [fires Bullet Barrage at the missiles] Bullet Barrage!

[The black bullets turn each missile around, pointing them at Epsilon]

Soldier Black: 3, 2, 1... [snaps her fingers] Boom!

[The missiles unfreeze and strike Epsilon, sending her flying, then hitting the ground; her bo snaps in half upon impact]

Soldier Black: You gonna beg for mercy or man up and fight?!

Epsilon: [growls; grabs her broken bo] You haven't seen the last of Epsilon, Soldier Black. I'll destroy you yet. You and all of your Spirit Soldier friends!

[She vanishes]

Soldier Black: Hmph. You haven't even seen all of them.

[The Gladiators fly back into the scene and revert to normal]

Sarah: Soldier Black, before we leave, I just want to thank you for backing me up in my hour of need.

Soldier Black: It's no problem, Sarah. I'm just glad we've got the job done in time for the Super Bowl.

Sarah: We'd better get back to the warehouse.

Sora: You're more than welcome to join us, if you'd like.

Soldier Black: Thanks, but I'll take a rain check. Maybe next year. And I'd be glad to invite the others, too.

[A magic circle appears beside her]

Soldier Black: Well, that's my cue to leave. Until we meet again, Kaleido Gladiators.

[She jumps through the circle, and it disappears]

Brittany: There's something very familiar about that Spirit Soldier. Not to mention, I've seen a magic circle like that before.

Sarah: We'll worry about that later. Right now, it's Super Bowl time!

Rest of the gang: YEAH!!

[They all set off]

[Back at the Nickar, LN strikes Delta and Epsilon w/a whip]

LN: You two are a disgrace! Delta, both your sister and your Demonoid failed to destroy the Gladiators!

Epsilon: Take pity on me, Lady LN! I would've won if that Spirit Soldier hadn't gotten in my way!

LN: SILENCE! Unless you want those computer chips inside of you removed, you will do as Master Mechike and I command!

Delta and Epsilon: Yes, ma'am.

LN: Back to work!

[Delta and Epsilon exit the bridge; Mechike enters]

LN: Master Mechike, did you sleep well?

Mechike: [yawns] Never mind that. What did I miss?

LN: Only another failed mission, thanks to the cyborg sisters. But the Spirit Soldiers are also at fault. The new one in black spandex did the deed of destroying a Demonoid.

Mechike: I'm not surprised. Nevertheless, I have a whole new powerful army of Demonoids waiting in the wings. Their programming is still incomplete, but once it's done, the Gladiators will tremble, and soon, so will Earth. [snickers]

[Unknown to anyone, the Spirit Soldiers' spy has overheard everything from outside the bridge]

Spy: [quietly] The bastard. [transports out]

[Cut to the Spirit Soldiers' base; the spy reappears before the Spirit Soldiers (all nine of them; still in uniform)]

Soldier Violet: The bitch. I'd like to give LN a mouth full of teeth.

Soldier Red: Blaming the generals for Mechike's blunders and whipping them like slaves. That's sick.

Soldier Blue: But Delta built Mechaback, didn't she?

Soldier White: Yes, but Mechike built Delta. He built all of his generals.

Soldier Gold: Never mind that now. Any luck on Owen or Ewan?

Spy: They're still in training, Big Brother. Nothing of them has changed since we last saw them.

Soldier Fuchsia: But Mechike will send them eventually. There's no doubt about that.

Soldier Orange A: And when he does, we'll try and bring 'em back.

Soldier Orange B: Maybe. Unless Mechike plans on killing them soon afterwards.

Soldier Black: You're right. Just like Prescott, once Mechike's minions finish the job, that's the end of that minion.

Soldier Gold: All the more reason we have to kill him, even if he's not who we think he is.

[His stomach growls]

Soldier Gold: Man, I'm starving.

Soldier Violet: [points at Soldier Black] How can you be hungry when she did all the fighting today?

Soldier Gold: The battle just got me so nervous, I didn't have enough to eat all day. You girls up for some yakiniku?

Soldier Violet: Aw, what the hell?

Spy: I'm with you, Big Brother.

Soldier Red: We'll pick some up on the way home. Let's go.

[All 10 of them transport out of the base]

[Elsewhere, above the sea, a wormhole appears, and out of it falls Jean-Michel Roget (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V), splashing into the sea; he surfaces and coughs]

Roget: I made it. I'm alive! [laughs] It takes more than a little wormhole to eradicate Jean-Michel Roget! [looks around] If only I knew where I am now.

[The top of a periscope pops up in front of him]

Roget: [gasps] Ah, some help. Whoever you are, please take me on board your vessel.

[Back at the Nickar, LN looks through the periscope]

LN: Master Mechike, shall I dispose of this human?

Mechike: No need. I've heard of this man. Jean-Michel Roget, the man who nearly destroyed the Synchro Dimension with wormholes two years ago. Warp him on board. We could use his talents here.

LN: Yes, sir.

[She hits a button; Roget appears]

Roget: Merci, my saviors. [looks at the two Demonoids] Wait a second. You're robots!

Mechike: I am Mechike, leader of the demonic race of robots called Demonoids. It's an honor to finally meet you, Jean-Michel Roget.

Roget: Oh, so you've heard of my actions back in the Synchro Dimension, eh? [scoffs] No surprise there, since everyone hates me now. But enough of that. [bows before Mechike] Mechike, I owe you everything. Make me your humble servant, and you'll have my undying loyalty.

LN: A human willingly bending to the will of Master Mechike? That'll be the day.

Mechike: Welcome to my army, Roget.

[He and Roget shake hands]

Roget: The first thing I'll do for you is develop new technology to compliment your human henchmen.

Mechike: Tell me.

[Roget snickers]

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Alvin: A special Duel Monsters tournament?

Simon: And a legendary Dueltainer is the guest of honor. You know, the kind of duelist who entertains during his matches?

Alvin: I wonder if I could give it a try?

Theodore: I don't think so. That could be distracting.

Alvin: Next time on ACME Crime Net: The Dueltainer Part I.

Yuya: Vigilance, dedication, courage!

All three Chipmunks: Who said that?!

Yuya: Time to swing into action!

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