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2/12/2018 8:13 pm  #1

ACME WoF - Episode 9

Layla: Are you not sitting too close to the monitor in a brightly-lit area? If so, you're ready to watch the show!


Audience: WHEEL...OF...FORTUNE!!!

[Cheers and applause]

Simon: The famous wheel is spinning your way towards thousands of dollars in cash!

Theodore: And now from the ACME Studios, here are the stars of our show.....

Alvin: Jonathan Mann...!

Jon: [enters HQ] WHOO!!!

Simon: And iKing!

iKing: [enters HQ] Yeah!

Jon: Tired of watching the Olympics that are on another network? Why not you spend a half hour with us by playing America's Game: ACME's Way.

iKing: That is correct, Jon. And we need three players who are awaiting to win some cash. So, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, who are today's contestants?

[Now, to the contestants]

Alvin: Player #1 is an avid fan of Super Heroes and hopes to visit Universal Studios Florida someday. From Hoeboken, meet Doug Yazmin!

Simon: He collects baseball cards, and has season tickets to BOTH Yankees and Mets games. From the Bronx, meet Greg Cupper!

Theodore: He's into vintage video gaming and hopes to own his own video game store someday. From Long Island, meet Scott Marnes!


Jon: Contestants, you know how the game is played. So let's play ACME Wheel! Let's look at our wheel.

Jon: iKing, what's our first puzzle?

iKing: The category is Same Name.

Jon: We need an ampersand in the puzzle. Same Name's major requirement.

[_ _ _ _ _ _   &
_ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _   _ _ _]

Jon: We've randomly selected today's order, and Doug you are lucky number one. Good luck!

[Doug spins]

[Lose A Turn]

Jon: Not a good way to start the game. Greg, your spin.

[Greg spins]



Greg: W.

iKing: We've got three of them at that amount!


[_ _ _ _ _ _   &
W _ _ _ _  W _ _ _   W _ _]

Jon: $2,250.

Greg: I'll buy a vowel. An I.

Jon: Two I's.

[_ _ I _ _ _   &
W _ _ _ _  W I _ _   W _ _]

Jon: Down to $2,000.

[Greg spins again]


Greg: T.

Simon: No T.

Theodore: No T.

Alvin: No T.

All 3: NO T!!!

Jon: Thank you, Chipmunks. Scott, your turn.

[Scott spins]


Scott: N.

iKing: N as in No. N as in Next Player.

Jon: Back to Doug.

[Doug spins]


Doug: L.

iKing: You're in luck. We have one.

[_ _ I _ _ _   &
W _ _ L _  W I _ _   W _ _]

Jon: $400.

[Doug spins again]


Doug: R.

iKing: There are dos. That's two in Spanish.

[_ _ I _ _ R   &
W _ R L _  W I _ _   W _ _]

Jon: $1450.

[Doug spins again]


Jon: No money but keeps your turn.

Doug: N.

iKing: Well, the Orcale has informed me there are none of those in the puzzle. Time to turn the wheel over to Greg.

[Greg spins]


Greg: C.

iKing: C as in "Can't Do It" this time. There are No C's.

Jon: Scott, your turn.

[Scott spins]


Scott: S as in Simon.

Simon: Awwwww! Thank you, Scott.

iKing: There is one.

[S _ I _ _ R   &
W _ R L _  W I _ _   W _ _]

Jon: $125.

[Scott spins again]

[Free Spin]

iKing: I can see cardboard in your future. Shiny cardboard at that.

Jon: [hands Scott a Free Spin] Here's a Free Spin. In any event you loose your turn, you get a free one. Spin again please.

[Scott spins again]


Scott: D.

Jon: A trio of D's.

[S _ I D _ R   &
W _ R L D  W I D _   W _ _]

Jon: Takes you $1,625.

Scott: I'll solve.

Jon: For all of that money, what is it?


Jon: That's it!



Jon: $1,625 for you. Let's move on to Round 2 as we put a $1,000 space on the wheel and be careful of the Super Bankrupts.

[Audience boos]

Jon: Land on it and your money, even if won in the previous round is lost. iKing, next puzzle please?

iKing: Butterfly in the sky
I can go twice as high.
Take a look
It's in a book
A Best Seller, yeah!


iKing: The category is Best Seller. You don't have to take my word for it.

[_ _ _ _   _ _
_ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: LeVar Burton, eat your heart out.


Jon: There's the puzzle. Greg, lead off.

[Greg spins]


Greg: R.

iKing: Not bad. There's one.

[_ _ _ _   _ _
_ R _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: $150. Take another spin please.

[Greg spins again]


Greg: N.

iKing: There is one, plus another, and another. Three of them.

[_ N N _   _ _
_ R _ _ N  _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: Up to $2,100.

Greg: I'll buy a vowel. An A.

Jon: There are two A's.

[A N N _   _ _
_ R _ _ N    _ A _ _ _ _]

Jon: $1,850.

Greg: I'll buy the E.

iKing: Would you know it? There are four of them. Good buy!

[A N N E   _ _
_ R E E N    _ A _ _ E _]

Jon: $1,600.

[Greg spins again]

[As the wheel is at $50]

Jon: Oh boy! Watch out!

[Super Bankrupt]

iKing: Na na na na. Na na na.
Hey, hey, hey.
Money's gone!

Jon: $1,600 is gone. Lots of game left. Hang in there. Scott, your turn.

[Scott spins]



Scott: G.

Jon: Two G's.

[A N N E   _ _
G R E E N    G A _ _ E _]

Jon: $2,000.

[Scott spins again]



Scott: S.

iKing: There is O-N-E. That spells one!

[A N N E   _ _
G R E E N    G A _ _ E S]

Jon: Your up to $3,000.

Scott: I am gonna solve.

Jon: For $3,000. What's this best seller?


Jon: You did it!



Jon: Excellent work, Scott. You added $3,000 to the $1,625 you've won previously. That gives you a grand total of $4,625. Let's see if that holds up. Doug and Greg, still a couple more rounds to gain something. Right now, I will like to have a word for the viewers at home. Here's the solution to the puzzle we gave you last time. The category was Thing. Here's the solution.


And here's who won today.


Carla Junea
Spring, TX

Larry Sanz
Seattle, WA

Danny Johnson
Woodstock, IL

Jonathan  Gold
Bridgeport, WV

Sarah Ichika
Florida City, FL

Jon: Congratulations to the winners. Now, here's a new puzzle for you. The category is People. And remember, People does not always mean Proper Name. 

[_ _ T S _ _ E R S]

Jon: Fifteen seconds to study the puzzle. Good luck.


Simon: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! PENCILS DOWN!!!

Alvin: Thank you, Simon. Write down the solution along with your name and address and send it to...

ACME Crime Net
P.O Box 4300
New York, NY 10163

Or enter online at Each time ACME Wheel airs, we'll pick five people who's solutions are correct and send them each a ACME T-Shirt and $50. For full contest rules, write this address or go to Not responsible for lost or misdirected entries. Be a puzzle solver, and we can send you a T-Shirt and some cash. Jon?

Jon: Thanks, guys. Contestants, it is now time for our $500 Bonus Category round. Let's look at our wheel.

Jon: And here's our puzzle.

iKing: The category is Same Letter. If you can tell us the secret letter, it can land you $500 whether or not you solve the puzzle.

[_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _]

Jon: There's the puzzle. We're gonna show you folks at home what the same letter is. If you want to play along, turn away from your screen and cover your ears for ten seconds. We will play the sound when you can turn around now. Here comes the same letter.


Alvin: The same letter is D.


Jon: Alrighty, turn around now. Scott, spin that wheel.

[Scott spins]


Scott: T.

iKing: One + One = Two!

[_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _
_ _ _ _]

Jon: $100. Take another spin please.

[Scott spins again]


Scott: N.

iKing: Lucky you. There's one.

[_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ N _ ]

Jon: $225.

[Scott spins again]

[Lose A Turn]

Jon: Well, we are not gonna skip your turn cause you have a Free Spin. Spin the wheel again please.

[Scott spins again]


Scott: S.

Jon: Two S's.

[_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _
_ _ S _ _ N S ]

Jon: $2,425. You now have enough money to buy a vowel.

Scott: I will then. An I.

iKing: There are three of them. Good buy.

[_ _ _ I _ T _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ T I_ _
_ _ S I _ N S ]

Jon: $2,175.

Scott: Also buy an E,?

Jon: Four E's.

[_ E _ I _ T _ _ _
_ E _ _ _ _ T I_ E
_ E S I _ N S ]

Jon: $1,925. 

[Scott spins again]


Scott: G.

iKing: There is one, and another.

[_ E _ I G T _ _ _
_ E _ _ _ _ T I_ E
_ E S I G N S ]

Jon: Almost $5,000. $4,925.

[Scott spins again]


Scott: R.

Jon: One R.

[_ E _ I G T _ _ _
_ E _ _ R _ T I_ E
_ E S I G N S ]

Jon: $5,225.

Scott: I'll buy the A.

Jon: One.

[_ E _ I G T _ _ _
_ E _ _ R A T I_ E
_ E S I G N S ]

Jon: $4,975.

[Scott spins again]

[As the wheel is at $400]

Jon: Stop! Stop! Stop!

[Super Bankrupt]

iKing: If you just got done spinnin' the wheel, and landed on the Super Bankrupt. All of your money won in this and the previous round is....

Alvin: G-O-N-E!!! That spells GONE! Bye-bye!

[Audience groans]

Jon: Scott, $9,600 down the drain. I am so sorry. Doug, it's your turn.

[Doug spins]



Doug: D.

[Clangs and sierns are heard as confetti falls on Doug]


[Alvin walks to Doug's podium]

Alvin: [drops the $100 bills on Doug's podium] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! $500!

[Cheers and applause]

Alvin: Now, iKing, how many D's are there at $2,000?

iKing: Well, Alvin, three at those at $2,000 equals $6,000!


[D E _ I G T _ _ _
D E _ _ R A T I_ E
D E S I G N S ]

Jon: $6,000.

Doug: I'll solve.

Jon: For $6,000, what is it?


Jon: You got it!



Jon: $6,000 for you, Doug. Scott, no money thanks to the Super Bankrupt you got. But for you and Greg, there's one more round which you can earn some cash and possibly go to the bonus round. We'll get to that in a second. But first, for you folks at home, if you have not submitted any entries to be a contestant on ACME Wheel, the deadline is Friday, March 9. Here's how to become a contestant on our show. iKing?

iKing: There's a few more episodes left in the season, and our deadline for contestant submissions is Friday, March 9. If you want to be one, you've first got to attend a taping of the show. You must be between the ages of 10 and 18, have not received a high school diploma yet, and have at least a 2.0 GPA or higher with no D or F grades. If you meet all of these requirements, send your request with your name, address, and age to...

NEW YORK, NY 10038

Or go to There's only a few spots left. So send in your request now! Back to you, Jon.

[Back to HQ]

Jon: Thank you, iKing. Contestants, it is time now for the Big Money Round. This is gonna decide who will go to the bonus round.

I'll give the wheel a final spin. I'll ask you for a letter; if it's in the puzzle, you have five seconds to solve it. Vowels are worth nothing, consonants are worth $1,000 + whatever amount I landed on. [spins]


Jon: And consonants are worth $2,750 today. This is going to decide it. What's the category, iKing?

iKing: The category is Around the House.

[_ _ _ _ _ _ 
_ _ _ _    _ _ _]

Jon: There's the puzzle. Doug, let's have a letter please.

Doug: S.

Jon: One S.

[_ _ S _ _ _ 
_ _ _ _    _ _ _]



Jon: Greg?

Greg: I.

Jon: No I. Scott?

Scott: T.

Jon: Two T's.

[_ _ S _ _ _ 
T _ _ _    T _ _]



Jon: Doug.

Doug: E.

Jon: One E. No money for vowels. But you get five seconds.

[_ _ S _ _ E 
T _ _ _    T _ _]



Jon: Greg.

Greg: C.

Jon: One C.

[_ _ S C _ E 
T _ _ _    T _ _]



Jon: Scott.

Scott: P.

Jon: There is a P.

[_ _ S C _ E 
T _ _ _    T _ P]



Jon: Doug.

Doug: O.

Jon: There is an O. No money for vowels.

[_ _ S C _ E 
T _ _ _    T O P]



Jon: Greg.

Greg: R.

Jon: No R. Scott.

Scott: N.

Jon: One N.

[_ _ S C _ E 
T _ N _    T O P]


Jon: You've done it!

[Cheers and applause]


Jon: Scott, you made an incredible comeback! First you landed on Super Bankrupt and you lost $9,000. You're going to the Bonus Round with $11,000!

[Cheers and applause]

Jon: Doug, you're taking home $6,500 including the $500 bonus. And we thank you for being here. Greg, the wheel gave you some trouble, we're giving you $500 and our thanks. Scott, you're gonna face the tray of envelopes. Right this way please.

[He and Scott go to the bonus round where Alvin (holding a tray of envelopes) awaits]

Alvin: Hey, Scott. What a comeback you did!

Scott: Thank you.

Jon: All right, Scott. You know what Alvin has in his hands. Ten envelopes. Each containing a multiplier up to 4x. We know one of them has the big 10. Find it and solve the puzzle, you can win over $100,000. Pick an envelope please.

[Scott picks an envelope off the tray]

Alvin: Good luck.

Jon: Okay, let's work on this puzzle. iKing?

iKing: The category is Thing.

[_ _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: R-S-T-L-N-E.

[_ R _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: Well, that's all you're gonna get. Three consonants and one vowel.

Scott: C-D-M-A.

Jon: Let's see how this works.

[_ R A _ A D _]

Jon: A good amount of help. Use the use letter board if you need to. Fifteen seconds to talk it out. Good luck.

[Scott thinks about the puzzle...]

Scott: Oh boy!


Jon: Well, what was it?


Jon: Bravado! Oh! Well, let's open the envelope and see what would you have done with the money. [opens the envelope] And you could have doubled your money. I am so sorry. But you had a good day! $11,000 is not a bad paycheck. Thank you for being on the show.

Scott: You're welcome.

Jon: That's all the time we had for today. From iKing and the Chipmunks, this is Jonathan Mann saying "Keep on spinnin' and solvin'!"

All: Bye-bye, everybody!


Based on the game show created by

All contestants have been briefed regarding
game rules prior to their appearance.

Doug Yazmin was found to be ineligible
and will not receive the prizes.

Narrator: Produced in New York City, ACME Wheel is a production of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net. Vigilance, dedication, courage!


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