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2/20/2018 12:12 am  #1

Side-Fic 272: The Dueltainer Pt. 1

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Yuya: Ladies and gentlemen! Our show is about to begin! Just sit back, but not too close to the monitor, relax, watch in a brightly-lit room, and enjoy the show!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[132 Madison Street, Tuesday, February 13th, 8:55am]

[The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and Eris' group watch a special report on NY1]

Kiernan: In local news, today marks the day of the Central Park Duel Monsters Battle Royal, sponsored by the Leo Corporation of Paradise City. Duelists all over the city are expected to compete, but only one of them will win the grand prize: The right to duel the competition's mysterious guest of honor. This epic competition starts at 10:00.

[Alvin turns off the TV]

Alvin: Good thing we signed up on the Leo Corporation's website last night.

Simon: This is one opportunity I don't wanna pass up.

Brittany: [scoffs] So are tons of others. Still, I'm game.

Eris: Gee. I wish we could come along with you, but we still need to rest until the babies are born.

Kio: Besides, finals are about a month and a half away. Gotta be ready if we wanna graduate.

[Itokazu comes out of the small study room]

Miss Itokazu: Okay, class. Time for your history lecture.

Eris: On it! C'mon, guys.

[She and the rest of her group get out of their seats (Kio helps his still-pregnant wives up) and enter the study room]

Miss Itokazu: And you kids, go on. The tournament awaits.

Alvin: Olivia's on her way to pick us up, Miss I.

Brittany: We'll give this tournament our very best.

Miss Itokazu: Good luck!

[She returns to the study room and shuts the door]

[Olivia enters the warehouse]

Olivia: Okay, kids. Got your decks and duel disks ready?

Chipmunks and Chipettes: You bet!

Alvin: And our duel gazers, to boot.

Olivia: Great. Let's go.

[The gang leaves; Alvin locks the door]

[On board the Nickar, Jean-Michel Roget and the Demonoids watch as two Cyber Demonitron duel against each other with black duel disks]

A: 2,500
B: 1,300]

[On A's side of the field: One set card and Mystical Knight of Jackal]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,700]

[On B's side of the field: Two set cards]

[Mystical Knight of Jackal charges at B, who activates one of its set cards: Magic Cylinder; A activates its set card: Trap Jammer, but B activates its other set card: Seven Tools of the Bandit, negating and destroying Trap Jammer; Mystical Knight of Jackal's attack is negated, and it strikes A instead]

A: 0
B: 300]

Roget: Here it comes.

[A's duel disk sucks away A's energy, completely deactivating it; it collapses to the ground in pieces; its computer chip is fried]

Mechike: Excellent!

Roget: Not only do the Doom Disks significantly increase the probability of injury towards the opponent in duels, but the one whose life point counter drops to 0 will instantly die.

LN: But from what we've seen, they've only proven themselves useful on machines. Who knows how they'll affect humans?

Roget: Just a few more adjustments. But for now, we'll have to make do with our current weaponry. Cyber Demon Gear units, Demonoid creatures, everything.

Mechike: Very well. Now, our first order of business today: Infiltrate the Central Park Duel Monsters Battle Royal.

Roget: And I've got just the duelist for the job.

[Entering the lab is one Shane Strickland (played by Rider Strong)]

Strickland: I, Shane Strickland, stand before you, Monsieur Roget.

Roget: This, Master Mechike, is Shane Strickland, former top duelist from Detroit, Michigan.

Strickland: I was once an undefeated champion back in the Motor City. And I was in the finals of my seventh straight city tournament when my duel disk glitched, showing me the set cards in my opponent's back row. One of them was Blazing Mirror Force, which I used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy. The others-- They were useless with the monsters I had on the field. I was about to attack when suddenly, the officials announced my disqualification for cheating. The glitch would have taken days to remedy, and the sponsors couldn't afford an extension by even one day. Since that day, I was humiliated in front of my whole city. So humiliated, I packed up my stuff, left my wife, and moved to New York. But now I'm gonna enter the Battle Royal to redeem my name, and this time, I won't cheat.

Roget: [hands Strickland a dog tag] Take this with you. If, in the unlikely event, you should happen to lose, do whatever it takes to put those amateur duelists out of our misery. That should draw ACME Crime Net out.

Strickland: Will do, sir.

Mechike: LN, transport our CDG soldier to Central Park, but in a secluded area, so as not to arouse suspicion.

LN: Yes, sir. Transportation sequence, initiate!

[She beams Strickland out of the sub w/her lasers]

Roget: No one would dare to defeat him, based on his recent history of dueling. [snickers]

[Central Park, 9:57am]

[A lot of duelists (including Strickland) are gathered with Olivia, the Chipmunks, and the Chipettes; each duelist (including the Chipmunks and the Chipettes (not Olivia)) has a pendant with a pendulum-shaped gemstone and multiple empty spaces]

Olivia: It's a good thing Captain Lee gave us the day off.

Simon: Well, he did say we did a great job in yesterday's case when we took a pair of bank robbers off the street.

Alvin: And a good thing, too. Otherwise, we'd have missed out on this opportunity.

Brittany: Shh! Look who's here.

[Who should stand before everyone but Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York?; the crowd cheers and applauds]

Mayor de Blasio: Thank you, everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, as your Mayor, I'd like you wish you all the best of luck in this year's Duel Monsters Battle Royal. Now, here to explain the rules is second CEO of the Leo Corporation himself: Mr. Declan Akaba.

[Declan Akaba himself enters]


Declan: Thank you, Mr. Mayor. Duelists of New York City, on behalf of the Leo Corporation, I welcome you to our annual tournament. You stand before me today as 100 of the city's finest duelists. But come tonight, only one will be awarded with our grand prize package, courtesy of my company: A $100,000 donation under the winner's name towards the charitable organization of their choice, a $5,000 cash prize, the coveted winner's cup, and a mysterious new card. Now, for the rules. The rules of each duel are the same. Also, Tag Duels are allowed. However, a duelist will be assessed a penalty of 2,000 points of damage if they should join an already-existing duel. Also, upon entrance into the park, each of you is given a pendulum pendant with a pendulum gem. You must wager at least one on each duel in which you compete. The loser of the duel forfeits their wagered pendulum gems to the winner. All competitors who run out of gems are immediately eliminated from competition. This round will last for two hours, or until we have four duelists remaining. At the end, the four duelists remaining, or the four duelists with the most gems, will advance to the next round. And in addition to their prize package, the winning duelist will face our guest of honor in one final exhibition duel. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Dueltainer extraordinaire: Mr. Yusho Sakaki!

[Yusho Sakaki enters the scene]

[Cheers and applause]

Yusho: Thank you! Thank you very much! It's great to be here in New York. Gee, I wonder where if I can get Batman or Superman's autograph here.


Yusho: Anyway, folks, I hope you all brought your A-game with you today. You're gonna need 'em. There's lots of prizes at stake, and more importantly, a duel against yours truly. Well, now that you're up to date on the rules,... it's showtime!

[Fireworks explode in the sky]

Yusho: Duel to your heart's content, and may the best duelist win!

[All duelists cheer and spread out all over the park]

Alvin: Good luck, you guys!

Olivia: [follows Alvin] I gotta get some pictures of this tourney.

[She whips out her iPhone]

[Alvin faces a duelist (Dominic Colon)]

Alvin: You lookin' for a duel, kiddo?

Duelist: Oh, the kid who beat Kaiba in that Duel Monsters convention. Okay. I'll take you on. [readies his duel disk] I, Marcos Juarez, would be honored to be the one to knock you outta this tournament so I can take on Yusho!

Alvin: Very well. One pendulum gem apiece. [activates his duel disk] Duel disk, engage!

[Both duelists shuffle their decks, then draw their first five cards and put on their duel gazers]

Alvin and Marcos: Let's duel!

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Marcos: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Alvin and Marcos: [each roll a die] Go, dice roll!

[Alvin's die comes up 5; Marcos' die comes up 6]

Marcos: Fantastico! I'll go first. [places a card] I summon Gladiator Beast Bestiari!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500]

Marcos: [sets two cards] I set two cards and end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] My turn! I draw! [places a card] I activate the Spell: One for One! [discards a card] By discarding a card, I special-summon a level-1 monster from my hand or deck. [places a card from his deck] Behold, The Black Stone of Legend!

[The Black Stone of Legend appears]

[LV: 1
ATK: 0]

Marcos: No points at all? You must be onto somethin'.

Alvin: I am. [places a card from his deck] I activate the stone's effect and tribute it to special-summon a level-7 or lower Red-Eyes monster from my deck. Behold, Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon!

[The stone vanishes, and in its place appears Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,400]

Alvin: [places another card] Next, I activate the Equip Spell: Supervise! Since my Red-Eyes is a Gemini monster, I'll equip it to him, giving him his effect: If he's involved in damage calculation, at the end of the battle phase, you take his original attack points as damage. [sets two cards] Next, I set my last two cards, then enter my battle phase. Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon, attack his Gladiator Beast with Inferno Gemini Fire Blast!

[Red-Eyes fires his attack at Bestiari]

Marcos: [reveals set card] I activate Impenetrable Attack! This card defends my Gladiator Beast against your Red-Eyes' attack! [reveals another set card] AndI activate Damage Diet to cut all the damage I take this turn in half!

[Red-Eyes' attack hits Bestiari, but doesn't destroy it]

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Marcos: 3,550 (Hand: 2)]

Alvin: Well, 1,200 points of damage at the end of the battle phase is still gonna be hefty. I end my turn.

[Red-Eyes blasts Marcos w/additional damage]

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Marcos: 2,350 (Hand: 2)]

Marcos: I activate Gladiator Beast Bestiari's effect! At the end of a battle phase in which it battled, I can shuffle it back into my deck to special-summon another Gladiator Beast from my deck. [shuffles Bestiari back into his deck] Behold! [places a card from his deck] Gladiator Beast Hoplomus!

[Bestiari disappears back into Marcos' deck, and Hoplomus appears in its place]

[LV: 4
DEF: 2,100 (boosted to 2,400)]

Marcos: Since I special-summoned it with the effect of a Gladiator Beast monster, its original defense points boost to 2,400. [draws] Now, I draw! [places another card] I summon another copy of Gladiator Beast Bestiari!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500]

Marcos: Now to fuse these blokes together! Bestiari, Hoplomus, begin Contact Fusion!

[Said two monsters fuse together]

Marcos: [places a card from his Extra Deck] Come forth, Gladiator Beast Gyzarus!

[Gladiator Beast Gyzarus appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,400]

Marcos: By summoning this monster, I can destroy up to two cards on the field. I'll destroy your Red-Eyes and your set card on the right!

[Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon and the right-side set card (revealed to be Return of the Red-Eyes)]

Alvin: By destroying Return of the Red-Eyes, you allowed me to special-summon the original Red-Eyes Black Dragon from my graveyard!

[Red-Eyes Black Dragon emerges from the graveyard]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,400]

Alvin: That's right. The very same card I discarded to activate One for One. And because you destroyed Supervise when you destroyed Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon, I get to special-summon him back!

[Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon reappears]

Marcos: [growls; sets a card] I end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! Sorry to cut this duel short, Marcos, but this is the way it has to be. [places a card] I activate Super Rush Headlong and target Red-Eyes Black Dragon! Attribute: Earth! Now, when he battles a monster with that attribute, the monster he battles is destroyed at the start of the damage step. Red-Eyes, attack Gyzarus! Inferno Fire Blast!

[Red-Eyes fires his attack at Gyzarus, destroying him instantly]

Alvin: Now, Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon, attack Marcos directly and win this duel! Inferno Gemini Fire Blast!

[Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon fires his attack at Marcos directly]

Marcos: I activate the Trap: [reveals set card] Counter Gate! Your Red-Eyes' attack is negated, and I draw a card. [draws a card] If it's a monster, I can normal-summon it in attack mode. [looks at the card he draw; growls] Damn! Not a monster. But your attack is still negated.

[Red-Eyes' attack is negated]

Alvin: That'd be a shame, if it weren't for this! [reveals set card] Wonder Xyz! This card lets me Xyz-summon! I build the Overlay Network with my two level-7 Red-Eyes monsters!

[Both of his dragons convert to streaks of light; the Overlay Network appears]

Alvin: It's time to turn up the heat! [places a card from his Extra Deck] Go, Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon!

[Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon appears and roars]

[RANK: 7
ATK: 2,800]

Marcos: Uh-oh.

Alvin: Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon, finish this duel! Flash Flare Xyz Blast!

[Red-Eyes fires his attack at Marcos directly, hitting him; Marcos screams and hits the ground]

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Marcos: 0 (Hand: 2)]

Alvin: Game over!

[Red-Eyes vanishes]

Marcos: Ay! Just four turns?!

Alvin: Sorry, but the rules say you gotta turn in your pendulum gem.

Marcos: [hands Alvin his gem] Here, pal. [exits the scene] See ya 'round.

Olivia: Well done, Alvin! Keep at it, and you'll be dueling Yusho in no time!

Alvin: [points at three duelists approaching] Hmm... Since this is a Battle Royal, let's see how well I do against three. [to the three duelists] Okay, you guys. One-on-one-on-one-on-one sound okay?

[Each of the three duelists shuffles their decks and activates their duel disks]

Alvin: One pendulum gem apiece. Agreed?

[The three duelists nod]

Alvin and the three duelists: Let's duel!

[Meanwhile, Simon is dueling a female duelist (played by P-Star): Penny Jimenez]

Simon: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Penny: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Penny: [sets a monster] I'll start this duel by setting this monster in defense mode. [sets three cards] Then I set three cards and end my turn. Your move.

Simon: [draws] I draw! [places two cards] I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale-1 Symphonic Warrior Miccs and Scale-7 Symphonic Warrior Guitaar!

[Said monsters appear in Simon's Pendulum Zones (Scale: 1-7)]

Simon: With these Pendulum cards, I can Pendulum-summon monsters between levels 2 and 6 all at once. But first, I activate this: [places a Spell in his Field Spell Zone] Union Hangar! By activating this Field Spell, I can add a Light Machine Union monster from my deck to my hand. [takes a card from his deck] A-Assault Core. [places another card] Next, I activate Graceful Charity! [draws three cards; discards two] I draw three and discard two: B-Buster Drake and C-Crush Wyvern. [places another card] Next comes Card of Sanctity! [draws four cards] We each draw until our hands hold six cards apiece.

[Penny draws five cards]

Penny: [looks at her hand; in her mind] Perfect. Once my set Rose Lover is in my graveyard, I'll use her effect to special-summon Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms to the field. Then I'll use Mind Control to take over whatever strong monster he has, then use Gift of the Martyr to transfer its attack points to Talaya's, and since Rose Lover's effect protects the monster I summon with her effect from my opponent's Trap effects the turn I summon it, I won't lose. This kid's gonna get knocked clean outta the tournament. And these Trap Cards will see to it that he never gets to my life points.

Simon: [places four cards] Now, I Pendulum-summon!

[Four monsters appear]

Simon: Take it to the extremes, X-Head Cannon!

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,800]

Simon: You're up, Y-Dragon Head!

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500]

Simon: Zip into action, Z-Metal Tank!

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500]

Simon: Arise, A-Assault Core!

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,900]

Simon: Now that I have X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, and Z-Metal Tank on my field, it's time to fuse them together!

[Said three monsters join together to form...]

Simon: XYZ-Dragon Cannon!

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Penny: Not a bad move, Simon, but I doubt it'll help.

Simon: At least not without this. I banish A-Assault Core from my field, and B-Buster Drake and C-Assault Wyvern from my graveyard to fuse them together!

[B-Buster Drake and C-Assault Wyvern appear and join with A-Assault Core]

Simon: Feel the might of the awesome, bodacious, colossal ABC-Dragon Buster!

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,000]

Simon: Now that I have both of these mechanical behemoths on the field, it's time to bring 'em together! Go, Ultimate Contact Fusion!

[XYZ-Dragon Cannon and ABC-Dragon Buster join together]

Simon: I give you the ultimate merged machine! A-to-Z Dragon Buster Cannon!

[LV: 10
ATK: 4,000]

Simon: Any final words, Penny?

Penny: I activate the Trap: Adhesion Trap Hole! This card cuts your monster's original attack and defense points in half!

Simon: I activate Dragon Buster Cannon's effect! [discards a card] I discard a card to negate any Spell, Trap, or monster effect you throw at me and destroy that card!

[Adhesion Trap Hole is negated and destroyed]

Simon: And with that out of the way, it's time to end this! I enter my battle phase and activate... [places another card] Anti-Magic Arrows! This card prevents us from activating Spells, Traps, and their effects during battle.

[Arrows riddle Penny's set cards]

Penny: Uh-oh.

Simon: A-to-Z Dragon Buster Cannon, attack that set monster! Ultimate Firestorm!

[A-to-Z Dragon Buster Cannon fires a massive blast at Penny's set monster (Rose Lover), destroying her]

Penny: Nice move, but you made a big mistake in wasting your monsters away just for that big fella.

Simon: That's where you're wrong, Penny. Dragon Buster Cannon has another effect. At any time, I can banish it and special-summon my banished XYZ-Dragon Cannon and ABC-Dragon Buster back to my field!

[Dragon Buster Cannon vanishes, and in its place come XYZ-Dragon Cannon and ABC-Dragon Buster, staring Penny down]

Penny: Ay, dios.

Simon: ABC-Dragon Buster, attack Penny directly!

[ABC-Dragon Buster fires its attack at Penny, hitting her]

Simon: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Penny: 1,000 (Hand: 6)]

Simon: XYZ-Dragon Cannon, finish her off! Cannon Firestorm!

[XYZ-Dragon Cannon fires its attack at Penny, hitting her]

Simon: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Penny: 0 (Hand: 6)]

Simon: And that's game over.

[His monsters vanish]

Penny: [hands Simon her pendulum gem] It's all yours, kid. Good luck. [exits]

[Simon attaches the gem to his pendant]

Simon: Better check on the others.

[He notices Theodore dueling another duelist]

Theodore: [places a card] I activate Polymerization! I fuse Buster Blader with Des Volstgalph!

[Said two monsters appear from his hand and fuse together to form...]

Theodore: I Fusion-summon Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman!

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Theodore: And he gains 1,000 attack and defense points for each Dragon you control and in your graveyard. Since I got rid of five of your Dragon Rulers and three other Dragons, he gains 8,000!

ATK: 10,800]

Duelist: You do realize he can't attack directly, don't you? Way to boo-boo.

Theodore: Oh, this is no boo-boo. [reveals set card] I activate Foolish Revival! This card lets me special-summon a monster from your graveyard back to your field in defense mode. I special-summon Spear Dragon!

[Spear Dragon appears on his opponent's field]

[LV: 4
DEF: 0]

Duelist: Oh, no!

Theodore: Buster Blader, attack Spear Dragon and end this duel!

[Buster Blader strikes Spear Dragon with his sword, destroying it]

Theodore: 400 (Hand: 0)
Theodore's opponent: 0 (Hand: 0)]

[Theodore's opponent hands him his pendulum gem]

Theodore: Anyone with a Dragon-themed deck is hopeless against my Buster Blader deck.

[Meanwhile, Brittany duels two duelists at once, with Cyber Angel Vrash just summoned to her field to face her opponent's Zoodiac (A) and Evilswarm (B) Xyz monsters]

Brittany: Cyber Angel Vrash, wipe out all their Xyz monsters! Angelic Fury!

[All of her opponents' monsters are destroyed by Vrash's effect; each of her opponents take damage]

Brittany: 2,500 (Hand: 2)
Opponent A: 1,000 (Hand: 0)
Opponent B: 1,000 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: And because the effect was successful, I get to attack with Cyber Angel Vrash twice this turn! Cyber Angel Vrash, attack each of them directly and end this duel!

[Cyber Angel Vrash fires her attack twice at Brittany's opponents, hitting each one directly]

Brittany: 2,500 (Hand: 2)
Opponent A: 0 (Hand: 0)
Opponent B: 0 (Hand: 0)]

[Each of her opponents hands her a pendulum gem]

Brittany: Good try, you two, but not good enough.

[Over the course of the next hour and 45 minutes, Duel after duel, the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and Strickland defeat their opponents; Olivia continues taking photographs of the Chipmunks and Chipettes' duels; all the while, a familiar duelist w/green hair watches them in amazement]

Familiar duelist: These kids are true duelists. As for that Strickland guy, he's got a lot of nerve. He treats all of his opponents too harshly. That's not the way of a true duelist.

[He walks off]

[Later, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes look through their gems]

Alvin: 9 pendulum gems. How'd you guys do?

Brittany: 13.

Simon: 12.

Theodore: 10.

Jeanette: 11.

Eleanor: 10.

Olivia: [approaches] Kids, there's only 10 minutes left. Except for you six, there's only two duelists left.

Alvin: Where are they?

Olivia: One's been very reclusive in all his duels, despite winning 15 gems and not losing once, but the other was very rough, despite playing fair. He already has the most gems: 20, and won the most duels: 19. Not a single loss. Each of his opponents had only one gem when he dueled them. But to every duelist he fought, he was merciless. He had Mirage Knight, and no matter how hard anyone tried, he wiped out his every opponent with a high-powered attack. No matter how hard the opponents tried, he always had a way of protecting his monster with his other cards.

Alvin: Since I've got the least, I'll take him on. For all of his pendulum gems! Even if I have to risk all of mine. Besides, I've faces Serket before, when my brothers and I dueled the Ishtars.

Olivia: I don't know who the Ishtars are, Alvin, but I do know this: This duelist won't show mercy.

Strickland: [approaches] Damn right, I won't!

Olivia: That's the guy.

Strickland: So, any of you little runts lookin' to duel Shane Strickland, formerly known as Detroit's finest duelist?

Alvin: I am. It's time I showed you a thing or two about dueling.

Strickland: [laughs sarcastically] Whattaya know?! The chump who crushed Kaiba at that convention! Now I'm really scared.

Alvin: You should be! [shuffles another deck into his duel disk] To make things more interesting, I'll bet all nine of my pendulum gems.

Strickland: All of them? All righty. I've grown tired of putting just one on the line, anyway. [holds up his pendant with 20 gems] I'll wager all 20 of my gems. Whoever loses this duel is out of the tournament. [shuffles his deck into his duel disk]

Alvin: Then let's get started, Strickland.

[Everyone puts on their duel gazers; Alvin and Strickland each draw their first five cards]

Alvin and Strickland: Let's duel!

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Strickland: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

[Each duelist rolls a die; Alvin's die comes up 6; Strickland's comes up 4]

Alvin: Good. I kick things off. [places a card] I activate Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I draw two cards. [places another card] Next comes Pendulum Call! [discards a card, then takes two cards from his deck] I discard Elemental Hero Necroshade to add two Pendulum Magician monsters from my deck to my hand: Dragonpit Magician and Dragonpulse Magician. [places said cards] Now, I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale-1 Dragonpit Magician and Scale-8 Dragonpulse Magician!

[Said magicians appear]

Alvin: [places two cards] Go, Pendulum-summon!

[Two monsters appear]

Alvin: Ride the wind, Elemental Hero Avian!

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,000]

Alvin: Turn up the heat, Elemental Hero Burstinatrix!

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,200]

Alvin: [places another card] Now, I activate Fusion Substitute! Fuse Avian and Burstrinatrix together!

[Said two monsters fuse together]

Alvin: Elements of wind and fire,
join together and heed my desire!
I Fusion-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!

[Elemental Hero Flame Wingman appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,100]

Alvin: But this is just the beginning. [sets a card] I set this card and end my turn.

Strickland: [draws] It's my turn! [places two cards] I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale-3 Guiding Ariadne and Scale-7 Flash Knight!

[Said two monsters appear in Strickland's Pendulum Zones]

Strickland: With these babies, I'm allowed to Pendulum-summon monsters from my hand between levels 4 and 6. [places a card] But first, I activate Temple of the Kings! Once per turn, I can activate a Trap Card on the turn I set it. [sets two cards, then places another] I'll set these two, then Pendulum-summon Mystical Beast of Serket!

[Mystical Beast of Serket appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,500]

Strickland: Now I'm in control of this duel! Serket, attack Flame Wingman!

[Serket charges at Flame Wingman, opening its mouth wide]

Alvin: I activate my Trap! [reveals set card] Sixth Sense! I call two numbers, and you roll a die. If the number that comes up is the one I roll, I draw that many cards. If not, I send that many cards from the top of my deck to my graveyard. I call 5 and 6!

Strickland: [rolls a die] Go, dice roll!

[The die comes up 6]

Alvin: [draws six cards] Yes! Six cards. Now, to stop your attack! [discards a card] I discard Sphere Kuriboh from my hand to bowl your Mystical Beast into defense mode!

[Sphere Kuriboh appears, then rolls toward Serket and strikes it, switching it into defense mode]

[DEF: 2,000]

Strickland: I activate the Trap: [reveals set card] Zero Gravity! This card switches the battle positions of all face-up monsters on the field! That means Serket goes back into attack mode!

[Serket switches back into attack mode; Flame Wingman switches into defense mode]

[DEF: 1,200]

Alvin: But it already attacked this turn, so what more can you do?

Strickland: At this point, nothing, except end my turn. But remember, any monster Serket destroys in battle gives him 500 attack points and is banished from the duel. Keep that in mind.

Alvin: Don't need to. I've beaten a duelist who used that same card against me. I also know about Temple of the Kings' other effect, which lets you send it and Serket to the graveyard to special-summon any monster from your hand or deck, or any Fusion monster from your Extra Deck. But never mind that now. [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Field Spell: Fusion Recycling Plant! [discards a card; takes another from his graveyard] I discard Elemental Hero Shadow Mist to add a Polymerization from my deck or graveyard to my hand. [takes two cards from his deck] And since I sent Shadow Mist to the graveyard, I can add a Hero monster from my deck to my hand: Elemental Hero Sparkman! [places another card] Just what I need for Polymerization! Sparkman and Flame Wingman, unite!

[Elemental Hero Sparkman appears and fuses with Flame Wingman]

Alvin: I join thunder with fire and wind.
The ultimate Hero fusion shall now begin.
Merge your energies to become whole.
Fight for me so we can reach our goal!

I Fusion-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman!

[Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: Shining Flare Wingman gains 300 attack points for each Elemental Hero in my graveyard. I have five, so he gains 1,500 attack points!

[ATK: 4,000]

Alvin: In addition, when he destroys a monster in battle, you take that monster's original attack points as damage!

Strickland: [in his mind] Serket's original attack points of 2,500 combined with 1,500 points of battle damage could mean the end of the duel for me!

[Effect damage: 2,500 + Battle damage: 1,500 = Total damage: 4,000]

Alvin: Shining Flare Wingman, end this duel with Shining Emerald Orb!

[Shining Flare Wingman fires his attack at Serket]

Strickland: [reveals set card] I activate Half-Shut! Though your monster isn't destroyed in this battle, his attack points get cut in half!

ATK: 2,000]

[Serket knocks Shining Flare Wingman to the ground]

Alvin: 3,500 (Hand: 4)
Strickland: 4,000 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: Darn! I almost had this won. Well, there's always next turn. [sets two cards] I set two cards. [places two cards] Then I Pendulum-summon!

[Two more monsters appear]

Alvin: Wash my hands of this creep, Elemental Hero Bubbleman!

[DEF: 1,200]

Alvin: Rock his world, Elemental Hero Clayman!

[DEF: 2,000]

Alvin: I end my turn by activating the second effect of Fusion Recycling Plant. [takes a card from his graveyard] During the end phase of a turn in which I Fusion-summoned a monster, I can add one of the Fusion materials in my graveyard to my hand. Sparkman's back in the game for next turn. Your move.

ATK: 3,700]

Strickland: It's my turn! [draws] I draw! It's time for you to meet your doom, Alvin Seville! [sets a card, then reveals it] I set this card, then activate it now: Imperial Iron Wall! From here on out, no card shall be banished. Now, I send Temple of the Kings and Serket to special-summon Dark Flare Knight from my Extra Deck!

[Serket and Temple of the Kings vanish, and in their place appear Dark Flare Knight]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,200]

Alvin: He's much weaker than my Shining Flare Wingman. You can attack the others you want.

Strickland: No need, kid. I'll attack your powerhouse. Dark Flare Knight, attack!

[Dark Flare Knight charges at Shining Flare Wingman, who fires an orb at him, destroying him]

Alvin: 3,500 (Hand: 1)
Strickland: 1,800 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: I have no idea what you did that for, Strickland, but that mistake cost you 2,200 life points and your knight. But 1,800 in battle damage combined with the damage from Shining Flare Wingman's effect should've wiped you out.

Strickland: Not when Dark Flare Knight battles. I take no battle damage. The effect damage-- I can live with, but it's worth it to bring out my best monster! Because Dark Flare Knight was destroyed in battle, I special-summon Mirage Knight!

[Mirage Knight appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Alvin: [in his mind] Uh-oh. Yugi told me about this monster. When Mirage Knight battles, he gains attack points equal to the original attack points of the monster he battles with. This is bad news for Shining Flare Wingman. And one of my set cards: Dimensional Prison, won't do me any good, courtesy of Imperial Iron Wall.

Strickland: Mirage Knight, attack Shining Flare Wingman! Take him out!

[Mirage Knight soars toward Shining Flare Wingman]

[ATK: 5,300]

Alvin: I activate the Trap: [reveals set card] Half Unbreak!

[Shining Flare Wingman is protected by a bubble, which intercepts Mirage Knight's sword; Alvin gets blasted with half the damage]

Alvin: 2,700 (Hand: 1)
Strickland: 1,800 (Hand: 0)]

Strickland: You may have saved your monster this turn, but no matter what, Mirage Knight will destroy him, even if you try to attack him. And thanks to Imperial Iron Wall, he can't be banished during the end phase of a turn in which he battled. I end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! I switch Shining Flare Wingman into defense mode.

[DEF: 2,000]

Strickland: Defending will only prolong the inevitable, Alvin.

Alvin: [sets a card] We'll see. I end my turn.

Strickland: [draws] I draw! Mirage Knight, attack and destroy Shining Flare Wingman!

[Mirage Knight strikes Shining Flare Wingman, destroying him]

Alvin: There goes my best Hero. [reveals set card] But I've still got this: Hero Signal! Since you destroyed a monster in battle, I get to special-summon a level-4 or lower Elemental Hero from my hand or deck. [places a card from his deck] I special-summon a second copy of Elemental Hero Shadow Mist!

[Elemental Hero Shadow Mist appears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,500]

Strickland: Lot of good that'll do you, Alvin. I end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [places the card he just drew] I activate the Spell: Legacy of a Hero! I shuffle two Hero Fusion monsters back into my Extra Deck, then draw three new cards. [takes two cards from his graveyard and shuffles them back into his Extra Deck] Elemental Hero Flame Wingman and Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman. [draws three cards; sets one] I set this card and end my turn.

Strickland: [draws] Running low on options? Good. [sets a card] I set this card and have Mirage Knight attack Bubbleman!

[Mirage Knight strikes Bubbleman, destroying him]

Strickland: My turn's done.

Alvin: [draws] My turn! I draw! [places a card] I activate the Spell: Smashing Ground! This card destroys the monster you control with the highest defense points. And since Mirage Knight's the only one you control,--

Strickland: Not gonna happen. [reveals set card] I activate Solemn Scolding! Since this is the only set card in my Spell and Trap Zone, I can negate the effect of Smashing Ground and destroy it!

[Smashing Ground is negated and destroyed]

Alvin: That's not right! You have to pay 3,000 life points, and you don't have that much!

Strickland: I guess I should tell you that some Pendulum cards do more than just set a Pendulum scale. Some have Pendulum effects, like Guiding Ariadne. Guiding Ariadne's Pendulum effect allows me to activate Counter Trap Cards for free. No discarding cards, no paying life points. It's like Spell Economics for Counter Traps. That's why Solemn Scolding worked in my favor, despite my low life points.

Alvin: You really know how to hold your own in a duel. I'm impressed, Strickland. But that won't be enough to win a duel. [sets another card] Another card for my back row, and that ends my turn. Now you go.

Strickland: [draws] I draw! Mirage Knight, attack Clayman!

[Mirage Knight slices Clayman in half, destroying him]

Alvin: [reveals set card] I activate another copy of Hero Signal! [places a card from his deck] Get my back, Elemental Hero Woodsman!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 2,000]

Strickland: You can gather all the defenses you want, but you'll never beat my Mirage Knight before your deck runs empty. I end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! I activate the effect of Elemental Hero Woodsman! [takes a card from his graveyard] I add Polymerization from my graveyard to my hand. Next comes the Spell: [places a card] Swords of Revealing Light!

[Strickland's field becomes surrounded by flashing swords]

Alvin: Three turns of no attacking for you. This should buy me plenty of time. [sets a card] I set this card and end my turn. [in his mind] Judgment of Anubis should back me up. He'll wanna destroy my Swords of Revealing Light eventually, and when he does, I'll be ready. Once I activate it, not only will the activation be negated, but I'll also destroy Mirage Knight and deal Strickland damage equal to his attack points. That'll win me the duel for sure!

Strickland: [draws] I draw! [sets a card] I set this card and end my turn. But if you have Polymerization in your hand now, why not just Fusion-summon already?

Alvin: You know destroying your monster in battle is almost impossible, no matter what monster I use.

Strickland: [sets a card] Well, that's no fun. I can't clean out your Extra Deck if you don't Fusion-summon. Your move.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I summon Silent Magician Level 4!

[Silent Magician LV4 appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,000]

Alvin: Then I switch Elemental Heroes Woodsman and Shadow Mist into attack mode.

[He does so]

ATK: 1,000]

ATK: 1,000]

Alvin: And it doesn't stop there, Strickland. [places another card] Next, I activate Graceful Charity! [draws three cards and discards two] I draw three cards and discard two: Polymerization and Elemental Hero Wildheart. [places another card] Next comes one of my ultimate Spellcasters. I tribute Silent Magician Level 4 and special-summon one of the wonders of the world of magicians!

[Silent Magician LV4 vanishes]

Alvin: Make way for the dazzling, ravishing, and all-powerful Silent Magician!

[The original Silent Magician appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,000]

Strickland: All these Elemental Heroes, and now you're relying on a magician?

Alvin: I like to keep her handy in each of my different decks, just in case. And that goes for a few other cards, too. Also, she gains 500 attack points for each card in my hand. I have 3.

ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: Time for the battle! Silent Magician, attack Mirage Knight now! [places another card] As soon as I add in Silent Burning! This card lets us each draw until our hands hold six cards apiece as long as you have less cards than I do. [draws three more cards] That brings Silent Magician's attack points to 4,000!

ATK: 4,000]

Strickland: [draws until he has six cards in his hand] It won't matter, kid, 'cause when you attack Mirage Knight, he'll gain all your monster's attack points.

Alvin: Wrong again, Strickland! Mirage Knight only gains the original attack points of the monster he battles with.

ATK: 3,800]

Alvin: See?

Strickland: It can't be!

Alvin: It is! Silent Magician, wipe out Mirage Knight with Silent Burning Attack!

[Silent Magician fires a magic blast from her scepter at Mirage Knight, destroying him]

Strickland: No!

Alvin: 2,700 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 1,600 (Hand: 6)]

Strickland: You may have destroyed by knight, but I still have a plan B up my sleeve! [reveals set card] I activate Liberty at Last! I'll make sure your other monsters don't get the chance to attack! This Trap activates when one of my monsters is destroyed by battle. I target two monsters on the field and return them to their respective decks!

[Woodsman and Shadow Mist disappear back into Alvin's deck]

Alvin: This isn't over yet. Remember, once per turn, if you plan on activating a Spell Card, Silent Magician will negate it. I end my turn.

Strickland: [draws] My turn! [in his mind] Alvin's got one strong monster, a full hand, Swords of Revealing Light, and four set cards. And not once has he activated any of those set cards. Obviously, they require banishing cards, and Imperial Iron Wall prevents banishing. But thanks to his Silent Burning, I've got a full hand, too. This is gonna be fun. [aloud; places a card] I activate the Spell: Offerings to the Doomed! As long as I don't perform a draw phase next turn, I destroy your Silent Magician!

[Bandages surround Silent Magician]

Alvin: Negate now!

[Silent Magician burns the bandages to dust with her scepter]

Alvin: Try again, Strickland.

Strickland: Oh, with pleasure. [places another card] I activate Dark Hole! This card destroys all monsters on the field!

[A black vortex appears]

Alvin: I activate the Trap: [reveals set card] White Hole! All my monsters are safe from Dark Hole!

[Silent Magician is surrounded by a white barricade; the vortex vanishes]

Alvin: So where's your plan B?

Strickland: You'll see. I activate Giant Trunade! This card sends all Spells and Traps back to their owners' hands!

[A swirling tornado blows all Spells and Traps, including the Pendulum cards, to their owners' hands]

Alvin: By blowing my cards back to my hand, you've boosted Silent Magician's attack points to 7,500!

ATK: 7,500]

Strickland: This next card won't change your monster's attack points, but it'll surely thin your deck. [places another card] Card Destruction!

Alvin: [gasps] No way!

[He discards his entire hand, then draws 13 cards; Strickland discards his entire hand, then draws three cards]

Strickland: Just look at you, Alvin. 13 cards in your hand, but only four cards left in your deck. Ready to surrender?

Alvin: Not a chance!

Strickland: [places another card] Next, I activate the Spell: Monster Reborn! Let's see what you've got in your graveyard.

[He looks through the cards in Alvin's graveyard with the touchscreen of his duel disk]

Alvin: You're not gonna find Obelisk the Tormentor in my graveyard, Strickland. He's not even in my deck today. I'm giving him a rest. And even if he was in my deck, he'd be useless to you, because once he's special-summoned, he goes back to the graveyard at the end of the turn, and his 4,000 attack points--

Strickland: Shut up! Wasn't gonna use Obelisk, anyway. I have better plans. [touches a card on his touchscreen] Behold!

[Emerging from the graveyard is Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier]

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,000]

Alvin: Not Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier!

Strickland: Too bad! [places another card] Next, I activate Riryoku! I target your Silent Magician and transfer half her attack points to my soldier!

ATK: 3,750]

ATK: 6,750]

Strickland: And it's more than enough to wipe out your magician and the last of your life points! Soldier, attack Silent Magician and end this duel!

[Black Luster Soldier raises his blade and strikes Silent Magician, destroying her; suddenly, Alvin discards a card, and a wall of Kuribohs appears and protects Alvin from damage]

Strickland: Hey! Where'd those hairballs come from?!

Alvin: My good friend Kuriboh. The original. By discarding him, all battle damage from this attack is reduced to 0. You may have destroyed my magician, but you haven't won yet! And by the way, by destroying Silent Magician, you activated another of her effects. [places a card from his deck] Come on out, Silent Magician Level 8!

[Silent Magician LV8 appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,500]

Alvin: And don't try to use any Spells against her. She's unaffected by your Spells.

Strickland: [sets his last card] Fine. I won't. I'll just turn it back over to you.

ATK: 3,000]

Alvin: [draws] I draw! Thanks to Card Destruction, with a new hand comes a whole new perspective. And I'll start with this! [places a card] Owner's Seal! This card returns control of all monsters to their rightful owners. Sacred Soldier is mine again!

[Sacred Soldier returns to Alvin's field]

Alvin: Sacred Soldier, attack Strickland directly and end this duel!

[Sacred Soldier charges at Strickland]

Strickland: You've triggered by Trap! [reveals set card] Mirror Force! Say goodbye to your monsters!

[His field becomes surrounded by a barricade, which destroys both of Alvin's monsters]

Alvin: You just got lucky, Strickland!

Strickland: Luck? Ha! Every duelist knows well enough to have Mirror Force in their decks.

Alvin: [sets five cards] I'll make you regret that! [discards a card] Make your next move.

Strickland: [draws] My turn! [places the card he just drew] I activate Pot of Desires! [banishes the top 10 cards of his deck, then draws two cards] My deck's top 10 cards are banished face-down, then I draw two cards. [places another card] Now, I summon Necroface!

[Necroface appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,200]

Strickland: This creep returns all our banished cards to our decks, and for each card returned to the main deck, it gains 100 attack points.

[All banished cards return to their respective decks]

ATK: 2,200]

Strickland: And don't think your set cards will save you. [places another card] I activate Heavy Storm! This card sweeps every Spell and Trap on the field into the graveyard!

[All Spells and Traps are destroyed (Alvin's are revealed to be Mirror Force, Call of the Haunted, Storming Mirror Force, Pinpoint Guard, and Bottomless Trap Hole)]

Alvin: Well, this stinks.

Strickland: Attack him now!

[Necroface fires a massive blast from its eyes at Alvin, hitting him]

Alvin: 500 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 1,800 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: This isn't over yet, Strickland!

Strickland: It will be next turn. Make your move.

Alvin: [in his mind] He might be right for once. My field is empty, the only Pendulum cards in this deck are in my graveyard, and I only have three cards left in my deck. I haven't drawn Black Luster Soldier or its Ritual Spell yet, but I don't have any other monsters left to tribute, except for Dark Magician Girl, but her level's too low for the ritual. And none of the cards in my hand can help. But I can't lose here. I gotta at least try my best with what I've got left. [aloud] I don't care what I draw next, Strickland. I'm still in this duel. I won't give up. A duel is never over until the last card is played. I may not have my Egyptian God card with me, but Obelisk is still with me in spirit, and only a true duelist can win! And you're no true duelist!

Yuya: I like your spirit, newbie! Mind if I swing into action?!

[Alvin looks up and sees Yuya Sakaki swinging into the scene]

Alvin: What the--?!

Strickland: Interference! Who the hell are you?!

Yuya: I'm a Dueltainer. The name's Yuya Sakaki.

[Alvin gazes at Yuya in awe]

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Alvin: Yuya Sakaki, eh? I like that guy's ace monster.

Brittany: And his effect doubles the battle damage?! WOW! By the way, his gal pal sure has got skill.

Sarah: I wonder...

Alvin: Why are you narrating this preview, Sarah?

Brittany: You weren't even in this episode!

Sarah: Not this one, but... Next time on ACME Crime Net: The Dueltainer Part 2!

Zuzu: Vigilance, dedication, courage! I always wanted to say that.

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