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5/10/2016 8:36 am  #1

ACME's looking for new recruits! (for our new versions)

Greg: Hey, everyone! We're getting close to summer. And that means it's almost vacation time for the kids!

Chief: Do you think you can catch Carmen Sandiego in our brand new versions coming this summer? If so, we are offering a new way to try-out for the show. Online tests!

Greg: No need to send in your submission by mail or visiting your local PBS station! Go to, fill out your information, along with which version you want to compete on: Either our new semi-weekly version with me (written by TVLubber), or the new bi-weekly version with teams (Jon Mann produced fanfics). If you are auditioning for the teams version, your partner must be present to fill out the information. Once you fill out the information, you are ready to take the test.

Chief: The test is fifty questions. Ten regular questions, ten Lighting Round style questions, ten Chase Questions, and twenty map-round questions. The passing score is 35.

Greg: Once you pass the test, you will be placed into the pool for an invitation to an in-person audition held in our headquarters in New York or Pittsburgh. When you have successfully passed the audition, you will be placed into the Gumshoe pool for the next three months.

Chief: Here are some important things to remember: 

You must be between the ages of 8 and 18 and have not graduated from High School or received your G.E.D. (Exceptions are: For team shows, your partner must be sixteen years of age or older because the team shows will be offering a car. For parents, the parent must be at least 25 or older. Grandparents, the grandparent must be at least 50 or older.) 

You must have a 2.0 GPA or higher with no D or F Grades. 

You may not be a Gumshoe if you have appeared in either our former weekday show or our weekend show (including team shows).

You also may not have been a contestant on any game show (including the big four: The Price is Right, Let's Make A Deal, Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune) within the last twelve months.

Additionally, you may not be under active consideration for any game show other than Carmen Sandiego.

Greg: So, brush up your geography, take the online test and be a Gumshoe! 


10/11/2016 12:11 am  #2

Re: ACME's looking for new recruits! (for our new versions)

thank you


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