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7/11/2016 8:05 pm  #1

The New Syndicated Weeknight Version Episode 1: Where did the Pet Go?

Since ACME Crime Net started to run a Bi-Weekly Version for Family Gumshoes, I'll do a Syndicated Weekday Version with Returning Champions so let's go!

[The Audience Cheers and Applauds]

Chief: All These People Want to Know...

Chief: And One of these people could find her!

A Warehouse Retail Store Merchandiser from Reseda, CA meet Paul Cortez!

A Bookstore Customer Service Specialist from Las Vegas, NV please welcome Vanessa Whalen

And an Aviation Boatswain Mate at the US Navy from Costa Mesa, meet Jeff Mullins

(Now to the alley where Greg enters and greets the singers]

Chief: And Now, here's the Captain of ACME in Charge of New Recruits, Greg Lee

(Greg enters HQ; cheers and applause)

Greg: Let's do it [Greets the Contestants], Good Evening Gumshoes!, Paul, Vanessa, Jeff and say hello to...

Rockapella: Rockapella

Pentatonix: Pentatonix


Greg: And Good Evening to You, Thank you so much welcome to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego delighted to have you with us where someone can win Thousands of Dollars in Cash & Prizes at Anytime, so nice to have you we got our three gumshoes and speaking of cash so all of you will start at $2,500 each time will give you a correct answer you win $500 and if you nail it, I will give you $1,000, The two players with the most money at the end of this round will proceed to the Jailtime Challenge and the lucky person catches Carmen Sandiego can win big and maybe win more on Tomorrow's Show!


Greg: All Right, Chief Jay who are we after tonight?

[Now, to the Chief]

Chief Jay: Gumshoes this is Contessa, Carmen's Creepy, Conniving, Criminal Countess

Rockapella: Ooh...

Chief: Her Last-Known Whereabouts, San Diego, CA

Petco Park home to the National League's San Diego Padres is opened in 2004 at 19 Tony Gwynn Drive and is mostly owned by The City of San Diego but it's also home to concerts, football, golf and Rugby Sevens located in Downtown San Diego, Petco Park replaced Jack Murphy Stadium as the new home the San Diego Padres in 2004 and in 2016 hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game but after that something happened!

Rockapella: Uh Oh

Chief: When Contessa headed to San Diego she Captured Petco Park and moved out of San Diego, That Means the Padres will return home to Jack Murphy Stadium now known as Qualcomm Stadium and Gumshoes your goal is stop Tonight's Case

Rockapella: Whoo

Chief: Where Did The Pet Go?, Now Here's What we've learned so far ACME Baseball Net has tracked Contessa to the Nation's Capital as the Nationals host their first game in 2005 after they relocated as the Montreal Expos at RFK Stadium however the United of the NASL (1) played here until 2017 as a New Stadium will open in 2018, However Contessa also visited the National Mall including the Lincoln Memorial however she has to meet President Obama before we have a new president, Greg?

Greg: Thanks Chief Name the City is it 
Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, or Richmond, VA remember the clues that we heard home to the Soccer's United and the Nationals in the MLB and National Mall

(The Gumshoes are locked in)

Greg: Let's Start It Off with Paul

Paul: Gotta Say, Washington, DC

Greg: Vanessa?

Vanessa: Washington

Greg: Now Jeff

Jeff: Gotta Say, Washington

Greg: Everyone Said, Washington and everyone is Right


Greg: All 3 of you are now at $3,500 on to our next clue we got...

Rockapella: ACME Radio Net, More Hits, More Music!

(1) - Our SON's Parallel Universe to MLS

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7/15/2016 10:38 am  #2

Re: The New Syndicated Weeknight Version Episode 1: Where did the Pet Go?

Can't wait for more.


10/11/2016 12:08 am  #3

Re: The New Syndicated Weeknight Version Episode 1: Where did the Pet Go?



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