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7/24/2016 3:15 pm  #1

Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #2

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Song of the South, the loot is one of the most popular Disney songs ever!

[The audience cheers and applauds]
Bearbette: The treasure's been popped, and the crooks must be stopped!

Frisky: Our special Gumshoe families are here! On…
Cubapella: Where in the World is.... Carmen Sandiego?
[They do the intro, now to the Gumshoes]

Chief: And one of these teams could find her!
Buttons: She enjoys reading Harry Potter and playing softball, while her father works as a butcher. From Portland, Maine, meet Deanna and Sam Wrase!

Rusty: He enjoys mowing the lawn and farming, while his father is a real life farmer! From Kingsbury, New York, meet Tim and Gilbert Frenza!

Frisky:  He enjoys playing board games and collects baseball cards, while his mother is English as a Second Language teacher! From Flushing Queens, meet Sean and Edwina Kabria!

[Cut to the empty alley, Jon enters]
Chief: Now, here’s the man in charge of the investigation, Jonathan Mann!
[Jon enters HQ; cheers and applause]
Jon: Yeah! [greets the teams] Hello to the Wrase's! Hello to the Frenza's! Hello to the Kabria! Now, you probably wondering why Cubapella aren't here. They need to take lots of time preparing for The Treasure of Chucklewood, filming is starting next week. Luckily, all of the phrases on today's show they done have been prerecorded. So, this is the first time ever we will not have any music groups at all until later in the show.

[The audience groans]

Jon: With or without any music group, the show must go on. Okay, teams, we’re gonna start you off with 250 ACME Crime Bucks. Each time you give me a correct answer, I will give you an 50 more. If all three of you teams nail it, I will make it 100. The two teams with the high scores at the end of this round will then proceed to the next round and the one team that catches Carmen Sandiego will win a trip to anywhere in North America plus $50,000 and a shot at a brand new car!
Jon: Okay, Chief. Who are we after?
[Now, to the Chief]
Chief: Gumshoes, this is Kneemoi.

Cubapella: Moi! Moi! Knee-Knee-Knee-Knee-Knee-Kneemoi! Knee-Knee-Knee-Knee-Knee... Moi!

Chief: A floating face
who came from space
to pull a case
on the human race.
Her last known whereabouts: The United States.

[NOTE: Song ends at 2:18]

Chief: Heard and seen here is one of the most famous Disney songs ever: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. The song originates from the film Song of the South released in the year that the San Francisco 49ers was formed, and the United Mine Workers rejoins the American Federation of Labor. It was performed by James Baskett who portrayed Uncle Remus. The song is influenced from the chorus of the pre-Civil War folk song "Zip Coon", a "Turkey in the Straw" variation. For many years, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah was part of an opening theme medley for the Wonderful World of Disney television program and it has often been used in other TV and video productions by the studio. Or so it had until today! When Kneemoi went back in time and stole the song! From music sheets to recordings, nobody has a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day but Kneemoi! Gumshoes, your mission: Turn the tables on Kneemoi, restore a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day, and then capture Carmen Sandiego! Jon!

[Back to HQ]

Jon: Thanks, Chief. Okay, Gumshoes. For 25 Crime Bucks, name the year. Was it 1942, 1946, or 1950? Remember the clues we just heard: Song of the South was released, United Mine Workers rejoins the American Federation of Labor, and the San Francisco 49ers was founded.

[The teams are locked in]

Jon: Go ahead, Deanna.

Deanna: 1946.

Jon: 1946. Tim?

Tim: 1942.

Jon: 1942. Sean?

Sean: 1942.

Jon: 1942. The answer we're looking for is 1946! Nice job, Wrase Family!


Jon: That takes the Wrase's up to 300. Everybody else, still plenty of time to get in the game. For our next clue, it's time for us to go to Sydney Greenpig for ACME Hog Net. Sydney?

[Now, to Sydney Greenpig]

Sydney: [chortles] Greetings, Jonny. Search for Kneemoi to the birthplace of James Baskett. The actor who portrayed Uncle Remus in Song of the South. It's in the city where it's nicknamed Naptown. Kneemoi was last seen performing the song in Eagle Creek Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. The whole world is in jeopardy. Without the song, there will be no Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day! Got to run, my movie is starting. Ta-ta!

[Back to HQ]

Jon: Thanks, Syd. Okay, folks. Name the city. Is it Des Moines, Springfield, or Indianapolis?

[The teams are locked in]

Jon: Sam?

Sam: I said Springfield.

Jon: Springfield. Gilbert?

Gilbert: Springfield.

Jon: Same thing. Edwina?

Edwina: Springfield.

Jon: Everyone said Springfield, and they are wrong!


[The audience groans]

Jon: It was Indianapolis. Nobody goes anywhere. But for our next clue--

[The lights go dark]

Jon: Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Director: [on P.A.] The generator is low on power! We got to do a Data Boost!

Jon: Okay, let's help him out. We've got to do a Data Boost. I will give you a song from a film. Your job, ring in a tell me if that song is from a Disney movie, a Don Bluth film, or neither of them. Each correct answer is worth 25 Crime Bucks. The one team that gets all five questions right will win $5,000.
Jon: So, Gumshoes you will go first on ringing in, then the parents will take a turn. Remember, your choices are Disney, Don Bluth, or Neither. Here we go. There Are No Cats in America.

[Tim rings in]

Jon: Tim?

Tim: Disney?


Jon: Close. But not right, Deanna and Sean it's either Don Bluth or neither?

[Nobody rings in]


Jon: Guess, you're too young to remember this. It's actually from a Don Bluth film called An American Tail. [sings] There are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese. Okay, switch.

[The teammates switch]

Jon: Candle on the Water.

[Edwina rings in]

Jon: Edwina?

Edwina: Disney.

[Bells sound out]

Jon: Yep. From Pete's Dragon. Not the remake, but the original 1977 version sung by Helen Reddy. Okay, change.

[The teammates switch]

Jon: The Lonely Goatherd.

[Deanna rings in]

Jon: Deanna?

Deanna: Neither.

[Bells sound out]

Jon: Yes! From The Sound of Music. Switch.

[The teammates switch]

Jon: You've Got A Friend In Me.

[Tim rings in]

Jon: Tim?

Tim: Disney.

[Bells sound out]

Jon: Yes! Lucky guess! From Toy Story. Change one more time.

[The teammates switch]

Jon: Flying Dreams.

[Sam rings in]

Jon: Sam?

Sam: Don Bluth.

[Bells sound out]

Jon: Correct. From The Secret of NIMH. At the end of the Data Boost,  Wrase Family goes to 400, Frenza and Kabria families get on the board with 275. Nice job, guys. Now, let me remind the viewers at home about the contest. Whenether you watch the show, write down what got stolen and from where. When you collected five loots and locations, put them on a postcard along with your name and address and send it to…

 ACME Crime Net
P.O Box 4300
New York, NY 10163
Or enter online at
Everyday we’ll pick five people who’s list are correct and send them each an ACME Travel Kit. Here’s who won today.


Collin Dawson
Peoria, IL

Alvin Malone
Greenwood, SC

Amanda Sherman
Weyburn, SK, Canada

Tina Brenz
Ramona, KS

Quincy Mead
South Farmingdale, New York

Jon: Congratulations to the winners! Right now, time to get your pencil or crayon. We're gonna turn things over to Bill Cosby for...!

Scott: Picture Pages
Picture Pages
Time to get your Picture Pages!
Time to get your crayons or your pencils!

Picture Pages
Picture Pages
Open up your Picture Pages.
Time to watch Bill Cosby do a Picture Page with you!

Jon: Thank you, Bill. Okay, teams, we are still on the trail of Kneemoi and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. Good news for us, ACME Bug Net has intercepted this phone conversation between Kneemoi and Carmen Sandiego. Let's listen in.


7/25/2016 9:01 am  #2

Re: Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #2

Kneemoi: [whistles] How do you do?
[whistles] Fine how are you?

Carmen: Stop singing it and listen! Take the song to Vaduz Castle. The official residence of the Prince of a landlocked country in Europe.

Kneemoi: Does it look like Cinderella's castle?

Carmen: Nonsense! It overlaps from an ancient hilltop. The town itself is situated along the Rhine River. 

Kneemoi: I can use the song whenever I ride along to make it look like Splash Mountain.

Carmen: No time for that! Get moving!

Kneemoi: Pretty good sure as you born.

[Back to HQ]

Jon: Okay, Gumshoes. Name the country. Is it Liechtenstein, Belarus‎, or Czech Republic‎?

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Jon: Deanna?

Deanna: I said Belarus.

Jon: Belarus. Tim?

Tim: Belarus.

Jon: Same thing. Sean?

Sean: I said Czech Republic.

Jon: Czech Republic. The answer we're looking for actually is Liechtenstein! Sorry, guys!


[The audience groans]

Jon: Nobody goes anywhere. For our next clue--

[Glugging is heard]

Jon: Wait a sec. Either the movie projector is starting to flutter again, or it's time for the Plastic Diver Guy! [puts on his goggles]

Rockapella: He lives a life of danger.
Our underwater ranger.
The one and only Plastic Diver Guy!

[Now, to the Plastic Diver Guy's aquarium]

Jon: P.D.G, where have you been?

Plastic Diver Guy: Kneemoi took Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah to a island capital who is a provincial town on the northwestern coast of Guadalcanal Island. [breathes]  Since the late 1990s, It has suffered a turbulent history of ethnic violence and political unrest and is scarred by rioting. [breathes] Look for a Japanese howitzer on display between the National Museum and the police station, which is called "Pistol Pete". It was used for bombarding the Henderson Airfield during the Guadalcanal fighting. [breathes, music crescendos] Oh, no! Jon, it's the ominous music! I think I am running out of power!

[His head pops like a balloon]

Rockapella: The one and only Plastic Diver Guy!


Jon: [returns to his position] Plastic Diver Guy. Okay, folks. Name the island capital. Is it West Island, Honiara, or Majuro? 

[The gumshoes are locked in]

Jon: Let's hear from you, Sam?

Sam: I said Majuro.

Jon: Majuro. Gilbert?

Gilbert: Majuro.

Jon: Same thing. Edwina?

Edwina: Majuro.

Jon: Everyone said Majuro, and everyone is wrong again!


[The audience groans]

Jon: Scores remain the same. The answer we're looking for is Honiara. But we've heard that Kneemoi has left Honiara, so let's pick up... the Chase!

["THE CHASE!" flies past]

Rockapella: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh... THE CHASE!!!

Jon: All of these are worth 25 Crime Bucks. Remember the $5,000 bonus. Gumshoes, hands on the signaling buttons. Watch the screen. Here we go. Kneemoi beamed her way to Townsville. Name the Australian state.

[Tim rings in]

Jon: Tim?

Tim: Queensland.

Jon: Right. She flew past the Indian O to Port Louis. Name the island.

[Tim rings in again]

Jon: Tim?

Tim: Reunion.


Jon: Sorry, it's Mauritius. Next, she sailed to Muscat.

[Sean rings in]

Jon: Sean?

Sean: Arabian.

Jon: Right. Next, she flew to Afghanistan's capital.

[Sean rings in again]

Jon: Sean?

Sean: Kabul.

Jon: Right. Finally, she beamed to Astana.

[Deanna rings in]

Jon: Deanna?

Deanna: Kazakhstan.

Jon: Right. At the end of the Chase, Wrase Family goes to 425, Frenza's goes to 300, Kabria's goes to 325. 
Now it's time for the final clue which means you get to decide how much you want to risk. If you're right we'll add that amount to your score. If you're not right, we'll deduct it. You can risk 0, 50, 100, 150, 200, or 250 ACME Crime Bucks.

[A map of Western Africa is shown on the monitor]

Jon: Here's a portion of the world on where we think the crook is headed. If you know alot about part of this world, you may want to risk alot. If you don't know much about it, you may not want to risk quite so much. Take a look at this, talk it over with your parents, and think about it.

[The "risk" think cue is heard as the Gumshoes lock in their wagers]

[Afterwards, the cue ends]

Jon: Now for our final clue of the round, we go to Franklin's mentor and our favorite rapping nanny. Nana Rap!

[Now, to Nana Rap]

Nana Rap: Hey, hey, hey! I may be Franklin! But let's rock! [echoes]

[Her rap music starts]

Nana Rap: I know a film whose named after this city.
It's located in Western Africa.
Take a search along the Chawiya Plain.
Kneemoi may have a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day.
She's hiding at Parc de la Ligue Arabe .
That's all I got for you, so track her down.
I'd better go now. I think I heard my cat meow!
I'm the Nana! [echoes]

[Back to HQ]

Jon: Nana Rap!


Jon: Okay, Gumshoes. Name the city. Is it Algiers, Casblanca, or Tunis?

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Jon: Frenza family, you have 300 Crime Bucks. How much did you risked?

Tim: We risked 50.

Jon: What did you say?

Gilbert: Casablanca.

Jon: Casablanca is right!


Jon: Over to the Kabria family with 325. What did you bet?

Sean: We risked zelch.

Jon: So, right or wrong you stay at 325. What did you say?

Edwina: Casblanca.

Jon: Casablanca is right! 


Jon: Over to the Wrase's with 425. What did you bet?

Deanna: Zero.

Jon: Not that if you're right or wrong, the Wrase and Frenza familes are moving on to the next round!


Jon: But just for the heck of it, what did you say?

Sam: We said Casablanca.

Jon: Nice job, Wrase and Frenza families!


Jon: Kabria family, you were a great team detectives. You get the Crime Bucks up front as well as this. Chief?

Chief: Uh, big problems here, Jon. Uh, we're out of ACME Travel Kits for this season.

Rockapella: Oh, no!

Jon: I guess Prescott may have stolen the remaining ACME Travel Kits. Well, can't you do somethin', Chief?

Chief: Hmm, uh, nope. Sorry.

Jon: That's too bad. But you could use the hologram if you'd like.

Chief: Oh! That's a great idea! [The following text scrolls across the bottom of the screen while the Chief shows the hologram: THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL ACME TRAVEL KIT. IT IS A CLEVER HOLOGRAPHIC REPRODUCTION. THE GUMSHOE, HOWEVER, WILL STILL RECEIVE THE REAL DEAL] All Gumshoes here at ACME Crime Net receive the official ACME Crime Net Travel Kit. Inside this ACME Messenger Bag, you'll find a traveler's World Atlas, the Official Carmen Croton Watch, a Carmen T-Shirt, an ACME Crime Net Cap with the logo in front, a subscription to National Geographic World Magazine, the ACME Stealth Pen Recorder, and this globe ball.

[Her globe ball changes colors]

Chief: Now, sorry, folks, but only the holograms do this stuff. The real ones just bounce and tell you where New York City is. So...

[She shoots the ball backwards and makes a basket]

Chief: Congratulations.

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7/25/2016 4:15 pm  #3

Re: Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #2

Jon: [hat on] Thanks, Chief. Okay, Wrase and Frenza families, we are off to Casablanca to find Kneemoi and the song. Chief, is that a go?

Chief: Modem activated! Good luck!

[He and the Gumshoes teleport to the Jailtime Challenge station in Casablanca]

Hassan II Mosque
Casablanca Cathedral
Université Mundiapolis
Casablanca Tramway
Ain Diab
Casablanca American School
Stade Mohamed V
Port of Casablanca 
Immeuble Liberté
Morocco Mall
Stock Exchange
Casablanca-Anfa Airport 
Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane]

Jon: [exhales] Okay, here we are in Casablanca. Let's take our positions.

[He and the Gumshoes take their positions]

Jon: Now, let's get some details from the Chief. Chief?

[The Chief appears on the board]

Chief: There are fifteen places here in Casablanca where you might find Kneemoi, the Warrant, or Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. Let's look at a few of them.

First stop, Hassan II Mosque. The largest mosque in Morocco. tands on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic Ocean, worshippers can pray over the sea but there is no glass floor looking into the sea. The walls are of hand-crafted marble and the roof is retractable. A maximum of 105,000 worshippers can gather together for prayer: 25,000 inside the mosque hall and another 80,000 on the mosque's outside grounds.

The Immeuble_Liberté, the tallest building in Africa. It was erected on the present site Lemaigre Dubreuil - formerly roundabout of the French Revolution.

And finally, the Morocco Mall. Second largest shopping mall in Africa. Featuring a massive 1,000,000 litre aquarium that contains over 40 different species of fish. The aquarium is called "Aquadream" and was designed and built by International Concept Management (ICM). Visitors have the opportunity to take a ride through the center of the cylinder shaped aquarium with a 360-degree view of the sea life. Visitors can also go scuba diving with a professional instructor inside the aquarium. Well, that's your briefing, Gumshoes! Now, Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah to Casablanca, restore Disney's loved song, and then zip Kneemoi to jail! Jon!

[She signs off]

Jon: Thanks, Chief. Okay, Gumshoes. Loot, Warrant, and Crook is the order. Wrase family you had the most at end of the last round, you go first.

Deanna: Casablanca Cathedral.

Jon: Casablanca Cathedral.


Cubapella: Kneemoi!

Jon: There's the crook but that's the last thing you need. Free turn.

Sam: Hassan II Mosque.

Jon: Hassan II Mosque.

[The Warrant]

Cubapella: The Warrant!

Jon: Looks like you're going backwards here. Remember the poem: The loot is need to get a warrant so that you can arrest crook. Be careful.

Deanna: Stock Exchange.

Jon: The Stock Exchange.


Jon: Nothing there. You did find two of them. We just need to find one more. We turn all three of them back around. Frenza family, it's your turn.

Tim: Port of Casablanca.

Jon: The Port of Casablanca.

[The Loot]

Cubapella: Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah

Jon: Oh! You've found the loot. Can you find the other two?

Gilbert: Hassan II Mosque.

Jon: Hassan II Mosque.

[The Warrant]

Cubapella: The Warrant!

Jon: And...

Tim: Casablanca Cathedral.

Jon: Casablanca Cathedral.


Cubapella: Kneemoi! YOU'VE WON!!!


[The singers do their fanfare as the confetti falls on Tim and Gilbert]

Jon: Wow! That was great! Now, go over there and pull on the chain put Kneemoi in jail]

[Tim and Gilbert walk up to the chain, pull it, and...]

Cubapella: Kneemoi... in jail!


Jon: Wrase Family, nice work. You tracked Kneemoi all the way to Casablanca, we got something special for you. Chief?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: Good detective work is a team effort, and today, you made a huge contribution. That's why I'm awarding you the ACME Travel Kit, plus this lovely 4GB MP3 and video player. It even includes a 2.8-inch touch screen. It includes music from around the world, and songs by Rockapella, including our theme song, so that you can be entertained wherever you go. It's a great gift for a job well done! Congratulations!



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7/26/2016 7:06 am  #4

Re: Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #2

Jon: [hands Tim a portfolio] Okay, Tim. Paperwork time. Write down where you and your father want to go if you catch Carmen Sandiego and get that trip. Go ahead.

[The "trip think" cue is heard as Tim writes down his trip location in his family's portfolio]
[Afterwards, the cue ends]

Jon: All righty! Now we are waiting for a phone call to know where Carmen is.

[The phone rings]

Jon: There it is. [picks up] Hello? Yeah, he's right here. Hold on. [hands phone to Tim]

Tim: Hello?

Kneemoi: 92 planets! 92 jail cells! My frequent prisoner miles are really adding up! I'll give Carmen a free trip to Roddenberry. Go find her in Asia. [hangs up]

Jon: Frenza family, we're after Carmen Sandiego! Chief!?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: Here's a list of places Carmen may have traveled:

Saudi Arabia.
United Arab Emirates.
East Timor.
Jonathan! Let's go to the Map!
Scott: I feel GOOD!

[The singers to the map intro, Jon, Tim, and Gilbert enter the map of Asia, Tim grabs his first marker]

Jon: All right, Tim. You are going first. Let's get 45 seconds up on the clock please.

[The timer is set at 45 seconds]

Jon: Remember seven of these in 45 seconds wins the trip, $50,000, and a shot at a brand new car. Here we go. On your mark, get set, GO!

[The timer and music start]

Jon: Carmen went to Syria! Syria!

[Tim quickly places a marker on Maldives]

[BUZZER!] [:40]

Jon: Try again! Syria!

[Tim quickly moves the marker to Syria]

[SIREN!] (1/7) [:38]

Jon: That's the one! Gilbert, Japan! You know it! Japan!

[Gilbert quickly places a marker on Japan]

[SIREN!] (2/7) [:33]

Jon: Yes, sir! Tim, Lebanon! Lebanon!

[Tim quickly places another marker on Lebanon]

[SIREN!] (3/7) [:26]

Jon: You got it! Gilbert, Cyprus! Cyprus!

[Gilbert quickly places another marker on Armenia]

[BUZZER!] [:20]

Jon: Try again! 

[Gilbert quickly moves the marker to Nepal]


Jon: Come on back! Tim, United Arab Emirates! United Arab Emirates!

[Tim quickly places another marker on United Arab Emirates]

[SIREN!] (4/7) [:11]

Jon: Yeah! Gilbert, Israel! Israel! This will be five!

[Gilbert quickly places another marker on Israel]

[SIREN!] (5/7) [:5]

Jon: OH, YEAH! Tim, Maldives! Maldives!

[Tim quickly heads for Maldives, but...]

[BUZZER!] (time's up!)

Jon: Oh! Five in 45 seconds. Give them a nice round of applause.



Jon: I tell you, guys. Carmen is a touch crook to catch. You got five. That's $1,000 for each one you got right. $5,000 for each of you. Chief, what do you think?

[Back to the Chief] 

Chief: Carmen may have given us the slip today, but you both captured Kneemoi and restored Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. Now, since you worked so hard, ACME has authorized the purchase of two iPod Nanos so that both of you can listen to music, watch movies, and TV shows. We're also giving you each a $200 iTunes gift card so that each of you can purchase music, movies, and shows from the iTunes store. You've made it! You are sleuths! Congratulations!


[Back to the Map]

Jon: And you two are not going to be wearing the Gumshoe jackets anymore, each of you will be receiving the official Carmen Sandiego Sleuth Jacket!

[He hands Tim and Gilbert said jackets]

Jon: You're leaving ACME with a total of $5,625!


Jon: Listen. You both did a lot of great stuff today. There's one more thing I want you to do. You know what it is!?


[Cubapella and their folks perform the theme song during the credits]
Buttons & Rusty: Well, she sneaks around the world
from Kiev to Carolina.
She's a sticky-fingered filcher
from Berlin down to Belize.
George: She'll take you for a ride
on a slow boat to China.
Tell me...
Bearbette, Frisky, Bridgette, and Rosie: Where in the World is...
Buttons: Carmen Sandiego?

Bearbette: Steal their Seoul in South Korea.
Make Antarctica cry "UNCLE!".
Frisky: From the Red Sea to Greenland,
they'll be singin' the blues.
Rosie: Well, they never Arkansas her steal
the Mekong from the jungle.
Tell me...
Abner: Where in the World is...
Bearbette, Frisky, Bridgette, and Rosie: Carmen Sandiego?

Cubapella: She go from Nashville to Norway,
Bonaire to Zimbabwe,
Chicago to Czech or Slovakia...

All cubs and their folks: Well, she'll ransack Pakistan
and run a scam in Scandinavia.
Then she'll stick 'em up Down Under
and go pickpocket Perth.
She put the Miss in misdemeanor
when she stole the beans from Lima.
Tell me...
Bearbette, Frisky, Bridgette, and Rosie: Where in the World is...
Buttons and Abner: Carmen Sandiego?

Frisky: WHOA! Tell me...

All: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Rusty: Oh, tell me...)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Rusty: Where could she be?)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Frisky: Gotta find her. Gotta-gotta find her!)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Buttons: Ooh... Got to find her now!)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Bearbette: Where is Carmen? Where is she?)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Rusty: Wheeeeeeere can she be?)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

[After the credits, back to the Chief]

Chief: This is S. Epatha Merkerson speaking for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. See ya next time!
[The end]

Based on the Chucklewood Critters/Buttons & Rusty
Created by Bill Hutten and Tony Love

WiTWICS Presented By
WQED Pittsburgh
WGBH Boston

Geographic Information
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Carmen Sandiego Franchise
The Learning Company

Theme Song Written by
Sean Altman
& David Yazbek

Rusty: All geographic and historic information was accurate as of the date this program was recorded.


Buttons: And as always, Gumshoes, Carmen's gang is bankrolled by...

Buttons: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting....

Rusty: And Viewers Like You!

Cubapella: Thanks!

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10/11/2016 12:06 am  #5

Re: Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #2

hank you so much for providing this post.


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