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8/30/2016 8:07 pm  #1

Coming this Holiday Season from ACME Crime Net...!

ACME Crime Net presents a two hour special edition of the world premiere of The Treasure of Chucklewood.

First up, the cubs take a ride on a freight train bound for the city. Now they're lost and must get home before Christmas but first they gotta dodge people, cars, and other dangers. [TV-G]

Then, join the cubs on their holiday jamboree. While they want to look for Christmas ornaments, a horrible monster stalks the woods. [TV-G]

Afterwards, the co-producer of Buttons & Rusty present new set of critters that are not of the earthy kind but come from a place many galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Zowee, Z-Bee, and Spoo make up The Zoomer Crew that man the Zoomer spacecraft at the direction of Commander Allgood. Go on a quest as they soar into the planet Earth where they help some children in distress before Christmas. [TV-G]

That will be followed by our feature presentation: The Treasure of Chucklewood. A misunderstanding causes the cubs to think that they'll be sent to a zoo because Chucklewood is closing down, and they decide to run away. Join the cubs' families and friends, as they search for those lovable pair of cubs before they run away forever. [TV-PG]

This special presentation will feature a special appearance by the widely popular Feature Presentation ID seen on Disney tapes from the 1990s [which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary]. But I am gonna let #UDecide which version of the FP bumper should be used? The Lilac Blue one or the Navy Blue one. The poll will close September 30th. The winning version will be shown before The Treasure of Chucklewood this holiday season [either November 25 or December 2].

#UDecide Which Feature Presentation ID do you think will be attatched to "The Treasure of Chucklewood?"


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