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8/31/2016 7:22 pm  #1

In One Month....!

ACME Crime Net's flagship and signature show Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego? turns a quarter of a century old! The hit PBS game show from 1991-1995 (with reruns through 1996) pits three contestants known as Gumshoes tracking down Carmen Sandiego and her gang from VILE for a trip to anywhere in North America! ACME Captain Greg Lee [which held the rank of Special Agent 1991-1992; and Senior Agent 1993-1995] assists the Gumshoes on a variety of clues with the help of the Chief [played by Lynn Thigpen] and the vocal band house comedy troupe called Rockapella [Scott Leonard, Sean Altman, Barry Carl, and Elliott Kerman with Jeff Thatcher joining in 1995.]

Children from the 1990s would remember the laughter, the clues, the song parodies, and singing the catchy theme song!

Learn more about it here. 

Although Where in the World has not seen in reruns for twenty years, the show premiered on YouTube in 2007 with it's first episodes being Diamonds are a Crook's Best Friend and The Cave Art Caper from 1991 and 1992 respectively. As the years went by, more and more episodes from the show ever came to YouTube and Dailymotion for a new generation of children and their families to enjoy. The success of those led to fanfics written by Nick "TVLubber" and Jon Mann which premiered on message boards in 2008. The fanfics began on, then moved to The Elusive Carmen Sandiego in 2011, then to the ACME Crime Net Board this year, introducing Carmen Sandiego to a new generation of children.

To celebrate the silver anniversary of the show, ACME Crime Net will air the first and last episodes of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? on September 30th. Only on the ACME Crime Net YouTube Channel. Don't miss it!

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