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11/16/2016 8:58 pm  #1

Something new coming to ACME Crime Net!

With the world premiere of The Treasure of Chucklewood coming one week from Friday, ACME Crime Net will unveil a new rating box which will house three things in one: the TV Rating, the closed caption, and the audio format. This will replace the separate bugs for closed caption and the CBS StereoSound graphic which ACME has been using for many years. This will put into use throughout ACME Crime Net [fan and side-fics, and new videos from ACME] when we ring in 2017.

The rating box will consist of the TV Rating in the FrizQuatra font [ACME's typeface since 2014]. Below it, will consist of the closed caption icon on the left, and then one of two symbols on the right:

1. Two speakers for stereo programs.
2. The Dolby symbol for Dolby Surround programs.

On TV-PG or TV-14 shows, whether a sub-rating is used (i.e. (DLSV) the sub-rating will appear for 7.5 seconds, followed by the closed caption and audio format.

You'll see it all on Black Friday.


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