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12/05/2016 11:59 pm  #1

#342: The Perilous Polka Pinch

Today's singers:

Classic Rockapella


[The audience cheers and applauds]

Chief: All these people want to know...!

Rockapella: Where in the World is... Carmen Sandiego?

[They do the intro; now, to the Gumshoes]

Chief: And one of these Gumshoes could find her!

Scott: From Mayfield, New York, she collects cat figurines and has lots of cats of her own. Say hello to Kathy Bennett!

Barry: From Newark, New Jersey, she's into lacrosse and softball and has a cousin in Guam. Say hi to Irene Jenkins!

Elliott: From Manhattan, she wants to be a defense attorney like her mother. Meet Elaine Dubois!

[Cut to the alley; Greg enters and greets Rockapella]

Chief: And here's our captain in charge of training new recruits, Greg Lee!

[Greg enters HQ; cheers and applause]

Greg: Hey, thanks a bunch! Welcome! [greets the Gumshoes] Gumshoes, welcome to you all. Hey, say hi to my pals.

Rockapella: Rockapella!


Greg: Now, before we get started, we have a very important announcement for you, and it involves some of our animated singers. Let's bring out Poképella, ladies and gentlemen.


[Poképella enters]

Greg: You all remember Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie.

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Greg: And Pikachu. Now, Ash and Pikachu have been with us since season 2, and the other three have been with us since season 6, and they've done a wonderful job, and the viewers, from their mail, their posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatnot, have indicated that they love them. And the big announcement-- Serena, Clemont and Bonnie have decided to leave the show after today's taping.

[The crowd groans]

Serena: I knew they were gonna say that. [tears up a little]

Ash: [hands Serena a Kleenex] A lot of us feel about it as much as you do. It's gonna be sad to see you guys go.

Greg: But after you leave us, what are your plans?

Serena: Well, I'm ready to pursue a career as a Pokémon performer, but I'm really gonna miss everyone here.

Greg: Clemont, how 'bout you?

Clemont: Well, I've got a gym to run back at Lumiose City.

Bonnie: And I'm gonna help him. Plus, he's not gonna get the right girl without me.


Clemont: Bonnie, I told you not to do that again.

Greg: Thank you. Anyway, we respect your decisions, and they're great opportunities, but we have to have you guys go.

Serena: Me, too. But I wanna thank everyone on the staff for having us, and the fans, too.

Clemont: Same here.

Bonnie: We love you all.

Ash: And don't worry. I'll see to it that the new members, whoever they are, do just as good a job as you and the last guys did.

Serena: Thank you, Ash.

Greg: And thank you all.

[Poképella exits]


Greg: Now, they'll be with us for the remainder of today's show, of course, because we wanna see them off properly. All right, Gumshoes. You all know how this goes. We're gonna start each of you off with 250 ACME Crime Bucks. Each time you answer a question correctly, we'll give you 50 more Crime Bucks. If all three of you answer the same question correctly, we'll give you each an additional 50 Crime Bucks. And the two of you with the highest scores at the end of this round will advance to the next round to determine who gets the $5,000 savings bond bounty and the right to go after Carmen Sandiego for a trip to anywhere in North America and a jackpot of $80,000!


Greg: All right, Chief. Who dunnit?

[Now, to the Chief]

Chief: Gumshoes, this is Kneemoi.

Rockapella: Moi! Moi! Knee-Knee-Knee-Knee-Knee-Kneemoi! Knee-Knee-Knee-Knee-Knee... Moi!

Chief: A floating face
who came from space
to pull a case
on the human race.

Her last-known whereabouts: Bohemia, Czech Republic.

[She and one of the cameramen dance the polka]

Chief: This, my friends, is polka, originally a Czech dance and genre of dance music familiar throughout Europe and the Americas. Polka remains a popular folk music genre in many European countries, and is performed by folk artists in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and to a lesser extent in Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Russia, and Slovakia. That is, until today!

Rockapella: Oh, no!

Chief: Kneemoi charged into the Czech Republic, and pilfered the Polka with her alien powers. She plans to power her fellow VILE crooks with the stolen dance for their annual holiday ball. Gumshoes, Urkel fans everywhere will never dance to his moves again unless you crack today's caper...!

Rockapella: Whoo-WHOO!!

ChiefThe Perilous Polka Pinch!


Greg: Thank you, Chief. Okay, guys. Let's get started with our first clue of the day, which--

[Jaleel White appears on the monitor]

Jaleel: Did your Chief say somethin' about Urkel fans, Greg?

[Cheers and applause]

Greg: Jaleel White! Steve Urkel himself is with us via Skype!

Jaleel: I wouldn't miss this. Just thought I'd give you a very important clue as to where you can find Kneemoi. She hid in the city where Family Matters took place. I just got word that there's a lot of uncontrollable polka dancing goin' on around Millennium Park near the city's Lake Michigan shoreline that covers a 24.5-acre section of northwestern Grant Park. Do it for my Urkel side, Gumshoes. Okay, Greg. Take it from here. [signs off]

Greg: Jaleel White!


Greg: Gumshoes, name the city. Is it Chicago, Cincinnati, or Indianapolis? Remember the clues we just heard: Lake Michigan shoreline, Millennium Park, Grant Park, and Family Matters. Lock in your answers, please. 50 Crime Bucks if you're right, 100 if all three of you nail it.

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Greg: Kathy, what'd you say?

Kathy: I chose Chicago.

Greg: Irene?

Irene: Chicago.

Greg: Elaine?

Elaine: Chicago.

Greg: Chicago. The answer we're looking for is Chicago!


Greg: Since all three of you got it, each of you goes to 350, courtesy of Jaleel White. Now, for our next clue--

[Chatter is heard coming from the alley]

Greg: That'll be our singers in the alley. Be back in a minute.

[He enters the alley, where the singers await]

Greg: Hey, guys. What's the Word on the Street?

Ash: Greg, the Word on the Street is "Tango". Serena?

Serena: My pleasure. [clutches a rose in her mouth]

[She and Ash dance the tango, much to the delight of the crowd]

Jeff: The tango is a partner dance that originated in the 1880s along the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay. It's an estuary formed by the confluence of the Uruguay and the Paraná rivers. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean, forming a funnel-shaped indentation on the southeastern coastline of South America.

[Ash and Serena pose; Serena tosses the rose up in the air]

[Cheers and applause]

[Ash and Serena take a bow]

Greg: That's impressive. Thanks. [returns to HQ] If Serena and the others are going out today, this is a great way to spend their last show. Okay, Gumshoes. Name the body of water. Is it Palena River, Rio de la Plata, or La Leona River? Remember the clues we just heard: Tango, natural border between Argentina and Uruguay, and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Greg: Kathy, your response, please?

Kathy: I chose Rio de la Plata.

Greg: Rio de la Plata. Irene?

Irene: Rio de la Plata.

Greg: Rio de la Plata. Finally, Elaine?

Elaine: Rio de la Plata.

Greg: The answer we're looking for is the Rio de la Plata!


Greg: All of you got it once again, so each of you gains another 100 Crime Bucks. You're each up to 450. For our next clue, take it from here, Sydney Greenpig.

Sydney: [chortles] Greetings again, my friends. Kneemoi hid out in a borough of New York City, home of the New York Yankees. Oh, but there's more. The name of this city originated with Jonas Bronck, who established the first settlement in the area as part of the New Netherland colony in 1639. Well, ta-ta, chaps. I'm off to my family reunion. Peace!

[Back to HQ]

Greg: Okay, Gumshoes. You heard him. Name the borough. Is it the Bronx, Staten Island, or Manhattan?

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Greg: Go ahead, Kathy.

Kathy: I chose the Bronx.

Greg: The Bronx. Irene?

Irene: The Bronx.

Greg: The Bronx. Elaine?

Elaine: The Bronx.

Greg: The Bronx. The answer we're looking for-- The Bronx!


Greg: Incredible, you guys! Another 100 for each of you. 550 apiece and still a three-way tie.

[Lightning flashes]

Greg: Okay, guys. It's time for the Lightning Round. All these questions relate to the Bronx. Each correct answer is worth 25 Crime Bucks. Listen carefully. Here we go. What Major League Baseball team from the Bronx is nicknamed the Bronx Bombers?

[Irene rings in]

Greg: Irene.

Irene: The Yankees.

[Bells sound out]


Greg: That's correct. You go to 575. Question 2: One of the original members of our own Rockapella grew up in the Bronx. Name the Rockapella alumni. Sean Altman, Elliott Kerman, or Steve Keyes?

[Irene rings in again]

Greg: Irene.

Irene: Sean.

[Bells sound out]


Greg: Another 25 for you. 600 total. Hopefully we'll see Sean in one of next week's shows. By the way, Steve Keyes was among the choices, and he hasn't been seen since season 2. Wonder what he's up to now and why he hasn't called lately? Oh, well. Question 3: Take a look at this.

Greg: This is the northern tip of Hunter Island in what public park located in the northeast corner of the Bronx?

[Kathy rings in]

Greg: Kathy.

Kathy: Pelham Bay Park.

[Bells sound out]


Greg: That's it. You go up to 575. Last question: A Bronx Tale was a 1993 crime drama film. It was the first commercial theatrical film release ever directed by which of the following actors? Martin Scorcese, Chazz Palminteri, or Robert De Niro?

[Kathy rings in again]

Greg: Kathy.

Kathy: Robert De Niro.

[Bells sound out]


Greg: That's another 25 for you. At the end of the Lightning Round, Kathy and Irene each have 600, and Elaine still has 550. Good job, ladies.

Chief: Greg, report to my office at once!

Greg: Roger, Chief. Excuse me, Gumshoes. When the Chief says "at once", she means "at once". My mentor calls once more. [enters the Chief's office] Yes, Chief?

Chief: [places Post-It notes on Greg's jacket] Greg, you've been to Chicago. You have been to the Rio de la Plata. You have been to the Bronx. And there's still no sign of Kneemoi or the Polka. I thought the reward would motivate them to stay on the trail so Kneemoi can lead us to Carmen.

Greg: Chief, remember, they're just beginners.

Chief: [sighs] You're right, Greg. You're right. Sorry. I'm just exaggerating. I mean, it's hard to adjust to the way the show is now that it's bi-weekly. But at least I haven't forgotten about the contest. Gumshoes at home, each time you watch the show, write down what got stolen and from where. When you've written down five loots and locations, write them on a postcard, along with your name and address, and send it to...

Chief: ACME Crime Net
P.O. Box 4300
New York, NY 10163.

Or enter at

Greg: Each day, we'll pick five people whose lists are correct and send them each a Carmen t-shirt. Here's who won today.


Barbara Jackson
Milwaukee, WI

Adam Pennino
Brooklyn, NY

Jesse Ramos
Manhattan, NY

Jeff Snyder
Providence, RI

Bonnie Jefferson
Hoboken, NJ

Greg and the Chief: Congratulations to the winners!

Chief: All right, Greg. Go away.

Greg: Yes, ma'am. [exits the office]

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12/07/2016 6:24 am  #2

Re: #342: The Perilous Polka Pinch



1/09/2017 8:42 pm  #3

Re: #342: The Perilous Polka Pinch

Greg: [comes out of the office and removes the Post-It notes] Phone Tap.

Kneemoi: Carmen, I'm calling from Ténéré. I read it comprises a vast plain of sand stretching from the northeastern part of the country I'm hiding in into western Chad, occupying an area of over 150,000 square miles.

Carmen: If ACME finds you, make your get away at Niamey Airport. It's located at the country's capital and largest city.

Kneemoi: Roger that. Sorry about the short call. I'm short on change. [hangs up]

Carmen: Cheapskate.

[Back to HQ]

Greg: Okay, Gumshoes. Name the country. Is it Niger, Benin, or Libya? Remember the clues that we heard: Ténéré, capital: Niamey, and Niamey Airport. I can also tell you that this country is landlocked.

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Greg: Go ahead, Kathy.

Kathy: I chose Benin.

Greg: Benin. Irene?

Irene: Niger.

Greg: Niger. Elaine?

Elaine: Niger.

Greg: Niger. The answer we're looking for is Niger!


Greg: After that question, Kathy has 600, Irene has 650, and Elaine has 600. Now, we've just heard that Kneemoi has left Chad, so let's pick up the Chase!

[Poképella and all their Pokémon run past]

All singers: Oooooooooooooooooooh,... THE CHASE!!!

Greg: First time in a long time. Poképella's Pokémon, ladies and gentlemen.


Greg: Gumshoes, all these are worth 25 Crime Bucks. Hands on your signaling buttons, and here we go. Kneemoi burst into Bamako.

[Kathy rings in]

Greg: Kathy.

Kathy: Mali.

Greg: Yes. She then pulled the Polka into Ouagadougou.

[Kathy rings in]

Greg: Kathy.

Kathy: Burkina Faso.

Greg: Right. Next, she arrived in Abidjan.

[Kathy rings in]

Greg: Kathy.

Kathy: Ivory Coast.

Greg: Right. She floated due east to the capital of Ghana.

[Kathy rings in]

Greg: Kathy.

Kathy: Accra?

Greg: Yes. Finally, she sailed south. Name the body--

[Kathy rings in]

Greg: Kathy.

Kathy: Gulf of Guinea.

Greg: That's right. At the end of the Chase, Kathy leads with 725, Irene has 650, and Elaine has 600. Now, as many of you might already know, it's time for the last clue of this round.

[A map of Texas is shown on the monitor]

Greg: Take a look at this part of the world, and think about it.

[The "risk" think cue is heard as the Gumshoes lock in their wagers]

[Afterwards, the cue ends]

Greg: Decisions have been made. Okay, Nana Rap. Take it away!

Nana Rap: Glad to be back, my homies! Let's kick it up a notch! [echoes]

[Her rap music starts]

Nana Rap: Listen and get down as I rap so merry.
There's a planetarium named after Gene Roddenberry.
He was born in the city on the Rio Grande.
He was Star Trek's creator. What a clever man.
It hosts the Sun Bowl, known for college football.
Hiding in here will be Kneemoi's downfall.
Roddenberry's not related to her home planet.
That's all I've got for you. Now it's time to can it!
Word up! Yo! [laughs; echoes]

[Back to HQ]

Greg: Nana Rap, ladies and gentlemen!

[Cheers and applause]

Greg: Thank you, Nana. Okay, Gumshoes. Our final clue-- Name the city. Is it Dallas, Fort Worth, or El Paso? Remember the clues that we heard: Home of Gene Roddenberry, Gene Roddenberry Planetarium, hosts the Sun Bowl, and on the Rio Grande.

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Greg: All right. We're gonna start with you, Elaine, since you have the lowest score. You have 600. How much did you risk?

Elaine: I risked 250.

Greg: The big one. If you're right, you go to 850. If not, you drop to 350, and you'll be mathematically eliminated. What'd you say?

Elaine: El Paso.

Greg: That's right!


Greg: Had a good feeling about that one, eh? Good job. Next, we go to Irene with 650. How much did you risk?

Irene: I also risked 250.

Greg: Another must-win situation here. Irene, if you're wrong, you'll drop to 400 and be mathematically eliminated, but if you're right, you go to 900 and will surely go on to the next round What'd you say?

Irene: I chose El Paso, too.

Greg: That's it!


Greg: Lastly, we turn to Kathy. You have 725. How much did you risk?

Kathy: 250.

Greg: Another big one. If you're right, you'll go to 975 and will advance to the next round with Irene. If not, you'll dtop to 475, and Irene and Elaine will advance. What'd you say?

Kathy: I also chose El Paso.

Greg: That's it! You and Irene are advancing!


Greg: Elaine, you played a great game today. At least you've got a lot of savings bonds to show for it. Not only do you keep your Crime Bucks in savings bonds, but you'll also take home an additional $1,000 savings bond for coming in third place. And you're also taking home a special kit that will assist you in your next case. Chief?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: It's our official ACME Crime Net Travel Kit. It all comes in this wonderful ACME duffel bag. Inside, you'll find an atlas, the official Carmen watch, a Carmen t-shirt, a subscription to National Geographic World magazine, this ACME Crime Net cap with the logo in front, our ACME Stealth Pen Recorder for writing and recording messages, and finally, this handy basketball globe. [tosses the ball into a basket behind her] I salute you! Back to you, Greg!


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Re: #342: The Perilous Polka Pinch

Greg: [hat on] Thank you, Chief. Okay, Kathy and Irene. Kneemoi has taken the Polka to El Paso, Texas, so what we're gonna do is modem ourselves.

Chief: Greg, it's almost time to modem. You and the Gumshoes ready?

Greg: And willing, Chief! Here we go!

[He and the Gumshoes teleport out of HQ, then to the Jailtime Challenge station in El Paso]

Union Depot
Cathedral of Saint Patrick
Wyler Aerial Tramway
North Franklin Peak
Rio Grande
Kern Place
Downtown El Paso
Plaza Theatre
Museum of Archaeology
Museum of Art
International Airport
Bridge of the Americas
Loretto Academy
Botanical Gardens]

Greg: [exhales] Okay, guys. Here we are in El Paso. Now, let's turn it over to the Chief for a quick briefing. Chief?

[The Chief appears on the board]

Chief: Gumshoes, there are 15 places here in El Paso where you may find Kneemoi, the Warrant, or the Polka. Let's look at a few of them.

Chief: El Paso, the Spanish term for "the pass", stands on the Rio Grande across the border from Ciudad Juárez, in Chihuahua, Mexico. The two cities, along with Las Cruces in the neighboring state of New Mexico, form a combined international metropolitan area, sometimes referred as the Paso del Norte or El Paso–Juárez–Las Cruces.

Chief: North Franklin Mountain is a mountain in the Franklin Mountains of El Paso, located in the Southwestern United States. North Franklin, standing at 7,192 feet, is the highest point in El Paso, and the 27th-highest mountain in the state of Texas.

Chief: The Plaza Theatre is a historic building in El Paso. The theater stands as one of the city's most well-known landmarks, and remains operational today, showing various Broadway productions, musical concerts, and individual performers.

Chief: Finally, Loretto Academy, a private Roman Catholic school in El Paso. It's part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso alongside Cathedral High School and Father Yermo. Grades K-5 are coed, while grades 6-12 are all girls. Well, Gumshoes, that's your briefing. Now, enter El Paso, pinch back the Polka, and knock Kneemoi out! Greg! [signs off]

Greg: Thanks, Chief. Okay, Gumshoes. Remember, the order is Loot, Warrant, and Crook. Finding any of them at any time gets you a free look. First place gets a $5,000 savings bond and the chance to go after Carmen, second gets $2,000. Kathy, you were leading at the end of the last round, so you go first.

Kathy: Kern Palace.

Greg: Kern Palace.


Greg: Nothing there. Over to you, Irene.

Irene: The zoo.

Greg: The zoo.


[Rockapella and Poképella imitate animal sounds]

Greg: Nothing there, either. Kathy?

Kathy: Wyler Aerial Tramway.

Greg: Wyler Aerial Tramway.


Greg: Nothing there. Irene?

Irene: Downtown El Paso.

Greg: Downtown El Paso.


Greg: Nothing there. Kathy?

Kathy: North Franklin Peak.

Greg: North Franklin Peak.


Greg: Nothing there, either. Weird. Maybe we don't have them on this board today. Irene?

Irene: Rio Grande.

Greg: Rio Grande.


Greg: No. Kathy?

Kathy: Museum of Archaeology.

Greg: Museum of Archaeology.

[The Warrant]

Rockapella: The Warrant!

Greg: Finally, we found one. But remember, we need to find the Loot before the Warrant and the Crook after. But go ahead, Kathy.

Kathy: Union Depot.

Greg: Union Depot.

[The Loot]

Rockapella: Pilfered Polka!

Greg: Good job. You got the Polka. But we still need to find the Loot first, the Warrant second, and the Crook last. Go ahead, Kathy.

Kathy: North Franklin Peak.

Greg: North Franklin Peak.


Greg: Nothing there. We know where the Loot and Warrant are, but we still gotta find Kneemoi. Irene?

Irene: Union Depot.

Greg: Union Depot.

[The Loot]

Poképella: Roll out the barrel!

Greg: [laughs] Irene, go ahead.

Irene: Museum of Archaeology.

Greg: Museum of Archaeology.

[The Warrant]

Rockapella: The Warrant!

Greg: Okay. Two down, one to go. Can you find Kneemoi?

Irene: Museum of Art.

Greg: Museum of Art.


Greg: Nada. Kathy?

Kathy: Union Depot.

Greg: Union Depot.

[The Loot]

Poképella: The Loot!

Greg: There's that one.

Kathy: Museum of Archaeology.

Greg: Museum of Archaeology.

[The Warrant]

Rockapella: The Warrant!

Greg: Where is that Kneemoi?

Kathy: Bridge of the Americas.

Greg: Bridge of the Americas.


Rockapella and Poképella: Kneemoi! YOU'VE WON!!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

[Cheers and applause]

[The singers do their fanfare; the confetti falls on Kathy]

Greg: Kathy, you've done it! Go ahead and pull the chain to put Kneemoi in jail!

[Kathy walks up to the chain, pulls it, and...]

Rockapella: Kneemoi... in jail!


Greg: Congratulations, Kathy. The $5,000 savings bond is yours, and the Polka is right back where it belongs, as is Kneemoi, behind bars. Stick around and we'll get back to you. But first off, Irene, you played a great game. You tracked Kneemoi all the way to El Paso. You've got yourself a $2,000 savings bond, as well as this gift. Chief?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: We have a new iPad Mini, which you can use to take photos of your travels, personal notes, listen to music, watch videos, and surf the web, among other things. And we're throwing in a $500 iTunes gift card, as well as the ACME Travel Kit. I salute you!


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Re: #342: The Perilous Polka Pinch

Greg: Thank you, Chief. [hands Kathy a portfolio] Okay, Kathy. Here's your portfolio. Write down where you wanna go if you catch Carmen Sandiego and get the trip and the $80,000 jackpot. Go ahead.

[The "trip think" cue is heard as Kathy writes down her trip location in her portfolio; afterwards, the cue ends]

Greg: Okay. Listen, you've had a great day today. You caught Kneemoi and won $5,975 in savings bonds. But we're not through yet. We still gotta find out where Carmen is.

[The phone rings]

Greg: I bet that's for you.

[Kathy picks up]

Kathy: Hello?

Kneemoi: planets! 92 jail cells! My frequent prisoner miles are really adding up! I'll give Carmen a free trip to Roddenberry. Go find her in Asia. [hangs up]

Greg: What'd she say?

Kathy: Carmen's in Asia.

Greg: Asia. Then that's where we're going. Chief?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: Here's a list of places Carmen may have traveled:

The Philippines.
Sri Lanka.

Greg! Let's go to the Map!

Scott: I feel GOOD!


[The singers do the Map intro; Greg and Kathy enter the Map of Asia; Kathy grabs her first marker]

Greg: Okay, Kathy. Got a marker in your hand. Let's get 45 seconds on the clock.

[The clock is set at 45 seconds]

Greg: Good luck to you. Get seven, and you're $80,000 richer, and that trip is yours. Audience, cheer her on. Here we go. On your mark, get set, GO!

[The timer and music start]

Greg: Carmen went to Ulan Bator, Mongolia! Mongolia!

[Kathy quickly places the marker on Mongolia]

[SIREN!] (1/7) [:40]


Greg: Good shot! Qatar! Qatar! Qatar!

[Kathy quickly places another marker on Qatar]

[SIREN!] (2/7) [:33]


Greg: That's right! Cambodia! Cambodia! Pour it on, Kathy!

[Kathy quickly places another marker on Cambodia]

[SIREN!] (3/7) [:27]


Greg: Three! Armenia! Armenia! Armenia!

[Kathy quickly places another marker on Armenia]

[SIREN!] (4/7) [:21]


Greg: BAM! Amman, Jordan! Jordan! Jordan! You can do this, Kathy!

[Kathy places another marker on Jordan]

[SIREN!] (5/7) [:13]


Greg: Five! Iraq! Iraq!

[Kathy quickly places another marker on Oman]

[BUZZER!] [:7]

Greg: Try again! Oman!

[Kathy quickly moves the marker to Syria]


Greg: No! Let's move on! Thailand! Bangkok, Thailand! Hurry!

[Kathy quickly places another marker on Thailand]

[SIREN!] (6/7) [:0]

[BUZZER!!] (time's up!)

Greg: Time! Did she get that last one? Yes, the judges say she did, so she got six in 45 seconds. Give her a hand, you guys!


Greg: Hey, you were close, Kathy. This is a very tough Map, not to mention it's bigger than any other Map we've ever used on the show. But you're not a loser here. No one is. You caught Kneemoi and got back the Polka. We're proud of you for that. Chief, how 'bout you?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: I sure am. Kathy, we at headquarters are all grateful for all the hard work you've done today. I hereby upgrade your status to Sleuth! Congratulations!


[Back to the Map]

Greg: Since you didn't get Carmen, we're gonna give you $1,000 for each country you correctly identified, so that's another $6,000 for you. All together, you're leaving us with $11,975 in cash and savings bonds.


Greg: But that's not all. All Sleuths not only get the ACME Travel Kit, but they also get... [hands Kathy a Sleuth Jacket] The Official Carmen Sandiego Sleuth Jacket!


Greg: And look inside the right pocket.

[Kathy reaches into the right pocket of her Sleuth Jacket and extracts a digital camera]

Greg: You also get this digital camera.


Greg: Now, because you didn't catch Carmen Sandiego today, our jackpot jumps up by another $30,000, taking it up to $110,000. Hopefully next Saturday's show, we'll finally catch Carmen. But right now, before you go, Kathy, there's one more thing I need you to do. You know what it is?!


[Cut to Poképella]

Scott: Ladies and gentlemen, on the occasion of Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie's departure, here's Poképella!


Serena: We didn't make forever.
We've each gotta go our separate way.
And now we're standing here helpless,
looking for something to say.

Bonnie: We've been together a long time.
We never thought it would end.
We were always so close to each other.
You were always my friend.

All: And it's hard to say goodbye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door
when you're not sure what you're going for.

Pikachu: Pika-chu!

Clemont: We didn't want this to happen,
but we shouldn't feel sad.
We had a good life together.
Just remember all the times we had.

Ash: And it's not that I don't love you deeply.
You were my family.
And it's just that I'm feeling there's so much more
waiting out there for you and me.

All: But it's hard to say goodbye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door
when you're not sure what you're going for.

Serena: You know I'll always love you.
You know I'll always care.
And no matter how far we may go,
in my heart, we'll always be there.

All: It's so hard to say goodbye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door
when you're not sure what you're going for.

Serena and Bonnie: It's so hard.
Ash and Clemont: Goodbye, my love.
Serena and Bonnie: Baby, it's so hard.
Ash and Clemont: We didn't make forever.
Serena and Bonnie: It's so hard.
Ash: I can feel there's something more.

Ash: But we've gotta grow.
We've gotta try,
though it's hard, so hard, we have to say goodbye.

[They dance and continue the song]

[Cheers and applause]

Scott: Let's take it home, folks! 1, 2, 3!

Ryan: YEAH!

[All singers perform the theme song]

Ash: Well, she sneaks around the world
from Kiev to Carolina.
She's a sticky-fingered filcher
from Berlin down to Belize.
She'll take you for a ride
on a slow boat to China.
Tell me,...
Serena and Bonnie: Where in the World is...
Clemont: Carmen Sandiego?

Serena: Steal their Seoul in South Korea,
make Antarctica cry "uncle!".
From the Red Sea to Greenland,
they'll be singin' the blues.
Bonnie: Well, they never Arkansas her steal
the Mekong from the jungle.
Tell me,...
Clemont: Where in the World is...
Serena and Bonnie: Carmen Sandiego?

Ash and Serena: She go from Nashville to Norway,
Bonaire to Zimbabwe,
Chicago to Czech or Slovakia,

Scott and Steven: Well, she'll ransack Pakistan
and run a scam in Scandinavia.
Then she'll stick 'em up down under
and go pickpocket Perth.
Ash and Serena: She puts the miss in misdemeanor
when she stole the beans from Lima.
Tell me,...
Scott, Steven, Ash, and Serena: Where in the World is...
Ryan and Clemont: Carmen Sandiego?

Bonnie: Whoa, tell me...!

All: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

[The audience joins in the celebration; Scott hands Serena a bouquet of roses; they embrace; Calvin hands Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie each a Sleuth Jacket; Steven snaps a photo of Poképella w/his iPhone, just as Serena kisses Ash on the cheek, unknown to Clemont, Bonnie, or Pikachu; Steven smiles]

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: This is S. Epatha Merkerson speaking for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. And remember:
Carmen's gang has brains like rocks,
and they rarely wash their socks.
Stinks, doesn't it?

[The end]


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