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4/11/2017 6:45 pm  #1

Coming Summer 2017 to ACME Crime Net!

Sora: Coming from ACME Crime Net!

[A montage of contestants performing stunts are shown]

Narrator: A show where six contestants test their mental and physical skills in the form of stunts and trivia games. One will likely fail the challenge.

Brooke Burns: It’s time to choose...! [echoes] The loser.

Narrator: And be sent to a pound.

[A clip of a contestant being sent to the Dog Pound]

Brooke: You’re off to the Dog Pound! See ya!

Narrator: One will be a top dog for a shot at $25,000!

[A montage of contestant facing trivia questions]

Brooke: Dog Pound wins!

Narrator: Or the dog pound will take it all! From the producer of Fear Factor and Wipeout comes…

Narrator: Hosted by Brooke Burns. Coming Summer 2017 on ACME Crime Net's Dailymotion Channel! Rated TV-PG to 14.

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