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7/03/2017 10:48 am  #1

Side-Fic 262: The Incredible Shrinking Chipmunks

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Pamela: Welcome to the show. It's only minutes away from starting. Just keep your eyes as far from the TV as possible, and watch with the lights on, just in case. Let's go!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[At Prescott's cave on the outskirts of town, Prescott turns to his henchmen]

Prescott: Listen well, all of you. My new submarine base is still under construction, so try and make yourselves at home here at this base in the meantime.

Temper: You'll soon have new minions at your disposal, my lord. Behold!

[Argon's third eye shows a holographic still shot of robotic demons]

Temper: Say goodbye to the ordinary demons, because Demonoids are the future!

Prescott: Robots? Impressive.

Argon: The Demonoids are artificially-intelligent demonic robots with Underworld force. They're far superior to my demons of old.

[He receives a transmission from a violet-colored droid with a silver head]

Argon: Oh!

Temper: Ah! My lord, I'd like you to meet the top dog and creator of all Demonoids: Model IRPW410. We call him Mechike, as per his request. He was built nearly six months ago by Argon, who infused him with a demonic soul. Once his programming was complete, Mechike began building the Demonoids.

Mechike: How can I serve you, Master Prescott?

Prescott: You can start by giving me a status update on the new base.

Mechike: Ah, yes. The submarine Nickar is 95% complete, sir. It's going to take some a little more time, but when it's done, your enemies will be at your mercy, and soon, so will the world.

Prescott: Wonderful.

[Owen, all the way in the back of the group, ponders]

Owen: Hmm. That voice sounds familiar. Where have I heard one like that before?

Rawlings: Owen, what're you mumbling about?

Owen: Shh! [quietly] Mechike. There's something about that robot's voice I don't like.

Temper: Relax. He just takes getting used to.

Owen: [in his mind] If Mechike is in fact who I think he is, I'll give him so much of a walloping that he'll wish he'd stayed dead.

Mechike: Just to give you a demonstration of my Demonoids, I'd like to present you with one. Behold, Shrinkada!

[A demonic robotic cicada appears before Prescott]

Shrinkada: In the name of Sir Mechike, I pledge my allegiance to you, Lord Prescott Vorstein.

Prescott: Mechike, just what does he do?

Mechike: Just watch.

Shrinkada: I need a volunteer.

Savage: [approaches Shrinkada] Let me.

Shrinkada: Hold still now, Savage.

[He zaps Savage w/brown energy, shrinking him down to the size of an insect]

Temper: Hey! Where'd he go?!

Savage: Down here, Temper!

[Temper looks down and notices his shrunken brother]

Temper: [laughs] You're even more like my little brother than ever!

Savage: [sarcastically] Laugh it up, bozo. At least we know what Shrinkada is capable of.

Temper: Yeah. Shrinkada, you can reverse the process, can't you?

Shrinkada: Sure.

[He zaps Savage again, this time, returning him to his original size]

Shrinkada: There. You know, if I'd kept him shrunken long enough, he'd have undergone a slow transformation into a bug. And it only reverses if the victim grows back before or during the transformation process.

Prescott: Hmm. Shrinkada, your task is to shrink however many ACME detectives you can find, then bring them to me.

Shrinkada: Why don't you just let me kill 'em?

Mechike: Because Shrinkada's spell will only block his victims' powers, if any, once the transformation is complete. I take it Lord Prescott is aware?

Prescott: Exactly.

Rawlings: I'd be honored to guard them for you, sir.

Prescott: Very well. Oh, and by the way, Rawlings,...

Rawlings: Yes, sir?

Prescott: [quietly] This is your last chance.

[Central Park, Thursday, June 1st, 8:45am]

[Every unit of ACME Crime Net (except for Ash Ketchum's group) is gathered together (all wearing green "Clean-Up Crew" t-shirts); there is a big banner: "ACME Crime Net Recycling Drive 2017"; they stand before Greg and the Chief, who are at their podium]

Greg: Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a warm Central Park welcome to NYPD's Deputy Chief Frank McKnight!


[Frank McKnight himself approaches the podium and shakes hands with Greg and the Chief]

McKnight: Thank you, Captain Lee. And thank you all for coming all the way to Central Park for ACME Crime Net's annual recycling drive!


McKnight: Now, as you all know, since the arrival of Prescott Vorstein, the cleaning crew here at Central Park has been very shorthanded, so we figured they'd take the day off as part of our annual recycling drive that was inspired by the example set by Detective Cody Hida three years ago. This year, each of you will be divided into teams to clean up a different area of this park. After this is over, every one of you will be awarded a medal for your efforts. And, as an added incentive, the team who clears Central Park of the most trash will receive a special donation of $25,000 under their name to the charity or special program of their choice, as well as... [extracts a crystal trophy w/the recycle logo and the ACME logo from a compartment in the podium] ...this trophy. One for each member of the team.


Chief: Thank you, Frank. Now, let's get out there and clean up!

[The gang shouts in approval]

[McKnight walks up to Alvin's group (consisting of the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, Olivia, and Marsha)]

McKnight: Say, uh, isn't Detective Ketchum supposed to be here?

Alvin: Oh, he'll be here soon. He's still at HQ showing our new recruits the ropes.

McKnight: New recruits?

Simon: From the Alola Region.

McKnight: Oh. I've heard of that place. Beautiful weather this time of year.

Ash's voice: You ain't kiddin' around, D.C.

[The gang notices Ash Ketchum and Pikachu with their new friends from Alola]

Ash: Alola, everyone!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Brittany: Ash!

Alvin: Glad you could make it!

[He and Ash shake hands]

Olivia: I love that new get-up.

Ash: Thanks, Olivia. [shakes hands with McKnight] D.C.

McKnight: Welcome back, Ash. Uh, "Alola"?

Ash: It's the way we greet each other in the Alola Region.

Pikachu: [nods] Pika.

McKnight: Oh, wonderful. Thanks. [notices Ash's Alola friends] Now, I take it these young people behind you are the new recruits?

Ash: Yep. Guys, come on over here.

[The rest of his group walks up closer to the Deputy Chief and Alvin's group]

Ash: These are my friends from ACME Crime Net, and this is Deputy Chief Frank McKnight.

McKnight: NYPD. [salutes]

[Ash's new friends salute]

Lillie: Nice to meet you. I'm Lillie.

Mallow: And my name's Mallow.

Lana: Lana.

Kiawe: Kiawe.

Sophocles: And I'm Sophocles.

Alvin: Wonderful to meet you guys. [whispers to his group] He's got three girls with him this time. Three!

Brittany: Jackpot!

Alvin: [normal tone; to Ash's new friends] Uh, I'd like you to meet my group. I'm Alvin, the leader. The one in blue is my brother Simon, and the one in green is my brother Theodore.

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore: And we're the Chipmunks!

Kiawe: You mean those famous singing squirrels?

Ash: Kiawe!

Alvin: We get a lot. It's no surprise.

Brittany: I'm Brittany, and these are my sisters Jeanette and Eleanor. We're the Chipettes.

Olivia: I'm Olivia Allen, the Chipettes' legal guardian and one of the group's chaperones for this recycling drive.

Marsha: I'm Marsha James, and I'm also a chaperone.

McKnight: Welcome to ACME Crime Net. [hands Ash's group t-shirts] Here. T-shirts for the 2017 ACME Crime Net recycling drive.

Lillie: A recycling drive?

Ash: We have them every year since our friend Cody started this three years ago. We help pick up trash in the city. This year, we're cleaning up Central Park.

Mallow: Some first assignment.

McKnight: You kids'll be ready for the real thing sooner or later. [hands the gang trash bags of three different colors] Bottles, cans, and anything aluminum or plastic go in the blue bags, anything made from paper goes in the green bags, and everything else goes in the black bags. Any money you find on the ground is yours to keep. And remember, the team that collects the most trash by the end of the drive gets a trophy and a donation to their favorite charity or special program. Good luck to you all. [exits]

Ash and his group: Yes, sir!

Ash: May the best team win, Alvin.

Alvin: Ditto.

[They bump fists; their groups split up]

[Over the course of the next hour, every unit of ACME collects trash from a different part of Central Park; at the Diana Ross Playground, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes are nearly finished picking up the trash and stuffing them into the appropriate bags]

Brittany: Can you believe that Prescott? All his criminal activity can leave a terrible mess, even after we beat him.

Eleanor: [picks up a glass bottle with a familiar tiny cicada inside] Not to mention this bottle smells so funky, there's a cicada inside.

Brittany: Ugh! Toss it, Ellie!

[Eleanor tosses the bottle into her blue bag]

Alvin: Well, that's about it. Tie 'em up, guys.

[Everyone ties up their trash bags shut tightly, but just as Eleanor is about to tie her blue bag shut, the cicada flies out of the bag]

Theodore: Eleanor, it's that bug again!

Brittany: I'll swat it. YumeBlade!

[Her wristband glows; her YumeBlade appears in her hand]

Brittany: Someone call for an exterminator?!

[But just as she is about to swat it, the cicada grows into Shrinkada]

Brittany: Hey! It grew!

Olivia: It's a giant bug bot!

Shrinkada: The name's Shrinkada, and you're comin' with me!

[He fires his energy at the gang, who blocks w/their trash bags; the bags shrink]

Shrinkada: You're lucky.

Simon: I never expected Prescott to switch to robots for demons.

Alvin: Who cares? We gotta destroy this one!

Theodore: Mm-hmm! Brutus!

Simon: Flame!

Alvin: Dagger!

All three: Spider out!

[Out of their manacles come their Battle Spiders]

All three Chipmunks: Arachna Super Power!

[They get suited up, then merge w/their Battle Spiders]

Chipmunks: Super Spider Riders!

Brittany: Kaleido Power!

[She gets suited up]

Brittany: Marsha, Olivia, take my sisters and the trash and tell the others. We'll deal with this guy.

Marsha: Got it.

[She, Olivia, Jeanette, and Eleanor gather the shrunken trash and exit]

Shrinkada: Think I'm no match for four? Think again!

[He whips out an electric fly swatter and charges at Brittany and the Chipmunks]

Brittany: Don't think so!

[She strikes Shrinkada back w/her blade]

[The Chipmunks' weapons appear]

Alvin: Blade of Lightning!

Simon: Fire Bolt!

Theodore: Morning Star!

[They strike Shrinkada w/their weapons]

Shrinkada: [smacks the foursome down w/his swatter] Not enough!

Brittany: [inputs code] 4-9-6! Arciel, come forth!

[Satsuki Ranjo's sword appears in Brittany's left hand]

Brittany: [strikes Shrinkada w/both swords] You really bug me!

Alvin: Brittany, try a Pokémon move.

Brittany: [inputs code] Way ahead of you. 4-9-7! Unleash Flamethrower!

[She fires Flamethrower from the palms of her hands at Shrinkada, hitting him]

Brittany: Really owe a lot to Blaziken.

Shrinkada: A simple fire attack won't stop a Demonoid!

Alvin: Demonoid?

Shrinkada: It's time I added you brats to my boss' collection!

[He fires a blast of energy at the foursome; they duck, but Shrinkada fires another blast of energy at them, shrinking them to the size of insects]

Theodore: Hey! We've shrunk!

Brittany: That beast!

[Shrinkada approaches them and looks down]

Simon: How dare you shrink us!

Shrinkada: All in a day's work, kiddies.

Alvin: Brittany, go warn the others!

Brittany: But what about you?

Simon: We'll take care of this guy, even if we're shrunk!

Brittany: Okay. [flies away]

Alvin: As for you, creep, you're gonna pay! [fires lightning from his blade at Shrinkada] Blade of Lightning!

[The blast doesn't affect Shrinkada]

Shrinkada: Your powers in your tiny state can't penetrate Shrinkada. [reaches down to grab them] You're coming with me to meet my boss!

Chipmunks: Uh-oh!

[Later, at Delacorte Theater, Ash's group has gathered all the trash in appropriate bags]

Mallow: All done. Theater's as clean as a whistle.

Ash: I wonder how Alvin's group is doin'.

Lana: We should head to the playground and check on them.

[Suddenly, the shrunken Brittany flies into the scene]

Brittany: Ash!

Ash: Brittany? Is that you?

Lillie: Where are you?

Brittany: Over here!

[Ash's group notices her approaching]

Brittany: Prescott's new demon attacked us! The Chipmunks were taken captive!

Kiawe: Brittany?

Sophocles: What happened to you?

Brittany: Prescott's demon happened to me, and the Chipmunks, too. He shrank us each to the size of a bug and kidnapped the Chipmunks just after they sent me to get help.

Pikachu: Pika?!

Ash: We gotta get back to HQ. We'll worry about the recycling drive later. On my head, Brittany.

[Brittany flies to the brim of Ash's hat and sits down]

Ash: And hang on. Let's go, guys!

[He and his group set off, taking Brittany and their trash with them]

[ACME Crime Net HQ, 9:47am]

[Ash's group and Brittany are gathered with Greg, the Chief, McKnight, Jeanette, Eleanor, Olivia, and Marsha]

McKnight: Kidnapped?!

Brittany: And shrunk, sir. In this state, our powers were useless against Shrinkada.

[Jeanette notices insect wings on Brittany's back]

Jeanette: Brittany, there's wings on your back.

Brittany: Of course there are, Jeanette. They're part of the uniform.

Jeanette: Not those wings. The insect wings!

Brittany: Huh? I don't remember that going with the costume.

[Lillie points her hand mirror at Brittany's back; Brittany turns her head around for a better look and gasps]

Brittany: I'm a bug!

Tyler: [enters] Shrinkada put a spell on you when he shrunk you. I ran a scan. It was easier than ever, him being a robot and all. Shrinkada's victims slowly undergo a transformation into insects, and if they're not grown back before the transformation is completed, they'll remain insects forever, even if Shrinkada is destroyed. There's no other antidote for it.

Brittany: Do you have any way of making me big again, Tyler?

Tyler: It could take days to get a device prepared. By the time it's been completed, the transformation will be complete. But I'll do the best I can to find a faster way.

[He returns to ACME Labs]

Chief: I hope he does.

McKnight: Or Brittany's career-- All of them, will be over.

[Cut back to Prescott's cave; Shrinkada flies in with a box]

Shrinkada: I got 'em, boss! I got 'em!

Prescott: Gimme that box.

[Shrinkada hands him the box; Prescott removes the lid and looks inside to find the shrunken Chipmunks (still in Super Spider Rider uniform) w/insect wings on their backs]

Prescott: Well, what do you know? The very same kid who destroyed my family, and his baby brothers.

Simon: We're not that much younger than Alvin!

Alvin and Theodore: Simon!

Prescott: Who knew my newest demon would bring me the very ACME detective I want?

Alvin: You won't get away with this, Prescott! Ever!

Prescott: Actually, it's you who won't. [re-lids the box] Nighty-night.

[He hands the box to Rawlings]

Prescott: You're in charge of these brats. Make sure this is wrapped up good and tight so they don't escape. Or else.

Rawlings: Understood, sir.

[Prescott exits; Rawlings wraps the box and ties a ribbon around it, then sits on a beach chair and places the box on a table beside him; he takes a rest]

Rawlings: There's no escape now. Once they're full bugs, they're dead. [falls asleep]

[Cut to inside the box]

Theodore: Do these suits have flashlights or something?

Brutus: All over it, Theodore. Spider Beacons, illuminate!

[The Spider Beacons on the Chipmunks' suits' shoulder pads illuminate]

Simon: Good thinking, Brutus.

Alvin: Let's look around and see if we can find any way out.

[The trio looks around; Simon notices the insect wings on Alvin and Theodore's backs]

Simon: Guys, on your backs! You've got wings!

[His brothers notice the wings on Simon's back]

Theodore: You, too!

Alvin: Shrinkada's bug spell must be taking effect. I overheard him say that if we don't grow back before the transformation is complete, we'll be stuck this way forever, and our powers will be useless!

Simon: Contact the others.

Alvin: Dagger, make contact with Hunter.

Dagger: Hunter, do you read me? Shadow?

Shadow: [through speaker on Alvin's helmet] You guys okay? Where are you?

Alvin: We're in some kinda cave on the outskirts of town. It must be Prescott's new base.

Hunter: I'll send the transmission over to Dad, pronto. Stand by.


Tyler: Steele.

Alvin: Tyler, thank God!

Tyler: Where are you boys?

Simon: Prescott's new base in a cave. We need backup fast!

Tyler: It's a good thing your new suits have homing devices. As soon as I lock onto your coordinates, I'll send the other riders and the Kaleido Gladiators.

Alvin: Thanks, Tyler. In the meantime, we'll try and make ourselves big again and catch Prescott.

Tyler: Good luck, boys, but be careful. Steele out.

Simon: Alvin, do you have a death wish?! Even after we grow again, how are the three of us gonna take on a whole army of Prescott's henchmen?

Alvin: At the least, we can stall for time until the others get here.

Theodore: But how are we gonna get out of here? There's no way out.

Simon: For all we know, Prescott must've tied this box good and tight to prevent us from moving the lid.

Alvin: And even if he didn't, he'd be expecting us to do that. But I doubt he'll suspect us breaking through a bottom corner.

Simon: Good idea. Let me at it.

[His lance appears]

Simon: [approaches the corner on his left] But first, I gotta make sure it's a back corner. That way, Prescott will never know we're escaping.

[He pokes a hole through the corner w/his lance, then looks through and notices the solid rock wall]

Simon: Perfect! Follow me, guys.

[He leads his brothers as they jet their way through the hole and out of the box]

Alvin: That's our brother.

[Suddenly, antennae appear on their heads; the Chipmunks notice them]

Alvin: Uh-oh. Antennae. We gotta hurry!

Theodore: I don't wanna be a bug!

Simon: Wait. Do you guys know how Prescott makes his demons grow?

Theodore: No, I don't.

Alvin: Theodore, if you knew how Alto and Soprano would make their mutants and Mutant Riders grow, you should know this.

Theodore: Argon?

Alvin and Simon: Yeah!

Alvin: You forget that Argon works for Prescott now.

Simon: Anyway, Argon's third eye makes demons grow, so if we could get him to aim it at us, we can make ourselves big again!

Theodore: That might work!

Alvin: But how? Argon's too smart to fall for such a trick.

Simon: We can always call for the Flash Formosa. We'll use it as bait to get Argon to make Shrinkada grow.

Alvin: Good idea. Flash Formosa, mobilize!

[Outside the cave, the Flash Formosa enters the scene]

Alvin: I dare Prescott to bring out Shrinkada now.

Argon: Sir Rawlings, the Flash Formosa is outside!

Rawlings: [wakes up] What?! But how?! Ah, forget it. This is my chance to prove myself to Prescott. Savage!

[Savage approaches him]

Savage: Sir Rawlings.

Rawlings: I need a robot. [hands him $25,000 cash] This is all I've got.

Savage: It's just enough for one Sphere Beetle. [hands Rawlings a robot remote] Now, go!

Rawlings: You got it!

[He gets equipped with his CDG unit and exits the cave; he pushes the button on his remote; a giant Sphere Beetle emerges from underground; Rawlings jumps into the cockpit]

Theodore: What?! A robot?!

Alvin: Jeez! Does Rawlings have a death wish?!

Simon: He's just asking for trouble.

Alvin: And trouble's what he's gonna get. Tyler, we're trying to lure Argon into making us grow, and we need additional machines.

Tyler: The Cyber Spiders and Platinum Pardosa are on the way.

[Outside the cave, said machines enter in Fighter Mode]

Rawlings: More machines?! Damn it! Fire!

[Outside, the Sphere Beetle fires its rocketing fists at the machines, who dodge them; the Cyber Spiders strike the Sphere Beetle w/their twister formation; the Sphere Beetle fires lasers at the machines, but the Platinum Pardosa intercepts and fires an arrow at the Sphere Beetle, hitting it]

Alvin: Flash Formosa, Blade of Lightning!

[The Flash Formosa strikes the Sphere Beetle w/its blade]

[Cut back to another part of the cave; Prescott has seen the whole fight on his iPad]

Prescott: Savage, your Sphere Beetle is losing. Send four Magmabots to deal with these intruders.

Savage: Four robots is gonna run you--

Prescott: I've given you enough! It's on the house. Do as I say and have my Demonitron pilot those Magmabots.

Savage: Very well. [approaches his robot garage; in his mind] Your ungratefulness will soon be your undoing.

[Outside, four Magmabots enter the scene of the giant robot battle]

Rawlings: Hey! I didn't ask for any help! I can do fine on my own! [growls] Well, gotta get this job done, anyhow. Attack those ACME robots!

[The Magmabots shoot volcanic fireballs at the ACME machines, hitting them all; the ACME machines hit the ground]

Rawlings: Direct hit! Now to take 'em all out!

[Cut back to the cave]

Alvin: All right, bros! Let's bring 'em together!

All three Chipmunks: Thunder Formosa, initiate transformation sequence!

[Cut back to the battle; the Cyber Spiders, Platinum Pardosa, and Flash Formosa combine to form the Thunder Formosa]

Rawlings: Combining won't help! GO!

[All evil robots charge at the Thunder Formosa, who fights back w/its Thunder Lance]

Rawlings: Wait a sec. Why didn't I think of this sooner? [to the intercom] Argon, send down some ArgoStar Fighters to back me up from the sky!

Argon: Right away, Sir Rawlings!

[Outside, ArgoStar Fighters appear in the sky and fire blasts of red energy at the Thunder Formosa, hitting it]

[Cut back to the front of the cave]

Theodore: ArgoStars?!

Alvin: Are they ever gonna make anyone grow?!

[Suddenly, they notice their hands have changed to that of insects]

Alvin: Gross! We're bugging out even more! Argon had better start making Shrinkada grow before we become permament insects!

Simon: And where are the others when you need 'em?!

[Suddenly, back outside, the Spider Caesar, Indigo Paladin, and the Mega Star Borg enter the scene and strike down the ArgoStars]

[Cut to the Mega Star Borg's cockpit w/all 10 Kaleido Gladiators (including the still-shrunken Brittany (who now has insect hands and antennae))]

Layla: Sorry we're late, boys! Miss us?

Alvin: [through radio] Layla!

[Cut to the Spider Caesar's cockpit w/Hunter, Corona, Lumen, and Sparkle (in Super Spider Rider uniform)]

Hunter: We came as soon as we could.

Shadow: Didn't think we'd let you hog all the fun, did ya?

[Cut to the Indigo Paladin's cockpit w/Aqune (also in Super Spider Rider uniform)]

Aqune: Let's see if this'll lure Shrinkada into battle.

[Cut back to the cave; Prescott is furious]

Prescott: Shrinkada, get out there and finish them! Argon will provide you with the boost you need.

Shrinkada: Roger that, boss!

[He flies outside and into the scene of the battle]

Alvin: That's the signal! Let's go, guys!

[He and his brothers fly out of the cave and land in front of Shrinkada's feet]

Alvin: Brittany, it's time! We're right below Shrinkada!

Brittany: On it!

[She flies out of the Mega Star Borg's cockpit and joins the Chipmunks]

Brittany: I'm surprised Prescott didn't squish you like bugs.

Alvin: Brittany, we are bugs now, at least unless this plan succeeds.

Simon: [looks up at the sky] Here we go, guys! Brace yourselves!

[A beam of red energy from the sky hits Shrinkada, making him grow giant-sized; the Chipmunks and Brittany get caught in the blast and grow back to their original sizes, and no longer insects]

Brittany: All right! Your plan worked! We're big again!

Theodore: And we've been debugged!

Simon: I knew Prescott would run out of options!

Alvin: Let's join the others! You with me?!

Brittany, Simon, and Theodore: Roger!

[Brittany flies back into the Mega Star Borg's cockpit; the Chipmunks jet into the Thunder Formosa's cockpit; Rawlings has noticed]

Rawlings: What?! They're back to normal?! They played us like fools!

Shrinkada: Don't worry, Rawlings. We can still destroy them!

[Cut back to the Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Hunter: Hey, glad to have you back, boys!

Alvin: [through radio] Glad you came when you could so we could lure Prescott into sending Shrinkada out so Argon could make him grow.

Corona: That was a great plan, kiddo.

Lumen: Now let's give Rawlings and his bug buddy a fight they won't soon forget!

Sparkle: Yeah!

[Cut to the Thunder Formosa's cockpit]

Alvin: Shrinkada's all ours, bros. Gladiators, deal with Rawlings. The rest of you Spider Riders, take care of the Magmabots and what's left of the ArgoStars.

Everyone else: Roger!

[Outside, ACME's machines fight their assigned enemies; the Spider Caesar and Indigo Paladin strike the remaining ArgoStars down w/their blades, then turn to the Magmabots]

Spider Riders: Super Spider Caesar, initiate interface sequence!

[The Spider Caesar and Indigo Paladin combine to form the Super Spider Caesar and charge at the Magmabots w/its Xenon Twin Blades; the Magmabots fire volcanic fireballs at the Super Spider Caesar, who slices each fireball w/its blades; the Magmabots form a chain and combine their energies to power up the one in front]

Spider Riders and Battle Spiders: Xenon Twin Blades, full power!

[The Xenon Twin Blades glow brightly and power up to full]

Spider Riders and Battle Spiders: FINAL STRIKE!!

[The Super Spider Caesar bisects the chain of Magmabots w/its Xenon Twin Blades, which launch a glowing blade-shaped projectile through the Magmabots, electrifying all five of them; the Magmabots split in half, fall to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Shrinkada: There goes the cavalry!

[Suddenly, the Thunder Formosa corners him]

Alvin: This, Shrinkada, is for shrinking us and trying to turn us into defenseless bugs!

[Shrinkada cowers as the Thunder Formosa points its Crimson Crossbow at him]

Shrinkada: No! Stop!

[He tries to fly away, but the Super Spider Caesar knocks him to the ground with its blades, cutting off his wings in the process]

Shrinkada: [screams] My wings!

Hunter: You'll lose more than that when we're through with you!

Alvin: Crimson Crossbow!

All three Chipmunks: FINAL STRIKE!

[The Thunder Formosa fires a flaming phoenix arrow from the crossbow at Shrinkada, hitting him hard; Shrinkada screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Rawlings: Shrinkada!

[The Mega Star Borg grabs the Sphere Beetle and takes to the sky with it in tow; the Sphere Beetle grips the Mega Star Borg tightly]

[Cut to the Sphere Beetle's cockpit]

Rawlings: I'll destroy you all even if I have to waste another of Savage's robots! Engage autopilot and self-destruct!

P.A.: Autopilot engaged. Self-destruction in 60 seconds and counting.

[Rawlings flies out of the cockpit and back into the cave; cut to the Mega Star Borg's cockpit]

Pamela: He's escaping!

Marion: Not if I can help it!

[She flies out of the cockpit and into the cave as the Sphere Beetle tightens its grip on the Mega Star Borg]

Sora: Be careful, Marion!

Layla: Right now, we have to break the Sphere Beetle's grip on us before it blows up! Any ideas?

Brittany: [activates the emergency button] Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Mia: What are you doing?

Brittany: [smashes the glass over the emergency button] Taking care of business!

[She hits the button; outside, the Mega Star Borg knees the Sphere Beetle in the groin, causing it to lose its grip on the Mega Star Borg completely and fall to the ground hard]

Gladiators: Angelic Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Mega Star Borg's fists and wings glow with the cry of a phoenix, the cry of a swan, and the roar of a dragon as it dives down and punches the Sphere Beetle hard; the Sphere Beetle falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Layla: That's the last of the giants.

Sora: But, Layla, we still gotta help Marion.

[Cut back to the cave; Marion confronts Rawlings]

Marion: You didn't think I was gonna let you get off easy, did you?

Rawlings: I've heard about you, Marion Benigni. It was all over the news after your dad's killer, Clarice Addison, died.

Marion: Excuse me?

Rawlings: And the guy who helped her break out of jail, Bronson Freed-- He was my cousin, and we were classmates in high school. I was his only living relative.

Marion: Cousin?!

Rawlings: He may have been the black sheep of the family before our parents died in a terrible fire, and he may have had a few bad qualities from time to time afterwards, but he was still my cousin and the only good friend I had.

Marion: Bad qualities? Freed was a sociopath, just like Addison. He knew how dangerous she was, yet he helped her escape, just to spite me.

Rawlings: You murdered him! Crime or no crime, I loved him like my own little brother! But now it's come to this: The last of your family vs. the last of my family.

Layla: Wrong!

[She and the others enter the cave]

Marion: Guys!

Layla: Marion may be the last of her biological family left alive, but she still has a family who loves her: Us!

Sora: If you want her, you'll have to kill us first!

Rawlings: In that case, why not?! [fires numerous Magma Missiles at the gang] DIE!!

Marion: [inputs a code on her Kaleido Booster] 4-1-0! Unleash the power of Zadkiel!

[Her Aqua Cannon fires a powerful cold blast at the missiles, freezing them; Marion then smashes each missile to pieces; the red button on her booster starts blinking]

Rawlings: That button on your booster! It can't be!

Marion: That's right! It is! [pushes the button] Mega Armor, activate!

[Her body glows blue; she gains ocean-themed armor; her wings transform into that of a seagull; her cannon transforms into two and are attached to her armor as shoulder cannons; she gains a blue halberd known as the Hydro Halberd]

Marion: Mega-Armored Gladiator!

Rawlings: I'll teach you, Benigni! [charges at Marion w/his Red Rapier] This is for Bronson!

[He is about to stab Marion with his rapier when she slices the rapier in half w/her halberd]

Marion: Super Aqua Cannons, full power!

[Her Super Aqua Cannons fire massive blasts of water at Rawlings, pushing him towards the wall]

Rawlings: [groans] You pathetic brat!

[His unit starts to power down]

Marion: Using the memory of my father's killer and her vicious friend against me is unforgivable! You don't even deserve to speak their names! [jumps up and raises her halberd] Hydro Halberd, Ocean Strike!

[Her halberd becomes surrounded by aquatic energy; Marion bisects Rawlings' unit, causing him to electrify; Rawlings screams, falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown; after the smoke clears up, Rawlings lies on the ground unconscious, his dog tag and unit destroyed]

Marion: Gladiators, victory is ours again.

Sora: Nice work, Marion.

Alvin: Cuff him!

[Marion slaps the cuffs on Rawlings]

Marion: Brian Rawlings, you're under arrest for conspiracy and mass assault. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

Rawlings: [comes to; gets back on his feet] Well, don't bother sending any extra cops here. Just before Shrinkada brought the Chipmunks here, Prescott told us that his new submarine base was ready. This cave is only a temporary base.

Marion: Where is that base?

Rawlings: [sighs] It's right where--

[Suddenly, a magic demonic circle appears and unleahes a blast of demonic energy at Rawlings, hitting him hard; Rawlings groans and hits the ground]

Marion: Mr. Rawlings!

Alvin: Who did this?!

[The circle disappears; Prescott and Temper approach]

Alvin: You!

Prescott: Nice work, Temper. I did warn you, Rawlings. That was your last chance.

Rawlings: [groans] You... son of a... bitch! [collapses and dies]

Hunter: Prescott, you cold-hearted bastard!

Prescott: I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got an important engagement, and the others are waiting for me. But remember, Shrinkada was only the first of my Demonoids. You won't believe what they have in store for you next. [about to push a red button on the wall that is connected to a massive detonator] That is, if you can get out of here alive in 15 seconds.

Alvin: [tosses his blade at Prescott like a boomerang] SNAKE!

[Prescott gets struck in the face by the blade before he can hit the button; he screams in searing pain as he starts bleeding; he kneels down and holds his face]

Temper: My lord!

[Alvin's blade comes back to him]

Alvin: Now you look like the monster you are!

Prescott: Damn brat! That really hurt!

Temper: [hits the button] You'll pay for this, ACME!

[He unleashes another demonic circle, which transport Prescott and Temper out of the base]

Sora: Alvin, that was really cool, throwing your blade at Prescott the way you did.

Alvin: Thanks, but we gotta get out now! This place is gonna cave in on us any second now!

Layla: Let's go!

[They all fly out of the cave, just before it engulfs in a massive explosion]

Alvin: Boy, that was close.

Simon: Alvin, Prescott said something about Demonoids. What do you think he means?

Alvin: I don't know. But whatever it is, it sounds ugly. Maybe even uglier than the ordinary demons.

Sora: Well, whatever it is, we'll beat 'em.

Layla: We must, for the sake of all of Earth. Perhaps the whole universe.

Brittany: We gotta warn Greg.

[Elsewhere, deep underwater, in the massive red submarine known as the Nickar, Prescott's remaining minions have gathered in the meeting room, except for Temper; Temper enters through the sliding doors]

Gelman: How's the boss?

Temper: The Demonoids' medical division is giving Lord Prescott a major overhaul in their rejuvenation clinic. They're going to de-age him. But that scar's never gonna go away. But he'll be ready in a few minutes. Those Demonoids are pretty fast.

[Mechike enters]

Mechike: Welcome, henchmen of Lord Prescott Vorstein. I am Mechike, leader of the Demonoids.

[Prescott's henchmen stand up and bow before him]

Mechike: Welcome to the Nickar, our new submarine base. I see one of your henchmen is not with you.

Temper: He's failed us. There's no place for him here anymore.

Mechike: You're right. His demons were nothing but a bumbling hinderance, compared to my menacing Demonoids. Shrinkada may have failed us, but he's just the beginning. Demonoids, assemble!

[Three powerful demonic robots appear, along with an army of cyborg versions of Demonitron]

Delta: [the one in navy blue] I am Delta, the Demonoids' strategist.

Epsilon: [the one in pink] I am Epsilon, Delta's younger sister and master martial artist.

Mu: [the one in green] And I am Mu, master mechanic.

Mechike: These foot soldiers are my own Cyber Demonitron, far superior to the old Demonitron. Prescott and I programmed them to regenerate every time they fall apart. Watch.

[He fires a blast from the cannon on his left arm at one of the Cyber Demonitron, blasting it to pieces; the Cyber Demonitron suddenly reassembles via the still-intact glowing computer chip]

Owen: Hmm...

Gelman: They're incredibly advanced in their technology. Very impressive.

Mechike: Hold on a moment. Where's LN?

[Entering from another door is a crimson-red-colored demonic robot with a gold-and-white-colored head]

LN: Sir Mechike, I am at your command.

[Owen reacts]

Owen: Is that...?

Mechike: LN is my secretary and right-hand Demonoid. She's also my strongest warrior.

LN: Sir, that man in the gray hair in the blue suit-- What's his issue with me?

Mechike: Whatever it is, it's no big deal. Try and get along with him. He's Lord Prescott's right-hand man, after all.

LN: Yes, sir.

[The double doors open, revealing the new and improved Prescott Vorstein (now played by Robert Downey, Jr.), but still with a scar on his face]

Owen: Boss, is that really you?

Prescott: Who else would it be? I knew I could trust the Demonoids. I don't look a day over 50. Plus, they've added a good 30 years to my lifespan, replaced my colon, and pumped me with my own fighting capabilities.

Mechike: But, my lord, that scar on your face--

Prescott: Nothing can be done about it. And I'm gonna make sure ACME Crime Net pays for it with their miserable lives!

Mechike: They will, and my Demonoids will make sure they do. [snickers]

[ACME Crime Net HQ, 3:56pm]

[Everyone is gathered]

McKnight: Well, the annual ACME Crime Net Recycling Drive has drawn to a close. And despite Prescott Vorstein's recent attack, Central Park is as clean as a whistle once again. Now to announce the winners. The award goes to... [hands the trophy to Ash] Ash Ketchum and his new team!


Ash: All right! We did it, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Alvin: Congratulations, Ash!

[He and Ash fist-bump]

Ash: Thanks, buddy. Sorry Prescott got in your way. You probably would've won.

Alvin: Well, at least we thwarted another of his plans. [to the deputy chief] But I'm curious, D.C. How much trash did Ash and his group pick up?

McKnight: 53% of Central Park. A new record.

Simon: So no matter how much trash the other five teams picked up,...

Jeanette: Ash's team would've won, anyway.

McKnight: Yep. They may have had a little help from their Pokémon, but there's no rule against it, and this is a charity event. And speaking of charities, Ash, to which charity or program do you wish to donate the $10,000 cash prize?

Ash: The Roy Frye Memorial Fund.

McKnight: Oh. That's a wonderful choice. Why that?

Lillie: We thought it would help us all remember the old DA.

Mallow: Us newbies may not have met him before the end, but Ash told us he was a very special man.

Greg: I think that's a wonderful idea. Chief?

Chief: Ditto.

McKnight: We all do, and everyone at the DA's office would be very proud.


Following the death of Brian Rawlings, his case was marked "closed".]

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Mechike: Is Savage's robot ready?

Temper: Yes, but this is Savage's last one. He'll be pissed if he finds out--

Prescott: Just send it!

Janko: You and your new pals don't stand a chance against me, Ash Ketchum.

Passimian: Passimian!

Ash: Next time on ACME Crime Net: The Demonoids, Part 1.

Lillie: Vigilance, dedication, courage!

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu!

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