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7/11/2017 10:14 pm  #1

Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

[Cut to Carli Mosier]

Carli: Hi, everyone. I'm Carli Mosier. Here's a few things I wanna get outta the way before we begin. First, turn on some lights in your room and don't sit too close to whatever monitor from which you're watching. Second, stay tuned for a sneak preview of our next special before the program. And third, I have an important message for you at the end of the program. So stick around. You might learn a thing or two.

[Cut to a special sneak preview]

Narrator: A very special sneak preview of ACME Crime Net's next side-fic special. A special that is out of this world.

Aegis: People of Ratia, our planet will be avenged!

Narrator: An endangered alien species plans to invade Earth. But ACME may need assistance from visitors from Japan, some of whom come from another planet. Including a beautiful feline alien with a case of the munchies.

Eris: I can't wait to try New York's delicious food!

Narrator: Unfortunately, the leader of a mouse cult will stop at nothing to guide the Ratians to victory.

Thornton: Let this embodiment be our one true mouse guide!

Narrator: And even the Kaleido Gladiators and Spider Riders might not be enough to stop them.

Brittany: We might as well bolster our forces with a new superhero team. [shows a drawing] Check this out.

Narrator: Featuring the voices of Aaron Dismuke...

Kio: Eris, look out!

Narrator: Tia Ballard...

Eris: Kiss me, Kio.

Narrator: Monica Rial...

Aoi: You touch Kio, you get lead poisoning.

Narrator: Brittney Karbowski...

Manami: Boy, did we have a sick night.

Narrator: Luci Christian...

Antonia: You want Miss Eris?! You'll have to go through me-OW!!

Narrator: Staci Moon...

Capt. Qoone: Aegis' jealousy led to the destruction of her planet.

Narrator: Martha Harms...

Miss Itokazu: You kids do realize that you're putting your lives on the line with these suits?

Narrator: And much more, along with special guest star: Lynda Carter...

Aegis: All Ratian forces, strike!

Narrator: ...and Matthew Lillard.

Thornton: Your gramps destroyed my father's career, Antonia.

Narrator: Only by working together can ACME and their guests eradicate the rogue government of Ratia.

Alvin: We'll show these rats never to mess with our planet, let alone this entire universe!

NarratorClose Encounters of the Feline Kind.

Layla: An alien?

Sora: She looks more like a cosplayer.

Eris: Stroke me if you don't believe me.

Narrator: Coming later this summer.

Alvin: Thanks for joining us for this special preview. And now, our feature presentation!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[JFK International Airport, Friday, June 9th, 1:33pm]

[A private jet plane lands near the airport; squad cars and security surround them, including an armored security van; a familiar face watches from the top of the control tower]

Athena: Those foolish mortals have no idea of the impending danger they've brought.

[She fades]

[ACME Crime Net HQ, 2:03pm]

[The Chipmunks and the Chipettes come out of their office and approach Greg]

Greg: Hey, you guys. Aren't you supposed to be in school?

Simon: Miss Mooney let us start summer break early, but on the condition that while we're out, we finish up an important assignment.

[There is a knock at the door]

Greg: Just a minute. Come in.

[The door opens, revealing Stelio Zappas (played by John Stamos) (in a wheelchair)]

Choir: Stelio.
Stelio Zappas.
Stelio Zappas.

​Alvin: Stelio Zappas?!

Brittany: I thought we locked you up for good!

Stelio: You did. I got compassionate parole. Some dirty dingbats poisoned my drink at the mess hall with mercury two years ago, and just last week, right after I got beaten by other inmates to the point where I'll never walk right again, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. That's why I'm in this wheelchair.

Alvin: How can that be? You killed a lawyer, you killed your four associates, and you kidnapped 13 girls to try and stop their brother from inheriting his late butler's money.

Greg: Alvin, it doesn't matter if the released party was a kidnapper, murderer, or any other kind of dangerous criminal. Many prisons can't keep a seriously-ill prisoner in a cell. That's why they let Stelio go free. But the convictions are still on his record, and he's still being watched over.

Stelio: Not that it'll be necessary. With my colon cancer, there's hardly anything criminal I can do.

Alvin: I don't buy it, but seeing as the law set you free, I don't have much of a choice.

Stelio: Uh-huh. Anyway, I heard you guys brought down Seymour Wellsworth and those mobs.

Simon: Well, to be honest, the only reason one of those mobs ever existed was because of Prescott Vorstein, the last member of the Vorstein clan left alive.

Stelio: I heard about his escape.

Theodore: But what he did to Alto's wife was long before we arrested him.

Alvin: Prescott tortured her when she refused to go out with him. That's what drove her to kill 11 people, then go after one more, when she got killed by ACME and ESU. And that's why Alto wanted revenge. Prescott is practically the reason why Alto's mob, the Balkan Clan, and the Kings County Crime Coalition are gone.

Brittany: As if that's not enough, he's been hiring repeat offenders to try and destroy ACME and selling them giant robots and life-threatening armor.

Stelio: Life-threatening?

Simon: Overexertion with those units can kill the user. Prescott knows this, and he doesn't care. All he cares about is revenge and keeping his legacy alive.

Stelio: That smug snake.

Jeanette: You were a smug snake when you kidnapped those girls and killed your operatives.

Stelio: I would've let them live if they succeeded. And I would've returned the girls myself if I'd gotten the money.

Eleanor: Yeah, right. It's no wonder your fellow inmates poisoned you.

Stelio: I actually deserved it. Now, if you'll excuse me, guys, it's time I started looking for a new home.

[He wheels out of the squad room]

Choir: Stelio.
Stelio Zappas.
Stelio Zappas.

Alvin: I don't trust him anymore than I can trust a squirrel.

Greg: He may be scum, but his illness will probably prevent him from doing it again. Anyway, kids, lemme ask again: Why are you here instead of at home? Summer break doesn't start 'til this weekend.

Simon: We have a Greek mythology project due tomorrow, on the last day of school.

Brittany: We wanted to do a play on King Midas, but all our props at home are old and outdated. And we don't have any form of gold paint at home, and it's pretty expensive. All we have are the needed costumes.

Jeanette: I asked the drama teacher if we could borrow some props, but he needs them for the summer school play.

Alvin: Which we'll take part in if we don't turn our project in by tomorrow.

Greg: I've got plenty of gold spray paint and props in the lost and found. But do you have a script ready?

Simon: I just started it.

Greg: You do realize that you may have to take an early flight back to LA when you're done, right?

Alvin: We can just record it, burn it to a DVD, then send it to the school via express mail. They have A/V equipment at Miss Mooney's classroom. And for insurance, I'll post it on my YouTube channel. All they have to do is send us an e-mail with our grade, and if it gets so much as a C, school's out!

Greg: Well, I'm sure Bambi can help find a spacious place for you to do your project in peace.

Alvin: But what about the stage? The arena?

Greg: They're undergoing annual maintenance for about a week. But I'll go ahead and get the props.

[He approaches the lost and found]

[A car horn honks]

Bambi: [from outside] Hey, kids, I found a vacant spot!

Alvin: We'll be right out, Bambi! We just gotta get the paint and props.

[Greg comes out of the lost and found with a box of the needed props and cans of gold spray paint]

Greg: This should be enough. You guys have other paints for the set?

Simon: Bambi already picked some up, along with a few large pieces of cardboard. She texted earlier.

Greg: Great. [hands Simon the box] Best of luck, you guys.

Brittany: Thanks, Greg. Let's go, guys.

[The gang exits]

[28 Liberty Street, 2:43pm]

[The armored security car pulls up in front of the building; police, security, staff, and the press approach; a bank teller, Dimitri Bodak, (played by Jefferson Mays) looks on, until another bank teller taps his shoulder]

Teller: Dimitri, step aside.

Dimitri: [steps aside and joins the other tellers] Sorry.

[Out of the security car come armed bodyguards and John Dukakis, a man in a white suit (played by Billy Zane) holding a silver briefcase cuffed to his right wrist; the press inundates him with numerous questions, until the bank manager approaches him]

Manager: John Dukakis, welcome to the United States. I speak for all of us at the bank when I say...

[Dukakis holds up his briefcase]

Dukakis: Might we step inside, please?

Manager: Oh, yes, Mr. Dukakis. Follow me.

[He leads Dukakis and his bodyguards into the bank; they enter the vault; Dukakis holds up his right wrist; one of his bodyguards unlocks the cuffs; Dukakis opens his briefcase, revealing a steel box; he unlocks it]

Dukakis: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my personal donation to the Metropolitan Museum of Art-- The Eye of Selene.

[He opens the box, revealing a gemstone; the employees react with awe]

Dukakis: This one-of-a-kind gemstone will be placed on display at the museum the day the exhibition opens in three weeks. Until then, we'll keep it here. Gentlemen, if you will...

[He shuts the box and hands it to the security guards, who lock it in a safe deposit box in the vault; they exit the vault, then lock it shut]

Manager: Mr. Dukakis, rest assured, your gem is in good hands. Anyone who steps in the beams for even a fraction of a millisecond-- The door will instantly shut, and the thieves will have no hope of escaping this vault alive by the time the proper authorities show up.

Dukakis: See to it. It may just be a myth, but it's said that that gem held great powers. It nearly destroyed Ancient Greece.

Manager: Wow. Pretty serious stuff. Understood, sir.

[Dukakis and his bodyguards exit; the man who was watching goes up the stairs to the lobby, then exits through the rear door, then gets a phone call on his iPhone; he answers it]

Dimitri: Dimitri here.

Stelio: Dimitri Bodak, what's happenin', my man?

Dimitri: Stelio Zappas, good to hear from you.

[Splitscreen to the two; Stelio is calling from a pay phone in the Lower East Side]

Stelio: Haven't heard from you since college.

Dimitri: Hold on. How did you get this number?

Stelio: Your Facebook page gave it away. I'm surprised a fellow ex-con can still use the Internet.

Dimitri: It's not like I committed a sex offense, Stelio. All I did was possess drugs six years ago. And speaking of fellow ex-cons, what did you do that landed you in jail?

Stelio: It's a very long story, but I managed to fake my way out. I conned the warden into thinking I was terminally ill and wheelchair-bound.

Dimitri: You're the only man I know who can weasel a warden.

Stelio: [chuckles] Anyway, what're you up to now?

Dimitri: I work at a bank where some well-off man from Greece put a mysterious gem called the Eye of Selene in the vault until the new exhibit opens at the Met. Uh, the museum, not the opera.

Stelio: Eye of Selene? I have a Hungarian friend who told me about it just after I got outta jail. He used to be my mentor before he became this warrior called a "campione".

Dimitri: Duke Voban?

Stelio: You've heard of him?

Dimitri: My grandpa told me about him. They were old friends. But I've never met him before.

Stelio: Then you might wanna get in touch with him. Lemme give you his number.

[132 Madison Street, Lower East Side, 4:31pm]

[Bambi's SUV pulls up in front of an old warehouse]

Bambi: Here we are. Your new production factory, rented just for you.

[She, the Chipmunks, and the Chipettes get out of the SUV w/their equipment]

Brittany: It's just a run-down old warehouse, Bambi.

Alvin: Whatever it is, I'm cool with it. Let's get the equipment inside.

[The gang takes the equipment into the empty warehouse]

Bambi: Nice place, huh? May look run-down on the outside, but inside, it's clean, safe, and spacious. Has a big, strong loft, seven small rooms. They're gonna demolish it in a few months, so I sweet-talked them into a 60-day lease. But it'll work perfectly. Plus, it's got free Wi-Fi while we're here.

[The Chipmunks and the Chipettes get all the A/V equipment, props, and paint out of the boxes; Bambi sets down three large pieces of cardboard]

Alvin: It's gonna take a lot more than just the six of us to get everything set up before the deadline.

Bambi: I already called a staff. They're on their way.


Bambi: Come in!

[Staff members enter]

Simon: Bambi, these are the recruits for new detectives who didn't make the cut at the academy.

Bambi: I wanted to give them a shot at making a living. Minimum wage. This is just until we complete the project, and with these guys, it won't be long. But right now, we gotta stop for dinner. I promised them an introductory meal at the Manhattan Diner. Come on, guys.

[They all exit and shut the doors; as the door shuts, a compartment in the middle of the room opens; Dimitri looks up and huffs, then goes back down into the secret room, shutting the compartment; he walks up to Stelio, who is not in his wheelchair]

Dimitri: Well, this is just great. Just great! I thought you said this place was vacant!

Stelio: I did, but I didn't expect anyone to lease this place.

Dimitri: At this rate, we'll never get the Eye of Selene! Voban's gonna kill us if we don't bring it to him.

Stelio: I didn't fake an illness to get outta jail for nothing, you know.

Dimitri: Well, why don't you crawl back?

Stelio: They still think I have colon cancer. Besides, it doesn't matter, 'cause I know what Voban is capable of.

Dimitri: Right. Why don't you go back to stealing truckloads of vegetables?

Stelio: Dimitri, those days are over. Now, how much time do we need?

Dimitri: [inspects the map on his computer] Are you kidding? Even with my Pokémon, we're not even close to the utility lines. The soil density is much lower than we expected. The way I see it, we're gonna hafta start shoring every 10 feet. There's no way we'll ever get to that gem before the exh--

Stelio: Just answer me, damn it! How much time?!

Dimitri: [starts typing on his computer] One moment. [sighs] If we have to stop digging for more than a week, we'll never get to the vault in time. Our only hope is to get those kids outta here, or we can kiss the Eye of Selene goodbye.

[Stelio sighs]

[Later, in the main area of the warehouse, the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and the staff are busy spray-painting the props gold, painting landscapes on the cardboard pieces, and sewing costumes; Simon is working on the script on his MacBook (hooked to a printer)]

Jeanette: Place the spray-painted props by the fan so they'll dry off faster.

[Some staff members place the spray-painted props by an active fan on the table]

Alvin: Remember, guys, we don't have time to rehearse, so as soon as Simon's done copying the script, just study your script as quickly as possible 'til you have your lines down pat. If you can't do it, just improvise.

Simon: Roger that, Alvin. Since I'm writing it, I shouldn't have a problem.

Brittany: How are the costumes coming along, Ellie?

Eleanor: [holds up a finished toga] The king's toga is ready!

Alvin: Love it!

Theodore: [holds up a hat with goat horns] How's this for the satyr's costume?

Alvin: Perfect, Theodore!

[Suddenly, Stelio and Dimitri (wearing ski masks and sleeveless denim vests) enter with crowbars; Alvin notices them]

Alvin: Uh, excuse me, guys, but we're closed. [approaches] But if you'd like to make an appointment,...

Staff member A: Alvin, wait!

[Stelio pushes Alvin to the floor with his crowbar]

Alvin: [groans] Guess not.

Brittany: [approaches the two thieves] Hey, watch it, you two! Out! Both of you!

[Dimitri pushes Brittany to the floor with his crowbar]

Brittany: [groans] No more games. Kaleido Power!

[She suddenly notices she's not wearing her wristband]

Brittany: Huh?! Great! Why'd I leave my wristband in my backpack?! [reaches into her pockets] Huh? Great! My Pokéballs, too?! Alvin, do something!

Alvin: I can't! I left my Pokéballs and my manacle in my backpack!

Simon and Theodore: So did we!

Jeanette: We all left our backpacks back at HQ!

Eleanor: Now what are we gonna do?!

[Stelio and Dimitri smash most of the props and landscapes to pieces; the staff flees for their lives]

Alvin: No! Don't touch that! Hey, staff, come back! Shouldn't you be helping us?!

Brittany: You cowards!

Dimitri: Don't forget the computer and printer.

Stelio: Forget it. 'Bout lotta good it'll do 'em, anyway. Props and set only.

[Dimitri suddenly notices a landscape of the King Midas' garden and rips it apart with his crowbar]

Stelio: That's it. Let's go.

[He and Dimitri exit through the back door]

Alvin: Come back here! You guys owe us new equipment and employees!

[He and the others head out the back door, but Stelio and Dimitri are nowhere in sight, nor are the fleeing staff]

Jeanette: Great! Now we're un-employers.

Simon: We're never gonna get our project done in time.

Brittany: Summer school, here we come.

Alvin: Guys, we can't give up now!

Jeanette: Alvin, the script is far from perfect, the costumes aren't finished, and we don't have enough money for new props.

Theodore: By the time we get everything right, summer will already be over.

Eleanor: Mythology is just not our subject.

[They all head back into the warehouse]

Alvin: You're leaving me with my back to the wall, you guys. We gotta think of something to get us out of this mess.

Brittany: Alvin, get it through your noggin! It's over!

[There is a knock on the door]

Voice behind door: UPS Air Freight! We got a delivery for Mr. Alvin Seville and Miss Brittany Miller.

Alvin: I'm Alvin.

Voice: Good enough. We couldn't find you at your headquarters. Your boss said you'd be here. You want us to bring it in for ya?

Alvin: Sure.

[He and Simon open the sliding door; the delivery man brings in a massive crate (w/air holes in it)]

Delivery man: Came from Italy. Says it's from a friend. You know anyone from Italy?

Alvin: [signs for the package] Only a knight and a witch.

Delivery man: [chuckles in disbelief] Good one, kiddos. Have a good day. [exits]

Simon: You have pen pals in Italy?

Brittany: [walks up to the crate] Yep. Remember Global Week in Thanksgiving 2015 when they visited? But what would they send us? Especially one this big?

[The crate suddenly starts to move]

Jeanette: It's moving!

Eleanor: Either there's a sensitive machine in there, or whatever's inside is alive!

Alvin: Five bucks say it's the latter.

[A crowbar tries to pry the crate open from inside]

Brittany: 10-to-1 it's the former. Looks like something metal.

[The crowbar pries the crate open, and who should sit up but Erica Blandelli?]

Alvin: You owe me 50 bucks, Britt.

Erica: [stretches and yawns] Buongiorno!

[Alvin and Brittany get a closer look at Erica]

Alvin and Brittany: Erica Blandelli!

Erica: Alvin, Brittany, come here and give me a hug!

[Alvin and Brittany jump into the crate and embrace Erica, who returns the embrace and kisses them Italian-style]

Erica: It's so good to see you bambinos again.

Brittany: What a surprise!

Erica: There's more to it. [to everyone else in the crate] Godou, svegliati!

[Subtitle: Godou, wake up!]

[Godou Kusanagi awakens]

Godou: [yawns] What a nap. Is the ride over?

Erica: Yes, Godou. [kisses Godou] It's safe to come out now.

Godou: Finally. [turns to his sister who is sleeping on his lap] Shizuka, wake up. We're here.

[Shizuka awakens and yawns]

Shizuka: What are we doing in a warehouse, Big Brother?

Godou: Beats me.

Alvin: Hey, Godou! Long time, no see! [shakes hands with Godou]

Brittany: You haven't changed since the last time we met!

Godou: Hi, Alvin. Brittany. Oh, this is my sister Shizuka. Shizuka, these are my pen pals, Alvin and Brittany.

Shizuka: [shakes hands with Brittany] Hi. My brother told me a lot about you. Plus, I have some of your albums.

Brittany: It's a pleasure, Shizuka.

[Yuri Mariya, Liliana Kranjcar, and Ena Seishuuin yawn, sit up, and stretch]

Yuri: Are we there yet?

Liliana: This doesn't look like New York to me.

Ena: I think we are in New York, but not where we expected.

Brittany: Miss Mariya!

Alvin: Liliana and Ena!

Yuri: Alvin! Brittany!

Liliana: So we are in New York!

Ena: See?

[Yuri's sister Hikari awakens and yawns]

Hikari: Sis, are we there yet?

Yuri: Yes, Hikari.

Alvin: Miss Mariya, did you have to bring your sister along with you?

Yuri: It's summer vacation, and I didn't wanna leave Hikari alone. Our bodyguard is on a well-deserved vacation.

Hikari: That, and I wanted to spend more time with Big Brother Godou. [clings to Godou]

Brittany: Well, this is some surprise. But why'd you guys come here by air mail? You could've taken a plane or a boat.

Erica: [points at a familiar awakening figure in the crate] I think you should ask her.

[Sitting up in the crate is Lucretia Zola]

Lucretia: [yawns and stretches] Did I hear Brittany's voice?

Alvin and Brittany: Lucretia!

Lucretia: Oh! Hello, there, little ones. [gently pinches Alvin's cheeks] My, my, Alvin. I see you still have your same adorable, chubby, little cheeks. [pats Brittany on the head, then strokes her cheeks] And, Brittany, you haven't changed, either.

Erica: Lucretia, if you'd set aside your fawning...

Lucretia: Sorry, Erica.

[Alvin, Brittany, Erica, and her group get out of the crate]

Erica: Allow us to properly introduce ourselves. You already know me: Erica Blandelli, Godou Kusanagi's numero uno and future wife. And you remember my future husband Godou Kusanagi. These are his future concubines: This is his numero due: Yuri Mariya, Liliana Kranjcar-- My childhood friend from Croatia, and Ena Seishuuin, and you already know my good friend from Italy: Lucretia Zola, the Witch of Sardinia. And these little bambinas are Godou's sister Shizuka and Yuri's sister Hikari.

Alvin: Most of you guys already know me and Brittany, but I'd also like you to meet my brothers: Simon and Theodore.

Brittany: And my sisters: Jeanette and Eleanor.

Jeanette: Welcome to New York.

Liliana: Pleased to make your acquaintance, I'm sure.

[The two groups exchange handshakes all around]

Alvin: So, tell us, what brings you here from Italy?

Brittany: And Japan?

Godou: Alvin sent me a personal Tweet about your mythology project a couple nights ago while we were on vacation in Sicily.

Erica: When Godou told me the news, we decided to hitch a plane to New York. But all passenger flights were booked.

Lucretia: That's when I came up with the idea of stuffing us into a huge crate full of pillows and have Arianna and Karen overnight us to you as a surprise, which I had in mind from the very beginning. We also packed some food and water in case we got hungry.

Erica: [scoffs] Well, I think you only came up with that stupid idea so you could get closer to my Godou. I could tell by the fact that you were hugging him too close to your bosom.

Lucretia: He needed a hug pillow. He was sleepy.

Erica: There were plenty of pillows in the crate, for God's sakes! [whispers in Lucretia's ear] Mine included.

Lucretia: Cold air was coming through the holes. He needed the body of one of his future concubines to cling to so he could keep warm.

[She and Erica argue in Italian]

Ena: Every damn time.

Shizuka: I don't see why we had to bring that bimbo witch with us, anyway.

Godou: Lucretia's been wanting to be one of my mistresses ever since Erica and I started going steady. Besides, she needed this vacation.

Brittany: Uh, ladies?

[Erica and Lucretia continue arguing; Brittany sighs and blows a whistle for attention; Erica and Lucretia stop]

Brittany: That's better. Now, if you could set aside your arguing, we can get down to a little business. Since you're here to help us with our project, maybe you could give us a little demonstration on how you can get us out of this sticky situation.

[She hands Erica a set of costume designs and Ena a printed copy of the script]

Ena: You're gonna do a play on King Midas?

Shizuka: Who's King Midas?

Liliana: In Greek mythology, King Midas was a ruler who would turn anything he touched into gold.

Erica: I suppose with a few changes to the script, nothing should go wrong.

Yuri: I see you kids have gathered the material needed for the costumes.

Lucretia: And we don't need to buy new props. We'll simply make them.

Godou: I don't know, girls. It's been a long journey.

Shizuka: Please, Big Brother. I don't want these poor chipmunks to suffer through summer school.

Ena: None of us do. Plus, I've been looking forward all week to spending our first 10 days of summer vacation with our pen pals.

[All the girls in Erica's group plead for Godou]

Simon: It's your choice, Godou. We can't force you.

Godou: Hmm... Well,... What the hell? There'll be plenty of relaxation time ahead of us, anyway. Let's get busy, guys!

[Everyone else cheers in approval]

[The whole gang sets to work; Alvin, Brittany, Godou, and Shizuka build props and paint scenery out of cardboard boxes found in the warehouse; Simon, Jeanette, Erica, and Lucretia retype the script; Yuri, Hikari, Ena, and Liliana assist Theodore and Eleanor in sewing the costumes; the gang gathers the technical equipment (lights, camera, boom mic, etc.); while they're doing that, the following song is heard in the background]

Chipmunks: We're busy. So busy.
Preparing for the play.
The props, script, and scenery,
and costumes through the day.
It's painting this and sewing that.
Studying 'til our act's down pat.
We'll get this done in no time flat.
We're busy, busy, busy!

Chipettes: We're busy. So busy.
But none of us will quit.
With help from our pen pals,
our play will be a hit.
It might get a C or B or A.
Any of those is a-okay.
Now that summer's on its way,
we're busy, busy, busy!

Erica: When this is done, it's time to take a rest.
We're welcome here as the 'Munk Team's honored guests.
We picture the sights we're gonna see, but then...
Chipmunks and Chipettes: Don't be a jerk.
Get back to work.
Erica: Off we go again!

Ena: We're busy. So busy.
So many things to do.
Liliana: Sewing and painting
is work the whole day through.
Yuri: Tech equipment in the room.
Hikari: Where's that camera? Where's that boom?
Shizuka: Hurry, or our summer's doomed.
All: We're busy, busy, busy!

[Instrumental solo]

Lucretia: We all imagine the sights of NYC.
Central Park, the Statue of Liberty.
And Times Square, too. All that and more, but then...
Chipmunks and Chipettes: We're almost through.
You know what to do.
Lucretia: Here we go again!

Godou: We're busy. So busy.
Preparing for the play.
The props, script, and scenery,
and costumes through the day.
It's painting this and sewing that.
Studying 'til our act's down pat.
We'll get this done in no time flat.
We're busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy!

All: We're busy. So busy.
But none of us will quit.
With help from our pen pals,
our play will be a hit.
It might get a C or B or A.
Any of those is a-okay.
Now that summer's on its way,
we're busy, busy, busy, busy,
dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, dizzy,
wishy-wizzy, izzy-dizzy,
busy, busy, busy!

[After everything is set up, the gang takes a look at the scenery]

Alvin: Thanks to you guys, we're home free!

Godou: All that's left is the acting. Who's playing the king?

Alvin: Since Simon's the brains of the project, I gave him the title role. Besides, I make a mean satyr.

Hikari: What's a satyr?

Lucretia: A forest god. Half-man and half-goat.

Yuri: I always thought it meant a lecherous man.

Brittany: Jeanette plays the queen, I narrate, and the rest of you play the king's loyal subjects. All we need is a crew. That's where Godou and the girls come in.

Erica: I'll be the producer.

Yuri: I'll carry the slate.

Liliana: I'll do makeup.

Ena: Art director.

Shizuka: Wardrobe supervisor.

Hikari: I'll be the camerawoman.

Godou: Guess that makes me the director. What about you, Lucretia?

Lucretia: I've added something special to the script.

Simon: When Lucretia helped us rewrite the script, she added another character: A beautiful muse. She wants in this play, too.

Alvin: Simon, this is a Greek mythology project. There's no need for eye candy.

Brittany: Alvin, let's just go with it. Miss Mooney never said we couldn't do our own version of a Greek myth, even with a few changes. Besides, with Godou and his harem helping out, this project's gonna give us an A.

Alvin: Okay. But if this project fails, it's on them. Costumes, everyone!

[The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and Lucretia get into costume; Liliana gives them makeup]

Godou: Okay, everyone. To your places, please.

[Everyone takes their places]

Godou: Quiet on the set. Hikari, roll camera.

Hikari: [rolls the camera] Speed!

Yuri: [slate on hand] King Midas, scene 1, take 1. [claps slate]

Godou: And... action!

[Theodore and Eleanor bow before Simon and Jeanette]

Brittany: [speaks into a microphone of the voice recorder of her iPhone] Once upon a time, in Ancient Greece, King Midas and his queen ruled over a kingdom in poverty and turmoil.

Simon: I wish this kingdom were at piece.

Jeanette: I wish we weren't so poor.

Brittany: Alas, their kingdom remained the same as it had always been.

[Cut to the garden scene; Simon walks around the garden; Alvin, as the satyr, sleeps on the rose bushes]

Brittany: But one fine summer day, the king was strolling around his garden for some fresh air, when he found a mysterious being sleeping on his rose bushes.

Simon: Um, excuse me, please. Would you be so kind as to wake up?

Alvin: [sleepily] Just 10 more minutes, Ma. I promise. [awakens; eyes Simon] Mom, where'd you get those glasses?!

Simon: I'm not your mom. I'm King Midas, ruler of this kingdom.

Alvin: [gets off the bushes; bows] Your Majesty! Call me Satyr. I'm half-man, half-goat.

Simon: Well, I hate to be a nuisance, Satyr, but you were sleeping on my royal rose bushes. That's illegal around here. The penalty for sitting or sleeping on any of my plants is death. Guards!

Alvin: Boy. I'd hate to see what you guys do to litterers.

Simon: Hmm... You do have a point. [sighs] Okay. Maybe the penalty is pretty harsh. The thing is, my royal gardeners have worked hard to help these plants grow. Very well. No death penalty.

Alvin: And for that, I'm gonna give you something special. Oh, Clio!

[Lucretia, dressed as a beautiful muse, appears before Simon; Jeanette notices]

Lucretia: Yes, master?

Alvin: The king was generous enough to rescind the death penalty for my sleeping on his roses. I wish to repay him by having you grant him a wish.

Lucretia: Certainly, master. [to Simon] So, Your Majesty, what would you like to wish for?

Simon: What are you, a genie? Never mind. Don't answer that question. I can wish for anything, right?

Lucretia: Anything you desire.

Simon: I wish my kingdom had...

Jeanette: [butts in] Money! My king wishes for more money!

Simon: Money!?

Lucretia: A wise decision, your majesties. In what form? We have dollars, Euro, pounds, rupees, yen, diamonds, silver, platinum, gold, pearls, rubies, emeralds--

Jeanette: We'll take gold.

Lucretia: Gold, it is. We have gold bricks, gold spun from straw, Goldilocks--

Simon: Goldilocks?!

Godou: CUT!

[Hikari cuts]

Lucretia: What's the matter?

Godou: Goldilocks? That's another story entirely!

Lucretia: Whoopsie! Sorry, boy. I was on a roll.

Godou: Okay. Let's try this line again, guys. Remind Simon to edit out that slip-up. Places, everyone.

[Everyone does so]

Godou: Roll!

Hikari: [rolls] Speed!

Yuri: [slate on hand] King Midas, Satyr and muse scene, take 2. [claps slate]

Godou: Action!

Lucretia: Gold, it is. We have gold bricks, gold spun from straw, gold bars, goldenrod, Fool's Gold, golden touch, gold mines,--

Jeanette: Wait, go back!

Lucretia: Golden touch?

Jeanette: That's the one.

Simon: My dear queen, I know our kingdom needs more money, but I really wanted to wish for peace in the kingdom.

Jeanette: Midas, my dear, that'd be passing up a golden opportunity. Our kingdom could wind up rich beyond our wildest dreams!

Simon: I don't know. There are many more important things, you know.

Jeanette: I think your toga's on a little too tight.

Alvin: Can we speed this up? Clio already drew me a bath, and the water's gonna get cold.

Simon: Okay. I'll take the golden touch.

Lucretia: [casts a spell] The wish is granted. Long live Clio. Master, I shall see you to your bath.

Alvin: Call me if you need anything at all, Your Majesties. See ya!

[He and Lucretia exit]

Jeanette: So, how does this golden touch thing work?

Simon: [touches a rose] I don't know.

[Suddenly, the rose he touched turns to gold; Simon yelps]

Simon: My queen, look!

Jeanette: Oh, my gosh! My king, we're rich! Filthy rich! Everything you touch will turn to gold!

Simon: Everything?! Hmm...

[Cut back to the castle; Simon touches old objects, turning them into gold; he even turns the subjects' old objects into gold]

Brittany: King Midas tried out his golden touch on the cookware, turning it all into gold. He turned the furniture into gold. He turned the chandeliers into gold. He turned his statues into gold, and he even turned his subjects' old stuff into gold.

[The cast starts to dance and sing a song from Muppet Classic Theater]

Simon: All this gold can't buy
all the blue in these skies.
There's lots more peaceful and clean,
if you know what I mean.

Jeanette: My dear king.

Simon: Hmm?

Jeanette: Don't you know we've got the Midas Touch?
That golden glimmer at the slightest touch.
It shines and shimmers there for all to see, poor and needy.
We're not greedy. No, indeedy!
The Midas Touch.
Our loving people will take pride in such.
A golden steeple filled with razzle-dazzle
and pure pizazz-le
of the mighty, magic Midas Touch!

Simon: Yeah. Good point.
But our friends all around us... (Jeanette: Aw, come on!)
are more precious than gold.

Jeanette: Listen, buster! Don't you love the polish and the luster of the Midas Touch? (Simon: No, wait!)
There's nothing finer than the Midas Touch. (Simon: No, please!)
Don't be a whiner!
Simon: But gold is so cold and chilly.
Jeanette: Don't be silly.
Gild that lily!
Subjects: The Midas Touch.
And soon you'll find the world is in your clutch.
Jeanette: And don't you drop it.
Take these lousy millions
and make septillions
with the mighty, magic Midas Touch!

Subjects: Sis-boom-bah!
Boola! Boola! Boola!
Midas makes some moolah, moolah, moolah!
Boola! Boola! Boola!
Midas! Midas! RAH!

We've got the Midas Touch.
And you can never, ever touch too much,
Jeanette: We'll be together. You, with your golden robe.
Me, with my Golden Globe.
Thank you, HFPA.

Jeanette and subjects: With the marvelous, miraclous, magnificent, mighty, and magical,...
Midas TOUCH!!


[Later, Simon starts to wear out]

Brittany: But turning things he touched into gold started to wear the king out, and he got very hungry.

Simon: [groans] I'm starving. Turning things into gold can really be taxing.

Jeanette: [brings in an apple] Here, dear. Have some fruit.

Simon: [takes the apple] Thanks.

[The apple turns to gold just before Simon can take a bite]

Simon: Oh, I can't take this! [face-palms, turning himself into gold]

Jeanette: [screams] Midas! Oh, my poor king! [knocks on the gold Simon] Honey, are you in there? Hello!

[She continues trying different remedies to cure Simon, but to no avail]

Brittany: Yes, King Midas had turned to gold. Now the queen had all the gold she wanted and a really big issue. As a statue made of gold, the king just wasn't the monarch he used to be. The queen sought help from doctors, jewelers, and even healing remedies she learned from her mother. She tried everything, but nothing worked. All hope lost, she realized that there was only one thing left to do.

[Cut back to the garden; Jeanette drags the gold statue of Simon and props him onto the rose bushes]

Jeanette: Oh, great Satyr, where are you?


Jeanette: Oh, where is the Satyr?

[Still silence]

Jeanette: Hey, yo, goat boy!

[Alvin enters]

Alvin: What is it, Your Majesty? I was in the middle of a chess game. Clio's king is almost in check. [notices Simon on the bushes] Well, look at him! I get sentenced to death for simply bending a few roses, but the king-- He lounges in the rose bushes! See, that's the issue with the monarchy.

Jeanette: SHUT UP!! Please. This golden touch thing-- It just got kinda out of hand.

Alvin: Well, what seems to be the matter?

Jeanette: What's the matter? THE KING HAS TURNED HIMSELF TO GOLD!!

Alvin: Oh. Poor fella.

Jeanette: [begs on bended knee] Please! I'll do anything to return my king to normal!

Alvin: Well, you were the one who wanted him to wish for gold in the first place, weren't you?

Jeanette: Yes.

Alvin: Well, here's how I can bring the king back to normal. You must... [whispers inaudibly into Jeanette's ear; in normal tone] Either that, or you've got yourself a spot in the Guinness Book for the world's heaviest paperweight.

Jeanette: Well, okay. Gold is great and all, but... I love my king even more. Love and friendship are far more important than all the gold in the world! I wish we never made that stupid wish in the first place!

Alvin: Oh, Clio!

[Lucretia reappears]

Lucretia: Yes, master?

Alvin: Turn everything back the way it was before the king got his golden touch.

Lucretia: But won't that put the kingdom back into poverty?

Jeanette: My king means more to me than anything. Please change him back!

Lucretia: The wish is granted. Long live Clio.

[She casts a spell, restoring Simon to normal]

Simon: [gets off the bushes] My queen! Satyr! Clio! [touches the bushes; nothing happens] You wished away the golden touch! [hugs Jeanette] Thank you.

Jeanette: There'll be other ways to make more money and restore peace to the kingdom, but there's only one King Midas.

Alvin: Since you were such good sports, Clio and I will grant you a free wish.

Simon: How kind of you, Satyr! Well, with this wish, I wish that from now on, each week, we'd have a special feast for everyone in the kingdom.

Alvin: Clio, do your thing.

Lucretia: Wish granted.

[A bit later, the entire cast of the play has a feast]

Brittany: From then on, everyone in the entire kingdom would make peace at fabulous feasts. And King Midas and his queen learned that some things are more important than all the riches of the world. The end.

Godou: And cut!

[The others applaud]


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

Alvin: How was that?

Erica: Alvin, your performance was remarkable. Simon, Jeanette, love the chemistry. Lucretia, bellissimo!

Simon: With a little editing and DVD burning, this project is sure to pass us in mythology! All I have to do afterwards is overnight it to Edison Elementary and wait for an e-mail from Miss Mooney.

Alvin: We owe you guys. Thank you so much.

Godou: [shakes hands with Alvin] It was our pleasure, Alvin.

Shizuka: You know, that feast scene really got me hungry. Why don't we all get a bite to eat?

[There is a knock at the back door]

Alvin: Who is it?

Marion: [behind door; in a sweet-sounding voice] It's Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma. I brought a basket of goodies.

[Alvin laughs and opens the door, revealing Sora and Marion with seven boxes of pizza and seven different bottles of soda]

Alvin: Very funny, girls. Even I can't do that well.

Sora: We saw how hard you and your new friends were working on your play and thought you'd be hungry, so we got you some pizza.

Alvin: Come on in, then.

[Sora and Marion enter; Alvin shuts the door]

Marion: Cousin Erica, it's you!

[She and Erica embrace]

Erica: Hi, little bambina. Sora, nice to see you again.

Sora: You, too, Erica.

Alvin: Sora, Marion, I'd like you to meet some pen pals of mine from Japan and Italy. You already know Erica, Godou, and Lucretia.

Brittany: This is Yuri, Liliana, Ena, Shizuka, and Hikari.

Ena: Hold the phone. Are you Sora Naegino of Kaleido Stage?

Sora: [nods] Hai.

Ena: [shakes hands with Sora] I just adored your Angel's Maneuver in Swan Lake.

Sora: Gee, thanks.

Theodore: Come on, guys. Let's eat.

[They all start eating; Bambi enters with six backpacks]

Bambi: Hey, guys. Just came to drop off your backpacks. You left them in your office.

Alvin: Thank God. Thanks, Bambi. Hey, wanna join us for pizza and meet our guests?

Bambi: Oh, boy, would I?

[She locks her SUV with her key remote, then joins the gang; after about half an hour, they've finished]

Alvin: Man, I'm stuffed.

Brittany: Ditto. [burps] Oops. Sorry.

Erica: The pizza they make back in Milan is delicious, but New York-style pizza-- It's amazing!

Marion: Glad you enjoyed it, Cousin Erica.

Godou: Hey, Alvin, aside from all this talk, it's pretty quiet here.

Hikari: I think we need some entertainment. Much as I love some pizza, I'm a little bored.

Alvin: I can arrange that. Brittany, how 'bout that duel?

Brittany: Sure! It's a good thing we made plenty of space in the middle of this warehouse so we could play a game of Duel Monsters.

[She and Alvin walk up to the center of the warehouse]

Yuri: Pay attention, Hikari. Alvin and Brittany might use some of the new rules they added to the game. You might learn something.

Godou: Duel gazers on, guys.

[He and the others put on their duel gazers]

Alvin and Brittany: [activate their duel disks and put on their duel gazers] Duel disks, engage! Duel gazers, ready!

[The field transforms into an area resembling the Acropolis]

Computer: Augmented reality vision link established.

Alvin and Brittany: Let's duel!

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Brittany: [places a card] I activate Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I draw two more cards. [places another card] Next, I summon one of my personal favorites: Gemini Elf!

[Gemini Elf appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,900]

Brittany: [sets two cards] I set these two cards and end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Spell Card: Pendulum Call! [discards Rainbow Kuriboh] I discard one card to add two different Magician Pendulum monsters from my deck. [takes two cards from his deck] Dragonpulse Magician and Dragonpit Magician. [places both cards in his Pendulum Zones] And I'll waste no time using them to set the Pendulum Scale!

[Dragonpulse Magician and Dragonpit Magician appear in the Pendulum Zones; Pendulum Scale: 1-8]

Shizuka: Pendulum Scale? That the hell does that mean?

Erica: Pendulum cards have numbers that represent their Pendulum Scale. Dragonpulse Magician's scale is 1, and Dragonpit Magician's is 8. Since Alvin has them both on the field, he's allowed to Pendulum-summon.

Simon: Which means he can special-summon monsters from his hand with levels in-between the numbers on the Pendulum Scale. Case in point: Levels 2-7.

Yuri: That's what I meant by the new rules, Hikari.

Hikari: Neat.

Alvin: [places three cards] I Pendulum-summon three monsters to the field! Turn up the heat, Elemental Hero Burstinatrix!

[Elemental Hero Burstinatrix appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,200]

Alvin: Strengthen my defenses, Elemental Hero Clayman!

[Elemental Hero Clayman appears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 2,000]

Alvin: Burst my opponent's bubble, Elemental Hero Bubbleman!

[Elemental Hero Bubbleman appears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,200]

Alvin: [places another card] Next, I activate Cup of Ace. [flips a coin] Heads, I draw two cards. Tails, you do.

[The coin comes up heads]

Alvin: Perfect! [draws two cards] I draw two more cards. [places another card] Next, I activate Fusion Substitute! I fuse Elemental Heroes Burstinatrix and Bubbleman together!

[Burstinatrix and Bubbleman fuse together]

Alvin: By joining the elements of water and fire,
these heroes fulfill my every desire!
I Fusion-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Elemental Hero Steam Healer!

[Elemental Hero Steam Healer appears]

[LV: 5
ATK: 1,800]

Brittany: That monster is awesome, Alvin, but he's no stronger than my elves.

Alvin: [places another card] That's why I have this card: [places another card] Skyscraper!

[The field transforms into Skyscraper]

Alvin: When I attack a monster you control with an Elemental Hero with less attack points, it gains 1,000 attack points during the damage step. Steam Healer, attack Gemini Elf!

[ATK: 2,800]

[Steam Healer fires a scalding blast of water at Gemini Elf, destroying them]

Alvin: It gets even better. When Steam Healer destroys a monster in battle and sends it to the graveyard, I gain life points equal to its original attack points.

Alvin: 5,900 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 3,100 (Hand: 3)]

ATK: 1,800]

Brittany: I activate my Trap Card: [reveals face-down] Time Machine! Gemini Elf is back again!

[Gemini Elf reappears]

Alvin: Darn. That's all I've got. I end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I summon Fairy's Gift!

[Fairy's Gift appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,400]

Brittany: Now, Gemini Elf, kick Steam Healer to kingdom come!

[Gemini Elf strikes Steam Healer, destroying him]

Alvin: 5,800 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 3,100 (Hand: 3)]

Brittany: Fairy's Gift, attack directly with Enchanted Dust!

[Fairy's Gift fires her attack at Alvin directly, hitting him]

Alvin: 4,400 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 3,100 (Hand: 3)]

Brittany: [sets a card] I set this card and end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! Now, I banish Fusion Substitute from my graveyard to return Elemental Hero Steam Healer to my Extra Deck. [banishes a card from his graveyard; returns Steam Healer to his Extra Deck; draws another card] Then I get to draw another card. [places another card] Then I activate Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I draw two more cards. [places another card] Next, I play Polymerization! I fuse Elemental Hero Clayman with Sparkman in my hand!

[Sparkman appears and fuses with Clayman]

Alvin: I call on the powers of earth and light.
Together, they'll help me win this fight!

I Fusion-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Elemental Hero Thunder Giant!

[Elemental Hero Thunder Giant appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,400]

Brittany: Wow.Alvin: [discards a card] By discarding a card, Thunder Giant can destroy a monster whose original attack points are equal to or lower than his! Gemini Elf goes bye-bye!

[Thunder Giant fires a bolt of lightning at Gemini Elf, destroying them]

Brittany: [reveals face-down] I activate my Trap Card: Soul Rope! Since you destroyed a monster with a card effect, I can pay 1,000 life points and special-summon a level-4 monster from my deck. I special-summon Blade Skater in defense mode!

[Blade Skater appears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,500]

Alvin: 4,400 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 2,100 (Hand: 2)]

Alvin: Think that scares me? Thunder Giant, attack Fairy's Gift!

[Thunder Giant fires his attack at Fairy's Gift, destroying her]

Alvin: 4,400 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 1,100 (Hand: 2)]

Alvin: I end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Polymerization! I fuse Etoile Cyber with Blade Skater!

[Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater fuse together]

Brittany: Individually, they're lots of fun,
but they're so much more when they join as one!

I Fusion-summon...! [places a card from her Extra Deck] Cyber Blader!

[Cyber Blader appears]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,100]

Brittany: Skate on, girl!

[Cyber Blader skates toward Thunder Giant]

Alvin: She may not be destroyed in battle, Brittany, but she's no stronger than my Thunder Giant.

Brittany: Think I don't know that?! I activate this card: [places another card] Battle Fusion! This card gives a Fusion monster I control the attack points of the monster it goes into battle with. Cyber Blader's attack points go up to 4,500!

ATK: 4,500]

Alvin: Oh, boy.

Brittany: Take down Thunder Giant with Whirlwind Blade!

[Cyber Blader strikes Thunder Giant w/her attack, destroying him]

Alvin: 2,300 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 1,100 (Hand: 0)]

ATK: 2,100]

Brittany: You're up next.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [looks at what he just drew] I activate Card of Demise! [draws three cards] I draw until I hold three cards in my hand, but I can't special-summon, and you don't take damage. Plus, if I have any cards in my hand at the end of this turn, I gotta discard my entire hand. [sets all three cards] I set all three of these cards and end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! Cyber Blader, attack Alvin directly!

[Cyber Blader skates toward Alvin and is about to strike, when Rainbow Kuriboh pops out of the graveyard and takes the hit, then is destroyed]

Alvin: Rainbow Kuriboh's special ability activated. When you declared that direct attack, I special-summoned Rainbow Kuriboh from my graveyard in defense mode to take the hit.

Brittany: Unfortunately, now that he's banished from the duel, there's no way he'll be able to stop my next attacks. [places another card] I activate De-Fusion! Cyber Blader splits back into Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater in attack mode!

[Cyber Blader splits back into Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater]

Brittany: Blade Skater, attack Alvin directly!

[Blade Skater skates toward Alvin]

Alvin: [reveals face-down] Unfortunately, I figured you'd use De-Fusion. I activate Mirror Force!

[Blade Skater crashes into a mirror shield, knocking her back toward Etoile Cyber, destroying them both]

Alvin: This card stops your attack and destroys all your monsters in attack mode.

Brittany: Darn! I end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Card of Sanctity! This card lets each of us draw until our hands hold six cards.

[He and Brittany each draw until their hands hold six cards apiece]

Alvin: Not quite the cards I need, but one of my face-down cards should help. [reveals face-down] Card Destruction! Each of us must discard our hands and draw the same number of cards we discarded. [discards his hand] I discard Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier, Hero Barrier, Monster Recovery, Flamvell Guard, and Flash Fusion. [draws six cards] Then I draw six new cards.

Brittany: [discards her hand; draws six cards] I discard six and draw six.

Alvin: [looks at his hand; in his mind] Nuts! The only monster I've drawn is Elemental Hero Avian, and he only has 1,000 attack points. And none of my other cards can help. Commencement Dance, Black Luster Ritual, Super Soldier Ritual, Super Soldier Shield, and Super Soldier Rebirth. Might as well make do with this. [places a card; aloud] I summon Elemental Hero Avian in attack mode!

[Avian appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,000]

Alvin: Attack Brittany directly with Quill Cascade!

[Avian fires a barrage of feathers at Brittany, hitting her]

Alvin: 2,300 (Hand: 5)
Brittany: 100 (Hand: 6)]

Alvin: I end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! Thanks for all the free cards. [places a card] I activate my own copy of Pendulum Call! [discards Interceptomato; adds two cards to her hand] I discard one card so I can add two Magician Pendulum monsters to my hand: Xiangsheng Magician and Xiangke Magician. [places said cards in her Pendulum Zones] And they're just the cards I need to take control of this duel!

[Xiangsheng Magician and Xiangke Magician appear in the Pendulum Zones; Pendulum Scale: 3-8]

Brittany: I can special-summon monsters between levels 4 and 7 at once! [places three cards] I Pendulum-summon Cyber Gymnast, Dark Elf, and Kanan the Swordmistress!

[Said monsters appear]

LV: 4
ATK: 800]

LV: 4
ATK: 2,000]

LV: 4
ATK: 1,400]

Brittany: [discards a card] I discard one card to activate Cyber Gymnast's special ability, destroying Avian!

[Avian is destroyed]

Brittany: Cyber Gymnast and Kanan the Swordmistress, attack Alvin directly!

[Said monsters strike Alvin directly]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 5)
Brittany: 100 (Hand: 1)]

Erica: Oh, no! Alvin's in trouble now. Once Dark Elf attacks, he's gonna lose.

Jeanette: Not quite, Erica. Dark Elf can't attack unless Brittany pays 1,000 life points. But she only has 100.

Lucretia: Whew! That was a close one. But now they're tied.

Brittany: It's too bad I don't have enough life points for Dark Elf to attack. I'll just have to end my battle phase and tribute all three of my monsters! I summon...

[All of her monsters vanish, and in their place appears...]

Brittany: The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode!

[LV: 10
ATK: 0]

Sora: There's the first form of her Egyptian God card.

Lucretia: I've heard tales about the Egyptian Gods. But I never expected Brittany to own one.

Eleanor: It's a long story, Lucretia.

Brittany: Watch out, Alvin, because come next turn, Ra will emerge in his normal form with 4,000 attack points. Your move.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [places a card] Now, I play Reload! [shuffles his hand into his deck; draws four cards] I shuffle my hand into my deck, then draw five new cards. [places three cards] Next, I Pendulum-summon Elemental Heroes Necroshade, Wildheart, and Woodsman!

[Said monsters appear]

Alvin: But they won't be around for long. I tribute all three of my monsters!

[All of his monsters vanish]

Alvin: Legendary Gods of Egypt, please hear my call. In the name of all pharaohs, I now beseech thee! [places a card] I summon Obelisk the Tormentor!

[Obelisk the Tormentor appears]

[LV: 10
ATK: 4,000]

Godou: No way!

Yuri: Alvin has an Egyptian God card, too?!

Liliana: If there's one thing you can expect in a duel like this, it's a clash of the Egyptian Gods.

Ena: Only one will emerge victorious.

Alvin: I may not be able to attack your sphere this turn, but Obelisk will surely protect me from your Egyptian God. Your move.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! Not that I'll need this card, because it's now time to unlock the sphere!

Almighty protector of the sun and the sky,
I beg of thee, please heed my cry.
Transform thyself from orb of light,
and bring me victory in this fight.
I beseech thee, grace our humble game.
But first, I shall call out thy name:


[The sphere transforms into the Winged Dragon of Ra; Ra roars]

[LV: 10
ATK: 4,000]

Brittany: This is it, Alvin. The play that will end this duel! Ra, attack Obelisk the Tormentor with Blaze Cannon!

[Ra fires his attack at Obelisk]

Alvin: Obelisk, strike back with Fist of Fury!

[Obelisk charges at Ra with his fist; both attacks hit, causing a massive explosion]

Hikari: Everyone cover your eyes!

[She and the others cover their eyes; after the smoke clears, both Obelisk and Ra are gone]

Alvin: That attack only destroyed both of our Egyptian Gods, Brittany. Once I draw a monster or Miracle Fusion next turn, this duel will belong to me.

Brittany: There won't be a next turn, Alvin, because once Ra goes to the graveyard, he'll emerge from the graveyard in his most powerful form yet! Rise up...!

[Emerging from the graveyard is The Winged Dragon of Ra's most powerful form]

Brittany: Winged Dragon of Ra - IMMORTAL PHOENIX!!

[Ra screeches ferociously]

[LV: 10
ATK: 4,000]

Alvin: I can't believe it!

Shizuka: How did Brittany get that card?!

Lucretia: She must've been chosen.

Brittany: Ra's Immortal Phoenix form is unaffected by other card effects, so nothing you can do can stop his next attack, Alvin.

Alvin: Gimme your best shot, Brittany.

Brittany: You played a great duel, Alvin. I'll never forget it. But this is where it ends. Ra, attack Alvin directly and finish this duel!

[Ra fires his attack at Alvin]

Alvin: This card may not affect your monster, but it will save me! [places a card] I special-summon Battle Fader to end the battle phase!

[Battle Fader appears]

[LV: 1
ATK: 0]

Brittany: No! I should've known there'd be loopholes!

Alvin: Since Battle Fader ends a battle phase, not even Ra's Immortal Phoenix form can stop it.

Godou: All right, Alvin! What a comeback!

Shizuka: Unfortunately, there's nothing Alvin can do to destroy Ra. Plus, he's only got 100 life points.

Simon: Au contraire. Alvin may still have a chance. Ra can only maintain his phoenix form for that one turn. Once the end phase comes, he goes back to the graveyard, and Brittany gets to special-summon Ra's Sphere Mode from her hand, deck, or graveyard.

Sora: But Alvin's gonna have a hard time beating that thing before Brittany gets Ra back into her hand or deck. It can't be targeted for attacks or by card effects.

Brittany: You may have saved yourself for one more turn, but I still have one card left in my hand: [places another card] Pot of Desires! [banishes the top 10 cards of her deck face-down, then draws two] I banish the top 10 cards of my deck face-down, then draw two new cards. Now, I activate... [places another card] Tribute to the Doomed! [discards a card] By discarding this last card, Battle Fader is destroyed!

[Battle Fader is wrapped in bandages and dragged to the graveyard]

Brittany: I end my turn and send my Immortal Phoenix back to the graveyard.

[Ra vanishes, and his sphere form reappears]

Brittany: In exchange, I summon his Sphere Mode in his place. But since I only have one copy of Ra, until I find a way to get him back into my hand or deck, he's my only defense at the moment. Now, move.

Alvin: Well, here goes nothing. [draws] I draw! [looks at what he just drew] Okay, Brittany. Let's see how you like this: [places the card he just drew] I activate Fifth Hope! I shuffle five Elemental Heroes in my graveyard back into my deck, then draw two new cards. [takes five cards from his deck, then shuffles, then draws two cards] I shuffle Elemental Heroes Burstinatrix, Clayman, Bubbleman, Avian, and Thunder Giant into my deck, then draw two cards. [places another card] Next, I activate Legacy of a Hero! By returning two Elemental Hero Fusion monsters in my graveyard to my Extra Deck, I get to draw three cards. [takes two cards from his graveyard and returns them to his Extra Deck] Elemental Heroes Steam Healer and Thunder Giant go back to my Extra Deck. [draws three cards] Then I draw three new cards. But now, I Pendulum-summon two monsters to the field! [places two cards] Take the stage, Dark Magician Girl!

[Dark Magician Girl appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,000]

Alvin: Turn up the heat, Red-Eyes Black Dragon!

[Red-Eyes Black Dragon appears]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,400]

Alvin: [places another card] Now, I activate the Spell: Magical Dimension!

Brittany: No!

Alvin: [places another card] Since I control a Spellcaster, I tribute my Red-Eyes to special-summon a Spellcaster from my hand!

[Red-Eyes vanishes, and in his place appears...]

Alvin: Blizzard Princess!

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Godou: That's it? Brittany reacts to a card that only special-summons a new monster to the field?

Simon: Magical Dimension doesn't just bring out Spellcasters, Godou. You won't believe its second effect.

Alvin: Now, here's an effect that your sphere can't stop. After I summon a Spellcaster to my field, I can destroy any monster on the field. And it doesn't target.

[Both of Alvin's Spellcasters fire a blast of magic at the sphere, destroying it]

Brittany: This can't be happening!

Alvin: I'm afraid it already is! Blizzard Princess, attack her directly! Wipe her out! Crystal Scepter Strike!

[Blizzard Princess fires her attack at Brittany directly, hitting her; she hits the ground]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 0 (Hand: 0)]

[All monsters vanish]

Alvin: Game over.

Brittany: [gets back on her feet] That was quite the duel.

Alvin: Totally. For a moment, you almost had me.

[Everyone else applauds]

Godou: That was a great game, guys.

Erica: I thought my heart was gonna explode.

Ena: Congratulations, you two.

Alvin: Thanks, everyone.

Simon: [looks at his watch] I'd better get started on editing and burning. The post office closes at 10:00.

[Over the next half hour, he hooks up the camcorder to his MacBook, edits the video, and burns it to a DVD disc, then makes a copy to send to Alvin's e-mail; he places the disc into a jewel case, seals it with tape, places a label on the case ("#KingMidas" by the Chipmunks and the Chipettes), writes a note, slips them into a heat-sealing envelope with bubble wrap, and writes the school's address on it; he hands the envelope to Bambi]

Bambi: I'll have this sent out right away.

Shizuka: Hold on, Miss Apple. How do you expect that package to get to your school by the deadline, which is tomorrow?!

Bambi: Express Mail. What else? It'll be there by morning. Don't worry. I can afford it. Insurance, too.

Alvin: [extracts his MacBook from his backpack and opens it] Now for the upload. [opens his e-mail account] Ah! [downloads the video file]

Ena: Upload, Alvin?

Alvin: It's a backup plan, Ena, just in case the DVD gets lost in the mail.

[He logs on to his YouTube channel and uploads the video; he types the following in the description:]

[This video has been made as part of a school project, with a little help from our pen pals.
Simon Seville as King Midas
Jeanette Miller as the Queen
Alvin Seville as the Satyr
Brittany and Eleanor Miller and Theodore Seville as the king's subjects
With special guest star Lucretia Zola as Clio

Directed by Godou Kusanagi
Produced by Erica Blandelli
Makeup Artist: Liliana Kranjcar
Choreographer: Yuri Mariya
Technical Director: Hikari Mariya
Art director: Ena Seishuuin
Music by the Chipmunks and the Chipettes

The Midas Touch is owned by Disney and The Muppet Studios. No copyright infringement intended.]

Ena: Music?

Alvin: We'd already composed the music before we got to New York.

[He clicks the publish button]

Alvin: Who knew how fast Wi-Fi can be in an old warehouse?

Sora: Hey, Alvin, it's getting pretty late. You kids wanna join me and Marion to spend the night at Layla's?

Alvin: Actually, Sora, I've been thinking. ACME's been scrimping lately. I don't think they can afford hotel rooms for our guests anymore. Plus, my group and I have gotten pretty tired of staying in hotels while in New York. Plus, the room service is boring. That's why I've thought of making this our New York shack. We can convince the city not to tear this place down.

Bambi: A warehouse for a New York home? I think we should call Dave. But we can spend a few nights here.

Sora: Marion?

Marion: Well, if you guys are gonna stay in this warehouse, you'll at least need some sleeping bags.

Erica: That's no problem for the guests.

[She extracts eight duffel bags and five sleeping bags from the crate]

Erica: Sorry I only brought five sleeping bags.

Theodore: I found something useful in the storage room.

[He opens the door to the storage room and shows that inside are three royal blue tufted hammocks, a pair of recliners, and multiple sleeping bags (each big enough for two)]

Alvin: Great idea, Theodore!

[Godou enters the room and helps Alvin pull the hammocks, recliners, and sleeping bags out into the middle of the warehouse; Bambi approaches another door; she opens the door, turns on the lights, and finds a kitchen inside (w/a microwave, an electric stove, a sink, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, pots, pans, dishes, etc.)]

Bambi: Wow! A kitchen!

[The gang takes a look]

Godou: The city sure picked a bad place to tear down.

Sora: It's amazing.

Marion: You think maybe the stove still works?

Bambi: [turns on the stove for a moment] Yep. Still works good. I'm gonna go get some groceries while the supermarket's still open. I'll stop on the way back from the post office. [exits and writes down a list] Let's see. Pancake mix, eggs, bread, sausage, milk, OJ, waffle mix, ice cream, fruit-- Boy, I'm gonna have a field day.

Erica: You know, Alvin, I think the idea of staying overnight at this warehouse sounds bellissimo.

Alvin: Hope you guys enjoy your stay with us.

Shizuka: Hmm. This warehouse isn't like a hotel, but I suppose any port in a storm.

Hikari: [yawns] I'm pretty tired. All that hard work and that long trip here can really wear a kid out.

Alvin: We're all tired.

[His iPhone rings]

Alvin: Hold on. [picks up] Hello?

Miss Mooney: [through phone] Evening, Alvin, I saw your video.

Alvin: Miss Mooney? Hold on. I'll put you on speaker. [turns on speaker]

[The rest of his group murmurs in wonder]

Miss Mooney: Lucky for you I'm one of your channel's subscribers. Otherwise, I never would've found that video. Congratulations, Alvin. You and your group all get As!

[The gang cheers]

Alvin: Thanks, Miss Mooney! Oh, by the way, the DVD copy of the video is in the mail. See, the YouTube video was supposed to be a backup plan. I didn't expect you to grade our project so soon.

Miss Mooney: That's okay. But you kids have worked really hard to make that video, and I'm very proud of you all, and your pen pals, too. Now you kids enjoy your vacation.

Alvin: Thanks a bunch. And give our regards to the rest of the class.

Miss Mooney: Will do. Good night, everyone. [hangs up]

[The gang cheers]

Brittany: [embraces Alvin] I knew we'd pass! I just knew it!

Sora: Congratulations, kids.

Alvin: Erica, we could never have done it without your group's help. Thanks so much.

[He and Erica embrace]

Erica: My pleasure, bambino.

Alvin: As a reward, I want you and your group to join us tomorrow for a trip to Orchard Beach.

[The girls in Erica's group shout in excitement]

Godou: [in his mind] The beach? An American beach?!

[He has a vision of himself relaxing on the beach with the girls in his group by his side; the vision soon ends]

Godou: Hell's yeah!!

Sora: Easy with the language, Godou. There's kids in the warehouse.

Godou: Sorry.


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

[Outside, Dimitri has seen everything through the window]

Dimitri: A teenager from Japan and a harem? Now I've seen everything.

[He walks up to his car; awaiting is Stelio]

Dimitri: The Chipmunks and the Chipettes have foreign friends helping them, Stelio. A Japanese teenager and a whole gaggle of girls-- Seven! A trio of mikos, a Croatian, the teen's sister, and a pair of Italian broads. They've been helping those little twerps finish their project.

Stelio: Dimitri, are the kids leaving the joint or not?

Dimitri: What does that matter? They can keep their stupid project. But now they've decided to make the building their New York home.

Stelio: [sighs] Then we might as well find a way to get rid of 'em. The kids and their guests. We need that gem. If what Duke Voban said about it is true, Selene's eye will surely teach ACME a lesson for ever ruining my get-rich-quickly plan three years ago.

Dimitri: What'd you do then?

Stelio: I killed my late great-uncle's lawyer so he wouldn't give his client's will to a teenager and his 12 little sisters. That led to a $15,000,000 fortune!

Dimitri: $15,000,000 is chump change compared to the $258,000,000 gem.

Stelio: Eight figures was enough for me. Anyway, to make doubly sure that boy and his sisters didn't make it to the will on time, I kidnapped the sisters. Unfortunately, their little friend gave us away, and their brother, who had some help from ACME, jumped in and saved the girls, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and destroy ACME myself, but the Spider Riders beat me, and the teen and his sisters got the inheritance money, and while I was awaiting trial, I killed my associates for their failure. Voban will do the same to us if we don't get that gem.

Dimitri: Whatever you say, partner.

Stelio: Now, keep a close eye on them until they're all sound asleep, then we'll trash the place again.

Dimitri: Got it. [exits the car]

Stelio: [yawns] Stakeouts are pretty exhausting nowadays. [adjusts his seat and falls asleep]

[He walks up to the window and takes another look; he then extracts his iPhone from his pocket and opens the Candy Crush app; he starts playing]

Dimitri: [in his mind] If only I hadn't gotten that drug conviction six years ago, I'd be a contestant on the upcoming the Candy Crush game show right now. Well, can't change the past. No, sir.

[He turns to the car and notices Stelio is sound asleep]

Dimitri: [quietly] He'll be out of it for a while.

[He continues playing Candy Crush]

[Cut to the warehouse later that night, everyone is sound asleep; the Chipmunks share a hammock; the Chipettes are share a hammock; Sora and Marion share a sleeping bag; Liliana and Ena each sleep in a recliner; Bambi, Erica, Yuri, Hikari, Shizuka, and Lucretia each sleep in a sleeping bag; Godou is sleeping in a hammock]

[Cut to a dream; Godou, Erica, Liliana, Ena, and Yuri encounter Selene, Goddess of the Moon (played by Idina Menzel)]

Godou: Who are you?

Selene: I am Selene, Goddess of the Moon.

Erica: What do you want with us?

Selene: Oh, nothing. Just to annihilate you!

[Godou whips out his Golden Sword]

Godou: Not on my watch! I'm a godslayer!

[He charges at Selene]

Erica: Godou, wait!

[Selene's right eye glows; her eye unleashes a massive blast of moon energy at Godou, hitting him hard; Godou hits the ground]

Erica, Liliana, and Yuri: Godou, no!

Ena: Your Majesty!

Selene: He was weak. Just like the four of you.

Erica: Don't say that about my future husband! Fly, Boots of Hermes!

[She leaps to the sky and charges at Selene w/her sword]

Liliana: For Godou!

Ena: I won't let my king fall prey to this floozy!

[They charge at Selene w/their swords]

Yuri: [casts a healing spell on Godou] Hang in there, Godou. You'll be 100% in no time.

[Selene unleashes four blasts from her eye at each of the girls, hitting them all; they all hit the ground and are knocked unconscious; Selene approaches Godou and grabs him by the neck]

Selene: Godou Kusanagi, your team is finished. And you're next.

Godou: [comes to] You-- You monster!

[Selene digs her nails into Godou's neck; Godou groans in pain]

Selene: Face it. You're only in this situation because you're too weak.

[Godou tries to reach for his sword, but Selene continues torturing him]

Godou: Lucretia, Hikari, Shizuka, Alvin-- Anyone, please help me!

[Selene smirks smugly, smacks her lips, and opens her mouth wide]

[Cut back to the warehouse; Godou tosses and turns in his hammock, yelping; Lucretia awakens and walks up to him]

Lucretia: Godou? Godou? [taps Godou's shoulder] Wake up, boy. You're dreaming.

[Godou wakes up and falls off his hammock]

Lucretia: Oh. Sorry. [helps Godou up] You all right?

[Godou pants heavily, then turns to Lucretia, tears in his eyes]

Lucretia: Sounds like it was a scary dream. Are you okay?

Godou: Scary dream? Lucretia, that was a freaky nightmare. A goddess attacked and almost killed us, and she tortured me for being so weak. [voice breaks] I'm not really weak, am I, Lucretia?

[Lucretia frowns sympathetically; she hugs him close to her breasts and strokes his hair; Godou cries softly]

Lucretia: Shh. It's okay, dear. I'm right here for you. There, now. Don't cry. You're not weak. Throughout the past two years, I've seen you improve a great deal, not just as a campione, but as a man. That's why I want to be your concubine. Everything will be okay.

Godou: [climbs back into the hammock] Must've eaten too much pizza. Maybe that's why I had that dream.

Lucretia: [giggles] Don't worry. You couldn't help yourself. You were hungry. [climbs into the hammock] I'll tell you what, if I sleep with you the rest of the night, you'll be fine.

Godou: Okay. But what if Erica gets the wrong idea?

Lucretia: [draws up the covers] I'll tell her everything. Right now, it's time for you to get a good night's sleep. [gently holds Godou close to her breasts] You'll feel comfier sleeping this way. [hums a light Italian tune]

[Godou, soothed by Lucretia's humming and comfort, slowly closes his eyes]

[Erica, barely awake, walks up to the hammock, dragging her sleeping bag]

Erica: Godou, I heard crying. Are you...? [notices Lucretia and Godou sharing a hammock] Lucretia, what in God's...?

Lucretia: Shh. [points at the sleeping Godou]

Erica: [smiles] Carino.

[Subtitle: Cute.]

[She gives Godou a good night kiss on the cheek]

Lucretia: He had a scary dream. I had to step in.

Erica: Probably ate too much pizza. What happened?

Lucretia: A goddess attacked mercilessly and tortured him for being weak in the dream.

Erica: Poor thing. You're really into him, aren't you?

Lucretia: Why wouldn't I be? He reminds me a lot of his grandfather. But don't get so jealous, Erica. You're still his numero uno.

Erica: I know.

Lucretia: I'd invite you to sleep with us, but this hammock isn't strong enough to support more than two.

Erica: [gets into her sleeping bag close to the hammock] That's okay. I'll sleep right here. Buona notte, you two. [falls asleep]

Lucretia: Buona notte. [turns to Godou] And good night to you, Godou Kusanagi.

[She gives Godou a good night kiss on the forehead and falls asleep]

Godou: [in his mind] She's so soft. So motherly. I wish Grandpa had married her instead. Oh, well. Like grandfather, like grandson.

[Hikari sleepily walks up to the hammock, dragging her sleeping bag; she notices Godou's sleeping face and smiles]

Hikari: Big Brother...

[She kisses Godou on the cheek, then climbs into her sleeping bag beside the hammock and falls asleep]

Hikari: I love you, Big Brother.

[Outside the warehouse, Stelio awakens and notices Dimitri still playing Candy Crush on his iPhone (hooked to his portable charger); Stelio scoffs]

Stelio: Hey! Who said you could lollygag?! [notices the clock on the dashboard] It's 2:00 in the morning!

[Dimitri stops, puts his iPhone and charger in his pockets, then puts on his ski mask]

Dimitri: Look who's talking, Mr. Lazybones. [looks through the window] Everyone's sound asleep now. Let's move.

Stelio: [puts on his ski mask] Finally.

[He gets out of the car, shuts the door, and he and Dimitri slowly and quietly pry the doors open with their crowbars and enter the warehouse]

Dimitri: [whispers] How do you expect us to knock these guys out?

Stelio: We'll try suffocating them with pillows.

[Liliana wakes up and notices them]

Liliana: Hmm?

[She gets out of bed and approaches the two thieves]

Liliana: It's a little early for Halloween, you two. Do you mind?

[Stelio strikes her with his crowbar]

Stelio: Outta the way, bitch.

[Liliana gets back on her feet and notices that Stelio and Dimitri are standing on a large cloth]

Liliana: Have a seat, boys.

[She pulls the cloth, flipping the two robbers on their backs; Stelio and Dimitri charge at her with their crowbars, but Liliana intercepts with her Magic Sword Il Maestro]

Liliana: Bad boys!

[She slices the crowbars in half; the Chipmunks awaken]

Alvin: Liliana, what's going on?

Liliana: Don't worry, boys. I've got this one. [leaps up] Strega wings, aid my flight!

[She dives down and kicks Stelio and Dimitri clean out of the warehouse through the doors; Stelio and Dimitri run back to their car and drive away]

Liliana: And don't come back!

[She slams the doors shut and locks them back up tightly; Il Maestro vanishes]

Simon: Nice going, Lili.

Liliana: Hvala.

[Subtitle: Thank you.]

Theodore: We had problems with those masked men earlier today.

Alvin: I have no idea what they want with us, but the way I see it, we're gonna need a security system of some kind.

Liliana: We'll deal with that in the morning after breakfast. Right now, we gotta get some sleep.

[The Chipmunks climb back into their hammock]

Alvin: Lili, how did you know all those moves?

Liliana: I'll explain tomorrow. Good night, boys.

[She gives the Chipmunks each a good night kiss and goes back to sleep on her recliner; the Chipmunks fall asleep, except for Alvin]

Alvin: [in his mind] Hmm. The others sure must be heavy sleepers to sleep through that fight. Oh, well. [falls asleep]


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

[Later, in the border between life and immortality, Godou is sound asleep on the lap of a familiar being]

Godou: [in his sleep] This feeling-- It's so soft.

Pandora: My sweet child, you sleep like a little angel.

[She gently strokes Godou's hair; Godou opens his eyes slowly]

Godou: Pandora?

Pandora: I thought I told you to call me Mom.

Godou: Sorry,... Mom.

Pandora: I heard about your scary dream. Are you okay?

Godou: Yeah. I was tortured by a goddess.

Pandora: That could be a very frightening nightmare. But don't worry. You have friends by your side who dote on you every day. [hugs Godou close to her chest] And you have me, too, the mother of all campione. We'll always be here for you, sweetheart. [kisses Godou on the forehead] You're a such lovely boy. By the way, how is your vacation going?

Godou: It's wonderful. I've been helping my friend Alvin and his group with their mythology project. We had a lot of fun. Can't wait for our upcoming beach getaway.

Pandora: The beach. I wish I could be there. I'm sure you'd love my bathing suit.

Godou: I'd give anything to see you in one, Pandora-- Excuse me. Mom. [sniffs] Hmm. Something's cooking.

Pandora: Well, like they say, sweetheart, wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey! [kisses Godou] I'll see you in your next dream, Godou.

[Fade to white]

[Back in the warehouse, Godou awakens]

Godou: [moans] What a night.

[He looks to his left and sees that Lucretia is not in his hammock]

Godou: Lucretia?

Erica: She's making breakfast.

[Godou looks to his right and sees Erica beside him]

Godou: Erica?!

Erica: [kisses Godou] Morning, Godou. Sleep okay?

Godou: Yeah. Thanks to Lucretia.

Erica: Tell me, what do you think of her?

Godou: She's beautiful. She's very motherly, and I gotta be honest with you, her breasts are really soft and soothing.

Erica: So I've heard. [looks at her chest] Look at me, playing second fiddle to Lucretia in terms of bust.

Godou: Hey, don't get any wrong ideas, Erica. Lucretia's got nothing on you. She can be a mistress, but you're the only wife for me.

Erica: [smiles] Mio amore.

[She and Godou lean in for another kiss, until...]

Alvin: Breakfast!

Erica: Shoot. Tonight?

Godou: Tonight.

[They climb out of the hammock; Godou accidentally steps on Hikari's sleeping bag; Hikari squeals and wakes up]

Godou: Oh! Sorry, Hikari.

[Hikari wipes her eyes and gets out of bed]

Hikari: Morning, Big Brother. Don't worry about the accident. I should've told you last night.

Godou: Did you overhear my scream when I had that nightmare?

Hikari: Yeah, and I wanted to sleep with you to cheer you up, but Miss Lucretia already beat me to the punch. So after you went back to sleep, I dragged my sleeping bag, came up to you, and kissed you good night before I went back to sleep. I'm sorry I didn't wake you up to tell you.

Godou: [pats Hikari on the head] Don't worry about it. You girls have been all over me these past two years. It's no surprise you'd wanna share a bed with me.

[Hikari blushes and smiles]

Alvin: Guys, breakfast is gonna get cold if you don't hurry!

[Godou carries Hikari on his back as they approach the breakfast table where the others await; Lucretia serves the food]

Lucretia: First, for the little lady, Fromage Américain in a blanket of eggs.

[She hands Hikari said dish]

Hikari: Fromage what?

Theodore: It's a cheese omelet.

Hikari: Oh.

Lucretia: [hands dishes all around] Here you are, little Shizuka: Buttered toast and four eggs, over easy. Erica, pancakes with apple toppings and a side of vanilla ice cream. Miss Apple, you have the same as Erica, but without the ice cream. Lili, steak and scrambled eggs with a side order of hash browns. Yuri, two egg and sausage sandwiches on English muffins. Ena, Theodore and I worked real hard on this dish: Sushi and rice balls, with a sausage biscuit on the side. For Sora and Marion, two divine orders of scrambled eggs on whole wheat toast, each with a side of sliced hot dogs. For the little critters, a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and syrup. And for yours truly, five sunny-side-up eggs, hash browns, sausages, and rye toast with strawberry jelly.

[She then hands Godou a special dish]

Lucretia: And finally, for the future king of harems, Eleanor and I fixed something special. Carbonara-style noodles, miso soup, sashimi, and a bowl of fresh fruit. Bon appetit!

Godou: Wow! That looks delish! Thanks!

Lucretia: [takes her seat] My pleasure. Okay, everyone.

All: Thank you for the food!

[They all start eating; afterwards, just about the entire meal has been eaten]

Godou: [sighs] Damn, I'm stuffed.

Erica: One more bite out of a pancake, and I'll be in the toilet for hours.

Yuri: Lucretia, I had no idea you could cook this well.

Lucretia: Theodore and Ellie helped. But I did have a little experience myself at a soup kitchen one Christmas Eve to help the homeless back in Sardinia.

Alvin: Great. Now, guys, most of you might have slept through it, but last night, a couple of robbers broke in here. Liliana scared them away, but now we need a security system.

Yuri: But what about the beach?

Simon: Setting up our security system won't take long, Miss Mariya. We'll still make the beach before lunchtime.

[A bit later, the gang sets up a security system; after about half an hour, the trap is fully set; the gang, now in beach attire (over their swimwear) grab their bags and exit; Simon shuts the door and places a sign: "No trespassing"]

Ena: Are you sure the trap will work, Simon?

Simon: Already tested it out. Once those robbers open that door, they'll never wanna come back.

Liliana: Don't you think it'd be easier to get a locksmith?

Bambi: Until we get an okay from the city, this is the best we can do.

Alvin: 'Nough chatter, guys! The beach awaits!

[Sora and Marion get into Sora's car; the rest of the gang squeezes into Bambi's SUV (Bambi and Lucretia in front, the Chipmunks in the second row, Shizuka and Hikari in the back row with the Chipettes, and Godou, Erica, Yuri, Ena, and Liliana in the trunk with the bags)]

Erica: Why must I get the trunk?

Alvin: There's plenty of space, Erica. You'll get used to it.

Lucretia: Unless you want to swap seats with me. [giggles]

Erica: On second thought, I'm happier in the trunk.

Shizuka: Way to con her, floozy.

Bambi: Okay, guys. It's gonna be about an hour before we get to the beach, so let's try and entertain ourselves on the way. [drives off]

Alvin: Let's start with a few riddles. I know a good one. A ton of feathers or a ton of bricks. Which is heavier?

Ena: That's an easy one. A ton of bricks!

Simon: Nope.

Ena: How can that be? Bricks are a lot heavier than feathers.

Yuri: The key word in this riddle is "ton". A ton of anything weighs a ton. So a ton of feathers and a ton of bricks weigh exactly the same. It's just a larger number of feathers than bricks.

Simon: Very good, Miss Mariya. Okay. I give the next riddle. What has a heart but no other organs?

Shizuka: A deck of cards.

Simon: Yep. Theodore?

Theodore: I appear twice in a corner, once in a room, never in a house, and once in a shelter. What am I?

Erica: Tricky.

Lucretia: Can you spell corner, room, house, and shelter, Erica?

Erica: This isn't a spelling bee. This is a riddle. But if you insist-- C-O-R-N-E-R.

Lucretia: Twice in a corner.

Erica: R-O-O-M.

Lucretia: Once in a room.

Erica: H-O-U-S-E.

Lucretia: Never in a house.

Erica: S-H-E-L-T-E-R.

Lucretia: Once in a shelter. Did you notice any common bonds in these words when you spelled them?

Erica: All I know is that except for house, the other words have the letter R. R! That must be it! The letter R!

Theodore: That's it!

Yuri: I had no idea you were into American riddles, Erica.

Erica: Marion taught me a few when I visited her after her mom's funeral.

Bambi: How are you and Marion related, by the way?

Erica: We're second cousins. Cynthia and my mama were cousins. Their moms were sisters. [sighs] It's too bad I'd been so busy developing my relationship with Godou that I couldn't make it to Jean's funeral.

Alvin: At least she understands. Okay, guys. How 'bout another game?

[Lucretia turns on the stereo; Funiculi, Funicula by Luciano Pavarotti is heard on the radio]

Bambi: Oh! You want some music, huh? [inserts an audio cassette into the stereo] Let's see if you can rock out to this American hit.

[Now, Mickey by Toni Basil is heard on the stereo]

Bambi: [sings along] Oh, Mickey, you're so fine.
You're so fine, you blow my mind.
Hey, Mickey!
Hey, Mickey!
Oh, Mickey, you're so fine.
You're so fine, you blow my--

[Lucretia switches the stereo back to Funiculi, Funicula]

Lucretia: Catchy song, Miss Apple, but this one's more historic.

Bambi: [scoffs; switches back to Mickey] Oh, Mickey, you're so fine.
You're so fine, you blow my mind.
Hey, Mickey!

[Lucretia switches back to Funiculi, Funicula]

Alvin: Careful, ladies. You don't wanna eat the tape or bust the whole stereo.

Bambi: Historic as this song is, it's gonna put the other guests to sleep. Have a little fun. [switches back to Mickey]
You've been around all night, and that's a little long.
You think you got the right, but I think you got it wrong.
Why can't you say good night so you can take me home, Mickey?

[Lucretia switches back to Funiculi, Funicula; Bambi switches back to Mickey; it goes back and forth, faster every second]

Godou: Ladies...!

[Suddenly, as Lucretia and Bambi hit their buttons simultaneously, film spews out of the tape; after a few seconds, the stereo explodes and deactivates]

Erica: Too late. They ate the tape.

Godou: Damn it.

Lucretia: Oops.

Bambi: Great. Now we don't have any music. Alvin, your iPod--

Alvin: I'm afraid left my Bluetooth speaker back at the office. But why take a detour just for that? We'll just have to entertain ourselves.

Bambi: Hmm...

Erica: You know, the girls and I had been practicing an American hit before we got here. I don't suppose you--

Bambi: Sing a spell, Erica.

Alvin: [extracts his iPhone, opens the camera app, and turns on the video recorder] Good thing I've got plenty of space for this.

Erica: Ready, girls? Uno, due, uno, due, tre, and...

[The girls in her group nod and scat Ball of Confusion just as the tune starts playing in the background]

Brittany: [whispers to her sisters] Girls, we should sing along. I really like this song.

Jeanette and Eleanor: Gotcha.

Erica: People movin' out. People movin' in.
Chipettes: Why?!
Ena: Because of the color of the skin.
Chipettes: Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide.

Yuri: An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.
Hikari: Vote for me, and I'll set you free!
Lucretia: Rap on, sister. Rap on!

Liliana: Oh, the only person talkin' 'bout love thy brother is the preacher.
Shizuka: And it seems nobody's interested in learnin' but the teacher.

Erica: Segregation.
Liliana: Determination.
Ena: Demonstration.
Yuri: Integration.
Hikari: Aggravation.
Shizuka: Humiliation.
Lucretia: Obligation to our nation.

All 10 girls: Ball of confusion!
That's what the world is today.
Hey, hey.

Erica: Come on, boys. Lemme hear ya sing!

Alvin: Sales of pills are at an all-time high.
Simon: Young folks walkin' 'round with their heads in the sky.
Theodore: Cities aflame in the summer time.
Bambi: And, ohhhhhhhh, the beat goes on.

Godou: Evolution, revolution, gun control, the sound of soul.
Shootin' rockets to the moon. Kids growin' up too soon.

Chipmunks: U.S.A.!
Erica: Around and around and around we go!
Chipettes: U.S.A.!
Erica: Where the world's headed, nobody knows!
Chipmunks and Chipettes: U.S.A.!
Erica: Take it away, Lucretia!
Lucretia: Great googa mooga! Can't you hear me talkin' to ya? Just a...

All: Ball of confusion!
Godou: That's what the world is today.
All: Oy, vey!

Ena: Fear in the air. Tension everywhere.
Yuri: Unemployment rising fast.
Hikari: Hip-hop music's a gas.
Liliana: And the only safe place to live is on an Indian reservation.
Erica and Lucretia: And the band played on.

Godou: Eve of destruction. Tax deduction.
Shizuka: City inspectors. Bill collectors.
Chipettes: Mod clothes in demand.
Chipmunks: Population outta hand.
Erica: Suicide, too many bills. Hippies movin' to the hills.
People all over the world are shoutin' "end the war!".
Bambi: And the band played on.

All: Ball of confusion!
Chipmunks: That's what the world is today.
All: Ball of confusion!
Chipettes: That's what the world is today.
All: Ball of confusion!
Chipmunks and Chipettes: That's what the world is today.
All: Great googa mooga! Can't you hear us talkin' to ya?
Just a ball of confusion!

[They all break into laughter]

Alvin: [sighs] What a hit. [stops the recording and posts the video on Facebook] #RockinRoadTrip. [switches to the YouTube app]  By the way, check out the video of our play last night.

[The video has 1,669,486 views, 14,867 likes, and 13 dislikes]

Godou: Holy crap! All that in one night?!

Erica: Well, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes are popular music groups. It comes as no surprise.

Alvin: [scrolls down to the comments] It's more than that.

Liliana: All I see is some comments about "first", "second", and "third".

Alvin: Oh. [deletes some comments] Ignore them. They're totally annoying. Not to mention all those comments where users reply to others with nothing but the username of those they're replying to.

Brittany: Tell me about it. [points at a comment] Oh, here's a good one. MonoCrisp says: "Dig those special effects and that gold-plated Simon!"

Simon: [laughs] Bologna1 says: "Curviest muse ever".

[Lucretia smiles]

[The gang continues chatting about the video]

[Back outside the warehouse, Stelio and Dimitri come out of their car with buckets of gasoline and boxes of matches]

Dimitri: A fire?

Stelio: If burning down the house doesn't kick those kids out before the gem goes to the museum, I don't know what will. [as he and Dimitri approach the side door] Now, trust me, I used to do this for a living in my mid-20s. It'll be a controlled burn.

[He slowly opens the door, but as they get inside, they unknowingly step in the infrared laser beam, setting off the alarm; the two give confused looks]

Stelio: The hell is this?

[A sound-sensitive toy car on the table pushes a heavy cement block tied to a rope off the table, which hoists up a hanging crate (the same one Erica's group came in) two feet higher; by the block's weight, the rope snaps, releasing the crate; the crate lands on the plank of a teeter totter, which flings a large, flat metal substance on which the two burglars are standing; Stelio and Dimitri scream as they get flung out of the warehouse; the metal substance completely blocks the door entrance (with an inscription: SORPRESA!!); inside the warehouse, a pointed chopstick on the hood of the toy car pushes the play button on the boom box in front; the boom box plays a recording with Stars and Stripes Forever playing in the background]

Alvin: [in recording] Ladies and gentlemen! Please direct your attention to the thief or thieves attempting illegal entry here at 132 Madison Street! Summon the proper authorities immediately!

[Erica recites the message in Italian]

Dimitri: We gotta get outta here now!

[He and Stelio rush back into their car and drive away]


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

[Orchard Beach, Pelham Bay Park, 11:13am]

[Alvin (in a wetsuit) and Godou (in swim trunks) surf]


Alvin: Gotta love it here in America, Godou!

[Cut to the shore; the others (all in swimwear) are watching; Brittany is recording the whole thing on her iPhone]

Brittany: Gotta love these two!

Erica: Surf's up, dudes!

Yuri: They're awesome!

Shizuka and Hikari: Go, Big Brother!

Sora: Those two are amazing, surfing together like that!

Marion: Erica never told me her boyfriend was into surfing.

[After a minute of surfing, Alvin and Godou hit the shore]

Alvin: That was the BOMB!

Godou: Never had this much fun on a beach in years!

[They high-five]

Shizuka: You guys were awesome out there!

Ena: Really awesome. Hey, anyone up for a game of volleyball?

Erica: I'm game. Let's divide into teams. I'll be captain of my team, Lucretia will be the other team's captain.

Lucretia: Okay. Alvin.

Erica: Godou.

Lucretia: Theodore.

Erica: Shizuka.

Lucretia: Yuri.

Erica: Brittany.

Lucretia: Hikari.

Erica: Eleanor.

Lucretia: Ena.

Erica: Lili.

[Godou, Shizuka, Liliana, Brittany, and Eleanor join Erica's side of the court; Alvin, Theodore, Yuri, Hikari, and Ena join Lucretia's side]

Jeanette: [ball on hand] Okay, guys. I want a good, clean competition. Also, this game is played beach volleyball-style, but with only one game instead of three. First team to 21 points wins. [tosses the ball to Erica] Erica's team is first.

[Erica serves, and the game begins; a few minutes later, the score is tied at 18 apiece; Liliana spikes the ball to the other side, where Lucretia bounces it to the other side with her breasts; Erica moves back to try and get it, but slips and falls flat on her face in the sand; the ball hits the ground]

​Jeanette: 19-18, Team Zola!

Lucretia: Neat trick, huh?

Erica: [gets back on her feet and grabs the ball] Okay. Two can play at that game, Strega Nona! [serves the ball]

Lucretia: [reacts] Nona?! Oh, it is on, bitch!

[She jumps up and spikes the ball; Brittany spikes back; Alvin bounces the ball with his head; Liliana spikes back; Yuri swings an arm, but barely misses; the ball hits the ground beside her]

Jeanette: 19-all! 

Yuri: Damn it.

Hikari: Don't worry, sis. We got the next one for sure. [serves]

[Theodore moves back to try and get the ball and swings and hits, but the ball only hits the net]

Ena: You were saying, Hikari?

Jeanette: Team Blandelli leads 20-19. One more point, and they win!

Alvin: [grabs the ball] It's okay, Theodore. It happens.

Ena: Give 'em a good one, Alvin!

[Alvin serves; Brittany spikes back; then Theodore, then Eleanor, then Lucretia, then Liliana, then Ena, then Shizuka, then Hikari, then Erica, then Yuri; the ball heads toward Godou]

Erica: Come on, Godou!

[Godou smirks, then punches the ball sky high; suddenly, the ball gets sliced in half, then hits the ground, one half on each side]

Alvin: Godou, did you do that?

Godou: Don't look at me.

Lucretia: Wasn't me.

[Suddenly, an army of STUGs appears]

Alvin: STUGs?!

Brittany: Figures Argon still had some left, even with Alto and Soprano gone.

Sora: Marion, time to go to work.

Marion: Got it!

[She and Sora join the others]

Brittany: There's a whole army of them, so we'll have to transform.

Alvin: You got it! Bros?

Simon and Theodore: Roger!

Simon: Flame!

Theodore: Brutus!

Alvin: Dagger!

All three: Spider out!

[Out of their manacles come their Battle Spiders]

Sora: Gladiators, ready?!

Marion and Brittany: Ready!

Chipmunks: Arachna Power!

Sora, Marion, and Brittany: Kaleido Power!

[They all get suited up]

Chipmunks: Spider Riders!

Sora: K-2! Angel of Hope!

[Angelic sounds are heard]

Marion: K-4! Aqua Blossom!

Brittany: K-6! Dove of Dreams!

[The cry of a dove is heard]

Sora: Where there is life, there is a heart of justice!

Sora, Marion, and Brittany: Kaleido Gladiators!

[Are You Ready? by Devo is heard in the background]

[Godou, Erica, Liliana, and Ena whip out their swords]

Alvin: CHARGE!

[The gang charges at the STUGs and fights them over the course of the next two minutes]

Erica: Guys, remember, smash one into the other, and they'll explode!

Godou: [smacks one STUG into another w/his sword] Got it, Erica!

[The two STUGs explode]

Alvin: Nice shot, Godou!

Shizuka: [kicks a STUG] Easy as pie!

Hikari: [kicks a STUG into the one Shizuka kicked] Ditto!

[The two STUGs explode, as well]

Shizuka and Hikari: [bump fists] Righteous!

[Two STUGs suddenly grab Godou; a third one strangles him; a fourth one grips the wrist of the arm that's holding his sword]

Godou: [tries to pry free] You dirty robots! Unhand me!

[Lucretia clunks the strangling STUG against the wrist-gripping STUG, destroying them both, then kicks the other two down]

Lucretia: As a future mistress, I can't stand idly by and let my poor Godou Kusanagi fall to an army of ugly robots!

[Godou grabs one of the STUGs, then slams him into another, destroying them both]

Lucretia: Not too bad for an old lady, huh?

Godou: Never knew you could do that.

Alvin: Bros, Britt, swat down some more! [strikes four STUGs w/his blade] Blade of Lightning!

Brittany: [strikes four STUGs w/her blade] YumeBlade, Dream Strike!

Simon: [fires a blast at four STUGs from his lance] Fire Bolt!

Theodore: [strikes four STUGs w/his mace] Morning Star!

[All 16 STUGs they hit explode]

Liliana: [as Il Maestro transforms into David's Bow] Hear the sorrow of David, people! Alas, may the heroes fall! Alas, may the weapons of war be destroyed! O' mountains of Gilboa, I pray that dew and rain will not fall upon your peaks! I pray that your lands grow infertile, unable to flourish! There, the shield of the hero was cast away! The shield of Saul, unpolished with oil, was cast away over yonder! Undrinking blood of murderers, the unretreating bow of Jonathan! Unconsuming oil of the brave soul, returning the sword of Saul in vain! Alas, the heroes, fallen in the midst of battle! O' bow of Jonathan, with eagle's swiftness and lion's strength, a hero's weapon. Go forth in assault, upon my fleeing enemies! David's Arrows, strike!

[She fires David's Arrows (x5) each at one of five STUGs, hitting them all]

Ena: [smashes the struck-down STUGs against each other w/her sword Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi (AKA: Grasscutter)] How 'bout a game of STUG dominoes?!

[The struck-down STUGs explode]

Sora: [fires arrows at the STUGs] Arrow of Hope!

Marion: [fires a blast of water from her cannon at the STUGs] Aqua Cannon, Super Soak!

[The targeted STUGs get hit]

Lucretia: [energizes Godou's Golden Sword w/her black magic] It's not much, but I hope it's enough to swat down the remaining STUGs. [steps back] Go get 'em, tiger.

Godou: Thanks, Lucretia. [raises his sword] O Sword, shine with brilliance for the sake of my victory and justice!

[He strikes down the remaining STUGs, destroying them all]

Alvin: That's about all of 'em.

[Suddenly, a red beam from the sky fires at the remains of the STUGs, bringing them all together to form one giant armored Giga STUG with two swords]

Sora: Not quite!

Alvin: Argon sure knows how to recycle. Flash Formosa, mobilize!

[The Flash Formosa enters the scene; Alvin and Dagger jump into the cockpit]

Alvin: Hey, Giga STUG, how 'bout a dose of our Flash Flare?!

[The Flash Formosa fires a flash of flares at the Giga STUG, who repels them w/his swords]

Alvin: Guess it's time you picked on someone your own height! [inserts his Spider Crystal into the controls] Fighter Mode, initiate!

[The Flash Formosa converts to Fighter Mode; the two giant robots fight each other w/their swords]

Shizuka: Look at him go!

Yuri: Alvin never said anything about his ability to pilot a giant robot.

Simon: There's a lot about us at ACME most of you have yet to know, Miss Mariya.

[The Giga STUG tosses his swords at the Flash Formosa like boomerangs, hitting it; the Giga STUG gets his swords back and charges at the Formosa]

Erica: Alvin, watch out!

Sora: MechaSwan, deploy now!

[The MechaSwan flies into the scene and strikes the Giga STUG down]

Alvin: Thanks, Sora!

Sora: Anytime. Feather Barrage!

[The MechaSwan fires a barrage of feathers at the Giga STUG, hitting it]

Alvin: Blade of Lightning, Crimson Flash!

[The Flash Formosa swings its blade, firing a wave of crimson energy at the Giga STUG, hitting it hard and destroying its swords]

Sora: Bazooka Mode!

[The MechaSwan converts to Bazooka Mode; the Flash Formosa grabs it and aims it directly at the Giga STUG]

Sora: Angelic Magnum!

Alvin: FIRE!

[The MechaSwan fires a massive blast at the Giga STUG, hitting it hard; the Giga STUG falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Alvin: [as he and Dagger jump out of the cockpit] Another one down!

[He and the others revert to normal; Erica's group's swords vanish; Yuri and Hikari use their healing magic to heal Godou, Erica, Liliana, and Ena]

Marion: What's that the Mariyas are doing?

Yuri: As shrine maidens, we have healing magic.

Hikari: Big Brother and the other girls may have been victorious, but those STUGs did a number on them.

Godou: Not much, but healing magic does feel exhilarating. Too bad about the game, though.

Lucretia: And my team was just about to win, too.

Erica: Oh, please. Godou was about to make the winning spike.

Lucretia: That ball could have landed in my team's court.

[The two argue in Italian again; the others laugh]

Sora: Alvin, do you think maybe that was the last of Argon's STUGs?

Alvin: Hard to know. And who knows what Prescott has up his sleeves next time around?


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

[Cut to Prescott's submarine: The Nickar; Prescott and Argon have seen it all]

Argon: The last of my STUGs have failed me. But at least we have the Cyber Demonoids, right, my lord?

Prescott: Yes, we do. But we still need to wait until their programming is complete.

[Mechike enters]

Mechike: My lord, I'd like to report that the two robbers that had been trying to break into the Chipmunks' warehouse are after something precious and powerful.

Prescott: Go on.

Mechike: It's a very rare gemstone: The Eye of Selene.

Argon: Selene, as in the goddess of the moon?

Mechike: Precisely, Argon. Her right eye lost its vision when she was in a war with other goddesses. At least that's what the rumors say.

Argon: But there is no gemstone in the warehouse.

Mechike: No, but there is a tunnel below that leads to the vault that contains the gem. They started digging just yesterday, but with the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and their guests still inside and keeping them out, by the time digging is finished, the gem will be put on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Prescott: Then have your Demonoids build a drill. One that's fast enough to dig to the vault in no time undetected.

Mechike: I'm already ahead of you. LN and the others are currently constructing the drill. It'll be ready within 24 hours. I've also notified the robbers' boss so that they'll be instantly transported to the digging site when the time is right.

Prescott: Excellent. The moment someone gets their hands on the Eye of Selene, have LN grab it and bring it back here.

Mechike: Once we have that gem, nothing will stop us. Not even ACME Crime Net.

[Prescott smirks]


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

[132 Madison Street, 9:35pm]

[The gang is having a karaoke party; Erica and Marion sing Come On-a My House by Rosemary Clooney]

Erica: Come on-a my house, a-my house.
I'm gonna give-a you candy.
Come on-a my house, a-my house.
I'm gonna give-a you
apple, a-plum, and apricot-a, too. Hey!

Marion: Come on-a my house. My house-a come on.
Come on-a my house. My house-a come on.
Come on-a my house, a-my house.
I'm gonna give-a you
figs and dates and grapes and cakes. Hey!

Erica and Marion: Come on-a my house. My house-a come on.
Come on-a my house. My house-a come on.
Come on-a my house, a-my house.
I'm gonna give-a you candy.
Come on-a my house, a-my house.
I'm gonna give-a you everything.

[Later, Simon, Bambi, and Yuri sing Rainforest Rap]

Yuri: Ahh...
All that beauty.
Simon: The rainforest.
The tropical rainforest.
Bambi: Ahh...
All that beauty.
Simon: The rainforest.
The tropical rainforest.

Welcome to the jungle. It's so exciting.
Exotic, mysterious. So we are inviting
you on an adventure. So pay attention, please,
to pythons, macaws, and all the other species.
Mammals, insects, birds, bees
live under the shelter of 100-foot trees,
where living things vary from jaguars to ants,
and it's home to more than half the world's animals and plants.
The trees are high. They don't let in light.
In fact, it's dark in the jungle, so you think it's always nighttime.
Little sunshine under the trees.
The average temperature is 75 degrees.
It's quite wonderful. You'll see what it's about.
It's fun. Thrilling. So come check it out!

Yuri and Bambi: Ahh...
All that beauty.
Simon: The rainforest.
The tropical rainforest.
Yuri and Bambi: Ahh...
All that beauty.
Simon: The rainforest.
The tropical rainforest.

[Later, Theodore and Shizuka sing Roll Out the Barrel while polka-dancing]

Theodore and Shizuka: Roll out the barrel!
We'll have a barrel of fun.
Roll out the barrel!
We've got the blues on the run.
Zing, boom, ta-rar-el.
Ring out a song of good cheer.
Now it's time to roll the barrel,
for the gang's all here!

[Alvin and Liliana sing Somewhere, My Love]

Liliana: Somewhere, my love,
there will be songs to sing.
Although the snow
covers the hope of spring.
Somewhere, a hill
blossoms in green and gold.
And there are dreams,
more than your heart can hold.

Alvin: Someday, we'll meet again, my love.
Someday, whenever the spring breaks through.

Liliana and Alvin: You'll come to me
out of the long ago.
Warm as the wind.
Soft as the kiss of snow.
'Til then, my sweet,
think of me now and then.
Godspeed, my love,
'til you are mine again.

[Later, Ena sings Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music]

Ena: Climb every mountain.
Search high and low.
Follow every byway.
Every path you know.
Climb every mountain.
Ford every stream.
Follow every rainbow
'til you find your dream.

A dream that will need
all the love you can give
every day of your life
for as long as you live.

Climb every mountain.
Ford every stream.
Follow every rainbow
'til you find...
your dream!

[Later, Godou and Hikari sing What I Did for Love from A Chorus Line]

Godou: Kiss today goodbye.
The sweetness and the sorrow.
Wish me luck. The same to you.
But I can't regret what I did for love.
What I did for love.

Hikari: Look my eyes are dry.
The gift was ours to borrow.
It's as if we always knew.
And I won't forget what I did for love.
What I did for love.

[They slow-dance]

Godou and Hikari: Gone.
Love is never gone.
As we travel on,
love's what we'll remember.

Godou: Kiss today goodbye.
And point me toward tomorrow.
Hikari: We did what we had to do.
Godou: Oh, I won't forget and can't regret
what I did for love.
Hikari: What I did for love.
Godou and Hikari: What I did for...

[Later, Sora and Eleanor sing Red River Valley]

Sora: From this valley they say you are going,
I shall miss your sweet face and bright smile.
From me, you are taking the sunshine
that has brightened my path way a while.

Eleanor: Then come sit here a while, there you leave me.
Do not hasten to bid me adieu.
And remember the Red River Valley
and the cowgirl who loves you so true.

[Later, Lucretia and Jeanette sing Happy Trails]

Lucretia and Jeanette: Happy trails to you,
until we meet again.
Happy trails to you.
Keep smiling until then.

Jeanette: Who cares about the clouds when we're together?
Lucretia: Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.
Lucretia and Jeanette: Happy trails to you,
until we meet again.

[Later, Brittany and Erica sing The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli]

Brittany: I pray you'll be all right
and watch us where we go.
And help us to be wise
in times when we don't know.
Let this be our prayer
when we lose our way.
Lead us to a place.
Guide us with your grace
to a place where we'll be safe.

Erica: La luce che tu hai. (Brittany: I pray we'll find find your light.)
Nel cuore restera. (Brittany: And hold it in our hearts.)
A ricordarci che... (Brittany: When stars go out each night...)
Eterna stella sei...
Nella mia preghiera... (Brittany: Let this be our prayer...)
...quanta fede c'e. (Brittany: ...when shadows fill our day.)
Lead us to a place.
Brittany: Guide us with your grace.
Erica and Brittany: Give us faith so we'll be safe.

Sogniamo un mondo senza più violenza.
Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza.
Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino.
Simbolo di pace di fraternità.

Erica: La forza che ci da. (Brittany: We ask that life be kind.)
È il desiderio che. (Brittany: And watch us from above.)
Ognuno trovi amor... (Brittany: We hope it soon will find...)
...intorno e dentro sé. (Brittany: ...another soul to love.)
Erica and Brittany: Let this be our prayer. (Brittany: Let this be our prayer.)
Erica: Just like every child... (Brittany: Just like every child...)
Erica and Brittany: ...needs to find a place.
Guide us with your grace.
Erica and Brittany: Give us faith so we'll be safe.
È la fede che.
Hai acceso in noi...
...sento che ci salvera.

[The rest of the gang applauds]

Sora: That was beautiful, you guys!

Alvin: Oh, my God, we've gotta talk to Dave and see about recording that for one of our future albums.

Yuri: Brittany, how did you know Italian?

Brittany: I don't actually know much, but I've heard this song for years, and when Erica came here last time, she taught me how to speak Italian.

Erica: [pats Brittany on the head] The little bambina's learned a lot. Who knows? She might even surpass me. [giggles]

Alvin: Hey, what's say we all do a closing number before we hit the sack?

[Everyone else agrees; they all join Erica and Brittany]

Alvin: [selects the song on the karaoke machine] The way I see it, this number's gonna require something special.

[He whips out his harmonica from his pocket]

Erica: Oh, it's your harmonica!

Simon: Alvin, I haven't seen you use that thing in a while.

Alvin: I never got the chance to use it. But now's as good a time as any. [plays the song on the machine] Ready?

[The others nod; Alvin plays the opening of That's What Friends Are For on his harmonica]

Erica: And I never thought I'd feel this way.
And as far as I'm concerned,
I'm glad I got the chance to say
that I do believe I love you.

Liliana: And if I should ever go away,
well, then close your eyes and try
to feel the way we do today.
And then if you can remember,...

Yuri: Keep smiling.
Keep shining,
knowing you can always count on me
for sure.
That's what friends are for.
Hikari: For good times
and bad times,
I'll be on your side forever more.
That's what friends are for.

[Alvin plays his harmonica again]

Alvin: Well, you came and opened me,
and now there's so much more I see.
And so, by the way, I thank you.

Brittany: And then, for the times when we're apart,
well, then close your eyes and know
that these words are coming from my heart.
And then if you can remember,...

Ena: Keep smiling.
Keep shining,
knowing you can always count on me
for sure.
That's what friends are for.
Lucretia: For good times
and bad times,
I'll be on your side forever more.
That's what friends are for.

[Alvin plays a harmonica solo]

Shizuka: Keep smiling.
Keep shining,
knowing you can always count on me
for sure.
That's what friends are for.
Godou: For good times
and bad times,
I'll be on your side forever more.
That's what friends are for.

Sora: Keep smiling.
Keep shining,
knowing you can always count on me
for sure.
That's what friends are for.
Marion: For good times
and bad times,
I'll be on your side forever more.
That's what friends are for.

Alvin: Keep smiling.
Keep shining,
knowing you can always count on me
for sure.
Bambi: Let me tell you...
All: That's what friends are for.
Erica: For good times
and bad times,
All: I'll be on your side forever more.
Erica: That's what friends are for.

Godou: Yeah, that's what friends are for.

Shizuka: Mm-hmm.

Alvin: Yep. [plays one more harmonica solo]

[Sunday, June 11th, 7:06am]

[Bambi enters with bags and beverages from McDonald's]

Bambi: Wake up, everybody. Breakfast.

[The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, Sora, Marion, Shizuka, Hikari, and Lucretia get out of bed]

Shizuka: [wipes her eyes] Miss Apple, no offense, but do you have any idea how early it is?

Bambi: Since we're going to Central Park today, I'd like to get an early start. It's usually beautiful early in the morning.

Alvin: Good point.

Sora: [looks around] Hey, where's Godou and the other four girls?

Marion: Last night, after Erica and I looked at the stars, she went into that room. [points at another room]

Bambi: Hmm... [places the meal on the table, then walks up to the door to the room; knocks] Guys, I bought breakfast.

[No response]

Bambi: [knocks again] Godou, if you're in there, wake up!

[Still no response]

Bambi: [tries to turn the doorknob] I'm coming in!

[The door is locked]

Bambi: Locked? Hmm. Maybe it's the wrong room.

[She suddenly sniffs]

Bambi: Hmm? What's that weird smell?

[She looks through a keyhole and gasps]

Bambi: Oh,... my... GOD!

Lucretia: [walks up to the door] What could be the problem?

[She looks through the keyhole]

Lucretia: My, my.

Bambi: What the hell got into their heads last night?

Lucretia: Search me. But I knew the time was coming. I just knew it. [looks again; quietly] Oh, he's waking up. Shh!

Godou: [behind the door; yawns] What's that about breakfast? Oh, crap! Uh, we'll be out in a minute, Miss Apple!

[About a minute later, Godou comes out of the room dressed; Erica, Yuri, Ena, and Liliana (looking slightly sweaty) come out each wearing only a shirt and a pair of boxers]

Godou: Morning, guys.

Lucretia: Good morning. Sleep well?

Erica: Si. But my head is pounding.

Liliana: Same here.

Hikari: [hands out aspirins to the five] Here. Good thing I packed these before we left Sicily.

Yuri: Thank you, Hikari.

Marion: Erica, what did you do last night?

Erica: Oh, just shared a sleeping bag with Godou. That's all. [yawns] Sono affamato.

[Subtitle: I'm hungry.]

Bambi: I got you guys breakfast from McDonald's. Egg McMuffins, McGriddles, hash browns, hotcakes, fruit and maple oatmeal, the works. I even threw in a few Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfaits.

[The gang sits down around the table to eat]

Alvin: I've got lots of fun planned for our trip to Central Park. You're gonna love it.

[Manhattan Diner, 8:13am]

[Stelio (in his wheelchair) and Dimitri have breakfast with Sasha Dejanstahl Voban]

Voban: You boys still haven't found the Eye of Selene yet, have you?

Stelio: No, and I feel like calling it quits. We're not even halfway to the vault, and now we can't even get our asses into the goddamn warehouse. High-tech security, badass babes. The gem goes to the museum in less than three weeks, and by the time we get to the vault, it'll be too late. Got any suggestions, Dimitri?

Dimitri: None, unfortunately.

Voban: Luckily for you, a robot came up to me on my way over and explained that he has friends who are willing to help. They've got a big drill powerful and fast enough to dig to the vault undetected. Once the coast is clear, they'll transport you to the digging site lead you to the gem. Then bring it back to me so I can harness its power. [whispers into Stelio and Dimitri's ears] After I harness its power, you can sell the powerless gem to the highest bidder. How much was it again?

Dimitri: In United States currency, Voban, it's $258,693,471.58.

Stelio: In Hungarian currency, 66,918,827,228 Forint.

Voban: Oh, I don't care about the money. I just want the gem's power. You two can split it.

Stelio: Y'hear that, Dimitri? 129 mill and change apiece.

[He and Dimitri bump fists]

Voban: Now, Stelio, quick question.

Stelio: Yeah?

Voban: Why are you in a wheelchair?

Stelio: Well,... [whispers into Voban's ear] I conned a prison warden into thinking I was terminally ill and that my legs were in bad shape. I made my inmates give me minor mercury poisoning and paid a guard at the infirmary to tamper with the CAT scan.

Voban: [smirks] Smooth. But be careful out there, son. If someone catches you standing on your own two feet and off that wheelchair, your days of freedom are over.

[He gets a phone call on his cell phone]

Voban: Hello?

LN: [through phone] This is LN. The drill is set. As soon as you exit the diner, find a secluded spot where no one can see you and prepare for transportation to the digging site. The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and their guests just left for Central Park.

Voban: We're on it. [hangs up] Let's go, boys.

Stelio: Check, please!

[A waiter brings him the bill; Stelio hands him a $50 bill]

Stelio: Keep the change.

[Dimitri pushes him down the ramp out of the diner; Voban follows them to an alley]

Stelio: Eye of Selene, here we come!

[He and the other two get transported out, leaving an empty wheelchair]

[Unbeknownst to them, back in the diner, Athena has overheard and recorded their conversation (w/a high-frequency voice recorder) while having breakfast]

Athena: [stops the recording] Lethargy. [finishes her beverage] Check, please.

[A waitress brings her the bill]

Athena: [puts down a $100 bill] Keep the change. [exits] Farewell.

[She exits the diner and notices Stelio's abandoned wheelchair in the alley]

Athena: No more games.

[She takes the wheelchair and exits]


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

[Central Park, 8:55am]

[The gang looks around; they eventually stop at Strawberry Fields]

Shizuka: Strawberry Fields?

Alvin: It's named after the Beatles song ​Strawberry Fields Forever, in memory of John Lennon, who wrote the song. I've always loved this part of the park.

Lucretia: I read the memorial was a gift from Naples.

Sora: The entrance to this memorial is directly across from the Dakota, the apartment building where John Lennon lived before he was murdered there in 1980.

Marion: His widow Yoko Ono had underwritten the project for this memorial.

Bambi: Also, candlelight vigils were held around this memorial in the days after 9/11.

Godou: 9/11?

Erica: Godou, remember when John Pluto Smith told you the story of the tragic attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001? It took over 2,000 lives. Smith comes to New York every year to pay respects.

Godou: Oh, yeah.

[A guitarist enters, playing and singing Imagine by John Lennon]

Yuri: Hey! Look at that, Hikari!

Hikari: A guitarist?

Brittany: We get that all the time in the Big Apple. But around here, musicians perform here on weekends. There are times when we perform.

Alvin: Just not this weekend, sadly. This one's playing the song the Imagine circle got its name from.

Godou: It's beautiful.

[He suddenly notices Athena sitting near the lake feeding bread crumbs to ducks]

Godou: Huh? What's she doing here?

Brittany: Who?

Godou: That girl feeding the ducks by the lake.

Simon: Do you know her, Godou?

Godou: You bet I do.

[He walks up to Athena; Athena notices him]

Athena: Godou Kusanagi, you've arrived.

Godou: Athena, what are you doing here?

Athena: Feeding the ducks. Can't you see?

Godou: I mean besides that.

Athena: Well, if you insist, I came to warn you.

[The rest of Godou's group approaches]

Erica: Godou, how the hell did Athena get here?

Liliana: Furthermore, her coming to warn us?

Ena: How in Hell did she even know we were here?

[Alvin's group approaches]

Simon: Athena? Like the goddess of wisdom, craft, and war?

Athena: I'll explain that later. But this warning is my top priority. It concerns the two thieves that had been trying to break into your warehouse. There's a digging site beneath the warehouse.

Brittany: A digging site?

Athena: The thieves had been digging before you moved in. They wanted to burrow into the underground vault at the bank at 28 Liberty Street.

Jeanette: What would they want from the bank?

Athena: The Eye of Selene, a one-of-a-kind gemstone that once belonged to the Goddess of the Moon herself.

Erica: You mean that gem that's supposed to go on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a few weeks?

Athena: Yes. It is highly volatile. Rumor has it that when Selene fought her enemies, she used her right eye to annihilate them, but it lost its vision in the process. She then sealed herself within the gem to prevent any further destruction, as the power of her right eye could not be controlled in any way. Selene can only be released if the gem falls into the wrong hands.

Yuri: But why warn us? The warehouse has a completely foolproof security system.

Athena: A robot created a fast, powerful, and undetectable subterranean drill and transported it, along with herself and the thieves to the digging site. They're currently halfway to the vault.

Theodore: Uh-oh.

Alvin: We gotta get back to the warehouse, and fast!

Athena: It may be too late. By the time you get back to the warehouse or to the bank, the thieves will have already gotten their hands on the Eye of Selene.

Godou: Then what can we do?

Athena: At this point, nothing. But I do know that the thieves intend to use it to spite something known as ACME Crime Net.

Bambi: That's a law enforcement organization. [flashes her ACME badge] I'm a detective.

[Sora, Marion, the Chipmunks, and the Chipettes flash their badges]

Athena: Then you all are in danger. That is, unless Godou Kusanagi and his team can protect you.

Godou: We'll be ready. By the way, Athena, how did you find out about all this?

Athena: I was at a diner having breakfast when I overheard the thieves confiding in Duke Voban about the plan.

Erica: Wait, Voban's here, too?!

Alvin: Who's Voban?

Godou: Long story, Alvin. We'll explain that later.

Athena: I did also overhear the thieves' names. One was named Dimitri, and the other, Stelio. And they both looked like they were in their 50s.

Alvin: Stelio? Hmm... There's only one Stelio in this city in his 50s I know of, and he recently got out of prison in a wheelchair because he had cancer.

Athena: That was all fake. Stelio made his fellow inmates give him mercury poisoning, and he paid a guard to tamper with what they call a CAT scan. He easily tricked the prison warden into thinking the mercury poisoning made him unable to walk properly. To put it simply, he escaped.

Chipmunks and Chipettes: WHAT?!!

Alvin: I knew that smug bum couldn't be trusted!

Theodore: Wait. Where's the proof?

Athena: [hands Bambi her voice recorder] Turn this over to your commanding officers. I got the whole conversation. This recorder's microphone has very high frequency.

[Bambi presses the play button and listens to the entire conversation Stelio had with Voban]

Bambi: Sora, Marion, keep an eye on the kids and their guests. I've gotta warn the captain.

[She exits the park]

Sora: Be careful, Bambi.

Athena: As for the rest of you detectives, I'd advise you to find a safe place to hide.

Brittany: Oh, we won't need that, Athena.

[She, Sora, and Marion reveal their Kaleido Gladiator wristbands; the Chipmunks reveal their Spider Rider manacles]

Athena: You wouldn't happen to be among the famous Spider Riders and Kaleido Gladiators I heard rumors about. would you?

[The gang nods]

Sora: It's a very long story, but we'll explain that some other time.

[Cut back to the Nickar]

Prescott: The Cyber Demonitron still aren't finished yet. Argon, do we still have any ordinary Demonitron left?

​Argon: Yes, we do, my lord.

Prescott: Good. Send an army down there immediately, along with some Maggotanks and ArgoStar Fighters. Robertson!

[Robertson enters]

Robertson: Yes, sir?

Prescott: Grab your unit and get to Central Park. Lead the attack. I want all those kids and their guests kept at bay while LN gets us the Eye of Selene.

Robertson: Roger that.

[She exits]

[Cut to underground; a massive underground drill burrows through; inside the cockpit are Voban, Stelio, Dimitri, and LN]

LN: How much farther, gentlemen?

Dimitri: We're only half a mile away from the vault. Now, our only issue is getting through the steel wall.

LN: That won't be a problem. I have a plasma cutter. I'm a cyborg, after all.

Dimitri: Okay. 1,000 feet. 900 feet. 800 feet. 700. 600. 500. 400. 300.

Stelio: Will you shut up?!

Voban: Simmer down, Stelio.

[A loud clang and screech are heard; LN stops the drill]

LN: Damn it, Dimitri! Why didn't you tell me when to stop?!

Dimitri: I would have if Stelio here hadn't interrupted me!

Stelio: Enough! The point is, we're close to the vault.

LN: Stay inside, all three of you. [exits the drill's cockpit] My plasma cutter is hazardous to human beings. [shuts the door]

Voban: That gem is as good as ours now. Once I harness its power, I can easily defeat any campione that dares to challenge me.

Stelio: And once you're done with that, Dimitri and I will make millions.

Dimitri: Nine figures in the bag, pal.

[He and Stelio bump fists]

[LN slices the metal wall slowly w/her plasma cutter]

LN: [in her mind] Those fools. No way am I gonna let them have the Eye of Selene. Once I have it, my masters will be invincible.

[Cut back to Central Park; ArgoStar Fighters and Maggotanks enter the scene and fire at the ground; civilians panic and escape, barely dodging each blast; Robertson (in her Cyber Demon Gear unit) and an army of Demonitron charge into Strawberry Fields]

Robertson: ACME Crime Net, you're mine!

Brittany: Robertson!

Athena: Who is this woman?

Sora: Corrine Robertson, and she's bad news. She's one of Prescott Vorstein's henchmen.

Alvin: And those creeps behind her-- Those are Demonitron, demonic foot soldiers.

Simon: Not only that, but up in the sky are ArgoStar Fighters, and approaching us by ground are Maggotanks.

Godou: They're everywhere!

Athena: If that's the criteria, then I should assist you.

Alvin: Thanks, Athena. We may need your help to keep these guys busy while we wait for the others.

Hunter's voice: No need to wait!

[Hunter, Corona, Aqune, Lumen, and Sparkle enter, riding their Battle Spiders; Layla, Rosetta, May, Mia, Anna, Sarah, and Pamela enter, riding their Kaleido Cycles]

Alvin: All right, Hunter!

Sora and Brittany: Layla!

Rosetta: We wouldn't miss this.

Athena: I guess my assistance is no longer needed.

Godou: No, please stay. The more help, the merrier.

Athena: [smiles] Very well, then.

Robertson: It'll be a pleasure to wipe you all out in one place.

Erica: You're in for the disappointment of the century.


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Alvin and the Campione

Alvin: Dagger!

Simon: Flame!

Theodore: Brutus!

All three: Spider out!

[Out of their manacles come their Battle Spiders]

Hunter: Arachna Power!

[He gets suited up]

Corona: Arachna Power!

[She gets suited up]

Aqune: Arachna Power!

[She gets suited up]

Lumen: Arachna Power!

[He gets suited up]

Sparkle: Arachna Power!

[She gets suited up]

Simon: Arachna Power!

[He gets suited up]

Theodore: Arachna Power!

[He gets suited up]

Alvin: Arachna Power!

[He gets suited up]

Hunter: Courage of the Oracle! Spider Rider Hunter!

Corona: Charity of the Oracle! Spider Rider Corona!

Aqune: Strength of the Oracle! Spider Rider Aqune!

Lumen: Stealth of the Oracle! Spider Rider Lumen!

Sparkle: Speed of the Oracle! Spider Rider Sparkle!

Simon: Knowledge of the Oracle! Spider Rider Simon!

Theodore: Honor of the Oracle! Spider Rider Theodore!

Alvin: Might of the Oracle! Crimson Rider! Spider Rider Alvin!

All eight Battle Spiders: Spiders by their side...

All eight Spider Riders: ...ready to ride!

Hunter: Calling all...

All eight: Spider Riders!

Layla: Gladiators, ready?!

Sora, Rosetta, Marion, May, Brittany, Mia, Anna, Sarah, and Pamela: Ready!

All 10: Kaleido Power!

[They all get suited up]

Layla: K-1! Golden Phoenix!

[The cry of an phoenix is heard]

Sora: K-2! Angel of Hope!

[Angelic sounds are heard]

Rosetta: K-3! Diabolo Fairy!

Marion: K-4! Aqua Blossom!

May: K-5! Demon Blader!

Brittany: K-6! Dove of Dreams!

[The cry of a dove is heard]

Mia: K-7! Platinum Pixie!

Anna: K-8! Geo Jester!

Sarah: K-9! Lorikeet of Love!

Pamela: K-10! Ivory Eagle!

[The cry of an eagle is heard]

Layla: Where there is life, there is a heart of justice!

All 10: Kaleido Gladiators!

Godou: Let's get crackin', guys! [unleashes his Golden Sword] Golden Sword!

Erica: [unleashes her sword] Cuore di Leone!

Liliana: [unleashes her sword] Il Maestro!

Ena: [unleashes a replica of her sword] Grasscutter!

Yuri: I may not have any magic abilities for combat, but I can still kick these creeps' asses!

Hikari: Count me in, Sis.

Shizuka: Ditto.

Lucretia: If I could help beat an army of violent robots, I can help beat this army even more easily.

[Brave Blade is heard in the background]

Robertson: Attack!

[She and her army charge at the gang, who fights them back over the next two minutes]

Layla: I'll handle the ArgoStars. MechaPhoenix, deploy now!

[The MechaPhoenix flies into the scene; Layla flies into the cockpit]

Layla: Phoenix Missiles, fire!

[The MechaPhoenix fires multiple missiles at the ArgoStars, hitting them]

[Cut to the cockpit]

Layla: [inserts her Kaleido Booster into the controls] Let's see what this Kaleido Booster can do here. [inputs code] 4-9-7! MechaPhoenix, Aerial Ace!

[Outside, the MechaPhoenix strikes four ArgoStars w/Aerial Ace, destroying them]

Lumen: Leave the Maggotanks to the Cyber Spiders. Cyber Spiders, mobilize!

[The Cyber Spiders crawl into the scene]

Lumen: Autopilot engaged! Web formation, now!

[Outside, the Cyber Spiders surround the Maggotanks and fire giant webs at them, but the tanks break through]

Lumen: Fighter Mode, activate!

[The Cyber Spiders convert to Fighter Mode]

Lumen: Twister formation!

[The Cyber Spiders join hands, jump up, and spin around like a tornado; five of the tanks get caught in the tornado; after the tornado clears, the tanks are still in mid-air]

Lumen: Now, Layla!

Layla: Phoenix Finisher!

[The MechaPhoenix converts to firebird mode and strikes the mid-air tanks, destroying them]

[Seven Demonitron charge at Corona and Erica from the sky]

Erica: [takes to the sky] Fly, Boots of Hermes!

[She strikes down three of the Demonitron w/her sword]

Corona: [fires arrows at the other four Demonitron] Arrow of Light!

[The four Demonitron get struck and hit the ground]

Erica: Nice marksmanship, Corona.

Corona: [gives a thumbs-up signal] Happy to help, Erica.

[Suddenly, five more Demonitron charge at her]

Aqune: These are mine, sis! [strikes them w/her sword] Violet Strike!

Liliana: Me, too! [strikes the same five Demonitron w/her sword] Gladijatori, spreman?!

[Subtitle: Gladiators, ready?!]

Gladiators (sans Layla): Ready!

[The 10 of them fight more Demonitron w/their weapons]

Brittany: [inputs a code on her Kaleido Booster] 4-1-0! Metatron, Mal'akh!

[She gains Metatron's wings and strikes a long line of Demonitron w/her blade in double speed]

Brittany: Artelif! Crown Cannon!

[Metatron's pillars take on a circular formation and fire a beam of pure light at the same Demonitron she struck, hitting them all]

Brittany: You're up, Ena!

Ena: Right!

[She strikes the same Demonitron Brittany fought w/her sword]

Pamela: [fires arrows from her crossbow at the line of Demonitron] Ivory Crossbow!

[The Demonitron each get struck one by one]

Pamela: [inputs code] 4-1-0! Michael, come forth!

[Mukuro Hoshimiya's Angel: Michael (a key) appears in Pamela's hands]

Pamela: Shifuru! Release!

[The key transforms into a Halberd-esque weapon, which she uses to strike down five oncoming Demonitron]

Pamela: No Demonitron can withstand the might of Zodiac.

May: Now let's give 'em their worst "Nightmare". [inputs code] 4-1-0! Zafkiel, come forth!

[Kurumi Tokisaki's Angel: Zafkiel (in the form of a musket and flintlock), appears in May's hands]

May: [points the flintlock at the 7 on Zafkiel's clock] Zayin! [fires the Seventh Bullet from the musket at an oncoming Demonitron] So long!

[The Demonitron freezes]

May: [skates past the Demonitron while firing a barrage of bullets at them] Say your prayers!

[The Demonitron all get struck down]

May: [strikes four more w/her trident] Demon Trident!

Sora: [inputs code] 9-0-4! Sword Birth!

[Multiple swords pop up from beneath the ground on which seven Demonitron stand, striking them]

Rosetta: [inputs code] 9-0-4! Ring out thunder!

[A magic circle appears overhead; lightning strikes multiple Demonitron]

Anna and Mia: [input code] 9-9-5! VR Laser Pistols!

[The VR Laser Pistols appear in their hands]

Anna and Mia: Unifocus Firepower!

[They fire at four of the Demonitron, hitting them]

Marion: [inputs code] 8-1-9! Digimon mode! [unleashes a flaming wheel] Dragon Wheel!

[The Dragon Wheel strikes another line of Demonitron]

Sarah: [inputs code] 8-1-9! Digimon mode! [unleashes a cold blast at the same line of Demonitron] Ice Blast!

[The targeted Demonitron freeze solid]

Liliana: Sarah, 5:00!

[Sarah notices five Demonitron approaching her at her 5:00]

Sarah: [strikes the approaching Demonitron w/her Lorikeet Flute (in blade mode)] Right!

[She notices two more Demonitron jumping down towards her from a nearby tree]

Liliana: I'll fix 'em for you!

[She jumps up and strikes the two Demonitron down w/Il Maestro]

[Lumen, Sparkle, Jeanette, Eleanor, Lucretia, Shizuka, and the Mariyas fight another dozen Demonitron]

Yuri: Give up, Demonitron!

Hikari: You can't beat us!

Lumen: Blade of Lightning!

Sparkle: Tornado Spin!

[They strike the Demonitron w/their weapons; four of them charge at Lucretia]

Lucretia: [casts a spell] Flight! [gains wings and dodges the Demonitron; unleashes a blast of black magic on the same four Demonitron] Take this!

[The four Demonitron get struck and hit the ground]

Yuri: [casts a spell] Spirit Pacification!

[Five of the Demonitron fall into a deep sleep and hit the ground]

[Five more Demonitron unleash bursts of flames at Hikari]

Hikari: [casts a spell] Disaster Purification!

[Her spell douses the flames, confusing the Demonitron]

Shizuka: [kicks the five Demonitron to the ground] Nothing like easy targets!

[Jeanette and Eleanor each kick one of the Demonitron to the ground hard]

[Godou and the Chipmunks fight Robertson]

Godou: You choose to use that ridiculous unit for crime, and because of that, you'll never win!

Alvin: Especially when you're outnumbered!

Robertson: [strikes Godou w/her Red Rapier] One CDG unit is far superior to the combined might of three Spider Riders and one so-called godslayer!

Godou: [strikes back w/his sword] Oh, yeah?! From what these kids told me, you could die from using too much of that unit's power!

Robertson: That may be true, but thankfully, my body's got enough stamina for extra use of this contraption! Magma Missiles, fire!

[She fires Magma Missiles at the gang]

Simon: Fire Bolt!

[He blasts 1/3 of the missiles to smithereens w/his attack]

Theodore: Morning Star!

[He smashes another third of the missiles to smithereens w/his mace]

Alvin: Blade of Lightning!

[His blade fires bolts of lightning at the last third of the missiles, blasting them to smithereens]

Robertson: [tosses her rapier at the gang] Take this, fools!

[Suddenly, Athena appears in the line of fire]

Athena: A scoundrel such as you will never triumph!

[She assumes her true form]

Alvin: Whoa! They grow up so quickly!

Simon and Theodore: This is the real Athena?!

Godou: Yep.

[Athena fires an arrow at the rapier, destroying it]

Robertson: You're a goddess?!

Athena: And don't you forget it!

Alvin: Hunter!

Hunter: [joins in; tosses Alvin an Oracle Key] You got it, Alvin!

Hunter and Alvin: [each raise an Oracle Key] Oracle's Light!

[They and their Battle Spiders convert to Oracle Mode Level 1]

Hunter and Alvin: Spider Riders!

Hunter and Shadow: Electra Twist!

[They strike Robertson w/their attack]

Alvin and Dagger: Crimson Starlight!

[They fire their attack at Robertson, hitting her]

Athena: Woman, have you no contrition for your sins?

Robertson: Shut up, goddess! [charges at Athena] You'll pay for interfering!

Athena: [fires multiples arrows at Robertson, the ArgoStars, the Maggotanks, and the Demonitron] Stubborn fool.

[Robertson gets struck by some arrows, causing her unit to start to short-circuit; other arrows strike the ArgoStars, Maggotanks, and Demonitron, destroying them]

Godou: Come to me, for the victory! Immortal Sun, lend me a quick, shining steed! Fire of the Sun that dispels the dark, may it engulf you!

[Emerging from the sun is a giant burning horse, which charges at Robertson, hitting her hard; Robertson screams, falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Robertson gets back on her feet, her unit and dog tag destroyed]

Robertson: [exits the scene] You win this time! But it's still too late! The Eye of Selene is as good as found by now, so I'd advise you to flee!

[One of Temper's demonic circles appears; Robertson jumps through it; the circle disappears]

Athena: She might be right, friends. I recommend we keep our guard up, for if Selene is set free, she will know of our whereabouts.

[Back at the digging site, LN has successfully cut a large hole in the metal wall; she crawls through the hole into the bank vault]

LN: Ah, the bank vault.

[Voban, Stelio, and Dimitri follow her]

Voban: Ahh.

Stelio: Oh, my God! You're incredible! Dimitri, where's the box?

Dimitri: [points at safe deposit box 6842] Right here. LN, can you open it?

LN: [transforms her right index finger into a lock pick] Easily done.

[She picks the lock, then opens it; Dimitri extracts the steel box from inside]

Dimitri: Now, open this baby. But carefully.

[LN picks the box lock and opens it, revealing the Eye of Selene; everyone gazes at it in awe]

Stelio: The Eye of Selene. At last.

LN: [takes the gem] Just what my masters need.

Stelio: [grabs the Eye of Selene] Whoa, whoa, whoa. You didn't say anything about your masters before. I'd say you're just using us to get this baby for your masters for your own gain.

LN: If I had told you, there would have been a bloodbath. Not that I bleed, anyway. Now, hand over the Eye of Selene!

Voban: [as his eyes glow green] Never!

[He transforms himself into a werewolf]

LN: What are you, the Wolfman?!

Voban: [lunges at LN] You vicious traitor!

[He slashes LN repeatedly with his claws, until Stelio and Dimitri pull him back]

Stelio: Voban, easy!

Dimitri: She's had enough! Now, let's get the drill and head for Central Park.

[Voban reverts to normal]

Voban: Very well.

[He and the other two get in the drill and dig their way to Central Park, leaving LN behind]

LN: [groans] You'll pay for this, Voban. Sir Mechike, Lord Prescott, I've been ambushed. Voban and his cronies made off with the Eye of Selene.

Mechike: [through her radio] It doesn't matter. As long as Selene is released, we will have won, anyway. Right now, return to the Nickar at once.

LN: Yes, sir. [disappears]

[Back at Central Park, the massive drill pokes through the lake in front of the gang; out of the drill's cockpit come Voban, Stelio, and Dimitri]

Godou: You again!

Voban: Godou Kusanagi, we meet again.

Alvin: That old guy is this Voban fellow you were talking about?

Erica: His name is Sasha Dejanstahl Voban, the oldest campione.

Liliana: He's over 300 years old, but numbers mean nothing to him. [points her sword at Stelio and Dimitri] And you two!

Stelio: Oh, look, Dimitri. It's that Croatian bitch who kicked us outta the warehouse two nights ago.

Hunter: Who's the guy next to Stelio?

Sora: [looks up Dimitri's rap sheet on her iPhone] Dimitri Bodak. Got popped by narcotics for possession in 2011. Did a year in Sing Sing, then four years probation. Been clean since, until now.

Ena: [points at the Eye of Selene in Stelio's right hand] So that's why you tried to rob us, eh? You wanted the Eye of Selene.

Stelio: Oh, this? Well,...

Alvin: [steps forward] Stelio, you conniving con man.

Stelio: Alvin?! A Spider Rider?!

Alvin: I had a feeling your little cancer claim was all a scam. You wanted out so you could get back at ACME for foiling your get-rich-quick scheme four years ago.

Stelio: You don't understand. That guy's money was supposed to be mine.

Simon: [steps forward] Well, you're never gonna see a penny of it.

Theodore: [steps forward] Besides, he never intended to leave it to someone who was only a relative by temporary marriage.

Stelio: Oh, hell, no! You guys, too?!

Dimitri: Forget it. We can take 'em, no matter what, as long as we have the Eye of Selene.

Stelio: [hands Voban the gem] Here you are, Voban. Do your thing.

Voban: [raises the Eye of Selene] After all my years of searching, the tremendous powers of mythical Eye of Selene are now mine! Prepare to meet your doom, Kusanagi!

[Suddenly, the gem starts to glow red and electrify]

Voban: Wait! What's happening?!

Athena: You foolish thieves made a grave mistake stealing the gem. It may not only cost you your lives, but the lives of countless others!

Voban: No!

[He drops the gem; the gem unleashes a flash of red light; emerging from the flash is Selene herself (played by Idina Menzel), with one covered eye]

Godou: [gasps] It's her!

[He has a flashback of his nightmare]

Godou: It's the goddess from my nightmare!

Athena: Selene, Goddess of the Moon.

Selene: Who dares disturb my slumber?! My eye must never fall into the wrong hands. [stares at Voban, Stelio, and Dimitri] Was it you?

Stelio: Don't look at me!

Dimitri: Me, either! [points at Voban] It was all his idea!

Voban: Setting you free was not what I had in mind. All I wanted was to harness your powers. I wanted to use it to help my young friends here destroy ACME.

Stelio: [cringes] Oh, crap.

Selene: Well, why don't I just do you a small favor and destroy them myself, whoever they are?

Godou: Hey, Selene!

[Selene turns to Godou and his group]

Godou: If you wanna go through ACME Crime Net, you gotta go through my team first!

Selene: Oh? What would mere youths do to me?

Godou: We're no mere youths. [looks at Erica, Yuri, Hikari, Liliana, and Ena] These girls are the loyal servants of the seventh campione and the godslayer: Me!

Selene: You? A godslayer? [laughs] You really slay me.
[sings to the tune of I'm Greedy by Clive Revill] Yooooooooooooou kill me.
Really kill me.
A simple boy like you can make me laugh.
You say you're the godslayer.
But you'd better say your prayers.
Because I plan to cut your soul in half!

You kill me.
You're so silly.
Humor must be one of your few good traits.
But don't think I believe you.
Soon, your harem will all grieve you
once you submit to your fate.

I don't hide it. I flaunt it.
When I see chaos, I can't help but want it.
Don't make me laugh. I can see through you.
You don't want me to make your harem cry, do you?

Yooooooooooooou kill me.
Really kill me.
Spin me, spin me, spin me some more yarns.
Now, doom is what I've always longed for.
It's what I sing this song for.
It's doom that makes me evil to the core.

Oh, great Hades, underworld's deity,
stand aside, 'cause taking the lead is me!

You kill me.
You're so silly.
Nothing you can do will stop me now.
I surpass my brother Helios
and my sister Eos.
You can't beat me, even with your loyal cows.

I'll bask in glory
when it gets gory.
Sorry, boy, but you're off to purgatory.
Your corpse will be hoary.
It's mandatory.
And when I'm through, I will be the star of this story.

You kill me.
You're so silly.
But your jokes will never outwit me.
With my charm so rare,
I am way beyond compare.
And a goddess like this is nothing you will be.
Time to bring you to an end.
Your valiant soul, I will rend.
I'm not playing silly.
No, but still, he...
does kill me!

[She laughs maniacally, grabs the gem, and attaches it to her right eye socket]

Stelio: Nice pipes. She oughta get a role in a Disney movie.

[Dimitri nods]

Selene: [her right eye glows; unleashes dark energy to the sky] Today, you all meet your end!

[The sky darkens]

Stelio: Whoa.

Selene: To repay you three foolish mortals for setting me free,... [casts a spell on Voban, Stelio, and Dimitri] I'll grant you this!

[Voban assumes his werewolf form and gains demonic Ancient Greek-esque armor; Stelio and Dimitri each gain the same armor]

Selene: [gains a scepter with a crescent moon on its head] I'll deal with the so-called godslayer and his harem. You three deal with his little friends, my Crescent Cavaliers.

[Cut back to the Nickar]

Prescott: Argon, give those three "Crescent Cavaliers" a boost.

Argon: Command received, my lord. [third eye glows]

[Cut back to Central Park; a red beam from the sky hits the Crescent Cavaliers, making them all grow giant-sized]

Stelio: Now this is more like it. As for that wretched drill, I have no more use for it.

[He crushes the drill with his right foot]

Selene: Well, well. You three will make short work of those little mortals easily.

Hunter: I wouldn't count on that!

All eight Spider Riders: Arachna Super Power!

[They all merge with their Battle Spiders and convert to Super Mode]

Super Spider Riders: Super Spider Riders!

Hunter: Super Spider Racers, mobilize!

[The Super Spider Racers enter the scene]

Hunter: Spider Caesar, begin transformation!

Lumen: Thunder Spider, begin transformation!

[The Super Spider Racers combine to form the Spider Caesar; the Cyber Spiders combine to form the Thunder Spider; Hunter, Corona, and Aqune jump into the Spider Caesar's cockpit; Simon, Theodore, Lumen, and Sparkle jump into the Thunder Spider's cockpit]

Alvin: Flash Formosa, mobilize!

[The Flash Formosa enters the scene and converts to Fighter Mode; Alvin jumps into the cockpit]

Layla, Rosetta, Marion, and May: KaleidoBorgs!

Sora: MechaSwan!

Brittany: MechaDove!

All six: Deploy now!

All 10 Gladiators: Begin Mega Star Borg Transformation!

[The KaleidoBorgs, MechaDove, and MechaSwan enter the scene and combine with the MechaPhoenix to form the Mega Star Borg; the Gladiators fly into the cockpit]

Voban: You two deal with the Spider Riders' robots. I'll handle the Mega Star Borg.

Stelio: Good plan. Alvin's bot is all mine. He wants me, he's got me.

[He fights the Flash Formosa; Dimitri fights the Spider Caesar and the Thunder Spider; Voban fights the Mega Star Borg]

Dimitri: Why do I have to get stuck with battling two?! I'm outnumbered here!

[The Thunder Spider strikes Dimitri w/its Thunder Blade]

Voban: Just deal with it, Dimitri! [punches the Mega Star Borg] Those pieces of trash are weak, compared to the ones we're fighting.

Brittany: Weak?! How dare you! Six-Wing Flash!

[The Mega Star Borg's wings glow brightly; they fire a flash of colorful energy at Voban, who shields himself w/his arms]

Alvin: Stelio Zappas, you scumbag. You've learned nothing from your last scheme. You should know that since you first went to jail, I came a long way.

[The Flash Formosa strikes Stelio w/its blade]

Stelio: I may not have learned a thing from my past crimes, but I've learned a lot of fighting skills in prison before I thought of the escape. [jumps up and spin-kicks the Formosa] Like this!

[The Flash Formosa hits the ground]

Stelio: [whips out a sword from the scabbard on his back] And this!

[He whacks the Formosa on the head w/his sword]

Stelio: Since your cockpit's in the head,...

[He raises his sword and is about to impale the Formosa's head with it, when the Formosa intercepts w/both hands]

Alvin: [kicks Stelio in the gut] Sorry, pal, but just because you improved over the years doesn't mean I haven't. Flash Flare!

[The Flash Formosa fires a flash of flares at Stelio, hitting him]

[Cut back to the ground; Erica, Liliana, and Ena charge at Selene w/their swords]

Selene: [erects a forcefield around her] Back off, maggots.

[The three girls get pushed back]

Selene: [unleashes dark energy from her right eye] My power is limitless! Die, all of you!

[Her dark energy takes the form of deadly slime-based creatures (w/cobras for arms), which charge at Godou's group; one of them grabs Shizuka]

Shizuka: [struggles] Let go of me! Let go!

[One of the creature's arm's mouth opens wide and glares at Shizuka; Shizuka gasps in horror]

Godou: [slices the creature in half] Don't you touch my sister!

[The sliced creature disappears]

Shizuka: Big Brother!

[Suddenly, the other creatures grab Erica, Liliana, Ena, Yuri, Hikari, and Lucretia]

Erica: Selene, you ruffian!

Selene: I should say the same about you.

[Suddenly, Godou strikes down the slime creatures w/his Golden Sword, setting the girls free]

Godou: No slime can ever overpower the Golden Sword of Verethragna.

Erica: Grazie, my love. Now for Selene!

Athena: Leave this one to me.

[She fires multiple arrows at Selene, who repels them w/her dark energy]

Selene: Nothing in this world shall live on my account. Not after their actions caused me to lose control over my power. Now that I have full control, I'll use it to get my revenge. And no one has the power to stop me. Not even you, Athena!

Athena: You are a disgrace to all Heretic Gods. And for that, you shall pay with your life!

[She focuses a lot of her energy on an arrow]

Selene: [focuses a lot of energy her right eye] Foolish goddess!

[Athena fires her powered-up arrow at Selene, who releases a massive blast of energy at the arrow, destroying it; the blast then heads toward Athena]

Athena: [gasps] Impossible!

[Selene smirks]

Godou: Athena!

[He jumps into the line of fire and takes a massive blow from the blast]

Athena: Godou Kusanagi!

Lucretia: [gasps] Godou!

Yuri: Godou!

Liliana: Godou!

Ena: Your Majesty!

Hikari and Shizuka: Big Brother!

[Erica is more shocked than the others; as Godou hits the ground, bleeding badly, Erica drops her sword and tears up]

Erica: Please, God, no. Not him.

[She cradles Godou's body in her arms and starts to cry; the other seven girls burst into tears]

Erica: [to the sky] GODOU!!!

[Selene laughs maniacally]

[Cut to the giant battle]

Stelio: [snickers] Well, ACME Crime Net, it appears that Selene has finally brought a painful end to your campione friend.

Alvin: No. It can't be true!

Voban: It is. Godou Kusanagi is dead.

[Splitscreen to each cockpit; the whole gang is devastated; cut to the Flash Formosa's cockpit; Alvin bursts into tears and growls]

Alvin: Guys, let's finish these three off!

[Cut to the Mega Star Borg's cockpit]

Layla: Right! For Godou!

[Cut to the Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Hunter: Corona, we're gonna need the Thunder Formosa for this one.

Corona: Right, love. Platinum Pardosa, mobilize!

[Split-screen to the cockpits of the Flash Formosa, the Thunder Spider, and the Spider Caesar]

Alvin, Corona, and Lumen: Begin Thunder Formosa transformation!

[Cut back outside; the Platinum Pardosa crawls into the scene and combines with the Flash Formosa and the Thunder Spider to form the Thunder Formosa; Corona jumps into the Thunder Formosa's cockpit; the Thunder Formosa faces Stelio]

Aqune: Indigo Paladin, mobilize! Begin Super Spider Caesar transformation!

Voice: Combine!

[The Indigo Paladin enters the scene and combines with the Spider Caesar to form the Super Spider Caesar; the Super Spider Caesar faces Dimitri]

Voice: Super Spider Caesar, ready!

Hunter: You want a fair fight, Dimitri? You got it!

Dimitri: [charges at the Super Spider Caesar w/his sword] You think you're hot crap, huh?!

[He strikes the Super Spider Caesar w/his sword hard; the Super Spider Caesar's eyes glow]

Hunter: Xenon Twin Blades, full power!

[The Super Spider Caesar claps his Xenon Twin Blades together]

Aqune: Xenon Twin Blades!

Hunter, Shadow, Aqune, and Portia: FINAL STRIKE!!

[The Super Spider Caesar bisects Dimitri w/its Xenon Twin Blades, which launch a glowing blade-shaped projectile through Dimitri, electrifying him; Dimitri screams]

Stelio: Dimitri!

[Dimitri falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Stelio: [charges at the Thunder Formosa] Defeating us won't bring your friend back!

[The Thunder Formosa strikes Stelio w/the Thunder Lance]

Stelio: [tosses his sword aside] I don't need some stupid sword to beat you maggots. [grabs the Thunder Formosa by the neck] I'll just rip you apart with my bare hands!

[Suddenly, the Thunder Formosa impales him through the midsection w/its lance]

Stelio: [growls] You lucky dogs.

[He removes the lance from his midsection and tosses the Thunder Formosa to the other machines, hitting them]

Voban: [applauds] Well done, Stelio. You really outdid yourself today. [pats Stelio on the back] You did me proud, son. Let me finish 'em for you. Sturm Und Drang!

[His eyes glow; the Chinese Weather Trio appears and casts a spell on the sky, creating a torrential downpour on the park]

Stelio: Sorry to rain on your parade.

[Bolts of lightning strike the machines hard]

Stelio: Why don't you use your Eye of Sodom to make salt out of 'em?

Voban: It won't work while they're still in the cockpits, and it doesn't work on inanimate objects. But I know what will destroy them. Red Punishment!

[He unleashes flames from the sky at the machines]

Voban: See you in Hell, ACME Crime Net!

Sora: Kaleido Shield!

[The Mega Star Borg's wings form a shield w/all six of its wings; the shield reflects the flames right back at Voban and Stelio at 300%]

Voban: What?! NO!

[He pushes Stelio out of the way and takes the brunt of his own flames; he screams as he gets burned badly]

Stelio: Voban!

[Voban's eyes glow, cancelling out the flames]

Voban: [groans] What's... happening... to me?!

Selene: [from below] Oh, you don't know? The armor I provided for you can be very taxing on a campione. The more power they use against their enemies, the weaker and closer to death they become.

Voban: [growls] You monster!

Stelio: I'll deal with you later, Selene, but right now, I've got an old adversary to deal with!

[He charges at the Thunder Formosa]

[Cut to the Thunder Formosa's cockpit]

Alvin: Stelio Zappas, your reign of tomfoolery is over! Crimson Crossbow!

Corona, Lumen, Sparkle, Chipmunks, and their Battle Spiders: FINAL STRIKE!!

[Outside, the Thunder Formosa fires a flaming phoenix arrow from the crossbow at Stelio, hitting him hard; Stelio screams]

Voban: Stelio...!

Stelio: I've failed you, Voban. Forgive me!

[He falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown]

[Cut to the Mega Star Borg's cockpit]

Layla: All right, Voban. You're next!

Mia: MechaBeetle, deploy now!

[Outside, the MechaBeetle enters the scene]

All 10 Gladiators: Combine!

[The Mega Star Borg combines with the MechaBeetle to form the Giga Borg]

Voban: [slowly gets back on his feet] Just one more move will eliminate you! For Stelio!

[He is about to unleash a massive tornado]

Layla: Voban may be evil, but what Selene is doing to him is unforgivable and must be stopped! Giga Borg!

All 10 Gladiators: KALEIDO GIGA BURST!!

[Outside, the Giga Borg fires all its weapons at the Voban, hitting him hard]

Voban: [groans] Was that... a blast... of mercy?

[He falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

[Cut back to the ground; after the smoke clears, Voban, Stelio, and Dimitri (all back to normal size and form) all lie unconscious on the ground; the rain continues pelting down]

[Voban gets back on his feet, but is very weak; he notices the nearly-dead Godou]

Voban: [coughs] There's nothing I can do for Kusanagi at this point. The rest is up to you ladies.

Selene: [fires a blast from her right eye at Voban, hitting him] And thus, the old bag dies.

[Voban gets engulfed in a flash of light and vanishes into dust]

Selene: Two campione dead in one day. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. You girls.

[Suddenly, the Spider Riders and Kaleido Gladiators jump into the scene and face her]

Selene: Oh. More mortal maggots. No problem.

Alvin: How dare you kill a friend of ours!

Sora: For such a wanton sin, you'll pay with your life!

Layla, Sora, Rosetta, Marion, May, and Brittany: Mega Armor, activate!

[All six assume Mega Mode]

All six: Mega-Armored Gladiators!

Hunter: Let's take care of her!

[All 18 of them fight her w/their weapons, while Selene constantly resists their advances w/her magic; the girls in Godou's group watch; Yuri and Hikari try to heal Godou w/their healing spell]

Erica: Thanks, you guys. [looks down at Godou] Godou, please stay with me!

Yuri: I don't wanna lose you!

Hikari: Come back, Big Brother!

Lucretia: You can make it!

Shizuka: I don't wanna be an only child. Don't leave me!

Liliana: My love...

Ena: My king...

Athena: [in tears] He took a blow... that was meant for me. Godou Kusanagi,... why?

[One of her tears falls on Godou's face]

[Cut back to the border between life and immortality; Godou walks around; Pandora appears before him]

Pandora: Godou, I saw it all. You risking your life to save a Heretic God.

Godou: I had to. Athena may be a god, but deep down, somewhere inside of her, she has a heart.

Pandora: It's a shame that Duke Voban was unlucky.

Godou: Voban?

Pandora: After your American friends defeated him, Selene killed him.

Godou: No way! But why didn't he use...

Pandora: Otherland's Dragon? He had already used it after he lost his giant battle. And he didn't have enough energy to use it again when Selene killed him. [embraces Godou] But you, my child, still have a chance. I know you can take down Selene, Godou. Just believe in yourself and in your friends.

Godou: But it could take hours for me to awaken with the Ram's powers. My friends and sister will be dead by then!

Pandora: Not this time, it won't. Your unselfish act will surely speed up your revival.

[The sound of the girls calling Godou is heard]

Pandora: Your harem calls to you.

[The sounds of the Spider Riders and Kaleido Gladiators fighting Selene is heard, as well]

Godou: Wait. Is that...?

Pandora: [giggles] Your American friends are fighting Selene for your sake. They won't rest until justice is done.

[Godou pauses for a moment, then smiles]

Godou: Thanks, you guys. I'll take it from here!

Pandora: Good luck, Godou. [gives a thumbs-up signal] Kick some ass!

Godou: Thanks,... Mom.

[Cut back to Central Park; Godou awakens; the girls gasp]

Erica: Godou...! You're... alive?

Shizuka: But... how?

[Erica suddenly has a flashback of when Godou used the power of the Ram to resurrect himself before]

Erica: The Ram!

Godou: That's right.

Yuri: But how did it work so quickly?

Athena: His act of saving me must have sped up the process. [smiles]

Godou: Erica, Lili, Mariya, Seishuuin, it's time.

[Said four girls nod; Godou pins all four of them to the ground; Godou and Erica share a deep kiss, then shares one with Yuri, then with Liliana, then with Ena]

Shizuka: Whoa! A kiss at a time like this?!

Lucretia: It's called Youth. This gives Godou the power to inject Divine Protection into others, through a kiss.

Hikari: From what my sister told me, Divine Protection gives the kissing partners increased abilities, as well as the strength of a campione.

[After about a minute's worth of kissing, Erica, Liliana, Ena, and Yuri all moan loudly]

All four girls: We love you, Godou!

[After a flash of light, the four girls pant heavily and rub their bellies]

Liliana: That was incredible.

Yuri: So much power.

Ena: I've never felt this much in my life.

Erica: Thank you, Godou. Now, let's go all-out and finish that bitch!

Godou: Right! Athena, you with me?

Athena: All the way.

Shizuka: I'm going, too, Big Brother. I wanna give Selene Hell for what she did to you.

Hikari: Me, too, Big Brother.

Lucretia: Might as well join in. After all, Godou is an inspiration to us all.

[Godou smiles and nods]

[Back at the fight with Selene, Selene unleashes her energy on the Riders and Gladiators]

Layla: Phoenix Shield!

Sora: Angel Shield!

[They shield themselves w/their wings, but Selene's energy pushes them back]

Hunter: Super Spider Cannon!

[The Super Spider Cannon appears]

Corona: Full power!

Spider Riders: FIRE!!

[The cannon fires a massive blast at Selene, who repels it w/the energy from her right eye]

Selene: Your parlor tricks are no match for me. Now for my secret weapon.

[Her right eye glows green; a shining silver blade appears in her hands]

Selene: Behold, the Lunar Blade! [strikes each of the Spider Riders and Gladiators one by one w/her blade] No mortal can withstand its incredible might. Not even the likes of you.

[All 18 of them hit the ground and drop their weapons]

Selene: Well, it's been fun, but alas, all things must end. [points her blade at Alvin] And I'll start with you.

[She approaches Alvin]

Sora: No. Not Alvin.

Brittany: Please.

Alvin: [struggles to grab his blade] No. I can't quit. I won't!

[Suddenly, an arrow strikes Selene in the shoulder; Selene stops and turns around, noticing Godou's group and Athena (from whom the arrow came) approaching]

Alvin: It's Godou!

Layla: He's alive!

Selene: You?! How did you survive?!

Godou: Never underestimate the love between a campione and his harem, Selene.

Erica: The bond between us will never break, not even to the likes of you!

Liliana: And with this bond, we will destroy you!

Ena: No matter what evil you throw at us, we will overcome it!

Yuri: As long as we work together, there's nothing we can't muster!

Hikari: We may have different traits, but we all have the same goal!

Lucretia: And that's the safety of Mother Earth!

Athena: It's time you suffered the same fate as all the Heretic Gods who fell before you.

[Selene stares at Shizuka]

Selene: What about you, child?

Shizuka: I don't know much about what my brother and his girlfriends do, but I do know this, bitch: You are one crazy-ass monster!

Selene: Big talk coming from the godslayer's younger sister. Not to mention, that foul mouth. [unleashes black snakes] DIE!

Brittany: Shizuka, catch!

[She tosses her Mega YumeBlade to Shizuka, who catches it]

Shizuka: Your blade?

[She notices the oncoming snakes]

Shizuka: Oh, right!

[She strikes the snakes down w/Brittany's blade, destroying them]

Shizuka: Thanks, Brittany!

[She charges at Selene and strikes her with the blade]

Selene: Struck by a mere human?!

Shizuka: [tosses the blade back to Brittany] Don't mess with mere humans! That was for my brother!

Godou: That's my sis.

[Shizuka walks up to her brother]

Shizuka: Big Brother, I won't forgive that cowardly bitch for what she did to you. [embraces Godou] You may be a nimrod, but you're still my only brother, and I love you.

Godou: [embraces back] And I, you, Shizuka.

Shizuka: Now finish her.

Godou: All right, girls! Let's go all out!

[He and the other girls charge at Selene]

Erica: [strikes Selene w/her sword] What you did in your time was unforgivable enough!

Liliana: [strikes Selene w/her sword] But when you attempt to kill Godou,...

Ena: [strikes Selene w/her sword] cross the line!

[She tosses her sword to Yuri]

Yuri: You don't deserve the air you breathe!

[She strikes Selene w/Ena's sword, then tosses it back to Ena]

Yuri: I gotta learn to take up swordsmanship one day.

Athena: Jet Black Scythe!

[Said weapon appears in her hands]

Athena: Begone, foul goddess!

[She strikes Selene w/her scythe]

Selene: [grabs her sword and charges at Lucretia] Witch, you're first! Die!

Lucretia: [casts a spell] Flight!

[She gains wings and takes flight, dodging Selene]

Selene: You filthy coward!

Lucretia: Oh, you're one to talk. [casts a spell, gaining a naginata] As the Witch of Sardinia and one of Godou Kusanagi's future mistresses, I cannot allow you, an unrepentant goddess, to win!

[She tosses her naginata at Selene, impaling her through the chest; the naginata vanishes; Selene groans, then growls]

Erica: [casts a Golgatha spell on her sword] Behold!

[Her sword transforms into the Holy Lance of Longinus]

Erica: The Holy Lance of Longinus!

Selene: You're mine, Great Knight!

[She and Erica fight w/their weapons over the next minute]

Selene: As soon as I rid this world of you wads of low-spec trash, my darkness will completely envelop this world!

Erica: I'm not afraid of the dark, and I'm not afraid of you! None of us are! Even in our darkest hour, the fire inside us will burn brightly!

Selene: You're an even bigger fool than I anticipated. Darkness will always outclass light!

Alvin: [charges at Selene] Wrong! Even the smallest of flames will keep our hope alive! [swings his blade, firing a wave of Crimson Energy at Selene] Crimson Flash!

[Selene gets struck by the wave]

Selene: You're too late, you little fool!

Brittany: [charges at Selene] Not if we can still fight! [raises her blade] Mega YumeBlade, Mega Dream Strike!

[She strikes Selene in the back w/her blade]

Hunter: And we never give up! [strikes Selene w/his lance] Lance of Light!

Corona: [fires an arrow at Selene] Arrow of Light!

Aqune: [strikes Selene w/her sword] Violet Strike!

Simon: [strikes Selene w/his lance] Fire Bolt!

Theodore: [strikes Selene w/his mace] Morning Star!

Lumen: [strikes Selene w/his blade] Blade of Light!

Sparkle: [strikes Selene w/her attack] Tornado Swing!

[Selene gets struck by all seven attacks]

Selene: You're all deluded!

Layla: You're so full of yourself! [strikes Selene w/her flaming sword] Mega Phoenix Saber, ignite!

Sora: [strikes Selene w/her blade] Blade of Hope, Angelic Sky Strike!

Rosetta: [strikes Selene w/her partisan] Fairy Partisan, Diabolo Strike!

Marion: [strikes Selene w/her halberd] Hydro Halberd, Ocean Strike!

May: [strikes Selene w/her blade] Demon Blade, Demon Sky Strike!

Mia: [strikes Selene w/her lance] Platinum Lance!

Anna: [strikes Selene w/her baton] Geo Baton!

Sarah: [strikes Selene w/her blade] Lorikeet Flute, Blade Mode!

Pamela: [fires an arrow from her crossbow at Selene] Ivory Crossbow!

[Selene gets struck by all nine attacks]

Selene: Wondrous efforts, but nothing you can do will destroy me! [turns to Godou] As for you, Godou Kusanagi, I killed you once, and I'll kill you again! But this time, it's for good! [focuses energy into her sword] Say hello to Voban for me!

[She screams as she charges in a fit of rage at Godou, who only smiles]

Hikari: [casts a spell] Disaster Purification!

[Just as Selene is about to strike Godou through the chest, Hikari's spell stops Selene in her tracks]

Selene: What's happening?! I can't move!

[The energy in her sword starts to diminish]

Godou: That was you, Hikari?

Hikari: This is for you, Big Brother! My undying loyalty to you is too strong for me to let up against her!

[Her Disaster Purification powers up even further, completely shattering Selene's sword to pieces]

Godou: [pats Hikari on the head] I owe you big time, Hikari.

Hikari: I believe in you, Big Brother. [brings Godou's face close to hers] I know you won't lose. I love you so much.

[She kisses Godou on the lips]

Yuri: [gasps] Hikari!

[Everyone else is surprised]

[Godou's power increases; Hikari releases herself from the kiss, then embraces Godou]

Hikari: Now finish her off.

Godou: Thank you.

Selene: What's going on here?!

[By the power of Warrior, multiple Golden Swords appear in the sky]

Selene: No!

Godou: Selene, Goddess of the Moon, daughter of Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios and Eos, mother of Pandia and Ersa,-- She who lost the vision in her real right eye over her obsession of power, driving her to seal herself away in a rare gemstone, but has learned nothing from her imprisonment-- You will never triumph over the godslayer!

[Erica, Yuri, Liliana, and Ena grant Godou their power each through a kiss]

Godou: I call upon that which holds up the heavens and spreads throughout the Earth. That which protects the righteous, I summon you! Show me the proper path, for I am noble and my words are true!

[Selene gets struck by lightning and screams]

[Every Golden Sword points at Selene and strike her hard]

Erica: Holy Lance of Longinus, pierce my enemy and win us this fight! [powers up her lance] For Earth! FOR GODOU!!!

[She tosses her lance at Selene, striking her through the right eye; the gem falls out]

Selene: [screams in pain] I cannot... be defeated! [grabs the gem, then charges at Godou, unleashing the last of her energy at him] If I'm going down, you're coming with me, godslayer!

Godou: [gains his own Golden Sword formed from the Golden Swords in the sky] This is where it all ends, Selene! BE GONE!!

[He screams as he jumps up, diminishing all of Selene's energy, and bisects her hard w/his sword; Selene screams, gets electrified, drops the gem, falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown]

Godou: Farewell, Selene.

[The rain stops and the sky clears up; a rainbow appears; the gang cheers; Athena, the Gladiators, and the Spider Riders revert to normal]

Alvin: You did it, Godou!

Godou: Thanks to you, Alvin. You and your team.

[They shake hands]

[Stelio wakes up and gets back on his feet]

Stelio: So, you guys beat Selene, huh? Nice work. Hey, where's Voban?

Godou: He's a goner, Stelio, courtesy of Selene.

Stelio: He's dead? [growls] You jerks! [extracts a gun from his pocket]

Erica: Is that a-- Oh, my God!

Godou: Behind me!

[Shizuka and Hikari hide behind Godou]

Stelio: Voban was like a father to me. I respected him, and he respected me. And what do you do to stop Selene from killing him? Nothing!

Ena: There was nothing we could do. She attacked him instantaneously.

Stelio: Well, I don't buy it. As for this,... [grabs the gem] If I can't have the Eye of Selene, no one can! You're all going down with me!

Liliana: Listen to me, Stelio! Put that gun down now!

Stelio: After your last fight, you're in no condition to stop me! None of you are!

[Suddenly, Dimitri awakens]

Dimitri: [whips out his own gun and points it at Stelio] But I am!

[Stelio turns to his partner]

Stelio: Dimitri?

Dimitri: All I wanted to do was help you get back at ACME for stopping you from getting rich, but that's no reason to try and kill them.

Stelio: What about when you fought alongside me when we were giant?

Dimitri: My intent was to immobilize the enemy, not to kill. You didn't tell me.

Stelio: Because I knew you wouldn't follow along with me if I did.

Dimitri: You used me. All I ever did was possess drugs. You killed five men and kidnapped 13 girls. Some friend you are.

Stelio: And now, traitor, you're gonna be #6.

[He pulls the trigger, but just as he fires at Dimitri, Dimitri pulls the trigger of his own gun, firing at Stelio; both of them hit the ground dead]

Alvin: [sighs] Buttheads.

Shizuka: Well?

Hikari: Are they gone?

Godou: They're both dead. It's okay.

[Shizuka and Hikari sigh]

Erica: [embraces Godou] Are you all right, Godou?

Godou: I'm fine, Erica. As if I were really afraid of that bastard.

Erica: [sighs] That's my man.

[Athena walks up to Stelio's corpse and grabs the Eye of Selene]

Athena: This wretched trinket nearly cost us our whole world. Our beloved campione. [crushes the gem to pieces] Sorry, museum, but there are some exhibits not worth having.

Godou: Thank you, Athena.

Athena: No, Godou. Thank you, for putting your life on the line for me.

[She tackles Godou to the ground and kisses him on the lips]

Athena: [gets back on her feet] That will have to do for your reward. I must be off. Until we meet again, my friends. [giggles; disappears]

Godou: See ya.

[He suddenly collapses; Erica runs up to him and sets him down on her lap]

Erica: Godou.

Shizuka: Is Big Brother okay?

Ena: Don't worry. He's just exhausted. It was a very long battle.

Lucretia: He'll be fine.

Shizuka: That's good to know. [turns to Hikari] By the way, half-pint, was it really necessary for you to kiss my brother, ON THE LIPS?! He's 18! You're barely 14!

Hikari: It was a good-luck kiss. Plus, it boosted his power a lot.

Yuri: Now, now, girls. Cut the arguing. [walks up to her sister] Hikari, I know you love Godou as much as I do, but you gotta take it easy around here. Some people might get the wrong idea.

Hikari: Don't worry, sis. It was just a kiss.

Yuri: I understand. [embraces her sister] Look, I'm worried about you. I don't want anything bad to happen to you like what happened with Sun Wukong.

Hikari: Sis...

Erica: [in her mind] Godou, no matter where you are, you never give in to your enemies. Selene would never have learned-- Love conquers all. I love you, Godou.

[Cut back to the Nickar; Prescott confronts Mechike and the injured LN]

Prescott: I ask you to bring me the Eye of Selene, and you let those thieves escape with it?

LN: I was ambushed. There was nothing I could do. Besides, you wanted Selene to be released, didn't you?

Prescott: Yes, but in the end, the only casualties in that fight, other than Selene herself, were the thieves. And you, Mechike, are also at fault. Your plan failed to rid this world of ACME Crime Net.

Mechike: I regret this plan had failed, my lord. But my next plan won't.

Prescott: Savage, Temper, lock these two in the brig for one week!

Savage and Temper: Yes, sir.

[They grab Mechike and LN and take them away]

Prescott: ACME Crime Net, you'll pay dearly. [clenches his fist] You and any guest you have by your side.

[132 Madison Street, 5:34pm]

[The whole gang, joined by Bambi, has a celebratory dinner]

Godou: So, what's gonna happen to the damage done underground?

Simon: All of Dimitri Bodak's assets are gonna cover it. That includes his house, his cars, everything he owned. Plus, since he has no living relatives, his boss at the bank filed an insurance claim and got $5,000,000 in life insurance.

Mia: Actually, thanks to double indemnity, it's 10,000,000. All that and the assets are more than enough to pay off the damage underground and the hole in the vault.

Layla: The DA also told us that the police are investigating one John Dukakis, the man who brought the gem into the bank.

Sora: If he hadn't brought it into New York in the first place, Selene would never have been set free.

Lucretia: What about the museum exhibit?

Pamela: We told them everything. They understood. The exhibit has been cancelled.

May: Athena destroying the gem was pretty much the right thing to do.

Rosetta: God knows what Prescott Vorstein would've done with it.

Shizuka: Well, good riddance.

Hikari: I'm just glad all that is over.

Marion: Anyway, enough about the case. Cousin Erica, I'm curious. What have you been up to last night? I saw you, Miss Mariya, Ena, Lili, and Godou come out of the storage room this morning. [whispers into Erica's ear] You looked pretty sweaty.

Erica: You'll find out, Marion, in about nine months.

[She, Liliana, Ena, and Yuri wink at Godou]

Bambi: I think it's easy to guess.

[The gang laughs, then continues their dinner and conversation]

One month later, John Dukakis was charged with reckless endangerment in the first degree and criminal possession of a dangerous weapon in the first degree.
He was later tried and convicted of all charges and is serving the maximum sentence in solitary lockdown at Attica Correctional Facility for each count to be served consecutively.
Following the deaths of Stelio Zappas and Dimitri Bodak, their case was marked "closed".]

[Now, back to Carli Mosier]

Carli: Hi, it's me again, Carli Mosier, the voice of Ena Seishuuin. Now, in the story, there have been cases of burglary and attempted burglary. As the Chipmunks have learned after two attempts, the best thing to do when you stay at a new dwelling is rig a security system. Their security system was very complex, but that's because they didn't have a locksmith yet. Here's a few tips to keep your home safe in case of an actual burglary in real life. Always lock your doors and windows, keep areas around your property well-lit. If you see unusual or suspicious activity, report it. And never open a door to strangers. For more information, you can contact your local crime prevention unit, or check out some of their websites. Thank you for watching, and enjoy the previews.

[Previews from future side-fics are shown]

Narrator: Coming soon, new machines...

Pamela: MechaEagle, transform!

Hunter: Ultra Spider Caesar!

Corona: Ninja Formosa, ready!

Narrator: New Pokémon...

Ash: Let's go, Litten!

[Litten screeches]

Alvin: Ready, Wimpod?

Wimpod: Pod!

Narrator: New Z-Moves,...

Alvin: Devastating Drake!

Simon: Bloom Doom!

Theodore: Hydro Vortex!

Narrator: New Duel Monsters...

Alvin: Red-Eyes Slash Dragon!

Simon: Ready to take on my new Cyber Dragon deck?!

Narrator: New rules to Duel Monsters...

Alvin: Time to link up! I Link-summon Link Spider!

Narrator: New friends...

Eris: America's just purr-rect!

Yuya: Time to swing into action!

Narrator: New enemies...

Roget: I'm at your service.

Mechike: Behold, the Treacherous Ten!

Narrator: New superheroes...

Cosmo Cats: Cosmo Cats, we are united!

Narrator: ...and new power-ups.

Spider Riders: Super Spider Riders, Ultra Mode!

Pamela: Mega-Armored Gladiator!

Narrator: Plus, more cases...

Alex: He pleads to the murder and gives us the guy who ordered it, he serves 20 to life.

Narrator: More romance...

Tyler: Mallory McNabb just asked me out to lunch.

Lumen: Noia, will you be my bride?

Sarah: Kalos proposed!

Narrator: More Pokémon battles...

Theodore: Frogadier, Hydro Pump!

Ash: Pikachu, Gigavolt Havoc!

Narrator: More duels...

Yugi: I special-summon Valkyrion the Magna Warrior!

Alvin: Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior!

Narrator: More crossovers...

Asuka: Let's do this, ninjas!

Mikey: Cowabunga!

Shane: Power of Air!

Brody: Ninja Rangers, fear no danger!

Narrator: And next summer, a crossover unlike any other.

[25 Power Rangers enter a battle scene]

Hunter: No way!

Corona: I don't believe it!

Aqune: Who are they?!

Alvin: It's the Power Rangers!

Narrator: And this fall, ACME's newest bundle of joy.

[Cut to a newborn baby]

Hunter: So beautiful.

Narrator: And a heartfelt goodbye from a veteran detective.

Sarah: I feel as if my time has come.

Narrator: Stay tuned for a whole new season of ACME Crime Net.

Levi: Say cheeseburger!

Brittany: Cheeseburger!

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