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9/10/2017 6:54 pm  #1

Side-Fic Special: Close Encounters of the Feline Kind

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

[Cut to Aaron Dismuke]

Aaron: Hi. I'm Aaron Dismuke. I'm honored to be a part of the ACME Crime Net family. Now, before we start the program, I wanna remind you not to sit too close to the monitor on which you're watching, and watch in a brightly-lit room. Stick around. I'll see you at the end of the program.

[Cut to a special sneak preview]

Narrator: Coming in summer 2018,...

Vrak: I shall envelop these amateurs with my darkness!

Narrator: A vast army of fallen villains have returned for revenge.

Goldar: Miss me?

Zeltrax: Your world is doomed!

Levira: If you want to live, surrender!

Ripcon: So long, fools!

Narrator: And these enemies prove even too much for our heroes.

Layla: There's no way we're losing to you, Vrak!

Vrak: You're a bit late for that.

Narrator: All hope appears lost, until...

[25 different Power Rangers approach]

Goldar: It's you!

Jason: We beat you creeps once, and we'll beat you again!

Troy: And this time, it's for good!

Narrator: Starring Austin St. John and company...

Jason: It's Morphin Time!

Adam: It's Morphin Time!

Delphine: It's Morphin Time!

Rocky: It's Morphin Time!

Tanya: Shift into Turbo!

Cassie: Let's rocket!

Kai: Go galactic!

Carter and Joel: Lightspeed Rescue!

Eric: Quantum Power!

Merrick: Wild Access!

Tori: Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!

Kira: Dino Thunder, power up!

Bridge: SPD Emergency!

Madison: Magical Source, Mystic Force!

Ronny: Overdrive, accelerate!

Casey: Jungle Beast, spirit unleashed!

Dillon: RPM, get in gear!

Antonio: Gold Power!

Troy: Go go Megaforce!

Orion: Super Mega Mode!

Koda and Kendall: Unleash the power!

Brody and Levi/Aiden: Ninja Spin!


Narrator: And with new friends come new power for our heroes.

Tyler: By tapping into the Morphing Grid, you've gained unimaginable powers.

Narrator: Will it and the Rangers themselves be enough to defeat the enemy?

Goldar: Attack!

Narrator: Enter the Morphing Grid. Summer 2018.

Eris: Thanks for joining us for this special preview. And now, our feature presentation!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[Somewhere in outer space, a massive gray flying saucer hovers through; inside, Aegis, a woman in a spandex gray uniform with mouse ears and a tail (played by Lynda Carter), stands before two similar-looking women and an army of small robotic mice (which stand on two feet)]

Aegis: People of Ratia, you all know why we're gathered here. I, Aegis, one of our lost planet's finest warriors, swear to you that our planet will be avenged! Our war with the Catians 10 years ago brought only desolation to Ratia. And now, it's time for revenge! And our revenge begins on their secondary home: Earth! Are you with me?!

[Her fellow Ratians shout in approval]

Aegis: Now, for the journey to Earth, I'll need a powerful crew. Gobi!

[Gobi (played by Jacqueline Emerson) approaches]

Gobi: Yes, my mistress?

Aegis: You will be my right-hand woman. You're in charge of navigation.

Gobi: Whatever you need, I'm at your beck and call eternally.

Aegis: Yuha!

[Yuha (played by Isabelle Fuhrman) approaches]

Yuha: My lady.

Aegis: You will be my #3. My hired muscle. You will lead my Assistroids in combat.

Yuha: Yes, ma'am.

Aegis: As for my Assistroids, I'll summon you when needed. Now, fuel my ship! Destination: Earth!

[Residence of Kio Kakazu, Okinawa, Japan, Tuesday, July 18th, 7:21am]

[Kio Kakazu is sound asleep in his bed; Eris is curled up next to him; Kio wakes up and looks at the clock]

Kio: Good. Time to get ready. Eris, wake up.

[Eris awakens]

Eris: [yawns] Good morning, Kio. Why so early?

Kio: I'll explain in a bit. Right now, get into your suit. Meet me in the kitchen.

Eris: Okay.

[Kio exits as Eris changes into her power suit]

[Meanwhile, in another room, Aoi Futaba and Manami Kinjyou are sound asleep]

Aoi: [in her sleep] Kio, are you all right? Thank God. You deserve a kiss.

[She leans in closer to Manami and kisses her on the lips]

Aoi: Wait. These lips...

[She opens her eyes and notices she is kissing Manami; Aoi screams and jumps off the bed]

Manami: [in her sleep] Damn it, Kio. You didn't have to kiss me. Then again, it was pretty hot. Wait. Your lips felt a little different.

[She suddenly awakens]

Aoi: Manami...

Manami: Aoi, that was one of the wettest dreams I've ever had.

Aoi: That kiss... I was dreaming about Kio, and I kissed you in my sleep.

Manami: [blushes in humiliation] You? Does this mean we're bi--?!

Aoi: Let's not go into that. It's not so bad if we've already shared our first kisses with Kio.

Manami: [sighs] You're right.

Kio: Aoi! Manami! You up yet?

Eris: Breakfast is ready!

Aoi and Manami: Coming!

[They get out of bed, put on their slippers, and enter the kitchen, where Kio, Eris, and the crew of the Catian mothership (Captain Qoone, Dr. Durel, Chayka, and Melwin) await with an incredibly large breakfast on the table, and a banner above them saying "Happy Anniversary" in Japanese characters; the Catians shoot party poppers]

Kio, Eris, and all other Catians: Happy anniversary!

Manami: Oh, my God!

Aoi: What's all this?!

Kio: Don't you girls remember? Exactly one year ago today, Eris landed here.

Manami: But what's that gotta do with me and Aoi?

Eris: Don't you see? If I hadn't landed on Earth, you two would never have moved here and become part of our family.

Kio: Eris landing here made a real difference in our lives, girls, and I'm real glad we're all a family. I love you all so much.

[He, Eris, Aoi, and Manami join in a group hug; Manami and Aoi burst into tears]

Aoi: I love you, too, Kio.

Manami: Me, too.

Eris: Ditto.

Chayka: What about us, Kio?

Melwin: We come here all the time, this being the provisional Catian Embassy.

Dr. Durel: Aren't we part of the family, too?

Kio: Sure you are. You deserve this honor.

Capt. Qoone: You've been a very considerate boy, Kio. [pats Kio on the head] No one in Catia will ever forget it.

[The doorbell rings]

Kio: I'll get that.

[He opens the door, revealing Antonia Morfenoss and her maids: Maya and Sara]

Kio: Antonia?

Antonia: [hugs Kio] Happy anniversary, Kio!

Eris: I called Antonia a little while ago and asked her to join the celebration, since she's part of the family, too.

Maya: And of course, the lady never goes anywhere without me and Sara.

Sara: I just can't believe that it's been a whole year since Eris landed here.

Antonia: Thanks to Miss Eris, since we all became a family, I don't care about money or anything like that. Friends and family come first, as do cats. Oh, by the way...

[She hands Kio and Eris each a wrapped gift]

Antonia: I got you two each a gift.

[Eris opens her gift first]

Eris: It's a locket! But it looks...

Antonia: I know. I made it myself out of a shoelace and a piece of one of my old lockets, but they say that the best gifts are those you make yourself. Open it, Miss Eris.

[Eris opens the locket; inside is a group picture of herself, Kio, Manami, Aoi, Antonia, Maya, Sara, Miss Itokazu, Ichika, and the crew of the Catian mothership, along with a group of Assistroids]

Eris: Aww. Antonia, it's so beautiful. Thank you.

[She and Antonia hug]

Antonia: My pleasure. Kio?

[Kio opens his gift]

Kio: A gold-plated dog tag?

Maya: She found that tag in her closet just yesterday morning and had it shined and specially inscribed.

[Kio looks at the inscription in Japanese characters on the tag]

Kio: "To the cutest guy I ever met with a love for kitty-cats. Happy anniversary. Love, Antonia. Me-ow!" [puts the tag around his neck] It's wonderful, Antonia. Thanks.

[He and Antonia embrace]

Antonia: You're most welcome, Kio.

[The familiar sound of one clearing her throat is heard; Kio looks at the doorway and sees Maki Itokazu there]

Kio: Hey, Miss Itokazu. I didn't expect to see you here this morning.

Miss Itokazu: You're having an anniversary party?

Eris: Yes, ma'am. The anniversary of the day I landed on Earth.

Miss Itokazu: Oh, yeah. [frowns a bit]

Kio: Still think aliens should only look and sound the way they do in the movies?

Miss Itokazu: It's hard to accept the fact, Kio. But never mind that now. I want in on the fun, too.

Kio: There's more than enough food for everyone. [hands Itokazu a dish of miso pork and rice] Care for some miso pork and rice?

Miss Itokazu: Thanks!

[She sits down with her dish; Ichika enters]

Ichika: Why so festive this early?

Eris: Oh, good morning, Ichika. We're celebrating the anniversary of the day I landed on Earth. Care to join us?

Ichika: Oh, boy, would I?!

[She starts munching on a dish of miso pork; a little later, just about everything has been eaten]

Manami: Man, I'm stuffed.

Aoi: Me, too.

Kio: Now that we're done, there's something else Eris and I wanna give you.

Eris: Yesterday, we entered this contest, and I happened to get a little golden ball. That meant that we won the grand prize: [extracts 10 plane tickets] A round-trip 14-night vacation for 10 in New York City!

[Chayka spits out her drink in surprise]

Chayka: New York?! You mean America's very own Tokyo?!

Miss Itokazu: The land of opportunity?! Kio, do you realize what this means?!

Kio: No, what?

Miss Itokazu: Your summer project on comparing two countries-- You'll surely pass!

Kio: Yeah, you're right. Maybe I should also take my cameras to document everything. Anyway, since this is a trip for 10, who wants to join us?

[Everyone else raises their hands]

Kio: [counts everyone who raised their hands] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Three too many.

Antonia: That's okay. I could use some time away from my bodyguards, for once.

Maya: Milady, we promised your grandfather on his deathbed to keep an eye on you at all times. You're only 13 years old.

Kio: Don't worry about it. She's in good hands. We can look after her.

Sara: We go where the lady goes, Mr. Kakazu. You can give her ticket to Ichika.

Ichika: No way. I don't want her to be left out of the fun.

Antonia: Well, if you two insist on going with me, I'll be happy to buy you each a plane ticket on the same flight. And one for Ichika, too.

Ichika: Gee, thanks!

Maya: [smiles] You're indeed most generous, milady.

Sara: You won't regret this decision.

Antonia: Consider it a gift for your undying loyalty.

Miss Itokazu: But when exactly does this flight leave?

Kio: Tonight at 6:00.

Antonia: Tonight?!

Miss Itokazu: That doesn't give us much time to pack!

Eris: As if that's not enough, we can't fly to the United States out of Okinawa, so we gotta switch planes in Tokyo.

Manami: I'd better pack some extra barf bags. It being a very long flight, there's gonna be a lot of airsickness.

Aoi: That's okay, Manami. I've been through worse.

Kio: You guys are gonna love it in New York. There's lots to see and do there. Take a look.

[He hands Itokazu a brochure]

Miss Itokazu: [looks at the brochure] The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Chinatown, Central Park,-- This is gonna be some vacation!

Aoi: Plus, my pen pal Jeanette is there for vacation, too. It'd be a pleasure to see her in person.

Manami: Maybe she and her friends and family could show us around.

Eris: And I can't wait to try New York's delicious food!

Capt. Qoone: Well, we'd better get packing, everyone.

Miss Itokazu: [exits] I'll meet you guys at the airport at 4:00.

Maya: Milady, remain here for the nonce. Sara and I will see to it that you're packed and ready to go.

Antonia: [hands Maya a list] Here's your list of things to pack. Light jackets for chilly nights, suits for pools and beaches, extra cat ears, a few sleeping bags, 10 days worth of changes of summer clothes, my pajamas, my iPads, my iPhones, my best laptop, my NES Classic, our credit cards, some board games, beach balls, towels, lotions, and a banana boat. Oh, and some Yankee baseball caps, too. I wanna visit Yankee Stadium and see a game.

Sara: Roger that, milady. Let's go, Maya.

[She and Maya race off]


[Everyone is on board the flight, which has already taken off; Kio is sitting beside Eris; across from them are Aoi and Manami; behind them are Antonia and Itokazu; across from them are Ichika and Melwin; behind them are Chayka and Qoone; across from them are Maya and Sara; behind them is Durel]

Dr. Durel: Captain, if you don't mind my asking, if you're coming along on this trip, who's minding the mothership?

Capt. Qoone: My navigation system has it covered, Doctor. It's on standby in case of an emergency.

Miss Itokazu: [notices Eris sleeping on Kio's shoulder] Those two... [fumes]

Antonia: Something wrong, Miss Itokazu?

Miss Itokazu: It's Eris. See?

[Antonia gets a closer look]

Antonia: She's just a little sleepy. That's all. The flight's really long, y'know.

Miss Itokazu: I know that, but did she really have to sleep on Kio's shoulder?

Antonia: She can't help herself. She and Kio are in love. Plus, Kio's got Aoi and Manami. And in a few years from now, I'll join his harem.

Miss Itokazu: [groans] He's only 17, Antonia. So are Eris, Aoi, and Manami.

Antonia: They're growing up, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Miss Itokazu: I promised Kio's uncle that I'd take care of him on this trip. Plus, he's still in high school. I just don't want his close relationships with the girls hurting his grades.

Antonia: The way I see it, his grades have greatly improved since he started going steady. And don't worry. If he ever has kids before he graduates, he's got plenty of babysitters available while he's at school. [puts on noise-cancelling headphones and watches Passengers on the screen in front of her]

Miss Itokazu: Babies before graduating-- That worries me even more.

[She grabs a blanket and walks up to Kio and Eris' seats; Kio is trying to adjust the fan]

Miss Itokazu: Something wrong, Kio?

Kio: It's gotten pretty chilly, but something's wrong with this fan.

[Itokazu places her blanket over him and Eris]

Miss Itokazu: Here. If you two wanna keep warm, you could at least use an extra blanket.

Kio: Thanks, Miss Itokazu.

Miss Itokazu: You two sleep tight. I'll wake you when they're serving a meal.

[Kio falls asleep; Itokazu returns to her seat and puts on noise-cancelling headphones while reading a sci-fi novel; Aoi and Manami have been watching]

Aoi: Manami, can you believe Miss Itokazu?

Manami: I know. She's been treating Kio like he's her own son lately.

Aoi: [whispers] Listen, Manami, I've been meaning to tell you something.

Manami: What's that, Aoi?

Aoi: Well, when I was packing my toiletries, I found that the tampons were gone.

Manami: [cringes; under her breath] T-T-T-Tampons?

Aoi: Just in case.

Manami: Well, to be honest, I packed them with my toiletries.

Aoi: Please don't tell me--

Manami: [whispers] Well, since you, Eris, and I got engaged to marry Kio last Christmas, I figured if we're gonna marry him, we might as well start a real family.

Aoi: You mean, you wanna have a baby?

Manami: Yep. I know we're still in high school, but I've been studying childcare in home-ec. Haven't you?

Aoi: Well, not in home-ec, but at the library. The morning after the first trimester ended, I went to the library after breakfast to look at books on childcare. Truth is, I've been wanting to have a baby with Kio, too.

Manami: Well, we might as well while we're in New York, 'cause Eris is very close to her next mating season. Once she's in heat, there's not much we can do.

Aoi: [nods] Okay.

[132 Madison Street, 8:50am]

[Alvin (in Super Spider Rider uniform) and Brittany (in Kaleido Gladiator uniform) spar with their blades]

Brittany: Come and get me, Alvin!

Alvin: You bet I will!

[He charges at Brittany w/his blade; Brittany dodges and whacks Alvin on the head with the base of her blade]

Alvin: [snags Brittany by the right ankle w/Dagger's web] Try this!

[He tugs on the web, tripping Brittany up; he points his blade at her]

Alvin: Ready to surrender?

Brittany: No way!

[She whacks Alvin's blade out of his hands]

Alvin: [jumps up] My blade!

Brittany: [inputs a code on her Kaleido Booster] 8-1-9! Nova Blast!

[She unleashes a flaming blast at Alvin, knocking him to the ground just before he can reach his blade]

Alvin: [gets back on his feet] Good move, Britt. [transports his blade back to his right hand] But not good enough!

[Brittany gasps as Alvin charges at her; both strike each other w/their blades; they both revert to normal and pant heavily]

Brittany: Let's call this a draw, Alvin.

Alvin: Good idea. This is just a test to see how much we've improved in swordsmanship.

Brittany: And boy, did we.

Alvin: I'm so glad the city decided to let us keep this warehouse as our New York home. There's plenty of room here for training.

Brittany: Mm-hmm.

[Jeanette enters with a paper from the Daily News]

Jeanette: Brittany, Alvin, can you believe today's headlines?

[Brittany looks at the headline:]

Brittany: "Proctor Committed"?

Alvin: [takes the paper] Let me see. [looks in the paper] "Legal aid attorney Maxwell Proctor of Proctor & Cohen, punched his partner Robert Cohen over insults toward mice. Proctor claims the "God of Mice" made him do it. Police discovered he was a member of the Tip of the Mouse's Tail cult." A cult?!

Jeanette: My friend J.A.C.K. told me all about it. It's considered a religious organization, but it's actually more of a cult. It'd been growing over the past few years, and a lot of its followers have gone insane. [extracts her iPad and looks up a rap sheet] Its founder is Joshua Thornton, son of late multimillionaire Ishmael Thornton, a man so rich, they nicknamed him the Next Carnegie. Thornton's cult's main base is a luxury yacht: The Peromyscus.

Brittany: Pero-what, Jeanette?

Jeanette: Peromyscus, like in Peromyscus maniculatus, the scientific term for "deer mouse". Thornton had been studying mice all his life. But going back on the subject of the Tip of the Mouse's Tail, some of the family members of the cult followers claim that Thornton bribed them with money.

Alvin: I don't like the sound of that.

Alvin: Me, neither. My pen pal Antonia used to have a cult for cats. But she changed it to a fan club after she made peace with a live cat girl from space.

Jeanette: Cat girl from space? You don't mean Eris, do you?

Alvin: Eris?

Jeanette: My pen pal Aoi from Japan told me about her. Actual cat ears, an actual tail, a case of the munchies, no doubt. And speaking of whom, I got a text from Aoi a few minutes ago, saying that she and her friends boarded a flight to New York after changing planes in Tokyo.

Alvin: Oh? When do they arrive?

Jeanette: Well, it's a very long flight, so at the latest, they'll be here in about 12 hours. They could be here pretty late.

Brittany: Well, remember to text them the address when they land.

Jeanette: Already did before they took off. They're gonna love it here.

Brittany: In that case, we gotta get this place cleaned up! Hey, Ellie! Grab a broom!

Alvin: Simon! Theodore!

[Simon, Theodore, and Eleanor enter with cleaning supplies; all six of them start cleaning up]

[Cut to the Nickar; Prescott takes a drink of OJ]

Prescott: Mechike, where's the new Demonoid?

Mechike: [enters] My lord, he's all set and ready to go. Presenting the mighty Trashtick.

[A human-sized robotic demonic tick (w/a trash can lid for a hat) enters with a trash can hanging on his back]

Trashtick: Yeah, yeah, big deal. So where's them ACME you told me about?

Mechike: They've recently made the warehouse at 132 Madison Street their New York home. Attack outside and draw them out.

Trashtick: Who better to trash their lights than Trashtick? [chuckles] You got it, boss! [disappears]

[Back at the warehouse, the gang is finished cleaning up; Alvin is alone]

Alvin: Well, that takes care of the cleaning. Guys?

[No response]

Alvin: Guys? Hello?

[Simon comes up from the secret room]

Simon: Alvin, come down here and check this out!

Alvin: [turns around] Oh, there you are. [walks up to Simon] What's going on down there?

Simon: You gotta see this.

[Alvin follows him to the secret room, which has been converted into a computer laboratory; awaiting are Theodore and the Chipettes]

Alvin: Holy smoke! How did this turn from a digging site to a lab in just a month?!

Simon: After the city filled in most of the tunnel Stelio Zappas dug up to try and steal the Eye of Selene, Tyler thought the first yard dug would be put to good use for us, so he had some extra computer equipment shipped from Cross World City. Even Computer Crimes gave us some extra equipment. You can thank Marnie and Lucy for that. It's almost similar to the lab at ACME Crime Net headquarters, but we added a few extra wrinkles. In addition to all these computers, a communication monitor, and our surveillance monitor, we also have this. Check it out.

[He turns on a light, revealing multiple glass tubes; five of them contain different spandex suits w/helmets (each with a green see-through visor); one is red with black stripes, a red tail, and a red jewel over the breast area; one is black with lion claws and a tail; one is blue with jaguar claws, spots, and a tail; one is yellow with cheetah claws, spots, and a tail; the fifth is white with snow leopard claws, spots, and a tail]

Simon: Energy tubes to power up these brand-new suits, constructed by Tyler himself.

Alvin: Where'd all that come from?

Brittany: You realize how much stronger Prescott's army has grown now that he has what he calls Demonoids? We might as well bolster our forces, too. [shows a drawing] The red suit is inspired by this.

[The drawing consists of Eris in the red suit]

Alvin: That wouldn't happen to be Eris, would it?

Brittany: The very same. Just about a week ago, Jeanette told me all about Eris and her friends, and that gave me the idea to create a new team of superheroes: The Cosmo Cats. When Tyler saw this drawing, he made contact with the Catian mothership, and its crew helped him construct these suits. They're still working on the rest of the arsenal, but they'll be done soon. Eris and her group are gonna love these.

Alvin: That is, if Greg will let them stay. But you do realize they're still in their third year of high school, right?

Brittany: Emphasis on "third", Alvin. Once they graduate next February, they're welcome to stay in New York.

[The alarm blares]

Simon: Hmm. First day of our new lab, and already, we get a red alert.

[The surveillance monitor opens a channel to outside the warehouse entrance]

Alvin: It's a Demonoid!

Jeanette: [runs a scan] According to this scan, his name's Trashtick. He's a trash-themed tick who likes to use trash as a weapon.

Simon: Just when we finished cleaning up.

Alvin: You girls stay here until we need you. Bros, let's go.

[Simon and Theodore follow him outside the warehouse; they face Trashtick]

Trashtick: Oh, just the three of you? Fine, then! Once I get rid of you three, the other five will be so weak, they'll be easy pickin's!

Alvin: Hard to believe when it's the Chipmunks working together to beat you. Ready, bros?!

Simon and Theodore: Ready!

Simon: Flame!

Theodore: Brutus!

Alvin: Dagger!

All three: Spider out! Arachna Power!

[Out of their manacles come their Battle Spiders; the Chipmunks get suited up and jump onto their spiders' backs]

Trashtick: Demonitron, rise and destroy!

[An army of Demonitron appears; he and the Demonitron charge at the Chipmunks]

Alvin: We have more than just that. Boys, Pokéballs!

[He and his brothers each extract two Pokéballs]

Chipmunks: [toss their Pokéballs] I choose you!

[Out of the Pokéballs come Alvin's Charizard and Chesnaught, Simon's Electivire and Blastoise, and Theodore's Infernape and Frogadier]

[Charizard roars]

Chesnaught: Chesnaught!

Electivire: Electivire!

Blastoise: Blastoise!

Infernape: Infernape!

Frogadier: Frogadier!

[The gang charges at Trashtick and the Demonitron]

Alvin: [strikes three Demonitron w/his blade] Charizard, Flamethrower! Chesnaught, Wood Hammer!

[Charizard fires Flamethrower at five Demonitron, burning them; Chesnaught strikes four Demonitron w/Wood Hammer]

Simon: [strikes three Demonitron w/his lance] Blastoise, Hydro Pump! Electivire, Thunder Punch!

[Blastoise fires Hydro Pump at five Demonitron, soaking them; Electivire punches seven Demonitron w/Thunder Punch]

Theodore: [strikes two Demonitron w/his mace] Infernape, Mach Punch! Frogadier, Aerial Ace!

[Infernape strikes five Demonitron w/Mach Punch; Frogadier strikes five Demonitron w/Aerial Ace]

Alvin: Check it out, Trashtick! Your army's dropping like flies!

Trashtick: [whips out an empty trash can] But I'm not! Time to pick up the trash!

[The Chipmunks, their spiders, and their Pokémon get sucked into the can (along with the last of the Demonitron); Trashtick puts the lid on it]

Trashtick: Now to bring my prize back to Prescott Vorstein.

Alvin and Simon: Not likely! Time to go Mega!

Trashtick: What?!

[The can explodes, setting the gang free (Charizard and Blastoise are now in their Mega stages)]

Trashtick: Oh, you think you're so tough?! [whips out a bo staff and charges at the gang] I'll show you!

Alvin: Charizard, use Outrage!

[Charizard strikes Trashtick repeatedly]

Simon: Blastoise, wash his filthy mind clean with Hydro Pump!

Blastoise: Blastoise!

[He fires Hydro Pump at Trashtick, soaking him]

Trashtick: [groans; electrifies] You're gonna pay for that dearly!

Simon: [fires his attack at Trashtick] Fire Bolt!

Theodore: [strikes Trashtick w/his mace] Morning Star!

[Trashtick gets stuck by both attacks]

Alvin: Blade of Lightning! [swings his blade] Crimson Flash!

[His blade fires a flash of crimson energy at Trashtick, hitting him; Trashtick screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, there is nothing left of Trashtick]

Chipmunks: Rider out!

[They revert to normal, as do Charizard and Blastoise]

Alvin: That worked out well, didn't it?

Simon: Didn't even need to go Super.

Theodore: We can thank our Pokémon for that.

[Their Pokémon nod; the Chipmunks recall them]

Alvin: Good work, bros.

[They all hi-five; Captain Marcus Sullivan (Robert John Burke) approaches, applauding lightly]

Alvin: Oh, look. Here comes the Rat Squad.

Simon: Lt. Sullivan, to what do we owe this surprise visit from Internal Affairs?

Capt. Sullivan: It's Captain Sullivan to you now, boys. I got promoted a few weeks ago. Never got the chance to tell you.

Theodore: Oh, congratulations.

Capt. Sullivan: Thank you. But you should also be congratulating Hunter.

Alvin: We did, about five months ago when we found out he and Corona are expecting a baby.

Capt. Sullivan: No, no, no, not that. I came here 'cause I wanted you to know, about a month ago, Hunter and Corona each took a promotion exam. The results just came back earlier today. Both scored high enough for a promotion.

Simon: Corona's gonna be sergeant now?

Alvin: And Hunter-- Lieutenant?!

Capt. Sullivan: That's right. 'Sides, they're gonna need their raise to help out with the new baby.

Theodore: Another good idea.

Alvin: Hey, Sullivan, thought we'd let you know, we're having company over for summer break, and we're gonna be their tour guides.

Capt. Sullivan: Again? First the apocalyptic girls, then the martial arts disciple, then the mermaids, then the campione kid and his harem. What now? Aliens?

Simon: Yep. Aliens.

Capt. Sullivan: You guys yankin' my chain?

Simon: Not at all. Jeanette told me all about these aliens. See, one member of this race of aliens landed in Okinawa, Japan to investigate Earth and foster good will. She sent a message saying "I'm going to drop by".

Capt. Sullivan: Oh, I heard about that. It really hit the news last year. What does this alien look like?

Simon: Oh, she looks human, except she also has cat ears and a tail. Anyway, since this alien sent data on the food she tried out, her people on the mothership were dying to try it for themselves. In fact, thanks in part to the food, their planet decided to formally establish relations with Earth.

Capt. Sullivan: So I've heard. [sighs] Listen, I gotta go now. You guys take care, and say hi to this cat alien for me, okay? [exits]

Alvin: You got it.

Simon: Doesn't sound like he believes us.

Alvin: Ah, who cares? Come on, boys. The Chipettes are waiting for us.

[Back at the Nickar, Mechike is furious]

Mechike: Trashtick-- How dare he fail me.

Prescott: A Demonoid easily destroyed by the Chipmunks?

Argon: And their Pokémon. Two of which went Mega.

Prescott: Doesn't matter. Trashtick failed to the point that we can't make him grow, and Mechike, it's all on you. Another night in the brig for you.

Mechike: Yes, my lord.

[Temper and Savage drag him away]

Argon: Lord Prescott, I'm receiving a transmission from outer space. It's coming from an unidentified flying object slowly approaching Earth.

Prescott: Bring it up on the monitor.

[The monitor opens a channel to the Ratian mothership with Aegis]

Aegis: Aegis of Ratia here. Finally, my transmission has reached someone on Earth.

Prescott: Prescott Vorstein. How may I assist you?

Aegis: You can help me rid this universe of my greatest enemies: The Catians.

Prescott: What's it gotta do with Earth?

Aegis: Sources tell me that some of Catia's finest currently reside on Earth.

Prescott: And you want me to help you destroy it?

Aegis: Yes.

Prescott: Hmm... I'll help you, but on one condition.

Aegis: Name it.

Prescott: Destroy my sworn enemies ACME Crime Net for us first.

Aegis: I don't know who this ACME Crime Net is you speak of, but I'd gladly do you this favor. [snickers] Tell me exactly who they are.

[Prescott smirks]

[9:07:41pm (EST)]

[Back on the plane, Eris looks the window and gets a view of New York City]

Eris: New York City! Kio, wake up!

[Kio awakens]

Kio: Hmm? [looks out the window and gasps] Hey, we're almost there!

[Aoi and Manami awaken]

Aoi: Finally! I was beginning to think we were never gonna get off this plane.

Manami: Ditto. My ass is killing me.

[Ichika awakens]

Ichika: Huh? Are they serving breakfast? Or is it lunch?

Manami: No, Ichika. We're very close to the Big Apple.

[The rest of the group awakens; they look out the windows]

Miss Itokazu: Holy cow!

Antonia: I'm finally back in my home country!

Eris: This is gonna be a lotta fun. Kio, you and me-- [whispers in Kio's ear] You know, my mating season is getting close.

Kio: [blushes] Oh. Well, I'm not quite sure.

Eris: Please, Kio. I've waited all year for this.

Kio: Well, not tonight, 'cause after this long flight, I deserve some rest.

Eris: I understand.

[Outside, the plane lands on the runway at JFK Airport; moments later, the entire group, all with their duffel bags (and six suitcases), loads their bags into the trunk of a rental GMC Yukon XL SUV and gets inside, barely squeezing in (the five Catians in the back row, Ichika, Aoi, Manami, Maya, and Sara in the middle row, and Kio and Antonia (on the former's lap) in shotgun); Itokazu starts the SUV]

Miss Itokazu: Everyone okay back there?

Chayka: All well and good, ma'am.

Miss Itokazu: Don't worry. I'll see to it that we get another rental van tomorrow.

Capt. Qoone: That really won't be necessary, Maki. I'll make the arrangements.

Kio: Antonia, are you gonna be okay on my lap?

Antonia: Relax, Kio. It'll be fine.

Miss Itokazu: Aoi, do you have the address?

Aoi: 132 Madison Street.

Miss Itokazu: [inputs said address in the GPS system] Roger that.

GPS: Starting the route guidance to 132 Madison Street.

[Itokazu drives off all around New York until she finally parks by the warehouse]

Ichika: This is their New York home?

Manami: It looks more like a run-down old warehouse.

Miss Itokazu: Let's get our stuff inside.

[They all get out of the car, unload, and approach the warehouse front door; Itokazu locks the car]

Miss Itokazu: I just don't understand why this trip didn't come with a hotel.

Eris: The contest only gave us airline tickets.

Aoi: But don't worry. Jeanette and the others are letting us stay with them. There's plenty of room.

Kio: They might already be asleep by now. It's already past 10:00.

Manami: Please. As if Alvin would sleep early when school's out for the summer.

[She knocks on the door]

[Cut to inside the warehouse; Alvin, asleep in his hammock, awakens and gets out]

Alvin: [sighs] Thanks a lot for tiring me out, Prescott. [yawns] Coming!

[He opens the door]

Alvin: Are you guys here from Japan?

Manami: Yes. Are you Alvin?

Alvin: Mm-hmm. [turns on the lights] Guys, wake up! The guests are here! [to the guests] Come on in, everybody! Make yourselves at home.

[All guests enter; Alvin locks the door; Simon, Theodore, and the Chipettes wake up, get out of bed, and notice the guests]

Brittany: All right!

[Jeanette walks up to Aoi]

Jeanette: Aoi Futaba?

Aoi: Yes. Jeanette Miller?

Jeanette: Uh-huh. [holds out her hand] Welcome to America.

[They shake hands]

Kio: Sorry we woke you kids up.

Simon: Oh, think nothing of it. We had such a long day getting stuff ready, we couldn't stay awake.

[Olivia Allen comes out of a room in her pajamas]

Olivia: Kids, what's all the commotion?

Brittany: Olivia, you're awake.

Theodore: Meet our guests.

[Olivia walks up to Eris and observes her]

Olivia: Hmm... Large breasts, red leotard, kitty ears and tail,-- Pretty unusual girl.

Eris: There's no need to be afraid, miss. My name is Eris, and I'm an extraterrestrial from the planet Catia.

Olivia: [gasps] An alien?!

Eris: That's right!

[Qoone, Chayka, Melwin, and Durel approach]

Capt. Qoone: So are we. I'm Qoone, captain of the Catian mothership.

Chayka: Chayka. I stand guard at the Catian Embassy in Japan.

Melwin: Melwin, executive officer.

Dr. Durel: Durel. I'm the doctor.

Olivia: [breathes deeply; in her mind] Don't panic, Olivia. They may be aliens, but if they appear to come in peace, just treat them like you would a human being. [aloud] Olivia Allen. [holds out her hand] I'm the Chipettes' legal guardian and currently the 'Munk Team's chaperone.

[She and Eris shake hands]

Eris: Nice to meet you, Olivia. And I'd like you all to meet my Earth friends.

Kio: I'm Kio Kakazu.

Manami: Manami Kinjyou.

Aoi: Aoi Futaba.

Antonia: Antonia Lirimonie Norfedras Papenorgas Arecroteles Cnorses Morfenoss.

Olivia: That's quite a mouthful.

Antonia: I know. You can just call me Antonia. And these women by my side are my top servants. Maya's the one with the scar on her face, and Sara's the one with the eye patch.

Maya and Sara: Please don't ask.

Ichika: And my name is Ichika.

Miss Itokazu: I'm Kio's teacher and the group's chaperone on this trip: Maki Itokazu.

Olivia: Welcome to America, all of you. Never seen such a large turnout of guests in a single summer.

Alvin: It's a good thing this warehouse has plenty of space available. It'll be like our own hotel here in New York. Except it's on the house.

[The guests shout in approval]

Eris: Thank you, Alvin. I'll forever remember your hospitality. [embraces Alvin tightly] You're such a sweetheart!

Alvin: Eris, please let go! I can't breathe!

[Eris lets him go]

Eris: So sorry.

Jeanette: [opens a door] Kio and Eris, you can share this room.

Olivia: Wait a minute, Jeanette. There's plenty of rooms. I'm sure one per guest room would suffice.

Jeanette: Liv, remember, this isn't a clubhouse. It's treated as a home and a hotel. Besides, Kio and Eris are engaged to be married. I want them to live like a couple.

Olivia: Hold the phone. Engaged, at a young age?

Eris: It's okay. Our home is officially governed by Catian law. The laws of Earth don't apply there.

Capt. Qoone: And they won't apply here, either.

Kio: Hmm?

Capt. Qoone: During this vacation, I hereby declare this warehouse the provisional Catian Embassy of the United States of America.

Miss Itokazu: You have got to be kidding me.

Alvin: I'm as shocked as you are, Miss Itokazu, but if the captain says so, who are we to argue?

Eris: I forgot to mention that Kio's not only gonna marry me soon, but the same goes for Aoi and Manami.

Kio: Catian law allows polygamy. One man can have multiple wives.

Eleanor: Well, if this is the case, we'd better keep it a secret from any outsiders. Can't afford to let some criminals walk in here breaking laws for their own benefit.

Capt. Qoone: Don't worry, Eleanor. Our little friends will handle that. Eris?

Eris: Right. Fall in, everybody! [claps]

[A group of Assistroids enter and fall in]

Eris: Meet the Assistroids, small anthropomorphic robots who, as the name implies, assist their owners. Kio, Aoi, and Manami have their own personalized.

Kio: Mine is Sadakichi. I modeled him after a director.

[Sadakichi holds up a sign in Japanese characters: "Greetings, young Americans"]

Manami: The one with the cool shades is Yun-Fat. I named him after a famous actor from Hong Kong.

[Yun-Fat holds up a sign in Japanese characters: "Hello!"]

Aoi: I have two. Nakamura is the one that looks like a samurai, and Chiba is the one with the eye patch.

[Nakamura and Chiba each hold up a sign in Japanese characters: "Glad to be here!"]

Alvin: Cool!

Brittany: They're pretty cute, too.

Eris: Thanks.

Antonia: I plan on getting one myself eventually.

Sara: [with her own Assistroid on her back] This little one here doesn't need to be personalized. [tickles her Assistroid's chin] Isn't that right, my little kitty?

Maya: [sighs] You and your obsession with cats.

Olivia: Sorry if we have to cut this welcome short, guys, but I think it's time we all went back to bed.

Eris: [yawns] She's right. I still feel a little laggy from the long plane ride. C'mon, Kio.

[She and Kio enter the room Jeanette showed them earlier]

Kio: Good night, everyone.

Alvin: Good night, Kio.

[Later that night, somewhere outside New York City, a red spaceship lands; the door opens, revealing Aegis, Gobi, Yuha, and their mouse-like Assistroids, who exit the ship and seal the door]

Aegis: Earth, at long last. Gobi, activate the ship's camouflage mode.

[Gobi pushes a button on a remote, and it appears that the ship has disappeared]

Gobi: Where shall we hide out, milady?

Aegis: That's the problem. I haven't had the chance to study the city, let alone the whole planet.

[Suddenly, a camera light flashes upon them briefly]

Yuha: [screams] Who the hell?!

Gobi: What's that flash?!

[A man pops up from behind the bushes with a camera w/zoom lens]

Aegis: You! How dare you flash us with that thing!

Man: [approaches the Ratians] Oh, my God. Are you all real mice?

Aegis: [points at her rat ears] What do you think these are? True, we all look human, but we're actually extraterrestrials from the planet Ratia. Our race is half-human, half-mouse.

Man: You're just the people my friends from the organization seek.

Gobi: What organization?

Man: Oh, you'll see. Hop into my car and I'll take you to the founder.

[Madison Square Garden, Wednesday, July 19th, 9:01am]

Narrator: Madison Square Garden, a multi-purpose indoor stadium in New York City that can accommodate nearly 20,000 people in their basketball court.

[Cut to the basketball court; the seats are crowded with people wearing mouse ears; a man known as Joshua Thornton (played by Matthew Lillard) enters, also wearing mouse ears]

Narrator: A location presently packed to the rafters with members of a top-secret society, who have gathered for an important meeting.

Thornton: Squeak-SQUEAK!!

Crowd: Squeak-SQUEAK!!

Thornton: Brothers and sisters, we're all gathered here on account of the fact that we're fans of mice!

[The crowd cheers in approval]

Thornton: Amen! Whether it's their cute, round ears, their whiskers, their long tails, their tiny squeaks, or the way they scurry, it doesn't matter, 'cause we're avid fanatics of all things mouse-related! We wanna be like them, don't we?!

[The crowd cheers again]

Thornton: [pulls off his mouse ears] But we can't be, unfortunately. The closest we can get to being mice is dressing like them. Why can't we be like mice? It's because we're descendants of damn dirty apes! Filthy creatures! Even filthier in movies like Planet of the Apes or King Kong. That's the curse of the human race!

[The crowd groans]

Thornton: But that's just the lot of us. Last night, the happy news was made manifest! Behold!

[An image of Aegis appears on Garden Vision, much to the crowd's delight]

Thornton: She claims to be an alien from outer space, like that cat woman from last summer, but that doesn't matter. This one has genuine rat ears! A genuine tail! A genuine set of whiskers! Praise be to this rat girl!

[The crowd shouts their praises]

Thornton: I proclaim to you all, the mouse-eared members of the Tip of the Mouse's Tail, that this embodiment is our one true mouse guide! Squeak-SQUEAK!

Crowd: Squeak-SQUEAK!!

[Aegis and her army enter; the crowd cheers wildly]

Thornton: Ah, speak of the devil! [hands the mic to Aegis] Take it from here, Miss Aegis.

Aegis: [speaks into the mic] Earthlings, hear me! I am Aegis, master warrior of the planet Ratia. My people and I come to you with a plea to stay at this wondrous planet. You see, 10 years ago, my planet was destroyed by our sworn enemies: The Catians.

[The crowd boos]

Member A: A pox on cat aliens!

Member B: A pox on all cats!

Aegis: That's right. Cats are our greatest enemies. That's why I proclaim to you all that the Catians who are currently in New York City must be destroyed! Who will join me?!

[The crowd shouts in approval]

Thornton: You heard her, folks! Commence Operation Rat-Pack immediately!

[132 Madison Street, 10:08am]

[The gang and their guests watch the news on NY1 (w/Pat Kiernan) on the HDTV]

Kiernan: In local news, members of the mouse cult known as the Tip of the Mouse's Tail is currently on a manhunt for the alien race known as Catians: Half-human, half-cat. Michael Scotto has the story. Michael?

[Cut to Michael Scotto at Chelsea Piers in front of the Peromyscus yacht]

Scotto: Pat, I'm standing outside the Peromyscus, the private yacht of the cult's founder, Joshua Thornton. At their meeting earlier this morning at Madison Square Garden, in light of the appearance of a mouse-like alien group, members of the cult declared war against the people of the planet Catia, a race of human-cat hybrids who landed on Earth in Japan last summer.

[A photo of Aegis and her group is shown; cut to Thornton]

Scotto: What got you to start this cult?

Thornton: Well, I'm a nut for mice.

Scotto: Are you aware that these Catians are coinciding with human beings?

Thornton: Yes. And we fear that these humans may assist them in fighting back. That's why we intend to give them the same punishment we give the Catians, who destroyed the planet Ratia 10 years ago.

Scotto: Is there any proof they actually were responsible?

Thornton: Well, nothin' irrefutable, but I'm stickin' to the Ratian warrior's story.

Scotto: Michael Scotto, NY1.

[Antonia changes the channel to CBS's Let's Make a Deal and lowers the volume a bit]

Capt. Qoone: Rodents. I should've known they'd come here to avenge their planet.

Antonia: Not to mention joining in cahoots with Joshua Thornton, of all people! That dirty plagiarist!

Simon: Why so riled up, Antonia?

Antonia: Thornton's father, Ishmael Thornton, and my grandfather, Michael J.C.D.A.E. Morfenoss, were old rivals. Grandpa told me the whole story before he died. 10 years ago, they were both successful multimillionaires, with Grandpa making twice as much money as Ishmael. Pretty soon, Ishmael grew jealous to the core and started campaigning, even if he had to fire some of his best employees to do it, but they all ended in failure, and he shot himself in the mouth. Since then, his son Joshua inherited his fortune, sold the company to the highest bidder, and just a few years ago, blew the profits on his cult to rival the Underside of the Kitten's Paw.

Alvin: You know, just yesterday, one of the cult members made the headlines. [hands Antonia the newspaper from the day before] Just take a look.

Antonia: A lawyer/cult member punched his partner over insulting mice?

Manami: [takes the paper] Let me. [takes a look at the headline] Jeez! This cult is even worse than yours used to be!

Kio: I agree. Not to mention, when Mr. Thornton said he'd come after the humans who associate with the Catians, meaning--

Manami: Don't worry about it, Kio. Aoi and I have come prepared.

[She and Aoi each grab a suitcase and open them up, revealing their ammunition and firearms]

Brittany: Oh, my God! Guns!

Olivia: How old are you two?

Manami and Aoi: 17.

Olivia: Then it's okay.

Brittany: Okay?! Olivia, in this state, it's illegal for someone their age to carry a gun! Heck, even in Japan, it's--

Olivia: Relax, Brittany. In New York, ages 16 and up are allowed to carry guns and ammo.

Eris: Besides, since this warehouse is Catian soil, Earth law doesn't apply here. Remember?

Alvin: Wow. You sure can get away with everything in Catia, huh?

Capt. Qoone: Not quite, Alvin. Like on Earth, crimes like theft, plagiarism, sex offenses, kidnapping, and especially murder, are illegal in Catia. But Aegis, the Ratian in the photo we saw on the news-- She never cared about the rules. She was actually jealous over how her planet's ever-diminishing male population was 10 times smaller than Catia's, even though our planet's was very small. She couldn't accept the fact that our planet's population was still growing, despite our society's 70,000-year standstill, and Ratia's was dying. That's why she waged war upon Catia 10 years ago.

[She has a flashback of a war between the people of Catia and the people of Ratia 10 years ago; on Catia, rogue Ratians and their Assistroids attack (either on the ground, or on air via their ships); on Ratia, numerous Catians and their Assistroids fight back; the two motherships trade shots with each other; on the ship, Chayka guides her and Qoone's children and numerous others to safety while carrying a three-year-old (or three cycles old, in Catia's case) Melwin in her arms]

Capt. Qoone: The war continued for days. Several of our people didn't make it.

Chayka: Qoone left me with the assignment of bringing the children to safety.

Melwin: I was one of those kids. Believe me, though Chayka looks as young as I do, she's actually the captain's age.

[Further in the flashback, Aegis, onboard her own personal spacecraft, trades shots with other ships; several of the other ships are destroyed by Aegis' ship's numerous blasts; Aegis' ship fires torpedoes at the Catian mothership, which reflects the beam right back with a massive blast from its phasers; Aegis' ship swerves to dodge, but the blast from the phasers strike the Ratian mothership, pushing it so hard, it crashes through the ground until it hits the core of Ratia, causing both the ship and the planet to engulf in a massive explosion; the very few remaining Ratian ships retreat]

Dr. Durel: But more to the point, Aegis fought ruthlessly to destroy Catia. Suddenly, the cowardly rodent's ship dodged a blast from our mothership's phasers, causing the phasers to strike Ratia's mothership.

Capt. Qoone: The blast was so strong, the ship crashed into Ratia's core, and upon impact, Ratia was completely destroyed. Only a few dozen of its people survived the war, and none of them were male. Those dozens retreated for their very existence, vowing revenge.

[Cut back to the present]

Capt. Qoone: In short, Aegis' jealousy led to the destruction of her planet and the near-extinction of her people. Because they were the ones who started the war, they were placed on Galactic Sentient Federation's 10 most wanted list.

Alvin: And now Aegis is after you guys?

Eris: That's right. And she'll do whatever it takes to destroy us.

Kio: [reveals his green wristband] Don't worry, Alvin. The girls and I will hold 'em off when they show up.

[The alarm blares]

Simon: Speak of the devil!

[He darts into the underground lab and turns on the surveillance monitor; the monitor opens a channel to outside the warehouse; a group of 15 masked men come out of two black Mercedes-Benz G550s and surround the warehouse]

Simon: Intruders outside the warehouse! [runs back upstairs] Time to get to work, guys!

Alvin: Whip 'em out, Manami!

[Manami whips out a pair of guns]

Aoi: Apport!

[One of her guns appears in her hands]

Eris: [cracks her knuckles] Let them bust in. They won't know what hit 'em.

Kio: Power suit, equip!

[He gets suited up into his power suit]

Kio: This is for Catia.

[Olivia looks out a window for a moment and sees that the masked men have muskets and a battering ram on hand]

Olivia: They got muskets!

Brittany: Jeanette, Ellie, hide in the lab.

Olivia: I'll go with 'em.

[She, Jeanette, and Eleanor run into the lab; Simon and Theodore close the door and hide it]

Capt. Qoone: Catians ready?!

Chayka: Ready!

Melwin: Ready!

Dr. Durel: [disses her lab coat] Ready!

Chipmunks: Spider out!

[Out of their manacles come Dagger, Flame, and Brutus]

Chipmunks: Arachna Power!

Brittany: Kaleido Power!

[All four get suited up]

Capt. Qoone: Interesting transformation.

Chayka: Where'd they get those uniforms?

Alvin: We'll explain later. Time to get busy!

[The masked men burst the door open and point their muskets at the gang]

Masked man A: Freeze!

Masked man B: In the name of the Tip of the Mouse's Tail and our savior Aegis, we punish you!

Masked man C: Surrender immediately!

Eris: Not without a fight, we won't! CHARGE!

[She, Aoi, Manami, Kio, the other Catians, the Chipmunks, and Brittany charge at the masked men, who try and fight back; both teams fight over the next minute and a half]

Masked man D: Terminate the flat one!

[One of the masked men fires upon Melwin, who bends back to dodge]

Melwin: Flat?! [kicks the masked man who fired on her in the face] I'll show you flat!

Chayka: Attagirl, Melwin!

[She pins the same masked man to the ground and gets him in a Boston crab hold]

Chayka: What we lack in size, we make up for in strength!

[Yun-Fat fires quasi-antimatter bullets at the masked men, who dodge; one of the men suddenly gets shot in the right foot and trips; the bullet causes the man's right boot to vaporize]

Masked man E: Hey! Where'd my boot go?!

Manami: [strangles the masked man] Never underestimate Yun-Fat!

[She slams the masked man to the ground]

Kio: My turn!

[The outline of his suit glows; he punches a sixth masked man all the way to the wall]

Masked man F: That hurt.

Eris: That's my Kio!

[She does to a seventh masked man exactly what Kio did to the sixth one; the seventh masked man hits the wall, then lands on the sixth one's head]

Masked men F and G: Ow.

Miss Itokazu: Kio, look out!

[Kio becomes surrounded by seven armed masked men and held at gunpoint]

Kio: A little too late for that, I'm afraid.

Masked man H: Move an inch and there will be blood! Surrender!

Kio: Never!

Aoi: [fires quasi-antimatter bullets from her gun at the seven masked men's muskets] Leave Kio alone!

[The bullets vaporize the surrounding masked men's muskets; said men stare at Aoi and cower]

Aoi: Those were just quasi-antimatter bullets. Apport! [another gun appears in her left hand] But this one-- You so much as touch Kio, you get lead poisoning.

[Kio kicks the seven masked men to the ground]

Kio: Thanks, Aoi.

[Qoone and Durel jab five other masked men, then kick them in their rear ends]

Capt. Qoone: Consider this a message to your cult leader!

Durel: Tell him never to mess with Catia!

Eris: Right! We strive for good will, not destruction! The only reason Aegis lost her home planet Ratia is because she declared war on Catia 10 years ago, because she was jealous that our small race was still growing whilst hers was dying! If her people couldn't populate anymore, she didn't want anyone else's to.

Masked man I: [charges at Eris] Cut the bull, cat!

[Suddenly, Antonia blocks his path]

Masked man I: Outta my way, you brat!

Masked man A: Hold it, soldier! That's Antonia Morfenoss, granddaughter of our leader's father's nemesis.

Antonia: You want Miss Eris?! You'll have to go through me-OW!!

[Maya and Sara point their guns at the masked men]

Maya and Sara: And us!

[The masked men raise their hands and step back; they turn around, only to find the Chipmunks and Brittany pointing their weapons at them]

Alvin: You guys gonna give up? 'Cause we're not!

[The masked men step back again, but Eris' group gives threatening looks]

Capt. Qoone: Drop your weapons, or we'll have to resort to force!

[The masked men pause for a moment, then drop their weapons and raise their hands]

Brittany: You're all under arrest for attempted murder!

[NYPD officers burst into the warehouse and point their guns at the masked men]

Masked man A: Where'd these other cops come from?

[Olivia, Jeanette, and Eleanor come out from the lab]

Olivia: I sent for them while you dirty masked men in rat ears were distracted. Take 'em away, mates.

[The cops take the masked men away in cuffs]

Cop A: You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. If you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

Eris: And good riddance!

Chipmunks: Rider out!

Brittany: Gladiator out!

[All four revert to normal]

Kio: Disengage!

[He changes back into his regular attire]

Miss Itokazu: [sighs] I don't ever wanna see those dim bulbs again.

Alvin: Me, neither. As for Joshua Thornton, we have to arrest him. Hopefully our friends at ACME will make 'em talk.

Simon: I doubt that. No way members of Thornton's cult will betray their master.

Sara: Not exactly. Charles Manson's followers squealed on him for the Tate murders.

Maya: That was back in the 60s and 70s, Sara. Cult betrayal is hardly a thing nowadays.

Antonia: Besides, rumors have been spreading from the families of the cult followers that every single follower had gotten paid a large sum for joining.

Jeanette: And another thing. When I was in the lab, I took a look at some footage from the surveillance cameras. The one in front of the warehouse showed that the masked men came out of a pair of Mercedes-Benz G550s.

Chayka: From what I heard, those are pretty expensive cars.

Alvin: More suspicious than ever. Maybe that'll get the masked men to talk.

Olivia: What can we do now?

Eris: Why don't we go sightseeing?

Brittany: With a cult of hundreds of followers searching all over New York City?

Capt. Qoone: We'll bring extra protection.

Alvin: [sighs] All right. What say we check out Times Square?

[The gang chatters]

[Cut to Thornton's yacht; Thornton's butler approaches him]

Thornton: Yes, Montague?

Montague: Sir, the men you sent to kill the Catians-- They've been arrested.

Thornton: But did they manage to carry out their duties?

Montague: I'm afraid that every Catian in that warehouse survived.

Thornton: So they've failed me. We'll fall back for now.

Montague: Actually, sir, there's one more thing you should know. Your father's enemy's granddaughter has joined forces with the Catians.

Thornton: That squirt Antonia? In that case, have her captured and brought to me.

Montague: I know you want to get back at the Morfenoss family for destroying your father's career, but--

Thornton: Her grandfather drove my father to suicide, and since he's already dead, the only way Dad will ever get justice is if I, Ishmael Thornton's only living relative, bring an end to Michael Morfenoss' only living relative. Then we'll deal with the Catians.

[Over the course of the day and the next two days, the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, Olivia, and Eris' group tour NYC:
Wednesday, July 19th: The gang tours Times Square (One Astor Plaza, 42nd Street, and One Times Square)
Thursday, July 20th: The gang tours Rockefeller Center (30 Rock, Radio City Music Hall, and the Statue of Atlas)
Friday, July 21st: The gang tours Central Park]

[During each tour, while the gang takes pictures, has meals, and has fun in general, unbeknownst to anyone, camouflaged men with tranquilizer guns stalk them, but not once have they caught anyone]

[Cut back to the Nickar; Prescott gets another transmission from Aegis]

Aegis: Prescott Vorstein, my Earthling partner Joshua Thornton and his cult are trying to hunt down the Catians, with no success.

Prescott: A cult, eh?

Aegis: A mouse cult. Perfect for my people. But at this moment, Mr. Thornton is currently stalking the granddaughter of his late father's rival.

Prescott: You mean the head of that kitty cult?

Aegis: Mr. Thornton told me the so-called "kitty cult" has transformed into a fan club.

Prescott: Cult-- Fan club-- It doesn't matter. If Thornton wants this girl dead, it's his prerogative. And the sooner he offs her, the sooner you'll get back to the Catians.

Aegis: He'd better, or I'll kill him personally for betraying me.

[She signs off]


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Close Encounters of the Feline Kind

[American Museum of Natural History, Saturday, July 22nd, 10:13am]

[The gang observes the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites]

Manami: Williamette Meteorite?

Simon: It's made of iron-nickel, Manami. But believe it or not, there was no impact crater where this meteorite was discovered.

Jeanette: And some researchers argue whether it was discovered in what's now Canada or Montana, and was then transported as a glacial erratic to the Willamette Valley during the Missoula Floods at the end of the last Ice Age.

Eris: This reminds me of one I saw in Catia when I was in my fifth cycle. But Captain Qoone wouldn't let me near it, 'cause it was too dangerous.

Capt. Qoone: But when Durel and I found it, we crystallized it and crushed it into pieces. I gave one to Eris as a necklace when she reached her sixth cycle.

Alvin: Why do you keep saying "cycles"?

Melwin: It's how aging works on Catia. A cycle is similar to a year.

Alvin: Oh. So in other words, Captain, you gave Eris a meteorite necklace for her sixth birthday?

Capt. Qoone: Mm-hmm.

Eris: Unfortunately, I left it at home in Okinawa.

Miss Itokazu: [takes notes of the meteorite] Interesting. This'll surely be something to lecture about during the next trimester.

Kio: Where to next?

Olivia: You're gonna love the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

[The gang follows Olivia all the way to the Rose Center for Earth and Space, all while three camouflaged stalkers follow them from seven feet away, all the way to the Hayden Planetarium]

Alvin: This is the Hayden Planetarium, one of the Rose Center's main attractions.

Simon: This planetarium was established by the State of New York in 1933, with some of the funding coming from philanthropist Charles Hayden. The top half of the Hayden Sphere houses the Star Theater, which uses high-resolution fulldome video to project “space shows” based on scientific visualization of current astrophysical data, in addition to a customized Zeiss Star Projector system replicating an accurate night sky as seen from Earth. The theater is one of the world's pre-eminent planetariums, which incorporates high-resolution full-dome video to create "space shows", based in scientific visualization of current astrophysical data.

[All while Simon is talking, unknown to anyone, an elderly man taps on Antonia's shoulder]

Antonia: Hmm?

Man: Antonia Morfenoss?

Antonia: Who wants to know?

Man: My son outside-- He wants to join your club.

Antonia: I'd be glad to let him in.

Man: Come. I'll show you to him.

Antonia: Oh, but I can't go outside without my bodyguards.

Man: Oh, but I do insist. It'll only take a moment. They won't mind.

Antonia: Okay. Maya, Sara, I'm going out to meet a new recruit to my fan club. You stay here.

Maya: But, milady,...

Antonia: I won't be long. Catch ya soon!

[She follows the man outside]

Sara: [quietly] There's something suspicious about that guy.

Maya: We'd better follow. But quietly, and make sure they don't see us.

[She and Sara quickly don trench coats (w/their guns inside), sunglasses, and fedoras and follow Antonia and the elderly man outside while six feet away from them; Alvin notices]

Alvin: What are those two up to?

Manami: Something's gotta be up.

Kio: Let's go.

[The gang follows Maya and Sara while six feet away; at the museum entrance, Antonia and the man approach a Chevrolet Express passenger van]

Antonia: Okay, let's make this quick, 'cause you know how protective my bodyguards are.

Man: No problem. [snaps his fingers]

[Out of the van come the other men from earlier with a burlap sack]

Antonia: What the hell is this?!

[The men stuff her into the bag, load her into the van, get inside, and shut the doors; Antonia screams for help; Maya and Sara come out]

Maya: Milady?

Sara: Where are you?

[Antonia bangs on the windows inside the van]

Antonia: Sara! Maya! Get me outta here! It was a trap!

[The men bag her again; the van is about to drive off]

Maya: [whips out her gun] Aim for the tires!

Sara: [whips out her gun] Roger!

[They fire their guns at the van, but none of the bullets hit the tires by the time it is out of sight]

Sara: [growls] Damn it!

[The others come out]

Eris: What happened out here?!

Kio: Where's Antonia?!

Maya: She's been kidnapped!

Sara: These men tricked her into coming outside and put her in a white Chevrolet Express van!

Olivia: Which way did they go?

Maya: East, but they're too far from us.

Olivia: License number?

Sara: RAT-2248.

Olivia: [sends all the info in a text to Greg] All right. Our captain's gonna wanna know. White Chevy Express, license number: RAT-2248.

[Greg sends a reply: "I'll call DMV immediately."]

Olivia: Great. We gotta get to HQ, pronto!

[ACME Crime Net HQ, 10:44am]

Greg: [comes out of the Chief's office] Just got this from the DMV. The white van is registered to one Joshua Thornton.

Alvin: As I thought. Antonia's grandpa's rival's son. Did he ever have a criminal record, Greg?

Greg: Not even so much as a parking ticket. As for the guys you caught earlier this week, one of them-- Jarvis Brown, squealed less than half an hour ago, and on a lot more information than we anticipated. [plays a recording of the interview with one of the masked men (now unmasked; played by Michael Rappaport) on the monitor] Check it out.

Greg: [in video] Jarvis, do you know how Mr. Thornton gets so many members into his cult?

Jarvis: Bribery. Paid 'em each 10 large after he sold his old man's company to the highest bidder for a billion. Almost 20,000 people joined in for this cult, including me.

Greg: But those Mercedes-- On your usual salary, even with the $10,000 he paid you, they're awfully expensive cars.

Jarvis: Thornton gave 'em to us as gifts. He had no use for his cars after his dad died, since he doesn't like driving.

Greg: Why does he bribe these people into his cult?

Jarvis: When he started the cult, nobody would join in for free. They think a mouse cult is ludicrous. That's why he tacked on a $10,000 bribe to all cult members.

Greg: Do you know where he lives? A mansion, a luxury apartment, or something?

Jarvis: Neither. He lives on his yacht. One of the biggest I've ever seen. The Peromyscus. It's docked at Chelsea Piers.

Manami: Turn it off. I think we've got enough.

Greg: [shuts off the monitor] Mm-hmm. I've already sent the Kaleido Gladiators. As for the Spider Riders, due to her pregnancy, Corona's gonna be on desk duty before going on maternity leave, so Hunter's brought in a temporary replacement.

[There is a knock on the door]

Hunter: She's ready, Greg!

Greg: Speak of the devil.

[He opens the door, revealing Hunter, Corona (now five and a half months pregnant), and Rebecca]

Rebecca: Hi, guys.

Simon: Rebecca Hawkins? You're Corona's replacement?

Rebecca: Just for now. There are other recruits on the list.

Corona: I filled her in on everything. [hands Rebecca her manacle] Make sure you handle Venus with care, okay, Rebecca?

Rebecca: You got it, Corona.

Corona: Don't forget, if even Platinum Mode isn't enough, go into Super Mode.

Rebecca: Right.

Hunter: I've already called Aqune, Lumen, and Sparkle. They're on their way to the pier. Chipmunks, ready to rumble?

Chipmunks: [get out of their seats] You know it!

Kio: I'm going with you.

Miss Itokazu: Kio, do you have a death wish? Thornton could have bodyguards willing to kill you.

Kio: Don't worry, Miss Itokazu. I'll take that risk, for Antonia.

Eris: In that case, I'm going with you.

Aoi: [loads her guns] So am I.

Manami: [loads her guns] Me, too.

Greg: Whoa! Where'd you girls get those guns?

Aoi: We brought 'em with us from Japan.

Manami: For protection. And relax. We're both 17. It's legal in this state to carry firearms at our age, isn't it?

Greg: [sighs] No arguing with you there. Very well. Good luck, all of you.

Kio: Thank you, Captain Lee.

[He, Eris, Aoi, Manami, the Chipmunks, Brittany, Hunter, and Rebecca exit the building]

Hunter: Just watch what we do, Rebecca. Shadow!

Simon: Flame!

Theodore: Brutus!

Alvin: Dagger!

All four: Spider out!

[Out of their manacles come their Battle Spiders]

Shadow: Now you try it.

Rebecca: Okay. Venus, spider out!

[Out of her manacle comes Venus]

Venus: Do you remember the callout, Rebecca?

Rebecca: Sure do! Arachna Power!

[She gets suited up]

Hunter and the Chipmunks: Arachna Power!

[They get suited up]

All five: Spider Riders!

Brittany: Kaleido Power!

[She gets suited up]

[Kio gets equipped with his power suit]

Hunter: Hop on, guests!

[Kio jumps onto Shadow's back; Eris jumps onto Venus'; Manami jumps onto Brutus'; Aoi jumps onto Flame's; they all set off]

Hunter: So you're the 'Munk Team's friends from Okinawa, right?

Kio: Yep. Kio Kakazu.

Hunter: Hunter Steele.

[They shake hands]

Shadow: I'm Shadow, Hunter's Battle Spider. Welcome to the team.

Rebecca: And who's this big-boobed babe with the cat ears and tail?

Eris: You mean me? My name's Eris. I'm an extra-terrestrial from the planet Catia.

Hunter: You're one of those aliens Thornton's cult tried to destroy?

Eris: Yes. But we're here to fight back and save our friend.

Rebecca: What's this friend of yours like?

Eris: About 4'9", 13 years old, blonde, and she loves cats.

Rebecca: And you two-- The blunette with the glasses and the redhead--

Aoi: Aoi.

Manami: Manami.

Rebecca: You're gun nuts, right?

Manami: Yep.

Rebecca: Listen, I know you're of legal age to carry a gun here in New York, but remember, gun laws here in America are very different than those in Japan.

Manami: Relax. I've studied American gun laws before we flew here. But you know, before I became a member of security for the Provisional Catian Embassy, I was in training to become a member of the CIA, just like my dad.

Aoi: And before I joined security, I was part of the Japanese Immigration Bureau.

Hunter: Maybe you two should join us at ACME Crime Net.

Alvin: Your marksmanship would totally give criminals a run for their money.

Brittany: Hmm...

Kio: We'll talk about all that later. Right now, our objective is rescuing Antonia.

Eris: I just hope she's okay.

Kio: So do I, Eris. [looks at the dog tag he got from Antonia] So do I.

[Chelsea Piers, 10:58am]

[In the kitchen of the Peromyscus, Antonia is gagged with tape and tied to a chair close to the stove; entering the kitchen is Thornton himself]

Thornton: Hey, little Miss Morfenoss. Remember me? [rips the tape off of Antonia's mouth]

Antonia: Thornton, you scumbag! What do you want with me?!

Thornton: Oh, nothing much. Just the death of only living relative of the late Second Onassis.

Antonia: How dare you join forces with a rogue alien to try and destroy my beloved Miss Eris and her people!

Thornton: I couldn't have done it without my cult followers. [kneels down] Your gramps destroyed my father's career, Antonia. It was because of that that he committed suicide. And since your gramps already died a few years ago, the only way I can avenge Dad is if I do away with the Second Onassis' next of kin: You.

Antonia: My grandpa would never harm anyone! But your dad-- He was a jerk, firing some of his own employees to try and save money and blowing some on excessive advertising.

Thornton: Whatever it would take to outclass your gramps' company.

Antonia: But in the end, his profits ran to the ground while Grandpa's were through the roof. That's why he shot himself like Rose's snooty fiancé from Titanic. Your dad brought it on himself, you rotten bum!

Thornton: [slaps Antonia] I've heard enough.

[His iPhone rings]

Thornton: What?

Montague: [through phone] Sir, company is approaching.

[Thornton looks out the window and sees the gang approaching the pier]

Thornton: Do whatever it takes to put them out of commission, Montague. Or it's your ass.

Montague: Yes, sir.

[Thornton hangs up]

Thornton: As for you, Morfenoss,... [turns on all burners of the stove at maximum heat, then pulls off the knobs] Say hi to your grandpa for me.

[He shuts the door and locks it; the still-tied Antonia struggles to move away from the stove]

Antonia: Kio, Miss Eris, please hurry!

[Outside the yacht, the gang approaches, joined by the other Kaleido Gladiators and the other Spider Riders (all riding their Battle Spiders)]

Alvin: This is the one. The Peromyscus.

Sora: The captain never told us Joshua Thornton's yacht was this big.

Hunter: Let's split up, gang.

[The gang enters the yacht; on the bow, Yuha notices them]

Yuha: Just like Aegis said. [whips out a pair of daggers] Assistroids, move out!

[She and an army of Ratian Assistroids, armed with various weaponry, move out]

[Cut to the top deck; the Gladiators run around and search each room]

Pamela: Antonia! Damn it.

Sora: She's not in here.

Layla: This room's empty.

[May opens a door to a room; out of the room come 10 people wearing rat ears and carrying rifles]

Cult follower A: Freeze, intruders!

May: I should say the same about you. [points her trident at the armed followers] All this just to kill a peaceful alien race?!

Cult follower B: Get them!

[He and his fellow followers fire their guns at the Gladiators; the Gladiators dodge and block each and every bullet; they fight the armed followers with their weapons]

[Cut to the pool area of the yacht; the Spider Riders fight another army of armed cult followers]

Cult follower C: Leave this area by order of Joshua Thornton and the Tip of the Mouse's Tail!

Hunter: Not until you tell us where Antonia Morfenoss is!

Cult follower D: Never!

Hunter: Beck, try your weapon!

[Rebecca carefully aims her bow and an arrow at the follower she's fighting]

Rebecca: Arrow of Light!

[She fires the arrow at the follower, hitting her]

Rebecca: Hmm. Beginner's luck.

Cult follower E: [fires a machine gun at Rebecca] You'll pay for that, bitch!

Rebecca: Jump, Venus!

[Venus jumps, saving both Rebecca and herself from the line of fire]

Venus: Spider threads!

[She fires her webs at the follower, tying her up]

Alvin: Blade of Lightning!

[He strikes the follower he's fighting w/his blade]

Simon: Fire Bolt!

Theodore: Morning Star!

Lumen: Blade of Light!

Sparkle: Tornado Swing!

Aqune: Violet Strike!

[All five strike the followers they're fighting w/their attacks]

Hunter: Lance of Light!

[He strikes five more followers w/his lance]

Cult follower F: Break out those bazookas, my brethren!

[He and his fellow followers each whip out a bazooka]

Cult follower F: FIRE!

[They fire their bazookas at the Spider Riders]

Spider Riders: Arachna Super Power!

[All eight merge with their spiders, assume Super Mode, and repel the bazooka missiles]

Cult follower G: No way!

Cult follower H: Super?!

Rebecca: So this is Super Mode, eh? Neat!

Shadow: Hunter, your dad's new armor-up!

Hunter: Right! Arachna Iron, armor on!

[He gets equipped with silver iron armor]

Other seven Spider Riders: Arachna Iron, armor on!

[They each get equipped with silver iron armor; all eight each get equipped with arm-mounted iron blades]

Hunter: Iron Blades, ready!

All eight Spider Riders: STRIKE!

[All eight of them strike the armed cult followers' weapons, splitting them into pieces]

Hunter: Talk! Where's Antonia?!

[The followers retreat inside]

Lumen: Well, that was pretty anticlimactic. Our first use of Iron Mode, and after one strike, the enemy flees.

Sparkle: If that's the case, let's just stay in this mode for now until we find Antonia.

[Suddenly, Yuha and her army of Ratian Assistroids barge into the scene]

Yuha: Not another step!

Aqune: And who are you? One of those Ratians we heard about?

Yuha: That's right. I'm Yuha, one of Aegis' top warriors. She's hired me to take charge of guarding this yacht. Since Mr. Thornton's followers failed, my Assistroids and I will take over. Assistroids, fire laser cannons!

[Her Assistroids fire laser cannons at the Spider Riders, who barely dodge]

Hunter: Assistroids?!

Simon: Tiny anthropomorphic robots who assist their owners. These must be Ratia's own versions.

Yuha: Assistroids, the leader is all mine. Deal with the rest.

[She and Hunter fight while the other Spider Riders fight Yuha's Assistroids]

Hunter: No better time to test out our new Iron Armor in full combat!

Yuha: Too bad your little friend won't survive!

[Cut to another floor of the yacht; Eris' group looks around for Antonia]

Kio: Nothing! No sign of her on this floor!

Aoi: She could be anywhere!

Manami: [looks behind her] Crap! Company!

[Another army of Thornton's armed followers charge into the scene]

Eris: Kio, head upstairs and keep looking! We'll handle it from here!

[Kio nods and hurries upstairs; he enters the dining room]

Kio: [sniffs] Is something burning?

Antonia: [from inside the kitchen] Kio?!

Kio: [gasps] Antonia!

[He runs up to the kitchen door]

Antonia: Kio, get me outta here! [coughs] I can barely breathe! It's too hot! Thornton tied me too close to the stove, and I can't move! And the stove's on full blast!

Kio: [tries to open the door] Damn it! The door's locked!

Antonia: Ram it!

Kio: All right!

[He steps back a few paces, then charges at the door, until Montague enters with a gun and blocks his path]

Montague: Hold it right there, young man!

Kio: Outta my way, mister! There's an innocent child in there!

Montague: My master wants justice for his late father, and I'll see to it that he gets what he wants.

Kio: What part of "outta my way" didn't you understand?!

Montague: Silence, boy!

[He pulls the trigger, firing his gun at Kio, but Kio's power suit repels the bullet]

Montague: What's this?

Kio: This is a scaled-down power suit, courtesy of my friends from Catia. [cracks his knuckles] It's practically bulletproof, and there's much more to it.

[He grabs Montague by the neck and lifts him up with his right arm]

Montague: Put me down, you fool! [points his gun at Kio's face] Don't think your suit will protect your face!

[Kio launches Montague at the kitchen door; Montague batters the door down and lands in the kitchen near the stove; Antonia is unconscious; the stove is still burning high]

Kio: [runs into the kitchen] Antonia!

Montague: [points his gun at Antonia's head] No! Make another move, and I'll blow her brains out!

Antonia: [in her sleep] K-K-Kio... [coughs]

Kio: Antonia... [growls]

[Cut back to the top deck; the Gladiators each grab lasso an armed cult follower, then they tie them all up at once, then fly off of the yacht with the followers in tow; NYPD squad cars await as the Gladiators land; the cops grab the followers and cuff them]

Layla: They're all yours. Take 'em away.

Cop A: Good work, Gladiators.

[Brittany suddenly notices the Spider Riders fighting Yuha and her army]

Brittany: Guys, the Spider Riders may need our help! There's a Ratian on the pool deck!

Sora: Let's go!

[Cut back to the pool deck; Hunter strikes Yuha w/his Iron Blades, giving her a scar in the face]

Yuha: [strikes Hunter w/her daggers] Filthy human!

Alvin: [charges at Yuha] Yuha, I won't let you or your rogue boss get away with what you're doing to the Catians, or to us Earthlings! [strikes Yuha w/his Iron Blades] Your planet was destroyed because of your boss! Her jealousy led to the war!

Yuha: She wouldn't be jealous were it not for Catia! [charges at Alvin with her daggers] Get outta my way, chipmunk!

[Suddenly, an Arrow of Hope strikes her on the shoulder, stopping her in her tracks; Yuha looks up and sees the Gladiators flying into the scene (the arrow came from Sora's bow)]

Sora: Don't you touch him!

Alvin: Gladiators!

Rebecca: All right!

Yuha: Assistroids, get them!

[Her Assistroids rocket toward the Gladiators]

Layla: Gladiators, assemble the Super Kaleido Cannon!

[She and the other Gladiators (minus Pamela) combine their weapons to form the Super Kaleido Cannon]

Gladiators: Kaleido Cannon!

Pamela: Ivory Crossbow! Eagle Arrow!

[They point their weapons at the Assistroids, who point their laser cannons at them; Pamela's arrow glows]

Pamela: Ready!

Layla: Aim!

All 10: FIRE!!

[They fire their weapons at the Assistroids, who fire their cannons at them; all blasts collide, but Pamela's arrow transforms into a flaming eagle, which pushes the laser cannons' blast right back at the Assistroids, completely vaporizing them all]

Yuha: I knew those buckets of bolts would screw me over in the end.

[The Gladiators land on the floor and point their weapons at Yuha]

Layla: Last chance, Ratian!

Pamela: Tell us where Antonia is!

Yuha: I'll take it to my grave! [charges at the gang] And you all, too!

Rebecca: [charges at Yuha w/her Iron Blades] Never! [strikes Yuha]

Yuha: [growls] Curse you, rookie!

Rebecca: You wouldn't dare mess with a rookie! [as her blades glow] Iron Blades, Cross Strike!

[She swings her blades in an X shape, firing an X-shaped blast at Yuha, knocking her off the yacht; Yuha screams as she tumbles into the sea]

Rebecca: Well, that was easy to master.

Hunter: Good job, Rebecca.

[He and Rebecca hi-five]

Aqune: Let's keep searching.

[The gang hurries back inside]

[Cut back to the floor on which Eris' group is still fighting the armed cult followers; Aoi and Manami fire bullets from their antimatter guns at the followers' guns, vaporizing them]

Eris: My turn!

[She is about to punch one of the followers, but the follower dodges, causing Eris to punch the wall (but leaving no dents); Eris' tail vibrates]

Eris: OW!!

Cult follower I: [snickers] Such a sissy alien. Grab her, guys!

[His fellow followers are about to grab Eris when Manami and Aoi kick them to the ground, rendering them unconscious; the two girls turn to Eris, who gently rubs her right fist]

Manami: Eris, what happened?

Aoi: I thought your power suit would give you strength.

Eris: Remember that time Kio wore my power suit when we escaped Antonia's ship?

Manami: Wait a minute! You don't mean--?!

Eris: Yes. I'm in mating season!

Manami and Aoi: MATING SEASON?!

[Cut back to the kitchen; Montague is still holding the unconscious Antonia at gunpoint]

Montague: It's hopeless, Kakazu. Nothing you can do will save her. But you get to choose the manner of death. My gun or the burning stove.

Kio: [clenches his fists] You filthy scumbag! Antonia's done nothing to your boss or his dad! The only one to blame for what happened to Ishmael Thornton is himself!

Montague: Make your decision, or I'll do it for you.

[He smirks as he looks down at a small bottle of gasoline in his left jacket pocket; suddenly, a bullet hits him in the right shoulder (the shoulder of the arm that is holding his gun); Montague screams and drops his gun]

Kio: How did that-- [turns around and notices Manami (who fired her gun at Montague)] Manami?

Manami: Hurry, Kio! Get Antonia!

[Kio nods, then runs inside the kitchen, unties Antonia, and carries her out]

Montague: No! [weakly grabs his gun with his left arm] How dare you! [points his gun at Manami] You contemptible little bitch! [fires another bullet at Manami]

Manami: [narrowly dodges] Piss off!

[She pulls the trigger twice, firing two bullets at Montague; one hits him in the left shoulder, causing him to drop his gun; the other hits his left jacket pocket; a big stain of gasoline appears; Montague groans]

Montague: [charges at Manami] You think you're hot crap, huh?!

[Aoi barges in and kicks Montague towards the stove; Montague hits the stove]

Aoi: You're one to talk.

Manami: Damn! Good kick, Aoi!

Kio: Oh, my God! Look!

[Because of the gasoline in his jacket pocket, the flames from the stove set Montague on fire; Montague screams]

Montague: I'm burning! Burning! BURNING!!

[Suddenly, Gobi breaks in through the window and whips out her sword]

Gobi: So, you're friends of the Catians, eh?

Montague: Lady Gobi, do something! Douse this fire and get me a doctor! Then kill the intruders!

Gobi: [scoffs] I'm only directed to follow Lady Aegis' orders. Sorry to do this to you, but...

[She stabs Montague through the chest w/her sword, then removes it; Montague hits the floor dead; the flames suddenly set off the sprinklers, causing all the fire to go out; after the flames have cleared, Montague's dead corpse is charred]

Aoi: Who are you? And why did you just kill that man?

Gobi: Aegis' right-hand woman: Gobi. Mr. Thornton's butler here was a complete failure. That's why I killed him. You may have won this battle, but I promise you, Ratia will win the war.

[She vanishes; Eris approaches]

Eris: What happened here?

Kio: It's a long story, Eris. But what's important is that we got Antonia back safe and sound.

Eris: Thank God you brought your power suit with you, Kio, 'cause mine won't work.

Kio: Oh, no. Mating season?

Eris: Yes.

Manami: We'll talk about this later. We gotta go.

[Antonia coughs and opens her eyes]

Eris: She's waking up!

Antonia: Kio? What happened?

Kio: Never mind that, Antonia. Welcome back.

[He and Antonia embrace]

Kio: Let's get outta here.

[They all set off]

Kio: [to his iPhone] Captain Lee, do you copy? This is Kio. We got Antonia and are about to disembark.

Greg: Well done, Kio. I'll notify the others.

[Kio hangs up; Eris' group exits the yacht, followed by the Kaleido Gladiators and Spider Riders; NYPD officers come out of the ship and take every last cult follower that was on the ship into their squad cars, and a body bag (w/Montague's body) into an ambulance]

Hunter: We got 'em all, but we can't find Thornton.

Aqune: Is Antonia okay?

Antonia: Thanks to Kio.

[Itokazu enters in her rented SUV]

Miss Itokazu: Everybody okay? How's Antonia?

Kio: She's fine. We got her out safely.

Antonia: I'd have been burned alive if it weren't for Kio.

Miss Itokazu: [sighs] Thank God.

Eris: Come on, guys. Let's get back to the warehouse.

[Suddenly, Yuha climbs out of the sea and onto the pier]

Yuha: This isn't over, fools! I'm not finished with you yet!

Alvin: Yuha!

Rebecca: I don't believe it! She survived?!

Eris: Another Ratian.

Brittany: We'll keep her occupied, Eris. Miss Itokazu, take Eris and her group back to the warehouse.

Miss Itokazu: Right.

[She and the rest of Eris' group gets in the SUV and takes off]

Yuha: My people won't rest until all Catians are relinquished for good. And that goes double for their human friends.

[Cut back to the Nickar; Prescott has seen it all]

Prescott: Persistent, isn't she? Argon, do your thing.

Argon: [as his third eye glows] So ordered.

[Cut back to the pier; a giant red beam from the sky enlarges Yuha]

Yuha: Say goodbye, you vermin!

Gladiators: KaleidoBorgs, deploy now!

[The KaleidoBorgs enter the scene]

Brittany: MechaDove, deploy now!

[The MechaDove flies into the scene]

All 10 Gladiators: Combine!

[The KaleidoBorgs and MechaDove combine to form the Super Star Borg; the Gladiators all fly into the cockpit]

Hunter: Spider Caesar!

Aqune: Indigo Paladin!

Alvin: Flash Formosa!

All three: Mobilize!

[The Flash Formosa, Black Widow, and Super Spider Racers enter the scene]

Voice: Super Spider Racers, combine!

[The Super Spider Racers combine to from the Spider Caesar]

Voice: Spider Caesar, ready! Black Widow, transform!

[The Black Widow converts to Indigo Paladin mode]

Voice: Indigo Paladin, ready! Flash Formosa, transform!

[The Flash Formosa converts to Fighter Mode]

Voice: Flash Formosa, Fighter Mode, ready!

[Alvin and Aqune jump into the cockpits of their respective machines; the other six riders jump into the Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Yuha: Four against one? I don't care.

Aqune: For your sake, we'll make it three against one. Indigo Paladin!

Hunter: Spider Caesar!

Hunter and Aqune: Combine!

[Said two machines combine to form the Super Spider Caesar]

Voice: Super Spider Caesar, ready!

Yuha: [strikes each machine w/her daggers] I'm through playing cat and mouse!

Gladiators: Flying Screw Kick!

[The Super Star Borg flies up in the air, does a screw spin, and kicks Yuha repeatedly]

Yuha: You'll regret that, Earthlings!

Alvin: Flash Flare!

[The Flash Formosa fires a flash of flares at Yuha, hitting her]

Hunter: Supersonic Mode, energize!

[The Super Spider Caesar charges at Yuha at maximum speed and strikes her w/its Xenon Twin Blades]

Gladiators: Flying Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Super Star Borg's fists glow, and it strikes Yuha with them; Yuha hits the ground]

Yuha: [groans] Earthlings, defeating me won't end my leader's quest. Earth and Catia will be at her mercy.

[Cut back to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Hunter: Not so long as we're around! Xenon Twin Blades!

All Spider Riders and Battle Spiders: FINAL STRIKE!

[The Super Spider Caesar claps the Xenon Twin Blades together, then bisects Yuha with them, which launch a glowing blade-shaped projectile through Yuha, electrifying her; Yuha screams as she splits in half, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Yuha is gone]

Alvin: Our work here is done, guys. Let's head back.

[All machines exit the scene]

[Cut to the Ratians' flying saucer with Aegis, several other Ratians, and Thornton; Gobi returns to base]

Aegis: What happened down there, Gobi?

Gobi: We screwed up, milady. Mr. Thornton's followers have been apprehended, the prisoner is alive and free, and we lost Yuha.

Thornton: Damn it! What about Montague? I asked him to guard the kitchen before I left the yacht.

Gobi: He's dead, too. He failed.

Thornton: Some butler he was.

Aegis: Our next plan doesn't need him or Yuha, anyway.

Thornton: You're right. Because buried beneath the sea is my secret weapon. Robo Rodent. My cult constructed it a year ago in case something like this should happen.

Aegis: [snaps her fingers] Ah! And I've got another idea. But it's gonna take some teamwork, and probably 24 hours for modifications. All right. Here's the plan.

[132 Madison Street, 12:03pm]

[The entire gang, now back to normal, is gathered (except Jeanette and Itokazu); Alvin introduces Eris to Sora and Layla]

Layla: An alien?

Sora: She looks more like a cosplayer.

Alvin: This isn't cosplay, Sora. Her ears and tail are perfectly real.

Eris: Tell you what, stroke me if you don't believe me.

[Sora and Layla shrug; Sora strokes Eris' tail; Layla strokes Eris' ears; Eris giggles]

Eris: That tickles! Cut it out!

Sora: They look real.

Layla: They feel real.

[Qoone approaches]

Capt. Qoone: Oh, they're real, all right. I'm Qoone, captain of the Catian Mothership.

Sora: [shakes hands with Qoone] Sora Naegino.

Layla: Layla Hamilton. It's a pleasure to meet you, Captain Qoone. Hold on. If you're the captain, who's minding the mothership?

Capt. Qoone: My navigation system is keeping a close eye on it. It's no problem.

[Maya and Sara kneel before Antonia]

Maya: Please, milady! We beg of you!

Sara: Forgive us for failing to try and save you back at the museum this morning!

Antonia: Now, now, you two. There was nothing you could do. Besides, you should thank Kio for saving my butt. Thornton was gonna burn me alive!

Maya: [frightened] Burn you?! Oh, my God!

Ichika: Chillax, you guys. The most important thing is that Antonia's okay.

Maya: You're right, Ichika.

[She and Sara turn to Kio]

Maya: Sir Kio, Sara and I are forever in your debt.

Sara: Thank you for saving our beloved mistress.

Kio: Don't mention it. I did what I had to do. Antonia's part of the family, isn't she?

[Jeanette and Itokazu enter with pizza and soda]

Jeanette: Lunch!

Eris: Finally! I'm starving!

[Everyone gathers around the table to eat]

Melwin: So this is New York-style pizza?

Olivia: Uh-huh. It's a local specialty here in the Big Apple.

Chayka: This kind is much larger than the pizza we tasted back in Japan.

Eris: [takes a slice of plain cheese] And the crust looks so thin.

Theodore: Try it.

[Eris takes a bite of her slice, swallows, and blushes]

Eris: YUM!!! New York-style pizza is the best! The crunchy thin crust, the light sauce, the cheese-- What a flavor! [squeals] America's just purr-fect!

[Layla and Sora cringe for a moment]

Kio: You'll have to excuse her. Whenever she tastes something so delicious, she gets overexcited.

[The other Catians each take a slice and eat]

Chayka: Damn, this pizza's delicious!

Melwin: We really gotta get the recipe for this!

Hunter: Okay, everybody! Dig in!

[Everyone does so]

[Sunday, July 23rd, 1:34am]

[Outside, it's raining heavily; thunder crashes, lightning flashes, and the wind tosses trees around]

[In one room of the warehouse, Kio and Eris are asleep in the same futon; a loud clap of thunder causes Eris to wake up and gasp in shock]

Eris: It's only thunder. I'll just go back to sleep.

[Suddenly, lightning flashes, and a louder clap of thunder is heard; Eris screams]

Eris: KIO!

[Kio wakes up]

Kio: Eris, what's the matter?

[Eris hugs Kio, crying]

Eris: Kio, the storm-- It's too scary!

[Kio looks out the window]

Kio: You're right. We rarely have a thunderstorm this strong back in Okinawa.

Eris: But not at all since I landed on Earth. [tackles Kio to the futon] I'm scared! [cries again]

Kio: Don't cry, Eris. It's only a storm. We're safe in here.

Eris: Kio...

Kio: Eris?

[Eris sits up and unbuttons her shirt; she pulls Kio's shirt right off of him]

Eris: I can't sleep without your soothing warmth.

Kio: [in his mind] Oh, man. I forgot, Eris is in mating season now. [aloud] Eris, I know you wanna make up for last time, but we're still...

Eris: Kiss me, Kio.

[Kio gulps; he and Eris kiss slowly]

[NOTE: Due to sensitive content beyond the rating of this program, this scene is not shown in its entirety, and some lines are censored]

[Outside the room, a frightened Aoi (without her glasses) approaches the door, dragging her sleeping bag; she tries to turn the knob, but it's locked; Aoi whines, then suddenly hears Kio and Eris' moaning]

Aoi: What the hell?

[A loud clap of thunder is heard; Aoi yelps; she steps backwards slowly; unknown to her, a frightened Manami steps backwards towards her, dragging her sleeping bag; both girls bump into each other back-to-back and gasp; they turn around and notice each other]

Aoi and Manami: Shh!

Manami: Did the thunder wake you up, too?

Aoi: Yeah. I can't sleep.

Manami: Me, neither. Were you about to go into Kio's room?

Aoi: Yeah. Were you?

Manami: Yep.

Aoi: But listen.

[Manami walks up to the door and hears Kio and Eris' moaning]

Manami: They must be tossing and turning.

Aoi: It sounded too passionate.

[She suddenly notices a keyhole beneath the doorknob; Aoi looks through it and gasps in shock]

Aoi: Oh,... my... God!

Manami: Let me. [looks through the hole and gasps in shock] Oh, my God! What the ****?!

Aoi: SHH! Don't wake the others! [sighs] When Eris went into heat this morning I was afraid this would happen.

Manami: [tearfully] Kio and Eris in this kinda relationship-- Why?

Aoi: I know, right?

[They continue listening in; they start blushing beet red; their legs buckle]

Aoi: Manami?

Manami: Aoi?

[They nod at each other; they listen to even louder moans]

Eris: [sighs] Kio, you were great.

Kio: You, too, Eris. Reading my magazines can really pay off.

[Manami knocks on the door]

Kio: Uh-oh.

Eris: I'll get that.

Kio: Eris, wait!

[Eris unlocks the door and opens it, letting Aoi and Manami inside; Eris has a blanket wrapped around her body; Kio is still in his futon, covered up to his neck]

Eris: Oh, hi, guys. Did the storm scare you, too? [shuts the door and locks it] You can sleep here if you like.

Manami: Thanks.

[A little later, Itokazu walks up to the door with a glass of water; she suddenly hears the sounds of Kio and the three girls moaning]

Miss Itokazu: Must be a nightmare.

[She looks through the keyhole and gasps; Itokazu is so shocked, her hands start to shake; she gently places the glass on the floor and walks back to her room in tears]

Miss Itokazu: [in her mind] This can't be happening. Kio's still in high school. I know he's technically on Catian soil, but he's still not an adult yet. I can't believe he'd do this now, and with three girls to boot. Three! Not to mention, with an alien! Mr. Miyagi is gonna be so disappointed when he hears what his nephew has done.

[She removes her glasses, gets under the covers, and cries herself to sleep]


[The sun is shining, despite the sodden ground]

[Antonia and the Assistroids are preparing breakfast; Maya walks up to her]

Maya: Milady, since when did you take up cooking?

Antonia: Kio taught me. Even though I'm rich, I gotta learn to tend to myself once in a while. After I turn 16, thanks to Catian law, I'm gonna be one of his wives. So I gotta learn to live like a housewife. Besides, I owe him for rescuing me. [holds out a spoonful of miso soup] Here. Try the miso soup.

[She feeds Maya the spoonful; Maya swallows, then blushes]

Maya: Antonia, you must have the culinary skills of Escoffier! This soup is delicious!

Antonia: Thanks, Maya.

[Itokazu, depressed, sits on the table drinking coffee beside Qoone]

Capt. Qoone: Maki, you don't look so good. Bad dream last night? I know how bad that storm was.

Miss Itokazu: No, it's not that, Qoone. I saw what Kio, Eris, Manami, and Aoi were doing in Kio's room last night when I came up to the door to give Kio some water to help him get through the storm.

Capt. Qoone: What were they doing?

Miss Itokazu: Well, they... [whispers in the captain's ear]

Capt. Qoone: That's all?

Miss Itokazu: What the hell do you mean, "that's all"?! Kio's not a virgin anymore! I called his uncle and Manami's aunt at dawn, but they were just proud of them. They don't get the fact that Kio may have gotten three girls pregnant, including an alien that wasn't supposed to look human.

Capt. Qoone: Maybe you weren't listening yesterday when I said that this warehouse we're staying in is the provisional Catian Embassy here in America. Only Catian law applies.

Miss Itokazu: This is not about laws. The problem is that it may have serious repercussions on Kio's schoolwork. Maybe the girls', too.

Capt. Qoone: From what I've seen, their grades are pretty superlative. And them living together and studying together-- I seriously doubt any sexual act will affect their grades.

Miss Itokazu: But what if the girls get pregnant?

Capt. Qoone: They can take time off when it's time to have the babies, and for a couple weeks afterwards. And my crew and I can babysit. Look, from my research, it's happened many times. A lot of Earth women survived school while pregnant.

Miss Itokazu: [sighs] I need to talk to Kio about this.

Capt. Qoone: Well, breakfast is almost ready. Chayka?

Chayka: I'm all over it, Captain.

[Cut to Kio and Eris' room; Kio is sound asleep in his futon with Eris (on his left), Aoi (on his chest), and Manami (on his right) (all four are naked under the covers); he wakes up and yawns; Eris smiles broadly at him]

Eris: Good morning, Kio.

Kio: Eris, good morning.

[He turns to Aoi]

Aoi: Morning, sleepyhead. [kisses Kio on the forehead]

Kio: Morning, Aoi. [turns to Manami] Hey, Manami.

Manami: Morning, baby. [kisses Kio on the cheek] Did you sleep okay?

Kio: Yeah. Damn. Last night was pretty wild.

Aoi: [puts on her glasses] Yeah. [gets out of bed; groans while holding her head] My head's pounding. [grabs a change of clothes]

Manami: [gets out of bed; holds her head] Same here. Boy, did we have a sick night. [grabs a change of clothes] There a bathroom close by?

Eris: There's one in the corner.

[Manami and Aoi enter the bathroom in the corner; Eris gets out of bed, wraps her bell around her neck, then taps it; she gets changed into her power suit]

Eris: [hands Kio a change of clothes] Here. [scans Kio's head with her healing device] You must've had a bad headache from last night. [pushes the heal button] Don't worry. I'll remember to heal Aoi and Manami, too.

[Her device dings]

Kio: [sighs] Thanks, Eris.

Eris: No, Kio. Thank you for last night. You've finally given me what I've been dying for since the day I met you-- A mating partner. You.

[They kiss and embrace]

Kio: You're welcome, Eris. I really hope your child is a healthy one.

Eris: Me, too. And I hope Aoi and Manami's children are the same. That is, if they actually get pregnant.


Eris: I got it. [opens the door] Oh, good morning, Chayka!

Chayka: Up and at 'em, guys. Breakfast is almost ready!

Eris: Meet me at the table, Kio.

[She exits the room]

Chayka: [sniffs; slyly] So, you finally did it, didn't you, Kio?

Kio: [puts on his boxers and pants under the covers] Yeah, we did, Chayka. Not just us, but Aoi and Manami, too. [puts on his shirt]

Chayka: Yeah, your teach told us everything.

Kio: [gets out of bed and puts on his socks and sneakers] What?

Chayka: Itokazu spied on you guys last night. She was very upset.

Kio: Jeez. I'm gonna have a lot of questions to answer.

[Aoi and Manami get out of the bathroom, all dressed up in their summer clothing]

Manami: Morning, Chayka.

Chayka: I heard the whole story about last night.

Manami: You didn't tell her, did you, Kio?!

Kio: [puts on his glasses] No way! Miss Itokazu told her.

Aoi: [puts on her glasses] What are you talking about? The four of us were the only witnesses.

Chayka: She'd been peeping on you last night when she was trying to give Kio a glass of water. Why don't you guys discuss it with her over breakfast?

[Kio, Aoi, and Manami nod; all four exit the room and join the gang at the table]

Kio: Morning, Miss Itokazu.

Miss Itokazu: Good morning. [takes a sip of her coffee]

Kio: Listen, about last night--

Miss Itokazu: I kept telling you to wait until after you graduate, but you just wouldn't listen.

Kio: Listen, Eris was scared last night.

Miss Itokazu: I know. The storm.

Kio: Plus, she was in mating season, and I couldn't help myself.

Miss Itokazu: Kio, I'm not trying to punish you. By Catian law, you didn't do anything illegal. But I'm just worried. I mean, you're still in your third year of high school, yet you've already lost your virginity. Your innocence. You're like a son to me.

Kio: Let's face it. This son figure of yours is growing up.

Miss Itokazu: It's gonna take a long time to get over this. [to Eris, Aoi, and Manami] As for you girls, if anyone gets pregnant, don't let it affect your schoolwork, nor Kio's.

Eris, Aoi, and Manami: Understood.

Eris: [extracts her device] You two need help with those headaches?

Manami: We took some aspirin in the bathroom.

Aoi: Thanks, anyway, Eris.

Ichika: [enters and takes a seat] What's this about Kio getting the girls pregnant?

Aoi: Oh, good morning, Ichika.

Manami: Yes, Kio gave it to me, Aoi, and Eris real good last night.

Eris: We had so much fun.

Ichika: Way to go, Kio! [playfully slaps Kio on the back] You lucky boy, you!

Kio: Ow! [rubs his back] Easy, Ichika!

[Olivia enters with the Chipmunks and the Chipettes]

Olivia: Morning, mates.

Antonia: Good morning. [hands out plates to everyone] Breakfast is served. Pancakes, hash browns, sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, and miso soup. Prepared by yours truly, with a little help from the Assistroids.

[The Assistroids each hold up a sign: "Bon appetit!"]

Antonia: [hands a dish with cat face-shaped pancakes] Kio, I made this one special for you.

Kio: The cat faces on these pancakes-- They're adorable. Thanks, Antonia.

Antonia: No. Thank you, Kio, for rescuing me yesterday.

[She kisses Kio; Kio blushes, then takes a bite of his pancakes]

Kio: This stuff is delicious!

Sara: I never knew milady could cook this well.

Eris: You're a natural, Antonia!

Antonia: Thanks. I learned from the best.

[She winks at Kio, who winks back]

Alvin: You know, having you guys here with us really makes our duties even more worthwhile.

Kio: Thanks a lot, Alvin.

Manami: I just wish we could stay longer. I really love fighting crime here.

Eris: Me, too. Plus, observing this country would be loads of fun.

[The other Catians agree]

Brittany: Hmm. Funny you should mention that. After breakfast, I'm calling the head of ACME Labs over here.

Capt. Qoone: Oh, yes. That same man called me two weeks ago about a new project. I got a call from the mothership early this morning. Everything is ready.

Brittany: Hold onto your hats, guests. Project Cosmo is underway.

[Cut back to space; the Ratians' flagship is making its approach into Earth's gravitational pull]

Aegis: Is my ship set for combat?

Gobi: Ready and waiting for you, Lady Aegis.

Thornton: I'll go with you, Aegis. I gotta get my Robo Rodent ready for action.

Aegis: Very well. Gobi, you're coming, too. The rest of you, board your own ships and begin the assault on New York City!

Ratians: Yes, Lady Aegis!

[Outside the ship, Aegis' spaceship leads a fleet of lesser Ratian spaceships (only 20 strong) into Earth and hover over New York City]

Aegis: Ratian army, begin ground assault!

[Some Ratians exit their ships with armies of Assistroids and charge at civilians while the ships begin an air assault on the city]

[Unbeknownst to anyone, from the top of the Empire State Building, three young beings in different-colored spandex suits (a male in gold (with a star on his right shoulder), a female in violet (with the Roman numeral X on her right shoulder), and another female in white (with the Roman numeral I on her right shoulder)) and helmets w/visors are watching; they are known as the Sephira Squadron Spirit Soldiers]

Soldier Gold: An alien invasion.

Soldier Violet: This doesn't look good, Gold.

Soldier White: What can we do, love?

Soldier Gold: We'll keep 'em at bay, but if I know our pals at ACME, they'll be here to finish the job. Let's go, ladies.

Soldiers Violet and White: Yes, sir!

[All three jump off the building and land on the ground, facing three armed Ratian soldiers and their Assistroids]

Ratian soldier A: Hold on! Who are they?!

Soldier Gold: Roll call now! Ace trooper of courage! Spirit Soldier Gold!

Soldier White: Crown trooper of light! Spirit Soldier White!

Soldier Violet: Kingdom trooper of energy! Spirit Soldier Violet!

Soldier Gold: Spiritual power of three, unite as one! Sephira Squadron...!

All three: [pose triumphantly] Spirit Soldiers!

[The Ratian soldiers gasp]

Soldier Gold: Spirit Soldiers, charge!

[The Spirit Soldiers fight the Ratian soldiers and their Assistroids]

Ratian soldier A: Aegis didn't say anything about you guys!

Soldier Violet: That's 'cause we're not from this city!

Soldier White: But we can still wipe your rogue species out of existence!

Ratian soldier B: Fire lasers!

[She and her fellow soldiers fire their laser cannons at the Spirit Soldiers, who dodge]

Soldier Gold: Spirit Pistols, up!

[He and the other two Spirit Soldiers each whip out a gold-colored laser pistol and fire them at the Ratian soldiers and their Assistroids, hitting them]

Ratian soldier C: This isn't good!

[The Spirit Soldiers form a pyramid (with Gold on top)]

Soldier Gold: Spirit Soldiers, Triad Formation!

[They bring the tips of their pistols together and fire a pyramid-shaped energy blast at the Ratian soldiers and their Assistroids, hitting them; the soldiers and their Assistroids fall to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Soldier Gold: [jumps off the girls] Well done, girls. Let's go. Oh!

[He runs up to the camera]

Soldier Gold: Don't think this is the last you'll see of us. This isn't even the first. Until next time, take care!

Soldier Violet: [pulls Gold away] Come on! Your sister's gonna kill us if you're late!

Soldier Gold: Jeez! Which one?!

Soldier Violet: You know damn well which one!

Soldier White: [waves to the camera] Farewell for now.

[She follows the other two out]

[Cut back to the Nickar; Prescott and his henchmen have seen it all]

Prescott: Just who are those Spirit Soldiers?

Owen: I don't know, sir, but unfortunately, we can't trace them. Our tracking systems won't work on them. And we only have so many drones.

Gelman: Then it looks like the Ratians have their work cut out for them.

Prescott: [scoffs] Who cares? ACME won't last five minutes against the Ratians in this invasion.

Mechike: [in his mind] Why do those Spirit Soldiers sound familiar? It's almost as if I heard their voices long ago. Hmm...


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Re: Side-Fic Special: Close Encounters of the Feline Kind

[132 Madison Street, 9:23am]

[The gang is gathered at the underground lab with Tyler Steele]

Ichika: So what's this Project Cosmo you were talking about, Brittany?

Brittany: Well, since Prescott's army has grown stronger, we might as well bolster our forces with a new superhero team. [shows a drawing] Check this out.

[The drawing consists of Eris in a red spandex suit with black stripes, tiger claws, a red tail, and a red jewel over the breast area]

Eris: [gasps and squeals] Brittany, that suit looks beautiful!

Manami: I'll admit, for a crayon drawing, this one's got style.

Tyler: And that led me to contact Captain Qoone so she and her crew could help construct these.

[Each encased in a glass tube is one of five different spandex suits w/helmets (one easily resembles Brittany's drawing; the second is blue with jaguar claws, spots, and tail; the third is yellow with cheetah claws, spots, and tail; the fourth is white with snow leopard claws, spots, and tail; the fifth is black with lion claws and tail)]

Ichika: Whoa! Those suits look like something out of a Sentai show!

Tyler: The suits have about the same capabilities as Aoi's old exoskeleton that could change from soft to rigid at any time. These also have helmets with see-through visors, and tails that can be used as a weapon, like a Pokémon using Iron Tail.

Capt. Qoone: [opens a box containing five pendants] And these Cosmo Pendants will help you get into those suits. All you have to do is shout "Cosmo Power", and you'll become the Cosmo Cats, a team of superheroes with the powers of different felines. [hands Eris the red pendant] Eris, you'll be known as Cosmo Red, with the fierceness of the mighty tiger. [hands Aoi the blue pendant] Aoi, you'll be known as Cosmo Blue, with the strength of the mighty jaguar. [hands Manami the yellow pendant] Manami, you're Cosmo Yellow, with the speed of the mighty cheetah. [hands Antonia the white pendant] Antonia, you're Cosmo White, with the tenacity of the mighty snow leopard. [hands Kio the black pendant] And finally, Kio, the power of Cosmo Black, with the courage of the mighty lion, is yours.

Dr. Durel: In addition, each suit comes with a weapon. Eris, your suit comes with a Cosmo Hammer. It's similar to your quasi-antimatter hammer, but it also can act as Thor's hammer. Aoi, yours is the Cosmo Bazooka, a massive cannon. Manami, yours is the Cosmo Revolver. It's almost like a machine gun, except the firepower is virtually limitless. Antonia, yours is the Cosmo Grappler, a bo staff with a grappling claw on top. Kio, yours is the Cosmo Blade, a powerful laser sword. Each of your weapons has two different modes: Quasi-Antimatter mode and assault mode.

Eris: Assault mode?

Alvin: We do what we have to do to protect the innocent, Eris, even if we're forced to kill the perps. Plus, Prescott's demons are very dangerous, so we have to destroy them.

Capt. Qoone: Don't worry, Eris. The Orzonians will understand.

[Antonia gazes at the suits in awe]

Maya: Milady, are you okay?

Sara: Earth to Lady Antonia!

Antonia: Those suits-- They're awesome! The Cosmo White suit really suits me. Not only that, but I'll finally get the chance to kick butt with Kio and Miss Eris!

[She squeals]

Capt. Qoone: I'm glad it tickles your fancy, Antonia.

Melwin: Oh, and by the way, Eris, although your power suit's functions are restricted by mating season, your Cosmo Cat suits don't have any such restrictions at all, and they're perfectly safe.

Eris: Awesome! Now I won't have to suspend anymore mating seasons. Which means I can...

[Kio covers her mouth]

Kio: Not in front of the kids, Eris.

Miss Itokazu: You kids do realize that you're putting your lives on the line with these suits?

Kio: But, Miss Itokazu, if Aegis and Thornton aren't stopped, millions of lives could be lost.

Eris: And have you looked at the Chipmunks and Brittany recently? They look much younger than Antonia, yet they risk their lives for the sake of others.

Miss Itokazu: [sighs] All right. If it means saving others' lives, then I can't afford to hold you back.

[The alarm blares; the monitor opens a channel to Washington Square Park, where Ratian warriors and Assistroids frighten and attack civilians]

Tyler: Looks like Aegis isn't wasting any time. She sent her army to Washington Square Park. I'll have the Spider Riders and Kaleido Gladiators on the alert, but this is a job for the new Cosmo Cats.

Capt. Qoone: Eris, this is the first test of your team's new powers. Good luck.

Eris: Thank you, Captain Qoone. Let's go, guys!

Kio, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia: Right!

[All five exit]

Miss Itokazu: Be careful out there.

[Washington Square Park, 1:45pm]

[The attack continues; Aegis watches from the top of a tree]

Aegis: A perfect place to start the Earthling annihilation. Not even those so-called Spider Riders or Kaleido Gladiators can stop me now.

[Suddenly, Eris and her group kick the Ratian warriors and Assistroids to the ground]

Aegis: What?!

Eris: I'd come out of hiding if I were you, Aegis!

Aegis: The Catian! At last, I'll make amends for letting your people destroy my planet.

Eris: You wanna destroy Earth? You'll have to destroy us first.

Aegis: Oh, I'd be glad to. Minions, ready!

[Her minions gather in front of her]

Eris: Assistroids, assemble!

[The Catian Assistroids assemble, along with Sadakichi, Nakamura, Chiba, and Yun-Fat]

Eris: Okay, guys. Time to test out our new powers. It's pouncing time! Cosmo Pendants!

Kio, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia: Ready!

[All five raise their pendants to the sky]

All five: Cosmo Power!

[They all get suited up into their Cosmo Cat suits]

Aegis: What in Hell?!

Eris: With the fierceness of the mighty tiger! Cosmo Red!

Aoi: With the strength of the mighty jaguar! Cosmo Blue!

Manami: With the speed of the mighty cheetah! Cosmo Yellow!

Antonia: With the tenacity of the mighty snow leopard! Cosmo White!

Kio: With the courage of the mighty lion! Cosmo Black!

Eris: Guardians of Catia.

Kio: Guardians of Earth.

Eris and Kio: We stand and fight for what it's worth!

All five: [pose] Cosmo Cats, we are united!

Aegis: Attack!

[Her army charges at the Cosmo Cats and their Assistroids, who charge back; a fight ensues]

Eris: [kicks four Ratian warriors to the ground] Yeah! With these new powers, this battle will be won easily!

Kio: Eris, our weapons!

Eris: Right! Cosmo Hammer!

[The Cosmo Hammer appears]

Eris: Assault Mode, ready!

[Her hammer glows red]

Aoi: Cosmo Bazooka! Assault Mode, ready!

[The Cosmo Bazooka appears, glowing red]

Manami: Cosmo Revolver! Assault Mode, ready!

[The Cosmo Revolver appears, glowing red]

Antonia: Cosmo Grappler! Assault Mode, ready!

[The Cosmo Grappler appears, glowing red]

Kio: Cosmo Blade! Assault Mode, ready!

[The Cosmo Blade appears, glowing red; all five Cosmo Cats grab their respective weapons and fight the enemies with them; Eris whacks five warriors w/her hammer; Aoi fires blasts at five more warriors w/her bazooka, hitting them all; Manami fires from her gun at five more warriors, hitting them; Antonia grabs three warriors w/her grappler and slams them to the ground repeatedly; Kio strikes down four more warriors w/his blade; the Catian Assistroids strike down the Ratian Assistroids, destroying them all]

Aegis: This can't be! It just can't! They're dropping like flies! Gobi, destroy them!

Gobi: Yes, milady. [whips out her sword] Cosmo Cats, this is for Ratia!

[She charges at the Cosmo Cats]

Eris: Aegis incited the destruction of your planet and the loss of its people, and for that, you should be attacking her, not us!


[She jumps up and raises her sword]

Kio: Eris!

[He jumps up and impales Gobi in the chest w/his blade; Gobi screams as she gets electrified and drops her sword; Kio and Gobi land on the ground; Kio removes his blade]

Kio: I won't let you harm my mate! I won't let you harm any of my fiancées! No matter where they're from, no matter what they look like, they all have one thing in common: Their bond with me!

Gobi: You little bastard!

[Cut back to the Nickar; Argon has seen it all]

Argon: Lord Prescott, shall I use my third eye to make Gobi grow?

Prescott: Forget her. She failed us. She failed her people. Who needs her, anyway? Let those new superheroes kill her before Aegis can finish them off.

[Cut back to WSP; Gobi struggles to get back on her feet]

Gobi: Curse you, Cosmo Cats! All of you!

Eris: Consider this a warning to Aegis! Her plight will never curse this universe again! [powers up her hammer] Cosmo Hammer, Tiger Fury!

[The roar of a tiger is heard as Eris swings her hammer at Gobi, striking her hard; Gobi screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Gobi is gone]

Aegis: Gobi, you utter failure. Mr. Thornton, is your machine ready?

Thornton: [sets off] All set, Aegis!

Aegis: Flagship, emerge!

[The Ratian flagship emerges from the sky and hovers over the park; Aegis boards her ship; the ship takes to the sky and leads the Ratian ships as they fire lasers at the ground; the Cosmo Cats and the Assistroids narrowly dodge each blast]

Manami: Damn it! They're everywhere!

Eris: [taps on her bell] Only one thing to do. Luros, this is Eris. Do you copy?

[Luros, the navigation system of Eris' ship, appears before Eris]

Luros: Loud and clear, Miss Eris! I'm aware of the Ratians' assault on Earth. I'm sending your ship to your location now.

[Eris' spaceship enters the scene]

Eris: Follow me, guys!

[She and the others board the ship]

Aoi: Eris, we can't fight a whole fleet of spaceships with just one of our own!

Antonia: We need backup and fast!

[Suddenly, they notice a giant robotic black mouse approaching; cut to its cockpit; Thornton is on board]

Thornton: Behold, the Robo Rodent! My cult's very own fighting machine. Never thought I'd be able to use this baby. Watch what it can do!

[Outside, the Robo Rodent sharpens its front claws and charges rigorously at Eris' ship, then strikes it with extreme force]

Kio: Damn it! This robot's got serious force!

Manami: [sarcastically] Thanks! We didn't notice!

Antonia: [growls] Thornton!

Eris: Fire phasers!

[Outside, Eris' ship fires phasers at the Robo Rodent, who dodges, then uses its tail as a drill and charges at the ship again]

Manami: Crap! He's got a drill!

Eris: I can't get the shields up! Everybody brace yourselves!

[Everyone does so]

Thornton: So long, Cosmo Cats!

[Suddenly, just before the Robo Rodent can even touch Eris' ship, the MechaDove swoops into the scene and tackles it to the ground w/its wings]

Thornton: Who?!

[Now... Loading SKY!! is heard in the background]

Brittany: [in uniform, from the MechaDove] The Dove of Dreams, and creator of the Cosmo Cats! That's who!

Aegis: [from her ship] You?! All this was you?!

Eris: [from her ship] It's Brittany!

Kio: Thank God!

Aoi: But where did she get that robotic dove?

Brittany: It's called the MechaDove, my own personal machine. But that's not all!

[Entering the scene is the Star Borg, the MechaSwan, the MechaPhoenix, the MechaBeetle, the Spider Caesar, the Indigo Paladin, the Thunder Spider, the Platinum Pardosa, and the Flash Formosa]

Aegis: It's those menacing robots that killed Yuha!

Thornton: And there's even more!

[All of ACME's robots strike the Ratians' ships and the Robo Rodent w/their attacks]

Aegis: My people and I won't fall to that! All Ratian forces, abandon your current posts and strike the enemy at my location!

[The rest of the Ratian fleet flies into the scene and faces ACME's robots and fires lasers at them, but the robots all dodge]

Eris: You guys keep Aegis' fleet busy! We'll handle Aegis and her flagship!

[Her ship hovers toward Aegis' ship and the flagship, firing phasers at them, hitting them]

Alvin: [from the Flash Formosa] You got it, Eris! Flash Formosa, Blade of Lightning!

[The Flash Formosa slices two of the Ratian ships to pieces w/its blade]

[The Star Borg, MechaDove, MechaPhoenix, and MechaSwan combine to form the Mega Star Borg]

Gladiators: Six-Wing Flash!

[The Mega Star Borg's wings glow brightly, firing a colorful flash at five of the ships, freezing them in their tracks]

Mia: MechaBeetle, Photon Finger Shooters!

[The MechaBeetle fires photon blasts from its fingers at the five ships, destroying them]

Rebecca: Platinum Pardosa, Arrow of Light!

[The Platinum Pardosa fires two arrows at two of the ships, destroying them]

Lumen: Thunder Blade!

Lumen, Sparkle, Simon, and Theodore: FINAL STRIKE!

[The Thunder Spider strikes four Ratian ships w/its blade, destroying them]

Aqune and Portia: Indigo Cross Slash!

[The Indigo Paladin strikes three ships w/a cross slash]

Hunter: Xenon Blade!

Hunter and Shadow: FINAL STRIKE!

[The Spider Caesar strikes the remaining four ships w/its Xenon Blade, destroying them]

Aegis: [whilst her ship trades phaser shots with Eris' ship] My army may be gone, but I won't be so easily beaten!

Thornton: [as the Robo Rodent charges at the machines with its tail drill] I'll finish 'em for you, Aegis! For mice all over!

Sora: Oh, no, you don't!

All Gladiators: Angelic Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Mega Star Borg's fists and wings glow with the cry of a phoenix, the cry of a swan, and the roar of a dragon as it dives down and punches the Robo Rodent hard; the Robo Rodent hits the ground]

Aegis: Flagship, annihilate them all!

[Her flagship fires a massive phaser at all the machines; suddenly, another phaser blast appears out of nowhere and vaporizes the flagship's phaser]

Aegis: Hold on! Where did that come from?!

[A massive, wide, red space vessel appears]

Aegis: Another one?!

[Cut to the bridge of Eris' ship; the Cosmo Cats are surprised]

Manami: What the hell is that thing?

Eris: I bet Captain Qoone sent it!

Capt. Qoone: [over intercom] That's right, Eris. It's my gift to you for your success in your first battle as Cosmo Cats.

[Cut to the space vessel's bridge; Qoone, Melwin, Chayka, and Durel are on board]

Capt. Qoone: I give you the Cosmo MagnaShip!

Chayka: This ship is not only a defense machine, but it's also the Cosmo Cats' base of operations.

Melwin: Now let's take care of the flagship!

Dr. Durel: Engage Photon Cannon!

[Outside, a cannon emerges from the dorsal hull of the Cosmo MagnaShip]

Voice: Open cannon shield!

[The cannon's shield opens]

Capt. Qoone: FIRE!

[The MagnaShip fires a photon blast at from its cannon at the Ratian flagship, hitting it hard; the flagship engulfs in a massive explosion]

Aegis: My flagship! NO!

Thornton: That's it! It's time for plan B! Ready, Aegis?!

Aegis: For Ratia! For my people! Link up!

[Outside, Aegis' ship combines with the Robo Rat to form the Robo Rat Warrior:
Aegis' ship is the torso
The Robo Rat is the head, arms, and legs, with its tail as a sword]

[Cut to the bridge of Aegis' ship with Thornton and Aegis]

Thornton: I'm calling it the Robo Rat Warrior!

Aegis: [sarcastically] Cheesy.

Thornton: What did you say?!

Aegis: Uh, I think beating the Catians and Earthlings will be easy!

Thornton: All right, then. Robo Rat Warrior, strike down every one of them!

[The Robo Rat Warrior swiftly strikes all of ACME's robots hard and Eris' ship w/its sword]

Aegis: Incredible speed!

Thornton: Bringing phasers to maximum power! Let's end this for good and head on home!

[The Robo Rat Warrior fires massive phasers at all the machines; suddenly, the nose of the MagnaShip opens, revealing and releasing CatiEarth One; CatiEarth One rockets through and repels the phasers, then strikes down the Robo Rat Warrior and remains airborne]

Thornton: Hey! Where did that thing come from?!

[Cut back to Eris' ship's bridge]

Kio: Guys, it's CatiEarth One!

Capt. Qoone: We docked it into the MagnaShip just in case. Oh, and we made a few modifications to it, and to your ship, too, Eris.

Eris: What modifications, Captain?

[Cut to the MagnaShip's bridge]

Capt. Qoone: The two ships have been modified to combine with the MagnaShip to form the Cosmo MagnaDroid.

Chayka: It's just like the Spider Riders' and Kaleido Gladiators' robots. Except it only takes three machines.

Eris: [through intercom] What a great idea!

[Cut back to Eris' ship]

Eris: Okay, guys! You heard the captain! You ready?!

Kio: Ready!

Aoi: Ready!

Manami: Ready!

Antonia: Ready!

Eris: Begin transformation!

[Outside, the MagnaShip, Eris' ship, and CatiEarth One combine to form the Cosmo MagnaDroid:
The MagnaShip is made into the torso and arms
Eris' ship is the head
CatiEarth One is split into the legs]

[Cut to the bridge of Eris' ship (now expanded with five control podiums); the Cosmo Cats take their positions]

Manami: All right! Our very own robot!

Kio: Awesome!

Aoi: Unbelievable!

Antonia: Cool!

Eris: Okay, guys. Let's take care of business!

[Cut back to the MagnaShip's bridge]

Chayka: Transformation complete! Great job, Cosmo Cats! [inputs codes] Okay. Let's kick things off with a Leopard Laser!

[Outside, the chest of the Cosmo MagnaDroid opens up, releasing a white laser cannon with leopard spots]

Antonia: Leopard Laser, fire!

[The laser cannon fires a laser in the shape of a snow leopard, which lunges at the Robo Rodent Warrior and strikes it w/its claws]

[Cut back to the bridge of Eris' ship]

Antonia: Yes! Right on target!

Aoi: Good shot, Antonia! Captain, any other weapons?

Capt. Qoone: Try the Jaguar Missiles.

Aoi: Right! Jaguar Missiles, fire!

[Outside, the MagnaDroid gets equipped with shoulder cannons, which fire jaguar-printed missiles at the Robo Rodent Warrior, hitting it]

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's bridge]

Manami: Cheetah Charge!

[Outside, the MagnaDroid charges at the Robo Rodent Warrior like a cheetah and strikes it hard]

Thornton: You can't scare us with your big toy, bitches! Robo Rodent, Tail Drill!

[The Robo Rodent's tail sword spins like a drill; it fires the tail at the MagnaDroid]

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's bridge]

Kio: Lion Shield!

[Outside, the MagnaDroid gets equipped with a black shield in the shape of a lion's head; it deflects the Robo Rat's tail right back at Aegis' ship, hitting it]

Aegis: You bumbler! You could've killed us!

Thornton: Me?! I was aiming for them! Their shield deflected it!

Aegis: [punches Thornton] And you did nothing to stop it! [takes the controls] That's it! I'm taking control!

[The Robo Rodent Warrior fires its phasers at the MagnaDroid, hitting it, but it does not even move an inch]

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's bridge]

Eris: Let's kick it up a notch! Tiger Hammer!

[A giant red hammer w/tiger stripes appears in the MagnaDroid's right hand]

Eris: Quasi-Antimatter mode!

[The MagnaDroid jumps up and raises its hammer, which glows blue]

Aegis and Thornton: Uh-oh!

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's bridge]

Eris: Tiger Hammer!

All Cosmo Cats: FINAL STRIKE!!

[Outside, the MagnaDroid strikes the Robo Rodent Warrior; the Robo Rodent Warrior slowly cracks and dissolves into nothingness, leaving Aegis and Thornton to fall, screaming; Aegis deploys a parachute; Thornton grabs Aegis by the legs]

Thornton: I'm not gonna let you leave me to die!

Aegis: Let go! You're too heavy!

[They land safely on the ground; the gang jumps out of the cockpits of their machines and lands safely on the ground]

Aegis: [scoffs] You're lucky, pitiful Earthling.

Thornton: [pushes Aegis aside] Get outta my way! [grabs Gobi's rusted sword] It's time to put an end to you meddling kids! And I'll start with the very girl that destroyed my father! [charges at Antonia] DIE, MORFENOSS!!!

[Suddenly, Antonia clutches him w/her grappler]

Thornton: Hey! Let go! Let go of me!

Antonia: Just look at you, Thornton. Always placing blame on someone other than yourself when you don't get your way. The truth of the matter is, your dad only cared about money and destroying my grandfather's fortune. And in the end, he shot himself in the mouth when Grandpa's success caused your dad's business to dwindle. The only good thing he did for you-- Leave you his wealth. And what do you do with it? You sell his business and use all the profits to start a villainous mouse cult. And how do you get people to join? Bribe them with money! You're even worse than your dad!

Thornton: I am nothing like him! I'm a stickler for mice. Dad wasn't fond of any animal. Hell, he even once tried to boycott PETA.

Antonia: Nevertheless, to make matters worse, you conspired with an alien rat to destroy humans and Catians, not caring about the consequences! And for that, there's only one place for you!

[She slams Thornton to a tree; Thornton drops the sword]

Thornton: [secretly reaches into his right pocket] Don't do this to me, Morfenoss! I'll do anything you ask of me! I'll give you all my money! I'll shut down my cult! Anything! Just please spare me!

[Antonia growls and tightens her grappler's grip on Thornton; Thornton screams, but soon slowly pulls a gun out of his right pocket]

Antonia: After all that you've done?! BURN IN HELL!!!

[She tightens her grip even more, but Thornton points his gun at her and is about to pull the trigger]

Eris: He's got a gun!

Kio: Antonia!

[Just as Thornton pulls the trigger and fires the gun, Kio pushes Antonia to the ground; Aoi and Manami each whip out a spare gun and fire at Thornton, hitting him in the chest; Thornton falls to the ground dead]

Aegis: [scoffs] Pitiful fool.

Kio: Antonia, are you okay?

Antonia: Yeah. I'm fine. [hugs Kio] Thank you, Kio. You must be growing real tired of saving my life.

Kio: Ah, it's no big deal.

Antonia: But what happened to Thornton?

[Manami walks up to Thornton's body and checks for a pulse]

Manami: He's dead.

Aoi: 'Least that saves the department a lot of ink.

Aegis: And me the trouble of killing him myself.

Eris: How can you speak that way about the one human being who had the nerve to trust you?! Look at you, conspiring genocide just to save your endangered species. Need I remind you that you were the one who caused your planet to be destroyed? You set off the war between Catia and Ratia 10 years ago, which led to the annihilation of your planet, and in the process, the deaths of almost every other Ratian.

Aegis: And I regret the loss of my home. [picks up Gobi's rusted sword] But I'll annihilate your people, even if it takes every last ounce of my existence to do so!

[She charges at Eris]

Eris: [activates Assault Mode on her hammer] Don't force me to kill you, Aegis!

[Aegis is about to stab Eris with the sword, when Eris pounds her on the head w/her hammer; Aegis gets electrified and drops the sword, which vanishes into dust; Aegis slowly falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Eris: We did it. The last Ratian is finally history.

Capt. Qoone: Well done, Eris!

Chayka: Great job!

Melwin: Thank God that's over.

[Cut back to the Nickar; Prescott had seen it all]

Prescott: Argon, revive her with extra power.

Argon: Right away, my lord.

[His third eye glows; back in the park, a red beam from the sky hits Aegis' corpse and revives her; she is given extra demonic armor and grows giant-sized]

Aegis: Thanks to Prescott Vorstein's top demon, I am invincible!

Eris: Not again!

Aegis: You may have destroyed my people, but now I'll return the favor and destroy yours!

[She fires demonic energy at the gang, who narrowly dodge]

Aegis: At last, the end of Earth is at hand! [laughs maniacally]

[The sky darkens]

Aegis: [reveals she now has five tails] Well, well. Five tails. Wonderful!

[She unleashes her tails upon the gang and grabs Kio with all five of them]

Eris, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia: Kio!

Aegis: What better way to lower your Catian friends' spirits than to destroy the very male human they cherish the most?

Kio: I won't let you! [stabs one of the tails w/his blade, electrifying it] Try this!

Aegis: [scoffs] Didn't even tickle. [squeezes Kio even tighter] My turn!

[Kio screams in pain, but tosses his blade at Aegis' head; Aegis blows it right at the gang on the ground; Eris catches it]

Sora: We gotta get back to our machines!

Chayka: But we can't risk hurting Kio!

Melwin: Well, we have to do something!

[Suddenly, Itokazu charges into the park with an M1903 Springfield rifle]

Miss Itokazu: Put him down, you dirty rat!

[She fires her rifle at Aegis eight times, hitting her in the tails, forcing her to drop Kio, who falls]

Miss Itokazu: KIO!!

[She drops her rifle and, in slow motion, catches Kio in her arms]

Miss Itokazu: Kio, are you all right?

Kio: [pants] Miss Itokazu? But why?

Miss Itokazu: I still had my doubts about you and the others being able to handle the Ratians with those new suits, so I followed you. I came here just before Thornton was shot. I was about to leave when I thought you had Aegis beat, but then she turned into a giant monster and tried to kill you. I just had to step in. [tearfully embraces Kio] I just couldn't let your babies be born without a father.

Kio: [smiles] Thank you, Miss Itokazu. [gets back on his feet]

[The other Cosmo Cats walk up to him]

Aoi: Kio, that was a nasty fall.

Eris: Are you okay?

Kio: I'm fine, thanks to Miss Itokazu. We gotta get back to the Cosmo MagnaDroid.

Eris: Right. Cosmo Cats, to the MagnaDroid!

[She and the other Cosmo Cats jump back into the MagnaDroid's bridge]

Hunter: Everybody, back in the cockpits!

Other Spider Riders and all Kaleido Gladiators: Right!

[He boards the Spider Caesar's cockpit; Aqune boards the Indigo Paladin's cockpit; Alvin boards the Flash Formosa's cockpit; Rebecca boards the Platinum Pardosa's cockpit; the other four Spider Riders board the Thunder Spider's cockpit; the Gladiators (sans Mia, Anna, and Sarah) board the Mega Star Borg's cockpit; Mia, Anna, and Sarah board the MechaBeetle's cockpit]

Aegis: I've beaten far more than this in all the wars in which I've been involved. [unleashes her tails on the machines] Take this!

[The Spider Caesar slices all five tails w/its Xenon Blade; Aegis screams]

Aegis: My tails! My beautiful tails! Why?! [hisses] No more games! It's time for you all to die!

[She unleashes demonic energy upon the machines, hitting them all]

Aegis: Oh, still standing, eh? [grabs the MagnaDroid in a chokehold] Fine! One by one, I'll give each team a slow and painful death. And you Cosmo Cats are first.

[Cut to the MagnaDroid's bridge]

Eris: No! We can't let you! We won't let you!

[Outside, the MagnaDroid smacks Aegis in the head w/its hammer, forcing her to let go]

All 10 Gladiators: Combine!

[The Mega Star Borg and MechaBeetle combine to form the Giga Borg]

Spider Riders: Combine!

[The Spider Caesar combines with the Black Widow to form the Super Spider Caesar; the Flash Formosa combines with the Platinum Pardosa and Thunder Spider to form the Thunder Formosa]

Gladiators: Kaleido Giga Burst!

[The Giga Borg fires all of its weapons at Aegis, hitting her hard]

Hunter, Shadow, Aqune, and Portia: Xenon Twin Blades!

[The Super Spider Caesar strikes Aegis w/its blades]

Other six Spider Riders and Battle Spiders: Crimson Crossbow!

[The Thunder Formosa fires a flaming phoenix arrow from the crossbow at Aegis, hitting her hard]

Aegis: Curse you! [charges at the machines] This is it for all of you!

[Suddenly, cannons appear in the palms of the Cosmo MagnaDroid's hands, and a gold megaton cannon emerges from the MagnaDroid's chest]

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's bridge]

Eris: Guys, maximize the power!

[All five Cosmo Cats maximize the power]

Eris: This is for Earth, for Catia, for all the pain you caused your planet and your people, and for Kio! Unleash the finisher! Cosmo MagnaDroid!

All five Cosmo Cats: COSMIC ROAR!!

[Outside, the Cosmo MagnaDroid fires a massive blast from its cannons at Aegis, hitting her hard; Aegis screams, dissolves into dust, and a massive explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Aegis is gone, for good]

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's cockpit; the Cosmo Cats cheer]

Eris: Cosmo Cats, mission complete! Meow!

[The gang jumps out of their machines' cockpits and joins the others]

Chayka: You did it, guys! I knew you'd win!

Eris: We all did. Just by working as a team, we brought an end to the Ratians.

Layla: Thanks a million, Eris.

Eris: Our pleasure.

[She and Layla shake hands; as do Kio and Hunter; the gang reverts to normal]

[Qoone gets off her smartphone and hangs up]

Capt. Qoone: My friends, I have great news.

Eris: Yes, Captain?

Capt. Qoone: A receptionist from the Galactic Sentient Federation just called. She says the Orzonians heard about our bold fight against the Ratians. They're commending us for our efforts. And not just the Cosmo Cats, but all of ACME Crime Net, as well.

[Everyone else cheers; Greg enters with Deputy Chief McKnight just as NYPD officers take Thornton away in a body bag]

Greg: Well done. Another threat eliminated.

Capt. Qoone: Captain Lee.

Kio: And who's that other guy?

Alvin: That's Frank McKnight, the Deputy Chief. We call him D.C.

McKnight: We saw it all. From the air assault to the end of the Ratians. And I never expected that our world would be saved by a cat-eared alien. [holds out his hand to Eris] Congratulations.

Eris: [shakes hands with McKnight] Thank you, sir. But I don't deserve all the credit. Everyone here helped.

McKnight: Nevertheless, you're all to be commended. Not just by the GSF,... [to Qoone] Pardon me for overhearing. [to Eris] ...but by the whole department.

Greg: Plus, based on those valiant efforts, I'd like for your team to join us at ACME. That is, if you're interested. And if so, you can start next week.

Eris: Hmm...

[She turns to Kio, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia, who nod]

Miss Itokazu: Hold on. Captain Lee, these five still have one more year of high school. I mean, they can spend the rest of summer break here, but--

Greg: You're welcome to stay, too, Miss Itokazu. As their teacher, you can homeschool them. We'll call your school and make the arrangements.

Alvin: Plus, there's plenty of rooms available in the warehouse.

Miss Itokazu: Uh, well, I suppose it couldn't hurt.

Melwin: And like we did last Christmas, we can have an orbital elevator built so we can connect the warehouse to the mothership or the Cosmo MagnaShip.

McKnight: So, Eris, your decision?

Eris: Yes. My team and I would be honored to join yours!

[Her team shouts in approval]

Kio: I gotta call Uncle Yuichi and have him ship our stuff over.

Theodore: And we gotta start stocking up on food.

Eleanor: Yeah. More than double!

Manami: This is gonna be fun! All my days of training with the CIA will finally pay off!

Aoi: Same goes for my training with the Japanese Immigration Bureau!

[They hi-five]

McKnight: You kids go on ahead. Greg and I have to get back to work.

[The gang exits the park; Greg and McKnight leave in another direction]

McKnight: Nice kids. You know, Greg, I think I'm gonna enjoy having an alien as part of your unit.

Greg: Same here, and I bet the Chief thinks so, too. By the way, Frank, I wanna tell you something.

McKnight: What?

Greg: While Tyler was at the warehouse, I went into ACME Labs and saw the city under attack, until a trio of costumed superheroes jumped in and held 'em off. And they call themselves the Spirit Soldiers. And their voices sounded a little familiar. Almost as if... we met them before.

McKnight: Hmm... Whoever those guys are, we could use their help every now and then. Just wish we knew for sure who they were.

[Cut back to the Nickar; Prescott stands before his henchmen]

Prescott: People, hear this! ACME Crime Net has gathered a new team of superheroes. We must make haste and give our army extra power. Gelman, I want you to upgrade the Cyber Demon Gear units for our human soldiers. Demonoids, I want you to start assembling more Cyber Demonitron and Demonoids. Owen, Robertson, Savage, and Temper, begin training immediately.

[His henchmen exit the main base, leaving only Prescott and Argon]

Argon: And what about me, my lord?

Prescott: Did you collect any data on the mysterious Spirit Soldiers?

Argon: Just as our tracking systems don't work on them, nor does my data scan.

Prescott: Well, if they ever come back, I want them destroyed. ACME Crime Net, I don't care if you have 100 superhero teams. [clenches his fist] You will eventually be at my mercy once and for all. Count on that!

[132 Madison Street, 12:39pm]

[Outside the warehouse, numerous Catians are renovating part of the warehouse to make room for the new orbital elevator; Eris, Kio, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia stand before everyone as Qoone awards them GSF medals of honor]

Capt. Qoone: Since no one from the Galactic Sentient Federation can make it, the Orzonians have asked me to award these medals of honor to the new Cosmo Cats. Eris, Kio Kakazu, Aoi Futaba, Manami Kinjyou, and Antonia Morfenoss.

[The rest of the gang applauds]

Capt. Qoone: Congratulations, my friends.

[She and Eris shake hands]

Eris: Thank you, Captain Qoone. This is such an honor.

[Durel walks up to the group]

Dr. Durel: Since we're all in a happy mood, I have a special announcement.

Eris: Dr. Durel?

Dr. Durel: Eris, Aoi, Manami, remember earlier this morning when I examined you?

Manami: Yeah.

Dr. Durel: Well, the lab results are back. [hands Eris, Aoi, and Manami each a copy of the results]

[The three girls look at the results and gasp in surprise]

Kio: Girls, what's wrong?

Eris: Kio, you'd better call your uncle again. I'm gonna have a baby!

Manami: So am I!

Aoi: Me, too!

Kio: [exclaims] You're... pregnant?! All three of you?!

Antonia: All right! Way to go, girls!

[The rest of the gang reacts in approval; the Assistroids all hold up signs in Japanese characters: "Congratulations!"]

Kio: I... I don't know what to say. I mean,--

Manami: What's wrong, Kio?

Aoi: You don't wanna be a dad?

Kio: It's not that. I'd love to be a dad. It's just that I'm shocked. That's all. It all happened so fast.

Eris: And the responsibilities, huh? Especially when it comes to siring at least three children?

Kio: Yeah. Plus, we're joining ACME Crime Net, so--

Ichika: [approaches] It's no problem, Kio. I can help with the babysitting.

Miss Itokazu: [also approaches] Me, too. Plus, when they get older, I can be their teacher and homeschool them.

Antonia: Maya and Sara can provide protection for the babies, and I can provide financial support. And we can babysit now and then. Besides, I could use some parental training.

Sara: She's right, Sir Kio. She always said she's been wanting to be one of your wives.

Maya: That's part of the reason why she cooked breakfast this morning.

Manami: Going back to the subject of babysitters, we can also call Arisa and Aiko. They can drop by to help whenever they can.

Kio: [smiles tearfully] Thanks, you guys. [sniffles] You're the best. I love you all so much.

[His entire group gathers around for a group hug]

Kio: Eris, Manami, Aoi, you ready to make it official?

[The three girls nod]

[A little later, Eris, Manami, and Aoi, wearing wedding veils, approach Kio; officiating the ceremony is Qoone; everyone else watches; Itokazu records it with her iPhone]

Capt. Qoone: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join these four lovely life forms in holy matrimony. Eris, Manami Kinjyou, and Aoi Futaba, do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, to honor and obey in sickness and in health for as long as you all shall live?

Eris: I do.

Manami: I do.

Aoi: I do.

Capt. Qoone: Kio Kakazu, do you take these three women to be your lawful wedded wives, to honor and obey in sickness and in health for as long as you all shall live?

Kio: I do.

Capt. Qoone: [hands Kio three rings] Kio, place these rings on the brides' fingers and repeat after me: With these rings, I do thee wed.

Kio: With these rings, I do thee wed.

[He places one ring on each bride's ring finger]

Capt. Qoone: [hands the brides each a ring] Eris, Manami, Aoi, each of you place these rings on one of the groom's fingers and repeat after me: With this ring, I do thee wed.

Eris: [places a ring on Kio's ring finger] With this ring, I do thee wed.

Manami: [places a ring on Kio's other ring finger] With this ring, I do thee wed.

Aoi: [places a ring on Kio's right pinky] With this ring, I do thee wed.

Capt. Qoone: By the power vested in me, by the government of Catia, I hereby pronounce you man and wives. You may kiss the brides.

[Kio shares a kiss with Aoi, then with Manami, then with Eris; the gang cheers and applauds, then walks up to the married group to congratulate them]

Narrator: And so, after the fall of the rogue Ratians and Joshua Thornton, our beloved Kio Kakazu, who was once a lonely young otaku, now had a loving trio of wives and is currently expecting at least three children.

[The camera shifts to Ichika, who had been narrating this whole episode by reading from a script]

Ichika: But their adventures have only just begun. Who knows what Prescott Vorstein has in store for our heroes next?

Following the death of Joshua Thornton, his case was officially marked "closed", and all of his assets were liquidated.
Thornton's cult, the Tip of the Mouse's Tail, was subsequently shut down, and all apprehended members pleaded guilty to their crimes.
They are now serving their sentences in undisclosed prisons.]

[The end]

[Now, back to Aaron Dismuke]

Aaron: Hi, again. It's me, Aaron Dismuke. You know, many people are of different cultures, races, and religions, and lots of people even have certain disorders or disabilities, but in many ways, inside, they're very similar. By working together, just like Earthlings and Catians did in this special, anything is possible. They can make the universe a better place. Don't judge individuals just because they don't look and/or act differently. We must learn to accept and understand each other for who and what we are. See ya in the fall.

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