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9/19/2017 9:47 am  #1

Change is Good!

Jon: Change is good!

Simon: Change is always good.

Alvin: Why's that, Jon!?

Jon: You may have noticed our new logos throughout most of our ACME Crime Net channels! But, two of our channels have got new names!

Hunter: What are they?

Jon: ACME Disney Net is now ACME Deux!

Freddie: Deux as in Mountain Dew?

Jeanette: No, Freddie. Deux is french for Two. 

Jon: ACME 2 or ACME Deux. But Brittany loves the idea of being called ACME Deux.

Theodore: Will Spot the Dog be still there?

Brittany:  Yes! ACME Deux is the exclusive home for Spot the Dog which will be celebrating his eigth season on ACME!

Buttons: And what about old school Disney VHS Openings?

Simon: It'll all still be there. Plus other non-Disney VHS Openings!

Jon: Right, Simon. Also, ACME Holidays Net has slightly got a new name: ACME Holidays & Specials!

Rusty: Same old format?

Jon: Right. Same format. Only the name is different.

Brittany: So to review ACME Disney Net is now ACME Deux.

Jeanette: And ACME Holidays Net is now ACME Holidays & Specials!

Jon: Change is good! From an elite unit known as...

Chipmunks, Chipettes, Buttons, Rusty, and Freddie: ACME Crime Net!

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