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9/22/2017 4:25 pm  #1

ACME WoF - Episode 1

Audience: WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!!

[Cheers and applause]

Alvin: The famous wheel is spinning your way towards thousands of dollars in cash! And now from the ACME Studios, here’s the stars of our show, Jonathaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Mann!!!

Jon: [enters HQ] Hello!

Alvin: And iKing!

iKing: [enters HQ] Hiya, folks!

[Cheers and applause]

Jon: Hi, everybody! Welcome to America’s Favorite Game Show—ACME Styled!

iKing: That’s right each week, we will be having three contestants spin the famous wheel, solve the puzzles, and win a lot of dough!

Jon: And speaking of contestants, we’re gonna meet them right now. Alvin, whose standing among those podiums?

[Now to the contestants]

Alvin: Our first contestant loves to play baseball and is good at crossword puzzles. From the Bronx, meet Eric Mechike!

Our second contestant hopes to become a doctor and enjoys singing in the choir. From Brooklyn, meet Serena Argo!

Our third contestant is an avid swimmier, artist, and is a fan of game shows. From Jersey City, New Jersey, meet Bambi Framisco!


Jon: Contestants, are you ready to play!?

Contestants: Yes!

Jon: Let’s take a look at the Wheel.

There’s hundreds of dollars in cash waiting to be won. You spin the wheel, guess a letter. If that letter’s in the puzzle, the money will be added to your bank. Guess a letter that's not in the puzzle, you lose your turn. If you solve the puzzle, the money is banked to your total. But be careful of those two black and white spaces. Lose a Turn – you land on that your turn is over automatically. And finally the Bankrupt.

[Audience boos]

Jon: Yeah. Land on that, you will loose everything you won in that round. If you have no money and if the other player has money, there’s a special wedge called Power. 

Alvin: POWER!!!

Jon: Guess the correct letter, and you can steal whatever money the player has in the round. And more importantly, we have Free Spin, if at anytime you lose your turn, you get a free one. We’ll explain more about that later. Whoever has the most cash at the end of the game, will play for a chance to win up to 10x their total. Right now, let’s take a look at our puzzle. iKing, what’s our first puzzle.

iKing: The Category is Thing. One. Singular. Vitally, I got it right. Shut up already!


Jon: There's the puzzle. Before the show, we drew numbers to see who will start the game. Eric, it's gonna be you. Spin that wheel!

[Eric spins the wheel]


Jon: $625.

Eric: Is there a T?

iKing: I don't believe it. You know how many they are? Two.


_ _ _ T _   _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ 
_ _ _ _ T

Jon: $625 times two takes you to $1,250. You can spin the wheel and get more money, buy a vowel which costs a flat rate of $250, or solve the puzzle.

Eric: I'll spin.


Jon: $750!

Eric: Is there a C?

iKing: No!


Jon: No C. Serena, it's your turn. Spin the wheel.

[Serena spins the wheel]


Jon: $125.

Serena: Is there an R?

iKing: Well, hip-hop hooray! They are two of them in the puzzle.

_ _ _ T _   _ _ _ _ _
_ _ R  _ _ _ R  _ _ _ _ _ 
_ _ _ _ T

Jon: Takes you to $250. Spin, Buy, or Solve?

Serena: I'll buy a vowel. An I.

iKing: That's a pretty big deal. You got four of them in the puzzle!

_ I _ T _   _ I _ _ _
_ _ R  _ _ _ R  _ _ _ _ _ 
_ I _ I T

Jon: That vowel costs you a flat $250. That means you have no money left. I guess you have to spin now.

[Serena spins again]


Serena: L.

iKing: There's one, plus another.

Jon: A total of two L's.

_ I _ T _   _ I L_ _
_ _ R  _ _ _ R  _ _ _ _ _ 
L I _ I T

Jon: Takes you to $150. Spin or solve?

Serena: I'll spin.


Jon: $450.

Serena: N?

iKing: Aren't you just the smart little player, you found the letter that's not in the puzzle! Good.


Jon: That means we go to Bambi. Spin that wheel.

[Bambi spins the wheel]


Bambi: D.

Jon: There's one D for you.

_ I _ T _   _ I L_ _
_ _ R  _ _ _ R  _ _ _ _ D 
L I _ I T

Jon: $400. Spin, Buy, or Solve?

Bambi: I'll spin.


Alvin: POWER!!!


Jon: You heard what Alvin shouted. If you guess a correct letter, you can take either Eric or Serena's total to increase your score even more. Pick a letter.

Bambi: M.

iKing: There's one, plus another.

Jon: Two M's!

_ I _ T _   M I L_ _
_ _ R  _ _ _ R  _ _ _ _ D 

Jon: Now, you have $400. Eric has $1,250. Serena has $400. Which of these player's total you like to steal?

Bambi: I'll steal Eric's.

Jon: We transfer $1,250 from Eric's bank to Bambi's bank brings her total to $1,650. Spin, Buy, or Solve.

Bambi: I am gonna get more money. I'll spin!


Bambi: P?

iKing: Don't tell anybody, but I'm gonna give you two of them. Cause I like you.

_ I _ T _   M I L_ _
P _ R  _ _ _ R  _ P _ _ D 

Jon: That takes you to $1,950.

Bambi: I will like to buy a vowel. An E?

Jon: How about four E's?

_ I _ T _   M I L E
P E R  _ _ _ R   _ P E E D 

Jon: $1,700, now. 

Bambi: I'll go one more time.


Jon: Okay, no money, but keeps your turn.

Bambi: S?

iKing: We got three of them in the puzzle.

S I _ T _   M I L E S 
P E R  _ _ _ R   S P E E D 

Jon: Keeps your score at $1,700.

Bambi: I going to solve.

Jon: For $1,700.  What is it?


Jon: You got it!


iKing: Look at you solving that puzzle. Well done, congratulations!

Jon: $1,700 goes into your total. Everybody else, there's a lot of game left, so hang in there. Let's take a look at the Wheel for the next round.

The top dollar value on the wheel is $1,000. And we’ve added another Bankrupt, this time it’s called a Super Bankrupt. 

[Audience boos]

Jon: Each spin, you’ll be risking everything you won up to that point, even in the previous round. Land  on that, and all of your money goes bye-bye. We don’t want to see players land on that wedge. So, let’s take a look at our next puzzle. iKing?

iKing: The Category is Person.

Jon: And remember, Person does not always mean Proper Name. This time, Serena goes first. Spin the wheel if you please.

[Serena spins the wheel]


Serena: D.

iKing: Way to double up. There's two.

_ _ _ _ _ _ D _
_ _ _ _   _  _ _ _ D  _ _ 
_ _ _ _

Jon: Takes you to $150. Not enough to buy a vowel, so might as well spin.

[Serena spins]


Serena: S.

Jon: You'll get two of those.

S _ _ _ _ _ D _
_ _ _ _   _   _ S _ D  _ _ 
_ _ _ _

Jon: Takes you to $450. You can now buy a vowel, spin the wheel, or solve the puzzle.

Serena: I'll spin. [spins]


Serena:  T.

iKing: Would you know it, they are three of them?

S _ _ _ _ _ D _
T _ _ T   _   _ S _ D  T _ 
_ _ _ _

Jon: Takes you to $1,050. What would you like to do?

[Serena spins the wheel]


Serena: M?

iKing: I don't believe it! You know how many they are? One.


S _ M _ _ _ D _
T _ _ T   _   _ S _ D  T _ 
_ _ _ _

Jon: $1,125.

[Serena spins the wheel]


Serena: Is there a K?

iKing: Not bad. There's one.

S _ M _ _ _ D _
T _ _ T   _   _ S _ D  T _ 
K _ _ _

Jon: $1,275, now.

Serena: I need the money. [spins]


Serena: H?

iKing: Well, what do you know? There's one.

S _ M _ _ _ D _
T H _ T   _   _ S _ D  T _ 
K _ _ _

Jon: $1,800.

Serena: I gotta go for it! [spins]


Serena: W?

iKing: We've only got one of them. Good for you.

S _ M _ _ _ D _
T H _ T   _   _ S _ D  T _ 
K _ _ W

Jon: $2,425.

Serena: Might be a good time to buy a vowel.

Jon: Yes, you may.

Serena: Is there an O?

Jon: 1 + 3 = 4. They're four O's.

S O M _ _ O D _
T H _ T   _   _ S _ D  T O 
K _ O W

Jon: That vowel brings you down to $2,175. What's next?

Serena: I am going to go one more time. [spins]

Jon: They always say one more.


Serena: Is there a N?

Jon: We can do that for you. One N.

S O M _ _ O D _
T H _ T   _   _ S _ D  T O 

Jon: Almost $3,000. $2,875 to be exact.

Serena: I am going to solve.

Jon: For all that money, what is this person?


Jon: Bingo!


iKing: Ain't no stumpin' you. You solved the puzzle right on the nose! Congratulations!

Jon: Reminds me of the title of the song that I listened to. Want to learn more about it?

Serena: Yes.

Jon: Here's Alvin for some details.

[Now to Alvin]

Alvin: Somebody That I Used to Know is a 2011 song written by Belgian-Australian singer-songwriter Gotye, featuring New Zealand singer/guitarist Kimbra. It is a mid-tempo ballad. It samples Luiz Bonfá's song Seville from his 1967 album Luiz Bonfa Plays Great Songs. The song received a positive reception from critics, who noted the similarities between the song and works by Sting, Peter Gabriel, and American folk band Bon Iver.  Somebody That I Used to Know has topped over the charts in the U.S., U.K., Australia and other national charts. It has performed many times on various TV shows such as The Voice, American Idol, and Saturday Night Live.  This is Gotye's most successful and signature song.

[Back to HQ]

Jon:  That's $2,875 going to your total. Serena still has $1,700. Eric, still couple more puzzles to solve. But before we get into our next round, I just want to have some words for our viewers at home. Last week, we gave you a puzzle and the category for that is Place. And here's the puzzle solution.


Jon: And here are the five winners for today that each solved the puzzle. They each won an ACME T-Shirt and $50 in cash.


Greg Yorkshire
Grand Rapids, IA

Sandra Millson
Coushatta, LA

Jeanette Darvon
Flushing, NY

Ly Itokazu
Paradise, CA

Randy Sween
Wilbur, WA

Jon: Congratulations to the winners. Now,if you at home want to win, we are going to give you a puzzle right now and you have 15 seconds to study the puzzle. The category for this puzzle is Person.

_ R E W   _ _ R _ Y

Jon: You have fifteen seconds starting right now.


[BUZZER!] (time's up!)

Jon: Time's up. Now, write down the solution on a postcard along with your name and address and sent it to...

ACME Crime Net
P.O. Box 4300
New York, NY 10163

Or enter at

Each time ACME WoF airs, we will pick five people who’s puzzle solutions are correct and send them each an ACME T-Shirt and $50. This is open to residents of the United States and Canada, ten years of age or older. Void were prohibited by law. Employees and family members of ACME Crime Net, PBS, or it’s affiliations are not eligible.  All entries must be received by Friday to be eligible for the drawing next weekend. There’s a limit of one entry per person per week.  Any duplicate entries will be considered disqualified. We're not responsible for lost or misdirected entries. For full contest rules, write this address or go to Solve the puzzle, and you could win a T-Shirt and fifty bucks! Right now, let's take a look at the wheel for the next round.

We changed things up a bit, the top dollar value on the Wheel is $2000. Don’t forget about those Bankrupts, and Super Bankrupts. It's also our $500 Bonus Category Round which means if you solve the puzzle, you can win an extra $500 by doing one simple task. iKing, what is the $500 Bonus Category?

iKing: The category is Slogan. If you can solve the puzzle and tell me what company uses that slogan, it can land you an extra $500. Pay attention. Sponsored.

Jon: We'll do. There is an apothrosphe in the puzzle.  Bambi, you'll start.


Jon: Just past the Power. $400.

Bambi: F.

iKing: Pretty good. There's two of them.

_ _ ' _   _ _ _ 
_ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ 
F _ _ _   F _ _ _

Jon: $800. Buy, Spin, or Solve?

Bambi: I'll spin. [spins]

[Suddenly, the Wheel reaches the $800 but almost lands on Bankrupt]

Jon: Don't click! Don't click! Don't click!


Jon: Whew! So close. $800.

Bambi: D?

iKing: I don't believe it! You know how many they are? One.

_ _ ' _   _ _ _ 
_ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ 
F _ _ _   F _ _ D

Jon: Doubles your money to $1,600.

Bambi: Spin. [spins]

[Lose a Turn]

[Audience awws]

Jon: Well, you lost your turn. But, we don't take your money away. We may get back to you. You'll never know. Eric, your turn.

[Eric spins the wheel]

[The wheel approaches Super Bankrupt]

Jon: Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

[Super Bankrupt]

[iKing nods his head down]

Jon: But the good news is, you don't have any money. So, no penalty. Serena, your turn.

[Serena spins the wheel]

[Lose a Turn]

[Audience groans]

Jon: Fails for everyone.  Bambi?

[Bambi spins the wheel]


Jon: Hello!

[Audience applauds]

Bambi: Is there a T?

iKing: That is a nice pick. There are five of them in the puzzle at that amount!  Well done! 

_ T ' _   _ _ _ 
_ _ T T _ _     T _ _ _ 
F _ _ T   F _ _ D

Jon: $11,600! What would like to do?

Bambi: I'll buy a vowel. An A?

iKing: Three Stooges. Three Chipmunks. Three Chipettes. Three of them in the puzzle!

[Alvin laughs]

_ T ' _   _ A _ 
_ _ T T _ _     T _ A _ 
F A _ T   F _ _ D

Jon: $11,350. What now?

Bambi: I'll buy the I.

Jon: One.

I T ' _   _ A _ 
_ _ T T _ _     T _ A _ 
F A _ T   F _ _ D

Jon: $11,100. 

Bambi: The E.

iKing: You're in luck. There's one.

I T ' _   _ A _ 
_ _ T T E _     T _ A _ 
F A _ T   F _ _ D

Jon: $10,850.

Bambi: And the O.

Jon: There's one less than three. Two of them that is.

I T ' _   _ A _ 
_ _ T T E _     T _ A _ 
F A _ T   F O O D

iKing: Unfortunaly, we don't have any more vowels. So, you have to spin or solve.

Bambi: I'll spin. [spins]

[Lose a Turn]

iKing: LOSE-E-E-E-ER!


Jon: We may get back to you. Eric, your spin.

[Eric spins the wheel]


Eric: T? Ooops!

iKing: You need to wake up.
Pay attention.

Jon: Yep. I want to remind all of our players and to our folks at home about our used letter board. Our contestants can see it but not our home viewers. Try not to use the same letters called or you will lose your turn. With that being said, control goes over to Serena.

[Serena spins the wheel]


Jon: Oh no!

[Audience groans]

Jon: At least you don't have any money. Bambi, back to you.

[Bambi spins the wheel]


Bambi: S.

iKing: There's one. Plus another.

Jon: Two of them.

I T ' S   _ A _ 
_ _ T T E _     T _ A _ 
F A S T   F O O D

Bambi: I am going to solve.

Jon: For $12,300, what is this slogan?


Jon: You got it!


[Bell rings]

Jon: Okay, Bambi. Now that you've solve the puzzle, I can give you an extra $500 if you can tell me who uses that slogan.

Bambi: Wendy's!

Jon: There you go!


Jon: That's $12,800 added to what you've won in the previous rounds that brings your total to $15,675. Serena still has $1,700. Eric, still no money but coming up next you could possibly get more money and win the game. But first, let me do another chat for the viewers at home. If you're between 10 and 18 and have not recieved your High School diploma or G.E.D yet, and you live in the New York Area, we want you to have a chance to become a contestant on ACME's Wheel of Fortune. How do we choose contestants? Out in the studio audience! How do they get here, iKing?

iKing: You heard what Jon said. If you live in the New York Area, and if you're between the ages of 10 and 18 and have not recieved your High School diploma or G.E.D, you can try your luck solving puzzles and winning a lot of money on ACME's Wheel of Fortune. But many of our contestants have been chosen from the audience for future shows. So, if you want to be a member of our studio audience and maybe get chosen to become a contestant. Send your request with your name, address, and age and send it to...

NEW YORK, NY 10038

Or go to!

Jon: Thank you, iKing. All right, contestants. It's time for our final puzzle of the game. And in this round...EITHER PLAYER CAN WIN!!!


Jon: In a moment, I will give the wheel one final spin of the day. Once you give me a letter, if it’s in the puzzle, you have five seconds to solve it. Vowels are worth nothing, consonants are worth $1,000 + whatever amount I landed on. They can be worth anywhere from $1,000 to $8,500!

[Applause; Jon spins the wheel]


Jon: $1,250 for each consonant we find. What's our puzzle, iKing?

iKing: The category is Around the House.

Jon: There's the puzzle. Eric, we'll start with you. A letter please.

Eric: E.

iKing: Well, what do you know. There's one.

_ _ _    _ _ _ _ E    _ _ _ 

Jon: No money for the vowels. But you get five seconds to solve.



Jon: Serena.

Serena: N.

Jon: One N.

_ _ _    _ _ _ _ E    _ _ N



Jon: Bambi.

Bambi: L.

Jon: One L.

_ _ _    _ L _ _ E    _ _ N



Jon: Eric.

Eric: G.

iKing: Well, hip hop hooray! There are two of them in the puzzle.

_ _ _    G L _ _ E    G _ N


Jon: Yes, that's it!


Jon: Nice job, Eric! That's $2,500. Unfortunaly, not enough for the win but that's a decent amount of cash to take home. Thanks for playing.

Eric: You're welcome.

Jon: Serena, you're leaving here with $1,700 and our thanks for being here. Bambi, our big winner today $15,675! Now, are you ready to increase your winnings up to 10x?

Bambi: Yes.

Jon: Then come with me.

[He and Bambi go to the bonus round where Brittany (holding a tray of ten envelopes) await]

Jon: Hello, Brittany.

Brittany: Hi, Jon. Hi, Bambi.

Jon: Now, Brittany has a tray of ten envelopes. Each containing a multiplier. Five of them has a double, two of them have triple, two of them have quadruple. But only one has a 10x. Find that and solve the puzzle, you could end up winning  over $156,000! Choose your envelope and good luck.

Bambi: Okay.  [picks an envelope off the tray] I hope this is the 10x.

Jon: We hope so. Now, we got a little puzzle to solve. iKing, what's the category?

iKing: The category is Living Thing.

[_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: To help you out, we will give you the R, S, T, L, N, and E.

[_ E _ R _ _ _ S _]

Jon: And now, Bambi. Please select three consonants and a vowel.

Bambi: C, D, M, A.

Jon: Okay.


Jon: Well, unfortunaly you are not getting any help at all. Audience, please no help from you, Bambi must do this on her own. You have fifteen seconds to solve the puzzle. You'll never know. Good luck.

[The timer starts as Bambi thinks about the puzzle]

Bambi: Oh, boy!

[BUZZER!] (time's up!)

Jon: Time is up.  I'm sorry. What was it?


Jon: Zebrafish is what we're looking for. [opens the envelope] Well, Bambi let's find out what would have happen had you solved the puzzle. [reveals the result..]


Jon: It was the double. Sorry, you didn't win the extra bucks. But you're leaving here with $15,675. Thank you for being on our show. Tune in next time where three more contestants spin the wheel, solve the puzzles, and win a lot of money. From iKing, Alvin, and Brittany, this is Jon Mann saying keep on spinnin' and solvin'!

Alvin, Brittany, Jon, and iKing: Bye-Bye!


[Credits Roll]

Based on the game show created by

All contestants have been briefed regarding
game rules prior to their appearance.

Narrator: Produced in New York City, this has been a production of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net. 

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