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10/26/2017 11:00 pm  #1

Side-Fic 263: The Demonoids Pt. 1

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Lillie: Welcome to the show. It's only minutes away from starting. Just keep your eyes as far from the TV as possible, and watch with the lights on, just in case. Let's go!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[On board the Nickar, Prescott stands before Argon, Savage, Temper, Robertson, Gelman, and Owen]

Prescott: Hear me, people. A new era has begun. And I will be in control. As of today, my new army is finally complete! Demonoids, assemble!

[His army of Demonids enter, led by Mechike, followed by LN, Delta, Epsilon, Mu, and numerous demonic robots]

Mechike: Henchmen of Lord Prescott Vorstein, I, Mechike, leader of the Demonoids, shall see that our master's missions to destroy ACME Crime Net and then plunge Earth into havoc are carried out. These four are my top Demonoids. First is my second-in-command, model EMM411, known to us as LN.

LN: I'm also in charge of navigation on this submarine. And these three are our generals.

Delta: I am Delta, team strategist, and I create Demonoid soldiers.

Epsilon: I am Epsilon, Delta's sister and top martial artist.

Mu: And I am Mu, chief engineer and top mechanic.

Mechike: And to assist them, Lord Prescott's new foot soldiers: The Cyber Demonitron!

[An army of Cyber Demonitron step forward]

Mechike: In addition, my Demonoid soldiers have been upgraded to even combat ACME Crime Net's new Cosmo Cats. Like the one we plan to use against ACME next. Presenting Roborang.

[Roborang, a robotic orangutan, steps forward]

Roborang: [grunts like an orangutan] At your service, Sir Mechike.

Robertson: A monkey? You expect ACME to fall to a monkey?

LN: I take it you have a plan of your own in mind, Miss Robertson?

Robertson: Fine. Use him as you wish. But I had a good warrior in mind.

Prescott: Who?

Robertson: I'll show you. [whistles]

[Entering from the training room is Constantine Janko (Eric Balfour)]

Robertson: This, Mr. Vorstein, is Constantine Janko, a fugitive from Moscow. Six months ago, after witnesses saw him flee the scene of a burning bar, he fled to the United States and went under the name Peter Voorhies. He lived in Valencia, California for the first five months, but after witnesses saw him shoot a convenience store clerk in the head, he transferred to Manhattan. But before he crossed over to the dark side, he had a successful career. He was a fireman at the Russian State Fire Service. 10 years experience, until six months ago, he fought a fire in Moscow and lost his right arm.

Janko: [reveals his prosthetic right arm] I had to replace it with a prosthetic one, but they wouldn't let me back in the service.

Robertson: That's why he set the fire to the bar. His ex-boss was there with two other firemen.

Prescott: Thank you for the analysis, Miss Robertson. Mr. Janko, come forth.

[Janko approaches him]

Prescott: [hands Janko a gold dog tag] Take this and destroy ACME Crime Net.

Owen: Pardon me, sir, but why is that tag gold-plated?

Gelman: The gold ones contain my Super Cyber Demon Gear units. In addition to the Red Rapier, I've added an extra weapon: The Blue Backsword. Double the weapons means double the danger for ACME. And the Magma Missiles have been replaced with something more volatile: The Quantum Cannon. 10 times more powerful than five Magma Missiles combined. [hands one to Robertson] And I've got one for you, too, Corrine, just in case.

Robertson: Hmm. Thanks. Good to replace the one that campione destroyed during the summer.

Prescott: Gelman, what about Owen?

Gelman: His isn't quite ready yet, sir. You see, since he's your right-hand man, I think he's entitled to my most powerful unit.

Prescott: [nods] Very well. How long will it take?

Gelman: At most, a month. Owen can train, in the meantime.

Owen: I doubt I'll need the training, but whatever. But first, I'd like a moment with LN, alone.

Mechike: Go to him, LN. But don't harm him. He's essential to our team.

LN: Yes, sir.

[She follows Owen to his living quarters; Owen locks the door]

Owen: My dear, what has that rotten Mechike, if that's his real name, done to you?

LN: How well do you know me, Mr. Mathers?

Owen: "Mr. Mathers"? You know better than to call your own uncle by an honorific. Don't you remember the day over 30 years ago our old village was annihilated? It was days after I left to live an ordinary life. Your sister was with you that day. The two of you survived, along with your friend Elliot, and that menacing old friend of his.

LN: I have no uncle. I have no family or friends at all.

Owen: Elle-- LN, you were once human!

LN: I have no recollection of ever being human. I'm a robot programmed to carry out Lord Prescott and Sir Mechike's orders.

Owen: And when you're done, they will destroy you. They don't care about subordinates. They only care about the mission.

LN: As do I. So should you. You're Lord Prescott's right-hand man. Act like one. This discussion is over.

[Owen scoffs, then opens the door, showing LN out]

Owen: One day, you'll discover the truth. One day.

[132 Madison Street, Friday, October 27th, 10:49am]

[The Chipmunks and the Chipettes get to know Ash's new Pokémon from the Alola Region: Litten...]


[...and Lycanroc]

Ash: I'd like you all to meet my Pokémon from the Alola Region: Litten,...

[Litten meows]

Ash: Rowlet,...

Rowlet: [hoots]

Ash: ...and Lycanroc.

[Lycanroc howls]

Alvin: Boy, if only my Pokédex could look these guys up.

[Rotom Dex hovers before the gang]édex.png/160px-479Rotom-Pokédex.png

Rotom Dex: Maybe I can assist you.

Brittany: Holy cow! What is that thing?

Ash: Guys, this is Rotom Dex, my Alola Region Pokédex. It's actually a Rotom fused with my new Pokédex.

Rotom Dex: Let me give you a little demonstration.

[It looks up an ordinary Rotom]

Rotom Dex: Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon. Normally an Electric and Ghost type. Rotom changes form by interacting with various appliances. Each form has a different type in exchange for the regular Ghost type: Frost Rotom: Ice type. Fan Rotom: Flying type. Wash Rotom: Water type. Heat Rotom: Fire type. Mow Rotom: Grass type. [looks up Litten] Litten, the Fire Cat Pokémon. A Fire type. Litten show few emotions and prefer being alone. It takes time to build any level of trust. [looks up Rowlet] Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon. A Grass and Flying type. It stores energy during the day from photosynthesis. It swoops down without making a sound and unleashes a powerful kick without being noticed. [looks up Lycanroc] Lycanroc, the Wolf Pokémon. A Rock type. Lycanroc has two different forms based on when it evolves from Rockruff. It evolves into Midday Form Lycanroc during the day and Midnight Form Lycanroc during the night. Furthermore, when it gets close to evolving, Rockruff's temperament becomes more aggressive, and it tends to act more independent. It's common for it to disappear and then return after it has evolved.

Alvin: But this Lycanroc doesn't look like either of those you listed.

Ash: Mine evolved during the dusk, so this one's Dusk Form. It's very rare.

[Lycanroc nods]

Alvin: Oh. Cool.

Brittany: [kneels down before Litten] So, you're Litten, right?

[Litten meows]

Brittany: [gently pats Litten on the head] You're really cute.

Simon: Hey, uh, Ash, where are the others?

Ash: They'll be here soon. They went to HQ to pick up their badges. As of right now, they're full-fledged junior detectives.

Brittany: Speaking of which, we'd like you to meet the newest members of the team.

[Approaching the gang is Eris and her group: Kio Kakazu, Manami Kinjyou, Aoi Futaba, and Antonia Morfenoss (Eris, Manami, and Aoi are now three months pregnant)]

Eris: So you're Ash Ketchum, right?

Ash: Sure am. This is my buddy Pikachu.

Pikachu: [smiles broadly] Pika-Pika, Pikachu!

Eris: For a mouse, Pikachu's really adorable. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Eris, an alien from the planet Catia. This is my husband, Kio Kakazu.

Ash: Husband?

Kio: Believe it, kid. In fact, by the laws of her planet, I have three wives.

Manami: I'm Manami Kinjyou-Kakazu. I'm in charge of security here.

Aoi: And I'm Aoi Futaba-Kakazu, her partner.

Antonia: And I'm Antonia Morfenoss, soon to be Antonia Morfenoss-Kakazu. I'm one of Kio's future wives.

Ash: Nice to meet you guys. [reacts] Hold on. An alien?!

Eris: Yeah. You know, before we Catians decided to make contact with Earth, we used to call our planet Earth. But we knew it'd be too confusing, so now it's called Catia. The reason I came to Earth over a year ago was to foster good will, because society on our planet had been at a standstill for over 70,000 years. But thanks to Kio, that standstill is as good as over.

Ash: Amazing. And by the way, Kio, you must be a really lucky guy to have three wives. Especially if one of them's an alien cat girl.

Kio: Thanks a lot, Ash.

Aoi: By the way, we wanna show you something.

[She extracts her iPad and shows Ash a photograph of three sonograms each with either Eris, Manami, or Aoi's name above]

Ash: Sonograms? Wait, are you serious right now?!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika?!

Eris: [rubs her belly] Mm-hmm! Just inching towards the 15th week.

Ash: Oh, congratulations, guys! You three are gonna be great moms!

Pikachu: [nods] Pika!

Ash: Hey, how's Corona doing?

Jeanette: She's on maternity leave, but she's only a few weeks away.

Ash: Wow. I'm real happy for her and Hunter. But it's a shame she had to step down from bein' a Spider Rider until a few weeks after the baby is born.

Theodore: But as soon as she returns, she'll be the next Sergeant Steele. She passed the exam during the summer.

Eleanor: And Hunter just got promoted to lieutenant.

Ash: Whoa! Really?!

Alvin: Really, really.

[The rest of Ash's group (Lillie, Mallow, Lana, Kiawe, and Sophocles) enters]

Lillie: Hi, everyone.

Mallow: We're here.

Lana: And ready.

Kiawe: [looks around] Hmm. Nice digs.

Sophocles: These your new living quarters while you're in New York, Alvin?

Alvin: Mm-hmm.

Ash: Guys, you remember the Chipmunks and the Chipettes. And these five with 'em are the newbies. Kio, his wives Eris, Manami, and Aoi, and their young friend Antonia.

Lillie: Hi, there. [shakes hands with Eris] I'm Lillie. Nice cat ears.

Mallow: [shakes hands with Kio] Mallow.

Lana: [shakes hands with Aoi] Lana.

Sophocles: [shakes hands with Antonia] Sophocles.

Kiawe: [shakes hands with Manami] Kiawe.

Eris: Welcome to the club, guys. [gasps] Oh, my! [touches her belly] The baby's kicking!

Lillie: A baby?

Eris: Yeah, you wanna feel?

[Lillie puts her hand on Eris' belly and gasps when she feels a light kicking sound]

Lillie: You're gonna have a baby?

Manami: So are Aoi and I.

Aoi: And it's all thanks to Kio.

Kio: It was nothing, really.

Kiawe: Dude, you've gotta be the luckiest guy on Earth to have kids with three women. But isn't it illegal in New York?

Kio: Yes, but not on Eris' home planet Catia.

Eris: We Catians have no laws whatsoever against polygamy. In fact, because the female population on Catia is about 30 times larger than the male, a male is allowed to have multiple mates.

Ash: Whoa.

Aoi: Don't worry, Ash. Polygamy is still legal in some countries on Earth.

Manami: Plus, since we now live here, this warehouse is governed by Catian law. It's the Provisional Catian Embassy of the United States. But whatever you guys do, don't let this out to the general public, or that'll send criminals a message that will lead to disaster.

Ash: Uh, okay.

[Mallow walks up to an elevator door]

Mallow: Hey, Alvin, what's an elevator door doing in a warehouse?

Alvin: Oh. That's the orbital elevator, Mallow. The Catians just finished construction and programming last night. [pushes the up button] It can take us into one of Eris' group's spaceships. We can either take it to the Catian mothership or to the Cosmo MagnaShip, the main fighting machine of the Cosmo Cats.

[The rest of the gang approaches]

Ash: Cosmo who?

Eris: Cosmo Cats, ACME Crime Net's newest breed of superheroes.

[The elevator's door opens; the gang climbs inside before the door closes]

Kio: This elevator's big enough to accommodate three tons. And it's pretty fast, so hang on.

[Everyone does so; the elevator goes all the way up at a speed of 90 MPH; Ash's group exclaims in surprise]

Sophocles: Whoa! How fast is this thing going?!

Simon: Approximately 90 miles per hour, Sophocles. Almost twice the speed of the fastest ordinary elevator in the world!

Lillie: When's this thing gonna stop?! I feel like I'm gonna throw up!

Eris: Almost there!

[The elevator soon stops; a ding is heard]

Antonia: Well, here we are.

[The door opens; the gang gets off and enters the halls of the Cosmo MagnaShip; they pass the engine room]

Eris: That's the engine room.

[They enter another room]

Eris: This is the holodeck. We do our training here. Plus, when we're in mating--

[Kio covers her mouth]

Kio: I think she's said enough about this. Anyway, here's an example of how cool this is. Simulation: Pokémon stadium!

[The holodeck switches to a Pokémon stadium; Ash's group gasps in awe]

Ash: Wow! This is amazing!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Alvin: Hey, I've got an idea. Newbies, how 'bout one of you battle me? You could use some training.

Kiawe: [steps forward] I'm in. [extracts a Pokéball] But don't think I'll go easy on you.

Alvin: Well, neither will I, Kiawe.

[They face each other in the middle of the stadium]

Jeanette: This battle will be one-on-one between Alvin and Kiawe. Begin!

Kiawe: [tosses a Pokéball] Let's turn up the heat with this!

[Out of the ball comes his Turtonator]

Turtonator: Turtonator!

Alvin: Whoa! Never seen that one before. Rotom Dex, what've you got on that Pokémon?

Rotom Dex: [looks up Turtonator] Turtonator, the Blast Turtle Pokémon. A Fire and Dragon type. The shell on its back is chemically unstable and explodes violently if struck. The hole in its stomach is its weak point.

Alvin: I'll fight fire with fire. [tosses a Pokéball] Charizard, I choose you!

[Out of the ball comes his Charizard; Charizard roars]

Kiawe: So you have a Charizard, too, huh? Color me impressed.

Alvin: This fella was my very first Pokémon. I've trained him a great deal and we've been through many a battle. But seeing as I've never seen a Turtonator before, we may have our work cut out for us.

Kiawe: Oh, we'll see. Turtonator, Dragon Tail!

Turtonator: Tur!

[Turtonator charges at Charizard with its tail]

Alvin: Charizard, fight back with Iron Tail!

[Charizard's tail glows; both Pokémon strike each other with their tails]

Alvin and Kiawe: Use Flamethrower!

[Charizard and Turtonator fire Flamethrower at each other, hitting each other]

Sophocles: Wow! I've never seen such a heated battle in all my life!

Alvin: Charizard, use Iron Tail again! Aim for the shell!

[Charizard's tail glows; he takes to the sky and is about to strike Turtonator on the shell]

Kiawe: All right, Turtonator! Shell Trap!

Turtonator: Nator!

[Its shell releases a burst of flames, hitting Charizard]

Alvin: Yikes! What's Shell Trap?

Rotom Dex: Shell Trap is a move exclusive to Turtonator. When the user gets hit with a physical move, the trap will implode and inflict damage to the attacker.

Alvin: [in his mind] If that's the case, I'll have to forget about Iron Tail from here on out. At least until Turtonator lets its guard down.

Kiawe: Shell Smash!

[Turtonator powers up w/said move]

Alvin: [aloud] Uh-oh. Shell Smash lowers the user's defenses, but it also boosts their power and speed. Charizard, we'll have to use our secret weapon.

[Charizard nods]

Kiawe: Turtonator, use another Dragon Tail!

[Turtonator strikes Charizard w/Dragon Tail; Charizard hits the ground]

Kiawe: Now, let's finish it with Flame--

[Suddenly, Charizard gets back on his feet and becomes enraged by Blaze]

Antonia: What's happening to Charizard?

Ash: When Charizard's low on strength, its Fire-type moves are supercharged by its ability: Blaze.

Lillie: But it can't afford to take another hit.

Mallow: We'll see what happens.

Alvin and Kiawe: Let's finish this!

[They activate their Z-Rings and strike the pose for Inferno Overdrive]

Alvin: With every fiber of my being, the zenith of my mind, body, and spirit, like the great Mount Vesuvius, become a raging fire and burn!!

[Charizard roars ferociously]

Kiawe: With every fiber of my being, the zenith of my mind, body, and spirit, like the great mountain of Akala, become a raging fire and burn!!

Turtonator: Turtonator!!

Lillie: No way! Alvin has a Z-Ring, too?!

Ash: Just watch.

Alvin: Charizard!

Kiawe: Turtonator!

Alvin and Kiawe: INFERNO OVERDRIVE!!

[Charizard and Turtonator fire Inferno Overdrive at each other, resulting in a massive explosion; after the smoke clears, both Charizard and Turtonator have fainted]

Alvin and Kiawe: No way!

Jeanette: Both Pokémon are unable to continue. This battle ends in a double knockout, so the match ends in a draw.

Kio: Good battle, you guys.

Alvin: Thanks, Kio. [recalls Charizard] Charizard, return! And thanks for a good battle.

Kiawe: [recalls Turtonator] Turtonator, return!

Eris: End simulation.

[The simulation ends]

Eris: Come on, guys. You're gonna be wild about this next room.

[She leads the others to another room]

Eris: This is the recreation room. It's where we relax, play games, and eat our meals.

Aoi: It also comes with a soda machine, a soft frozen yogurt machine, an HDTV, and computers.

Antonia: This entire ship has unlimited WiFi and cellular service.

Pikachu: [looks around] Pi--

Ash: You guys must have it easy here.

Eris: Not necessarily, Ash. Remember, this is also the Cosmo Cats' base of operations. [opens another door] Over here on your right, you'll see this room.

[The gang approaches the locker room; there are 10 lockers and five different-colored jump tubes]

Kiawe: The locker room?

Kio: Yep. Here, we store our power suits and other personal belongings.

Mallow: But why do you have 10 when there are only five Cosmo Cats?

Manami: Just in case any guests drop in.

Eris: [points at the jump tubes] And these jump tubes help us into my ship and/or CatiEarth One when we have to battle a giant.

Sophocles: And according to what Simon told me on the phone last night, your ship and CatiEarth One combine with the MagnaShip to form the Cosmo MagnaDroid.

Aoi: Exactly!

Eris: Come on. You've yet to see the pièce de résistance.

[The gang follows her to the ship's bridge]

Lana: Wow. This is awesome.

Mallow: This must be the ship's bridge.

Manami: Sure is. And look at the big monitor in front.

[Ash's group notices the large monitor at the front of the bridge which shows a view of Earth]

Ash: No way!

Kiawe: Is that Earth?!

Lana: It's so beautiful from way up here!

Sophocles: Mm-hmm. But there's still one thing that's bothering me. If we're in space, why do we still feel like we're on Earth? I mean, in space, we're supposed to be weightless.

Aoi: Our ships have artificial gravity.

Manami: It wouldn't be the first spacecraft in the world that has that stuff.

Sophocles: Hmm.

Ash: So, now that you have a new team of superheroes, what's gonna happen to the Spider Riders and Kaleido Gladiators?

Jeanette: Oh, they'll still fight for us. We're gonna need all three of 'em if we're to have a chance against Prescott Vorstein.

Simon: That's right. I forgot to tell you, before his last base exploded, Prescott warned us of the Demonoids. We've already beaten a few, but I'm sure he's got more powerful ones in store for us soon.

Alvin: Luckily, Tyler Steele's developing new machines. Take a look.

[The monitor now shows visions of new machines]

Brittany: Because of the Spider Riders' transition to Super Mode, Tyler figured we might as well soup up all of the Spider Riders' machines. Even with the Super Spider Caesar, it won't be enough.

Jeanette: Once preparations are complete, when the Cyber Spiders convert to Fighter Mode, they'll evolve into a more powerful form: The Ronin Spiders. They have the strength of a band of warriors of the 18th century forty-seven ronin.

Eleanor: They each wield a nifty sword, and individually, they're formidable fighters. However, unlike the Cyber Spiders, they can't combine. At least, not without our upgraded Platinum Pardosa.

Simon: Once it goes into Fighter Mode, it takes the form of the Ninja Pardosa. When it combines with the Ronin Spiders, they form the Spider Samurai.

Ash: But what about the Flash Formosa?

Alvin: It'll get the same ninja treatment the Platinum Pardosa got, but they're still running some tests.

Ash: And Araneus and Hyllus?

Simon: They'll maintain their shape in crawler formation, but once their upgrade is complete, they'll have the power to combine into one powerful fighter: The Spider King!

Ash: I see! But I wonder what'll happen if you bring every single one of those machines together.

Alvin: That's gonna have to wait. We still haven't decided on the perfect design or finisher.

Ash: I understand. But what about the Kaleido Gladiators? They have 10 now, don't they?

Alvin: Yep.

Kiawe: But from what Ash told me, that 10th Gladiator doesn't have a machine of her own.

Simon: That, we're still working on, but when it's done,...

[An image of a mechanical eagle is shown on the monitor]

Simon: We get this: The MechaEagle.

Brittany: But unlike Layla's MechaPhoenix, Sora's MechaSwan, and my MechaDove, Pamela's MechaEagle takes on it's own battle mode: Warrior Formation.

Jeanette: In addition, Mia, Anna, and Sarah will each get their own KaleidoBorg, all of which will be used to combine with the MechaEagle to form the Ivory Star Borg.

Lana: So cool!

Eris: As for us Cosmo Cats, the crew on the Catian Mothership are currently developing new machine ideas, but it's gonna take quite a while. At most, a few months, give or take a month. But once they're done, Prescott will wish he'd blown himself to kingdom come instead of his old base.

Ash: Eris, I'm glad you're part of the team.

[The monitor suddenly receives a message: "Transmission from CIA HQ!"]

Aoi: The CIA?

Manami: Accept transmission!

[The monitor opens a channel to Manami's ex-supervisor Janis Alectos Carotenas Karinato (J.A.C.K.)]

J.A.C.K.: Hi, Manami!

Manami: J.A.C.K.?!

Kio: Whoa! That's her?!

Lillie: [whispers into Brittany's ear] A girl named Jack?

Brittany: Could be an acronym.

Manami: Everyone, this is CIA Agent J.A.C.K. It's a code name, short for Janis Alectos Carotenas Karinato. She used to be my boss at the CIA.

J.A.C.K.: Girl, I saw your Tweets. Congratulations on your upcoming new baby!

Manami: Thanks.

J.A.C.K.: And the cute boy with the glasses-- Is that the lucky man?

Kio: Yes, ma'am. My name is Kio Kakazu.

J.A.C.K.: A pleasure. Now, as much as I'd love to reminisce with my ex-apprentice, there isn't time. I've come to warn you that a criminal on the CIA's 10 most wanted list is currently on the run in New York.

[The monitor shows a photograph of Constantine Janko]

J.A.C.K.: This is Peter Voorhies, 38 years old, and once a proud convenience store employee of Valencia, California, until a month ago, he was caught shooting the clerk in the head over a raise in his pay rate. His getaway car was last seen at Chelsea Piers. My C.O. believes Voorhies is still in Manhattan, but beyond that, I don't have a clue. But I did get some killer information from Moscow City Police. They called and stated that they recognized the man as Constantine Janko, ex-fireman who, six months ago, lost his right arm while fighting a fire. It had to be replaced, but he was forced into early retirement. He fell into a deep depression afterwards, and he blew most of his money on booze.

Alvin: But why did he leave Moscow? Surely it couldn't have been just because he lost his job.

J.A.C.K.: Oh, it was way worse than that. He never forgave his superior for letting him go after 10 years of loyal service, so when he saw the boss and two other firemen drinking at a bar, he snuck in undetected, purposely spilled a jug of gasoline all over the floor, lit a match, then hightailed it out just before the bar engulfed in an explosion.

Manami: Damn hypocrite.

Antonia: Any witnesses?

J.A.C.K.: Dozens, but by the time his picture made the evening news, it was too late. Janko had already taken off on the red-eye to California.

Kio: Did you get a make on his getaway car, J.A.C.K.?

J.A.C.K.: 2017 Jaguar XF Portfolio. Pretty expensive car on a convenience store employee's salary.

Eris: And the registry?

J.A.C.K.: LASD told us it was registered to Quentin Goren, the store clerk Janko killed.

Manami: [takes notes with her iPhone] I'll relay this info to Captain Lee immediately, J.A.C.K.

J.A.C.K.: That's my girl. Keep in touch, 'kay? [blows a kiss]

[She signs off]

Manami: Good to know she hasn't changed.

[The alarm blares]

Eris: Uh-oh. Red alert!

[The monitor opens a channel to outside the warehouse; Janko (wearing his dog tag around his neck), Roborang, Mechike, LN, the Demonoid generals, and an army of Cyber Demonitron have a battering ram ready]

Kio: Intruders at the entrance!

Antonia: Oh, no! They've got a battering ram!

Manami: No way! [zooms in on Janko's face] It's Constantine Janko!

Aoi: And what about those robots with him?

Alvin: Probably the Demonoids. Let's go, guys!

[They all exit the bridge]

[Cut back to outside the warehouse]

Janko: You robots didn't have to tag along.

Mechike: Nonsense. I wanted to join in the fun so we Demonoids could properly introduce ourselves to our enemies.

Janko: I'd have done better killing them myself.

LN: Quiet. I hear footsteps.

[The gang bursts out of the warehouse]

Ash: All right, you creeps! Get your butts outta here, or we'll have to make you!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Eris: Except for you, Constantine Janko! You're under arrest!

Janko: [pulls his dog tag off] Just try me.

[He gets equipped with a CDG unit (only this one is crimson red and with only one cannon on the right shoulder)]

Mallow: Did he just transform or something?

Ash: That's his armor-up. It's called Cyber Demon Gear. Those units are very dangerous to both the opponent and the wearer.

Janko: I don't care about the latter crap. All I care about is becoming part of Prescott Vorstein's army. And speaking of his army, meet the Demonoids.

Mechike: I am Mechike, leader of the Demonoids.

LN: I am LN, his #2.

Delta: Delta.

Epsilon: Epsilon.

Mu: Mu.

Roborang: And I'm Roborang! [pounds his chest and yells like Tarzan]

Alvin: Well, I don't care who or what you guys are! You piles of tin wanna destroy ACME? You'll have to get through us first!

Mechike: Gladly.

Eris: Call for backup, Kio!

Kio: [looks to his left] I don't think I'll have to. Look!

[Lumen and Sparkle charge in from Kio's left, riding their Battle Spiders]

Alvin: Hey, you two! Perfect timing!

Lumen: Oh, we were just in the neighborhood. I was picking Sparkle up from gymnastics and we were on our way to visit you when we saw your warehouse was cornered.

Simon: Where's Hunter and Aqune?

Lumen: They took the day off to keep an eye on Corona. While they're gone, I'll lead, just like old times.

Sparkle: [looks at the Demonoids] So these are the Demonoids?

Alvin: Yep.

Brittany: [to her wristband] Layla, do you copy? The Demonoids are right in front of our warehouse. We're gonna try and keep 'em busy, but please hurry over ASAP.

Layla: Roger that, Brittany. I'll send for the others.

Lumen: All right, guys. Let's knock those Demonoids flat!

Chipmunks: Spider out!

[Out of their manacles come their Battle Spiders]

Lumen, Sparkle, and the Chipmunks: Arachna Power!

[They all get suited up]

Lumen: Stealth of the Oracle! Spider Rider Lumen!

Sparkle: Speed of the Oracle! Spider Rider Sparkle!

Simon: Knowledge of the Oracle! Spider Rider Simon!

Theodore: Honor of the Oracle! Spider Rider Theodore!

Alvin: Might of the Oracle! Crimson Rider! Spider Rider Alvin!

All five Battle Spiders: Spiders by their side...

All five Spider Riders: ...ready to ride!

Lumen: Calling all...

All five: Spider Riders!

Brittany: Kaleido Power!

[She gets suited up]

Eris: Cosmo Pendants!

Kio, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia: Ready!

[All five raise their pendants to the sky]

All five: Cosmo Power!

[They all get suited up into their Cosmo Cat suits]

Eris: With the fierceness of the mighty tiger! Cosmo Red!

Aoi: With the strength of the mighty jaguar! Cosmo Blue!

Manami: With the speed of the mighty cheetah! Cosmo Yellow!

Antonia: With the tenacity of the mighty snow leopard! Cosmo White!

Kio: With the courage of the mighty lion! Cosmo Black!

Eris: Guardians of Catia.

Kio: Guardians of Earth.

Eris and Kio: We stand and fight for what it's worth!

All five: [pose] Cosmo Cats, we are united!

Ash: You guys handle the Demonoids. My group and I will deal with Janko.

Lumen: Right! All right, troops! Let's go!

[All 11 suited fighters charge at the Demonoids and fight them (the Cosmo Cats fight the Cyber Demonitron; Brittany fights LN; Alvin fights Mechike; Lumen fights Roborang; Sparkle fights Delta; Simon fights Mu; Theodore fights Epsilon)]

Ash: Okay, Janko. Bring it on!

Janko: You and your new pals don't stand a chance against me, Ash Ketchum. Even so, I've no intention of harming defenseless children like you. [extracts a Pokéball] Instead, I'll use this. A three-on-three Pokémon battle. [tosses the ball] Go!

[Out of the ball comes a Primeape]

Primeape: Primeape!

Ash: A Primeape!

Rotom Dex: [looks up Primeape] Primeape, the Pig Monkey Pokémon. A Fighting type. Some researchers theorize that Primeape remains angry even when inside a Pokéball.

Ash: I don't need that information, Rotom Dex. [points at his head] It's all up here. I shouldn't have any trouble beating this one. After all, I used to own a Primeape.

[He has flashbacks of his Primeape; back to the present, Ash turns his hat back]

Ash: Let's do this! [tosses a Pokéball] Rowlet, I choose you!

[Out of the ball comes his Rowlet; Rowlet hoots]

Janko: Wise decision, but I doubt it'll do any good. Primeape, Cross Chop!

[Primeape charges at Rowlet and prepares Cross Chop]

Ash: Rowlet, dodge and use Peck!

[Rowlet dodges and pecks Primeape hard; Primeape gets knocked back]

Ash: Now, use Leafage!

[Rowlet pelts Primeape w/multiple leaves]

Janko: Primeape, Thrash!

[Primeape wildly strikes Rowlet w/Thrash]

Ash: Tackle!

[Rowlet tackles Primeape to the ground; Primeape faints]

Mallow: Primeape is out! Rowlet wins!

[Janko recalls Primeape]

Janko: Not bad. [tosses another Pokéball] Now try this one!

[Out of the ball comes a Vigoroth]

Vigoroth: Vigoroth!

Ash: A Vigoroth, huh? [recalls Rowlet] Rowlet, return! You need a little rest. As for Vigoroth, one of my powerhouses should have no problem beating it. [tosses another Pokéball] Lycanroc, I choose you!

[Out of the ball comes his Lycanroc; Lycanroc howls]

Ash: Let's see your Normal type handle my Rock type.

Janko: Oh, I sure will. [smirks]

[Cut to Brittany's fight with LN]

LN: [fights Brittany w/her sword] Low-spec animal scum!

Brittany: I may not be human, but I have the might of one!

[She strikes LN w/her YumeBlade, leaving a scratch, but the scratch suddenly heals itself]

LN: Not even a mere brat like you could ever scar a Demonoid.

[She kicks Brittany, who backflips and takes to the sky]

Brittany: Try and reach me now, #2!

LN: Pathetic. You're not the only one who can take to the sky!

[Her jet engines ignite; she flies up to Brittany]

Brittany: Okay. An air battle. I'm game.

[She and LN fight with their swords; Mechike watches from below]

Mechike: Hmm. It looks as though LN has finally met her match.

Alvin: I should say the same about you, Mechike!

[He strikes Mechike w/his blade, but not even so much as a dent is laid upon the Demonoid leader]

Mechike: [snickers] My turn.

[He opens his chest, then fires missiles from his chest at Alvin, hitting him; Alvin gets knocked off of Dagger]

Dagger: Alvin, no!

Alvin: [gets back on his feet] I'm fine, Dagger. But now I'm mad! Let's merge! Arachna Super Power!

[He and Dagger merge, and Alvin converts to Super Mode]

Alvin: Super Spider Rider! [gains Arachna Iron armor] Arachna Iron, armor on!

[He charges at Mechike]

Alvin: Iron Blades, Cross Strike!

[He swings his Iron blades in an X shape, firing an X-shaped blast at Mechike, cutting both of his arms off]

Mechike: [as his eyes glow red] Child's play.

[His arms reattach to him]

Dagger: He can reassemble himself?!

Alvin: Well, it doesn't come as any surprise to me, considering he's the leader of the Demonoids.

Mechike: And don't you forget it.

[A black blade appears mounted on his right arm]

Mechike: Demonoid Blade!

[He strikes Alvin w/his blade, knocking him to the ground]

Alvin: Blade of Lightning!

[His blade fires bolts of lightning at Mechike, who repels it all]

Mechike: Didn't even tickle.

[Cut back to Ash's battle with Janko]

Ash: Lycanroc, Rock Throw!

[Lycanroc howls; rocks fall toward Vigoroth]

Janko: Counter!

[Vigoroth knocks every rock back at Lycanroc w/double the might; Lycanroc narrowly dodges each rock]

Ash: Don't underestimate Lycanroc's speed. Now for the fun part. Lycanroc, use Accelerock!

[Lycanroc rapidly charges at Vigoroth and strikes it w/Accelerock]

Pikachu: [cheers Lycanroc on] Pi-KA!

Kiawe: Lycanroc's sure come a long way after evolving from Rockruff.

Rotom Dex: Oh, yes. Its incredible speed has proven it too much for Vigoroth to handle.

Janko: Vigoroth, Brick Break!

[Vigoroth charges at Lycanroc w/Brick Break]

Ash: Bite!

[Lycanroc bites Vigoroth, stopping it in its tracks and making it flinch]

Lillie: YES! You've got it, Ash!

Ash: Well, time to wrap this up. Lycanroc, Accelerock once more!

[Lycanroc charges at Vigoroth, hitting it hard; Vigoroth faints]

Mallow: Lycanroc wins!

[Lycanroc howls triumphantly]

Ash: Time for you to call it quits.

Janko: [recalls Vigoroth] Quits? Never. I still have one left. [tosses another Pokéball] Go!

[Out of the ball comes a Passimian]

Passimian: Passimian!

Rotom Dex: Passimian, the Teamwork Pokémon. A Fighting type. Passimian form groups of roughly 20 individuals. Their mutual bond is remarkable. They will never let down a comrade.

Janko: But I trained this one well enough to fight on its own.

Ash: Lycanroc, I think it's time you took a little rest.

[Lycanroc shakes its head "no"]

Ash: No?

[Lycanroc grunts]

Ash: Well, if that's what you want. All right. Let's do this!

Janko: Keeping your Lycanroc in play is a grave mistake, Ash Ketchum. And Passimian will show you why! Passimian, Scary Face!

[Passimian gives Lycanroc an intimidating look as its eyes glow red; Lycanroc growls]

Ash: Lycanroc can overcome a mere speed deficiency. Use Rock Throw!

[Lycanroc fires Rock Throw at Passimian]

Janko: Fling.

[Passimian flings each rock right back at Lycanroc, hitting it]

Janko: Now, Bulk Up.

[Passimian powers up w/said move]

Ash: Careful, Lycanroc. Bulk Up boosts the user's attack and defense power.

[Lycanroc nods]

Janko: Close Combat!

[Passimian charges at Lycanroc, who dodges quickly]

Ash: All right! Use Accelerock!

[Lycanroc strikes Passimian w/said move]

Janko: Bulk Up again.

[Passimian powers up w/said move]

Janko: Now, end it with Reversal.

[Passimian strikes Lycanroc w/Reversal]

Ash: No way!

Janko: You see, the weaker the user becomes, the more powerful Reversal is. That's why I needed Bulk Up to reduce the damage to Passimian and increase the damage dealt by Reversal. And your Lycanroc, being a Rock type-- It doesn't stand a chance.

[Ash growls]

[Cut to the fight between the Cosmo Cats (w/their weapons in Quasi Antimatter Mode) and the Cyber Demonitron; Kio strikes five Cyber Demonitron w/his blade; Eris whacks five w/her hammer; Antonia strikes five w/her grappler; Aoi and Manami fire blasts from Aoi's cannon and Manami's revolver at 10 Cyber Demonitron; all 25 Cyber Demonitron fall to pieces, but suddenly reassemble via the glowing computer chips]

Kio: I don't believe it!

Eris: They pulled themselves back together?!

Antonia: Even with our weapons in Quasi-Antimatter mode?!

Mechike: We Demonoids have ways of restoring ourselves.

Roborang: [punches Lumen] That's right! We also pack quite a punch, too!

Delta: [slams Sparkle to the ground] You losers don't stand a chance against us.

Epsilon: [strikes Theodore repeatedly w/a bo staff] We're the Demonoids, and we live to annihilate!

Mu: [kicks Simon to the ground] Mere children, defeat us? That'll be the day.

Lumen: Let's switch things up!

Lumen, Sparkle, Simon, and Theodore: Arachna Super Power!

[They all merge with their spiders and convert to Super Mode]

All four: Super Spider Riders!

Mechike: It doesn't matter whether you're super or not. You'll never beat us.

Lumen: Arachna Iron!

Lumen, Sparkle, Simon, and Theodore: Armor on!

[They gain Arachna Iron armor]

Lumen: All right, rust buckets! Prepare to be sliced and diced! Iron Blades!

All five Spider Riders: STRIKE!

[One by one, they each strike one of the Demonoids, but none of them are even scratched]

Alvin: Nothing we do ever touches them!

Eris: Even our weapons in Quasi-Antimatter mode don't help!

Manami: And where the hell is Brittany?!

[Mechike points up at the sky; everyone looks up and sees the sky fight between Brittany and LN]

Brittany: A robot like you is no match for the Dove of Dreams!

LN: I didn't get reincarnated and manufactured by Sir Mechike for nothing!

[She strikes Brittany w/her sword]

LN: Except for him, I'm the most powerful Demonoid. All I know about my human life was that I was no different a combatant than I am now.

[The sword fight continues on]

Brittany: That does it! Time to show you the grace of Angel! [inputs a code on her Kaleido Booster] 4-1-0! Metatron! Artelif! Crown Cannon!

[Origami Tobiichi's angel Metatron appears, and its pillars take on a circular formation and fire a beam of pure light at LN, hitting her; LN hits the ground; LN is surprised]

LN: That move-- Why does it sound so familiar?

[Brittany flies back down to the ground]

Brittany: [inputs code] 9-9-6! Laser Lance command, NOW!

[The VR Laser Lance appears in her hands]

LN: It doesn't matter whose weapon you use! [charges at Brittany]

[Brittany strikes LN through the right shoulder w/the Laser Lance; LN drops her sword]

Brittany: See ya!

[She slices LN in half w/the lance; LN's upper body hits the ground]

Alvin: I don't think she's done yet, Brittany.

LN: You're damn right I'm not done yet!

[Both of her halves electrify and pull back together as if they were magnetized]

Brittany: [as the lance vanishes] That can't be!

Alvin: See?! These Demonoids have ways of reforming!

Mechike: [laughs] Give up, ACME Crime Net. Us Demonoids are invincible.

Brittany: [to her wristband] Layla, hurry up, will ya?! Where are you?!

Layla: Unfortunately, we just got sidetracked. Prescott sent ArgoStar Fighters to try and keep us at bay, and there's more coming and blocking all our paths! I'm afraid you're on your own for a while.

Brittany: Okay, but please hurry!

[Mechike releases chains from the cannon on his left arm, wrapping the five Super Spider Riders, the Cosmo Cats, and Brittany tightly; the chains glow red, and the bound victims revert to normal; the Battle Spiders return to their manacles; Mechike then releases another round of chains, wrapping the rest of Ash's group tightly]

Mechike: There. The chains in which you're now wrapped up disable your transformation powers as long as you're bound. This will see to it you never interfere with Ash Ketchum's battle with Mr. Janko.

[The gang watches the battle between Ash and Janko]

Ash: Come on, Lycanroc! Don't give up! Rock Throw!

[Lycanroc fires Rock Throw at Passimian, who dodges each one]

Janko: Sorry, pal. Passimian, Reversal.

[Passimian strikes Lycanroc hard w/Reversal; Lycanroc faints]

Janko: One down, two to go.

[Ash recalls Lycanroc]

Ash: Thanks, Lycanroc. The others will take it from here. [tosses another Pokéball] Rowlet, back to you!

[Out of the ball comes Rowlet]

Janko: I doubt your victory will be assured based on type alone. From what I heard, you overcame a lot of type disadvantages, such as the Johto League when your Charizard took on and beat Gary Oak's Blastoise. I can honestly say that the only reason you beat him was because the poor boy's Blastoise let his guard down.

Ash: [growls] I won't let you ridicule Gary! He's more than 10 times the trainer you'll ever be! Rowlet, Peck!

[Rowlet strikes Passimian w/Peck]

Passimian: Simian!

Janko: Go ahead. Throw all your best moves at it. The weaker Passimian grows, the stronger its Reversal move grows. Bulk Up.

[Passimian powers up w/said move again]

Ash: Leafage!

[Rowlet fires Leafage at Passimian, who blocks with its fists]

Janko: Now, Reversal.

[Passimian strikes Rowlet w/a more powerful Reversal, hitting it hard]

Alvin: I don't get it. Reversal's a Fighting type move, and Fighting type moves aren't very effective against Flying types like Rowlet.

Simon: Didn't you hear what Janko said? The weaker Passimian grows,...

Alvin: ...the stronger its Reversal move grows. [nods] Oh, yeah.

Ash: Use Peck once more!

[Rowlet flies toward Passimian w/its sharpened beak]

Janko: Smack Down.

[Passimian tosses a stone at Rowlet, hitting it hard; Rowlet faints]

Ash: Rowlet, no!

Janko: That's two. You can weaken Passimian all you want, but in the end, Passimian, despite being low on strength, will emerge victorious.

Ash: No, it won't. Only a worthy Pokémon trainer can emerge triumphant. You, Janko, are not worthy. You're clearly abusing your own Pokémon's power just so you can win. I'd rather lose with dignity than win with abuse.

[The rest of his group is enthralled by Ash's words]

Ash: Pikachu, you ready to take this on?

Pikachu: [nods] Pika.

[He takes the field and faces Passimian]

Mechike: This will be interesting. Delta, now's as good a time as any to test the Demonoid Cage.

Delta: [pushes a button on her right arm] Yes, sir.

[A laser beam on her right arm produces a steel cage around Ash, Pikachu, Janko, and Passimian]

Ash: Hey! What's this?!

Janko: This must be some kind of mistake! I didn't sign up for a cage match!

Alvin: What have you done, Mechike?!

Mechike: You should be asking Delta.

Delta: All I did was add a touch of wrestling to this battle. Except that no one will get out until the end of the battle.

Mechike: [in his mind] And these little fools have no idea what else I have in store for them. [snickers; aloud; to his communication device] Temper, we need to keep the Kaleido Gladiators at bay just in case. Is Savage's robot ready?

[Cut back to the Nickar's robot carrier bay; Temper looks up at a more demonic gold-plated version of the robot Raimei (The Ivory Eagle Pt. 3)]

Temper: Yes, but this is Savage's last one, and he can't afford to make anymore. He'll be pissed if he finds out--

Prescott: [enters] He has to learn to provide his services. I've already wasted enough money on his faulty robots. Just one battle, and boom, they're gone.

Temper: My little brother is already deep in debt after all the robots he gave you for free failed in the end. He needs that money for parts and services. This robot, Raimei II, is all he's got left, and unless you pay him for it,--

Prescott: Just do it! Besides, with the Demonoids around, I won't need his robots anymore.

Temper: Very well, but we'll need a Cyber Demonitron to pilot this thing. [in his mind] Savage is not gonna be happy about this.

[Outside, the sub surfaces; a door above opens, revealing the carrier bay and Raimei II]

Temper: Release Raimei II!

[Raimei II takes off]

Temper: This one had better not fail.

Pamela: What is that thing?!

Sora: It's almost like that Raimei robot Alvin fought while we tried to save you. Only gold-plated.

Layla: Whatever it is, we gotta destroy it.

Ash: Pikachu, Quick Attack!

Janko: Smack Down.

Mechike: I'll electrify that Pikachu each time he makes physical contact with the cage.

Simon and Kiawe: Marowak, use Iron Head!

Savage: Temper, why is Raimei II out there?

Alvin: Next time on ACME Crime Net, The Demonoids Pt. 2. Vigilance, dedication, courage!

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