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11/04/2017 7:24 am  #1

Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Lillie: Welcome to the show. It's only minutes away from starting. Just keep your eyes as far from the TV as possible, and watch with the lights on, just in case. Let's go!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[Clips from the previous side-fic are shown]

[Grand Street, Friday, October 27th, 11:21am]

[The Kaleido Gladiators' machines (minus the MechaDove) fight off a fleet of ArgoStar Fighters]

Sora: [from the MechaSwan] Feather Barrage!

[The MechaSwan flaps its wings and fires metallic feathers at the ArgoStars, hitting them]

[The airborne KaleidoBorgs jump and kick numerous ArgoStars]

Rosetta: [from KB3] It's not so easy to bring these guys down without forming the Star Borg.

May: [from KB5] Unfortunately, the Star Borg can't fly without combining with the MechaDove. Without it, the other flying machines can't combine.

Marion: [from KB4] And we can't use the MechaDove without Brittany.

[The MechaPhoenix fires Phoenix Missiles at the ArgoStars, hitting them]

Pamela: [from the MechaPhoenix] If only I had my own machine. We'd have this done faster.

Layla: [from the MechaPhoenix] I only wish Mr. Steele would speed up production of our new machines.

[The MechaBeetle fires photon blasts from its fingertips at the ArgoStars, destroying them]

Mia: [from the MechaBeetle] All right! That takes care of that problem.

Anna: [from the MechaBeetle] Hold on! Look!

[Entering the scene is Raimei II]

Pamela: What is that thing?!

Sora: It's almost like that Raimei robot Alvin fought while we tried to save you. Only gold-plated.

Layla: Whatever it is, we gotta destroy it.

[Raimei II fires its drills at the machines, hitting them all hard; Raimei II gains new drills]

May: Star Borg, begin transformation!

[The KaleidoBorgs combine to form the Star Borg]

Sora: MechaSwan, Bazooka Mode!

[The MechaSwan converts to Bazooka Mode; the Star Borg grabs it]

Sora: Lock on target. Angelic Magnum!

All Gladiators: FIRE!

[The MechaSwan fires at Raimei II, who absorbs the blast with its spinning drills]

[Cut to the MechaSwan's cockpit]

Sora: [inserts her Kaleido Booster] Let's try a new move. [inputs code] 4-1-0! Camael, Megiddo cannon!

[Outside, the MechaSwan fires a blast from Megiddo's cannon at Raimei II, hitting it; Raimei II charges at the Star Borg and punches it to the ground, causing it to drop the MechaSwan]

[Cut to the MechaPhoenix's cockpit w/Layla and Pamela]

Layla: It's no use! That robot's too strong!

Tyler: [through intercom] Layla, do you copy?

Layla: I read you, Mr. Steele.

Tyler: I see you're in danger without the MechaDove. I don't think there's a better time to try out the new KaleidoBorgs than now.

Layla: Right. I'll notify Mia immediately.

[Cut to the MechaBeetle's cockpit w/Mia, Anna, and Sarah]

Layla: [through intercom] Mia, the new KaleidoBorgs are ready! Call them now!

Mia: Roger that, Layla. Ladies, let's do this! Configuring autopilot!

[Autopilot is activated in the MechaBeetle's controls; Mia, Anna, and Sarah jump out of the cockpits]

Mia, Anna, and Sarah: KaleidoBorgs, deploy now!

[Three brand-new KaleidoBorgs fly into the scene; like the original five, they each have their number in roman numerals implanted on their chests and different heads similar to a flying creature (KB7 has the head of a luna moth; KB8 has the head of a grasshopper; KB9 has the head of a lorikeet)]

Anna: They look amazing.

Sarah: Quite. But why wasn't a KB6 ever made?

Mia: Mr. Steele told me that a KaleidoBorgs' number has to match that of its owner. I get 7, Anna gets 8, and Sarah gets 9. Since Brittany never wanted or needed one, there's no need for a KB6. Now let's see what they can do!

[They jump into their respective KaleidoBorgs' cockpits; the three new KaleidoBorgs charge at Raimei II]

Mia: [from KB7] Moth Spores!

[KB7 spreads spores at Raimei II, causing it to slow down]

Mia: That should keep it busy for a while.

Anna: [from KB8] Ground Pound!

[KB8 leaps up, rolls up into a ball, and pounds on the ground hard in front of Raimei II, causing the ground beneath Raimei II to vibrate, then causing it to trip and fall; Raimei II gets back on its feet]

Sarah: [from KB9] How about a taste of my Ultrasonic Pitch?!

[KB9 releases a loud high-pitched screech, pushing Raimei II back]

Sarah: I love this new KaleidoBorg! Now let's see if they work well with our Kaleido Boosters.

[She, Anna, and Mia insert their Kaleido Boosters into the controls and input a code]

Mia, Anna, and Sarah: 8-1-9! Digimon attack! Trinity Force!

[Outside, the three new KaleidoBorgs fire a giant triangular phoenix beam at Raimei II, hitting it hard]

[Cut to the Star Borg's cockpit]

May: Guys, I have an idea. 3, 4, and 5, detach!

[Outside, KB3, KB4, and KB5 detach from the Star Borg]

May: Let's combine with the new KaleidoBorgs!

[KB9 attaches to the remainder of the Star Borg as the new left arm; KB7 and KB8 attach as the legs]

[Splitscreen to the cockpits of the MechaSwan and MechaPhoenix]

Layla: That's impressive!

Pamela: A whole new Star Borg!

Sora: Let's check it out!

All three: Switch to autopilot!

[They jump out of the cockpits and into the cockpit of the new Star Borg, joining the other six Gladiators]

Mia: Glad you girls could join us.

Pamela: What are we gonna call this new configuration?

Mia: I'll call it Star Borg: Auxiliary Formation!

Sora: Good name, Mia. Now, let's get to work!

All nine Gladiators: Star Borg: Auxiliary Formation, ready!

[Outside, the Star Borg and Raimei II fight]

[Meanwhile, at a Don Alphonso's Pizza Shack, a man (played by Derek Stephen Prince) waits at the counter]

Employee: Your pizza's ready, sir.

[He hands the man a pizza box]

Man: Vodka pizza?

Employee: All set.

Man: Thanks. [leaves a $5 tip] Here's your tip. Have a good day.

Employee: You, too.

[The man takes his pizza and exits the pizzeria; as soon as he sees that the coast is clear, he transforms into Savage]

Savage: Well, what good is the last of your money gonna do if you can't spend it on a decent lunch? Besides, I'm sure Temper must be starving.

[He suddenly notices Raimei II fighting the Star Borg from nearly a mile away]

Savage: Wait. Isn't that my last robot?

[He takes a closer look]

Savage: [gasps] Damn that Prescott! He dares to send out one of my robots without consulting me first?!

[He transports back to the Nickar; there, Temper watches the fight on the monitor]

Temper: Boy. Never expected this.

[Savage approaches with the pizza]

Temper: Ah, lunch! Finally! I'm starving, Savage!

Savage: Temper, why is Raimei II out there?

Temper: Oh, that? Well,... [groans] Prescott made me send it. I tried to talk him out of it, but that arrogant cur wouldn't have it. And we both know better than to turn our backs on the boss.

Savage: [sits down] Well, ACME had better not destroy that one, or Prescott and I are through. [opens the box, revealing a pizza with vodka sauce] Here, have some pizza.

Temper: Vodka?! [takes a slice] How thoughtful of you! I love this stuff! [takes a bite and swallows] So good!

Savage: Glad you like it. [takes a bite of a slice] That was the last of my dough.

Temper: I'm sorry I can't help you.

Savage: Nothing you could've done.

[They continue eating as they watch the fight]

[Back at Grand Street, Raimei II's red gem glows brightly and fires Blaze Beam (10 times more powerful than the original Raimei); suddenly, the MechaPhoenix and MechaSwan shield the Star Borg w/their wings, reflecting the blast right back at Raimei II, hitting it hard]

Layla: That was a close one. That Blaze Beam was 10 times stronger than the original Raimei's.

Sora: I don't know. Unlike the old Raimei, this one might not be required to recharge.

Mia: We'd better finish it quickly before it decides to fire on us again. Let's try a new move.

All: Paralyzing Pound!

[The Star Borg's legs glow green (right) and platinum (left); the Star Borg leaps up, then pounds on the ground in front of Raimei II, releasing shockwaves; the shockwaves push Raimei II back and gets paralyzed]

Mia: Star Borg!

All Gladiators: Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Star Borg's fists glow red (right) and orange (left); with the cry of a lorikeet, the Star Borg punches Raimei II w/its left fist, letting out a high-pitched screech, causing Raimei II to tilt back; with the cry of a phoenix, it punches Raimei II w/its right fist; Raimei II gets thrown far back and hits the ground; upon impact, an explosion is shown]

Layla: Another demon robot out of commission. Well done, Gladiators.

Sora: We gotta get back to the others quickly.

[The machines set off]

[Meanwhile, outside the Chipmunks' warehouse, the caged battle between Ash's Pikachu and Janko's Passimian is about to begin]

Lillie: I don't like the look of this. A caged Pokémon battle is only asking for trouble.

Kiawe: We'll see what happens. If the Demonoids try anything crazy, we'll try and stop 'em.

Ash: All right, Pikachu. Let's take care of business!

Pikachu: Pika!

Janko: Passimian, let's end this.

Passimian: Passimian!

Ash and Janko: BEGIN!

Ash: Pikachu, Quick Attack!

[Pikachu zips toward Passimian]

Janko: Smack Down.

[Passimian tosses a rock at Pikachu, knocking him at the bars of the cage]

Mechike: Perfect. [pushes a button on a remote]

[Pikachu gets zapped by red electricity and hits the ground]

Ash: Hey! What was that?!

Sophocles: Smack Down isn't an Electric type move!

Mechike: It wasn't Smack Down. From now on, I'll electrify that Pikachu each time he makes physical contact with the cage.

Ash: That's cheating!

Janko: I don't need your help to win, Mechike! Passimian is on the verge of victory!

Mechike: But I want to give Ketchum's Pokémon a taste of Demonoid power. Besides, thanks to the cage, this battle will be over in no time.

Alvin: Lousy snake! Just like Prescott.

Kio: Eris, can you use your power suit to break these chains?

Eris: I can't, Kio. The chains we're tied to-- Not only did they disable our transformation powers, but they also disabled the functionalities on my suit. I can't break through, and I can't make contact with the Assistroids!

Manami: Then poor Ash is on his own.

Aoi: Dealing with a cold-blooded murderer being aided by a cold-blooded cheat.

Antonia: This isn't fair.

Ash: Pikachu, stand strong! Use Electro Ball!

Pikachu: [gathers electricity in a ball] Pika-Pika-Pika-PIKAAAAAAAA...! [tosses the ball at Passimian] --CHU-PI!!!

[Passimian gets hit hard and hits the cage]

Ash: All right! Use Quick Attack again!

[Pikachu strikes Passimian w/Quick Attack]

Janko: This will only strengthen Reversal. But first, Bulk Up once more.

[Passimian powers up w/said move]

Ash: Pikachu, use Iron Tail to try and drop its defenses!

Pikachu: [as his tail glows] Chuuuuuuuuuuuuu-- [strikes Passimian w/Iron Tail] PIKA!!

[Passimian's defenses drop]

Sophocles: All right! Passimian's defenses are dropping now!

Kiawe: Passimian's in for it now!

Ash: Quick Attack once more!

[Pikachu strikes Passimian w/Quick Attack; Passimian growls]

Janko: It may be at its moment of weakness, but Passimian still has more than enough power for one final blow. Passimian, Reversal.

[Passimian strikes Pikachu w/Reversal with all its might, slamming him against the cage; Pikachu gets zapped by the red electricity again; Pikachu hits the ground on the verge of fainting]

Ash: Pikachu!

Lillie: Stop it, you dirty Demonoids!

Lana: Janko should be disqualified! This isn't fair!

LN: You ought not have messed with the Demonoids. We're dangerous.

Mechike: That wimpy trainer was never a match for Janko, anyway. How could a six-time league loser ever hope to defeat one of Russia's best Pokémon trainers?

[Ash growls]

Lillie: He is not a loser!

Ash: Lillie?

Lillie: You call a trainer making it to the championship rounds of every league he's ever competed in a loser?!

Mechike: How could he possibly not be a loser if he never won a single league?

Mallow: He may not have won those leagues, but he goes very far!

Lana: Only rotten cheaters like you are the real losers!

Kiawe: That's right! He even gets better every league, just like he did when he was the runner-up at the Kalos League!

Sophocles: And it won't matter if he wins the next league or not! He'll become an even better trainer!

[Ash is enthralled by his friends' words]

Ash: Thanks, you guys. All right, Pikachu. Let's get back in this!

[Pikachu gets back on is feet]

Pikachu: Chu!

Mechike: [grumbles] Finish it, Janko.

Janko: Da! Passimian, give it another Reversal with all your might!

[Passimian is about to land one more blow, but he suddenly becomes paralyzed]

Janko: что?! It's paralyzed!

Mechike: This can't be!

Ash: All right, Pikachu! Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Piiiiiiiii-KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-- [fires Thunderbolt at Passimian] --CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

[Passimian screams as it gets zapped]

Ash: Let's end this!

[He activates his Z-Ring; he and Pikachu pose for Gigavolt Havoc]

Alvin: Is that...?

Simon: ...a Z-Move?!

Ash: Pikachu, show them what our teamwork can do! GIGAVOLT HAVOC!!

Pikachu: Pika-PIKAAAAAA-- [unleashes a massive blast of electricity from his right fist] --CHUUUUUU!!!!!

[Passimian gets struck by the blast hard and faints; the cage vanishes]

Janko: No! I lost?!

Ash: Yes! We did it, Pikachu!

Pikachu: [gives a victory sign] Pi-Pikachu!

Janko: [recalls Passimian] That does it! It's time to take action myself! [readies his Quantum Cannon and aims it at the rest of Ash's group]

Ash: Hold on! You said you didn't plan on hurting kids!

Janko: After this battle, I've changed my mind! Quantum Cannon, annihilate!

[He fires a massive blast from his cannon at the rest of Ash's group]

Ash: Guys, no!

[Suddenly, Pamela flies into the scene and absorbs the blast with her Ivory Shield]

Lillie: Who are you?

Pamela: I'm the Ivory Eagle, the 10th Kaleido Gladiator.

Ash: Hey, you must be Pamela!

Pamela: That's right. And I brought the cavalry!

[The other eight Gladiators fly into the scene]

Brittany: The other Gladiators!

Mallow: No way!

Lana: They're so beautiful!

Kiawe and Sophocles: Awesome!

Janko: How dare you!

Layla: K-1! Golden Phoenix!

Sora: K-2! Angel of Hope!

Rosetta: K-3! Diabolo Fairy!

Marion: K-4! Aqua Blossom!

May: K-5! Demon Blader!

Mia: K-7! Platinum Pixie!

Anna: K-8! Geo Jester!

Sarah: K-9! Lorikeet of Love!

Pamela: K-10! Ivory Eagle!

Mia: Where there is life, there is a heart of justice!

All nine: Kaleido Gladiators!

Mia: I've always wanted to do the "heart of justice" part.

Layla: [to the rest of Ash's group] To you newbies, that line was supposed to be mine.

Janko: Cyber Demonitron, get them!

[The Cyber Demonitron charge at the Gladiators, who fight them w/their weapons]

Manami: Careful, you guys! Even if you dismantle them, they'll pull themselves back together!

Ash: Pikachu, use Iron Tail and break those chains!

Pikachu: [nods] Pika! [as his tail glows] Chuuuuuuuuuuuuu-- [strikes the chains w/Iron Tail] PIKA!!

[The chains break, setting everyone free; the Cosmo Cats, Spider Riders, and Brittany transform back to the way they were before they were tied up]

Kio: All right! We're back in business!

Simon: What say we let our Pokémon join the party?

Alvin: I agree. [tosses a Pokéball] Onix, I choose you!

Simon: [tosses a Pokéball] Go, Marowak!

Theodore: I choose you, Infernape!

Brittany: Blaziken, I choose you!

Jeanette: Ninetales!

Eleanor: Swampert!

[Out of the Pokéballs come said Pokémon]

[Onix roars]

Marowak: Marowak!

Infernape: Infernape!

Blaziken: Blaziken!

Ninetales: Ninetales!

Swampert: Swampert!

Lillie: [tosses a Pokéball] Don't leave us out on all the fun! Snowy, let's go!

[Out of the ball comes her Vulpix (Ice-type): Snowy]

Jeanette: A Vulpix with white fur?! Incredible!

Lana: [tosses a Pokéball] Popplio!

Mallow: [tosses a Pokéball] Steenee!

Sophocles: [tosses a Pokéball] Togedemaru!

[Out of the Pokéballs come said Pokémon]

Popplio: Lio!

Steenee: Steenee!

Togedemaru: [chatters]

Kiawe: [tosses a Pokéball] Get ready, Marowak!

[Out of the ball comes his own Marowak (Alola form)]

Kiawe's Marowak: Marowak!

Simon: Marowak, did you see that?

Simon's Marowak: [nods] Marowak.

Simon: A Marowak from the Alola Region has a different color than mine? Color me surprised.

Lumen: Okay, guys! Let's get 'em!

[The gang charges at the Cyber Demonitron]

Mechike: I think it's time we took our leave.

Roborang: I agree.

Epsilon: [pushes Roborang into the fight] Oh, no, you don't. You're staying here.

LN: And don't come back to us until the job is done!

[She, Mechike, and the Demonoid generals disappear]

Roborang: Might as well get this over with!

[He charges at the gang's Pokémon]

Simon and Kiawe: Marowak, Iron Head!

[Both of their Marowak charge at Roborang and strike him w/Iron Head]

Kiawe: Shadow Bone!

Simon: Bone Rush!

[Kiawe's Marowak strikes Roborang w/Shadow Bone; Simon's Marowak strikes Roborang w/Bone Rush]

Lillie: Snowy, Powder Snow!

[Snowy fires Powder Snow at five of the Cyber Demonitron, freezing them]

Mallow: Steenee, use Magical Leaf!

[Steenee fires Magical Leaf at five Cyber Demonitron, hitting them]

Lana: Popplio, Bubble Beam!

[Popplio fires Bubble Beam at five Cyber Demonitron, hitting them]

Sophocles: Togedemaru, Zing Zap!

[Togedemaru gathers electricity around its body and spins around like a ball, bowling over five Cyber Demonitron, zapping all five of them in the process]

Alvin: Those new Pokémon rock! And speaking of rocking, Onix, Rock Throw!

[Onix tosses rocks at the Cyber Demonitron, crushing five of them to pieces]

Theodore: Infernape, fry their circuits with Flamethrower!

[Infernape fires Flamethrower at five of the Cyber Demonitron, hitting them]

Brittany: You, too, Blaziken! Flamethrower!

[Blaziken fires Flamethrower at five of the Cyber Demonitron, hitting them]

Jeanette: Sceptile, Leaf Blade!

[Sceptile slices five of the Cyber Demonitron in half w/Leaf Blade]

Eleanor: Swampert, Hammer Arm!

[Swampert smashes five of the Cyber Demonitron w/Hammer Arm]

[The Cosmo Cats, Spider Riders, and Kaleido Gladiators strike the rest of the Cyber Demonitron to pieces w/their best attacks; Sophocles suddenly notices glowing computer chips among the wrecked Cyber Demonitron; the chips magically cause the pieces to move]

Sophocles: Hey, guys! Destroy the computer chips!

Alvin: Good idea, Sophocles!

Eris: Leave it to me! Cosmo Hammer, Quasi-Antimatter Mode!

[Her Cosmo Hammer appears, glowing blue]

Eris: Assistroids, assemble!

[Numerous Assistroids appear, Quasi-Antimatter hammers on hand]

Eris: We gotta hurry before the Cyber Demonitron reassemble again! STRIKE!

[She and her Assistroids jump up and strike the computer chips w/their hammers one by one; the chips electrify and vaporize, taking the remains of the Cyber Demonitron with them]

Roborang: So, you finally discovered their weaknesses. Nice work. Too bad for you I'm much stronger than all of them combined, so I'll have no trouble destroying you all myself!

[He charges at the gang]

Simon: Leave this one to me!

[He fights Roborang over the course of a minute; afterwards, Simon kicks Roborang to the ground]

Roborang: You don't scare me!

Flame: Surrender or you're history!

Roborang: Not a chance!

Simon: Then if you insist on fighting for Prescott, I'll have to send you back to him in pieces! Iron Blades, Cross Strike!

[His Iron Blades glow; he swings his blades in an X shape, firing an X-shaped blast at Roborang, hitting him hard]

Simon: Cosmo Cats, finish this!

Eris: Roger that! Let's take him down with our new finisher! Into position, everyone!

[Aoi and Manami join hands; Kio stands on top of them, with Antonia on top of her, and Eris on top of her]

Roborang: What's going on here?

Eris: Cosmo Jewels, unite!

[All five Cosmo Cats activate the jewels on their chests; they unleash laser beams that form the constellation Sagitta]

Cosmo Cats: Five-Star Finish! Sagitta!

[Sagitta, taking the form of Sagittarius, fires a glowing arrow at Roborang, hitting him hard; Roborang screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Roborang is left in pieces]

Brittany: Nice job, Cosmo Cats!

[The Cosmo Cats all land safely on the ground]

Ash: Another Demonoid bites the dust.

Pikachu: Pika.

Layla: That boneheaded baboon never stood a chance.

Sora: Now for Janko!

[The Gladiators (minus Pamela) combine their weapons to form the Super Kaleido Cannon and aim it at Janko]

Pamela: [aims her crossbow at Janko] Come quietly!

Janko: Never!

Layla: Then we have no choice. Kaleido Cannon, ready!

Pamela: Ivory Crossbow, aim!

All 10 Gladiators: FIRE!!

[They fire their weapons at Janko]

Janko: [clicks his heels and wrists together] Plasma Shield!

[He becomes surrounded by a Plasma Shield, which absorbs the blasts; after the shield disappears, Janko now has a Red Rapier and a Blue Backsword on hand]

Brittany: Where did he get that extra sword?

Rosetta: Prescott must've upgraded his CDG units.

Janko: That's right. And you won't believe its powers! [charges at Layla] And you, destined leader of the Gladiators, shall be the first fall to it!

[He strikes Layla through the right shoulder w/his backsword; Layla groans in pain as her shoulder starts to bleed]

Janko: [laughs] The sharpness of my backsword is 100 times more painful and can drive through one's flesh far more easily than the Red Rapier.

[Sora gazes at Layla's wounded shoulder in horror]

Sora: Oh, my God! Not again!

[She has a flashback of when Layla dislocated her right shoulder while training for and later performing the Legendary Great Maneuver with Sora at Kaleido Stage]

Sora: That was the same shoulder she dislocated during the Legendary Great Maneuver.

[Cut back to the present]

Marion: Sora, are you saying--?

Sora: She almost lost her performance career to that injury. It took months to heal.

[She starts to tear up and shake her fists]

Layla: Sora...

Janko: [laughs] Your leader's demise is at hand. But before I do her in, I think she should watch as her fellow Gladiators meet their doom first.

[He pulls his backsword out of Layla's shoulder and walks toward Sora, pointing both of his swords at her; Layla hits the ground and watches]

Janko: I'll start with the crybaby angel.

[He raises his swords and is about to strike Sora]

Sora: Janko,...! [to the sky] BURN IN HELL!!!!!

[The red button on her Kaleido Booster flashes; Sora pushes it and assumes Mega Mode; she intercepts Janko's swords w/her wings, pushing him back; after she pulls her wings back, Sora is in tears of anger]

Janko: What the hell is this?!

Pamela: This is not like her.

Rosetta: Sora!

[Sora strikes Janko on the face with her blade, leaving a scratch, then strikes him through the right shoulder with it, cracking the CDG unit armor; Janko screams in pain and drops his swords]

Sora: And that's just the beginning.

[She pulls her blade out, then sticks it to the ground and grabs Janko by the neck]

Sora: I don't need my blade for this!

[She slams Janko to the ground, then kicks him to the wall of the warehouse]

Janko: No, please, don't! I was only doing what Prescott told me to do!

Sora: Save your excuses! [slams Janko to the wall] I will never forgive you or him for what you did to Layla!

[Layla watches as Sora continues fighting Janko]

Layla: Sora...

[Suddenly, a young female being in a red spandex suit (w/the Roman numeral V on her right shoulder) and helmet w/visor: Spirit Soldier Red, appears before her]

Layla: Wait. Who are you?

Soldier Red: Don't worry, Layla. I'm a friend.

Layla: Wait. How do you know my name?

Soldier Red: [kneels down before Layla] There's no time to explain. Your wound needs to be treated at once. Thanks to my powers as a Spirit Soldier, I have the ability to heal others. [extracts a red opal from her belt buckle] Bear with me.

[Her opal glows, completely healing Layla's shoulder wound; Layla gasps]

Layla: My shoulder!

[Cut back to the fight between Sora and Janko; Janko grabs his rapier and strikes Sora on the shoulder, leaving a scratch; Sora kicks him in the head, knocking him to the ground]

Sora: This scratch is nothing compared to what Layla went through, you cowardly snake!

Janko: No, but this will be even worse! Quantum Cannon, full power!

[He fires his Quantum Cannon at maximum power at Sora, but Spirit Soldier Red repels the blast with a red shield; Layla swoops in and strikes Janko w/her Phoenix Saber]

Sora: Layla! You're okay!

Layla: I owe it to our little friend.

Soldier Red: Don't thank me yet.

Janko: What?! You're still alive?! [notices Red] And who is this?!

Soldier Red: Soldiers, assemble!

[Four more Spirit Soldiers (three from Close Encounters of the Feline Kind: Gold, Violet, and White; one new female soldier in blue (w/the Roman numeral IV on her right shoulder)) all jump from the roof of the warehouse and join Red]

Janko: What's going on here?!

Brittany: Cool suits! They're almost like the Cosmo Cats!

Soldier Gold: Roll call now! Ace trooper of courage! Spirit Soldier Gold!

Soldier White: Crown trooper of light! Spirit Soldier White!

Soldier Blue: Kindness trooper of ice! Spirit Soldier Blue!

Soldier Red: Severity trooper of fire! Spirit Soldier Red!

Soldier Violet: Kingdom trooper of energy! Spirit Soldier Violet!

Soldier Gold: Spiritual power of five, unite as one! Sephira Squadron,...!

All five: Spirit Soldiers!

Janko: Mechike didn't tell me there would be more superheroes!

Soldier Gold: We don't work for ACME, but we're glad to help 'em out! Spirit Soldiers, charge!

[All five of them charge at Janko and fight him rigorously over the next minute; Layla walks up to Sora]

Layla: Sora, are you all right?

Sora: I'm fine, but your shoulder--

Layla: Spirit Soldier Red healed me. But something tells me I may have met her before.

Sora: How?

Layla: Well, for one thing, she knew my name.

Sora: Come to think of it, the other Spirit Soldiers' voices sounded a lot familiar, too. Then again, we know quite a few people who sound like that.

[She and Layla laugh]

Layla: Enough chatter, Sora. Grab your blade and let's finish this!

Sora: [grabs her blade] Right!

Layla: [pushes the flashing red button on her booster] Mega Armor, activate!

[She assumes Mega Mode; she and Sora join the Spirit Soldiers in fighting Janko]

Soldier Violet: You two! When did you get a Mega Mode?

Layla: No time for chatter! We've got a perp to take in!

Sora: You guys take the lead!

Soldier Gold: Got it! Girls, whip out your Spirit Pistols!

Soldier Red: Got it, bro!

[She and the other Spirit Soldiers whip out their Spirit Pistols; they fire at Janko, hitting him]

Janko: You meddlesome Spirit Soliders!

[Soldiers Blue and Red stand on top of Violet, Gold, and White]

Soldier Gold: Spirit Soldiers, Pentad Formation!

All five: FIRE!!

[They bring the tips of their pistols together and fire a star-shaped energy blast at Janko, hitting him]

[Layla and Sora raise their swords]

Sora: This is for Layla! Blade of Hope, Angelic Sky Strike!

Layla: Mega Phoenix Saber, ignite!

[They both strike Janko w/their swords; Janko gets electrified, screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Janko struggles to get back on his feet; he reaches for what's left of his charred backsword]

Janko: Just one... more... blow,... and you'll all... be... dead!

[Suddenly, his CDG unit vaporizes, as does his charred weaponry; they disappear back into his dog tag]

Janko: My unit! Why?!

[Cut to Owen's living quarters; Owen and Gelman have seen the whole thing; Owen has his unit blocker on hand]

Gelman: That was a close one, Owen. Janko might've been dead.

Owen: Prescott has taken enough lives with those units. The Feds can fry him.

Gelman: Now, what's this little issue between you and LN?

Owen: Trust me, Mr. Gelman, it's none of your concern.

[Cut back to outside the warehouse; Janko is on his knees; he raises his arms; Manami cuffs him]

Manami: Constantine Janko, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Layla Hamilton, plus out-of-state murder charges, as soon as we turn you over to the Feds. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

[Squad cars enter the scene; agents of the United States Marshals Service approach]

Agent A: [flashes his badge] U.S. Marshals. This the guy, Detective Kinjyou?

Manami: [hands Janko over] Right here.

Agent B: Thanks. I think you've made your dad real proud.

Manami: I'll call him later. Thanks.

[Back at the Nickar, Prescott and Mechike have seen the whole thing]

Prescott: First Savage's last robot, now this? And how on Earth did Janko's CDG unit deactivate so randomly?!

Mechike: Whoever is behind this must be found and punished severely.

Prescott: Nevertheless, Janko may have failed us, but Roborang deserves another chance. Argon, reconstruct him and make him grow.

Argon: Unfortunately, my lord, since you've upgraded your Demonoids, my growing powers have drained. Plus, the last time I made a Demonoid grow, it drained me.

Mechike: That's not to worry, Prescott. We don't need him to make our Demonoids grow. I've got an alternate solution. LN, fire the Giga Beam!

LN: Yes, sir.

[She pushes a giant red button; outside, the submarine surfaces; a compartment above the nose of the sub opens, revealing a laser cannon, which fires a red beam into the air; the beam hits an unmanned satellite, which reflects the beam back down to Madison Street, reassembling Roborang and making him grow giant-sized]

Alvin: Whatever it was that made this guy grow, it certainly wasn't Argon.

Lumen: Let's see how our upgraded Cyber Spiders fare against this guy!

Sparkle: Cyber Spiders, mobilize!

[The Cyber Spiders crawl into the scene; Lumen, Sparkle, Simon, and Theodore jump into the cockpits]

Simon: Blue Cyber Spider!

Flame: Energize!

Theodore: Black Cyber Spider!

Brutus: Energize!

Sparkle: Yellow Cyber Spider!

Hotarla: Energize!

Lumen: White Cyber Spider!

Ebony: Energize!

[All four of them insert their Spider Gems into the controls]

All four riders: Ronin transformation!

[The four Cyber Spiders convert to a new Ronin-esque version of their Fighter Mode: The Spider Ronin]

Sora: They're amazing. They almost look like something out of the forty-seven ronin.

Eris: We should send for the MagnaDroid, just in case.

Alvin: Eris, give the new machines a chance.

[Cut to the White Spider Ronin's cockpit]

Tyler: [through intercom] Lumen, activate the katana!

Lumen: Right! Spider Ronin, release the katana!

[Outside, the Spider Ronin are each equipped to a katana]

Roborang: How cute. You've all got toy swords.

Lumen: [from the White Spider Ronin] Charge!

[All four charge at Roborang and strike him w/their katana]

Roborang: Oh, they're real, eh? Well, so are these!

[Fists balled, he launches his arms at the Spider Ronin, who knock them back with their katana]

Spider Riders: Spider Ronin Quadro-Strike!

[All four Spider Ronin glow their respective colors and strike Roborang one at a time, then they all leap up and point their katana downward as they spin down toward Roborang like drills]

Spider Riders: FINAL STRIKE!

[The Spider Ronin all strike Roborang w/their swords; Roborang electrifies]

Roborang: I'm not done yet!

[Cut back to the Nickar]

Mechike: It's high time we put what's left of Raimei II to good use. Argon?

Argon: Absolutely, Sir Mechike. Initiating now!

[Back outside the warehouse, Roborang gets equipped with pieces of the destroyed Raimei II as armor and is healed completely]

Roborang: [bangs his chest and roars] I love a good second wind!

[He fires Blaze Beam at the Spider Ronin, hitting them all; all four Spider Ronin hit the ground]

Brittany: That new armor looks familiar.

Mia: Argon must've recycled pieces of the robot we destroyed earlier.

Alvin: No matter what, it's far from over. Tyler, we can't wait any longer for the Platinum Pardosa. Is the upgrade ready?

Tyler: Just finished about half an hour ago, but I couldn't get a temporary replacement for Corona in time. However, the Pardosa's on its way, anyway. Steele out.

Alvin: Hold it, Tyler. Who's piloting it? [groans] Too late.

Sora: Alvin, for all we know, it might be remote-controlled.

Alvin: Not the Platinum Pardosa. Tyler told me that because the upgrade took up a lot of power, it can't be remote-controlled. Nor can my Flash Formosa, Aqune's Black Widow, or Hunter's Navy Navigator. Plus, the Battle Spiders can't control them without their Spider Riders.

Manami: It doesn't make sense for a Spider Rider's machine to show up without its proper pilot or being remote-controlled.

[Suddenly, the Platinum Pardosa crawls into the scene]

Soldier Gold: Hold on! There it is now!

Alvin: Alvin to Platinum Pardosa pilot. Do you copy?

Jeb's voice: Loud and clear, buddy. I'm all over it.

Alvin: [flabbergasted] Jeb?!

Layla: Mr. Steele sent a dog to pilot the Platinum Pardosa?!

[Cut to the cockpit of the Platinum Pardosa; Jeb is on board]

Jeb: Actually, Hunter sent me. Don't worry. I can take this guy. Platinum web!

[Outside, the Platinum Pardosa fires a web at Roborang, tying him up]

Roborang: [growls] You meddling mutt! [breaks free and fires his arms at the Platinum Pardosa] Take this!

Jeb: Platinum shield!

[A shield surrounds the Platinum Pardosa, blocking the rocket arms]

[Cut back to the cockpit]

Jeb: Now to give you a taste of this robot's new power. [inserts a Spider Gem] Platinum Pardosa, convert to Ninja Mode!

[The Platinum Pardosa converts to a ninja-themed version of its Fighter Mode: The Ninja Pardosa]

Jeb: I give you the Ninja Pardosa! Pretty snappy, isn't it?

Roborang: [reattaches his arms] You call that a snappy robot? I call it a crappy robot!

[He and the Ninja Pardosa fight over the course of a minute]

Soldier Gold: So let me get this straight: A dog is piloting that machinery?

Soldier Violet: And why is he talking? Dogs can't talk.

Alvin: Jeb can. In fact, because of that lab accident, not only can he speak, but he has the lifespan of an average human being.

Soldier Blue: Really?

Soldier White: Interesting.

Soldier Red: I'll say. Nevertheless, what Jeb is doing is quite impressive, if I do say so myself.

Jeb: Ninja Pardosa, Star Formation!

[The Ninja Pardosa jumps up and spreads out its arms and legs, then spins around like a ninja throwing star toward Roborang]

Roborang: Hey, wait a second!

Jeb: Star Spin!

[The Ninja Pardosa strikes Roborang hard, then lands safely on the ground, posing like a ninja]

Roborang: [struggles to get back on his feet] Prescott's gonna remember this! Don't think you've won this war yet!

Lumen: Hey, Jeb, what say we combine our Spider Ronin with the Ninja Pardosa?

Jeb: Mr. S hasn't tested the configuration yet, but we'll give it a go!

Spider Riders: Combine!

[The Ninja Pardosa combines with the Spider Ronin to form the Spider Samurai:
The Ninja Pardosa is the torso
The White Spider Ronin is the head, samurai-esque helmet, and right arm
The Yellow Spider Ronin is the left arm and shoulder pads
The Blue Spider Ronin is the right leg (minus its own legs)
The Black Spider Ronin is the left leg (minus its own legs)
The four katana combine with the Black and Blue Spider Ronin's legs to form twin katana]

[Cut to the cockpit w/the four Spider Riders and Jeb]

Spider Riders and Battle Spiders: Spider Samurai, we are united!

Ebony: Marvelous!

Lumen: I know. Corona's gonna love this after she comes back from maternity leave.

Simon: Now let's take care of this overgrown monkey!

[Outside, Roborang is furious]

Roborang: Enough monkeying around! [charges at the Spider Samurai] I'm gonna make mashed bananas outta your new combo!

[Just as he gets close enough, the Spider Samurai pushes him back w/its twin katana]

Roborang: Lucky hit!

Lumen: You wish! Spider Samurai!

All Spider Riders and Battle Spiders: DOUBLE KATANA STRIKE!

[The Spider Samurai strikes Roborang w/its katana in an X formation, electrifying him; Roborang screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, there is nothing left of Roborang or his Raimei II armor]

[Cut back to the cockpit; the Spider Riders cheer]

Jeb: That's another Demonoid off to the junkyard.

Lumen: Way to go, Riders! Objective complete!

[Cut back to the ground]

Soldier Gold: YES! They did it!

Soldier Violet: Who knew a dog would be so gifted?

[The four Super Spider Riders and Jeb come out of the Spider Samurai and join the others; the Spider Riders, Cosmo Cats, Kaleido Gladiators revert to normal]

Jeb: Yo! Who are these five costumed characters?

Soldier Gold: We're the Sephira Squadron. The Spirit Soldiers.

Jeb: You look more like a team of Power Rangers to me.

Soldier Violet: Oh, we're different from them. We have spiritual power.

Soldier Red: I'm the team's commander, but my big brother in gold is our field leader.

Alvin: You guys sure know how to take Prescott and his Demonoids by surprise.

Lumen: But now they know you exist.

Soldier Blue: We know. They've known about it for a few months now.

Soldier White: But neither our hideout nor us in our suits are detectable.

Kio: Why were you here in the first place?

Soldier Gold: Oh, right. Well, since the arrival of the Demonoids, our organization has detected activity that we were familiar with in this area. We can't tell for sure it's what we think it is, but I'd stake my life on it.

Alvin: Who are you guys, really?

Soldier Gold: This isn't the first time we met, Alvin, and I guarantee you, this won't be the last.

Soldier Red: We have four more Spirit Soldiers in training, with a few more already under consideration.

Layla: Well, thank you very much. We hope to cross paths again, and that we meet the new Spirit Soldiers soon.

[She and Soldier Gold shake hands]

Soldier Gold: Don't worry, Layla. We'll be back. Let's go, troops.

[He and the other Spirit Soldiers each push a button on their respective belt buckles and transport out]

Ash: Whoever they are, I'm glad they're on our side. Right, buddy?

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Lillie: Well, now I understand what dealing with Prescott Vorstein feels like.

Brittany: Roborang was only one of his Demonoids.

Layla: If we're gonna defeat him, we gotta go through Mechike and his Demonoids, but they're gonna be very tough, and now that they know we have new machines, Prescott will stop at nothing to improve.

Eris: So, what do you say, newbies? You with us?

[Ash's new group nods one at a time, as do their Pokémon; Lillie and Layla shake hands]

Lillie: Whatever it takes to take Prescott off the streets.

[Ash's stomach growls]

Ash: Uh, anyone got the UberEATS app? I'm starving.

Layla: [opens UberEATS on her iPhone] Taco Bell?

[The gang agrees]

[Back at the Nickar, in the empty robot carrier bay, Savage is furious; he punches the wall]

Savage: ACME destroyed Raimei II! My last robot! A robot that wasn't paid for! [growls] Prescott will pay for this dearly!

[Outside the closed carrier bay, Temper has overheard Savage's breakdown]

Temper: [knocks on the door] Savage, you wanna talk about it?

Savage: Go away! This isn't your concern!

Temper: Come on, bro. I'm sure we can--

[Mechike suddenly grabs him]

Mechike: Come, Temper. We Demonoids need you in our laboratory. I have plans for you.

Temper: Sir Mechike, can't it wait? Savage and I need a little brother tal--

Mechike: [drags Temper to the Demonoid Laboratory] That can wait. This can't. LN, are the preparations complete?

LN: Yes, sir. We're ready to operate.

Temper: Operate? Mechike, I don't have any health issues. Now, could you please let me to my brother?

[Mu pushes a button, sealing the doors shut]

Mechike: I'm afraid that's not possible. This operation is mandatory.

Temper: No. No, not me!

[The Cyber Demonitron pin him to the operating table and restrain him]

Mechike: Sedate him.

Temper: What are you doing?!

[Delta injects Temper with a heavy sedative]

Delta: Once you awaken, you'll feel like a new demon.

Temper: What are you trying to do to me, Mechike?!

Mechike: Giving you an upgrade. An upgrade you can't refuse.

Temper: [starts to get drowsy] But I'm already... powerful enough... as it is. [falls asleep] Savage...

Mechike: Begin!

[LN and the three generals start operating on Temper; Mechike laughs sinisterly]

[Meanwhile, in Gelman's laboratory, Robertson is encased in a tube hooked to a machine; Prescott and Gelman watch]

Prescott: It's time one of my own generals got an upgrade. Increase the power output by 200%, Gelman.

Gelman: But, sir, if it overloads, she'll die.

Prescott: If it overloads. Robertson told me Janko would defeat ACME. But he failed, despite coming so close to killing the leader of the Kaleido Gladiators. I'm giving her one last chance. Kill ACME or be killed.

Gelman: [cringes] I'll see to it that it doesn't overload.

[He triples the power output]

Gelman: Once her Cyber Demon Gear unit is upgraded, there will be no hope for ACME. [in his mind] Nor for her, unfortunately.

[Unknown to them, a mysterious, young figure has overheard them from outside; she teleports out]

[Unknown area, 4:03pm]

[In an invisible airship in the sky (w/familiar bridge), four young people (three female, one male) stand before their young commander (none of their faces are shown); the commander is holding a lollipop]

Soldier Red: Well done, Spirit Soldiers. But the time to celebrate has yet to come. The battle against the Demonoids has only begun.

Soldier Gold: And don't I know it.

Soldier Violet: There's still nothing new on Mechike. His voice sounds familiar, but that's all we've got.

Soldier White: I promise, we will train hard for the next battle.

Soldier Blue: Mm-hmm.

Soldier Gold: What about machines? Our friends at ACME have lots. We sure could use some if we have a chance against Mechike.

Soldier Red: Take a look.

[The monitor shows shots of new robots resembling space shuttles]

Soldier Red: These are the Sephira Voyagers. They're like space shuttles. Now, individually, except for Gold, their only defense are lasers and a reflector shield. Voyager Gold is the only one with actual weapons. It has photon missiles for obstacle destruction. However, as usual, we have to work as a team so that all of our Voyagers will combine to form the Sephira Robo.

Soldier Violet: It's incredible.

Soldier Red: There's more in the works, but--

[A beep is heard coming from a device on her wrist (known as the Spirit Brace)]

Soldier Red: [puts her brace to her ear] Go ahead. I'm listening. Uh-huh. What? I understand. Right. I'll tell 'em. Soldier Red out. Our spy has discovered that Prescott is upgrading one of his henchmen's Cyber Demon Gear units and injecting her with more power to adapt to it.

[The other four gasp]

Soldier Red: As if that weren't enough, Mechike is operating on the demon Temper, intent on making him a Demonoid. But those upgrades could cost them their lives.

[A familiar light-indigo-haired figure (her face not revealed here) enters the bridge]

Figure: Cannon fodder?

Red: Yes. Prescott and Mechike's intent is to destroy ACME, then the rest of the world, not caring about the health and safety of their own. You understand, don't you,... Soldier Fuchsia?

[Soldier Fuchsia nods; the camera tilts down to her right arm, revealing a fuchsia Spirit Brace]

Soldier Fuchsia: What better way to test out my new powers than during Prescott's next attack on ACME?

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Savage: Brother, what have they done to you?!

Temper: I am a fully-automated Demonoid. I have no information on having a brother.

Robertson: ACME Crime Net, your world is doomed!

Brittany: Prepare yourself for the most powerful Cyber Angel of them all: Cyber Angel Vrash!

Alvin: Next time on ACME Crime Net: The Demonoids Part 3!

Brittany: Vigilance, dedication, courage!

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11/14/2017 12:20 am  #2

Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

hey, can you add either the Negima characters or the K-ON characters to your story please?

I'd love to see that.


11/14/2017 9:48 pm  #3

Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

NegimaLover wrote:

hey, can you add either the Negima characters or the K-ON characters to your story please?

I'd love to see that.

I have a special crossover in mind for Negima! in the near future (w/a few other magic-themed anime and a big surprise), but K-On! (a series with no action whatsoever), never saw it.

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12/02/2017 12:06 am  #4

Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

Nodoka is shown to have an Meowstic, Espeon, Xatu, Shiny Kirlia which evolves into a Gardevoir.
And Negi has a Gallade and a Lucario.

Nodoka Miyazaki's Team (she reveales it in front of Ash and co. to help them):
Shiny Kirlia → Gardevoir

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12/03/2017 9:12 am  #5

Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

NegimaLover wrote:

Nodoka is shown to have an Meowstic, Espeon, Xatu, Shiny Kirlia which evolves into a Gardevoir.
And Negi has a Gallade and a Lucario.

Nodoka Miyazaki's Team (she reveales it in front of Ash and co. to help them):
Shiny Kirlia → Gardevoir

Uh, no.

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12/03/2017 7:26 pm  #6

Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

How about she is shown to have those


12/05/2017 5:09 pm  #7

Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

NegimaLover wrote:

How about she is shown to have those

How about no? This only applies to Pokémon characters, the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, their adult chaperones, and original bad guys (as in bad guys I created myself). No exceptions.

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Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

It was just an idea tho, but do they meet ash and co later on.


12/05/2017 10:24 pm  #9

Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2

NegimaLover wrote:

It was just an idea tho, but do they meet ash and co later on.

I have no plans to include Ash and company in that special.

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12/05/2017 11:45 pm  #10

Re: Side-Fic 264: The Demonoids Pt. 2



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