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11/09/2017 9:47 pm  #1

Coming to ACME Crime Net This Holiday Season

Narrator: Join us for a special preview from ACME Crime Net!

[A preview]

Narrator: Tom and Susie are stranded in a deserted cabin with their parents on Christmas Eve.

Tom and Susie: OH, NO!!!

Tom: What about Christmas?

Narrator: It looks like they'll miss out on all the fun of the holiday, but two magical teddy bears named Christopher and Holly enlist the help of friends, Flashy the flashlight...

Flashy: With a Y".

Narrator: And Charlie the Compass.

Charlie: I've been East and West. South and North. Here and there and back and forth.

Narrator: Together, they journey through the snow-covered forest to bring holiday spirit to the lonely children. 

Christopher and Holly: Christmas only comes just once year...

Narrator: Featuring the voices of Charles Alder, Brad Garrett, and Jonathan Winters. The Bears Who Saved Christmas, originally known as Christopher and Holly. Coming beautifully remastered in ACME High Definition, only on ACME Holidays and Specials. Rated TV-G.

[Now, to another trailer]

Barnaby: Hi, I'm Barnaby. I live in a house where a father named Howard who doesn't know that his daughter--Sarah has only one Christmas wish---

Sarah: All I want for Christmas is a mommy.

Barnaby: You'll meet Sarah's cat, Noel.

[Noel meows]

Barnaby: And a dog who loves to sing named Nick, who lives next door with his owner named Leslie Lee.

Leslie: La-la-la-la. La-la-la.

[Nick howls along]

Barnaby: Nick and Noel sets out on a heart pounding adventure to make the little girl's dream a reality.

Leslie: The wish I make this season,
I wish with all my heart.
That we'll all be together for Christmas.

Barnaby: It takes a lot of love and cooperation, but they learn that wishes that are close to the heart can come true. Come join me as I tell this wonderful story as Nick and Noel find a mother for Sarah. Beautifully enhanced in ACME HD and in Dolby Surround. Coming Black Friday 2017 to ACME Holidays and Specials. Rated TV-G.

[Another trailer]

Narrator: Also coming this holiday season, a little spruce tree, through his friendship with a white dove, learns the meaning of love, sacrifice and Christmas. Christopher Plummer narrates the story of The Little Crooked Christmas Tree. An all 3-D paper sculpture story. Rated TV-G.

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