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11/15/2017 7:28 am  #1

Side-Fic 265: The Demonoids Pt. 3

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Eris: Hey, everyone! The show's almost starting!

Kio: So don't forget to watch in a brightly-lit room, and don't sit too close to the monitor.

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[Clips from the previous side-fic are shown]

[132 Madison Street, Tuesday, October 31st, 2:23pm]

[Eris looks at herself in the mirror; she's wearing a Catwoman costume]

Eris: Meow! Boy, do I love Halloween in America.

[Kio walks up to her, dressed as Batman]

Kio: Cute costume, Eris.

Eris: Thanks, Kio. I wanna look my best for trick-or-treating. [notices Kio's costume] And aren't we the perfect match?

[Kio laughs; Manami comes out of her room dressed as Annie Oakley and carrying a plastic rifle]

Manami: [points her rifle at Kio] Stick 'em up, ya batty varmints!

[Kio and Eris raise their arms]

Manami: BANG! Gotcha! [normally] What'd you think?

Kio: Manami, your dressing up as Annie Oakley is no surprise to us. Hey, where's Aoi?

Manami: She's having trouble getting into her costume.

[Antonia comes out of her room dressed as Jennyanydots from Cats]

Antonia: Me-OW!! Hey, you guys. Cool costumes.

Eris: You don't look so bad yourself, Antonia.

Manami: Who are you going as?

Antonia: Jennyanydots from Cats. It's a Broadway show. When I was little, Grandpa once took me to see the show. It was purr-fect! Hey, where's Aoi?

Kio: Still getting into her costume.

[Itokazu comes out of her room dressed as Sue Sylvester from Glee]

Kio: Holy Glee, Catwoman!

Eris: Is that really you, Miss Itokazu?

Miss Itokazu: Yep. None of the alien costumes were good enough. Anyway, is everyone set for trick-or-treating?

Eris, Kio, Manami, and Antonia: Yes, ma'am!

Eris: Well, except for Aoi. What's keeping her?

Miss Itokazu: Well, please tell her to hurry. The kids from the grade school and their parents are supposed to meet here in a few minutes. [notices Eris' costume] Eris, I know your species is cat-like, isn't that costume a bit risqué for you?

Eris: What's so risqué about Catwoman? Everyone loves her. I've been researching. Besides, if Kio's Batman, why not?

Miss Itokazu: [sighs] You're always full of loopholes.

[Aoi comes out of her and Manami's room dressed as Poison Ivy (Batman)]

Aoi: Hey, you guys.

Manami: You sure took your sweet time, Poison Ivy.

Antonia: What kept you?

Aoi: The tights were very hard to get into, and I had a hard time finding the mask.

Kio: Never mind, Aoi. At least you're ready.

Manami: Okay, Antonia. [hands Antonia a big bag] Here's your candy bag. Grab your first handful.

[Antonia walks up to the candy bucket and grabs a handful of candy, then drops it into her bag]

Antonia: Less is best. Means more candy for the kids and more room in my bag for when I go trick-or-treating.

[A bus horn is heard coming from outside]

Kio: That's the kids. [walks up to the door and opens it] Come on in, everybody.

[Numerous children and their parents enter]

Miss Itokazu: Happy Halloween, everybody. I'm Maki Itokazu, head chaperone of the program. For those parents new to this program, remember to sign your kids in when you leave, and out when you pick them up so they'll be easier for us to keep track. Got that?

Parents: Yes, ma'am.

Miss Itokazu: Okay. Parents, single file. Kids, line up to claim your candy bags.

[As the parents line up to sign their children in, the children form another line; Eris hands them each a candy bag]

Eris: No shoving, kids. There's enough bags for everyone. Nice kitty costume, Connie. Really brings out your eyes.

Connie: Thanks, Eris.

Manami: Once you got your bags, kids, grab a handful from the bucket, but remember to save some space in your bag for when you go out.

Children: Okay.

[After each child claims their bag, they grab a handful of candy from the bucket and put them in their respective bags]

[At the Nickar, Mechike has seen everything on his tablet]

Mechike: Halloween-- At last, a holiday I can sink my teeth into. Children dressed as various characters, hideous creatures, and famous people, and demanding treats from strangers.

Prescott: Argon, does this give you any ideas?

Argon: I recommend we send the Cyber Demonitron down and infiltrate their program.

Prescott: Tempting thought, but I've got something better in mind. We throw our own party.

Mechike: And our guest of honor: One of the Cosmo Cats.

LN: But, sirs, who's hosting?

Prescott: I've got just the one for the job. Her upgrade is all ready for the occasion.

[Entering the bridge is Robertson, now in an upgraded Cyber Demon Gear unit]

Robertson: I'm here to carry out your orders, Lord Prescott.

Prescott: Argon will transport you to the graveyard zone. There, you'll meet with Temper and an army of my old demons and the mutants to whom Argon gave life when he worked for Alto.

Mechike: Once Argon transports a Cosmo Cat to the zone, ambush them.

Robertson: It shall be done. Argon?

Argon: As you command.

[His third eye glows; Robertson gets transported]

LN: Perfect plan. What better way to test out Temper and Robertson's upgrades.

Prescott: Hold on. Temper got an upgrade, too?

Mechike: I was doing you a favor, my lord. Saved you a lot of time. Temper is now part-Demonoid.

Prescott: Ah. Wonderful job, Mechike. Argon, see that Temper succeeds where Roborang failed us.

Argon: I will, my lord.

Prescott: Mechike, have the Cyber Demonitron masquerade as costumed children and lure one of the Cosmo Cats away from the others.

Mechike: Yes, my lord. It shall be done.

[Outside the warehouse, five Cyber Demonitron appear and transform into children dressed in Cosmo Cat costumes]

[Inside the warehouse, the fraudulent children enter; Eris and Antonia walk up to them]

Eris: Hey, nice costumes, guys! I'm Eris, your chaperone. And this is Antonia, who will be joining your group.

Antonia: What are your names?

[The fake children are silent]

Antonia: Oh, I get it. Guess as Cosmo Cats, you can't expose your identities. No problem. [hands the fake children each a bag with a handful of candy]

Miss Itokazu: Okay, kids. Ready to go trick-or-treating?

Children: YEAH!

Manami: Okay. Let's go.

[Each of the gang takes a group of the children (Eris takes Antonia and the fake children) out of the warehouse; Itokazu locks the door]

[Over the course of the next hour, the children are trick-or-treating from apartment to apartment]

[Cut back to the Nickar]

LN: Sir, Lord Prescott's plan is working better than I thought it would. We have two Cosmo Cats with the fake children, one of whom is their leader.

Mechike: Excellent. Go down there and subdue them. At their moment of weakness, Argon will capture them and escort them to the graveyard zone. Lord Prescott's minions of old will take it from there, and they'll annihilate the duo.

[LN vanishes; Savage enters]

Savage: Mechike, have you seen Temper? I haven't heard from him in three days.

Mechike: Oh, Savage, I apologize for keeping this a secret from you for too long. Generals, bring out the new Temper.

[Delta, Epsilon, and Mu enter with Temper (now upgraded with cybernetic implants) on a stretcher]

Savage: [gasps] Brother!

[He walks up to the stretcher]

Savage: My honored brother, what have they done to you?!

Temper: [opens his eyes] I am a fully-automated Demonoid. I have no information on having a brother.

[Savage is horrified]

Savage: Mechike, how could you?

Mechike: In the way he was before, he could never defeat ACME. I've arranged to have him operated on. His compassion would only hold him back, so after the operation, we wiped his memories clean. All that's left of him is his ambition to serve and destroy.

Savage: [shakes his fists] You... You're a monster!

[He charges at Mechike, who punches him back]

Mechike: Dare to assault the leader of the Demonoids? Your punishment is confinement in the brig for 24 hours. Delta, lock him up.

Delta: Yes, sir.

[She grabs Savage and escorts him to the brig, then locks him in a cell]

Delta: That's the last time you defy the Demonoids, Savage.

[She exits and locks the door; all of a sudden, Owen comes out from under one of the bunk beds in Savage's cell]

Savage: Owen?

Owen: Shh! We can't let them see me here.

Savage: What are you doing here?

Owen: I snuck in here through the side door just after you tried to attack Mechike.

Savage: I hate that bucket of bolts. He turned my only brother into a robotic slave.

Owen: I know how you feel. Just look at LN. She's practically in the same situation Temper is in now. Not to mention, Prescott's given Corrine Robertson a deadly upgrade.

Savage: He what?!

Owen: SHH! Anyway, Gelman confided in me that the new upgrade not only injects artificial demonic energy to her body to boost her CDG unit's power tenfold, but it makes it immune to my unit blocker, so there's no way I can stop it from severing her vital signs. There's nothing I can do for her. But there's something I can do for you now.

Savage: What's that?

Owen: Help you escape. We're both going AWOL.

Savage: But the bulkheads here are too strong to be dug through.

Owen: Who said anything about digging?

[He points at the air vent; he opens the hatch]

Owen: There's a path that leads to where they keep the escape pods. All we do is bust through, grab a pod or two, and make our way out. Let's go.

[He and Savage crawl through the vent; Owen closes the hatch]

[Cut to another part of town with Eris', Antonia, and the fake children]

Eris: You sure got a lot of candy there, Antonia.

Antonia: I'd be happy to share mine with you, Miss Eris. But you know, there's something a little off about these other kids. They haven't said a word since we left the warehouse.

Eris: I know, but they wanted to pose as the Cosmo Cats and hide their identities, and I don't blame them.

[Suddenly, LN appears before them]

LN: Trick or treat, ladies!

Eris: LN!

Antonia: Kids, get back!

[The fake children transform back into Cyber Demonitron]

Eris: What?! They're phonies!

Antonia: I knew it!

Eris: Antonia, remember, destroy the computer chip inside.

Antonia: [drops her bag] Right!

[She and Antonia fight the Cyber Demonitron]

LN: Fighting is pointless. You can't get away.

Eris: So you say!

[She kicks a Cyber Demonitron's upper half off, exposing his computer chip; Eris kicks it to the ground; Antonia smashes it to pieces, then bashes another Cyber Demonitron into the other three; all four burst to smithereens; Eris smashes every last chip with her quasi-antimatter hammer; the Cyber Demonitron disintegrate]

LN: You just got lucky! Argon!

[Argon appears]

Eris and Antonia: That's Argon?!

Argon: And don't you forget it! Lord Prescott invites you to his own Halloween party, and he won't take no for an answer!

[He fires a tractor beam at Eris and Antonia; Eris pushes Antonia out of the way, but gets transported out]

Antonia: Miss Eris! Oh, no!

LN: And you're next!

Antonia: [grabs her candy bag and runs off] Fat chance!

LN: Come back here, you little brat!

Argon: Prescott only wanted one, and we got the leader. You can pursue the little one yourself if you so desire.

LN: [scoffs] Fine!

[She runs after Antonia]

Antonia: You're never gonna take me alive, LN!

LN: [whips out her sword] You can't outrun a Demonoid, Morfenoss!

Antonia: [drops her candy bag and whips out her Cosmo Pendant] Cosmo Power!

[She gets suited up]

Antonia: [whips out her Cosmo Grappler] This is for Miss Eris!

[The two fight with their weapons]

[Cut to the graveyard zone; Eris appears and looks around]

Eris: All right, Prescott. What are you up to now? Oh, boy. I gotta get outta here somehow. [taps her bell] Eris to mothership. Do you copy?

[No response]

Eris: [taps her bell again] Eris to mothership! I need backup!

[Still no response]

Eris: Nothing. I'll have to suit up. [whips out her Cosmo Pendant] Cosmo Pow--

[Suddenly, two of Alto's old mutants: Devitron and Venom Vulture, grab her before she can raise her pendant]

Devitron: Think again, Cosmo Cat! [grabs Eris' pendant]

Venom Vulture: Your transforming days are over now! [laughs]

[A fully-upgraded Temper enters]

Temper: We have a lot of old friends who are dying to meet you.

[More old mutants and demons appear:
Stone Ogre

Eris: Who are these guys?!

[Robertson appears, still in full gear]

Robertson: You weren't there yet, but these mutants and demons were already destroyed by ACME. Argon resurrected them to take you on in this graveyard. When we're through with you, we'll wreak havoc on the others.

Eris: Who are you?

Robertson: I'm Corrine Robertson, one of Prescott Vorstein's top generals. I'm also the hostess of this Halloween party. And you, Eris, are the guest of honor.

Eris: Much as I love parties, I think I'll skip this one.

Temper: I'm afraid you have no choice. Let's get her, guys!

[The bad guys all charge at Eris, who fights them back with her hammer]

Robertson: Too bad that since my unit got upgraded, it's immune to your antimatter hammer.

Eris: But it can still pack a punch!

[She swings her hammer at Robertson, who jumps to dodge]

Eris: I may be outnumbered, but I'll still whoop your asses!

[Back in town, Antonia's fight with LN continues]

LN: You're a fool if you think you can beat me!

Antonia: I should say the same about you! Just ask Roborang!

LN: Roborang was just a low-level functionary. I'm Mechike's top dog, and I never lose!

Antonia: [slams LN to a tree w/her grappler] Never lose, eh? But you never win, either!

[She pulls LN in with her grappler, lifts her up, then spins her around]

Antonia: Consider this a message from ACME!

[She tosses LN out of sight]

LN: I'll get you next time, Morfenoss! Don't forget that!

Antonia: Crazy creep. Retroform!

[She reverts to normal]

Antonia: [grabs her candy bag] I gotta get back to the others.

[Back at the warehouse, Kio, Manami, and Aoi go over the list of children that have signed in and out; Itokazu approaches them]

Miss Itokazu: The trick-or-treaters had a lot of fun today. They can't wait to do it next year.

Manami: Miss Itokazu, any sign of Eris and Antonia? They should've been back by now.

Miss Itokazu: I haven't heard from them. I tried texting, but no luck.

Aoi: [looks at the list] Hmm. This is odd. It appears that all the kids have been accounted for.

Kio: Except one: Antonia.

Manami: Then who were those other kids with Eris?

[Antonia rushes in]

Antonia: Guys! Guys! [pants heavily] Eris... Argon... Ran into LN... Trap...

Kio: Antonia, just take a deep breath. Now, what about Eris?

Antonia: [takes a deep breath] Those kids Eris and I were with were really Cyber Demonitron in disguise. Then Argon appeared and transported Eris to another dimension of some kind. I ran into LN on the way back here to warn you and fought her off.

Miss Itokazu: You'd better get there somehow.

Kio: I'll call Captain Qoone.

[He taps on his power suit's wristband; his bell appears around his neck; he taps on it]

Kio: Kio to mothership. We have an emergency.

Capt. Qoone: This is Captain Qoone. What's happened, Kio?

Kio: Eris has been kidnapped. Argon trapped her in another dimension.

[Cut to the Catian Mothership's bridge; the crew is in costume (Qoone is dressed as a witch)]

Capt. Qoone: We're all over it, Kio. Melwin, run a dimensional scan for Eris' whereabouts.

Melwin: Yes, Captain.

[She runs a dimensional scan]

Capt. Qoone: Chayka, once we get the coordinates, lock onto them and teleport the other Cosmo Cats there.

Chayka: Aye-aye, Captain!

Capt. Qoone: Dr. Durel, get to the lab and finish up the Cosmo Cats' new gadgets immediately.

Dr. Durel: Yes, ma'am.

[She hurries to the lab]

Capt. Qoone: Don't worry, Kio. Eris will be fine. She's a strong fighter. In the meantime, I'll contact your commanding officer.

[Cut back to the warehouse]

Kio: Thanks, Captain. Kio out. [taps his bell] Well, girls, all we can do now is get to the lab and wait.

[Back at the graveyard zone, Eris continues fighting the mutants and demons]

Devitron: [tosses Eris backwards] You waste your time and energy. You're nothing without your pendant. [tosses the pendant to Robertson] Catch, Miss R!

[Robertson catches the pendant]

Robertson: It's too bad this thing is indestructible, or I'd have destroyed it by now.

Eris: [charges at Robertson] Give that pendant back, you thief!

[Robertson boosts her jet engines, causing her to fly up and dodge Eris]

Robertson: Too bad you can't fly. Get her, Temper!

[Temper unleashes a blast of black energy at Eris, hitting her; Eris hits the ground]

Eris: I can't give up now! I won't!

Temper: A mere alien like you has no business dealing with Prescott Vorstein.

[Cut to the warehouse's lab; the monitor opens a channel to the graveyard zone where Eris is fighting]

Kio: They found her!

Aoi: Who are those guys she's fighting?

Manami: Nothing we've ever seen before. That's for sure.

[Something prints out]

Kio: Here are the coordinates. Way to go, Chayka.

[Tyler appears on a corner off the monitor]

Antonia: Mr. Steele, we found Eris.

Tyler: Chayka's just given me the coordinates. Unfortunately, the Kaleido Gladiators and Spider Riders have no one to leave the day care children with. You'll have to go without 'em.

Kio: Right. Let's go, girls.

[They raise their pendants]

Kio, Manami, Aoi, and Antonia: Cosmo Power!

[They all get suited up]

[Cut back to the graveyard zone; the four Cosmo Cats appear]

Kio: Eris!

Eris: Guys, thank God! [gets back on her feet] Watch your backs. There's too many of them.

Devitron: Hey, guys! Looks like we've got a group of party crashers in our midst!

Desolatron: Let's show 'em our meaning of fun!

[The four Cosmo Cats and Eris fight the monsters over the course of a minute]

Antonia: You want a party?! I'll give you one! [leaps up] Leopard Kick!

[She kicks Temper in the gut, causing him to drop Eris' pendant; Antonia catches it]

Antonia: Miss Eris, I got your pendant! [tosses the pendant back to Eris] Catch!

Eris: [catches it] Got it! Thanks, Antonia!

Robertson: You'll pay for that!

Eris: We'll see! [raises her pendant] Cosmo Power!

[She gets suited up]

Eris: With the fierceness of the mighty tiger! Cosmo Red!

Aoi: With the strength of the mighty jaguar! Cosmo Blue!

Manami: With the speed of the mighty cheetah! Cosmo Yellow!

Antonia: With the tenacity of the mighty snow leopard! Cosmo White!

Kio: With the courage of the mighty lion! Cosmo Black!

Eris: Guardians of Catia.

Kio: Guardians of Earth.

Eris and Kio: We stand and fight for what it's worth!

All five: [pose] Cosmo Cats, we are united!

Eris: Now let's see how you deal with all five of us!

Robertson: Get 'em, guys!

[All five Cosmo Cats fight her, Temper, and the monsters]

Temper: Rhinofiend, ram 'em!

Rhinofiend: You got it!

[He charges at Manami, who kicks him in the horn]

Rhinofiend: Never expected ACME to hire teenagers like this!

Manami: Suck it!

Rhinofiend: Venom Vulture, blast the blue one with your poison!

Venom Vulture: Yo!

[He spews poisonous slime at Aoi]

Aoi: [jumps up and dodges] Never underestimate Charmed Momiji! [kicks Venom Vulture to the ground]

BoltBorg: Care to get a jolt from BoltBorg?!

MechaMoray: And MechaMoray?!

[They scatter the whole area with lightning, but the Cosmo Cats dodge every bolt]

Antonia: [jabs BoltBorg] Nice try! [kicks MechaMoray] Your shocking techniques are useless!

Temper: Cromia?

Cromia: Let me at 'em!

[She swings her long tail at Kio, who stabs it with his sword; Cromia screams]

Cromia: That hurt!

Kio: Not as much as you hurt Eris!

Cromia: Stone Orge, rock his world!

Stone Orge: [tosses rocks at Kio] My pleasure! Mutantula, tie him up!

Mutantula: Gladly! [spews spider webs at Kio]

[Kio dodges each blast]

Mutantula: Boy, he's fast!

Petripede: I'll teach you to wreck my Halloween! [fires petrification beams at the Cosmo Cats] Let's see how you feel as statues!

[The Cosmo Cats dodge]

Petripede: Jeez. Guess as a reincarnated mutant, my powers are limited.

Crystofiend: Don't worry, Petripede. Crystofiend can take it from here.

[He fires blasts from the crystals on his shoulders at Eris, who punches each block right back]

Eris: All right! Who's next?!

Robertson: TechnoHare?

TechnoHare: [leaps up] Yes, ma'am! [dives down on Eris] Here, kitty, kitty!

[Eris hisses and leaps at TechnoHare, then strikes him to the ground with her claws]

Eris: Never underestimate the might of a tiger!

Temper: Cyclofiend!

Cyclofiend: [as his eye glows] Look into my eye! Optic Laser!

[He fires a laser beam from his eye at the Cosmo Cats, who narrowly dodge]

Eris: Whip out your weapons!

[All five whip out their weapons]

Eris: Cosmo Hammer!

Aoi: Cosmo Bazooka!

Manami: Cosmo Revolver!

Antonia: Cosmo Grappler!

Kio: Cosmo Blade!

All five: Assault Mode, ready!

Eris: Let's go!

[She strikes Cyclofiend w/her hammer]

Flameoid: [shoots fireballs at Aoi] Take this, Charmed Momiji!

Aoi: [fires a blast from her bazooka] Bring it!

[The blast from her bazooka repels the fireballs and hits Flameoid]

Hopperfiend: Amateur move, Flameoid. Hopperfiend will show you how it's done!

[He launches egg bombs at Manami]

Manami: [fires her revolver at each egg bomb] Don't think so, son of a bitch!

[Each egg bomb vaporizes]

Temper: Desolatron!

Desolatron: [fires a blast from his middle mouth at the Cosmo Cats] Trick-or-treat, Cosmo Cats!

[Kio slices the blast in half w/his blade, then strikes Desolatron]

Devitron: Mind if I go after the one in white, Temper?

Temper: As you wish, Devitron.

Devitron: Demon Missiles!

[He fires missiles at Antonia, who narrowly dodges them all]

Antonia: [strikes Devitron w/her grappler] Say good night, fella!

Eris: You're next, Robertson! Cosmo Cats, all together!

[Aoi and Manami join hands; Kio stands on top of them, with Antonia on top of her, and Eris on top of her]

Eris: Cosmo Jewels, unite!

[All five Cosmo Cats activate the jewels on their chests; they unleash laser beams that form the constellation Sagitta]

Cosmo Cats: Five-Star Finish! Sagitta!

[Sagitta, taking the form of Sagittarius, fires a glowing arrow at Robertson, hitting her hard; Robertson screams]

Robertson: Now's as good a time as any to let these beasts loose on the city. Argon, take us all back to New York!

[Everyone in the zone gets transported back to New York]

Eris: We're back!

Kio: But why take the fight back here?

[Cut back to the Nickar]

Prescott: Let's make this Halloween party a lot bigger. Enlarge the whole monster team!

Mechike: Fire the Giga Beam!

[LN pushes the Giga Beam button; outside, the submarine's laser cannon fires a red beam into the air; the beam hits an unmanned satellite, which reflects the beam back down to the city, making all the monsters and Temper grow giant-sized]

Robertson: Perfect! Without the Spider Riders or the Kaleido Gladiators, you're all helpless! You can't take on a whole platoon of giant monsters and battle me at the same time.

Eris: She's right. We're pretty much outnumbered.

[Suddenly, Brittany, in her Gladiator uniform, swoops into the scene and strikes Robertson w/her YumeBlade]

Brittany: Not quite. [walks up to the Cosmo Cats] You guys sure could use the help.

Eris: Brittany, I thought you were with the other Gladiators and the day care children.

Brittany: We hadn't finished yet, but when Tyler called, I volunteered. [points at the Flash Formosa (in Fighter Mode) entering the scene] And so did Alvin.

[Cut to the Flash Formosa's cockpit w/Alvin (in Super Spider Rider Mode)]

Alvin: Hey, guys! Miss us? We wouldn't miss this fight.

Manami: Glad you could make it, Alvin.

Alvin: Don't just stand there. Summon the Cosmo MagnaDroid!

[Cut back to the ground]

Kio: He's right, girls. Let's do this!

All Cosmo Cats: Cosmo MagnaDroid, begin formation!

[The Cosmo MagnaShip appears and releases Eris' ship and CatiEarth One; the three ships combine to form the Cosmo MagnaDroid; the Cosmo Cats jump into the cockpit]

Temper: 16 monsters against two robots? Good odds.

Eris: [from the Cosmo MagnaDroid] Let's go, Alvin!

Alvin: I'm with you, Eris!

[The MagnaDroid and Flash Formosa fight all the monsters and Temper rigorously]

[Cut back to the ground]

Brittany: Okay, Robertson. It's just you and me now.

Robertson: [whips out her duel disk and inserts her deck] Okay, but we'll start this challenge off with a duel for your Egyptian God card. My boss will reward me handsomely if-- No. When I win it.

Brittany: [extracts her deck] The only thing he'll reward you with is a slow and painful death when you're of no further use to him.

Robertson: Cut the bull and get started!

Brittany: Fine. Duel disk, engage!

[Her duel disk activates; she inserts her deck]

Brittany and Robertson: [put on their duel gazers] Duel gazers, ready!

[The field transforms into that of an old western film scenery]

P.A.: Augmented reality vision link established.

Brittany and Robertson: Let's duel!

Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Robertson: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

[They each roll a die; Brittany's comes up 6; Robertson's comes up 5]

Brittany: 6 beats 5. I'll let you go first.

Robertson: Okay. [places a card] I'll kick things off with Pot of Greed and draw two cards. [draws two cards, then sets five cards] I set five cards and end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! You've made a big mistake in not playing any monsters. [places a card] I activate the Spell: Machine Angel Ritual! [discards a card] I tribute Cyber Angel Benten! [places another card] I Ritual-summon...!

[Said monster appears, then vanishes, and in her place appears...]

Brittany: Cyber Angel Idaten!

[LV: 6
ATK: 1,600]

Brittany: If Idaten is Ritual-summoned, I get to add a Ritual Spell Card from my deck to my hand. But also, if Benten is tributed, I get to add a Light Fairy from my deck to my hand, as well. [takes two cards from her deck, then shuffles] I choose Machine Angel Absolute Ritual for Idaten's effect and Cyber Petit Angel for Benten's effect. [places another card] And I'll summon Cyber Petit Angel right now!

[Cyber Petit Angel appears]

[LV: 2
ATK: 300]

Brittany: If I summon this little cherub, I get to add a Cyber Angel or Machine Angel Ritual from my deck to my hand. [takes a card from her deck] Cyber Angel Dakini. [places another card] Next comes another copy of Machine Angel Ritual! I tribute Cyber Angel Idaten and Cyber Petit Angel!

[Said two monsters vanish]

Brittany: [places another card] I Ritual-summon Cyber Angel Dakini!

[Cyber Angel Dakini appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,700 (boosted to 3,700)
DEF: 2,400 (boosted to 3,400)]

Brittany: That attack point boost came from Cyber Angel Idaten's effect. If she's tributed, all my Ritual monsters gain 1,000 attack and defense points. [places another card] Next, I activate the Spell: Blustering Winds! This card gives Cyber Angel Dakini an extra 1,000 attack and defense points until my next standby phase.

ATK: 4,700
DEF: 4,400]

Brittany: Now to end this duel. Cyber Angel Dakini, attack her directly and win it for me!

Robertson: You're so adamant on beating me in one turn that you didn't count on my set cards. [reveals two set cards] I activate Enchanted Javelin, then chain with another copy! When a monster you control attacks, I gain that monster's attack points!

Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Robertson: 13,400 (Hand: 1)]

[Dakini strikes Robertson hard]

Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Robertson: 8,700 (Hand: 1)]

Brittany: So I won't beat you on my first turn.

Robertson: Actually, you won't beat me at all, thanks to the forbidden fruit. [reveals the other three set cards] I activate The Golden Apples, then chain another copy, then chain a third copy! When I take battle damage while I control no monsters, I gain life points equal to the damage I took, and if I do, I special-summon a Malus Token with attack and defense points equal to the life points I gained. So, for three copies of The Golden Apples, three Malus Tokens with 4,700 attack and defense points each! And I'll summon them all in defense mode!

Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Robertson: 22,800 (Hand: 1)]

[Three Malus Tokens appear]

[ATK: 4,700
DEF: 4,700]

Brittany: No way!

Robertson: Now you'll never defeat me. High life points and three powerful monsters makes for a guaranteed victory for me.

Brittany: [sets her last two cards] We'll see about that. I set these two cards and end my turn by activating Cyber Angel Dakini's effect. Her effect lets me add Machine Angel Ritual or a Ritual monster from my graveyard to my hand. [takes a card from her graveyard] Cyber Angel Idaten will do just fine.

Robertson: [draws] I draw! Now I switch all my tokens into attack mode.

[All Malus Tokens switch into attack mode]

[ATK: 4,700]

Robertson: Once one of them finishes off your Cyber Angel, another will finish you off. Malus Token #1, attack Cyber Angel Dakini!

[One Malus Token charges at Dakini]

Brittany: That's not gonna work. I activate the effect of Machine Angel Ritual in my graveyard! [banishes said card from her graveyard] By banishing it, I can protect Dakini from being destroyed!

[Dakini strikes the Malus Token back, destroying it]

Robertson: [growls] Since you have another in your graveyard, I won't be able to win this turn. Malus Token #2, attack Dakini!

[Another Malus Token charges at Dakini, but Brittany banishes another copy of Machine Angel Ritual, protecting Dakini and only destroying the token]

Robertson: With nothing left in your graveyard, I can still destroy Dakini. Malus Token #3, attack and destroy Dakini!

[Her last token charges at Dakini; both strike and destroy each other]

Robertson: My Malus Tokens were just the beginning. [sets a card] I set a card and end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] My turn! I draw! [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Sixth Sense! I choose the numbers 5 and 6. Next, you roll a six-sided die, and if the number that comes up matches any of the numbers I've chosen, I draw that many cards. If not, whatever number comes up, I send that many cards from the top of my deck to the graveyard.

Robertson: [rolls a die] Then let's go, dice roll!

[The die comes up 5]

Brittany: 5. Not bad. [draws five cards] I was kinda expecting a 6, but I'll settle for 5. [places another card] Next, I activate Machine Angel Ritual once more! [discards a card] I tribute Cyber Tutubon from my hand.

[Cyber Tutubon appears, then vanishes]

Brittany: [places another card] I Ritual-summon Cyber Angel Natasha!

[Cyber Angel Natasha appears]

[LV: 5
ATK: 1,000]

Brittany: [takes a card from her graveyard] If I tribute Cyber Tutubon, I get to add a Ritual Spell from my graveyard back to my hand. Machine Angel Ritual. [places another card] Now, I activate the Field Spell: Ritual Sanctuary! [discards a card] And I'll activate one of its effects by discarding the Spell: Polymerization. [takes a card from her deck] This lets me add a Light Ritual monster or a Ritual Spell Card from my deck to my hand. I choose Cyber Angel Dakini. [reveals set card] Now, I activate my set card: Machine Angel Absolute Ritual! This card is almost like Machine Angel Ritual, except it doesn't have its protection effect, and the monsters used for the Ritual summon-- Their levels must total exactly the level of the Cyber Angel monster I'm summoning. But here's the fun part. It can let me use Fairies or Warriors in my graveyard as tributes by shuffling them back into my deck. [shuffles two cards into her deck] I shuffle Cyber Angel Benten and Cyber Petit Angel in my graveyard to Ritual-summon... [places another card] Cyber Angel Dakini!

[Cyber Angel Dakini appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Brittany: [places another card] Next comes another Machine Angel Absolute Ritual! [discards a card] I tribute Cyber Angel Idaten to Ritual-summon...!

[Idaten appears, then vanishes, and in her place appears...]

Brittany: Cyber Angel Benten!

[LV: 6
ATK: 1,800 (boosted to 2,800)]

ATK: 3,700]

ATK: 2,000]

Brittany: I may not beat you this turn, but I can still take a chunk out of your life points. Cyber Angel Natasha, attack!

[Cyber Angel Natasha charges at Robertson]

Robertson: I activate my Trap: [reveals set card] Windstorm of Etaqua! All your monsters switch battle positions!

[All of Brittany's monsters switch into defense mode]

DEF: 2,500]

DEF: 3,400]

DEF: 2,000]

Brittany: Okay, you got me again, but now, as I enter main phase 2, I'll activate one of Cyber Angel Natasha's effects. Once per turn, I can target one of my monsters and gain half its attack points as life points. I'll choose Cyber Angel Dakini.

Brittany: 5,850 (Hand: 0)
Robertson: 22,800 (Hand: 2)]

Brittany: That ends my turn.

Robertson: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Continuous Spell: Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen! Once per turn, if I control no monsters, I can special-summon a Fairy from my hand. [places another card] I special-summon Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,300]

Brittany: Is that supposed to bother me? He doesn't have enough attack points to beat any of my monsters, except Cyber Angel Natasha, maybe.

Robertson: Don't underestimate my best monster. Neo-Parshath has a devastating effect: In addition to inflicting piercing battle damage when battling a monster in defense mode, he gains attack points equal to the difference in our life points if mine are higher than yours. That means his attack points go up to a whopping 19,250!

ATK: 19,250]

Robertson: This monster has more than enough attack points to wipe you out, no matter which monster he attacks. Neo-Parshath, eliminate Miller! Attack Cyber Angel Natasha!

[Neo Parshath soars toward Natasha]

Brittany: You may have the strongest monster on the field now, but I have Cyber Angel Natasha's effect. If any of my Ritual monsters are targeted for an attack, she can negate that attack!

[Cyber Angel Natasha negates Neo-Parshath's attack]

Robertson: [growls] You're lucky.

Brittany: It's not luck. Natasha's effect is limitless, as long as I only control Ritual monsters. So all your attacks are useless against me.

Robertson: [sets a card] Well, I'm not worried. All I have to do is get rid of that monster, and that'll be it. Your move.

Brittany: No matter how many life points you gain, scum like you will never beat me. [draws] I draw! Now, I activate Natasha's effect again. Here comes half of Dakini's attack points as life points, and your Neo-Parsahath grows weaker.

Brittany: 7,700 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 22,800 (Hand: 0)]

ATK: 17,400]

Brittany: [sets a card; takes a card from her graveyard] I set this card and end my turn by returning Machine Angel Ritual to my hand with Dakini's effect. Your move.

Robertson: [draws] It's my turn! I draw! [reveals set card] I activate my own copy of Sixth Sense! Roll for a 5 or 6.

Brittany: [rolls] Go, dice roll!

[The die comes up 6]

Robertson: [draws six cards] Perfect. [places another card] Now, I activate Lightning Vortex! [discards a card] You made a grave mistake by taking Machine Angel Ritual out of your graveyard, because by discarding a card, all your face-up monsters are destroyed!

[All of Brittany's monsters are destroyed]

Brittany: You'll pay for that!

Robertson: Sorry, but this duel is as good as mine. [places another card] And just in case, I'll activate the Equip Spell: Cestus of Dagla! This card gives Neo-Parshath 500 extra attack points, but it also gives him the ability to give me life points equal to the damage he deals you.

ATK: 17,900]

Robertson: Say goodbye, Miller! Neo-Parshath, attack her directly!

[Neo-Parshath soars toward Brittany]

Brittany: [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Enchanted Javelin! Once I gain life points equal to Neo-Parshath's attack points, Neo-Parshath's attack points will drop to 2,800!

Brittany: 25,600 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 22,800 (Hand: 4)]

ATK: 2,800]

[Neo-Parshath's attack strikes Brittany directly]

Brittany: 22,800 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 22,800 (Hand: 4)]

Robertson: Hey! No fair!

Brittany: Now this duel is tied, and you, Robertson, are as good as finished.

Robertson: Not quite. Thanks to Cestus of Dagla's effect, I gain 2,800 life points, and Neo-Parshath's attack points double to 5,600.

Brittany: 22,800 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 25,600 (Hand: 4)]

ATK: 5,600]

Robertson: [sets a card] I set this card and end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! [places a card] Now, I activate the Spell: The True Name! I name the top card of my deck, and if I'm right, I add it and a Divine monster to my hand. If not, it goes to the graveyard. The card I name is... Pot of Greed!

Robertson: Go ahead and look. Not that it'll help.

[Brittany reveals the top card of her deck: Pot of Greed]

Brittany: Bingo! [takes said card and another from her deck] And get a load of my Divine monster: The very card you're dueling for: [reveals said card] The Winged Dragon of Ra!

Robertson: [scoffs] Like that's gonna scare me.

Brittany: Oh, it will. [places another card] Now, I play Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I draw two more cards. [places another card] Then comes the Spell: Photon Lead! This card lets me special-summon a level-4 or lower Light monster from my hand. [places another card] Ra's Disciple!

[Ra's Disciple appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,100]

Brittany: When I summon Ra's Disciple, I get to special-summon two more copies from my hand or deck! [places two cards from her deck] Ra's Disciple, here comes backup!

[Two more copies of Ra's Disciple appear]

Brittany: [places another card] Now, I tribute all three disciples and transfer all but 100 of my life points to this monster's attack and defense points!

[All three disciples vanish]

Brittany: Almighty protector of the sun and the sky,
I beg of thee, please heed my cry.
Transform thyself from orb of light,
and bring me victory in this fight.
I beseech thee. Grace our humble game.
But first, I shall call out thy name!


[The Winged Dragon of Ra appears and roars ferociously; Brittany rides atop of his head]

[LV: 10
ATK: 22,700]

Brittany: 100 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 25,600 (Hand: 3)]

ATK: 28,300]

Robertson: That only makes my Sky Paladin stronger again!

Brittany: That's where you're wrong. I activate the effect of Cyber Angel Natasha in my graveyard! [banishes a card from her graveyard] I banish Cyber Angel Benten to target your Sky Paladin and special-summon Natasha from my graveyard in attack mode and seize control of your monster!

[Cyber Angel Natasha reappears and seizes control of Neo-Parshath]

ATK: 2,800]

Brittany: While I control this monster, his attack points drop back to 2,800. But that doesn't matter, because all three of these monsters combined have enough points to wipe you out! Ra, take her out with Blaze Cannon!

[Ra fires Blaze Cannon at full blast at Robertson]

Robertson: This isn't over by a long shot. [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Draining Shield!

[Ra's attack is negated]

Brittany: 100 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 48,300 (Hand: 3)]

Brittany: You'll pay for that, Robertson! Cyber Angel Natasha, Neo-Parshath, teach her to underestimate Brittany Miller!

[Natasha and Neo-Parshath fire their attacks at Robertson directly, hitting her hard]

Brittany: 100 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 44,500 (Hand: 3)]

Robertson: Unfortunately, you'll be the one paying before I do, with Ra.

Brittany: We'll see about that. As I enter main phase 2, I activate the effect of Cyber Angel Natasha, giving me half of Ra's attack points as life points.

Brittany: 11,450 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 44,500 (Hand: 3)]

Brittany: That ends my turn.

Robertson: [draws] I draw! [in her mind] Since Cyber Angel Natasha's effect negates all attacks thrown at a Ritual monster, I can't attack her. And even though I've got over 44,000 life points, Ra is the strongest monster on the field. The only way I can win is if I attack my own Sky Paladin, and I need a monster with at least 2,900 attack points. Let's see how things work out. [aloud; places a card] I activate the Spell: Nightmare's Steelcage! This card prevents anyone from attacking for two turns.

[The whole field becomes surrounded by a giant steel cage]

Robertson: [sets a card] I end my turn. But pretty soon, I'll end you. [snickers]

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Re: Side-Fic 265: The Demonoids Pt. 3

[Back at the Nickar, Owen and Savage are still crawling through the air vent]

Savage: How much farther, Owen?

Owen: Just three more feet.

[They approach an opening; they look through it; there is the pod docking bay; there are seven escape pods available]

Owen: Yes! Bust this thing open.

[Savage bangs the hatch open; he and Owen jump out of the vent and close the hatch]

Owen: There. They'll never know we came through here.

[He and Savage approach a pod with two seats]

Savage: They won't miss this one. And it's a good thing this chamber has automatic draining capabilities so that the instant this gets flooded up to half a foot, all the water gets drained out until the main hatch closes. After which, all droplets get dried off. [snickers; opens the pod door] Okay, Owen. Inside.

[He and Savage get inside and shut the door]

Owen: [pushes a button] So long, Prescott. Been a pleasure working with you. Not!

[Outside the sub, the pod bay hatch opens briefly, releasing Owen and Savage's pod; the hatch closes; the flooded pod bay drains; inside the pod, Owen and Savage laugh and hi-five]

Savage: You're a genius, Owen! Sheer genius! Wait a minute! There's something I forgot to mention. Has it occurred to you that though we've escaped from the Nickar, we have nowhere safe to escape to?!

Owen: Oh. You're right. But why don't you just transport us?

Savage: Mechike can detect my transportation capabilities wherever I am. If he couldn't, we wouldn't even be using this damn pod!

Owen: Then we'll just have to keep floating about until we hit land. [extracts two bags of chips from a compartment] In the meantime, I'm starving. Care for some chips?

Savage: Thanks. [takes a bag]

[Back in New York, the Cosmo MagnaDroid strikes down numerous monsters with its Tiger Hammer while the Flash Formosa strikes down a few more]

Eris: We've never battled these kinds of monsters before.

Alvin: Trust me, they're nothing compared to the Demonoids. They're easy pickings.

Temper: Time to turn up the heat!

[His right arm transforms into a flamethrower]

Temper: This baby's got 50,000,000 BTUs just waiting for the chance to bring my master roasted chipmunk!

[He fires his flamethrower at the Flash Formosa, hitting it hard]

Temper: And a side of cooked Cosmo Cats!

[He fires his flamethrower at the MagnaDroid, hitting it hard]

Temper: Mutants, attack the Cosmo Cats! Demons, join me as we take Alvin down!

[He and the demons strike the Flash Formosa w/their attacks while the mutants do the same to the MagnaDroid; both machines hit the ground]

Aoi: It's too bad the other Kaleido Gladiators and Spider Riders are still chaperoning.

Alvin: If only we had the help of the Spirit Soldiers.

Temper: Oh, you're gonna depend on them? That'll only prove you're all cowards.

[Cut to the Flash Formosa's cockpit]

Alvin: Cowards?! Us?! Never!

Dagger: Alvin, maybe now would be a good time to try out the new Ninja Formosa.

Alvin: All righty, then. [inserts his Spider Crystal] Flash Formosa, convert to Ninja Mode!

[Outside, the Flash Formosa reverts to Spider Mode, then converts to a ninja-themed version of its Fighter Mode: The Ninja Formosa; its Blade of Lightning transforms into twin katana]

Voice: Ninja Formosa, ready!

Alvin: Behold, the Ninja Formosa!

Temper: A new one?!

Manami: Damn! Check out Alvin's cool new bot!

Kio: It's incredible! Just like the Ninja Pardosa!

Antonia: You go, Alvin!

Alvin: Let's see if this new bot can try duplication!

[The Ninja Formosa poses like a ninja, then multiplies; all copies strike the demons and mutants w/its twin katana; the duplicates vanish]

Alvin: All right! It worked! I'll call this Duplication Strike!

Temper: Now I'm really mad!

[He charges at the Ninja Formosa, which disappears into a puff of smoke]

Alvin: Missed!

Temper: Where'd you go, you coward?! No robot's ever gone that quick! [looks up] Huh?!

[The Ninja Formosa dives down from the sky]

Alvin: Twin Katana of Lightning, Air Strike!

[The Ninja Formosa strikes Temper w/its katana, then lands safely on the ground]

Temper: You'll pay, Alvin!

[Cut to the MagnaDroid's cockpit]

Eris: All right! Way to go, Alvin!

Aoi: [looks at a monitor] Hey, you guys, look!

[Manami looks at the monitor, which shows Brittany's duel against Robertson]

Manami: Damn! Brittany's way behind! C'mon, kiddo! Don't give up! Try to deck her out!

[Cut back to the duel]

Brittany: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Card of Sanctity! [draws five cards] This card lets us each draw until our hands hold six cards apiece.

[Robertson draws four cards]

Robertson: Thanks for the free cards, especially for helping me bring out three copies of Watapon! [places three cards]

[Three copies of Watapon appear]

[DEF: 300]

Robertson: Since this monster was added to my hand outside of my draw phase, I special-summoned it from my hand immediately. All three copies.

Brittany: Well, none of them are of any help to you. Not that I'll attack them, anyway, thanks to Nightmare's Steelcage. [places a card] Next, I activate Reload! [shuffles her hand into her deck, then draws five cards] I shuffle my hand, then draw the same number of cards I shuffled in. [looks at her hand] Well, what do you know?! Now I've got just the card I need to finish you off! [places another card] I activate Twin Twisters! [discards a card] By discarding a card, I destroy two Spell or Trap Cards on the field! Say goodbye to Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen and Nightmare's Steelcage!

[Both of said cards are destroyed; the cage vanishes]

Brittany: Now, I activate another of Ra's effects, three times! By 1,000 life points, I get to destroy one monster on the field. That means 3,000 life points for all three of your monsters!

Brittany: 8,450 (Hand: 3)
Robertson: 44,500 (Hand: 3)]

[Ra blasts all three Watapons to nothingness]

Brittany: Now, for some extra life points via Natasha's effect. Targeting Ra again.

Brittany: 19,800 (Hand: 3)
Robertson: 44,500 (Hand: 3)]

Brittany: Ra, attack her directly with Blaze Cannon!

[Ra fires Blaze Cannon at Robertson directly]

Robertson: I activate the Trap: [reveals set card] Radiant Mirror Force! Since you control three monsters, I'll use this card to destroy all your monsters in attack mode!

[Rat's attack is reflected right back at all of Brittany's monsters, destroying them; Brittany lands safely on the ground]

Brittany: That card may have destroyed my Egyptian God, but by doing that, you've enabled me to bring out his invincible form. It's the very card I discarded with Twin Twisters. Come forth, Winged Dragon of Ra - IMMORTAL PHOENIX!!

[The Winged Dragon of Ra appears in his phoenix form and screeches ferociously]

[LV: 10
ATK: 4,000]

Robertson: Incredible! But it's too bad he'll only do me 4,000 points of damage.

Brittany: Better than nothing. Ra, swoop and attack her directly!

[Ra strikes Robertson with all his might; Robertson screams]

Brittany: 19,800 (Hand: 3)
Robertson: 40,500 (Hand: 3)]

Brittany: The road to reducing your life points may be long, but I'll get there. [sets three cards] I set my last three cards and end my turn, which means Ra goes back to the graveyard. In exchange, he reappears in his spherical form.

[Ra returns to Sphere Mode]

[LV: 10
DEF: 0]

Brittany: While he's in Sphere Mode, Ra can't be targeted for attacks or by card effects. Your move.

Robertson: [draws] I draw! [sets a card, then places a card] I set a card, then activate the Spell: Raigeki! All your monsters are destroyed, which means your last defense is no more!

[Ra's sphere is destroyed]

Robertson: [places another card] Next, I activate Soul Release! [banishes five cards from Brittany's graveyard] Cyber Angel Natasha, The Winged Dragon of Ra, The Winged Dragon of Ra - Immortal Phoenix, Enchanted Javelin, and Sixth Sense are banished from your graveyard.

Brittany: [in her mind] Oh, great. Now that Cyber Angel Natasha's no longer in my graveyard, I won't be able to take control of her monsters anymore.

Robertson: [places another card] Now, I activate Double Spell! [discards a card] I discard a Spell to take a Spell from your graveyard. [takes a card from Brittany's graveyard] Card of Sanctity! [places said card] And I'll activate it now!

[She and Brittany each draw until their hands hold six cards apiece]

Brittany: You're only asking for trouble, Robertson.

Robertson: Which is what you'll get soon. [places two cards] I set the Pendulum Scale with scale-1 Metalfoes Silverd and scale-8 Metalfoes Volflame!

[Said two monsters appear in the Pendulum Zones]

Robertson: It's time for my Metalfoes to carry on where Neo-Parshath has failed. But first, I summon this: [places a card] Box of Friends!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 1
ATK: 0]

Robertson: Now to activate the Pendulum effect of one of my Metalfoes Pendulums. You see, each of them has an effect that lets me destroy a face-up card I control to set a Metalfoes Spell or Trap from my deck. I'll have the effect of Raremetalfoes Bismugear target Box of Friends!

[Box of Friends is destroyed]

Robertson: [sets a card from her deck] If Box of Friends is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I get to special-summon two different normal monsters from my deck with 0 attack or defense points in defense mode, but they can't be used as Synchro material and are destroyed at the end of my turn. I special-summon Metalfoes Steelen and Thousand-Eyes Idol!

[Said two monsters appear]

LV: 2
DEF: 2,100]

LV: 1
DEF: 0]

Robertson: Next, I'll have the effect of Metalfoes Silverd target Raremetalfoes Bismugear.

[Bismugear is destroyed and disappears to the top of Robertson's Extra Deck]

Robertson: [sets another card from her deck, then places another card] Now, I place this card in my empty Pendulum Zone: Another Metalfoes Volflame!

[Metalfoes Volflame appears where Bismugear was destroyed]

Robertson: Now it's time to activate one of my set cards: [reveals one set card] Metalfoes Fusion! I fuse Metalfoes Steelen and Thousand-Eyes Idol! I Fusion-summon...!

[Said two monsters fuse together to form...]

Robertson: Metalfoes Adamante!

[LV: 5
ATK: 2,500]

Robertson: [shuffles a card back into her deck] Next, I activate another of Metalfoes Fusion's effects. If it's in my graveyard, I can shuffle it back into my deck, then draw a card. [draws] And I shouldn't have to remind you that any Pendulum monster that would be sent from the field to the graveyard is sent to its owner's Extra Deck face-up so that it can be Pendulum-summoned again later. And speaking of which, it's high time I got to it! [places two cards from her hand and two from her Extra Deck] Metalfoes army, arise!

[Four monsters appear]

Robertson: From my hand, Metalfoes Goldriver!

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,900]

Robertson: And Metalfoes Volflame!

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,400]

Robertson: From my Extra Deck, Metalfoes Steelen!

[LV: 2
DEF: 2,100]

Robertson: And my third Metalfoes Volflame!

[LV: 1
ATK: 2,400]

Robertson: [places another card] Next, I activate Fusion Substitute! I fuse Metalfoes Steelen and one Metalfoes Volflame! I Fusion-summon...!

[Said two monsters fuse together to form...]

Robertson: Metalfoes Orichalc!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Robertson: While it's on the field, whenever a Metalfoes monster battles one of yours in defense mode,--

Brittany: Don't tell me-- Piercing battle damage.

Robertson: Wrong. Double piercing battle damage. But since your field is empty, it doesn't matter. [places another card] Next comes Pendulum Fusion!

Brittany: [in her mind] Oh, no! That card lets her use cards in her Pendulum Zones as Fusion materials, in addition to monsters she controls. Who knows what she'll Fusion-summon next?

Robertson: I fuse Metalfoes Goldriver on my field and Metalfoes Silverd and Volflame in my Pendulum Zone! I Fusion-summon...!

[Said three monsters fuse together]

Robertson: Metalfoes Crimsonite!

[LV: 9
ATK: 3,000]

Robertson: Now for the battle phase. All my Metalfoes army, attack Brittany directly! Volflame!

[Volflame fires its attack at Brittany, hitting her directly]

Robertson: Orichalc!

[Orichalc fires its attack at Brittany, hitting her directly]

Robertson: Adamante!

[Adamante fires its attack at Brittany, hitting her directly]

Robertson: And finally, Crimsonite!

[Crimsonite fires its attack at Brittany, hitting her directly]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 6)
Robertson: 40,500 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: You haven't beaten me yet!

Robertson: Oh, but I will next turn. Even though your hand is full, you can never defeat Metalfoes army, let alone damage me while I still have over 40,000 life points left. More than 10 times what I started with. You're never gonna beat me. I end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Spell: Swords of Revealing Light!

[Robertson's field becomes surrounded by flashing swords]

Brittany: You'll have to wait another three turns before you can attack me. But for now, I activate the effect of Ritual Sanctuary. By shuffling Spell Cards in my graveyard back into my deck, I can special-summon a Light Fairy from my graveyard. [takes eight cards from her graveyard and shuffles them into her deck] I shuffle two copies of Machine Angel Absolute Ritual, Pot of Greed, Photon Lead, Card of Sanctity, Twin Twisters, The True Name, and Polymerization back into my deck to special-summon Cyber Angel Dakini from my graveyard!

[Cyber Angel Dakini reappears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Brittany: [places a card] Now, Cyber Tutu, dance to the stage!

[Cyber Tutu appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,000]

Brittany: While you control monsters stronger than her and none weaker, Cyber Tutu can attack you directly. Cyber Tutu, attack Robertson directly! Pounding Pirouette!

[Cyber Tutu pirouettes toward Robertson and kicks her]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 5)
Robertson: 39,500 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: [places another card] Next, I activate the Quick-Play Spell: Berserker Soul! [discards her hand] By discarding my entire hand after a direct attack from a monster with up to 1,500 attack points, I get to excavate the top card of my deck. If it's a monster, I send it to the graveyard, and you take 500 points of damage. And as long as I keep excavating monsters, you keep on taking damage a maximum of eight times. [reveals the top card of her deck] Cyber Gymnast! [sends said card to her graveyard]

[Cyber Tutu strikes Robertson again]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 0)
Robertson: 39,000 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: [reveals the next top card of her deck] Cyber Petit Angel! [sends said card to the graveyard]

[Cyber Tutu strikes Robertson again]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 0)
Robertson: 38,500 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: [reveals the next top card of her deck] Blade Skater!

[Cyber Tutu strikes Robertson again]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 0)
Robertson: 38,000 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: [reveals the next top card of her deck] Machine Angel Ritual?! Oh, well. Back to the top of my deck it goes. But I still have Cyber Angel Dakini! Attack Metalfoes Volflame!

[Dakini strikes Volflame w/her swords, destroying it; Volflame disappears back into Robertson's Extra Deck]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 0)
Robertson: 37,700 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: I'll forgo Dakini's effect and end my turn.

Robertson: How unlike you. [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Pot of Riches! [takes three cards from her Extra Deck and shuffles them into her deck] By shuffling three Pendulum monsters from either my Extra Deck or graveyard to my deck: In this case, all three copies of Metalfoes Volflame, I draw two cards. The only drawback, I can't special-summon unless it's a Pendulum-summon. [sets a card] But for now, I set this card and end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! Cyber Angel Dakini, attack Metalfoes Adamante!

[Dakini strikes Adamante, destroying it]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 37,500 (Hand: 1)]

Brittany: Cyber Tutu, Pounding Pirouette!

[Cyber Tutu strikes Robertson directly]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 36,500 (Hand: 1)]

Brittany: I end my turn.

Robertson: [draws] I draw! [places another card] I activate Ancient Leaf! Since I have more than 9,000 life points, I'll pay 2,000 and draw two more cards. [draws two cards]

Brittany: 9,100 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 34,500 (Hand: 3)]

Robertson: [reveals set card] Now, I activate my set card: Metalfoes Combination! From now on, once per turn, each time someone Fusion-summons, I can target a Metalfoes monster in my graveyard with a lower level and special-summon it to my field. [places another card] Now, I play another copy of Metalfoes Fusion! I fuse two Metalfoes monsters in my hand: Metalfoes Silverd and Raremetalfoes Bismugear. I Fusion-summon...!

[Said two monsters appear and fuse together to form...]

Robertson: Metalfoes Mithrilium!

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,600]

Robertson: Thanks to Metalfoes Combination, I get to special-summon Metalfoes Adamante back from my graveyard!

[Metalfoes Adamante reappears]

Robertson: And now, I activate Mithrilium's effect. I shuffle two Metalfoes monsters in my graveyard: [shuffles two cards from her graveyard into her deck] Metalfoes Silverd and Raremetalfoes Bismugear, and target Swords of Revealing Light, returning it to your hand!

[Swords of Revealing Light disappears back into Brittany's hand]

Brittany: Oh, no!

Robertson: Oh, yes! Now it's time for battle! Metalfoes Crimsonite, attack and destroy Cyber Angel Dakini!

[Crimsonite fires its attack at Dakini, destroying her]

Brittany: 8,700 (Hand: 2)
Robertson: 34,500 (Hand: 0)]

Robertson: Metalfoes Mithrilium, attack Cyber Tutu!

[Mithrilium fires its attack at Cyber Tutu, destroying her]

Brittany: 7,100 (Hand: 2)
Robertson: 34,500 (Hand: 0)]

Robertson: Orichalc and Adamante, deal her a big one!

[Orichalc and Adamante fire their attacks and Brittany directly, hitting her]

Brittany: 1,800 (Hand: 2)
Robertson: 34,500 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: I may be down, but I'm not even close to out, Robertson!

Robertson: My Metalfoes never let me down before. I've been through many a duel for the past two years. [sighs] You might not believe this, but... I was once a teacher at Duel Academy.

Brittany: You were WHAT?!!

[Duel Academy, December 16th, 2015, 1:58pm]

[We flashback to Duel Academy; Robertson is giving a lecture on Pendulum cards and Pendulum-summoning]

Robertson: [present] I was an expert in teaching students about Pendulum cards and how Pendulum-summoning works. I joined the academy in January 2015, and the freshmen were enthralled with these new techniques. But then, one day, as another trimester was about to end, I started losing my cool. Lots of students kept bragging on and on about Jaden Yuki, one of the school's best alumni, the one alumni I despised. Why? Because he was a slacker who only got enrolled in the academy by the skin of his teeth in the entrance exams. How he ended up graduating is anyone's guess. Those lousy braggarts kept on and on for hours, and I'd had enough. I tried to report this to Chancellor Sheppard, but that old bumbler-- He was always way too soft on his students. Even one of my fellow teachers, Dr. Vellian Crowler, who initially hated Jaden Yuki, chastised me for my objections.

Robertson: [in flashback] Doc, you were humiliated by Yuki after he beat you in his entrance exam, right? Why won't you help me?

Dr. Crowler: Miss Robertson, I'll admit Jaden was a slacker, but as time passed by, he proved himself to be a strong, honorable, and brave young lad. He possesses capabilities that very few people ever had. He has spirit. Heck, he has the power to see spirits.

Robertson: I don't believe all that supernatural crap!

Dr. Crowler: Believe it, babe. What, you wanna make something of it?

Robertson: Okay. How 'bout a duel? If I win, you resign. If you win, I resign.

Dr. Crowler: Very well, then. But don't think I'll go easy on you.

[A bit later, they are in the middle of a duel]

Robertson: 7,600 (Hand: 0)
Dr. Crowler: 500 (Hand: 2)]

[Robertson has three copies of Metalfoes Orichalc on her field; Crowler's field is empty, save for one copy each of Ancient Gear Fortress, Ancient Gear Castle, and Ancient Gear]

Robertson: [present] I was on the verge of victory. One more attack, and Crowler's career would be history. But then his turn came.

Dr. Crowler: [draws] I draw! Now that I have three Ancient Gear cards on the field, I'll banish them with this: [places the card he just drew] Spell Gear!

[All three of his cards vanish]

Dr. Crowler: This card lets me special summon my best monster from my hand and another copy from my deck. [places two cards; one from is hand, and one from his deck] Step forward, Ancient Gear Golem, times two!

[Two copies of Ancient Gear Golem appear]

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,000]

Robertson: Big deal. Two Ancient Gear Golems are hardly a threat to me.

Dr. Crowler: That's what you think. [places another card] I activate the Spell: Ancient Gear Fusion!

Robertson: What?!

Dr. Crowler: Since I plan to use one of my Ancient Gear Golems as a Fusion material for this Fusion-summon, I can also use Fusion materials straight from my deck! [sends two cards from his deck to his graveyard] I fuse one of my Ancient Gear Golems with the two copies of Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound from my deck!

[Two copies of Ancient Gear Ultimate Pound appear and fuse with Ancient Gear Golem]

Dr. Crowler: Watch in amazement as I Fusion-summon the almighty Megaton Ancient Gear Golem!

[Megaton Ancient Gear Golem appears]

[LV: 9
ATK: 3,300]

Robertson: I was expecting Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem, not this weakling. What good will it do? It's only 300 attack points stronger than the original Ancient Gear Golem.

Dr. Crowler: True, but this new card has a very devastating effect. Each copy of Ancient Gear Golem and/or Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound used as a material for its Fusion-summon, Megaton Ancient Gear Golem gets as many attacks: Three!

Robertson: WHAT?!!

Dr. Crowler: Ancient Gear Golems, attack two of her Metalfoes Orichalcs with Mechanized Melee!

[Two regular Ancient Gear Golems fire their attacks at two Orichalcs, destroying them]

Robertson: 6,800 (Hand: 0)
Dr. Crowler: 500 (Hand: 0)]

Robertson: This can't be!

Dr. Crowler: This is the end, Miss Robertson! Megaton Ancient Gear Golem, wipe her out with all three of your attacks! Megaton Melee!

[Megaton Ancient Gear Golem fires its attack three times at Robertson, hitting her hard; Robertson hits the ground]

Robertson: 0 (Hand: 0)
Dr. Crowler: 500 (Hand: 0)]

[Some time later, Robertson exits the chancellor's office in casual clothing and drags her suitcase out of the academy, then boards a ferry off the island]

Robertson: [present] That loss humiliated me far more than Yuki humiliated Crowler. I submitted my letter of resignation and immediately went on the first boat to New York. I vowed never to duel again. But when I finally arrived in New York, I met up with a cloaked figure.

[Robertson walks up to a cloaked figure]

Figure: [familiar voice] If you want to make a living, fight for me. Your expertise could be useful in my revenge plot against ACME.

Robertson: [present] I couldn't turn that offer down. Since no school would ever hire me after my unceremonious resignation, and teaching and dueling were all I could do, it was a last resort.

[Cut back to the present]

Robertson: That cloaked figure was Prescott Vorstein. The job he gave me-- Not only a strategist, but I also helped Savage build his robots. He gave me big tips each day. Unfortunately, Savage's sales were in the toilet after Prescott refused to pay him for his robots anymore, and that's why Savage never tipped me since. But none of that matters now. Thanks to the upgrade I've got to compliment this CDG unit, nothing can stop me.

Brittany: I can't believe you. All this because you hated Jaden Yuki, one of my idols in dueling. I mean, yeah, he's had his share of blunders, and he likes being laid back from time to time, but then again, a lot of famous people are like that.

Robertson: Jaden Yuki was just a worthless slacker!

Brittany: He was a little like that when he first enrolled, but as Dr. Crowler said, Jaden improved. And he still is, even though he has a wife and two kids now! And even his wife is a Duel Academy graduate!

Robertson: I don't understand why a slacker would even get hitched with one of the academy's top female alumni. If you ask me, that floozy made a grave mistake in marrying him.

Brittany: Don't you speak that way about Alexis Rhodes! She's more than 10 times the duelist you'll ever hope to be!

Robertson: Stop! I won't accept that! I think I've told you enough already. It's time to finish the duel. Remember, while I control Metalfoes Mithrilium, once I shuffle two Metalfoes monsters in my graveyard to my deck, one card on your field returns to your hand, so even if you activate Swords of Revealing Light again, I'll just block it. [shuffles a card in her graveyard back into her deck] Now, I activate the graveyard effect of Metalfoes Fusion. [draws a card] Shuffle it back into my deck, then draw a card. [sets the card she just drew] Then I set it and end my turn. Your move.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! [looks at what she just drew; in her mind] This could win me the duel, but I don't have any monsters. All I have in my hand are Spells. And I can't defend. Metalfoes Orichalc will inflict double piercing battle damage. Unless... [looks in her graveyard] Ah. [aloud] I end my turn.

Robertson: Out of options? I knew it. Welp, time to wrap this one up. [draws] I draw! [sets the card she just drew] Not that I'll need this one, but my back row could use a little extra decoration. All right, Metalfoes Crimsonite! Attack Brittany directly and finish this duel!

[Metalfoes Crimsonite fires its attack at Brittany directly]

Brittany: Swords of Revealing Light may have failed me, but this card I'm about to banish won't! [banishes a card from her graveyard] I banish my Trap: Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light!

[Flashing swords barricade Brittany]

Brittany: Because I banished this card from my graveyard, you can't attack me directly this turn!

Robertson: [growls] You just got lucky, Miller. I end my turn. But next turn, you're history.

Brittany: Well, here goes nothing. As a Kaleido Gladiator, I have the power to generate the very cards I need to draw! [as the one card left in her deck glows] Go, Dream Draw!

[She draws her last card; she looks at it in amazement]

Brittany: This is it. The one card I need to beat you. [places a card] I activate the Spell: Machine Angel Absolute Ritual! For the tributes, I shuffle three monsters I sent to the graveyard earlier with Berserker Soul: Cyber Gymnast, Cyber Petit Angel, and Blade Skater!

[Said three monsters appear, then vanish]

Brittany: [places the card she just drew] Prepare yourself for the most powerful Cyber Angel of them all! [as her wings spread] Angel of light hiding eternal power. Now show your form to this vast world, and illuminate all creation! Descend, Cyber Angel Vrash!

[Cyber Angel Vrash appears]

[LV: 10
ATK: 3,000]

Brittany: Unleash your effect! Angelic Fury!

[The brass gear behind Cyber Angel Vrash glows brightly and emits a powerful wave of energy on Metalfoes Crimsonite, Orichalc, and Mithrilium, destroying them all]

Robertson: My monsters!

[The energy wave strikes her, as well]

Brittany: 1,800 (Hand: 1)
Robertson: 31,500 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: If I Ritual-summon Cyber Angel Vrash, all your monsters that were special-summoned from your Extra Deck are destroyed, and you take 1,000 points of damage for each one! The only reason Metalfoes Adamante was unaffected is because it was special-summoned from your graveyard.

Robertson: [growls] You haven't won yet!

Brittany: Oh, but I will. You see, once her damaging effect is successful, she can attack twice during each battle phase this turn. Cyber Angel Vrash, attack Adamante!

[Vrash soars toward Adamante]

Robertson: I'm not gonna let you! [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Mirror Force! Say goodbye to your most powerful Cyber Angel!

Brittany: [takes a card from her graveyard] I'm afraid that can't be done. Cyber Angel Vrash has another effect. Once per turn, during either player's turn, if a card or effect is activated that would destroy a monster on the field, I can shuffle a Ritual monster in my graveyard back into my deck, negate that effect, and destroy that card. [reveals the card she pulled, then shuffles it back in] I pick Cyber Angel Dakini! Ta-ta, Mirror Force!

[Mirror Force is negated and destroyed]

Robertson: I still have one card left! [reveals set card] The Quick-Play Spell: Rush Recklessly! I give Adamante 700 more attack points!

ATK: 3,200]

Brittany: Well, I knew you'd pull a stunt like that, because I have just the card need to beat you! [places her last card] Tsukumo Slash! Because my life points are lower than yours, during damage calculation, if my attacking monster attacks a monster with higher attack points, the attacker gains attack points equal to the difference in our life points! That means Vrash gains 29,700 attack points!

ATK: 32,700]

Brittany: Vrash, destroy her last Metalfoes monster!

[Vrash fires her attack at Adamante, destroying it; Robertson screams as she gets struck with massive battle damage]

Brittany: 1,800 (Hand: 0)
Robertson: 2,000 (Hand: 0)]

ATK: 3,000]

Robertson: No! I can't lose! Not to you!

Brittany: Too late, Robertson! Cyber Angel Vrash, finish her off with your second attack! Wipe her out!

[Vrash fires her attack at Robertson, hitting her hard; Robertson hits the ground]

Brittany: 1,800 (Hand: 0)
Robertson: 0 (Hand: 0)]

Brittany: In the name of the Dove of Dreams, Cyber Angels triumph!

[Vrash poses triumphantly, then vanishes]

Brittany: [approaches Robertson] Corrine Robertson, you're under arrest for kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, conspiracy, and attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Anything you say can and will be used against you. If you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

Robertson: [kicks Brittany back] Back off, Miller! I may not have won that duel, but I can still kick your ass with my unit! Quantum Cannon!

[She fires her Quantum Cannon at Brittany, hitting her]

Brittany: Whatever Prescott did to you, overusing it will kill you!

Robertson: Shut up! [whips out her Red Rapier and Blue Backsword] Or do I have to make you?

Brittany: [whips out her YumeBlade] Fine. If that's the way it's gonna be, let the games begin.

[They fight w/their weapons]

Robertson: You're such a persistent little bitch!

Brittany: [growls] I should say the same about you! But you're even worse than you think I am! Trusting an escaped convict, the last surviving member of the Vorstein clan who inflicted nightmares upon most of the world?!

Robertson: It's a living!

[She pushes Brittany back with her backsword]

Brittany: That's all you care about. Money! Dream Strike!

[She strikes Robertson w/her glowing blade]

Brittany: If Jaden Yuki were still in our group, he'd have curb-stomped you completely.

Robertson: He doesn't have the power you do.

Brittany: He has his own. Your power-- It was never your own. Prescott injected it into you, not caring about the dangerous side-effects.

Robertson: Again, I don't care. It's powerful enough to wipe the floor with you!

Familiar voice: Back off, you fool!

[Robertson looks up and sees a young female being in fuchsia spandex (w/the Roman numeral IX on her right shoulder) and a helmet diving toward her]

Robertson: Who is this?!

[She shields herself with her swords, but Soldier Fuchsia whacks the swords out of her hands and kicks Robertson to the ground]

Soldier Fuchsia: Foundation trooper of sound! Spirit Soldier Fuchsia! [poses]

Brittany: Another Spirit Soldier?!

Soldier Fuchsia: That's right, Brittany. I take it you met my darling in gold and the other four?

Brittany: Yes. Wait. You know my name?

Soldier Fuchsia: And I see the Cosmo Cats and your friend Alvin up there are keeping Temper and his army at bay.

[Brittany looks up and sees the Ninja Formosa and Cosmo MagnaDroid fighting Temper and his monster army]

Brittany: YES! Keep it up, you guys! [notices the Ninja Formosa] Wait. Is that Alvin's new machine?

Soldier Fuchsia: New machine? It's amazing! Almost like a ninja!

Robertson: Hey! Both of you! What about me?!

Brittany: Together?

Soldier Fuchsia: Let's get her.

[They both leap up and kick Robertson]

Robertson: [tosses her swords at the duo] Try this!

Brittany and Soldier Fuchsia: Sorry!

[Brittany slices the rapier in half w/her blade; Soldier Fuchsia vaporizes the backsword w/a single blast from her Spirit Pistol]

Brittany: [pushes the flashing red button on her Kaleido Booster] Mega Armor, activate!

[She assumes Mega Mode]

Soldier Fuchsia: Good to see you've still got your Mega Mode.

Brittany: You ain't seen nothin' yet, Mik-- Uh, Soldier Fuchsia.

Robertson: Quantum Cannon!

[She fires her cannon at Brittany, who intercepts w/her Mega YumeBlade and Mega Shield]

Brittany: So long, Robertson!

[She reflects the blast right back at Robertson, who surrounds herself w/her Plasma Shield and absorbs the blast]

Brittany: Oh, so you can even absorb your own blasts when they're redirected at you? Clever.

Robertson: Now it's time to annihilate you both! Quantum Cannon, maximum power!

[She aims her Quantum Cannon at Brittany and powers it up]

Soldier Fuchsia: Oh, no, you don't!

[Just as Robertson is about to fire, Soldier Fuchsia fires her Spirit Pistol at Robertson, hitting her and causing her to accidentally fire her cannon at Temper]

Brittany: Whoa!

Robertson: NO!

[Temper screams as he gets hit by the blast hard]

Temper: Curse you, Robertson!

[He fires his flamethrower at Robertson, hitting her hard]

Temper: How dare you betray me!

Brittany: You'll pay for that, Temper!

Robertson: That's right. [gets up and turns to Soldier Fuchsia] But first, this one's gonna pay with her life! [charges at Fuchsia]

Soldier Fuchsia: Ultrasonic Voice!

[She vocalizes loudly, releasing ultrasonic waves at Robertson, pushing her back; Robertson holds her ears in agony]

Robertson: My ears! How can Miller withstand this?!

Soldier Fuchsia: My Ultrasonic Voice doesn't work on the pure of heart. But Prescott Vorstein destroyed all your purity. That's why it affected you.

Robertson: Damn you, Spirit Soldier!

Soldier Fuchsia: Finish her off, Brittany!

Brittany: Thanks!

[She flies up as her blade glows]

Brittany: Mega YumeBlade, Mega Dream Strike!

[She bisects Robertson w/her blade, electrifying her; Robertson screams, falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Robertson lies on the ground out cold]

Soldier Fuchsia: Well done, Brittany. [shakes hands with Brittany]

Brittany: We did it together, Fuchsia.

[Suddenly, Robertson gets back on her feet, clenching her fists]

Robertson: [grabs the top half of her rapier and points it at Brittany and Soldier Fuchsia] No. It's not over yet. I won't surrender! I won't turn myself in! And remember, Temper and his monster army are still fighting for Prescott's dominance. We'll stop at nothing to win. ACME Crime Net, your world is doomed! [laughs maniacally]

Brittany: Get your pistol ready.

Soldier Fuchsia: Way ahead of you. [aims her pistol at Robertson]

Robertson: I'll see you both in Hell!

[Suddenly, she groans in pain and drops the last of her rapier, which vanishes; she falls to the ground; her unit vanishes completely]

Brittany: Check for a pulse.

[Soldier Fuchsia runs up to Robertson and checks for a pulse]

Soldier Fuchsia: She's not breathing. [puts her head to Robertson's heart] No heartbeat.

Brittany: Is she... dead?

Soldier Fuchsia: I'm afraid so. Overusing that unit completely severed her vital signs. And remember your duel?

Brittany: Yeah.

Soldier Fuchsia: Her duel disk was connected to her unit, so any amount of damage she took also affected her vital signs.

Brittany: And since she gained more than 10 times the amount of life points she started with, then lost everything in the end--

Soldier Fuchsia: Yep. That duel played a major factor in her death. But seeing as she was so dependent on beating you with that Neo-Parshath monster, I'd say she herself was to blame.

Brittany: Partially, but Prescott is even more to blame. If he hadn't given Robertson that upgrade, none of this would've happened.

Soldier Fuchsia: Yeah, that's true.

Brittany: [to her wristband] Greg, this is Brittany. Corrine Robertson is dead. We need her taken out in a body bag immediately.

Greg: Thanks, Brittany. I'm on it. Right now, give Alvin and the Cosmo Cats a hand. They might not be able to hold off Temper and his army for long. The others are already on their way. They just finished their trick-or-treating duties.

Brittany: Got it! Fuchsia, thanks for the help, but I'll finish things off from here.

Soldier Fuchsia: Don't mention it. Now, you go on. And good luck.

Brittany: Thanks. MechaDove, deploy now!

[The MechaDove soars into the scene; Brittany flies into the cockpit]

Brittany: All right, Temper! Have a taste of some Bird Blast!

[The MechaDove shoots a fireball from its beak at Temper, hitting him]

Temper: The traitor may be gone, but I'll still destroy you! [fires his flamethrower at the MechaDove]

[The MechaDove dodges the flames]

Brittany: Bite me, Temper!

Alvin: Nice work, Brittany! Now let's take these guys down together!

Temper: Together, eh? I like the sound of that. Mutants, demons, assemble!

[The mutants and demons approach him]

Temper: Individually, we're no match, but combined, we just might be, and this is the only way!

[He opens his mouth wide, sucking every demon and mutant inside his belly; he soon mutates into a chimera-like demon with the faces of every monster he absorbed on his chest; the sky darkens]

Alvin: No way!

Brittany: He absorbed every monster and mutated?!

Eris: He looks ugly!

Temper: Thanks to my new Demonoid power, I can absorb the power of all my allies and become one with them. You may have been able to defeat us separately, but together, we're far more powerful!

[He unleashes demonic blasts from every mouth at the machines, hitting them all hard; they all hit the ground]

[Cut to the Cosmo MagnaDroid's cockpit; sparks fly]

Aoi: All systems are down! That blast was too much!

Kio: One more blast, and we're finished!

Eris: [grabs the joysticks] No way! I'm not letting up after all I've been through today!

[Outside, the Cosmo MagnaDroid gets back on its feet and charges at Temper]

Temper: You're resilient. I'll give you that. [punches the MagnaDroid back] But that won't stop me! Once I'm through with you, Prescott Vorstein will promote me to top demon! Not even Argon can stop me! [laughs maniacally]

[Suddenly, a series of blasts hits him]

Temper: Who?!

[The Spider Caesar enters the scene with the Star Borg, the MechaPhoenix, and the MechaSwan]

Alvin: It's the others!

Brittany: All right! They made it! Hang on, guys! I'm comin' aboard!

[The MechaDove flies toward the Star Borg and combines with it, the MechaPhoenix, and the MechaSwan to form the Mega Star Borg]

[Cut to the Mega Star Borg's cockpit w/all 10 Kaleido Gladiators (in uniform)]

Brittany: Thanks, you guys! I thought you'd never make it.

Layla: It's a good thing trick-or-treating finished early.

Pamela: Otherwise, you'd have been worse off.

[Cut to the Spider Caesar's cockpit w/Hunter, Simon, Theodore, Lumen, and Sparkle (in Super Mode)]

Hunter: Hey, Al, your Flash Formosa-- Nice get up!

Alvin: Thanks, Hunter. And thanks for finally stopping by.

Theodore: It's too bad Aqune couldn't join us.

Simon: She had to stay with Corona while she's on maternity leave.

Alvin: Let's just hope what we have is enough.

Lumen: Let's do this!

Sparkle: Everyone, attack!

[Outside, the Spider Caesar, the Ninja Formosa, the Mega Star Borg, and the Cosmo MagnaDroid strike Temper w/their attacks]

Temper: All of you-- I'll destroy you! [fires flames from his mouths at the machines] DIE!!

[The Mega Star Borg shields itself w/its wings, reflecting the flames right back at Temper; Temper sucks in all the flames]

Temper: You got lucky. But I won't fall to my own techniques.

[The Mega Star Borg's fists glow]

Gladiators: Angelic Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Mega Star Borg flies toward Temper and strikes him hard w/its glowing fists]

Kio: All right! Let's follow up with a Cosmo Roar!

[The Cosmo MagnaDroid fires Cosmo Roar at Temper, hitting him hard]

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's cockpit]

Antonia: Good shot, but not good enough, seeing as he's got the power of multiple monsters.

Manami: We're gonna need to try a new move.

Capt. Qoone: [through radio] Eris, this is Captain Qoone. Do you copy?

Eris: I read you, Captain.

Capt. Qoone: Dr. Durel has completed a new gadget. She's transporting it to you now.

[A red power cell with the number 1 appears]

Capt. Qoone: This is called a Cosmo Cell. Insert it into the controls, and it'll bring forth the new Cosmo MagnaDroid twin sabers, a pair of swords that are virtually unmatchable.

Eris: Roger that, Captain. [inserts the cell] Cosmo Cell, locked in! Cosmo MagnaDroid sabers, energize!

[Outside, two powerful red sabers appear in the Cosmo MagnaDroid's hands]

Kio: These swords is awesome!

Aoi: Let's give it a whirl!

Temper: Oh, how cute. You've got new toy swords!

Eris: Toy swords, eh?

[The sabers glow]

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's cockpit]

Eris: I'll show you "toy swords". Cosmo MagnaDroid sabers!

All Cosmo Cats: VICTORY STRIKE!!

[Outside, the MagnaDroid perform a double cross cut w/their sabers, striking Temper; Temper screams, and an explosion is shown; emerging from the smoke are the spirits of all the demons and mutants he absorbed, which dissolve into nothingness; after the smoke clears, Temper is back to his original form (the way he was before Mechike operated on him); the sky clears up]

Temper: Huh? Where am I? What's happened to me? Last thing I remember, I was about to be operated on by Mechike, and-- [notices the machines] It's you! Spider Riders, Kaleido Gladiators, Cosmo Cats, you destroyed my brother's last robot! Hell, you destroyed all of my brother's robots! That bastard Prescott wasn't gonna pay him anymore, and now he can't afford any new robots! You made Savage angry! I will not stand idly by and let you get away with that!

[He unleashes a mass of his demonic energy at the machines, who all dodge]

[Cut back to the Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Sparkle: They sure don't call him Temper for nothing!

Lumen: Even without his new powers, he's still pretty strong!

[Cut back to the Ninja Formosa's cockpit]

Alvin: Yeah, but I never realized how much he cared about Savage. Still, that doesn't take back what he did to Brian Rawlings. We have to finish him!

Dagger: Right!

Alvin and Dagger: Ninja Formosa, Twin Katana of Lightning, Air Strike!

[Outside, the Ninja Formosa leaps up, strikes Temper hard w/its katana, then lands safely on the ground]

Temper: Damn you, Alvin Seville!

[Cut back to the Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Hunter: Hey, Alvin, before I left, Dad told me he had a new combo in mind. One that combines the Spider Caesar with the Ninja Formosa.

[Split screen to both cockpits]

Alvin: Really? But that would be a shame if we left the Indigo Paladin out of it.

Hunter: Oh, Dad's already got a combo planned for that. But right now, let's make do with what we've got.

Alvin: Okay, then. Dagger, you with me?

Dagger: Always.

Alvin: Ninja Formosa!

Hunter: Spider Caesar!

Hunter and Alvin: Combine!

[Outside, the Spider Caesar and Ninja Formosa combine to form a new configuration: (the Ninja Formosa transforms into armor laying atop the Spider Caesar, with its front used as its chest plate; the head is used as the Spider Caesar's new helmet]

Voice: Super Spider Caesar, Ninja Formation, ready!

[Cut back to the cockpit w/all six Super Spider Riders]

Hunter: This baby's incredible! I don't know why Dad didn't think of this sooner!

Alvin: I don't, either, but let's give it a try, anyway!

[Outside, the ninja-powered Super Spider Caesar gets equipped with a sword which is a combination of the Spider Caesar's Xenon Blade and one of the Ninja Formosa's Katana of Lightning: The Xenon Katana]

Temper: That's not enough to stop me! [charges at the Super Spider Caesar] To Hell with all of you!

Alvin: Star Power!

[The Super Spider Caesar fires glowing ninja throwing stars from the red ninja star symbol on its chest plate at Temper, pushing him back]

Temper: Gutsy move, Spider Riders!

[The Super Spider Caesar's katana glows]

[Cut to the cockpit]

Hunter: Xenon Katana!

All Spider Riders: NINJA STRIKE!!

[Outside, the Super Spider Caesar jumps up, raises its katana, and bisects Temper with it, electrifying him]

Temper: You may have won this battle, but you'll never win the war against Prescott Vorstein! [splits in half] SAVAGE!!!

[He engulfs in a massive explosion; after the smoke clears, Temper is gone, for good]

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's cockpit]

Eris: Cosmo Cats, mission complete! Meow!

[Cut back to the ground; Soldier Fuchsia jumps in excitement and laughs]

Soldier Fuchsia: Yay! I knew they'd do it!

[Split-screen to all three cockpits; the gang cheers]

Hunter: Objective complete! Good job, Spider Riders!

Alvin: Let's go!

[Everyone jumps out of the cockpits and runs up to Soldier Fuchsia]

Hunter: Who's this?

Brittany: This is Spirit Soldier Fuchsia. She helped me bring down Corrine Robertson.

Layla: Speaking of Robertson, where is she?

Soldier Fuchsia: All while you fought Temper, the cops came in and stuffed her into a body bag.

Sora: She's dead?

Soldier Fuchsia: Yeah, I'm afraid so. And Prescott Vorstein is gonna pay for that.

Manami: Don't we know it? But thank you for your help.

Soldier Fuchsia: No problem. Well, I must be off. My teammates await me.

Alvin: Tell them we said hi.

Soldier Fuchsia: You got it. And from all of us, have a happy Halloween. [to her helmet] Commander, the area's been secured. Robertson and Temper are dead, and all mutants and demons are eradicated. I'm returning to base now.

[She transports out]

[Back at the Nickar, Prescott consults with Gelman and the Demonoids]

Prescott: Corrine Robertson and Temper have failed us. And for that, they paid with their lives at the hands of ACME Crime Net. [looks around] Where's Owen?

Gelman: I haven't heard from him all day.

Prescott: Search the whole sub, all of you.

LN: We searched everywhere. No Owen.

Epsilon: Wait a minute. Did you guys search the brig?

Mu: Impossible. The brig is locked tight.

Delta: I'll check it. Where are the keys?

[LN hands her the keys; Delta walks up to the door to the brig and unlocks it; she looks inside and finds no one inside]

Delta: Inconceivable!

[The other Demonoids approach]

LN: What's happened?

Delta: Owen's not here, and to make matters worse, Savage is gone!

Mechike: But how? His transportation powers don't work here.

[Delta inspects the cell and suddenly notices a slight dent in the vent hatch]

Delta: Wait a second. This vent hatch wasn't dented when we locked Savage inside.

Mu: But how were they able to get out when we're about 1,000 feet below the water's surface?

LN: There's only one explanation. The escape pods. They may have commandeered one and made their getaway.

Mechike: Track them down.

Other Demonoids: Yes, sir!

[They set to work; Mechike approaches Prescott]

Mechike: My lord, Owen has escaped with Savage. They may have gone AWOL. My minions have already conducted a search.

Prescott: Don't rest until you find them, Mechike, dead or alive.

Mechike: Understood, my lord.

Prescott: By the way, since my right-hand man and top demon have abandoned me, it's only fair that I promote you to second-in-command. Now, get to work.

Mechike: Yes, my lord. You won't regret giving me me this opportunity.

[He exits]

Prescott: Those two will pay dearly for abandoning me. And after all Owen has done for me as my right-hand man. [clenches his fist] Once they return, their punishment will be severe.

[132 Madison Street, 6:53pm]

[The gang (back to normal and out of costume) goes through their Halloween candy]

Eris: Boy, am I glad Prescott's party is over with.

Brittany: Me, too. And we took down two of Prescott's generals in one day.

Miss Itokazu: And thank God. God knows what would've happened if they lived. And speaking of success, ACME's Halloween chaperone program really worked. A lot of parents called, saying their kids had a good time.

[Charlotte and Julie enter (wearing nurse costumes), their hands over their stomachs; their stomachs churn]

Charlotte: Hey, you guys. Sorry we're late.

Sora: What have you two been up to?

Layla: Don't tell me you went trick-or-treating yourselves, too.

Julie: Nah. [groans] Flynn gave us each a bag of candy for our help in his own chaperone program.

Charlotte: I feel nauseous. I think--

Eris: Did you two eat too much? [holds out a handful of her candy] Or you didn't eat enough?

[Charlotte and Julie start gagging]

Charlotte: Where's the toilet?!

Alvin: To the left.

Charlotte: I've had enough candy for one day!

Julie: Totally!

[They rush to the bathroom]

Hunter: I guess they've had too much Halloween fun for one day.

Eris: That's one time I have to agree with you.

[The gang laughs; Manami's iPhone rings; caller ID: JACK]

Manami: Hold on, guys. [picks up] What's up, J.A.C.K.?

J.A.C.K.: Good news, Manami. Constantine Janko, the Russian killer you guys fought a few days ago-- The Feds remanded him to Pelican Bay State Prison without bail.

Manami: That's great.

[Cut to J.A.C.K.'s apartment somewhere in Virginia; J.A.C.K. is dressed as Calamity Jane]

J.A.C.K.: You really have come a long way since you left the CIA, hon. Fighting crime while wearing cool spandex and piloting giant robots and all that. I'm so proud of you, Manami.

[Split-screen to both areas]

Manami: Thanks, J.A.C.K. I hope we meet again soon.

J.A.C.K.: Oh, we will. You're gonna need some federal agents to back you up in bringing Prescott Vorstein to justice. I'll call again soon, Manami. Peace out, girl.

Manami: Bye. [hangs up]

After three weeks in remand, Peter Voorhies, alias Constantine Janko, was brought to trial. He was found guilty of grand larceny auto, attempted murder in the first degree, and murder in the first degree, and is now awaiting his execution at USP Terre Haute.]

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Owen: Land ho!

Savage: Live your life, Owen, 'cause that's all you've got.

Alvin: Why did you abandon Prescott? You're his #2!

Owen: There's something I have to tell you, Alvin, but Prescott must never find out. But only if you beat me in a duel.

Savage: Next time on ACME Crime Net: Owen on the Run.

Owen: Vigilance, dedication, courage! I don't know why I'm doing the preview, but it sure feels good.

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