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11/25/2017 11:54 pm  #1

Side-Fic 266: Owen on the Run

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Owen: I can't believe I'm doing the opening. But since I'm the star of this story, let me remind you to watch the show in a brightly-lit room and not too close to the monitor.

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[Hudson River, Wednesday, November 15th, 6:58am]

[Owen and Savage's escape pod finally reaches the water's surface and slowly approaches shore in New Jersey (across from Manhattan)]

[Inside the pod, Owen and Savage eat cups of ramen noodles]

Savage: I'm starting to get bored with ramen. Oh, well. At least we'll both be nice and thin.

Owen: That's for sure. This pod may have air conditioning, but it's a shame there's no radar. And I miss bathing even more. How long has it been?

Savage: Three weeks.

Owen: No wonder you stink.

Savage: You're no bed of roses, Owen.

Owen: I wouldn't mind even a shower with a temperature below 0.

Savage: That's not my cup of tea, me being a demon and all.

Owen: [sighs] I think now's a good time to get out of here.

Savage: But what if we're still underwater?

Owen: All I can say is... Hope you can swim and hold your breath.

[He climbs up to the roof and opens the door and sees that the pod is just inches away from shore]

Owen: Well, bless my soul!

[The pod crashes onto shore; Owen and Savage crawl out]

Owen: Land ho!

Savage: Finally!

Owen: Well, Savage, this is where we part ways.

Savage: Yes, it is. But first...

[He assumes his human form]

Savage: Gotta blend in. No one's gonna wanna feed me if they see my true form.

Owen: No one's gonna feed you at all if you don't have any money. [whips out a credit card from his pocket and hands it to Savage] Take this.

Savage: [gasps] Your credit card! But how are you gonna pay every month?

Owen: Autopay. Relax. I've got plenty of money. You see, back when I was a mage, growing up in my old village near England, I wanted to live a normal human life. So I became a successful businessman in London. Made a lot of money during my time. I almost lost the job when I heard that my village had been burnt to the ground. My family was gone, except for my big brother's two daughters Ellen and Karen. I feel into a depression, but after seeing a psychiatrist, I had to move on with my life. Pretty soon, I met, then married, a wonderful woman, who passed giving birth to my son: Ewan. But over the later years, progress in my company had been dropping significantly, so Ewan and I transferred to New York, but that didn't help, either, and just three years ago, I ended up having to sell my company to the highest bidder. I left it all in my bank account and decided to just live the rest of my life unemployed and alone. Then I heard that Ellen became a secretary to the director of a menacing company in the U.K. When she last called me, she gloated on how she was the best wizard in the world. I wanted to prove to her working for a man like the company's director was a one-way ticket to death. That's why I made the ultimate sacrifice of joining Prescott Vorstein's army as his right-hand man. But the plan failed, and I hadn't heard from Ellen since. And now that Prescott has gone too far,--

Savage: I get the message, Owen. Thank you. But what about your son?

Owen: 15 years ago, not long after we moved to the States, Ewan was arrested for the murder of one of my company's accountants. He took a plea and is serving 15 to life in Lincoln Correctional Facility. [reacts] Wait a minute. Today is his parole hearing! I gotta get to the prison immediately! I have to be there by noon! Savage, remember, there's a $5,000 limit on that card, so don't go crazy.

Savage: You have my word. Live your life, Owen, 'cause that's all you got.

Owen: You, too, Savage.

[They go their separate ways]

[Apartment of Hunter & Corona Steele, 10:30am]

[Hunter, Corona, and Aqune come out of the master bedroom; Hunter is carrying a duffel bag; Jeb walks up to them]

Jeb: Yo! Where's the fire?

Hunter: There isn't any, Jeb. Corona's about to go into labor.

Jeb: Y'mean the baby's comin'?!

Corona: Yes, and we gotta get to the hospital, pronto!

Jeb How far apart are the contractions, by the way?

Aqune: 10 minutes. Now, Jeb, we need you to stay behind and keep an eye on things.

Hunter: Your bowls are filled up, and we'll call to keep you posted.

Jeb: You got it, boss!

Hunter: See ya later, Jeb.

[He and the girls exit the apartment; Hunter locks the door; Jeb walks up to his iPhone]

Jeb: Siri, call Alvin.

[Cut to the warehouse on Madison Street; Alvin's iPhone rings (caller ID: Jeb); Alvin picks up]

Alvin: What's up, Jeb?

Jeb: Hunter, Corona, and Aqune just left for the hospital. Looks like the baby is on its way.

Alvin: FINALLY! Which hospital? I wanna be there for 'em.

Jeb: NewYork-Presbyterian, Lower Manhattan. Not too far by driving.

Alvin: Thanks, Jeb. I'll tell the others. Bye. [hangs up] Guys, it's almost time!

[The other Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and Eris' group walks up to him]

Kio: What's up, Alvin?

Brittany: Almost time for what?

Alvin: Hunter and Corona's new baby! Looks like it'll be born any minute now! We gotta get to the hospital!

Manami: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hit the brakes, Alvin. You can't expect the baby to be born the moment Hunter and Corona get to the hospital.

Simon: You never can tell with childbirth, Manami. You and the others should keep that in mind for when you go into labor.

Manami: Oh, yeah.

Eris: I think we should go, though. It couldn't hurt to pay a visit.

[Itokazu enters]

Miss Itokazu: What's all this about a new baby?

Alvin: Hey, Miss Itokazu. Corona's in labor. They're on their way to NewYork-Presbyterian in Lower Manhattan.

Miss Itokazu: Really?

Aoi: Really, and we wanna pay them a visit, just in case.

Miss Itokazu: We'd better get going. Maybe we can stop and pick up some gifts on the way.

Eris: Then let's go!

[Lincoln Correctional Facility, 10:35am]

[Ewan Mathers (played by Luke Evans) stands before the parole board, with ADA Alex Garcia and EADA Derek Watson representing the People; Owen is watching]

Ewan: I served 15 years with a clean record of conduct. The last eight, I worked at the Con Ed plant without any supervision. When not working, I'd teach fellow inmates reading and self-defense. Now, I'm not the same man I was 15 years ago. Every week, I had therapy. Therapy I asked for personally, not ordered by the court. I maintain discipline. I understand myself. I'm responsible for my actions. If you grant me parole, I plan on moving back in with my father, find a new job near home, and support Dad. I plan to donate to my victim's family. Personally. I'm not saying I deserve another chance. But I assure you that I will never harm anyone again. You have my word.

Board member A: Thank you, Mr. Mathers. Mr. Watson? Mr. Garcia?

Watson: Gentlemen, the People don't think Mr. Mathers has changed at all. Mr. Garcia and I may not have been there was he was prosecuted, but we think he's just as dangerous now as he was 15 years ago. He's a convicted murderer, even though he pleaded guilty and agreed to serve time in minimum security. His victim was a respected businessman who was strangled to death by Mr. Mathers.

Alex: On her deathbed two years ago, the victim's widow filmed a message to the DA's office saying that Mr. Mathers should pay off his debt to society by serving another 10 years at least.

Board member B: Thank you, sirs. Does the applicant's father have anything to say?

Owen: Yes, gentlemen. My son only did what he did because he was out of control. When my old company's profits went down 15 years ago, Mr. Parisi blamed Ewan, because I used my share of the dough to cover his essential expenses. Food, rent, health insurance, everything. Parisi teased him a great deal, and that's why Ewan strangled him. He was trying to defend me. Please, men, he's done enough time. He's not a violent man. At least not anymore.

Board member C: Thank you, sir. [to Ewan] Mr. Mathers, we've taken into account your warden's recommendation, your psychiatric evaluation, and your report of conduct. Though we're mindful of the People's concerns, we at the parole board hereby grant your request for release, effective immediately.

[Ewan breathes a sigh of relief]

[A bit later, Owen and Ewan exit the facility with Ewan's personal effects]

Ewan: You've been working for Prescott Vorstein? Just to prove to Cousin Ellen that working for a demon like that Ike chap you spoke of would lead her to her doom?

Owen: Yes.

Ewan: Well, where is the bastard now?

Owen: If you mean Prescott, he's underwater in a submarine base. If you mean Ike, I haven't heard from him lately. Nor from Ellen. At least, not until June.

Ewan: Oh. How is she now?

Owen: Well, all I can tell you is that she's not Ellen Mira Mathers anymore. She's been reincarnated as LN, a robotic secretary working for Mechike, the leader of the Demonoids. And she has no memory of ever being human.

Ewan: Oh, my God.

Owen: Well, at least that's what I believe. I don't have any proof, but I'd bet my life on it.

Ewan: Anyway, Dad, how's Karen?

Owen: Unfortunately, I haven't heard from her, either. Last I heard, she was working for an organization fighting against Ike's.

Ewan: Well, that's Karen. Always the quiet one.

[They get inside Owen's rental car; the car drives off]

Ewan: How did you get this car?

Owen: Since my car was too far from where I docked, I rushed to the nearest car rental branch. This was the last one unreserved. But as soon as we get home, I'll arrange to have it returned tomorrow.

Ewan: What'll we do now?

Owen: Just catch up. That's all.

[Later, elsewhere in the city, Kio, Eris, and Antonia come out of a flower shop with flower arrangements and gets in Itokazu's rental SUV]

Miss Itokazu: Mums? Really?

Antonia: Best we could do in the fall, Miss I.

Miss Itokazu: [starts the car] Anyway, is that greeting card ready?

Jeanette: Mm-hmm. Corona's gonna love this.

Miss Itokazu: [drives off] By the way, earlier this morning, I saw on the news that this guy Ewan Mathers is to have a parole hearing today.

Manami: Who's he?

Miss Itokazu: 15 years ago, he strangled to death a man who blamed him for Ewan's father's company going down the drain. He took a plea and has served the minimum 15 years.

Alvin: Extreme emotional disturbance?

Miss Itokazu: Yes. He just snapped.

Brittany: Mathers-- Where have I heard that name before?

Simon: Probably also the surname of one of Prescott Vorstein's top generals. His #2: Owen Mathers.

Miss Itokazu: That's Ewan's dad's name.

[Alvin gets a text from Derek Watson: "Ewan Mathers is out of jail. His dad was there for the hearing."]

Alvin: Well, Ewan's out of jail. And you won't believe this. His dad attended the hearing.

Theodore: What on Earth is Owen up to?

Alvin: I don't know, but the next time we meet up with him, we'll get to the bottom of it.

[Itokazu's iPhone rings (caller ID: Tyler Steele); she presses the accept button on the car audio receiver]

Miss Itokazu: What's happening, Tyler?

Tyler: Owen and Ewan Mathers are on your tail, Maki. License plate: OMM-5821. Our drones caught them.

Miss Itokazui: What?

[She notices Owen's car approaching beside her SUV]

Miss Itokazu: [honks the horn, then opens the window] Hey, you!

[Ewan rolls down his window]

Ewan: What do you want, lady?

Miss Itokazu: Ewan Mathers?

Ewan: Yes.

Miss Itokazu: Alvin?

[Alvin rolls down his window]

Alvin: [flashes his badge] ACME Crime Net. Pull over right now. We wanna talk to your father.

Owen: [notices the gang] Alvin Seville? Now what does he want?

Ewan: Have your babysitter pull your vehicle up to Robert F. Wagner Sr. Place. We live in an apartment there. We'll talk at the little playground.

Alvin: You got that, Miss Itokazu?

Miss Itokazu: Roger that.

[A bit later, on a playground outside an apartment complex at Robert F. Wagner Place, the two vehicles park; everyone gets off]

Manami: All right, you bastards. What's Prescott want now? And can we make this quick? Our friend's in labor.

Ewan: I assure you, this has nothing to do with Prescott.

Owen: Quite. Ewan and I were just about to catch up.

Eris: Did Prescott give you the day off?

Owen: Actually, I ditched him.

Alvin: You WHAT?! [approaches Owen] Come clean, Owen. Why did you abandon Prescott? You're his #2!

Owen: You do realize that Prescott has ways of disposing of minions for which he has no use, don't you? Remember just a couple of weeks ago when Corrine Robertson died from excessive use of her Cyber Demon Gear unit? Ring a bell?

Brittany: Yeah. [realizes] Oh! And you don't want anymore part of it?

Owen: Yes. Not to mention, about seven months ago, when the Parasites battled you, one of the CDG users' units deactivated. I did it. [extracts the unit blocker from his pocket] With this.

Simon: What is that thing?

Owen: It's a unit blocker. Once a CDG user's vital signs become severe, the red button flashes, giving me the chance to deactivate the user's unit.

Kio: So you were doing them a favor.

Owen: Right. Even the mechanical engineer Ira Gelman, who invented this gadget, is having doubts about working with Prescott. But he hasn't acted on that yet. [puts his unit blocker back in his pocket]

Alvin: Tell me, Owen, why did you join Prescott's gang in the first place?

Owen: [sighs] There's something I have to tell you, Alvin, but Prescott must never find out. But only if you beat me in a duel. Me and my son. [to his son] Better whip out those cards we bought on the way, Ewan. And your new duel disk, too. This could be fun.

Ewan: [extracts his deck and duel disk] Right, then.

Alvin: [whips out his duel disk and one of his decks] Okay. I'll duel you.

Owen: But first, we need to disable the homing devices on our duel disks, lest Prescott finds out where we are.

[He whips out his duel disk and deck; he, Ewan, and Alvin disable the homing devices on their duel disks]

Antonia: Alvin, do you realize what you're doing? You could be playing into Prescott's hands.

Alvin: But I never back down from a duel. I'll duel these two.

Ewan: Since we're dueling, why don't we make this fair? Each of us starts with 4,000 life points, and you, Alvin, start with 8,000.

Miss Itokazu: This could mean a really long duel.

Eleanor: If that's the case, we'll have to keep in touch with Hunter and the others at the hospital.

Alvin: I agree to the terms. Now, let's shuffle and begin!

[He and the Mathers shuffle their respective deck and insert them into their duel disks; they each draw five cards; the field transforms into what resembles London; everyone puts on their duel gazers]

P.A.: Augmented reality vision link established.

Alvin, Owen, and Ewan: Let's duel!

Alvin: 8,000 (Hand: 5)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Ewan: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Alvin, Owen, and Ewan: [each roll a die] Go, dice roll!

[Alvin's die comes up 4; Owen's comes up 3; Ewan's comes up 5]

Alvin: 4.

Owen: 3.

Ewan: 5.

Alvin: Then you decide who goes first.

Ewan: Dad, why don't you lead off?

Owen: I'd be honored. [places two cards] I'll start by setting the Pendulum Scale with scale-1 Shaddoll Zefranaga and scale-7 Shaddoll Zefracore!

[Said two monsters appear in his Pendulum Zones (scale: 1-7)]

Owen: Now I can Pendulum-summon Shaddoll and Zefra monsters from my hand whose levels are 2-6! But I'll save that for later. [sets a monster, then two more cards] I set a monster, then these two to my back row, and end my turn. Son?

Ewan: [draws] I draw! [places two cards] I'll use the same opening move my dad used. Scale-1 Ritual Beast Tamer Zeframpilica, and scale-7 Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi!

[Said two monsters appear in his Pendulum Zones (scale: 1-7)]

Ewan: [sets three cards] I set three cards, then Pendulum-summon this! [places a card] Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,800]

Ewan: That ends my turn.

Alvin: [draws] My turn! [places a card] I activate the Spell: Pendulum Call! [discards a card] By discarding a card, I can add two Pendulum Magicians from my deck to my hand. [takes two cards from his deck] Scale-1 Purple Poison Magician and scale-8 Double Iris Magician. A couple new friends I added to my deck not too long ago. [places said cards] Now to set the Pendulum Scale!

[Said two magicians appear in Alvin's Pendulum Zones]

Alvin: [places three cards] It's time for the Pendulum-summon!

[Three monsters appear:]

Alvin: Dragonpulse Magician!

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,800]

Alvin: Harmonizing Magician!

[LV: 4
ATK: 0]

Alvin: And Chocolate Magician Girl!

[Chocolate Magician Girl appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,600]

Chocolate Magician Girl: My master, I'm here to serve you.

Ewan: They can talk to their owners?

Owen: It's all thanks to these duel gazers. You gotta give props to KaibaCorp.

Alvin: I'm with you on that one, Owen. Now, I activate the effect of Harmonizing Magician! When she's Pendulum-summoned, I get to special-summon a Magician Pendulum monster from my deck with its effect negated. [places a card from his deck] Come forth, White Wing Magician!

[White Wing Magician appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,600]

Alvin: Now, I build the Overlay Network with level-4 White Wing Magician and Dragonpulse Magician!

[Said two monsters convert to streaks of light; the Overlay Network appears]

Alvin: [places a card from his Extra Deck] Behold, Timestar Magician!

[Timestar Magician emerges from the Overlay Network]

[RANK: 4
ATK: 2,400]

Alvin: Next, I activate Chocolate Magician Girl's effect. [discards a card] I discard Dark Magician from my hand to draw a card. [draws a card] But I'm not quite done yet. [places the card he just drew] Next, I normal-summon Black Fang Magician!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,700]

Alvin: Now, I tune my level-4 Harmonizing Magician to my level-4 Black Fang Magician!

[Said two monsters tune together]

Alvin: Two of my monsters tune and unite.
Watch as they combine their might!

[places another card from his Extra Deck] I Synchro-summon Enlightenment Paladin!

[Enlightenment Paladin appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: The newest paladin on the block. And guess what? Because Harmonizing Magician and Black Fang Magician were Pendulum monsters, instead of going from the field to the graveyard, they go face-up into my Extra Deck. [takes a card from his graveyard] And because I Synchro-summoned Enlightenment Paladin using a Magician Pendulum monster, I get to add a Spell Card from my graveyard to my hand: Pendulum Call! I'll save it for later. Right now, I'll activate Timestar Magician's effect. Once per turn, by using an Overlay Unit, I can add a Dark Spellcaster from my deck, graveyard, or face-up from my Extra Deck to my hand. [takes a card from his deck] I'll choose Dark Magician Girl.

Ewan: Dark Magician Girl? Isn't that one of Yugi Muto's cards?

Owen: That's a different copy he got from dueling a magician earlier this year.

Alvin: Time to go into battle. Chocolate Magician Girl, attack Owen's set monster! Chocolate Burning Attack!

[Choclate Magician Girl fires a blast from her scepter at Owen's set monster, revealing it to be Shaddoll Hedgehog, and destroying it]

Owen: You activated Shaddoll Hedgehog's flip effect. [takes a card from his deck] It lets me add a Shaddoll Spell or Trap from my deck to my hand: Shaddoll Fusion.

Alvin: Sadly, you won't get the chance to use it. Timestar Magician, attack Owen directly!

[Timestar Magician fires a blast from his scepter at Owen]

Ewan: [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Zefra War! This card lets me target a different Zefra card I control and one card you control and destroy them. Out go Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi and your Timestar Magician!

[Said two cards are destroyed]

Alvin: You're gonna pay for that, Ewan. And Enlightenment Paladin's effect will make sure of that. Enlightenment Paladin, attack and destroy Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda!

[Enlightenment Paladin strikes Winda w//his sword, destroying her]

Alvin: Here's Enlightenment Paladin's effect: When he destroys a monster in battle, you take damage equal to the destroyed monster's original attack points!

Ewan: Hold on a second. I activate Winda's effect. If you destroy her, I can special-summon any Ritual Beast monster from my deck or Extra Deck, ignoring its summoning conditions. [places a card from his Extra Deck] I choose Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,600]

Ewan: Now comes the damage.

[He takes effect damage]

Alvin: 8,000 (Hand: 2)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 1)
Ewan: 2,400 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: That monster of yours is awesome, I'll admit. I end my turn.

Owen: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Field Spell: Curse of the Shadow Prison!

[His field transforms to that of said card]

Owen: From now on, each time a Shaddoll monster is sent to the graveyard by a card effect, this card gains a Spellstone Counter for each sent monster, and all your monsters lose 100 attack points for each counter during your turn. [places another card] Next, I activate the Spell: Shaddoll Fusion! Since you control a monster special-summoned from the Extra Deck, I can Fusion-summon a Shaddoll monster using materials from my deck. I fuse Shaddoll Falco and Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi!

[Said two monsters appear and fuse together]

Owen: I Fusion-summon El Shaddoll Wendigo!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 6
DEF: 2,800]

[Curse of the Shadow Prison gains a counter]

Owen: Because Shaddoll Falco was sent to the graveyard, I can special-summon it back to the field in face-down defense mode!

[Said monster appears set]

Owen: [reveals set card] Next, I activate Card of Sanctity! Everyone draw until each hand holds six cards.

[Each duelist does so]

Owen: [places another card] Next comes Polymerization! I fuse Falco with Satellarknight Zefrathuban in my hand to Fusion-summon El Shaddoll Construct!

[Said Fusion materials appear, then fuse together to form said Fusion monster]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

[Curse of the Shadow Prison gains another counter]

Owen: If I special-summon this monster, I get to send a Shaddoll card from my deck to my graveyard: [sends a card from his deck to his graveyard] Shaddoll Core! And since I sent it to the graveyard, I can add a different Shaddoll card from my graveyard to my hand. [takes a card from his graveyard] Shaddoll Fusion. But since I can't use its effect more than once per turn, I'll save it for next turn. [reveals set card] But I can activate this: Fine! [discards two cards] This card lets me discard two cards from my hand: Shaddoll Hound and Shaddoll Squamata. Thereby, giving Curse of the Shadow Prison two more Spellstone Counters.

[Curse of the Shadow Prison gains two more counters]

Owen: And because Shaddoll Hound was sent to the graveyard, I get to activate its effect by changing the battle position of any monster on the field. I'll choose the monster I set earlier: Shaddoll Falco!

[Shaddoll Falco is flipped face-up]

[LV: 2
ATK: 600]

Alvin: I take it you're gonna use Falco to Synchro-summon, considering it's a Tuner monster.

Owen: You're very bright, young friend. [places a card] I normal-summon another copy of Shaddoll Hound, then tune my level-2 Shaddoll Falco to my level-4 Shaddoll Hound!

[Shaddoll Hound appears; it and Falco tune together]

Owen: I Synchro-summon Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,600]

[Curse of the Shadow Prison gains two more counters]

Owen: [places another card] Now, I activate another copy of Polymerization! This time, thanks to Curse of the Shadow Prison's effect, I can use one of your monsters as a Fusion material by removing three of its counters.

[Three counters disappear]

Alvin: Oh, no!

Owen: I fuse El Shaddoll Wendigo and Chocolate Magician Girl to Fusion-summon El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis!

[Said two Fusion materials fuse together to form said Fusion monster]

[LV: 9
ATK: 2,700]

Alvin: I'll make you pay for that, Owen!

Owen: Unfortunately, with these two powerful El Shaddolls and Gaia Knight on the field, there's nothing you can do to make me pay. Plus, El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis' effect prevents us all from special-summoning from our hands or graveyards with Spell or Trap effects. Now it's time for battle! El Shaddoll Construct, attack Alvin's Enlightenment Paladin!

[El Shaddoll Construct fires its attack at Enlightenment Paladin]

Alvin: I may have an empty back row, but the cards in my Pendulum Zones also have special effects. For instance, Purple Poison Magician's effect gives Enlightenment Paladin an extra 1,200 attack points.

[Purple Poison Magician grants power to Enlightenment Paladin]

[ATK: 3,700]

Owen: Close, but no cigar, Alvin. El Shaddoll Construct's effect will save me. When it battles a monster that was special-summoned, at the start of the damage step, that monster is destroyed!

[El Shaddoll Construct's attack zaps Enlightenment Paladin to nothingness]

Alvin: No! [growls] That was one of my best monsters!

[Purple Poison Magician is destroyed and disappears into Alvin's Extra Deck]

Owen: Because you used Purple Poison Magician's effect, it's destroyed. Not that it means anything. Now it's Gaia Knight's turn to take your last monster out!

[Gaia Knight strikes Timestar Magician, destroying him]

Owen: Now, El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis, attack him directly!

[Anoyatyllis fires its attack at Alvin, hitting him directly]

Alvin: 5,300 (Hand: 6)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 1)
Ewan: 2,400 (Hand: 6)]

Owen: Ewan, it's all up to you.

Ewan: Thanks, Dad. [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] This lets me draw two more cards. [places a card in his Pendulum Zone] And now to finish up the Pendulum Scale with another copy of Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi!

[Said monster appears in Ewan's empty Pendulum Zone]

Ewan: [places four cards] Now it's time for another Pendulum-summon!

[Four monsters appear]

Ewan: Ritual Beast Apelio!

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,800]

Ewan: Ritual Beast Tamer Wen!

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,500]

Ewan: Ritual Beast Tamer Elder!

[LV: 2
ATK: 200]

Ewan: And Spiritual Beast Cannahawk!

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,400]

Ewan: Now it's time for a Contact Fusion! That's a method of special-summoning a Fusion monster from the Extra Deck without using a Fusion-related Spell Card. I banish Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio, Ritual Beast Tamer Elder, and Spiritual Beast Apelio to fuse them together!

[Said three monsters fuse together]

Ewan: Behold, Ritual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 10
ATK: 3,200]

Alvin: Oh, boy.

Ewan: And I'm not quite done yet. I banish Ritual Beast Tamer Wen and Spiritual Beast Cannahawk to fuse them together!

[Said two monsters fuse together]

Ewan: Rise and destroy once more, Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,600]

Owen: Well done, son! Those monsters' combined attack points should be more than enough to wipe Alvin out.

Ewan: And there's nothing he can do to avert it. Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio, attack Alvin directly!

[Ulti-Apelio fires its attack at Alvin, hitting him directly]

Alvin: 2,700 (Hand: 6)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 1)
Ewan: 2,400 (Hand: 1)]

Eris: I don't like the looks of this. One more attack, and Alvin's done!

Manami: If only he had a good card in his hand!

Ewan: Ritual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio, wipe Alvin out!

[Ulti-Gaiapelio fires its attack at Alvin]

Miss Itokazu: This isn't good!

Brittany: Come on, Alvin!

[Cut to the Nickar; LN looks through the radar]

LN: Two months and no sign of the deserters anywhere. How can this radar not detect them?

[Mechike approaches]

Mechike: No doubt they may have used devices to prevent us from ever tracking them down. Any word from the generals?

LN: They've been at it for over two weeks. No luck.

[Prescott enters]

Prescott: Still no word on--

Mechike and LN: Nothing.

Prescott: [growls] They're elusive, but no one escapes Prescott Vorstein. Once I find Owen and Savage, it's hanging time.

Mechike: My lord, I promise you, we'll find them, dead or alive.

Prescott: If any of them are dead, no one comes back without a corpse.

[Meanwhile, elsewhere in New York, Savage (still in human form) comes out of a pizzeria with a cup of soda]

Savage: I owe Owen everything, but I don't know how I'm ever gonna repay him.

[He walks off; in a nearby alley, Delta eyes him]

Delta: Hmm... That voice sounds familiar. [to her communicator] Lady LN, do you copy?

LN: Have you found them, Delta?

Delta: I'm close to Savage. I've reason to believe he's masquerading in human form.

LN: Keep an eye on him. In fact, I know a way you can draw him out.

[One of Temper's broken horns (all that is left of him) appears in Delta's right hand]

Delta: Isn't this all that's left of Temper?

LN: Just trust me.

Delta: Tell me what to do, milady.

[Cut back to the duel at Robert F. Wagner Place]

Ewan: Ritual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio, wipe Alvin out!

[Ulti-Gaiapelio fires its attack at Alvin]

Miss Itokazu: This isn't good!

Brittany: Come on, Alvin!

Alvin: [discards a card] I activate the effect of Sphere Kuriboh, discarding him to switch your monster into defense mode!

[Sphere Kuriboh rolls toward Ulti-Gaiapelio]

Ewan: [banishes a card from his hand] Not gonna happen. I activate Ulti-Gaiapelio's effect. By banishing a Ritual Beast card from my hand, this being Ritual Beast Return, I can negate the effect of a Spell, Trap, or monster effect that activated and destroy that card.

[Sphere Kuriboh is destroyed]

Ewan: Now that that's out of my way...

Alvin: I've got a backup plan all ready to go! [banishes a card from his graveyard] I banish Clear Kuriboh from my graveyard to draw a card, and if it's a monster, I'll special-summon it to the field to intercept your attack! And Ulti-Gaiapelio can't negate it, since your hand is empty.

Ewan: But what you draw won't save you. Just try.

Kio: Draw a good one, Alvin.

Alvin: [draws] Here goes!

[He reveals the card he just drew: Chocolate Magician Girl]

Ewan: Another one?!

Alvin: [places the card] Yep! Chocolate Magician Girl, return to the field!

[Chocolate Magician Girl reappears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,000]

Antonia: Whew! That was close. At least it bought Alvin another turn.

Ewan: Well, she may keep you on the field for one more turn, but I'll be happy to destroy her again!

[Ulti-Gaiapelio fires at Chocolate Magician Girl]

Alvin: I activate Chocolate Magician Girl's effect! I special-summon a Spellcaster from my graveyard to take the attack and cut your attacking monster's attack points in half! I special-summon Enlightenment Paladin to the field!

[Enlightenment Paladin reappears]

ATK: 1,600]

Ewan: No! Hold your fire!

Alvin: Too late, Ewan! Your monster's through, and thanks to Enlightenment Paladin's effect, so will you be!

[Enlightenment Paladin slices through Ulti-Gaiapelio's attack and bisects it w/his sword, destroying it]

Ewan: [reveals set card] You may have destroyed my best monster, but I'm staying in this duel with Damage Diet! This card cuts the damage I take this turn in half!

[He gets blasted with half the damage he would have taken]

Alvin: 2,700 (Hand: 5)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 1)
Ewan: 350 (Hand: 0)]

Owen: Ewan!

Ewan: It's far from over, Dad. [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Numinous Healer! After taking damage, I regain 1,000 life points.

Alvin: 2,700 (Hand: 5)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 1)
Ewan: 1,350 (Hand: 0)]

Ewan: I end my turn.

Simon: Alvin may have gotten his paladin back, but right now, Owen and Ewan have the strongest monsters on the field.

Miss Itokazu: He's gonna need a miracle to get through this turn.

Brittany: But remember when Owen used Card of Sanctity earlier? Those cards Alvin drew could help him win.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I reset the Pendulum Scale with another copy of scale-1 Purple Poison Magician!

[Said monster appears in Alvin's empty Pendulum Zone]

Alvin: Now that my Pendulum Scale is reset, I can Pendulum-summon again! [places a card from his Extra Deck and one from his hand] I Pendulum-summon Black Fang Magician back to the field, along with Dark Magician Girl from my hand!

[Black Fang Magician reappears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,700 (reduced to 1,400)]

[Dark Magician Girl appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,000 (reduced to 1,700)]

Alvin: [places a card] Next, I activate the Spell: Level Tuning! This card reduces the levels of all my monsters by one until the end phase.

LV: 3]

LV: 3]

LV: 7]

LV: 5]

Alvin: Now prepare yourself for one of the ultimate Synchro-summons! I tune my level-3 Black Fang Magician to my level-7 Enlightenment Paladin!

Ewan: Point of order! None of your monsters are Tuners!

Alvin: True, but for this Synchro-summon, I can treat a Pendulum-summoned Pendulum monster as a Tuner, like Black Fang Magician! GO!

[Black Fang Magician and Enlightenment Paladin tune together]

Alvin: From the peaceful depths of time, release the light throughout this wide world, and revive! Synchro Summon! Level 10! Super Magical Swordsman of Nirvana! Nirvana High Paladin!

[Nirvana High Paladin appears]

[LV: 10
ATK: 3,300 (reduced to 3,000)]

Owen: This doesn't look good.

Alvin: [takes a card from his graveyard] Because Nirvana High Paladin was Synchro-summoned by using a Pendulum-summoned Pendulum monster as a Tuner, I get to add a card from my graveyard to my hand: White Wing Magician. [places said card] Next, I normal-summon her to the field!

[White Wing Magician appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,600 (reduced to 1,300)]

Alvin: Now, before I attack, I gotta get some roadblocks out of the way, and I'll clear 'em out with this! [places another card] Dark Burning Attack! If I control Dark Magician Girl, all your face-up monsters are destroyed!

Dark Magician Girl: Dark Burning Attack!

[She unleashes a powerful blast from her scepter at all of Owen and Ewan's monsters, destroying them]

Owen: Because you destroyed my El Shaddoll monsters, I get to add a Shaddoll Spell or Trap from my graveyard to my hand for each one destroyed. [takes a card from his graveyard] But since Shaddoll Core was the only Shaddoll Spell or Trap in my graveyard, this is all that'll do.

Ewan: I would have used Ulti-Apelio's effect to return it to the Extra Deck and special-summon one of my banished Ritual Beast Tamers and a Spiritual Beasts each, but Dark Burning Attack would have destroyed them, anyway.

Alvin: Well, now that your fields are empty, my monsters are free to attack. [places a card] But first, I activate the Spell: Heavy Storm! All Spells and Traps, including the ones in our Pendulum Zones, are destroyed!

Ewan: [reveals set card] I chain my Trap: Threatening Roar! No attacking us this turn!

[All Spells and Traps are destroyed, along with every card in every Pendulum Zone; all of Alvin's monsters regain their lost ATK]

Ewan: You may have cleared our fields, but you haven't cleared us out yet.

Alvin: Not yet I haven't. Owen, your move.

Owen: [draws] Very well. [looks at what he just drew; in his mind] This should keep him busy for a while. [aloud; places a card] I activate Swords of Revealing Light!

[Flashing swords surround Alvin's field]

Owen: As long as my swords are on the field--

Alvin: I know what Swords of Revealing Light does, Owen. We all do. Three turns, no attacking for me.

Owen: Wise. But in the meantime, here comes the Spell: [places another card] Shaddoll Fusion! And since Nirvana High Paladin was summoned from your Extra Deck, Alvin, you know what happens.

Alvin: Fusion materials come straight from your deck.

Owen: Exactly! [sends two cards from his deck to his graveyard] I fuse Shaddoll Beast with Earthbound Spirit!

[Said two monsters appear, then fuse together]

Owen: I Fusion-summon El Shaddoll Shekhinaga!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 10
ATK: 2,600]

Owen: If Shaddoll Beast is sent to the graveyard by a card effect, I get to draw another card. [draws a card] Shekhinaga, attack White Wing Magician!

[Shekhinaga fires its attack at White Wing Magician, destroying her]

Alvin: 1,700 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 1)
Ewan: 1,350 (Hand: 0)]

Owen: That's about all I can do for this turn. Ewan?

Ewan: [draws] Right! I draw! [sets a card] I set a monster and end my turn.

Alvin: My turn! [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Pendulum Call! [discards a card] By discarding a card, I add two Pendulum Magicians from my deck to my hand. [takes two cards from his deck] Scale-1 Purple Poison Magician and scale-8 Double Iris Magician. [places said two cards] And I'll use them now to set another Pendulum Scale!

[Purple Poison Magician and Double Iris Magician appear in Alvin's Pendulum Zones]

Alvin: Now, I Pendulum-summon again! [places two cards from his Extra Deck] Black Fang Magician and White Wing Magician, return to the field!

[Black Fang Magician and White Wing Magician appear]

LV: 4
DEF: 800]

LV: 4
DEF: 1,400]

Alvin: Next, I switch my Magician Girls into defense mode.

[Said monsters switch into defense mode]

DEF: 1,700]

DEF: 1,000]

Alvin: I'll keep Nirvana High Paladin in attack mode for now. But since you still have your Swords of Revealing Light on the field, I'll have to end my turn.

Owen: [draws] My turn! [places a card] I activate the Spell: Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I draw two more cards. [looks at what he just drew] Oh. Interesting. [places another card] I activate Soul Release! [banishes three cards from his graveyard] I banish El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis, El Shaddoll Construct, and Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth from my graveyard. [in his mind; looks at Ewan's set monster] Hmm... Ewan might be onto something. I've seen him use this strategy when his hand was empty before. And why bother going after Alvin's monsters while they're in defense mode? I'll save my next attack for later. [aloud; sets two cards] I set two cards and end my turn.

Ewan: [draws] Draw! I flip my set monster into attack mode!

[His set monster is flipped into attack mode, revealing it to be Morphing Jar]

[LV: 2
ATK: 700]

Owen: I knew it!

Ewan: Morphing Jar's flip effect activates. All our hands go to the graveyard, and we each draw five new cards. [discards a card] I have no use for this old thing.

Owen: [discards a card] This card is, but only if it's sent to the graveyard.

[Each duelist draws five cards]

Alvin: Too bad for you I had nothing to lose.

Owen: Now I activate the effect of Shaddoll Core that was sent to the graveyard. [takes a card from his graveyard] Remember Shaddoll Fusion? It's back in my hand once again.

Ewan: [places two cards] Now, I set the new Pendulum Scale with Scale-1 Scale-1 Ritual Beast Tamer Zeframpilica, and scale-5 Zefraath!

[Said two monsters appear in Ewan's Pendulum Zones]

Ewan: [places three cards from his Extra Deck] Now, I Pendulum-summon the three Pendulum monsters that were destroyed earlier!

[Three monsters appear]

Ewan: Two copies of Ritual Beast Tamer Zeframplica!

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,000]

Ewan: And Shaddoll Zefranaga!

[LV: 2
ATK: 900]

Ewan: [places another card] Next, I activate the Spell: Mystical Space Typhoon! I'll use it to destroy Zefraath!

[Zefraath is destroyed]

Ewan: [places Zefraath on his field] Now that this monster's in my Extra Deck and I control three Zefra monsters, I can special-summon it by tributing all of my monsters!

[All four of his monsters vanish]

Ewan: Arise and annihilate, Zefraath!

[Zefraath appears]

[LV: 11
ATK: 3,450]

Ewan: My strongest Zefra monster is all set to destroy your mighty Nirvana High Paladin. Oh, but first, I activate this: [places another card] The Equip Spell: Megamorph! Since my life points are lower than yours, Alvin, Zefraath's original attack points double to 6,900!

ATK: 6,900]

Kio: 6,900?! That's more than enough to destroy Alvin's paladin and wipe him out!

Manami: Jeez! Doesn't this kid ever get a break?!

Ewan: Time to bid farewell, Alvin! Zefraath, attack Alvin's paladin and end this duel!

[Zefraath fires its attack at Nirvana High Paladin]

Alvin: I activate the effect of Purple Poison Magician, giving Nirvana High Paladin 1,200 more attack points, before destroying this card!

[Purple Poison Magician grants Nirvana High Paladin power and is destroyed]

ATK: 4,500]

[Nirvana High Paladin is destroyed by Zefraath's attack]

Alvin: 300 (Hand: 5)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Ewan: 1,350 (Hand: 1)]

Owen: Damn! So close!

Ewan: And to make matters worse, now that his life points are lower than mine, Megamorph cuts Zefraath's original attack points in half.

ATK: 1,625]

Alvin: And there's one thing I forgot to tell you: Nirvana High Paladin is also a Pendulum monster! That means if he's destroyed in the Monster Zone, instead of putting him in my Extra Deck, I can put him in one of my empty Pendulum Zones!

[Nirvana High Paladin appears in Alvin's empty Pendulum Zone]

Ewan: Wait a minute, a Pendulum-Synchro monster?!

Owen: I've never heard of that!

Alvin: There's always gonna be a first in Duel Monsters, guys.

Ewan: Well, I, for one, am flabbergasted. [sets a card] I set my last card and end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] My turn! I switch all my monsters back into attack mode.

[All of Alvin's monsters switch into attack mode]

Owen: Excuse me, but haven't you forgotten about my Swords of Revealing Light?

Alvin: [places another card] I haven't. That's why I have my own copy of Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it!

[Swords of Revealing Light is destroyed]

Alvin: [places another card] Now for Apple Magician Girl to join her sisters in this fight!

[Apple Magician Girl appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,200]

Alvin: Now, I attack with White Wing Magician!

[White Wing Magician fires a magic blast at Zefraath, hitting it]

Miss Itokazu: I don't get it. White Wing Magician's attack points are lower than Zefraath's, so she should've been destroyed, and Alvin should've lost 25 life points.

Kio: How could they both survive unscathed?

Alvin: It's all thanks to Nirvana High Paladin's Pendulum effect. If a Pendulum monster I control attacks, it can't be destroyed, and I take no battle damage. But here's the fun part: All your monsters lose attack points equal to that of the attacking monster.

ATK: 25]

ATK: 1,000]

Ewan: This can't be!

Alvin: Yes, it can! Now, Chocolate Magician Girl, destroy Zefraath and wipe Ewan out!

Dark Magician Girl: Go get 'em, girl!

Chocolate Magician Girl: Got it, sis!

[She fires a blast from her scepter at Zefraath]

Ewan: [reveals set card] I activate Power Frame! This card negates your attack and equips itself to Zefraath, raising its attack points to match that of your attacking monster.

[Chocolate Magician Girl's attack is negated]

ATK: 1,600]

Alvin: Very clever, Ewan. [places another card] But not clever enough, 'cause I activate Double or Nothing!

Owen and Ewan: Not that card!

Alvin: Yes, this card! Because you negated Chocolate Magician Girl's attack, not only does she get to attack again, but her attack points are doubled!

ATK: 3,200]

Ewan and Owen: Time to panic!

Alvin: Chocolate Magician Girl, finish him off for good! Chocolate Burning Attack!

[Chocolate Magician Girl fires a massive blast from her scepter at Zefraath, destroying it; Ewan screams as he gets blasted with damage; he hits the ground]

Alvin: 300 (Hand: 4)
Owen: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Ewan: 0 (Hand: 0)]

Owen: Ewan!

Alvin: And you're next, Owen! Black Fang Magician, attack El Shaddoll Shekhinaga!

[Black Fang Magician fires a blast from his scepter at Shekhinaga, destroying it]

Alvin: 300 (Hand: 4)
Owen: 3,000 (Hand: 5)
Ewan: 0 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: Apple Magician Girl, Apple Burning Attack!

[Apple Magician Girl fires a blast from her scepter at Owen, hitting him directly]

Alvin: 300 (Hand: 4)
Owen: 1,800 (Hand: 5)]

Alvin: Dark Magician Girl, end this duel with Dark Burning Attack!

[Dark Magician Girl fires a blast from her scepter at Owen]

Owen: [discards a card] You're not the only one with a Sphere Kuriboh, Alvin! I discard him from my hand to switch Dark Magician Girl into defense mode!

[Sphere Kuriboh bowls Dark Magician Girl into defense mode]

Alvin: Not a bad move, Owen. [sets three cards] I set three cards and end my turn.

Owen: [draws] I draw! [places three cards] I activate three copies of the Continuous Spell: 7! Now that I have three copies of this card, I get to draw three more cards. [draws three cards] Then all three of them are destroyed.

[All three copies of 7 are destroyed]

Owen: And I gain 700 life points for each copy destroyed.

Alvin: 300 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 3,900 (Hand: 6)]

Owen: [reveals set card] Now, I activate the Spell I set last turn: Dimension Fusion! By paying 2,000 life points, we each special-summon our banished monsters. El Shaddoll Construct, El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis, and Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth, return to the field in attack mode!

[Said monsters reappear]

Alvin: 300 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 1,900 (Hand: 6)]

Alvin: I special-summon Clear Kuriboh in defense mode.

[Clear Kuriboh reappears]

[LV: 1
DEF: 200]

Owen: Now, I don't really need all three of them, seeing as each of them has enough attack points to take out Dark Magician Girl and the rest of your life points. But before I attack, I'll activate this: [places a card] Twin Twisters! [discards a card] By discarding a card, I destroy two Spells or Traps! I'll target your rightmost set card and your leftmost set card!

Alvin: I'm afraid it's all over. I activate the one card you didn't target: The Trap: [reveals middle set card] Judgment of Anubis! Since you activated a Spell that could destroy Spells or Traps, this card negates that card and destroys it, as well as one monster you control, and if the latter is successful, you take damage equal to that monster's attack points! Say goodbye to Twin Twisters, El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis, and the last of your life points!

[Twin Twisters is destroyed, along with Anoyatyllis]

Owen: I won't go down that easily, Alvin. [discards a card] I activate the effect of Hanewata! By discarding this card, I reduce the damage from Judgment of Anubis to 0!

Alvin: Clever move. But Twin Twisters is still negated, my back row is spared, and your best monster is kaput.

Owen: But I won't need him. It's time to end this duel! El Shaddoll Construct, attack Dark Magician Girl and finish this duel!

[El Shaddoll Construct fires its attack at Dark Magician Girl]

Eris: Come on, Alvin. You can still win this.

Alvin: I activate my Spell: [reveals set card] Roulette Spider!

[Roulette Spider appears and attaches to El Shaddoll Construct's head, forcing it into the center of the Roulette Spider wheel; there are six numbered wedges:
1. 1/2 LP
2. Alvin
3. Dark Magician Girl
4. Gaia Knight, Force of the Earth
5. Owen
6. A mirror]

Owen: What's this?!

Alvin: This Quick-Play Spell is a very risky card. It'll determine who El Shaddoll Construct attacks. All you have to do is signal for it to stop, and whatever it points to, that's the target. If it lands on 1, my life points are cut in half, and the attack still goes through. If it lands on 2, it's a direct attack toward me. If it's 3, it attacks Dark Magician Girl. If it's 4, it's Gaia Knight that takes the hit. If it's 5, the attack is negated, and you take damage equal to Construct's attack points. If it's 6, that mirror will reflect its attack right back and destroy it. Now, let's go for a spin!

[El Shaddoll Construct spins around]

Aoi: Basically, Alvin has a 50-50 chance of staying in this duel.

Manami: He might even win if it lands on 5.

Brittany: But Owen has the power to stop it.

Simon: True, but he can't control where it stops. No one can.

Owen: [in his mind] Well, it's all up to chance. 50-50 I win this duel, 1-in-6 I lose this duel, or 1-in-3 I lose one of my monsters. And nothing in my hand can stop this. Here goes nothing. [aloud] STOP!

[El Shaddoll Construct slows down, until the spider arrow points to...]







Owen: Oh, no! Not 6!

[The spider vanishes, and El Shaddoll Construct fires its attack at the mirror, which reflects the attack right back at the monster, destroying it]

Owen: [takes a card from his graveyard] Not that it'll mean much for me, but since that monster's been destroyed, I get Shadoll Fusion back from my graveyard. But no matter. Since I still have Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth, I can still win! Gaia Knight, attack Dark Magician Girl and end this for good!

Alvin: Not so fast, Owen. Remember earlier when I used Pendulum Call a few turns ago? I never told you about the card I discarded to use its effect. I banish this Trap from my graveyard: Rise to Full Height! Your monster has no choice but to attack Clear Kuriboh!

[Gaia Knight fires its attack at Dark Magician Girl, but Clear Kuriboh jumps in and intercepts and is destroyed]

Owen: B***ocks!

Ewan: Dad, easy with the language. You're dueling a child, you know!

Owen: [cringes] Oh. Sorry, son. Oh, well. [sets three cards] I set three cards and end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] All righty, then. I draw!

Owen: [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: The Paths of Destiny!

Ewan: Dad, you must be out of your mind.

Owen: It's a risk I have to take. We each toss a coin. Heads: 2,000 life points gained. Tails: 2,000 points of damage.

Alvin: So basically, one tails result ends the game.

Owen: Precisely. Let's go.

[He and Alvin each flip a coin]

Kio: Simon, is it possible that they could both get heads?

Simon: Yes. In fact, it's the only way the duel will continue.

[Alvin's coin comes up heads]

Alvin: Heads! YES! I'm still in the duel!

[Owen's coin comes up heads, as well]

Owen: As am I. Lucky us, eh?

Alvin: 2,300 (Hand: 2)
Owen: 3,900 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: Chances of us both getting heads were pretty slim, Owen.

Owen: Indeed. Unfortunately, your Nirvana High Paladin won't be around to see the rest of this duel! [reveals set card] I activate the Spell: Wavering Eyes! This card destroys all cards in the Pendulum Zones, and depending on how many are destroyed, I'll apply the following effects. If one is destroyed, you take 500 points of damage. If two are destroyed, I can add a Pendulum monster from my main deck to my hand. If three are destroyed, I can banish one card on the field. If four are destroyed, I can add another Wavering Eyes from my deck to my hand. Since there are only two--

Alvin: Wrong! You'll only get to destroy one, because I activate the Continuous Trap: [reveals set card] Pendulum Switch! This card lets me either move a Pendulum monster to my Pendulum Zone or special-summon a Pendulum monster from my Pendulum Zone. Since both my Pendulum Zones are occupied at the moment, I'll special-summon one of my Pendulum cards to my field: Nirvana High Paladin!

[Nirvana High Paladin transports from his Pendulum Zone to his Monster Zone]

[LV: 10
ATK: 3,300]

Alvin: And since he's no longer in the Pendulum Zone, only Double Iris Magician is destroyed.

[Double Iris Magician is destroyed; Alvin gets struck with damage]

Alvin: 1,800 (Hand: 2)
Owen: 3,900 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: And that's a shame. I'd have loved to deal you use its effect to double the damage with my paladin. But since I have a whole field of monsters, I'll win for sure!

Owen: [reveals set card] Not gonna happen, thanks to this: Scapegoat!

[Four Sheep Tokens appear beside Gaia Knight]

Owen: Even after you destroy my knight, your monsters won't damage me, which means I'm still in the duel.

Alvin: Not quite. Nirvana High Paladin has another effect. When he destroys a monster in battle, your life points get cut in half. And before you say anymore, I have just the card to end this duel! Diffusion Wave-Motion! By paying 1,000 life points, Nirvana High Paladin can attack all five of your monsters!

Owen: But that means...!

Alvin: This duel is over!

Alvin: 800 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 3,900 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: Nirvana High Paladin, attack and destroy every Sheep Token, then destroy Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth! Elysium Eradication!

[Nirvana High Paladin fires a massive blast from his wand at all of Owen's monsters, destroying them one by one, starting with one Sheep Token]

Alvin: 800 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 1,950 (Hand: 1)]

[Then the second]

Alvin: 800 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 975 (Hand: 1)]

[Then the third]

Alvin: 800 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 488 (Hand: 1)]

[Then the last one]

Alvin: 800 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 244 (Hand: 1)]

[And finally, Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth; Owen gets blasted with damage]

Ewan: Dad!

Alvin: 800 (Hand: 1)
Owen: 0 (Hand: 1)]

[All monsters vanish]

Alvin: Game over.

[Owen and Ewan get back get back on their feet]

Ewan: Well, that kid sure has skill.

Owen: Yep. He's got spirit.

Alvin: I kept my end of the bargain, boys. Now it's your turn.

Owen: [sighs] I gave my word. Can't dishonor my promise.

[Central Park, 11:04am]

[Savage feeds bread to the ducks]

Savage: [laughs] Good ducks. Eat as much as you want, but don't go crazy. [sighs] I don't know why I was ever born as a demon in the first place.

[Suddenly, a familiar robotic hand taps his shoulder]

Savage: Yes?

[He turns around and notices Delta behind him]

Savage: [in his mind] Delta!

Delta: Sir, I have something for you. Something you might have dropped.

[She hands Savage the broken horn]

Savage: I didn't drop this. Wait a second. This horn looks familiar.

Delta: It should. It belonged to a loved one. One you knew well.

Savage: Loved one? [gasps] Wait. [pauses] This is Temper's horn!

[He has a flashback of when he last saw Temper, when he was revealed to have been transformed into a Demonoid]

[We then cut to a flashback of Temper's last battle]

Delta: On Halloween, Temper took on the Spider Riders, the Kaleido Gladiators, and the Cosmo Cats with a whole army of old mutants and demons. He even absorbed every last one of them to maximize his power. He had them beat, until the Cosmo MagnaDroid wielded new arsenal, destroyed every last demon and mutant he absorbed, and regressed him to his original form. But he was enraged by how ACME destroyed your last robot and was willing to do anything to avenge his brother's loss. He gave ACME all he got, and in the end, the Spider Riders destroyed him with a new Spider Caesar formation. But his last words-- They could never be forgotten.

Temper: [in flashback] You may have won this battle, but you'll never win the war against Prescott Vorstein! SAVAGE!!!

[Cut back to the present]

Savage: He got his memories back?

Delta: Yes.

Savage: But now,... he's... dead?

Delta: Sadly, yes.

[Savage's eyes fill with tears; after about 10 seconds, he grips the horn, then growls with rage and reverts to his demon form]

Savage: [turns to Delta] Your boss killed my brother! If he hadn't given him those upgrades in the first place, none of this would ever have happened!

Delta: Like we saw in that battle, he could never have defeated ACME in his original form because of his compassion for you. Don't you see? Compassion is what killed him.

Savage: [growls] ENOUGH LIES!!!

[He whips out his sword and charges at Delta]

Delta: [fires a laser from her left hand at Savage] Foolish traitor.

[Savage narrowly dodges the laser and strikes Delta w/his sword]

Delta: You lucky dog.

Savage: It seems you're not as powerful a Demonoid as Prescott wanted us to believe.

Delta: I may not be as strong as LN, but you're a simple demon. Robots will always be stronger than demons!

[A kanabo appears in her hands]

Delta: And this weapon will prove it!

[She unleashes a demonic blast from her kanabo at Savage, hitting him hard]

Savage: [shakes off the damage] Wrong again, Delta!

[Both combatants trade shots with each other, then lock weapons]

Savage: The Demonoids may be powerful, but they lack one thing that cannot be programmed-- A heart!

[Sparks fly from their weapons; an explosion pushes them both back]

Delta: Just look at you. All that power within you, and you desert us.

Savage: It's bad enough that Prescott refuses to pay me for my robots, but for Mechike to give my brother cybernetic implants, I'm through working for menaces like them! Mechike took my brother's life, and now I'll take the life of one of his own!

Delta: It was the Spider Riders that killed your brother, you know.

Savage: I'll destroy them, too, but the one who drove him to die in the first place comes first! But before I deal with him, I'll get a little roadblock out of my way! Demonic Rage!

[His body glows red and he unleashes a mass of demonic flares at Delta, hitting her hard; Delta gets back on her feet and charges at Savage]

Delta: A gutsy move, Savage, but you know it's very taxing on your defenses!

Savage: [charges at Delta] I won't die without avenging my brother!

[Both scream in rage and strike each other, resulting in a massive explosion]

[Cut back to Robert F. Wagner Place]

Owen: So that's why Savage and I deserted Prescott. After what he and Mechike did to Robertson and Temper, making a living by working for him just wasn't in the cards anymore.

Miss Itokazu: All this time, you've been working for Prescott just so you could prove to your niece that it's dangerous to work for someone like Prescott?

Owen: Yes. But even after we lost touch, I chose to stay working with Prescott so I could make some extra money. With Ewan in jail and my business sold, the money I had at the time was hardly enough to keep me going. Pretty soon, after we met the Demonoids, especially Mechike's secretary LN, I started to lose interest. Then Prescott and Mechike gave Robertson and Temper life-threatening upgrades. I wanted no part in it. Now, listen. All of you. I don't expect you to like me after all the nasty trouble I got you into, like when I helped to try and stop you from invading Prescott's old base. I don't deserve to be liked. I don't deserve any friends. I only hope that, one day, you'll believe that I don't want to harm you.

[After a moment of silence...]

Brittany: I believe you, Owen.

Eris: Me, too. Not "one day", but right now.

Kio: You've got a lot of friends now, and you deserve every single one.

Alvin: We're glad to have you on our side. You and Ewan.

[He and Owen shake hands]

Owen: You know, Alvin, seeing your Dark Magician Girl reminded me of when you battled that murderous magician earlier this year. Do you remember what happened after you beat her?

Alvin: Yeah. I saved her life, because she was a disposable pawn in Prescott's plans. She wanted to get revenge on Argon for killing her fiancé and his family. She may have killed her sponsor, but it wouldn't have happened if Prescott hadn't sent Argon to kill her fiancé.

Owen: Do you remember who gave you that spare key?

Alvin: All I know is he was cloaked.

Owen: That was me.

All three Chipmunks: You?!

Owen: Yes, me. I refused to let Prescott get away with all his actions that turned that poor magician into a monster.

Alvin: Gee. I don't know what to say.

Owen: No thanks are necessary. I did what I had to do to oust Prescott. Well, I hate to cut this heartwarming moment short, but Ewan and I have to get home. We have a lot to catch up on after 15 years.

Ewan: But we'll drop by whenever you need us. Right now, you've got a friend in labor.

Owen: Could she happen to be the wife of your Spider Rider leader?

Alvin: That's right. And we gotta get to the hospital quickly!

[The rest of the gang nods, then heads for Itokazu's SUV]

Owen: Run along, Alvin. Your leader awaits.

Alvin: Thanks, Owen.

[He joins the rest of the gang]

Owen: [sighs] I know without a doubt that Prescott won't stand a chance against these blokes.

Ewan: I agree. But what about Mechike? What if he's actually who you think he is?

Owen: Then once ACME lures him out, I'll subdue him. No. We will. Thanks to your self-defense skills, Mechike will be as good as history.

Ewan: Great. C'mon. Let's go home.

[He and Owen return to their car and drive away]


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Re: Side-Fic 266: Owen on the Run

[NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Lower Manhattan, 11:06am]

[Hunter and Tyler are in the hall; Hunter is on his iPhone]

Hunter: Nothing. What's keeping those guys?

[He suddenly gets a text from Alvin: "Just arrived. On our way up. Sorry we're late."]

Hunter: [sighs] Oh, thank God.

Tyler: [looks to his left] Here they come now.

[The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and Eris' group (w/their gifts on hand) enter in a hurry, chattering indistinctly]

Hunter: Hey, you guys! Glad you could make it!

Aoi: Any luck, Hunter?

Manami: How's Corona doing?

Antonia: Did she have the baby yet?

Eris: C'mon! Tell us!

[The whole gang continues talking at once]

Tyler: Guys, hold it! We're in a hospital, you know!

[The rest of the gang silences]

Alvin: What everyone's trying to say is, did Corona have the baby yet?

[15 seconds of slience]






Hunter: It's a girl.

[The rest of the gang cheers and shares hugs and handshakes with Hunter]

Hunter: Come on. Corona's waiting for us.

[Later, in Corona's hospital room, Corona sits up on a hospital bed with Aqune beside her; the gang enters]

Corona: Hi, everyone. I'm glad you could be here.

Aqune: What kept you?

Alvin: Oh, we had a little run-in with Owen Mathers and his son.

Aqune: Prescott's #2 and the convicted killer who just got released from jail?

Corona: What did they want with you?

Eris: Nothing but to make amends. Owen abandoned Prescott after what happened to his other henchmen. He wanted no more part in his boss' plans ever again.

Kio: But we'll talk more about that some other time. Right now, how's the baby?

Corona: She's in good health. She's with the nurse right now.

Hunter: And here she comes now.

[The nurse enters with a newborn baby girl]

Nurse: Mr. and Mrs. Steele, your daughter.

[She hands Corona the baby; the rest of the gang is in awe; some fawn quietly]

Corona: Sweet little baby, meet all our friends. [turns to Aqune] And your aunt Aqune.

Aqune: Hi.

Jeanette: Look at her. She's so adorable.

Antonia: Yeah. Hey, she's got Corona's nose.

Corona: And she has Hunter's smile.

[Hunter smiles]

Hunter: Dad, I'd like you to meet your granddaughter, Monica Kaitlin Steele.

Tyler: Oh, that's beautiful, Hunter.

[He gets a closer look at baby Monica]

Tyler: Hi, sweetheart. I'm your grandpa.

Manami: How'd you come up with such a sweet name, Hunter?

Hunter: Monica was my mother's name. And Kaitlin-- That came from my old friend Kaitlin Star from Cross World City. And speaking of Cross World City, I gotta text my brother a photo of his new niece.

[He sends a photo of Monica to Ryan with the text: "Hey, "Uncle Ryan". Meet your new niece, Monica Kaitlin."]

Hunter: Monica, I'd like you to meet our friends.

Miss Itokazu: Hunter, seeing your daughter like this-- I just wish I had a baby of my own.

Eris: Well, at least Manami and Aoi and I won't have to wait too long. Just five more months, and we're moms.

[She, Aoi, and Manami look down at their pregnant bellies]

Corona: Aw, you three will be wonderful mothers. And one day, Miss Itokazu, so will you.

[Itokazu smiles shyly]

[Lumen and Sparkle enter with Lady Noia Lya]

Lumen: Hey, Hunter. We just heard the news.

Sparkle: Is that the new baby?

Corona: Yeah. Come take a look.

[Lumen, Sparkle, and Noia get a close look and smile shyly at Monica]

Noia: She's so cute, Corona. What's her name?

Corona: Monica.

Sparkle: Monica?

Hunter: After my mom. What better way to keep her memory alive? By the way, how are Magma and Igneous?

Lumen: Well, they send their love and congratulations, but they have their duties at CSU and the K-9 Unit. But they'll come visit whenever they take the day off.

Simon: Hunter, quick question. Do you think maybe Monica might become a Spider Rider one day?

Hunter: It's gonna take a lot of training after she gets old enough, but I think her becoming a Spider Rider would be awesome.

Corona: She might even become one of the Spirit Oracle's handmaids, like Aqune and I are.

Aqune: It's just too bad we can't have more than eight Spider Riders. One of us might have to be replaced. But it's way too soon to tell, so we have plenty of time.

Sparkle: Maybe about eight years.

Lumen: Mm-hmm. And I'm sure one day she'd love to see her mom's old home: The Inner World.

[The gang continues chattering quietly]

[Back at the Nickar, an injured Savage is chained by his wrists and hanging over the gallows before the Demonoids (minus Mechike); Epsilon whips out a whip]

Epsilon: For the crime of selling Lord Prescott ineffectual robots!

[She whips Savage; the other Demonoids laugh]

Epsilon: For the crime of being greedy!

[She whips Savage again; the laughter continues]

Epsilon: For the crime of assaulting Sir Mechike!

[She whips Savage again; the laughter still continues]

Epsilon: For the crime of assaulting my sister!

[She whips Savage again; the laughter still continues]

Epsilon: And lastly, for the crime of ever existing!

[She whips Savage once more]

Epsilon: Apologize, Savage! Beg my forgiveness for what you did!

Mu: Make the traitor apologize to us all!

LN: Apologize for abandoning us!

Prescott: [enters] That'll do. That'll do. Delta, I commend you for bringing one of the traitors back. Searching for the other traitor can wait, but until then, it's time to deliver my ex-top demon's punishment.

Delta: [with a few injuries] Yes, my lord. Carry on.

Prescott: [in his mind] This little scoundrel has caused us nothing but trouble. First, he sells us giant robots that are everything short of successful, then he refuses to accept giving us free robots, and now, he deserts us. Letting him remain at large would have crippled my plans to bring ACME Crime Net and the world to their knees. But once I hand him his punishment, everyone will learn that betrayal will not be tolerated here. [aloud] Demonoids, hear me! Our mission has been corrupted by this traitor! But sentencing him will re-purify it. Savage, on the charges of assaulting the leader of the Demonoids, escaping your cell, deserting your team, and high treason, your punishment is DEATH!

[The Demonoids cheer]

[Savage growls]

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Capt. Qoone: There's a giant meteor, and it's headed straight for New York!

Prof. Steiner: It'll completely obliterate the planet upon impact in just seconds!

Mechike: Lovely.

Owen: That meteor must be Prescott's doing. I've got to go and stop him.

Ewan: I'll go with you, Dad.

Mechike: So, the traitor has returned.

LN: We've got something special planned for you.

Aoi: Next time on ACME Crime Net, Meteor Mission Part 1!

Manami: Vigilance, dedication, courage!

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