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12/12/2017 12:01 am  #1

Side-Fic 268: Meteor Mission Pt. 2

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Pamela: Hey, everybody! Get ready for showtime! Just don't sit too close to the monitor while you're watching the show in a brightly lit room. Wait, why wasn't I in part 1?

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[Clips from the previous side-fic are shown]

[Outer Space, Thursday, November 23rd, 11:59:14pm (EST)]

[The meteor with all the machines stuck to it via its tentacles is veering dangerously close to Earth's atmosphere]

[Cut to the Giga Borg's cockpit w/the nine Kaleido Gladiators]

Mia: Only 40 seconds left, and the meteor will impact! Everybody hang on!

Layla: Full thrust to engines!

Sora: This is as good as we can get with these tentacles draining our power!

[Cut to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit w/Hunter]

Hunter: We're getting too close to Earth's atmosphere!

Shadow: We can't take much more!

[Cut to the Cosmo MagnaDroid's cockpit w/the Cosmo Cats]

Eris: We can't give up! We can't lose to Prescott now!

[Suddenly, Antonia notices a glowing light coming towards them]

Antonia: Wait. What's that coming our way?

Kio: Is that...?

[Outside, a giant mechanical silver eagle: The MechaEagle (more than twice the size of the MechaSwan, MechaPhoenix, or MechaDove), flies up to the meteor and slices the tentacles with its sharp wings, setting all other machines free and restoring their power to full]

[Cut to the MechaEagle's cockpit w/Pamela (in Kaleido Gladiator uniform)]

Pamela: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late.

[Cut back to the Giga Borg's cockpit]

Sora: Pamela's back!

Briittany: I knew it!

Layla: Better late than never!

Mia: And she's got her own machine!

Sarah: What is that?

[Cut back to the MechaEagle's cockpit]

Pamela: It's the MechaEagle. Built specifically for the Ivory Eagle. But there's no time to explain. Everyone, push the meteor back far enough so we can detonate it!

[Outside, all machines struggle to push the meteor back]

Pamela: Engaging thrusters! Full power!

[The MechaEagle's thrusters boost to maximum power, as do the jet engines of every other machine; all machines push the meteor away from Earth just before it can even reach its atmosphere]

[Cut back to Earth; the citizens who have seen the oncoming meteor notice the meteor getting pushed back and cheer]

[Cut back to space]

Eris: All right! It's working! Nice job, Pamela!

Pamela: Everybody step back! Let the MechaEagle handle this.

[All machines fly away from the meteor]

Pamela: Here we go! MechaEagle, Drill Beak!

[The MechaEagle's beak spins like a drill as it dives down toward the meteor and drills right through it (in one side and out the other) at lightning speed; after the MechaEagle is a 1,000 miles away from the meteor, the explosives inside the meteor detonate, causing the meteor to engulf in a massive explosion]

[Split-screen to every cockpit; everyone cheers wildly]

Alvin: Way to go, Pamela! The meteor's gone!

Pamela: That was way too close, guys.

[Back on Earth, citizens cheer wildly]

[Cut to the Catian Mothership's bridge with the cheering crew]

Eris: [on radio] Captain, this is Eris. Do you copy?

Capt. Qoone: We saw everything, Eris. Congratulations.

[Cut back to the MagnaDroid's cockpit]

Manami: Thanks, but the real hero is Pamela.

[Cut back to the Super Spider Caesar's cockpit]

Hunter: Mission accomplished, troops! Well done! Time to head on home!

[Outside, all machines make their way back to Earth]

[Back at the Nickar (which is making its way back to Earth), Prescott is furious]

Prescott: Curse that traitorous Ivory Eagle! How dare she destroy our meteor!

Mechike: And not a piece left in sight.

Prescott: This is on you, Mechike. That was your meteor.

Mechike: You blame me for my meteor being destroyed? I may have sent the meteor, but I didn't anticipate it would be destroyed.

Prescott: You're just lucky I can't afford to lock you in the brig anymore. I still have use for you.

Mechike: My lord, I'll think of a new plan to eliminate ACME. And now that I have the traitors under my full control, there's no way ACME will terminate our mission.

Prescott: Ah, yes. Bring them in.

[Savage enters]

Savage: My brethren, I give you the new and improved Owen and Ewan Mathers.

[Entering the scene are Owen and Ewan, now with cybernetic implants]

Owen: [as his eyes glow red] We serve you eternally, Sir Mechike. Lord Prescott.

Ewan: [as his eyes glow red] To the end of ACME Crime Net.

[132 Madison Street, Friday, November 24th, 9:31am]

[Pamela explains everything to the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, Eris' group, and the other Gladiators (all back to normal) over breakfast]

Pamela: We were all asleep when the news about the meteor was out. Suddenly, by about a quarter to midnight, my wristband beeped. I got out of bed, left a few messages to the rest of Theatrical Camp, and rushed to HQ. The Chief told me that the MechaEagle was ready for action, so I boarded and took off into space, and just in time, too.

Brittany: It's hard to believe that one powerful machine could actually blow up a meteor of that size. I mean, I know the explosives helped, but--

Pamela: Trust me. The only reason you couldn't detonate the explosives manually was because the meteor's tentacles wouldn't let you. The explosives were more than enough to destroy it. They just needed to be detonated.

May: Well, we're really grateful to you, Pam. It's really nice that we have a 10th Gladiator.

Pamela: By the way, I overheard Alvin mumbling about Owen Mathers last night before he went to bed.

Alvin: Owen was never really evil to begin with. He was just there for the money and to prove to his niece that it's suicide to join forces with a snake like Prescott. After he'd had enough, he and his recently-paroled son Ewan defected to our side. But just last night, he went to Prescott's submarine to try and destroy the meteor. Something happened to them.

Pamela: Or maybe Owen had been tricking us the whole time.

Simon: No, it was legit. But maybe if we could find a way to sneak into Prescott's sub, we could find out what happened to Owen and Ewan.

Antonia: [extracts Owen's iPad from a bag] Here. [hands it to Simon] Owen left his iPad behind before he disappeared. Hopefully the homing device is still active.

Simon: [opens the appropriate app] Owen must've anticipated this would happen. Oh. Lucky us. They're hovering over Inwood Hill Park. Alvin, you ready to raid?

Alvin: No problemo!

Pamela: I'll drive you guys there. But we're gonna need a disguise.

Simon: [opens a closet] Piece of cake, Pam.

[He extracts two Cyber Demonitron costumes]

Pamela: Simon, you beauty. But why only two costumes?

Alvin: 1: They're all we've got. 2: It'll be much easier to fool Prescott if one of us goes on the other's shoulders. Simon's going on my shoulders, since he's the brains of the outfit.

Simon: If you say so.

Eris: We'll keep an eye on things here.

[Alvin, Simon, and Pamela exit the warehouse]

[Inwood Hill Park, 9:55am]

[Pamela's car approaches park; the Nickar is hovering over the park; there are ArgoStar Fighters all around]

[Cut to the car with Pamela, Alvin, and Simon (in their assigned disguises)]

Simon: That sub is huge! It's over 300 feet long!

Alvin: How are we gonna get inside undetected?

Pamela: We can always hijack one of the ArgoStar Fighters. Just gotta shoot one down.

[She opens a window and points her Ivory Crossbow at one of the ArgoStars]

Pamela: Gotcha.

[She pulls the trigger, firing a steel arrow at the ArgoStar, shooting it to the ground; numerous Cyber Demonitron approach it and grab the injured Cyber Demonitron; everyone exits the car; Pamela locks the doors]

Pamela: Let's go!

[She and the two Chipmunks approach the shot-down ArgoStar while the real Cyber Demonitron drag their injured comrade away]

Simon: Just a few quick adjustments, and we'll be on board in no time.

[He quickly makes the necessary repairs to the ArgoStar, causing it to reactivate; the trio gets inside and flies it back into the carrier bay of the Nickar; they exit the ArgoStar and enter the sub]

Pamela: Remember, no talking, no scratching, no gas.

Alvin: Roger.

[They approach the bridge, where Mechike gets a transmission from Prof. Steiner]

Mechike: Another one?

Prof. Steiner: Exactly, Sir Mechike. That last meteor was just a decoy. There's one more approaching Earth, and it's far bigger than the last. But it's expected to miss by 3,000,000 miles. Luckily, thanks to your controller, I'll change its trajectory, just like I did the last one, and it'll hit Earth. And this time, since you don't control this meteor, sneaking on board your sub won't help ACME at all. But please, don't forget to send me an escape vehicle so I can evacuate with you before impact!

Mechike: That I won't forget, Professor Steiner. And all the while, I'll keep ACME busy with a giant Demonoid. One that requires practically all of ACME's machines to destroy. If they choose to go after the meteor, my Demonoid will destroy the city. But if they choose to stay and fight my Demonoid, the meteor will hit. Either way, I'll succeed.

Prof. Steiner: Don't you mean we will succeed?

Mechike: Right. Yes. Bring that meteor down to Earth, and this time, don't mess it up.

[The transmission ends]

Mechike: LN, send down Alphitoid. Have him attack West Village.

LN: Yes, sir.

[The disguised trio exits the bridge]

Alvin: [quietly] Eugene Steiner? That schlub who used to head ACME Labs?

Simon: Yep. He was the one who changed the trajectory of Mechike's meteor to make doubly sure it would hit Earth. Now he's taking control of a larger, but more common meteor.

Pamela: [to her wristband (beneath her costume)] Layla, do you read me?

Layla: What's happening, Pamela?

Pamela: Shh! The Demonoids will hear us. Anyway, that ex-lab technician-turned-astronomer Eugene Steiner-- Turns out he's been working for Prescott and the Demonoids.

Layla: [quietly] What?!

Pamela: And he was the one who altered the last meteor's trajectory to not miss Earth.

Layla: What do you mean last?

Pamela: There's another meteor heading for Earth. It's even bigger than the last one. It was supposed to miss by 3,000,000 miles, but Steiner changed its trajectory, too.

Layla: Oh, my God. We'd better get down to the observatory and stop him.

Pamela: Leave that to the Cosmo Cats. You Gladiators have a giant Demonoid to contend with in West Village. And send for the others if needed.

Layla: Will do, Pamela. Hamilton out.

[Cut back to the warehouse]

Layla: Gladiators, we're needed at West Village. Theodore, I need you to come with us while the Cosmo Cats investigate Eugene Steiner.

Theodore: Right.

Brittany: Jeanette, Ellie, I need you to stay here. Miss Itokazu will keep an eye on you while we're gone. In the meantime, Jeanette, prep the machines.

Jeanette: Roger!

Manami: Let's go!

[The gang exits]

[Back at the Nickar, the disguised trio sighs with relief]

Pamela: The moment we find out what happened to Owen and Ewan, we hightail it on home to join the others.

Alvin: Good idea, Pamela.

Familiar female voice: What? Cyber Demonitron can't talk.

[The trio gasps and notices a young cloaked spy (the same one from Side-Fic 264)]

Pamela: Who are you? Do you work for Prescott?

Spy: No, miss. I'm a spy. Now, keep quiet, or the Demonoids will hear us.

Pamela: Who sent you here?

Spy: The Spirit Soldiers.

Pamela: Well, if that's the criteria, you might wanna warn the Spirit Soldiers about the meteor.

Spy: I was about to when I heard you two. And by the way, one of your voices sounds familiar.

Alvin: You mean mine?

Spy: Is that you in there, Alvin?

Alvin: Yes, but I can't see you underneath this costume. But how do you know my name?

Spy: We met two years ago.

Simon: In that case, you probably met me, too.

Spy: Simon?

Simon: Yep. And before you ask, Theodore and the Chipettes are currently dealing with the Demonoid Alphitoid.

Spy: I see. Don't worry, guys. The Spirit Soldiers will deal with the meteor. You can contend with Alphitoid.

Pamela: We'll keep that in mind, my friend. But first, we have to find Owen and Ewan Mathers.

Spy: You mean those two English guys who got cybernetic implants just last night?

[Alvin and Simon gasp]

Spy: That's right. As punishment for Owen betraying them, he and his son became completely brainwashed. You can try, but simply talking sense into them won't snap them out of it.

Alvin: We'll try. Where are they now?

Spy: Check Owen's office. Listen, I gotta get going. After we get rid of the meteor, I'm going out to lunch with my big brother. We have a lot to catch up on.

Simon: Well, good luck with that, Ma-- I mean, Miss Spy. But if the Spirit Soldiers need our help, we'd like to be notified.

Spy: No problem. Well, see ya soon.

[She transports out]

Pamela: You get the feeling she's a Spirit Soldier, too? I mean, her teleportation abilities and all--

Simon: I don't know about that, Pamela, but I do get the feeling that we've met her once before.

Alvin: Enough of that. Let's get down to work and find Owen and Ewan.

[They walk down the halls until they approach a door with a sign: "Owen Mikhail Mathers"]

Pamela: His middle name is Mikhail?

Simon: Never mind that.

[He knocks on the door]

Owen: Come in.

[Simon opens the door; the trio enters and finds the brainwashed Owen sitting at his desk; by his side is the brainwashed Ewan]

Owen: What would a pair of Cyber Demonitron want with me?

Ewan: Leave, robots. My father wishes to see no one.

Simon: Owen, Ewan, look what they've done to you!

Owen: Savage, get them.

[Savage enters]

Pamela: Savage? You, too?

Savage: Silence, frauds!

[He slashes the trio's disguises off, exposing Pamela and the two Chipmunks]

Savage: Oh. It's the trash that murdered Temper. Cyber Demonitron, have at them!

[An army of real Cyber Demonitron charge at the trio]

Alvin and Simon: [release their Battle Spiders and get suited up] Spider out! Arachna Power!

Pamela: [gets suited up] Kaleido Power!

[They fight Savage and the Cyber Demonitron]

Ewan: Mind if I lend you a hand, Savage?

[He strikes Alvin w/his new bo staff]

Alvin: Where'd he get that bo?

Simon: Must be a gift from the Demonoids.

Ewan: Damn straight.

[Pamela fires steel arrows at the Cyber Demonitron from her crossbow, hitting them in the center where their cores are; the Cyber Demonitron explode]

Pamela: Now for Savage and the Mathers men. [inputs a code on her Kaleido Booster] 9-9-4! VR Laser Saber command, NOW!

[The VR Laser Saber appears in her hand]

Pamela: [charges at Savage] Give my regards to your brother!

[She is about to strike Savage w/the Laser Saber when Savage intercepts w/his sword]

Savage: Get her, Ewan!

[Ewan whacks the saber out of Pamela's hands w/his bo]

Ewan: Father?

Owen: [whips out a new blade] Gladly. Underworld Blade! Demon Strike!

[His blade glows crimson red; he strikes each of the trio hard with it]

Owen: Leave now, or I'll give you good reason never to come back.

Alvin: Owen, you're being brainwashed. You, Savage, and your son! Listen to us!

Owen: The old Owen, Ewan, and Savage you knew are long gone. We're stronger than ever before, and our Lord Prescott will triumph over you and the rest of ACME, and then the whole world. Now, leave!

Pamela: Don't think you've won this. Somehow, we'll snap you three out of it, and Prescott and the Demonoids will pay!

[She, Alvin, and Simon exit]

Alvin: Where's the exit?

Simon: [points at the exit] There!

[He turns the wheel to unlock the door, then opens it]

Pamela: MechaEagle, deploy now!

[Outside, the MechaEagle flies into the scene and approaches the Nickar; Pamela flies Alvin, Simon, and their Battle Spiders into the cockpit; the MechaEagle uses its eyes to transport Pamela's car out of the park, then flies off]

[Cut to the cockpit]

Pamela: Good thing this baby has the power to transport inanimate objects. Otherwise, the Demonoids could've destroyed my car.

Alvin: It's sad we have to leave Owen and Ewan behind.

Pamela: I know, but there's nothing we can do for them as long as they're brainwashed. Right now, it's best to focus on protecting the city. There's a giant Demonoid on the loose, and we don't know how long the others can hold out while the Cosmo Cats deal with Steiner.

Simon: Wait. Pamela, did you know that the MechaEagle has a special feature? Unlike the Gladiators' other flying machines, this one goes into Warrior Formation.

Alvin: Maybe it can help against Alphitoid.

Pamela: It's worth a shot. [looks ahead] Look! There's West Village!

[Outside, in West Village, the Spider Riders' machines (minus the Flash Formosa), the eight KaleidoBorgs, the MechaDove, MechaPhoenix, and MechaSwan fight a giant demonic robot known as Alphitoid just as the MechaEagle approaches]

Alphitoid: Ah! How nice of the Ivory Eagle to join the party.

Alvin and Simon: Arachna Super Power!

[Alvin and Simon, merged with their spiders in Super Mode, jump out of the MechaEagle's cockpit and into the Spider Caesar's, joining the other Super Spider Riders (minus Corona and Aqune, who are on board their own personal machines)]

Hunter: So you found Owen?

Alvin: We'll talk about that later, Hunter. We've got a Demonoid to crush. Flash Formosa, mobilize! Begin Ninja Formosa transformation!

[Outside, the Flash Formosa crawls into the scene and converts to the Ninja Formosa]

Alvin: Super Spider Caesar, Ninja Formation!

[The Ninja Formosa combines with the Spider Caesar to form the Super Spider Caesar: Ninja Formation]

Alvin: Pamela, try your MechaEagle's new mode!

[Cut back to the MechaEagle's cockpit]

Pamela: Roger that, Alvin. MechaEagle, transform!

[Outside, the MechaEagle converts to Warrior Formation (gaining regular robotic arms and legs (the latter of which attaches to the eagle legs; it retains its wings)); its beak opens wide, revealing a robotic face]

Pamela: MechaEagle, Warrior Formation, ready!

Alphitoid: I'm not afraid of your new toy, Ivory Eagle. Hope you like potatoes!

[He tosses potato-like grenades at the MechaEagle]

Pamela: Are those grenades?

Simon: Use a Reflector Punch!

Pamela: Right! Reflector Punch!

[The MechaEagle's mirrored fists clench as it punches the potato grenades at Alphitoid, hitting him; upon impact, the grenades explode, pushing Alphitoid back]

Alphitoid: Very impressive. Might as well use my demon powers!

[He unleashes black flames from his mouth at the MechaEagle]

Pamela: Take flight!

[The MechaEagle flies up, narrowly avoiding the flames]

Pamela: MechaEagle, Wing Cannons!

[The cannons on the MechaEagle's wings fire silver blasts at Alphitoid, hitting him]

Layla: [from the MechaPhoenix] Okay, Gladiators. Let's take this guy down together!

Gladiators: Giga Borg, begin transformation!

[The core five KaleidoBorgs combine with the MechaDove, MechaPhoenix, MechaSwan, and MechaBeetle to form the Giga Borg]

Gladiators: Kaleido Giga Burst!

[The Giga Borg fires all of its weapons at Alphitoid; Alphitoid opens his mouth and swallows the blast, then expands]

Alphitoid: I've been waiting for that blast. You see, I have the ability to swallow up the best finishing blasts anyone can throw at me. With that, I grow in size and become even stronger!

Pamela: Then we'll have to rely on physical contact finishers!

Hunter: Right! Spiders, attack him now!

Aqune: Indigo Paladin, Indigo Cross Slash!

[The Indigo Paladin strikes Alphitoid w/a cross slash]

Corona: Ninja Pardosa, Star Formation! Star Spin!

[The Ninja Pardosa jumps up and spreads out its arms and legs, then spins around like a ninja throwing star toward Alphitoid and strikes him hard]

Lumen: Spider Ronin Quadro-Strike!

[All four Spider Ronin glow their respective colors and strike Alphitoid one at a time, then they all leap up and point their katana downward as they spin down toward Alphitoid like drills and all strike him w/their katana]

Hunter: Xenon Katana!

All Spider Riders: FINAL STRIKE!

[The Super Spider Caesar leaps up and raises its katana, but Alphitoid intercepts]

Alphitoid: Uh-uh-uh! Temper was an easy target, because he was an ordinary demon. But as a Demonoid, I know better! Face it, Spider Riders! I've got you all outclassed!

[He lifts the Super Spider Caesar, then slams it to the ground]

Hunter: That may be true, but the only reason Demonoids are so powerful is because of their computer chips. Ordinary demons don't need those things. Temper didn't need that after he lost his cyber implants, yet he still proved to be strong against us.

Alphitoid: Shame that I'm so big, finding the chip inside of me will be a pain. The thing is, when a Demonoid is manufactured, their computer chip is hidden in a random part of their body. And what's more: Even though one grows, the chip never does. That decreases the odds of ever touching it significantly. And since my size grows along with my power every time I swallow your best moves,--

Alvin: Okay, we get the message, Alphitoid! But we've beaten creeps like you before, and you're no different than any of them!

Alphitoid: Oh, we'll see about that!

[He unleashes larger potato grenades at the machines, this time, hitting them; the grenades explode upon impact]

Alphitoid: You're hopeless! Even with all of your machines, destroying me won't stop the meteor from hitting!

[William D. McDowell Observatory, Lyndhurst, NJ, 10:18am]

[In the lobby, Eris' group looks around; Manami and Aoi are armed with their guns]

Eris: ACME Crime Net! Professor Eugene Steiner, come out with your hands up!

Manami: And don't try any funny stuff!

[Gunshots are heard, then a few thuds]

Eris: Go!

[Manami and Aoi follow the sound and rush up the spiral staircase until they reach the door to the telescope dome]

Aoi: [knocks on the door] Open up! Police!

[Manami turns the doorknob, suddenly opening the door]

Manami: What idiot would leave the door unlocked when he's firing a gun?

[Aoi shrugs; she and Manami barge into the dome and find three corpses of scientists lying on the ground; Steiner approaches, raising his arms and his gun]

Manami: Eugene Steiner?

Prof. Steiner: Yeah, I'm Eugene Steiner. What do you want?

Aoi: Drop the gun!

Prof. Steiner: [drops his gun] Gladly.

[He kicks the gun over to Manami, who grabs it with a napkin and places it in a Ziploc bag]

Prof. Steiner: These guys-- They caught me with this. [extracts the remote from his pocket]

Aoi: So you're the one who changed the meteor's trajectory so it could hit Earth!

Manami: And I'll bet you did the same with the meteor from last night!

Prof. Steiner: Anything to get back at ACME for firing me 10 years ago.

Manami: You bastard! You could've destroyed all of Earth!

[Unknown to Steiner, Manami is recording the whole conversation on a high-performance voice recorder hidden beneath her shirt]

Prof. Steiner: There'll be other planets.

Aoi: But there most likely won't be other Earthlings.

Prof. Steiner: Like I care. All my life, I dreamed of being a law enforcement lab tech. All my life! After I graduated college, I got the job at ACME, but 10 years ago, I overheard my wife talking with another guy on the phone as if she sounded so passionate. Every night, after I come home, I'd hear that conversation over and over. I figured it was time to move on. So I went through sites with lewd photos of women and downloaded tons to my flash drive, but after three days, Gisele kept hogging the computer. By the time she was done, it was late.

Manami: I don't get it, Professor. If you'd been working at ACME Labs for so long, you could've easily afforded your own computer. What'd you blow your paychecks on?

Prof. Steiner: Food, shoes, movie tickets, and what's left on moving here to Lyndhurst after I got fired. But going back to the subject of my web-surfing, I couldn't afford my own computer, and no Internet café in town would allow me to do what I'd been doing. So, as a last-ditch effort, I used the main computer at ACME Labs to download my photos, then transfer them to my flash drive before deleting the files from the computer. A week went by, and no one noticed, until one Saturday night, after I punched out, the intern discovered I was acting a little weird after I'd gotten off the computer, and he got suspicious. So he used the computer's program to recover every file I deleted the past week, and when I came into work the next day, the Chief confiscated my badge and fired me. She even took my pension away. My family and I moved here to Lyndhurst, where I got the job here at the observatory. Unfortunately, the pay here wasn't even close to half of my old salary at ACME.

Aoi: And you kept beating your wife over it?

Prof. Steiner: I kept telling her to get a job, but she preferred to stay as a housewife. She thought what we got from child support was enough for us now that I have this job.

Manami: That's no reason to beat her repeatedly! And losing your job is no excuse to try and blow up the whole planet with meteors!

Prof. Steiner: This world has given me enough crap! I lost my dream job, no law enforcement agency would hire me after that scandal, and the job at the observatory was the only one available in town. Then just yesterday, Mechike appeared and told me of a meteor he sent, then gave me this remote to redirect any oncoming meteor towards Earth. Oh, and he also gave me this, just in case.

[He shows the girls a dog tag]

Aoi: He's got a dog tag?

Manami: Then that means...

Prof. Steiner: Engage Cyber Demon Gear!

[He gets equipped with his Cyber Demon Gear unit]

Prof. Steiner: [whips out his swords] Adios, ladies!

[He charges at Manami and Aoi, who fire antimatter bullets at him; Steiner dodges each bullet, but the two girls duck, and Steiner flies down the staircase; the girls run after him until they're outside the observatory with the other three]

Manami: He's fast!

Aoi: Guys, it's time to suit up!

Eris: Whip out your pendants!

[She and the other four whip out their Cosmo Pendants]

Eris, Aoi, Manami, Antonia, and Kio: Cosmo Power!

[They all get suited up]

Cosmo Cats: Cosmo Cats, we are united!

Prof. Steiner: I don't care if you're the Beetleborgs! Cyber Demonitron, go!

[An army of Cyber Demonitron appears; they and Steiner charge at the Cosmo Cats]

Cosmo Cats: Cosmo weapons, ready! Assault mode!

[Their weapons appear in their hands; the Cosmo Cats fight Steiner and the Cyber Demonitron]

Manami: I'll go after Professor Wife-Beater!

[She charges and fires her revolver at Steiner; Steiner erects a Plasma Shield and absorbs every bullet]

Manami: Come at me, bastard!

[Steiner charges at Manami and strikes her with his swords]

Prof. Steiner: You did say to come at you, didn't you, Cosmo Yellow?

Manami: Screw you, pissant!

[She fires her revolver at Steiner again; Steiner dodges and fires a blast from his Quantum Cannon at Manami, who jumps up and dodges]

Manami: [fires her revolver at Steiner from above] Sayonara, sucker!

[Steiner gets hit]

Prof. Steiner: Don't think this will happen again! [tosses his swords at Manami] Try this!

[Manami kicks both swords right back at Steiner; one of them grazes his neck; Steiner screams in pain]

Prof. Steiner: That hurt!

Manami: Your units can never protect all of your skin. That's one of its major flaws.

Prof. Steiner: [growls] You'll regret that, Cosmo Yellow! [grabs his swords] It's time for you to die!

[Suddenly, a blast from above strikes him; Steiner hits the ground]

Prof. Steiner: What the hell was that?!

[Manami looks up and sees six different-colored space-shuttle-esque flying machines (gold, violet, white, blue, fuchsia, and red)]

Manami: What are those things?

[The other Cosmo Cats, still fighting the Cyber Demonitron, notice the flying machines]

Eris: I don't remember those flying machines in Captain Qoone's blueprints.

Kio: Wait, could they be...?

Familiar voice: [from the gold machine] These are the Sephira Voyagers!

Eris: The Spirit Soldiers!

Prof. Steiner: Spirit who?!

[Cut to the Gold Voyager's cockpit w/Spirit Soldier Gold]

Soldier Gold: Ace trooper of courage! Spirit Soldier Gold!

[Cut to the White Voyager's cockpit w/Spirit Soldier White]

Soldier White: Crown trooper of light! Spirit Soldier White!

[Cut to the Blue Voyager's cockpit w/Spirit Soldier Blue]

Soldier Blue: Kindness trooper of ice! Spirit Soldier Blue!

[Cut to the Red Voyager's cockpit w/Spirit Soldier Red]

Soldier Red: Severity trooper of fire! Spirit Soldier Red!

[Cut to the Fuchsia Voyager's cockpit w/Spirit Soldier Fuchsia]

Soldier Fuchsia: Foundation trooper of sound! Spirit Soldier Fuchsia!

[Cut to the Violet Voyager's cockpit w/Spirit Soldier Violet]

Soldier Violet: Kingdom trooper of energy! Spirit Soldier Violet!

[Split-screen to all six cockpits]

Soldier Gold: Spiritual power of six, unite as one! Sephira Squadron...!

All six: Spirit Soldiers!

Soldier Gold: Did you guys at ACME honestly think you'd be the only heroes on Earth with crime-fighting robots outside of the Power Rangers?

[Cut back to the ground]

Prof. Steiner: I'll teach you six to interrupt my fight! Quantum Cannon!

[He fires a blast from his cannon at the Sephira Voyagers]

Soldier Red: Engage reflector shields!

[All five Sephira Voyagers become surrounded by shields, reflecting the cannon blast right back at Steiner, hitting him]

Soldier Red: Bro, use the Photon Missiles!

Soldier Gold: Roger that, sis! Photon Missiles, fire!

[The Gold Voyager fires glowing missiles at Steiner, who narrowly dodges each one]

Prof. Steiner: You lousy interlopers!

[The other five Sephira Voyagers fire lasers at him, hitting him]

Soldier Fuchsia: I think it's time we tested out our new battle weapons, right, darling?

Soldier Gold: Right! Landing!

[The Sephira Voyagers land; out of the cockpits come the six Spirit Soldiers]

Soldier Violet: Hey, guys! Miss us?

Eris: Welcome back, Spirit Soldiers!

Soldier White: As soon as we help you rid this city of this criminal, you hurry back to West Village and help your friends while we deal with the meteor.

Antonia: No problem.

Soldier Gold: Spirit Soldiers, deploy weapons now!

[New weapons appear in the Spirit Soldiers' hands]

Soldier Gold: Spirit Knuckles!

[A pair of gold knuckles made of steel]

Soldier White: Spirit Launcher!

[A white rod-like bazooka made of steel]

Soldier Blue: Spirit Magnum!

[A light-blue axe-like magnum made of steel]

Soldier Red: Spirit Lance!

[A red lance made of steel]

Soldier Fuchsia: Spirit Shamisen!

[A fuchsia shamisen w/a laser made of steel]

Soldier Violet: Spirit Saber!

[A violet broadsword made of steel]

Soldier Gold: Have at him!

[All six charge at Steiner; Soldier Gold punches Steiner w/his glowing knuckles; Soldier White fires a glowing blast from her launcher at Steiner, hitting him; Soldier Blue strikes Steiner w/the axe portion of her magnum, then fires a cold blast from the barrel of her magnum, freezing his unit; Soldier Red strikes Steiner w/her lance; Soldier Fuchsia plays a loud tune on her shamisen, firing ultrasonic waves at Steiner, hitting him; Soldier Violet jumps up and strikes Steiner w/her sword]

Prof. Steiner: They're frozen! I can't use any of my weapons! This can't be!

Eris: Let's do it, Cosmo Cats!

[Aoi and Manami join hands; Kio stands on top of them, with Antonia on top of her, and Eris on top of her]

Eris: Cosmo Jewels, unite!

[All five Cosmo Cats activate the jewels on their chests; they unleash laser beams that form the constellation Sagitta]

Cosmo Cats: Five-Star Finish! Sagitta!

[Sagitta, taking the form of Sagittarius, fires a glowing arrow at Steiner, hitting him hard]

Soldier Gold: Let's put 'em together, girls!

[The Spirit Soldiers combine all their weapons to form one weapon: The Sephira Bazooka:
The Spirit Launcher as the central barrel
The Spirit Magnum as the handle
The Spirit Knuckles attached to the front of the launcher's barrel
The Spirit Saber attached to the top of the launcher as the targeting sight
The Spirit Lance attached to either side of the launcher
The Spirit Shamisen attached to the bottom as the lower barrel]

Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Bazooka!

Soldier Gold: Lock on target, ladies!

[They point it at Steiner]

Spirit Soldiers: FIRE!!

[The Sephira Bazooka fires a massive blast of spiritual energy at Steiner, hitting him hard; Steiner screams, falls to the ground, and a massive explosion is shown; after the smoke clears, Steiner lies unconscious on the ground, his unit and dog tag completely destroyed, along with the remote; NYPD squad cars approach; cops come out]

Aoi: [grabs Steiner and cuffs him] Eugene Steiner, you're under arrest for domestic abuse, assault, three murders, attempted arson, and attempted mass murder. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. You understand these rights?

Prof. Steiner: Screw you!

[Aoi hands him over to the cops]

Aoi: See to it that the DA shows no mercy.

Cop: Will do, Futaba. Thanks.

Eris: Thanks again, Spirit Soldiers. But even though Steiner will never control meteors again, the meteor's still heading for Earth.

Soldier Gold: Say no more. Spirit Soldiers, back to your Sephira Voyagers. We've got a meteor to destroy.

Other five Spirit Soldiers: Right!

[All six head back to their Sephira Voyagers and take off into space]

Cosmo Cats: Cosmo MagnaDroid, begin formation!

[The Cosmo MagnaShip appears and releases Eris' ship and CatiEarth One; the three ships combine to form the Cosmo MagnaDroid; the Cosmo Cats jump into the cockpit, and the MagnaDroid takes off to West Village]

[Back at West Village, the machines are overwhelmed by Alphitoid, who laughs maniacally]

Alphitoid: This is the end of you all! [lunges at the machines] Any last words?!

[Suddenly, the Cosmo MagnaDroid soars in and strikes him back with its Tiger Hammer]

Alphitoid: You!

Eris: Guys, are you all right?

[All machines get back on their feet]

Brittany: Never better, Eris. Now let's take care of this Demonoid!

Corona: Ninja Formosa, Spider Ronin, combine!

[The Ninja Formosa combines with the Spider Ronin to from the Spider Samurai]

[Cut to the cockpit w/Corona]

Corona: This new combo rocks! Guess this is what comes of taking maternity leave.

[Lumen, Sparkle, Simon, and Theodore transport into the cockpit]

Corona: Hey, you guys!

Lumen: You didn't think we were gonna let you pilot this baby alone, did you?

Corona: Thanks, Lumen.

Eris: [over radio] Corona, this is Eris. Do you copy?

Corona: Loud and clear, Eris. But hold on. If all Spider Riders, all Gladiators, and all Cosmo Cats are here, then who's going after the meteor?

Eris: You've probably never met them before, but they're six very brave heroes in spandex. They're called the Spirit Soldiers, and they're already on their way to take down the meteor.

Corona: You're kidding.

Eris: Cross my heart!

[Cut to space; the Sephira Voyagers are approaching the meteor]

Soldier Gold: All right, girls. Max out your laser power!

Other Spirit Soldiers: Right!

All six: Fire lasers!

[The Sephira Voyagers fire their lasers at maximum power at the meteor, but the meteor is not destroyed]

Soldier Violet: Damn it! It's still on course!

Soldier Gold: Photon Missiles!

[The Gold Sephira Voyager fires its missiles at the meteor, hitting it; nothing happens]

Soldier Red: Guys, the way I see it, we'll have to combine the Sephira Voyagers.

Soldier Blue: But we haven't tested it yet.

Soldier White: We don't have a choice. Otherwise, the meteor will hit Earth.

Soldier Gold: I'm with you on this one. Let's bring 'em together!

All six: Sephira Voyagers, combine!

[All six Sephira Voyagers combine to form the Sephira Robo:
The Gold forms the torso
The Violet forms the jetpack and head
The White and Red from the arms with cannons on their wrists
The Blue and Fuchsia form the legs]

[Cut to the cockpit with all six Spirit Soldiers]

Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Robo, ready!

Soldier Gold: Remember, girls, like the vice-commander said, only a direct hit from the Gungnir Cannons at close range can blow up the meteor.

Soldier Red: But there's no guarantee of survival. If we miss, it's over.

Soldier Gold: Sis, at this point, we have no other options.

Soldier Red: Valid point, big bro. Engage Gungnir Cannons!

[Outside, the Sephira Robo's Gungnir Cannons power up]

Soldier Gold: We've only got one shot at this, so it'd better work!

Soldier Fuchsia: It's pulling us into its gravitational field!

[The Sephira Robo is slowly getting pulled into the meteor's gravitational field]

Soldier Blue: We're almost there!

Soldier White: Everyone keep it together!

Soldier Red: Hold her steady, troops!

Soldier Fuchsia: She's gonna rip apart if we don't hurry!

Soldier Gold: Do it!

Soldier Violet: Locking on target!

[The cannons lock on to the meteor]

Soldier Gold: Gungnir Cannons!

All Spirit Soldiers: FIRE!!

[The cannons fire a massive silver blast at the meteor, engulfing it in an explosion]

Soldier Violet: It worked! We did it!

Soldier Gold: Good shot, #2!

[They hi-five]

Soldier White: I could've done that with my eyes closed.

Soldier Fuchsia: Doesn't matter. The meteor's gone. Though it was pretty nerve-wracking.

Soldier Blue: I'll say.

[An alarm blares]

Soldier Red: Hold your horses, guys. Look!

[The six soldiers look ahead; as the smoke clears, the meteor is still on course, but with a big hole in it (revealing a glowing radioactive core)]

Soldier Gold: Oh, crap! It's still on course!

Soldier Violet: All that blast did was blow a hole in it!

Soldier Blue: Looks like we're all gonna die.

Soldier Red: Don't say that! There's gotta be another way.

Soldier Fuchsia: Let's just stop and think, you guys. And fast. The meteor's veering dangerously close to destruction territory.

[Soldier White takes a close look at the core]

Soldier White: That core.

Soldier Violet: That must be it. Soldiers, take the rest of the Sephira Robo back to Earth.

Soldier Fuchsia: What?!

Soldier Violet: If I take my Voyager and hit the meteor's core, I can probably destroy it.

Soldier Blue: No, you can't! You could get yourself killed!

Soldier Violet: I'm sorry, but the way I see it, we haven't a choice. Besides, there'll be plenty of other Spirit Soldiers.

Soldier Gold: You can't do this. Not after what we've been through!

Soldier Red: Just think about what our field leader is saying!

Soldier Violet: Just let me. Besides, that first aim was my big blunder. I have to make up for it.

Soldier White: If that's the criteria, then... farewell.

[She pushes two buttons on her control panel and transports out of the cockpit and into that of the White Sephira Voyager, which detaches from the Sephira Robo]

Soldier White: Sephira Robo autopilot engaged.

Soldier Gold: What?! You?!

Soldier White: Soldier Violet, you have nothing to atone for. But I have much more than that.

Soldier Violet: No! You can't go!

Soldier White: This might be goodbye. Have a safe trip back to Earth. Farewell,... everyone. Realign to target!

[Outside, the remains of the Sephira Robo automatically flies toward Earth as the White Sephira Voyager flies into the hole in the meteor]

Soldier Gold: Come back, Soldier White! These are your orders!

[Five seconds after the Sephira Robo is far enough away from the meteor, the meteor engulfs in a massive explosion; after the smoke clears, the meteor is gone]

[Cut back to the Sephira Robo's cockpit; Spirit Soldier Violet pants heavily]

Soldier Violet: The meteor-- It's gone.

[She removes her helmet (the camera does not show her face, but it does show she has dark plum hair)]

Soldier Violet: Why? Why did you have to be such a stubborn bitch?! [slams her fist and bursts into tears] You and I didn't always see eye to eye, but... we were still co-lovers. I respected you.

[She puts her helmet back on; Soldier Gold pats her on the back gently]

Soldier Violet: Set our course for New York City. The others need us.

Soldier Gold: Right!

[The Sephira Robo's thrusters ignite further as it flies back to Earth]

[Back at West Village, ACME's machines continue fighting Alphitoid, but nearly every blast they throw at him makes him bigger and stronger]

Corona: Double Katana Strike!

[The Spider Samurai leaps up and strikes Alphitoid w/its twin katana, cutting its right arm off]

Alphitoid: Good move, but not good enough. Reattach!

[His right arm reattaches to him]

[Cut to the Cosmo MagnaDroid's cockpit]

Kio: [after running a quick scan] There's no chip in the right arm. No need to aim for that from here on out.

Aoi: Let's aim for the left, then. Jaguar Missiles!

[Outside, the Cosmo MagnaDroid fires its Jaguar Missiles at Alphitoid's left arm, completely vaporizing it]

Alphitoid: [laughs] Nice try, but there's no chip here, either. Anyway, in this size, I don't need both arms to destroy you!

Hunter: In that case, let's go for the midsection!

[The Super Spider Caesar impales Alphitoid in the midsection w/its Xenon Katana]

Alphitoid: [kicks the Super Spider Caesar back and pulls the sword from his midsection] Give it up!

Layla: We have to aim for his chest!

Sora: Mega Star Borg, detach!

[The Mega Star Borg detaches from the MechaBeetle and flies toward Alphitoid]

Gladiators: Angelic Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Mega Star Borg strikes Alphitoid w/Angelic Dual Knuckle Strike in the chest, but Alphitoid pushes it back]

Pamela: I can't use the Wing Cannons. He'll just absorb the blast. We'll just have to--

Soldier Gold: [through radio] Spirit Soldier Gold reporting. Do you copy?

Pamela: Loud and clear. Did you get the meteor?

[Cut to the Sephira Robo's cockpit]

Soldier Gold: The mission was a success. There's nothing left of the meteor.

Hunter: [through radio] Good work, Spirit Soldiers! Now we can all finish this guy together.

Soldier Gold: But Soldier White...

Alvin: What?

Soldier Gold: She died in the line of duty.

Alvin: No!

Brittany: Impossible!

Eris: She's dead?!

Alphitoid: So will all of you when I'm done with you! And I'll start with the robot with one arm!

[He charges at the approaching Sephira Robo]

Soldier Violet: This is Soldier White's battle of vengeance!

[The Sephira Robo fires its lone Gungnir Cannon at full power at Alphitoid, who absorbs it and grows again; he suddenly belches]

Alphitoid: Suddenly, I'm starting to feel a little full.

Soldier Red: Good move! Just keep firing at full power until he can't take anymore!

Soldier Violet: Right!

[The Sephira Robo keeps firing; Alphitoid continues dodging or blocking each blast, until he finally gets hit in the midsection]

Soldier Gold: Get him in the back, Gladiators!

Pamela: Right! Wing Cannons, fire!

[The MechaEagle fires its wing cannons at Alphitoid's back, hitting him hard; Alphitoid explodes into pieces, leaving only his right leg standing]

Hunter: His computer chip must be in there! Somebody fire!

[The Sephira Robo is about to fire at the leg, when suddenly, Alphitoid quickly reassembles]

Alphitoid: You foolish mortals! It doesn't take too long for my pieces to reassemble.

[Cut back to the Sephira Robo's cockpit]

Soldier Gold: Don't you guys give up. We gotta focus all our machines' energy into one finisher. Soldier White would've wanted that.

Soldier White: [through radio] You got that right, my love.

Soldier Gold: Huh?

Soldier Violet: Is that--?!

[Back outside, the White Sephira Voyager, completely unharmed, fires is lasers at Alphitoid, hitting him hard]

Alphitoid: How can this be?!

[The White Sephira Voyager reattaches to the Sephira Robo]

[Cut back to the cockpit; Soldier White reappears]

Soldier Fuchsia: Soldier White!

Soldier Blue: She made it!

Soldier Red: She's alive!

Soldier Violet: Is that really you?!

Soldier White: Would I lie?

Soldier Gold: But how did you survive?!

Soldier White: It came to me the moment I laid eyes on the meteor's core.

[She has a flashback of when she flew her Voyager near the meteor's core]

Soldier White: I knew that if I just got close enough, I'd just be able to destroy the core with my launcher.

[In the flashback, Soldier White climbs to the top of her Voyager's roof and fires her Spirit Launcher at full power at the core, then instantly dives back into her Voyager and flies out of the meteor just before it explodes]

[Back to the present]

Soldier White: Crazy idea, wasn't it?

Soldier Violet: You can say that again! What the hell were you trying to prove?!

Soldier White: That I was a better markswoman than you.

Soldier Violet: You idi-- [reacts] O-kay. Maybe you're right. I mean, you do have the best marksmanship on the team.

Soldier White: Missed me, didn't you, Toh--?

Soldier Violet: Never mind that. Let's end this fight!

Other Spirit Soldiers: Right!

Soldier Gold: Sephira Robo saber, energize!

[Outside, the Sephira Robo gets equipped with a gold broadsword; the saber glows]

Soldier Gold: Sephira Robo, Spiritual Strike!

All Spirit Soldiers: FINAL ATTACK!

[The Sephira Robo strikes Alphitoid in the left leg w/its glowing saber, causing his computer chip to electrify]

Alphitoid: No! Not there!

[He starts to shrink]

[The Cosmo MagnaDroid sabers appear in the MagnaDroid's hands]

Cosmo Cats: Cosmo MagnaDroid sabers, Victory Strike!

[The MagnaDroid performs a double-cross with its sabers, striking Alphitoid]

[All of the Spider Riders' machines and the Giga Borg strike Alphitoid w/their attacks]

Soldier Gold: Ivory Eagle, you have the honors!

Pamela: Thanks, Spirit Soldiers! Mia, Anna, Sarah, board your KaleidoBorgs. It's time to combine!

Mia, Anna, and Sarah: Roger that!

All four Gladiators: Combine!

[The MechaEagle's right arm expands; KB9 attaches to it as the left arm; KB7 and KB8 attach as the legs; the MechaEagle's head gets equipped with a new helmet]

[Cut to the cockpit w/Pamela, Mia, Anna, and Sarah]

All four Gladiators: Ivory Star Borg, ready!

Pamela: Sorry we have to cut the introduction of this new combo short, but this Demonoid must be put out to pasture!

[Outside, the Ivory Star Borg flies toward Alphitoid]

Gladiators: Ivory Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Ivory Star Borg's fists glow silver (right) and orange (left); with the cry of a lorikeet and the cry of an eagle, the Ivory Star Borg punches Alphitoid hard w/its fists; Alphitoid screams as he gets thrown far back and hits the ground; upon impact, an explosion is shown]

[Cut back to the Cosmo MagnaDroid's cockpit]

Eris: [poses victoriously] Cosmo Cats, mission complete! Meow!

[Cut back to the Ivory Star Borg's cockpit]

Pamela: [sighs] What a rush. Shame that the Ivory Star Borg's first battle was short-lived.

Mia: Well, with Alphitoid's chip severed, he was no longer a threat.

Anna: Y'know, we could've defeated him with anything once the chip was damaged.

Sarah: But there was no better opportunity than now to test the Ivory Star Borg's power.

Pamela: Anyway, we owe the Spirit Soldiers another debt of gratitude. Let's go!

[Everyone jumps out of their machines' cockpits; the Cosmo Cats, Kaleido Gladiators, and Spider Riders revert to normal and approach the Spirit Soldiers]

Pamela: Thank you again, Spirit Soldiers. All six of you. We're forever in your debt.

Soldier Gold: Which you won't need to repay, Ivory Eagle.

Layla: But there's still one thing bothering me. Who are you really?

Soldier White: Our identities must remain secret. If Prescott and the Demonoids ever found out, they'd find ways of tracking us down.

Hunter: Now, enough of that. How did you guys get rid of the meteor?

Soldier Violet: Well, it started with the Sephira Robo's Gungnir Cannons blowing a hole in the meteor, all because of my terrible aim.

Soldier Fuchsia: Terrible aim? If it hadn't been for you, Soldier White wouldn't have found the core.

Soldier White: All I did was get close enough to destroy it with my Spirit Launcher, then escape as quickly as possible.

Sora: That was very reckless. You could've killed yourself.

Soldier White: It was a risk I was willing to take.

Corona: And it worked.

Soldier Gold: Now, you, Corona-- Where were you the last time we saw your team?

Corona: 1. I was on maternity leave. I gave birth to a daughter about two weeks ago. 2. How do you guys know who I am?

Soldier Violet: We met before. By the way, congratulations to you and Hunter. A new baby!

Corona: Thank you. Now, what do you mean we've met before? When, exactly?

Soldier Violet: Two years ago. But back then, we weren't wearing these suits.

Soldier Gold: Anyway, you'll find out about our identities eventually. But right now, we must go. I promised my sister I'd take her out to lunch after we got back to Japan.

Marion: Uh, your sister's right beside you.

Soldier Red: Not me. His other sister.

Pamela: Are you in any relation to the spy we met on the Nickar? She told us you sent her.

Soldier Gold: That's the one. We'll remember to give her your best regards. Come on, ladies. Let's go home.

Other Spirit Soldiers: Roger that!

[They all transport out]

[Back at the Nickar, which is now back in the sea, Prescott is furious]

Prescott: Two meteors within one day. Mechike, this is all on you.

Mechike: So what else is new? But I know a way to make it up to you, milord. Follow me to the carrier bay.

[Prescott follows him to the carrier bay; they look up at a new giant robot being constructed]

Mechike: Savage and the Mathers men are currently constructing this new robot. You might want to consider using this against ACME. I call it Devitalos.

Prescott: Hmm... I like it. But how much longer 'til it's finished?

Mechike: At the rate they're going, approximately 30 days.

Prescott: Very well. But to keep ACME busy, we need more Demonoids.

Mechike: My generals are already working on that. Devitalos is being powered by pieces of the meteor that the Spirit Soldiers blew up. The Cyber Demonitron managed to fetch a few pieces after the explosion.

Prescott: Well, well... That meteor may have failed us, but at least what's left can prove useful.

Mechike: With all that radiation, nothing can stop you.

Prescott: You've outdone yourself, Mechike. Once it's complete, I'll sic it on ACME and destroy them, and then I'll shower its radiation over Earth unless they bend to my will. Uncle Klaus, this time, you will be avenged! [laughs maniacally]

[132 Madison Street, 12:44pm]

[The gang has leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner for lunch; Alvin, however, is not eating much]

Layla: Everything okay, Alvin?

Sora: You hardly ate anything.

Alvin: I just can't get what happened to Owen and Ewan out of my mind. They volunteer to help us stop the first meteor, and they only end up being brainwashed. I won't forgive Prescott for this, nor anything.

Eris: I know how you feel. And it's sad that even a few weeks after seeing his son again, both he and his son are lost to the dark side.

Hunter: Just think, next time we meet those two, we may have to kill them.

Alvin: [gets out of his seat] And let all of Owen's plans to get through to his niece go up in smoke?! Hunter, I'm surprised at you. Owen loved Ellen like she was his own daughter. He would never stop until she finally saw the light. I say we don't kill him or his son. If we do, they'll never know.

Corona: Alvin, I know you mean well, but what if Prescott doesn't give us any other options? Look, Ellen is long gone, and there's nothing we can do. I'm sorry. But if anyone's to blame for what happens to Owen or Ewan, it'll be Prescott.

[Alvin frowns]

Kio: Don't worry, Alvin. We'll do our best to get through to those two.

Alvin: [sits back down] You're right. I guess that's how things are with our recent battles. Casualties are inevitable, whether the victims are good or bad, dead or alive. Whatever happens to Owen and Ewan, I'll make sure Prescott pays!

[He continues eating]

Brittany: That's my Alvin.

Sora: Hmm.

Pamela: I wonder how the Spirit Soldiers are doing?

[Somewhere in Japan, Saturday, November 25th, 11:34am (JST)]

[At a fast-food restaurant, two blue-haired characters (one male (Soldier Gold in civilian form), one female (the spy in civilian form); no faces shown) have lunch together]

Spy: I knew you wouldn't go back on your word, big brother.

Soldier Gold: Hey, why would I disappoint my biological sister? [pats her on the head]

Spy: Hey, I forgot to tell you-- [quietly] While I was infiltrating the Demonoids' submarine yesterday, I found out that they'd given cybernetic implants to Owen Mathers and his son Ewan.

Soldier Gold: What?

Spy: And rumor has it that they're related to one of our old enemies, and that Owen was previously only working for Prescott to teach his niece the dangers of working with a sadist like Prescott.

Soldier Gold: Hmm. Ever since the arrival of the Demonoids, I've always had the strangest feeling that some of our old enemies have been reincarnated as the top Demonoids. Now, after all that info you've gathered, I'm beginning to think my suspicions are right. Nevertheless, we gotta get the other girls ready. It may take all of us to help ACME beat the Demonoids.

Spy: In that case, big brother, I wanna join the Spirit Soldiers, too. I know my powers were completely different from yours and the others,--

Soldier Gold: I only said it'd be difficult for you. I never said it'd be impossible. Your chance will come soon enough.

Spy: [hugs her brother] Oh, thanks, big brother! You won't regret giving me this chance! I love you so much!

Soldier Gold: [hugs back] I love you, too, but could you please let go? You're making a scene here.

[The spy looks around; several customers are staring at them]

Spy: [pulls back from the hug] Oops. Sorry.

Soldier Gold: In the meantime, we've got two more Spirit Soldiers waiting in the wings.

Spy: The twins?

Soldier Gold: Yep. The twins.

Professor Eugene Steiner was handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, then after arraignment, remanded to USP Allenwood without bail or human contact, and three months later, brought to trial. He was found guilty of multiple counts of domestic violence, attempted arson, attempted murder, two counts of crimes against humanity, and three counts of murder in the first degree. He was sentenced to be executed in FCC Terre Haute.]

[Clips from the next side-fic are shown]

Prescott: The time has come, ACME Crime Net. I'll destroy you myself! Devitalos, rise and bring about chaos!

Aqune: This guy's really big!

Hunter: Spider Riders, let's go!

Prescott: Deluded buffoons.

Alvin: All the pain and misery you caused this city-- No! This whole world!

Hunter: Super Spider Rider, Ultra Mode!

Shadow: Next time on ACME Crime Net: Prescott's Last Stand.

Venus: Vigilance, dedication, courage! Kinda feels fun to do the previews.

Shadow: Don't push it.

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