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4/30/2016 8:37 am  #1

Second Half of Season 2 Episode Guide

Next week, Buttons & Rusty's New Adventures will be off so that in honor of Mother's Day, we will air What's Up Mom? Afterwards, Buttons & Rusty will convene the second half of their second season of their New Adventures leading up to the feature film by the end of the year.

206. The Mystery of the Sneaky Snacker [a.k.a Law & Order: Chucklewood] (Chucklewood is celebrating it's birthday. However, when a bobcat named Jonah comes to Chucklewood, food starts mysteriously disappearing. Is Jonah innocent until proven guilty? Put on your detective gear and join the cubs on solving this fight against crime. Neither the Special Victims Unit, nor the detectives of ACME Crime Net will help you. These are their stories.) [TV-PG]
207. Anything You Do? (The mothers visit Grandma Bear’s [a.k.a “Gram” from Show 113] for a day, leaving the fathers in charge of the cave as a result doing chores as well as cooking dinner. Meanwhile, the bear cubs have an argument about whether boy cubs or girl cubs are better, Freddie decides to have a contest.) [TV-PG (DS)]
208. An Eye For a Tooth (There's a rumor of food shortage in the forest, and the cubs meet a traveling trader named Claude. They exchange Abner's tools for a barrel of food, but it turns out it was a fraud. How could they get the tools back?) [TV-G]
209. Mother Nature’s Missing (A barrel of chemicals falls into the Chucklewood creek and Mother Nature becomes affected by it, which causes strange things to occur around the forest. The cubs set off to find a solution which will save Mother Nature and restore Chucklewood’s natural balance.) [TV-G]
210. The Big One (Earthquakes [“Earthshakers” to the critters] are mysteriously occurring in Chucklewood. Join the cubs on finding out who is responsible for the tremors.) [TV-PG]
211. Series Finale: Scenter of Attention (When Rocky Ridge, which was on the other side of a ravine from Chucklewood, catches on fire, a skunk named Eugene escapes it and meets the critters. However, they find his scent a little disturbing.) [TV-PG]

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