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Side-Fic 326: ACME vs. Yuya Pt. 1: Guest of Honor

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Gong: Yo, everyone! Gong's all ready for the show. Are you? Just remember to watch in a brightly-lit room, and don't sit too close to your screen. Let's go!

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[In the Fusion Dimension, Roget's device continues to drain Yuya]

Roget: Mr. Cortez may have failed in destroying the Cosmo Cats, but he was successful in bringing me my prize. Well, Yuya Sakaki, it appears my mind manipulator is fully operational. With it, I can go in and out of your thoughts and memories and bend them to my will. Whatever I want you to think, you will think it, and whatever I tell you, you will believe. Pretty soon, I'll prove that only I have the power to succeed where Isaac Westcott has failed! And nothing will stand in my way! Not even ACME Crime Net!

[A mechanical dragon-like monster approaches]

Roget: Ah! Braindrone!

Braindrone: You called, Mr. Roget?

Roget: Yes. You're to infuse with the powers of Yuya's finest Duel Monsters, making you invincible!

Braindrone: Brilliant! Let's get started!

[He hooks himself up]

[132 Madison Street, Friday, August 2nd, 9:44am]

[Zuzu, Yoko, and Gong enter; Zuzu is still upset]

Zuzu: Guys, I feel guilty coming here while Yuya's still missing.

Yoko: I do, too. Yusho got pretty upset over the phone when I called him. But Yuya would've wanted him to continue his tour. We'll keep him posted.

Gong: Listen. Captain Greg told us to take a break. And our friends from the Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Dimensions are gonna let us know the second they find a way to get to him.

[They notice Arisa and Aiko telling everyone their news]

Arisa: It was mind-boggling! I'm telling you, it was stunning!

Aiko: We saw it with our own eyes!

Zuzu: What's with those two?

Eris: Hey, you guys. You won't believe what Arisa and Aiko saw at Pelham Bay Park last night. They didn't even tell us what they saw.

Itokazu: But it's as if they're making this all up.

Aiko: Making it up? Miss I., we're dead serious. There was a bright light by the water.

Arisa: And inside that light was Yuya Sakaki.

Zuzu: You guys actually saw Yuya?!

Yoko: What was he doing?

Arisa: You sounds pretty worried, ma'am. You his big sister or something?

Yoko: I'm his mother, Yoko Sakaki.

Arisa and Aiko: Oh...

Arisa: Anyway, to answer your question, Mrs. Sakaki, he was just standing there staring, but somehow, we could see right through him.

Aiko: Pretty creepy, huh? [to Zuzu's group] But why isn't he with you guys now like he usually is?

Zuzu: Because before you went there, Yuya disappeared in a flash. We traced him to the Fusion Dimension, but we have no way of getting there.

Kio: Do you guys think maybe what they saw was actually Yuya calling for help?

Aoi: Maybe.

Arisa: Well, he did look distressed.

Aiko: And a little shook up.

P.A.: Attention. Incoming transmission from Sora Perse of the Fusion Dimension.

Eris: [whips out her tablet and accepts the transmission] We read you, Sora. What's the latest?

Sora: Remember those spies we had sent to spy on Jean-Michel Roget back when he worked for Westcott?

Eris: Yes.

Sora: Well, they'd been following Roget ever since he went AWOL. He's keeping Yuya in the laboratory within a domed stadium.

Zuzu: But how is he blocking anyone from entering the Fusion Dimension?

Sora: Sadly, Zuzu, he's erected a powerful forcefield. And even the spies have no way of deactivating it. And there's no way for anyone to get in or out of that dome.

Yoko: Sora, I just need to know one more thing.

Sora: What's that, Mrs. S.?

Yoko: What is Roget planning to do with my baby?

Sora: Two things. One: He's transferring Yuya's dueling knowledge to one of his Demonoid robots. And second:... [sighs] He plans to use him... to duel us with a Doom Disk.

[Everyone else gasps]

[Back at the Fusion Dimension, the knowledge transfer is nearly complete; Roget unhooks Braindrone from the device]

Roget: So, Braindrone, how do you feel?

Braindrone: I feel the power of a thousand Duel Monsters! Now no one can beat me!

Roget: Good! Let's put your knew powers to the test. Take your place in the arena!

Braindrone: Yes, sir! [vanishes]

[Cut to the stadium's arena; there is a crowd of soldiers and enemy robots gathered to watch Braindrone fight an army of Bandersnatch 2.0 units singlehandedly; Roget watches from the balcony]

Roget: Just the kind of Demonoid I've been looking for. Westcott could never have considered this. Yes, Braindrone! Yes! That's the way!

[Braindrone has finished off the last unit]

Braindrone: That's the last one, Mr. Roget!

Roget: Braindrone, I hereby declare you the fiercest warrior in all of the Fusion Dimension!

[The crowd cheers; Braindrone bows before Roget]

Braindrone: I am honored to serve you, sir!

Roget: [sighs] Sakaki's brain power did Braindrone a world of good. The knowledge transfer is a success!

[Two guards bring in an unconscious Yuya]

Roget: Ah, the guest of honor. Well done, gentlemen.

[Yuya opens his eyes and looks around]

Yuya: Where... Where am I? Who am I?

Roget: So, you're awake. Welcome back to the Fusion Dimension, my friend.

Yuya: Friend? Who are you?

Roget: I'm Jean-Michel Roget, your loyal advisor.

Yuya: I... I don't get it.

Roget: You're my master. The true champion duelist.

Yuya: What do you mean, I'm your master?

Roget: I regret to say that you were recently attacked by our dreaded enemies at ACME Crime Net. Your memory was damaged in the brawl.

Yuya: ACME Crime Net? Who or what are they?

Roget: They are the supreme evil organization, enemy to all dimensions.

Yuya: And I fought them?

Roget: For two years, sir. They've been trying to destroy everything good and taking what's rightfully ours.

Yuya: Tell me more, Roget.

Roget: We of the Fusion Dimension are the last thing standing between ACME and their plans to dominate all dimensions.

Yuya: I think I remember a bit. I think it's starting to come back.

Roget: You are our last line of defense, my friend.

Yuya: What must I do?

Roget: I regret to say that you must go back to the fight immediately, for should you defer, all will be lost to the evil that is ACME Crime Net.

Yuya: Yes. ACME Crime Net must be stopped, for the sake of mankind.

[Fraxinus, 10:00am]

[Zuzu and Eris' groups report to the bridge, where Kotori Itsuka awaits]

Kotori: Hey, you guys. Any news on Yuya?

Eris: Well, Arisa and Aiko claimed they saw him at Pelham Bay Park last night.

Zuzu: Kotori, can you trace him?

Kotori: We'll try. [to the crew] Crew, scan the perimeter of Pelham Bay Park.

[The crew of the Fraxinus do just as she says; the monitor opens a channel to Pelham Bay Park, but finds nothing]

Shiizaki: We're not getting a reading, Commander.

Kotori: Keep at it. There's no telling what Roget will do to Yuya.

Minowa: Hold on! I'm picking up something now! It's a residual brain wave pattern. Chances are, it might be Yuya's.

[The monitor shows a sign: "WARNING: BRAIN WAVE PATTERN ALTERING"]

Mikimoto: "Brain wave pattern altering"?

Kotori: If those really are Yuya's brain waves, then he's in grave danger. At the rate they're changing, he won't be himself much longer.

Zuzu: Kotori, I can't let this happen. I'm going out there.

Eris: I'll go, too. The rest of you, stay here and keep tracking brain waves.

Kotori: I'll contact the Crystal Exceeds, the Spider Riders, and the rest of the Kaleido Gladiators. Considering how powerful Roget has become since he went rogue, we need all the help we can get.

Zuzu: Let's go, Eris. [activates her wristband] Kaleido Power!

Eris: [raises her pendant] Cosmo Power!

[They get suited up]

[Pelham Bay Park, 10:15am]

[Zuzu and Eris enter on Zuzu's Kaleido Cycle, then get off and look around]

Eris: No sign of him anywhere.

Zuzu: Keep looking.

Eris: We must be overlooking something here. There's gotta be some trace of Yuya.

Zuzu: We can't let up. I almost let Yuya down once before. I'm not gonna let it happen again!

[Back at the Fusion Dimension, one of Roget's soldiers approaches him]

Soldier: Sir, we have a report that Cosmo Red and the Lorikeet of Love are snooping around the transporter area.

Roget: They must be searching for a way to help their friend here. Touching. Let's just assume they're volunteering to become our first victims. We should help them out. Ready the holographic entryway.

Soldier: Roger that, sir. [exits]

Roget: This is going to work out even better than I planned.

[Back at the park, Eris and Zuzu notice a holographic image of Yuya appearing before them]

Zuzu: Eris, there he is!

Eris: Yuya! [taps her bell as she runs up to the image] We found him!

Zuzu: Hold it! Something's wrong!

Yuya: [beckons] Help me, Eris.

Zuzu: Eris, I don't think that's Yuya! Stop!

Eris: [stops too close to Yuya's image] A trap?!

[A gust of wind pulls her through a portal]

Yuya: Zuzu, help me...! [vanishes]

Zuzu: ERIS!

Kotori: [through Zuzu's wristband] Zuzu, that was a holographic entryway. Don't go through there! You might not return.

[Zuzu falls to her knees in tears]

Kotori: Zuzu? Zuzu, do you copy?

Zuzu: Not Eris, too.

[She clenches her fists and lifts her head to the sky]


[She jumps on her cycle and drives away; as soon as she is out of sight, Arisa and Aiko look around]

Aiko: No Yuya in sight.

Arisa: How are we gonna explain this to Yuya's mom?

[She suddenly notices Yuya's holographic image]

Arisa: [gasps] Aiko! There he is again!

Aiko: Hey, Yuya!

[She and Arisa approach the image]

Aiko: Yuya, where are you, really?

Arisa: Your mom's worried sick about you!

Yuya: Help me! Please!

[Another gust of wind sucks Arisa and Aiko even closer]

Aiko: Now what's happening, Arisa?!

Arisa: I don't know, but it doesn't look fun!

[They hold onto each other as they get sucked into the portal; Yuya's image vanishes]

[Back at the Fraxinus, the monitor only shows a blue screen]

Kotori: Damn it! We lost Eris on our scanner!

[Zuzu returns]

Zuzu: Guys, I tried to stop her!

Kio: Zuzu, it's okay.

Zuzu: Okay? Kio, that's your wife! We've lost both her and Yuya now!

[Suddenly, the monitor opens a channel to the Fusion Dimension's coordinates; another surge has been pointed out]

Shiizaki: There's another electrical surge!

Kotori: Who is it this time?

Aoi: I have no idea, but someone's following Eris.

Manami: Wherever she went.

[Back at the Fusion Dimension, the real Yuya turns to Roget]

Yuya: No offense, Mr. Roget, but how can I be sure you're not lying? I mean, I can't even remember my own name. It's not easy to trust anyone when you can't remember.

Roget: I understand. ACME Crime Net can be very tricky. But don't take my word for it. Let me show you a mere piece of the destruction they've caused us. Behold the jumbotron!

[The jumbotron shows footage of the Fusion Dimension being attacked, with footage of the Spider Riders, Kaleido Gladiators, Cosmo Cats, Crystal Exceeds, and Spirit Soldiers edited in to look as if they were the assailants]

Yuya: Who are they?

Roget: These monsters are among ACME Crime Net's elite fighting force. The Spider Riders, the Kaleido Gladiators, the Cosmo Cats, the Crystal Exceeds, and the Spirit Soldiers. They are the ones who defeated you, and they are the ones upon whom you will have your revenge.

Yuya: [growls] You've shown me enough!

Roget: Forgive me for making you watch that, master. But there was no other way to help you remember what you're up against here.

Yuya: You're right. All of ACME Crime Net must be wiped out! And as your master, Roget, I vow to rid the Fusion Dimension-- No, every dimension, of the threat, once and for all!

[Roget's lead soldier: Vince Gilbert, approaches]

Vince: Sir, the challenger's here.

Yuya: And you, sir, are?

Vince: Pardon me, young master. I'm Vince Gilbert, leader of Mr. Roget's elite soldiers. And I'm here to tell you that your first opponent is on the way.

Yuya: Very good. Ready our best warrior to destroy him.

Vince: Him? [sighs] Whatever. [to the other soldiers] Gentlemen, summon BrainDrone!

Soldiers: At once, sir!

[Cosmo Red appears in the center of the arena; she gets on her feet and looks around]

Eris: What is this place?!

Yuya: Oh! A woman! And Cosmo Red, no less!

Eris: Yuya?!

Roget: Surrender, or fight.

Eris: Roget!

[The crowd of soldiers and robots shout for a fight]


[The crowd silences]

Roget: Citizens of the Fusion Dimension, I present to you, Cosmo Red!

[The crowd boos]

Eris: What have you done to Yuya, Roget?!

[Vince receives a text message, then turns to his boss]

Vince: Sir, two more intruders passed through the entryway, but they don't look like ACME Crime Net detectives.

Roget: Whoever they are, Vince, lock them in the dungeon and close off the entryway. I'll attend to them later.

Vince: Yes, sir. [exits]

[Meanwhile, in a dungeon close to the arena, Arisa and Aiko appear and land on the ground]

Arisa: [gets up and helps Aiko to her feet] You okay, Aiko?

Aiko: Yeah. You?

Arisa: Mm-hmm. But where are we?

Aiko: I have no clue.

Arisa: [sits down] That hologram was obviously a trap set by Yuya's kidnappers to lure ACME into the Fusion Dimension!

Aiko: Well, look at it this way. If we're not ACME detectives, they probably don't wanna waste their time with us.

Arisa: Good thinking. Maybe we can use that opportunity to find a way out and destroy the forcefield so we can get Yuya outta here.

Gloria: Yuya?

Grace: Did you say Yuya?

[Arisa and Aiko's eyes light up; they turn around]

Aiko: Who's there?

[Entering the scene are Gloria and Grace Tyler]

Gloria: You two know Yuya Sakaki?

Arisa: Yes. Who are you?

Gloria: I'm Gloria Tyler.

Grace: And I'm Grace Tyler, her twin.

Gloria: Who are you girls? You look like you're from the standard dimension.

Arisa: We are. I'm Arisa Ooshiro.

Aiko: I'm Aiko Matsuyama. We're Yuya's friends. Not much, but still...

Grace: So are we.

Gloria: What's happened to him?

Arisa: He's been abducted by Jean-Michel Roget, and I think he's been brainwashed.

[The twins are horrified]

Grace: That monster! Has he learned nothing since the Synchro Dimension debacle?!

Arisa: I take it you're not one of those spies sent to track his progress.

Gloria: We were, until we became his prisoners.

Aiko: How did you get here?

Grace: After he defected from Isaac Westcott, he sent an army of his own Demonoids to attack the Fusion Dimension.

Gloria: One night, when we were relieved of spy duties, we were on our way home, when a group of Demonoids knocked us out cold and locked us in here. Roget plans on using Yuya to duel us, with his Doom Disk.

Arisa: What's a Doom Disk? Is it some sorta duel disk?

Gloria: Not an ordinary duel disk.

Gloria and Grace: A deadly one.

Grace: When someone uses it in a duel, those whose life points hit 0 in that duel die. The Doom Disk also explodes if the wearer loses.

Arisa: I don't like the sound of that.

Gloria: And if Roget intends to use Yuya to duel his latest opponent: Cosmo Red, this will be a disaster, no matter who wins.

Arisa: [in her mind; horrified] Oh, no! Not Eris!

[Back at the Fraxinus, Shiizaki runs another scan]

Kotori: Any luck with separating the residual life signs, Shiizaki?

Shiizaki: This should be enough to identify who went through the portal.

[The monitor opens a channel to the arena (in a slightly blurry picture), where Eris is]

Kio: That's Eris. But what about the other two?

[The monitor opens a channel to the arena's dungeon with Arisa and Aiko]

Antonia: I don't believe this!

Aoi: Arisa and Aiko?!

Kotori: Now we have two missing members of ACME Crime Net!

Zuzu: And two interdimensional hitchhikers.

Aoi: We gotta get 'em all outta there.

Manami: If only we knew how.

Kio: Maybe we can't get 'em out, but at least we know a way to get in. Maybe we can find a way out from the inside.

[Kawagoe runs another scan]

Kawagoe: Maybe not. The entryway's just been sealed off.

Qoone: Now what?

[Cut back to the arena]

Eris: Yuya, what's happened to you?!

Roget: Pathetic Cosmo Cat. Do not take that tone of voice with my master.

Eris: Your master?

Yuya: That's right. I am the master of the Fusion Dimension, and as such, I won't tolerate the evil of ACME Crime Net any longer! You're finished! All of you!

Eris: [runs up to the balcony] Snap out of it, Yuya!

[She suddenly bumps into a forcefield and gets pushed back]

Yuya: Let the battle commence!

Roget: Braindrone, to the arena!

[Braindrone enters the arena]

Braindrone: All right, Cosmo Red! Let's have at it!

[Eris clenches her fists]

[Back at the Fraxinus, the monitor opens a clean channel to the arena]

Roget: Thank you for tuning in, folks. Welcome to the main event: Cosmo Red vs. Braindrone. Enjoy the show! [laughs]

[He turns the camera's attention to Eris facing Braindrone]

Kio: That's why Eris got transported? So they could lure her into a fight?!

Qoone: Apparently, Roget had had enough of our foiling his plans.

Gong: You're right, Captain. Don't forget what happened to Gong.

Yoko: But what does that have to do with Roget taking my son?

Minowa: I just ran a scan on the Demonoid, and it looks as if he's been empowered by... Duel Monsters.

Zuzu: Don't tell me... Odd-Eyes monsters?

Minowa: Worse. All four Dimension Dragons: Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. Not to mention, the Demonoid's also infused with Yuya's knowledge. Roget must wanna use that knowledge to create his own Demonoids and possibly oust Westcott.

Kio: I just hope Eris has enough power to handle that Demonoid alone.

Zuzu: Me, too, Kio. Me, too.

[Meanwhile, on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, Owen and Ewan try to watch TV on a portable television; Ewan keeps changing channels, but continuously finds nothing]

Ewan: No. B*llocks. Crap. Damn it. Stupid tele.

Owen: We just can't seem to get any reception on this island!

Ewan: If only Westcott and LN would get the Wi-Fi set up faster.

[The TV suddenly tunes in to Roget's live show at the Fusion Dimension]

Roget: Thank you for tuning in, folks. Welcome to the main event: Cosmo Red vs. Braindrone. Enjoy the show! [laughs]

Owen: Ewan! Look!

Ewan: My God! Mr. Westcott! LN! We found Roget!

[Back at the Fusion Dimension, Eris' fight with Braindrone is about to begin]

Eris: I won't let you win, Roget!

Roget: We shall soon see. Get her, Braindrone!

Braindrone: Yes, sir!

[He and Eris get into a fight]

Braindrone: Time for a taste of Spiral Flame Strike!

[He unleashes a spiraling burst of flames upon Eris, hitting her]

Eris: Spiral Flame Strike? That's Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon's attack! Only Yuya's ever used that monster in duels!

Braindrone: Oh, this is no Duel Monsters duel. This is a duel to the death! [takes to the sky and dives down toward Eris] Spinstorm Sky Strike!

[He strikes Eris]

Braindrone: Mauling Mandible Charge!

[He strikes Eris with his mandible]

Braindrone: Venomous Burst!

[He unleashes bursts of venom at Eris, hitting her]

Braindrone: This is better than anything Z-ARC would've pulled off! Except this time, it's for real!

Eris: [gets back up] That's it! You transferred Yuya's knowledge to this Demonoid, didn't you, Roget?!

Roget: I haven't the faintest idea what you speak of. Braindrone, destroy her!

Braindrone: Unified Dimension Burst!

[He unleashes four powerful spiraling bursts at Eris]

Eris: [pushes button 2 on her Cosmo Brace] Cosmo Boost!

[Glowing claws ready, she charges through the Unified Dimension Burst and slashes Braindrone hard]

Braindrone: [groans] How were you able to pull that off against such a powerful attack?!

Eris: With the power of my Cosmo Brace, my claws can cut through anything, even a blast as powerful as yours!

Braindrone: [growls] I won't miss again! Take th-- [groans in pain and holds his head] What's happening to me?!

Eris: If you wanna fight, fight with your own strength instead of relying on others'!

Braindrone: [growls] Now you're asking for it!

[He and Eris get into a wrestling-style fight over the next minute]

Roget: This is not the way I wanted it to be! Curse you, Cosmo Red!

[Eris slams Braindrone to the ground; the crowd boos; back at the Fraxinus, the gang watches the fight]

Zuzu: How on Earth did Braindrone get so weak all of a sudden?

Shiizaki: It's likely that Braindrone used up so much power, he couldn't maintain Yuya's knowledge. Roget's got a faulty Demonoid on his hands, as far as I'm concerned.

Kio: Give it to him, Eris!

Aoi: Pile driver!

[At the arena, Eris pile-drives Braindrone, then kicks him in the groin, then reaches for a folding chair; back in the dungeon, Arisa, Aiko, and the twins watch the fight]

Arisa: The chair! Give him the chair!

[Back at the fight, Eris slams Braindrone on the back with the chair]

Eris: See? Without Yuya's knowledge, you're just a helpless Demonoid!

Braindrone: SHUT UP! [prepares to punch Eris] I still have one move left!

Eris: [presses 1 on her brace] Tiger Chop!

[Using her glowing right hand, she karate-chops Braindrone right arm off before he can punch her]

Eris: [whips out her hammer] So long, Braindrone! [jumps up] Cosmo Hammer, Tiger Fury!

[The roar of a tiger is heard as she slams Braindrone with her hammer; Braindrone screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Roget: DAMN IT! [slams his fist on the balcony]

Eris: So much for your best warrior, Roget! Now, return Yuya to normal!

Roget: Yuya? What exactly is a Yuya?

Eris: Listen to me, Yuya! Your mind's been corrupted by Roget! You're not Roget's leader! You're being used as his puppet! You're my friend!

Yuya: Leave this menace to me, Roget. This battle will be your last, Cosmo Red.

Eris: Yuya...!

Yuya: I'll rid this dimension of your evil once and for all! Welcome to your doom! [laughs maniacally]

Eris: Don't do this! Please snap out of it!

Alvin: Next time: ACME vs. Yuya Part 2: The Duel Begins.

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