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3/23/2020 10:53 pm  #1

Side-Fic 327: ACME vs. Yuya Pt. 2: The Duel Begins

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Alvin: Hey, everybody! Showtime's almost here! Just remember to watch in a brightly-lit room, and don't sit too close to your screen.

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

Eris: Previously on ACME Crime Net...

[Clips from the previous side-fic are shown]

[Fusion Dimension, 10:33am (EST)]

Yuya: [pumps his fists in the air] As ruler of the Fusion Dimension, I will eradicate all evil and protect all that is good and helpless! It is for this purpose that I must deal with Cosmo Red myself!

Eris: Yuya, I'm telling you, you're being used! Try to remember! I'm your friend! Think about your friends!

Yuya: Yuya?

Eris: Yes! You're Yuya Sakaki. You and I are members of ACME Crime Net. You're a duelist and and entertainer. A Duel-tainer! Roget brainwashed you! He lied to you! He always lies!

Yuya: [groans] Why can't I remember who I really am?

Roget: Master, ignore her. She is tricky.

Eris: No! He's the one tricking you, Yuya!

Roget: Don't buy into that masquerade, sir. You know what must be done. Concentrate!

Yuya: [shakes his head] Yeah. You're right, Roget. [turns to Eris] I won't fall for your tricks, Cosmo Red! I've seen the evil you've done! It's time to wipe out ACME Crime Net for good!

Eris: Tell me what you did to Yuya, Roget!

Roget: My master challenged you, Cosmo Red. You must duel him!

Eris: But I've never dueled before! Besides, I won't fight my friend, and you can't force me!

Roget: I'm afraid you don't have a choice. Guards!

[Guards appear and surround Eris on all sides, forcefully attaching a duel disk to her left wrist; they then vanish]

Eris: Just so you know, I don't have any cards.

Roget: How unfortunate. Fear not, for my master will select the perfect deck for you. Vince?

[Vince enters with five numbered decks of Duel Monsters cards]

Vince: Young master, view all of these decks first, then make your decision.

[Yuya looks through every card in each deck]

Roget: I highly recommend #2, sir. [quietly] Cosmo Red will surely lose with that kind of deck. I'll settle for 1, 3, and 4, but #2 is a guarantee.

Yuya: I choose...

[He is about to reach for deck #2, when suddenly, he hesitates]

Yuya: [in his mind] Wait. Eris, in a duel?! I can't risk it!

Roget: What's the holdup?

Vince: Go ahead and pick one.

Yuya: [aloud] I choose...

[He reaches for deck #2, then at the last second, grabs #5 and tosses it to Eris]

Yuya: #5!

Roget: [in his mind; shocked] 5?! Why?! [aloud; grabs Vince by the lapels] Why didn't you throw that deck out before, Vince?!

Vince: Sir, some of those cards were too expensive to go to waste. Besides, I didn't think it would matter. You have this guy under--

Roget: Shut up! [quietly] Somehow, he defied my command.

Vince: [quietly] Apparently, your mind manipulator isn't perfect. The real Yuya must still be trying to fight the effects inside.

Roget: C'est impossible. The design was perfect. But no matter. That deck Cosmo Red is using won't do much good against our master.

[Eris shuffles her deck, then inserts it into her duel disk; Yuya shuffles his deck, then inserts it into the Doom Disk]

Yuya: [jumps onto the arena floor] I promise you, my people, this duel will be over soon. I'll be rid of this pest in no time.

[He and Eris each draw their first five cards, then each roll a die; Eris' die comes up 2; Yuya's comes up 6]

Yuya: Since I rolled the bigger number, I'll choose who goes first. Ladies first.

Eris and Yuya: Let's duel!

Eris: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Yuya: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Eris: [looks at her hand] Hmm. Let's see. If I can remember the moves the Chipmunks and the Chipettes taught me, I think I'll have a chance. [sets three cards] I set two cards to my back row, and a monster in defense mode to my front row. I end my turn.

Roget: Clever girl, starting with defense.

Yuya: [draws] I draw! [places two cards] It's time to the arc of victory! Come forth, Performapal Odd-Eyes Light Phoenix and Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn!

[Said monsters appear in the Pendulum Zones (Scale: 3-8)]

Yuya: [places a card] Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is ready to swing into action!

[Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon appears and roars]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Eris: [in her mind] Yuya's best monster. Gotta keep my guard up.

Yuya: Attack her set monster with Spiral Flame Strike!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at Eris' set monster, revealed to be Shaddoll Squamata, destroying it]

Eris: You just flipped up Shaddoll Squamata. Its flip effect destroys your Odd-Eyes!

[Odd-Eyes is destroyed, then returns to Yuya's Extra Deck]

Yuya: He won't stay gone for long. [sets two cards] Your move.

Eris: [reveals set card] Now I can activate this card: Resh Shaddoll Incarnation! This special-summons Shaddoll Squamata back to the field!

[Said monster reappears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,800]

[Back on board the Fraxinus, the rest of Eris and Yuya's groups, along with Shido, Tor, Layla, and Hunter's groups, as well as the Chipmunks and the Chipettes, are watching]

Gong: Not bad for a noob.

Kio: Even so, forcing her into a duel against a duelist with a Doom Disk is too dangerous.

Manami: Kio's right. Don't forget what happened to me.

Zuzu: We gotta do something to break Roget's hold on Yuya, and disable that Doom Disk so nobody dies, no matter who wins that duel.

Qoone: Unfortunately, Roget's convinced him that we're his enemies.

Gong: Then we gotta find a way to show him the truth.

Shido: But the only way we can do that is if he remembers who his real friends are.

Tor: For everyone's sake, we'd better find a way fast.

[Back in the dungeon at the stadium in the Fusion Dimension, Arisa, Aiko, and the Tyler twins watch the duel]

Arisa: It's not fair that they have to put someone who's never dueled before up against someone with a Doom Disk!

Aiko: Especially if Yuya's holding that Doom Disk.

Gloria: Tell me about it.

Grace: Now, listen. This mission is two-fold. First, we find the device that's linked to the mind manipulator and destroy it. I'm not gonna let Roget bend another duelist to his will. Second, we destroy the device that's linked to the forcefield that encompasses the stadium. Unless we do so, no one can escape.

[Gloria looks out the window for a moment; Vince is on his way]

Gloria: Grace, Vince is coming. Now's our chance!

[She and Grace hide beside the door and stand still like statues]

Arisa: What about us?

Aiko: Quiet, Arisa.

[Vince unlocks the gate and opens it]

Vince: Tyler twins!

Arisa: You got the wrong girls, Vince.

Aiko: Try another cell.

Vince: I specifically locked those girls in this cell. Now, where are they? Cosmo Red is on the verge of defeat, so I need to prepare the twins for their match against our master.

Arisa: Why don't you take us instead?

Aiko: We've seen the duel. We know what to do.

Vince: Roget insisted on those two, but I'd be more than happy to grant your death wish.

[Secretly, Grace slams him on the head with a frying pan, knocking him out; she takes Vince's keys]

Gloria: You guys ready?

Arisa and Aiko: You bet we are!

Grace: Let's get to work.

[Back at the arena, the duel continues]

Eris: [draws] Now, I draw! [reveals set card] Now, I activate Shaddoll Core!

[Shaddoll Core appears]

[LV: 9
DEF: 1,950]

Eris: This Continuous Trap is treated as a monster. [places another card] Now, I activate Shaddoll Fusion! I fuse Shaddoll Squamata and Shaddoll Core! Go, Fusion-summon!

[Her monsters fuse together]

Eris: [places a card from her Extra Deck] I'll put an end to this scary saga
with El Shaddoll Shekhinaga!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 10
ATK: 2,600]

Eris: [takes a card from her graveyard] Since Shaddoll Core was sent to the graveyard, Shaddoll Fusion comes back to my hand so I can use it again later. [places another card] Next, I activate Swords of Revealing Light, stopping you from attacking me for three turns.

[Yuya's field is surrounded by flashing swords]

Eris: El Shaddoll Shekhinaga, attack Yuya now!

[El Shaddoll Shekhinaga is about to strike Yuya]

Yuya: [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Pendulum Reborn! This card special-summons a Pendulum monster from my graveyard or face-up from my Extra Deck. Welcome back Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!

[Odd-Eyes reappears from Yuya's Extra Deck]

Yuya: Now, comes this Trap: [reveals other set card] Wall of Disruption!

ATK: 1,800]

Yuya: Odd-Eyes, counterattack it and deal her double the damage with Spiral Flame Strike!

[Odd-Eyes fires a blast at Shekhinaga, destroying it]

Eris: 2,600 (Hand: 2)
Yuya: 4,000 (Hand: 1)]

Eris: [in her mind] I forgot, when Odd-Eyes battles a monster, any battle damage is doubled.

Yuya: You think you've won? This is only the beginning.

Eris: [sets a card] I don't wanna lose, but I also don't wanna lose you, Yuya. I end my turn.

Yuya: [draws] You'll have to accept it. There's no way around this. [places a card] I play Pot of Greed to draw two more cards. [draws two cards; places another card] Now, here comes Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,200]

Yuya: Now, my two dragons, link up!

[His dragons link up and glow]

Yuya: I Link-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Heavymetalfoes Electrumite!

[Said monster appears]

[LINK: 2
ATK: 1,800]

Yuya: This monster works best on decks that rely on Pendulum monsters. By Link-summoning it, I get to add a Pendulum monster from my deck to my Extra Deck face-up. [places a card from his main deck to his Extra Deck] I choose Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon. Now it's time for another Pendulum-summon. [places a card from his Extra Deck] Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, take the stage!

[Odd-Eyes reappears alongside Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon; both dragons roar]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Eris: I don't like the look of this.

Yuya: Since I Pendulum-summoned Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, once it deals you battle damage, you take 1,200 points of damage for every Odd-Eyes card in my Pendulum Zones.

Eris: Haven't you forgotten about Swords of Revealing Light?

Yuya: [places a card] I activate Spell Shattering Arrow, destroying your swords and dealing you 500 points of damage!

[The arrow shatters the swords and strikes Eris with damage]

Eris: 2,100 (Hand: 1)
Yuya: 4,000 (Hand: 0)]

Yuya: Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, attack Cosmo Red directly and end this duel!

[Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon fires its attack at Eris]

Eris: [reveals set card] This calls for a Battle Break! You have to reveal a monster in your hand to negate this card's effect. If not, your attacking monster is destroyed, and the battle phase is over. But since your hand is empty,...

[Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon is destroyed and transports back into Yuya's deck]

Yuya: You were very lucky, Cosmo Red. [sets a card] But your luck will soon run out. Your move.

Eris: [in her mind] I've gotta find a way to end this duel without reducing either of our life points to 0. Not only does my life depend on it, but Yuya's, too.

[Back on Westcott's island, Westcott and his henchmen watch the duel on the portable TV]

Westcott: Looks as if this is the beginning of the end of ACME Crime Net. How ironic that the catalyst to their downfall would be one of their own.

LN: With them out of the way, the Spirit Soldiers will be helpless, and we can finally make this planet our own!

Westcott: Could you run that by me again?

LN: Yes, sir. With ACME gone, the Spirit Soldiers will be helpless, and we can finally--

Westcott: That's enough.

LN: Wait a second. I get it now! [growls]

Ewan: What gives?

Westcott: What gives is that once ACME is gone, even if we do defeat the Spirit Soldiers, we'll have nothing! Don't you see? That damn traitor intends to use our own technology against us, and will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

Owen: Are you suggesting that we let ACME win that battle?

Ewan: Our plans may go up in smoke, Roget or no Roget.

LN: If we let him win, I guarantee they will. Our new base and army are still a ways away, and Roget might take advantage of our delay and destroy us.

Westcott: Whatever we have available, it won't be enough. And he must not be allowed to get away with his betrayal scot-free. Any suggestions?

Owen: Tell me. In Roget's eyes, what is even more annoying than one Cosmo Cat?

LN: Gee, I don't know. Their new mecha, perhaps?

Ewan: Who asked you?!

Owen: All six Cosmo Cats. I think Roget would be very hard-pressed to handle a whole team of Cosmo Cats landing on his neck of the woods.

Westcott: So we use the Cosmo Cats to get back at a traitor. Wonderful idea, Owen. But how can that be done?

Owen: Ever since ACME got their hands on those transportal devices, I'd been working on one of my own, except this one can create a portal far away. But with what little we have to work with here now, it wasn't easy to get it fine-tuned.

LN: But can you do it?

Owen: There should be just enough juice in it for only one attempt, LN.

Westcott: We haven't a choice. I want you to transport the other five Cosmo Cats to the stadium.

Owen: Right.

[He walks up to a metal briefcase and opens it, revealing an unusual device]

Owen: It's going to take some time to lock in on their coordinates, but when I do, it's the Fusion Dimension for them.

[Back on board the Fraxinus, the gang is horrified at the duel]

Yuya: You can't win, Cosmo Red!

Kotori: The video signal might not be strong enough to follow to the source, guys. Chances are, it might land us in a random dimension. And we might not find a way back.

Zuzu: Well, I'm willing to take that risk, Kotori. Yuya's my best friend, and I'm the reason Eris is trapped in there with him.

Kio: I'll go with you, Zuzu.

Qoone: Going up against Roget, it's going to take all of the Cosmo Cats.

Aoi: But what'll we do when we get there?

Qoone: Yuya's only chance is that he remembers your friendship with him.

Kotori: I'll teleport you to the point of the holographic entryway.

Gong: If Zuzu's going, then so is Gong. Gong's best buddy's life is on the line.

Yoko: I'm with you, Gong.

Alvin: I'm going, too.

Zuzu: Alvin, you didn't have anything to do with this situation.

Alvin: If anyone's gonna save both Eris and Yuya in that duel, it's another duelist. Me.

Zuzu: Alvin, I'm sure I can do it myself. Besides, what if Roget intervenes?

Alvin: Then we'll make sure he's the first to go.

Gong: And hopefully the only one.

[Suddenly, Chayka bursts in]

Chayka: Qoone, wait!

Qoone: What's the hurry, Chayka?

Chayka: Before you go, could you give this to Yuya? He's gonna need this for when you finally bring him back to his senses.

[She hands the captain a metal case; Qoone opens it, looks inside, and smiles, then close the case]

Qoone: I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, Chayka.

Kotori: You guys better transform before we find a way to transport you to the Fusion Dimension.

Kio: Right.

[He, Aoi, Manami, Antonia, and Qoone whip out their Cosmo Pendants; Zuzu activates her wristband]

Alvin: [activates his manacle] Dagger, spider out!

[Out of his manacle comes Dagger]

Alvin: Arachna Super Power!

Zuzu: Kaleido Power!

Kio, Aoi, Manami, Antonia, and Qoone: Cosmo Power!

[All seven get suited up; Alvin merges with Dagger; they teleport to Pelham Bay Park]

Qoone: [taps her bell] We're at the point, Kotori. We're ready.

[Cut to the Fraxinus]

Shiizaki: Bad news, Commander. We've lost the lock!

Kotori: Damn it! Now we won't be able to transport them!

[Cut back to the park]

Qoone: You lost it?! That can't be!

Zuzu: We've gotta reach Yuya and Eris somehow!

Alvin: But what are we gonna do?

[Meanwhile, back at the stadium in the Fusion Dimension, Arisa, Aiko, and the Tyler twins walk through a tight, dark tunnel; Grace holds a lit candle]

Grace: Don't forget to watch our backs, Arisa.

Gloria: You never can tell what might be creeping up on you, even if it's not after us.

Aiko: We don't wanna arouse suspicions.

Arisa: [looks back] Good point. I mean, it's not like you actually killed Vince. He's not gonna stay knocked out for long.

Grace: Even if he does find us, he's already in hot water.

Arisa: How well do you guys know Yuya?

Gloria: We met him in the Xyz Dimension when he and his team of Lancers went in search of his friend Zuzu.

Grace: We intercepted him and his partner Shay, but they beat us in what he called an Entertainment Duel. I really liked his performance.

Gloria: I didn't. At least, not at first. Anyway, we abandoned our mission and supported the Lancers.

Grace: Plus, I think Yuya's cute. But don't tell Zuzu I told you.

Aiko: Not that it's any of our business, anyway.

[Back on board the Fraxinus, the crew struggles to regain the lock]

Minowa: We just had the damn lock about a second ago.

Kawagoe: Then we're as good as screwed.

Kotori: Maybe not. [points at the monitor] Look!

[The monitor shows Alvin, Zuzu, Gong, Yoko, and the Cosmo Cats getting zapped out of Pelham Bay Park]

Kotori: It worked!

Shiizaki: Who got it working?

Kawagoe: Definitely not me.

Mikimoto: Nor me.

[The rest of the crew shakes their heads]

Kotori: Well, somebody did.

[Back on Westcott's island, Owen's device is fried]

Owen: Well, I did warn you.

LN: Never mind that. Did it work?

Owen: Precisely. The Cosmo Cats and their guests should be arriving in the Fusion Dimension arena at any moment now.

Westcott: That will teach Roget never to double-cross us.

LN: I wish I could be there to see the look on his face.

Ewan: The Cosmo Cats will enjoy meeting him.

Westcott: But mark my words, folks. Very soon, our turn will come once again. Just you wait.

[Back at the Fusion Dimension's stadium, Eris draws her next card]

Eris: I activate the Spell: [places the card she just drew] Pot of Desires! [banishes the top 10 cards of her deck; draws two] I banish the 10 cards on top of my deck, then draw two more cards. [places another card] Next, I activate Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I draw two more cards. [places another card] Next, I play Shaddoll Fusion! This time, since you have a monster special-summoned from your Extra Deck, I can fuse monsters straight from my deck! [sends two cards from her deck to her graveyard] I fuse Shaddoll Hound and Electromagnetic Turtle! Go, Fusion-summon!

[Said monsters appear and fuse together]

Eris: El Shaddoll Construct!

LV: 8
ATK: 2,500]

Eris: Get ready, 'cause when it battles a special-summoned monster, it's destroyed at the start of the damage step. El Shaddoll Construct, attack Heavymetalfoes Electrumite!

Yuya: [reveals set card] This is where Mirror Force comes in!

[The attack is reflected right back at El Shaddoll Construct, destroying it]

Yuya: Too bad, Eris.

Eris: [sets her last three cards] Somehow, Yuya, I'll get through to you.

[Suddenly, the rest of the Cosmo Cats appear with Alvin, Zuzu, Gong, and Yoko]

Yuya: Well, well. The rest of the Cosmo Cats. And I see they brought a few friends, too.

Kio: Eris, are you all right?

Eris: Yeah, but Roget's making Yuya think we're his enemies. I haven't beaten him in this duel yet, but he still has all of his life points.

Alvin: Then I'll help. [shuffles a deck and inserts it into his duel disk] Roget, I challenge Yuya to a duel!

Roget: I'm afraid you will have to wait until he defeats Eris. Sadly, after he defeats her, she'll be no more. Remember, Yuya is using a Doom Disk.

Alvin: Then let's make this a Battle Royal! If I have to give up 2,000 life points to help Eris save Yuya, then so be it!

[The crowd cheers in approval]

Roget: Very well. It won't matter, anyway, seeing as my master is unbeatable, and the fact that there's an interference penalty of 2,000 life points. The more duelists he defeats, the merrier.

Alvin: It's a challenge!

[He draws his first five cards]

Alvin: 4,000 (reduced to 2,000) (Hand: 5)
Eris: 2,100 (Hand: 0)
Yuya: 4,000 (Hand: 0)]

Yuya: Go ahead and come at me, Alvin. You're only asking for trouble.

Alvin: [sets four cards] I'll get you out of this somehow, Yuya. But for now, I set these four cards and end my turn.

Yuya: [draws] My turn! [places a card] I activate Graceful Charity! [draws three cards; discards two] One of these new cards should do me some good. [places another card] And this is just what I need: Card of Sanctity! Everyone must fill up their hands with a total of six cards.

[Each duelist draws until their hands contain six cards each]

Eris: Be careful, Alvin. His Odd-Eyes monsters can be devastating.

Alvin: Nothing I haven't faced before. [in his mind; looks at his hand] But with Super Polymerization in my hand, all I have to do is wait until Dark Magician pops up in my hand, and when I summon him, I'll fuse Yuya's Odd-Eyes with my magician and get the jump on Yuya. Then again, I don't wanna bring his life points to 0. But if I don't, he'll try and go after me and Eris.

Yuya: [places another card] Now for Card Destruction! Everyone throws away their entire hands and draws the same number of cards that were discarded!

[All three duelists do so; Eris draws another card]

Eris: One of the cards you made me discard was Shaddoll Beast, so I draw an extra card. [takes a card from her deck] Another was Shaddoll Hedgehog, which lets me add Naelshaddoll Ariel to my hand.

Alvin: [places three cards] And by making me draw, you allowed me to special-summon three copies of Watapon to the field!

[Watapon (x3) appears]

[LV: 1
DEF: 300]

Alvin: So even if you get rid of my back row, my front row will protect my life points.

Yuya: I'm not going after you, Alvin. I'm going after Eris. Once I'm done with her, I'll deal with you! [places a card from his Extra Deck and two more from his hand] Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, let's bring down the house again!

[Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon reappears]

Yuya: Let's go, Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon!

[Said monster appears and roars]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Yuya: Take it away, Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon!

[Said monster appears and roars]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,800]

Yuya: Performapal Miss Director!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 0]

Alvin: Four Odd-Eyes monsters. Doesn't look good.

Yuya: Now, for my next act: [places another card] Polymerization! I fuse Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon and Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!

[Said two monsters fuse together]

Yuya: Dichromatic eyes that illuminate the dark night! Become time's compass, and point to a new path! Fusion Summon! Appear, Starving Venom Fusion Dragon!

[Starving Venom Fusion Dragon roars ferociously]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Zuzu: That's the Dimension Dragon of the Fusion Dimension!

Eris: And he doesn't look very attractive.

Yuya: And that's only the beginning. First, I activate the effect of Heavymetalfoes Electrumite. Once per turn, I can target one other face-up card I control, destroy it, and add a face-up Pendulum monster from my Extra Deck to my hand. I choose Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon and return Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon to my hand!

[Electrumite destroys Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon; Yuya takes Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon from his Extra Deck and adds it to his hand]

Yuya: [places another card] Next, I tribute Starving Venom to activate Advance Draw and draw two more cards.

[Starving Venom vanishes; Yuya draws two more cards]

Alvin: Why would you get rid of your own monster?

Yuya: I need that Main Monster Zone for a Synchro-summon. But that's not all. Performapal Miss Director is a Tuner monster. But I need a level-1 monster for this. Good thing Miss Director's effect lets me special-summon one from my graveyard: One I discarded with Graceful Charity: Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 1
ATK: 100]

Yuya: Now, I tune my level-6 Performapal Miss Director to my level-1 Five-Rainbow Magician!

[Said two monsters tune together (6 + 1 = 7)]

Yuya: Spread those wondrous and beautiful wings, and strike down your enemies at the speed of light! Synchro Summon! Appear now, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon!

[Clear Wing Synchro Dragon appears and roars]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: Don't tell me-- The Dimension Dragon of the Synchro Dimension?

[Zuzu nods]

Yuya: And there's more. [places another card] I tribute Clear Wing!

[Clear Wing vanishes]

Yuya: I summon The Great Emperor Penguin!

[Said monster appears]

Yuya: I tribute it right away to special-summon two copies of Flying Penguin from my deck!

[The Great Emperor Penguin vanishes; in its place appear two Flying Penguins]

Yuya: Now I can build the Overlay Network with these two monsters!

[The Overlay Network appears; the penguins convert to streaks of light]

Yuya: Cloaked in shadows and relentless in its objective, I call upon the most dangerous of dragons! I Xyz Summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!

[Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon emerges from the Overlay Network and roars]

[RANK: 4
ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: The Dimension Dragon of the Xyz Dimension. Now I've seen 'em all.

Yuya: And it's not over yet! I activate the effect of Cocoon of Ultra Evolution in my graveyard. [banishes said card from his graveyard; shuffles another card from his graveyard into his deck] I banish it to return Performapal Kaleidoscorp from my graveyard to my hand. [draws] Then I get to draw another card.

Alvin: Why would you have a card like that in your deck?

Yuya: For drawing purposes. What else? Nevertheless, I now activate... [places another card] Soul Release! [banishes two card from his graveyard] I banish Starving Venom Fusion Dragon and Clear Wing Syncho Dragon from my graveyard. [places another card] Next comes the Spell: Dimension Fusion! By paying 2,000 life points, I special-summon those banished monsters!

[Starving Venom and Clear Wing reappear and roar]

Alvin: 2,000 (Hand: 3)
Eris: 2,100 (Hand: 8)
Yuya: 2,000 (Hand: 2)]

Zuzu: That's all four of them!

Eris: Now we're in deep sludge.

Roget: At last, all four Dimension Dragons in one duel! ACME Crime Net, prepare to meet your doom!

Alvin: Your quartet of dragons and their little Link buddy don't scare me!

Yuya: Well, they should. And each of these dragons has enough attack points to wipe Cosmo Red out of the duel and out of existence! Odd-Eyes, attack Cosmo Red with Spiral Flame Strike and end her!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at Eris directly]

Kio: Eris, no!

Manami: Look out!

Eris: [reveals set card] I'm not out of this yet! I activate Radiant Mirror Force! Since you control more than two monsters, the attack is reflected right back at your monsters in attack mode. So much for your Dimension Dragons!

[The attack is reflected right back]

Yuya: Haven't you forgotten about the cards I discarded before? One of them was Return of the Dragon Lords. [banishes said card from his graveyard] By banishing it, all my dragons are protected from being destroyed!

[The reflected attack on the dragons is repelled, but Heavymetalfoes Electrumite is destroyed; Odd-Eyes' attack goes back to Eris]

Alvin: This card won't destroy your dragons, Yuya, but it can protect Eris. [reveals set card] I activate Impenetrable Attack! This card reduces all battle damage you deal this turn to 0!

[Odd-Eyes' attack is cancelled out]

Roget: You may have saved yourself and your teammate an extra turn, but your defenses won't be so lucky.

Yuya: Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, destroy his first Watapon with Mauling Mandible Charge!

[Dark Rebellion strikes one Watapon, destroying it]

Yuya: Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, destroy #2 with Venomous Burst!

[Starving Venom destroys a second Watapon]

Yuya: Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, attack the last one with Spinstorm Sky Strike!

[Clear Wing destroys the last Watapon]

Yuya: [sets a card] Why don't you two surrender? Over to you, Cosmo Red.

Roget: [smiles smugly] It doesn't matter if all of you join the duel. The Four Dimensional Dragons will annihilate you. Pretty soon, your dimension will be doomed!

Zuzu: I won't allow it, Roget! [whips out her duel disk]

Roget: Oh, the reincarnation of Ray Akaba is willing to throw her life away in this duel?

Zuzu: I'm not challenging Yuya. I'm challenging you!

[The crowd is in shock and boos loudly]


[The crowd goes silent]

Roget: If she wants to duel me, I accept her challenge. It's high time I got my hands dirty for once. I must prove that I am actually worth something.

[He jumps into the arena and equips himself with a Doom Disk]

Roget: You've got yourself a duel, Boyle.

[He shuffles his deck, then inserts it into his Doom Disk]

Zuzu: [in her mind] This is gonna require the help of my dimensional counterparts' best cards.

[She extracts a special deck from her pocket, shuffles it, and inserts it into her duel disk; both duelists draw five cards]

Alvin: Good luck, Zuzu!

Zuzu and Roget: Let's duel!

Zuzu: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Roget: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Zuzu and Roget: [each roll a die] Go, dice roll!

[Zuzu's die comes up 6; Roget's comes up 5]

Zuzu: I'll let you start.

Roget: I'd be glad to. Merci. I've waited a long time to test out this new deck. [places a card; discards a card] I activate Doriado's Blessing, allowing me to Ritual-summon Elemental Mistress Doriado.

[Black Salvo appears, then vanishes; Elemental Mistress Doriado appears in its place]

[LV: 3
DEF: 1,400]

Roget: [sets his last two cards] And I'll save these two cards for later.

Zuzu: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Spell: Ostinato! I fuse Aria the Melodoius Diva and Elegy the Melodious Diva from my deck!

[Said two monsters appear and fuse together]

Zuzu: This is your biggest performance yet, ladies! Harmonize your voices 'til they form a perfect musical blend! I Fusion-summon! Make your entrance, Schuberta the Melodious Maestra!

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,400]

Zuzu: Schuberta, attack Doriado now!

[Schuberta charges at Doriado]

Roget: [reveals set card] Activate Negate Attack!

[Schuberta's attack is negated]

Roget: And that's the end of the battle phase.

Zuzu: But not the end of my turn. [sets three cards] I set three cards and end my turn. And the side-effect of Ostinato kicks in, destroying Schuberta.

[Schuberta is destroyed; in her place appear Aria and Elegy]

LV: 4
DEF: 1,200]

LV: 5
DEF: 1,200]

Zuzu: And in their place come the Fusion materials used to summon her. Your move.

Roget: [reveals set card] At this point, I activate Fires of Doomsday, summoning two Doomsday Tokens to the field.

[Two Doomsday Tokens appear]

[LV: 1
DEF: 0]

Roget: [draws] My turn! [places the card he just drew] I activate Card of Sanctity, letting us each draw until we each hold six cards in our hands.

[He and Zuzu do so]

Roget: [places a card] Next, I summon Crane Crane!

[Crane Crane appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 300]

Roget: Crane Crane, pull Black Salvo from the graveyard!

[Crane Crane pulls Black Salvo out of the graveyard]

[LV: 3
ATK: 100]

Roget: Now, with five monsters on the field, it's time for the ultimate Link-summon!

[All five of his monsters link together]

Roget: Make way for a monster without peer! A monster far superior to its Fusion monster counterpart! I Link-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Five-Headed Link Dragon!

[Five-Headed Link Dragon appears and roars ferociously]

[LINK: 5
ATK: 5,000]

Roget: When I summon this monster with Dark, Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth monsters, including Elemental Mistress Doriado, whose attribute is treated as Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth, Five-Headed Link Dragon destroys all cards you control!

[Five-Headed Link Dragon destroys Zuzu's set cards; neither of her monsters are destroyed]

Roget: What?! Why haven't your monsters been destroyed?!

Zuzu: I'm sorry to say that since Elegy the Melodious Diva was special-summoned, all Melodious monsters are protected from destruction effects. And there's more. The cards you destroyed all happen to be copies of Dig of Destiny. Since you destroyed them with a card effect, I get to draw one for each card destroyed. And that only applies to a single copy. Since you destroyed three copies, I get to draw nine cards!

[She draws nine cards]

Roget: [growls] Five-Headed Link Dragon, destroy Elegy the Melodius Diva with Quintuple Stream!

[The dragon fires its attack at Elegy, but she is not destroyed]

Roget: Not even an attack can destroy her?!

Zuzu: That's where Aria the Melodious Diva's effect comes in. Since she was special-summoned, all Melodious monsters are protected from being destroyed in battle or targeted by card effects.

Roget: Pretty soon, you will pay! [sets a card] I end my turn.

Zuzu: [draws] My turn! With these 16 cards, I'm ready to swing into action! [places two cards] I special-summon Canon the Melodious Diva and Sonata the Melodious Diva in defense mode!

[Said monsters appear]

LV: 4
DEF: 2,000]

LV: 3
DEF: 1,000]

Zuzu: Canon, Sonata, link up!

[Said two monsters link together]

Zuzu: All right, girls! Bring down the house and my opponent with the newest member of the team! [places a card from her Extra Deck] I Link-summon! Take the stage, Bloom Harmonist the Melodious Composer!

[Said monster appears]

[LINK: 2
ATK: 1,000 (boosted to 1,300)]

Zuzu: She may not win any beauty pageants, Roget, but she's well worth it to help me defeat you. [discards a card] By Link-summoning her, I can special-summon two Melodious monsters from my deck after discarding one card. Come on out, Soprano the Melodious Songstress and Shopina the Melodious Maestra!

[Said monsters appear]

LV: 4
DEF: 1,400]

LV: 7
DEF: 1,700]

Zuzu: [takes a card from her graveyard] I activate Shopina's effect to add Sonata the Melodious Diva from my graveyard to my hand. But now, it's time for a Fusion-summon! [places a card] I activate Polymerization! I fuse Shopina the Melodious Maestra and Soprano the Melodious Songstress on my field with the following monsters in my hand: [discards three cards] Sonata the Melodious Diva, Tamtam the Melodious Diva, and Solo the Melodious Songstress!

[Said three monsters join Shopina and Soprano and fuse with them]

Zuzu: Now listen as these five harmonize and fuse into one, as their powers merge and transform into something even more melodic! Behold, the showstopping songstress whose voice will blow you away, Bloom Prima the Melodious Choir!

LV: 7
ATK: 1,900 (boosted to 2,200)]

Zuzu: And there's more. Bloom Prima gains 300 attack points for every Fusion material used to summon her.

ATK: 3,700]

Zuzu: Plus, you can't activate cards or effects until the end of the damage step while she's in a zone pointed to by Bloom Harmonist. Next, I switch Aria and Elegy into attack mode.

ATK: 1,900]

ATK: 2,300]

Zuzu: Bloom Prima, attack Five-Headed Link Dragon now!

[Bloom Prima prepares to attack the dragon]

Roget: That's not enough to defeat my dragon! She is 1,300 attack points weaker!

Zuzu: Not for long! [places another card] I activate the Quick-Play Spell: Battle Fusion!

ATK: 8,700]

Roget: NO!!!

Zuzu: Take down that dragon with Rising Resonance!

[Bloom Prima sings a loud tune; Five-Headed Link Dragon tries to cover the ears of its middle head, but to no avail, and is destroyed; Roget gets knocked back with massive damage and screams]

Zuzu: 4,000 (Hand: 9)
Roget: 300 (Hand: 5)]

Roget: My ultimate monster! How could you destroy it so easily?!

Zuzu: Easy. My monsters are mostly Light monsters, and that's your dragon's greatest weakness. And there's more. Bloom Prima can attack a second time!

Roget: Hold on! Before you make a move, I activate Scapegoat!

[Four Sheep Tokens appear]

Roget: You will have to go through these Sheep Tokens before you can get to me.

Zuzu: You really are a coward!

Roget: I do what I have to to get my revenge on those who ruined me!

Zuzu: We ruined you? You practically made us ruin you. [sighs] Whatever. Bloom Prima, attack the leftmost Sheep Token!

[Bloom Prima destroys the leftmost Sheep Token]

Zuzu: Bloom Harmonist, attack the middle Sheep Token!

[Bloom Harmonist destroys the middle Sheep Token]

Zuzu: Aria, attack the rightmost Sheep Token!

[Aria destroys the rightmost Sheep Token]

Zuzu: And finally, Elegy, attack the last one!

[Elegy destroys the last one]

Zuzu: [sets three cards] I end my turn. [in her mind] Damn. I guess I should've used more monsters as materials, but I had to make sure he didn't have anything up his sleeve to stop Bloom Prima. Well, too little, too late. Then again, it's worth it to humiliate Roget after all the hell he put us through. I just hope Alvin and Eris are doing all right.

[Cut back to Alvin and Eris' duel with Yuya]

Alvin: 2,000 (Hand: 3)
Eris: 2,100 (Hand: 8)
Yuya: 2,000 (Hand: 1)]

Eris: [draws] I draw! My deck contains more than just Shaddolls, Yuya. [places the card she just drew] I activate Magicalize Fusion! I'll perform a Fusion-summon by banishing monsters from my graveyard. Shaddoll Squamata, Shaddoll Beast, Shaddoll Hound, Shaddoll Hedgehog, and Qadshaddoll Keios, emerge and fuse!

[Said monsters emerge from the graveyard and fuse together]

Eris: Joining the powers of my Spellcasters five,
the ultimate wizard shall come alive!
I Fusion-summon... [places a card from her Extra Deck] Quintet Magician!

[Quintet Magician appears]

[LV: 12
ATK: 4,500]

Alvin: Nice work, Eris! By using different Spellcasters, all of Yuya's cards will be destroyed!

Yuya: If you think my dragons are going down, think again! [reveals set card] I activate Recall! This card negates the effect and destroys your magician!

[The effect is negated, but Quintet Magician is not destroyed]

Eris: You may save your dragons, but Quintet Magician can't be destroyed by card effects. That means he can still attack one of them.

Alvin: Wait a second, Eris! I recommend attacking Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, because if you attack any of the others, Yuya's life points will drop to 0, and we'll lose him!

Kio: I'd recommend not attacking at all. Chances are, under his brainwashing, he wants you to attack him.

Gong: Gong knows you wanna win this duel, but snappin' Yuya outta that trance is our top priority.

Eris: [sighs] You guys are right. [sets three cards] I set these cards and end my turn.

Alvin: That's my cue. [draws] I draw! Thanks to Card Destruction, you've given me the opportunity to play this new card: [reveals set card] Magician Navigation! [places a card] This card lets me special-summon Dark Magician from my hand!

[Dark Magician appears]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: Magician Navigation also lets me special-summon Apprentice Illusion Magician from my deck!

[Apprentice Illusion Magician appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,000]

Alvin: [takes a card from his deck] When she's summoned, I add another copy of Dark Magician from my deck to my hand. [places another card] Next, I activate Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I get to draw two more cards. [looks at what he just drew] And boy, are you in for it. [places a card] I activate Swords of Revealing Light!

[Yuya's field is surrounded by flashing swords]

Alvin: For the next three turns, you can't attack either of us. [reveals set card] But for now, I activate Red-Eyes Spirit! This Trap lets me special-summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon from my graveyard!

[Red-Eyes Black Dragon appears and roars]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,400]

Yuya: Doesn't surprise me, you pitting your favorite dragon against mine. [in his mind; frowns] Why is this getting to me? There's just something about that monster...

Alvin: [reveals another set card] Next comes Heroic Gift! This card allows me to draw two more cards. [draws two cards] In exchange, I boost your life points from 2,000 to 8,000.

Alvin: 2,000 (Hand: 6)
Eris: 2,100 (Hand: 5)
Yuya: 8,000 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: [to Eris] If we're gonna save Yuya, we gotta at least buy some time and find a way to end this duel without anyone's life points dropping to 0.

[Eris nods]

Yuya: Giving me all those life points is a good gesture, but it may end up being your biggest mistake.

Alvin: We'll see about that. [sets three cards] I set three cards to my back row and end my turn.

Yuya: [draws] My turn! [places a card] I activate Wavering Eyes and destroy my Pendulum cards!

[The cards in his Pendulum Zones are destroyed]

Yuya: Since I destroyed two, I add a Pendulum monster from my deck to my hand. [takes a card from his deck] Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon. In addition, you, Alvin, take 500 points of damage!

[Alvin gets struck with damage]

Alvin: 1,500 (Hand: 3)
Eris: 2,100 (Hand: 5)
Yuya: 8,000 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: [places a card from his hand] Since I took battle damage, Damage Mage will take the stage and replenish those life points!

[Damage Mage appears]

[LV: 3
DEF: 1,200]

Alvin: 2,000 (Hand: 2)
Eris: 2,100 (Hand: 5)
Yuya: 8,000 (Hand: 2)]

Alvin: Instead of trying to destroy us, you're only making us stronger.

Yuya: You can reach your maximum. I'll still destroy you, and the rest of ACME! [places the cards in his hands in his Pendulum Zones] I reset the Pendulum Scale with Scale-4 Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon and Scale-8 Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon!

[Said monsters appear in his Pendulum Zones (Scale 4-8)]

Alvin: Are we supposed to be scared? Because we're not!

Yuya: You will be eventually. Your move, Cosmo Red.

Eris: [draws] My turn! Quintet Magician, attack Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon now!

[Quintet Magician fires a blast from his scepter at Odd-Eyes]

Yuya: I activate the Pendulum effect of Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, giving Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon an extra 1,200 attack points!

ATK: 3,700]

[The blast from Quintet Magician destroys Odd-Eyes]

Alvin: 2,000 (Hand: 2)
Eris: 2,100 (Hand: 5)
Yuya: 7,200 (Hand: 0)]

Eris: It doesn't matter. Your dragon's destroyed, and you lost 800 life points.

Yuya: Or so you think. Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon's Pendulum effect lets me special-summon an Odd-Eyes monster from my hand, deck, or graveyard if an Odd-Eyes monster I control is destroyed. [places a card from his graveyard] Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon!

[Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon reappears]

Alvin: You've just played right into my hands, Yuya. [reveals set card] I activate Dark Renewal!

[Damage Mage and Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon are sucked into the Dark Renewal coffin]

Alvin: Since you just special-summoned Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon, Dark Renewal has sent him along with my Damage Mage to the graveyard to make way for...

[Emerging from the coffin is...]

Alvin: Dark Magician Girl!

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,000]

[Yuya suddenly notices Dark Magician Girl]

Yuya: [in his mind] Another one of Alvin's favorites! How did she get in here?!

Gong: Alvin! Looks like Yuya's startin' to come out of it!

Alvin: It must be Dark Magician Girl!

Dark Magician Girl: Remember, Alvin, whenever he sees you duel, your signature monsters put him on the edge of his seat. Apparently, Roget never took this into account.

Alvin: Still, we need more if we're gonna snap him out of it completely and finish this duel.

Roget: It won't do any good, fools. Try all you want, but nothing can break my power over the reincarnation of Zarc!

Yuya: That's right. All you're doing is delaying your inevitable doom. But once I'm rid of you, this dimension and yours will be ours for the taking! And there's nothing anyone can do to stop us!

Eris: Haven't you forgotten that there's still more of ACME for you to deal with?

Roget: Behold!

[The jumbotron opens a channel to New York City, where an army of giant robots (piloted by Roget's soldiers) are attacking]

Roget: They will have to get through my army first! [laughs] After you all barged into my arena, I sent my soldiers into your dimension with an army of robots I bought from a pair of strangers. Still think you can stop me now?!

[Back in the city, Noah Higgenbottom and Harry observe the attack]

Harry: Roget sure went out of his way to buy all these robots.

Noah: [briefcase on hand] Mm-hmm. $100,000 for 10 mighty robots. Let's see ACME Crime Net go through them.

[Suddenly, the Mega Star Borg, MechaEagle (Fighter Mode), Spider Caesar, Super Spider Samurai, Exceed Blaze King, Primal Blaze King, Diamond Dragon, Sephira Robo, and Sephira Battle Jet enter the scene]

[Split-screen to the cockpits with the remaining Spider Riders, Kaleido Gladiators, Crystal Exceeds, and Spirit Soldiers]

Hunter: 10 giant robots? Nothing we can't handle.

Aqune: Roget can send all the robots he has.

Layla: He won't beat us.

Pamela: Hiding behind his soldiers and robots instead of facing us himself?

Tor: He's nothing more than a coward.

Tomoe: Those kind of people never win.

Imari: Especially if they're on the side of evil.

Shido: I just hope the others are doing okay in getting Yuya back.

Kurumi: So do I, Shido. So do I.

Hunter: Okay, guys! Let's give 'em all we've got!

[All of ACME's giant mecha fight against Roget's robots]

[At the Xia twins' apartment, Yu Fan and Yu Lan watch the fight]

Yu Fan: This has to be Roget's doing. While he deals with the Cosmo Cats and Yuya Sakaki's friends, he sends out a fleet of giant robots to discourage the rest of ACME.

Yu Lan: He must be getting desperate. That foolish old man should've given up after that kidnapping almost a year ago.

Yu Fan: I think it's time we lent a hand.

Yu Lan: But how?

Yu Fan: Come.

[They exit the apartment and head outside; Yu Fan pushes a button on a small remote from her keychain; emerging from the ground is a gigantic version of Yu Fan's Full Metal Panic! Arm Slave: Zy-98 Shadow, but with extra armor]

Yu Lan: Sis, that's... your Arm Slave?!

Yu Fan: But much bigger, and more powerful. I had it built out of those old robot parts with the help of the Bandersnatch that Roget gave us, before I destroyed them. I call this Kunlun.

Yu Lan: It's amazing.

Yu Fan: Come.

[The twins head into the cockpit, which is larger than it used to be, and has two seats side by side; Yu Fan takes the seat on the left, and Yu Lan sits on the right]

Yu Fan: Ready?

Yu Lan: [nods] Hmm.

Both twins: Let's go!

[Outside, Kunlun sets off into the city]

[Back at the Fusion Dimension stadium dungeon, Vince awakens, rubbing his head]

Vince: Damn. What a blow. [looks around] No! They're gone! Damn those Tyler twins and those hitchhikers! [to his walkie-talkie] Sir, the prisoners have escaped!

Roget: I'm in the middle of a duel, Vince. Deal with them yourself!

Vince: Yes, sir! I'll send for backup! Over and out!

[He puts his walkie-talkie away and heads out]

[Elsewhere in the stadium, Arisa, Aiko, and the Tyler twins approach a locked caged area where several control panels are active]

Gloria: There they are!

Arisa: Great. But how can we tell which one is linked to the mind manipulator and which one's linked to the forcefield?

Grace: We can't. Not that we need to.

Arisa and Aiko: Ahh... [snicker]

Gloria: All we need is the key.

[Grace reaches into her pockets for the keys she swiped from Vince; she tries each key, but none fits]

Grace: What the hell?! How can none of these keys work?!

Vince: [enters with an army of Cyber Demonitron] Looking for something? [holds up a key] Did you fools honestly think I was gonna leave the key to the control panels hooked with the keys to the cells for thieves like you?

Arisa: Gloria, Grace, find a way to break into that room.

Aiko: We'll deal with these clowns.

Gloria: Right. Grace, clip?

Grace: [hands her twin a hair clip] Got one.

[Gloria sticks the hair clip into the lock and struggles to pick it]

Vince: Cyber Demonitron, attack those hitchhikers! I'll deal with the twins!

[As he approaches the room, the Cyber Demonitron charge at Arisa and Aiko, who nod at each other, then fight the Cyber Demonitron over the next few minutes, beating them all with ease]

Vince: [notices the fight] What?! I can't believe it! [growls; to the twins] I'll deal with you two later!

[He whips out a Super Cyber Demon Gear Unit dog tag, then activates it, getting equipped with a Super CDG Unit and enters the fight]

Vince: You're good with Cyber Demonitron. But if you wanna get out of this dimension alive, you'll have to contend with me first!

Arisa: I don't care if we don't get out alive!

Aiko: You and Roget will never be allowed to win!

Vince: Oh, really? [fires a blast from his Quantum Cannon at the two] Try this!

[Arisa and Aiko jump up to dodge the blast; only the Cyber Demonitron take the blast and are destroyed]

Arisa: Way to blast your own army, Vince!

Vince: Who needs them when they can't beat amateurs like you?!

Arisa: It's simple. They have no heart!

Aiko: And neither do you, nor your boss!

Arisa and Aiko: We never lose to assholes like you!


[He charges at Arisa and Aiko with his swords; Arisa and Aiko dodge and fight him; meanwhile, Grace watches the fight as Gloria struggles to pick the lock]

Grace: Better hurry, Gloria. I don't know how much longer Arisa and Aiko can hold him off.

Gloria: I'm going as fast as I can.

[She suddenly manages to pick the lock open]

Gloria: Yes! [opens the gate] Let's go!


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