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6/11/2020 5:53 pm  #1

Auld Lang Gone - The Chase (Fan-fiction)

Greg: Now, we have just heard that Patty has left Hershey.

Rockapella: Oooooooooooooooooooh.....!

Greg: So let's pick up....!

[Sean chases Scott, then he goes around the monitor]

Greg: The Ch---!

[Sean grabs Greg and rips his jacket]

Rockapella: THE CHASE!

[Sean laughs and shows the jacket to the camera and runs off. Greg chases after him.]

Greg: Give me back my jacket, mister! It's my jacket!

[The audience cheers as Sean and Greg chase each other. As they leave the map, they head off to the Jailtime Challenge set. Sean quickly dances around the podiums until confetti falls on him causing him to fall down. Greg jumps down from Rockapella Center.]

Greg: Thank you! Thank you! [takes his jacket and returns to HQ] Gotta get a strip-proof jacket.


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