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7/11/2016 5:42 pm  #1

Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #1

[The audience cheers and applauds]
Buttons: The loot is gone! The chase is on!

Rusty: But have no fear, our special Gumshoe families are here! On…
Cubapella: Where in the World is.... Carmen Sandiego?
[They do the intro, now to the Gumshoes]
Chief: And one of these teams could find her!
Bearbette: He enjoys playing baseball and loves reading comics. While his father is a air condition mechanic. From East Meadow, New York, please welcome Chris and Steve Stahler!
Frisky: She enjoys baton twirling and figure skating. While her mother is a baton twirling insturctor. From the Bronx, please welcome Makenzie and Beverly Flynn!
Buttons: He loves to be a chef just like her mother. From Port Jervis, New York, say hello to Vince and Kathleen Carnie!
[Now, to the alley Jon enters and greets the cubs and their folks]
Chief: Now, here’s the man in charge of the investigation, Jonathan Mann!
[Jon enters HQ; cheers and applause]
Jon: Yes! Yes! Yes! [greets the teams] Hello, family Gumshoes! Staher, Flynn, and Carnie familes! And say hello to…
Cubapella: Cubapella!
Jon: Now, we’re taping on the set of our semi-weekly version of this show because the Chucklewood set which is down the hall from our stage is being revamped to get ready for filming the feature film. After our next show, we will relax for a month and a half for filming which includes filming some scenes in Pittsburgh. So our episodes will resume in the fall. All right, families, we’re gonna start you off with 250 ACME Crime Bucks. Each time you give me a correct answer, I will give you an 50 more. If all three of you teams nail it, I will make it 100. The two teams with the high scores at the end of this round will then proceed to the next round and the one team that catches Carmen Sandiego will win a trip to anywhere in North America plus $50,000 and a shot at a brand new car!
Jon: Okay, Chief. Who are we after?
[Now, to the Chief]
Chief: Gumshoes, this is Patty Larceny.
Rockapella: P-P-P-Patty! [scats] Patty Larceny!

Chief: She’s the only criminal who ever polished an apple.
Her last know whereabouts: The internet.
We all know the pound sign means number on your telephone. But on the internet, we call the pound sign “hashtag”
A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Users can create hashtags in front of a word or unspaced phrase, either in the main text of a message or at the end. For example: #VigilaceDedicationCourage. Searching for that hashtag will then present each message that has been tagged with it. Today, hashtags are found on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, and hundreds of other social media sites. Or it #hasuntiltoday! When Patty Larceny warped into the internet with the help of Kneemoi, she stole the beloved social media symbol away! Now, Patty’s thinking of using the hashtag as a special project for summer school. Gumshoes, you must #arrest the social media fiend, and restore the hashtag, and then #CaptureCarmenSandiego! Now, here’s what we know so far: ACME Social Media Net has tracked Patty back in time to the year Facebook premiered on the internet. by Mark Zuckerberg with his Harvard College roommates and fellow students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. The founders had initially limited the website's membership to Harvard students, but later expanded it to higher education institutions in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University and then later expanded it worldwide. It was also the year that one of my favorite TV show’s Friends went off the air. Boy, I really wished I can enjoy coffee at Central Perk. Jon?
[Back to HQ]
Jon: Thanks, Chief. Okay, teams. Name the year. Was it 2002, 2003, or 2004? Remember the clues we just heard: Facebook was launched, and the TV show Friends went off the air.
[The Gumshoes are locked in]
Jon: Let’s hear from you, Chris.
Chris: 2004.
Jon: 2004. Makenzie?
Makenzie: 2004.
Jon: Same thing. Vince?
Vince: 2004.
Jon: Everyone said the same thing, and everyone is right!
Jon: That takes all three of you families to 350. For our next clue, it is time to check the World Band Radio.
[Now, to the World Band Radio]
Radio announcer: [in Chinese] 侯佩岑小姐最后一次出现在我们的河流之一,这恰好是世界第三大河游泳。它来自所谓各拉丹冬峰白雪覆盖的山。侯佩岑刚刚在武汉市的日有人游泳可能是她唯一的日期。注意:她穿着一件黄色圆点比基尼。
[Translation: Miss Patty was last seen swimming in one of our rivers which happens to be the third longest river in the world. It comes from a snow covered mountain called Geladaindong Peak. Patty just recently dated someone in the city of Wuhan as swimming might be her only date. Caution: She wears an yellow polka dot bikini.]
[Back to HQ]
Jon: Okay, Gumshoes. Name the river. Is it Yangtze, Hai, or Yellow? Remember the information we heard from the transmission: Third longest river in the world, Geladindong Peak, and flowing through the city of Wuhan. And the official for this transmission is Chinese.
[The Gumshoe folks are locked in]
Jon: What did you say Steve?
Steve: I said Yellow.
Jon: Yellow. Beverly?
Beverly: I said Hai.
Jon: Hai. Kathleen?
Kathleen: I said Yangtze.
Jon: Yangtze. Three separate answers but the 50 Crime Bucks goes to the one family who answered Yangtze! It’s the Carnies!
Jon: So that takes the Carnies to 400, all other teams stay at 350. Now we have heard that Patty has swam to Shanghai.
[Lighting flashes]
Jon: Okay, that can only mean one thing. It’s time for the Lighting Round. All of the questions have to do with Shanghai, which is Patty’s most recent known whereabouts. Each correct answer is worth 25 Crime Bucks. The one team that gets all four questions right will win $5,000.
Jon: So, Gumshoes you will go first on ringing in, then the parents will take a turn. Here comes the first one. Retired NBA Player Yao Ming is born in Shanghai. What team did he play for? The LA Lakers, the Houston Rockets, or the Dallas Mavericks?
[Nobody rings in]
Jon: The LA Lakers, the Houston Rockets, or the Dallas Mavericks?
[Still, nobody rings in]
Jon: It was the Houston Rockets. Nobody got that one. So switch.
[The teammates switch]
Jon: Take a look at the screen for a visual question.

Jon: Seen here is the main shopping street of Shanghai, and is one of the world's busiest shopping streets. Is this street The Bund, Duolun Road, or Nanjing Road?
[Beverly rings in]
Jon: Beverly?
Beverly: Nanjing Road.
[Bells sound out]
Jon: That’s it. 25 for you. Switch.
[The teammates switch]
Jon: The East, South, or North China Seas. Which of these seas is bounded in Shanghai?
[Makenzie rings in]
Jon: Makenzie?
Makenzie: East.
[Bells sound out]
Jon: Right. Switch one more time.
[The teammates switch]
Jon: A district refers to its historic position as "The East Bank" of the Huangpu River, which flows through central Shanghai. You can find Disney's newest resort in Shanghai. Is the district Pudong, Putuo, or Fengxian?
[Steve rings in]
Jon: Steve?
Steve: Pudong.
[Bells sound out]
Jon: Yes it is. At the end of the Lighting Round, the Flynn Family goes to 450, the Stahlers go to 400 and a tie with the Carnies. Now for---
[Chatter is heard coming from the alley]
Jon: Wait a minute! It’s not time for the Word on the Street! I got to find out what’s going on!
[He enters the alley where Cubapella with Skeeter, and Freddie await reading scripts for the film]
Skeeter: What’s up, Cubettes?
Bearbette: We're going on a little picnic.
Skeeter: Picnic, huh? All that racing with Jefferson sure gives a guy an appetite. I suppose you like some company.

Jon: Hey, folks. Preparing for the film?
Frisky: Uh-huh. The script came in today. And we are doing our first read through of The Treasure of Chucklewood.
Bearbette: It takes a lot of practice to memorize the lines.
Buttons: We are spending countless number of hours studying and understanding what and when to say.
Rusty: Right, Buttons. The film itself is about a misunderstanding causes Buttons and I to think that we’ll be sent to a zoo because the park is closing down, and we decide to run away.  The film will star the majority of us characters from the show. Plus special guest stars: The wolves you met from show 203 of the New Adventures, Jefferson the Eagle, and Jester the Beaver from you may remember from The Adventure Machine plus appearances in Shows 203 and 208.
Buttons: It will also feature Ranger Jones’ friend Ranger Walter Hardwick and an all new critter named Zachary.
Freddie: It’s gonna be a lot of fun!
[A hand hands Jon a script]
Jon: Oh, what’s this? A script. It’s for the contest. [reads the script] Each time you watch the show, write down what got stolen and from where. When you collected five loots and locations, put them on a postcard along with your name and address and send it to…

ACME Crime Net
P.O Box 4300
New York, NY 10163
Or enter online at
Everyday we’ll pick five people who’s list are correct and send them each an ACME Travel Kit. Here’s who won today.
Symone Brushman
Colorado Springs, CO

Greg Brown
Brooklyn, NY

Paul Takeman
Alvin, TX

Charlotte Woods
Augusta, GA

Tyler Nane
Reno, NV

Jon: Congratuations to the winners!
Rusty: [reads the script] Well, this is it. [weary] Goodbye, Chucklewood Park.
Buttons: Yeah. Bye. But, Rusty, we’re not gonna leave forever. Are we?

Rusty: Nah, just till we grow up and aren’t cubs anymore.
Frisky: I guess, Jon, you got to go back on the case. It’s time for us to concentrate on read-throughs.
Jon: Yes, ma’am. See you later. [exits HQ]


7/11/2016 6:11 pm  #2

Re: Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #1

Jon: [exits the alley] Okay, teams. We're still looking for Patty and the hashtag. Now, ACME Bug Net has intercepted this phone conversation between Patty and Carmen Sandiego. Let's listen in.

[Phone Tap]

Carmen: I'm giving you some escudo.

Patty: What's escudo?

Carmen: The official currency of an African island which spans an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands. I want you to buy some cachupa. A popular dish  a slow cooked stew of corn (hominy), beans, and fish or meat. A common appetizer is the pastel which is a pastry shell filled with fish or meat that is then fried.

Patty: Wait till I post selfies of me trying it.

Carmen: Unless you want to hide out in the island of Sal which means "salt" in Portuguese.

Patty: Salt-N-Pepa!?

Carmen: No, Salt! Head to Santa Maria, where you will go fishing.

Patty: Like, go fish for dollars!

[Back to HQ]

Jon: All right, Gumshoes. Name the island. Is it Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, or Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha?

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Jon: Go ahead, Chris.

Chris: I said Ivory Coast.

Jon: Ivory Coast. Makenzie?

Makenzie: I said Cape Verde.

Jon: Cape Verde. And finally, Vince.

Vince: I also said Cape Verde.

Jon: Cape Verde. The answer we're looking for is Cape Verde! Nice job Flynn and Carnie families!


Jon: That takes the Flynns to 500, the Carnies go to 450, and the Stahlers stay at 400. For our next clue, it's time to check in the Amazing Disgusting Glob!

Rockapella: The Amazing Disgusting Glob!

[The glob dances around a stage for a few seconds and hits the camera lenses]

Jon: Oh, man! He broke the monitor!

[Slime pours out of the monitor]

Jon: Uh-oh! Oh no! It's pouring all over everything! I got to get a wastbasket.

[He grabs a wastebasket to catch the slime. Suddenly, the Glob emerges]

Glob: Oh, thank you, Jon. I have heard that Patty went to the Rupununi Savannah. A savanna plain located on the Northeastern littoral of South America. The savannah is dissected by the Kanuku Mountains. The Rupununi Savannah encompasses 5000 square miles of virtually untouched grasslands, swamplands, rain-forested mountains. Take a drive on the East Bank Highway where you would find a stadium called Providence Stadium. Gee, my friends are waiting for me! See you later. [exits HQ]

Jon: The Glob, ladies and gentlemen!


Jon: Okay, Gumshoes. Name the country. Is it Suriname, Venezuela, or Guyanna?

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Jon: Steve?

Steve: I said Suriname.

Jon: Guyana. Beverly?

Beverly: I also said Guyana.

Jon: Guyana. Kathleen?

Kathleen: Guyana.

Jon: Same thing. The answer we're looking for is Guyana! Nice job, Flynn and Carnie familes again!


Jon: So with that, Flynns to 550, the Carnies go to 500, and the Stahlers stay at 400. Now, we just heard that Patty has left Guyana, so let's pick up... the Chase!

[Buttons and Rusty race past]

Cubapella: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.... THE CHASE!!!

Jon: All of these are worth 25 Crime Bucks. The team that gets all five questions will win a bonus of $5,000. Gumshoes only can participate in the Chase. So hands on the signaling buttons. Watch the screen. Here we go. Patty flew to the Port of Spain.

[Vince rings in]

Jon: Vince?

Vince: Trinibad and Tobago.

Jon: Right. She then hashtaged to Curaçao's capital.

[Vince rings in again]

Jon: Vince?

Vince: Willemsted.

Jon: Correct. From there she cruised on the Carribean to Portsmouth.

[Vince rings in again]

Jon: Vince?

Vince: Dominca.

Jon: Right. Then she swam to the Bottom. What group of islands is she at?

[Nobody rings in]


Jon: Saba. Finally, she rested on the capital of the Dominican Republic.

[Chris rings in]

Jon: Chris?

Chris: Santo Domingo.

Jon: Right. At the end of the Chase, the Carnies go to 575, the Flynns stay at 550, and the Stahlers go to 425. Anything can happen now as this is the final clue of the round which means you get to decide how much you want to risk. If you're right we'll add that amount to your score. If you're not right, we'll deduct it. You can risk 0, 50, 100, 150, 200, or 250 ACME Crime Bucks.

[A map of the Central U.S. is shown on the monitior]

Jon: Here's a portion of the world on where we think the crook is headed. If you know alot about part of this world, you may want to risk alot. If you don't know much about it, you may not want to risk quite so much. Take a look at this, talk it over with your parents, and think about it.

[The "risk" think cue is heard as the Gumshoes lock in their wagers]

[Afterwards, the cue ends]

Jon: Decisions have been made. Now for our final clue of the round...


Jon: Come in.

[Nothing happens]

Rosie: Oh, dear! Jonesy isn't home!

George: I think I know why. He's at the Ranger's Meeting.

Bridgette: Over at pine crest.

Jon: I better go open the door. [He opens the door to see the folks]

Abner: Let's go get him.

George: [reacts] Oh, it's you, Jon.

Jon: Practicing your lines?

Bridgette: Yes. Are you asking for the Word on the Street?

Jon: Yes. What is it?

Rosie: It's "Skywalks". 

Abner: Patty went to a U.S. capital where it has an extensive skywalk system within its downtown core.

George: With over four miles of enclosed walkway, it is one of the largest of such systems in the United States.  

Bridgette: Patty may be skywalking her way along George's Lake. Climb aboard the 801 Grand Tower, the tallest building in the capital.

Jon: Will do. You got to get back to work.

Abner: Yes, sir.

Jon: [returns to HQ] Gumshoes, name the capital. Is it Lincoln, Des Moines, or Madison?

[The Gumshoes are locked in]

Jon: We go to the Stahler family with 425. How much did you risked?

Chris: We risked 150.

Jon: 150. What did you say?

Chris: We said Des Moines.

Jon: Des Moines is right!


Jon: Over to the Flynn Family with 550. What did you risked?

Makenzie: 200.

Jon: This will take you to the lead if you're right. What did you say?

Makenzie: I said Madison.


[The audience groans]

Jon: Ouch. That takes you down to 350. It's not over yet. We go to the Carnie's at 575. What did you risk?

Vince: 100.

Jon: I can tell you this right now, the Carnie's and the Stahlers are moving on to the next round!


Jon: But what did you say?

Kathleen: We said Des Moines!

Jon: Des Moines is right!


Jon: Takes you to 675. Flynn Family, you were great detectives. Sorry things didn't work out here. But we are not very heartless on the show, you are gonna take home the Crime Bucks up front, as each of you will recieve the ACME Travel Kit. Bearbette?

[Now to Bearbette]

Bearbette: Flynn family, we're so proud that you never gave up the chase. That kind of perseverance deserves something special for you two. For instance, this official ACME Travel Kit. It's all in this ACME Messenger Bag. This kit includes an atlas, the ACME Crime Net cap with the logo in front, the official Carmen T-shirt and Croton Watch, a globe ball, a subscription to National Geographic World magazine, and our new ACME Sterling Silver Stealth Pen Recorder. See, it writes just like a regular pen, and it has a built-in digital recorder. Perfect for storing messages.

[She pushes a button on the pen recorder]

Cow: [on recorder]: MOO!!!

Bearbette: And, uh, the occasional large pet.

[Laughter!; applause]

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7/12/2016 7:30 am  #3

Re: Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #1

Jon: [hat on] Thanks, Chief. Okay, Stahler and Carnie families, we're off to Des Moines to find Patty and the hashtags. We're gonna get there as fast as we can so we're gonna modem ourselves there. Chief, is that a go?

Chief: Modem activated! Good luck!

[Jon and the Gumshoes teleport to the Jailtime Challenge station in Des Moines]

Wells Fargo Arena
Adventureland Park
State Capitol
Principal Riverwalk
Botanical Garden
East Village
Drake University
Western Gateway Park
801 Grand
Gray's Lake
Iowa Historical Museum
Skywalk System
Civic Center
Art Center
Terrace Hill]

Jon: [exhales] Okay, Gumshoes. Here we are in Des Moines. Right this way, please.

[He and the Gumshoes take their places]

Jon: Now, the Chief will be here for some important information she wants you to hear. So listen carefully. Chief?

[The Chief appears in the board]

Chief: There are fifteen places here in Des Moines where you might find Patty, the Warrant, or the hashtag. Let's look at a few of them.

Chief: The 801 Grand, tallest building in Iowa. It's roof is made out of copper sheeting that was designed to form a green coating of verdigris over time, much like the Statue of Liberty. However, unlike New York City, the air salt content in Des Moines was so low that the desired oxidation process failed.

Chief: Check out these people having fun on the Principal Riverwalk. a recreational park district along the banks of the Des Moines River. Funded by the city of Des Moines, Principal Financial and the Iowa state government, Principal Riverwalk features a 1.2 mile recreational trail connecting the east and west sides of downtown via two pedestrian bridges.

Chief: And finally, Terrace Hill, the official residence of the Governor of Iowa. Construction began in 1866, and was finished in 1869. The total cost of the project was $250,000 for the Mansion, the Carriage House, the original furnishings, and about 30 acres (120,000 m²) of land. The house had very modern features for its time, which included hot and cold running water, indoor restrooms, an elevator, and gas lights.The home measures 18,000 square feet. It sits on a hill overlooking downtown Des Moines, and has a 90 foot tower that offers a commanding view of the city. But, there's no time for a tour. It's time to head down to Des Moines, restore the hashtags to social media, and then #PutPattyInJail! Jon!

[She signs off]

Jon: Thanks, Chief. Okay, teams. Here's how it works. Among the three places that the Chief mentioned, there are twelve more places where you can find Patty, the hashtag, and a warrant for Patty's arrest. The first thing you have to find is the Loot. Once you get that, you can then get a warrant. After you get the warrant, you can then arrest the crook. Connect all three of those things in that order in a single turn, and you'll have the right to catch Carmen Sandiego. Catch Carmen Sandiego, you'll win the trip to anywhere in North America, $50,000 in cash, and a shot at a brand new car. One more thing, if you happened to find either the loot, the warrant, or crook, you get a free turn. Carnie family, you had the most at the end of the last round, you go first.

Vince:  Wells Fargo Arena.

Jon: Wells Fargo Arena.


Jon: Nothing there, but we're on our way. Staher family.

Chris: Drake University.

Jon: Drake University.


Jon: No, sorry. Back to the Carnie's.

Kathleen: Iowa Historical Museum.

Jon: Iowa Historical Museum.

[The Warrant]

Cubapella: The Warrant!

Jon: Okay, you got the Warrant. But that's the second thing you need. So free turn.

Vince: Art Center.

Jon: The Art Center.


Jon: Nothing there, but you did find the Warrant. Stahler's.

Steve: Adventureland Park.

Jon: Adventureland Park, an amusement park in Des Moines.


Jon: Nothing there. Back to the Carnie's.

Kathleen: Terrace Hill.

Jon: Terrace Hill.


Cubapella: P-P-P-Patty!

Jon: There's Patty, but you need to have the Loot, and Warrant first. Be careful.

Vince: Art Center.

Jon: The Art Center.


Jon: Nice strategy. We turn all three of them back around. Stahler family back to you.

Chris: Western Gateway Park.

Jon: Western Gateway Park.


Jon: Nope. Back to the Carnie's.

Vince: East Village.

Jon: East Village.

[The Loot]

Cubapella: #TheLoot!

Jon: There's the loot. Do you two remember where the other two are?

Kathleen: Iowa Historical Museum.

Jon: Iowa Historical Museum.

[The Warrant]

Cubapella: The Warrant!

Jon: And...

Vince and Kathleen: Terrace Hill!

Jon: Is Patty still at Terrace Hill?


Cubapella: P-P-P-Patty! YOU'VE WON!!!


[The singers do their fanfare as the confetti falls on Vince and Kathleen]

Jon: Way to go, you two! 

[Vince and Kathleen walk up to him]

Jon: That was good teamwork. Now you got Patty. All you have to do is pull on the chain, and put her in jail.

[Vince and Kathleen pull the chain, and....]

Cubapella: P-P-P-Patty's in jail!


Jon: Stahler family, you were great detectives. You tracked Patty all the way to Des Moines, we got something special for you. Chief?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: Good detective work is a team effort, and today, you made a huge contribution. That's why I'm awarding you the ACME Travel Kit, plus this lovely 4GB MP3 and video player. It even includes a 2.8-inch touch screen. It includes music from around the world, and songs by Rockapella, including our theme song, so that you can be entertained wherever you go. It's a great gift for a job well done! Congratulations!


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7/12/2016 8:22 am  #4

Re: Bi-Weekly Version: Family Gumshoes #1

Jon: Carnie family, congratulations. You have got Patty and returned the hashtags. You are now in the running to catch Carmen Sandiego for a trip anywhere in North America, $50,000, and the right to play for a brand new car. But, where do you both want to go if you catch Carmen Sandiego? [hands Vince a portfolio] Vince, here's a portfolio for you. Write down where and your mother want to go if you catch Carmen Sandiego and get that trip.

[The "trip think" cue is heard as Vince writes down his trip location in his family's portfolio]
[Afterwards, the cue ends]

Jon: Very nice. Now, the only way we know Carmen is a phone call. 

[The phone rings]

Jon: And there it is. [picks up] Hello? Yeah, they are right here hold on. [hands Vince the phone]

Vince: Hello?

Patty: This jail is so neat! All the colors match! Gray, gray, and gray! I want Carmen to enjoy it too. Look for her in Europe. [hangs up]

Jon: All right, Carnie Family, we are after Carmen Sandiego. Chief, what can you tell us!?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: Here's a list of places Carmen may have traveled:

Here's a list of places Carmen may have traveled:
Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Jonathan! Let's go to the Map!
Scott: I feel GOOD!
[Cubapella does the map intro; Jon, Vince, and Kathleen enter the Map of Europe]
Jon: All right, you two. This is what is all about. Both of you will have a total of 45 seconds to track Carmen through 7 different countries, identifying each country with a marker. You're going to take turns identifying each location. If you're right, you'll hear this sound.


Jon: But if you're wrong, you'll hear this sound.


Jon: If you're wrong two times, leave the marker where it is, come back, and we'll continue. But if you're right 7 times within 45 seconds, then you will win the trip to wherever it is you both wrote down in your portfolio. You ready?

Vince and Kathleen: Yes!

Jon: Audience, are you ready!?

Audience: YEAH!!!

Jon: Who want's to go first?
Kathleen: The son always go first. Vince will go first.
Jon: Okay, Vince. Grab your first marker. Kathleen, you will go after him. 

[Vince grabs his first marker; Kathleen stands right behind him]

Jon: Let's get 45 seconds up on the clock.

[The timer is set at 45 seconds]

Jon: Good luck to you, two. Here we go. On your mark, get set, GO!

[The timer and music start]

Jon: Carmen went to Portugal! Portugal!

[Vince quickly places a marker on Portugal]

[SIREN!] (1/7) [:41]

Jon: That's one! Kathleen, Ukraine! Ukraine!

[Kathleen quickly places another marker on Ukraine]

[SIREN!] (2/7) [:35]

Jon: That's two! Vince, Norway! Norway!

[Vince quickly places another marker on Norway]

[SIREN!] (3/7) [:28]

Jon: You got it! Kathleen, Bosnia and Herzegovina! Bosnia and Herzegovina!

[Kathleen quickly places another marker on Bosnia and Herzegovina]

[SIREN!] (4/7) [:21]

Jon: 4! Vince, Greece! Greece! You know this one!

[Vince quickly places another marker on Greece]

[SIREN!] (5/7) [:16]


Jon: YEAH! Kathleen, Italy! You know it! You know it!

[Kathleen quickly places another marker on Italy]

[SIREN!] (6/7) [:9]

Jon: Yeah! Vince, last one Latvia! Latvia! Latvia!

[Vince quickly places another marker on Latvia]

[SIREN!] (7/7!) [:1]


[Big bells, sirens, and horns sound out]

[Thunderous cheers and applause]
[Cubapella does their longer fanfare; balloons, streamers, and confetti fall on the stage]


[Vince and Kathleen are given their portfolio]
Jon: Wow! One second to spare! How do you two feel?

Vince: Great!

Kathleen: Super!

Jon: A moment ago, you wrote down where you two wanted to go if you catch Carmen Sandiego. You did it! The two of you are going to...!

Vince: [reveals what he wrote down] Mexico!
Cubapella: LET'S GET PACKIN'!!
[Cheers and applause]

Jon: And what's more!? You now have the right to play for this...!

Buttons: A NEW CAR!!!


Buttons: It's the Toyota Corolla, featuring a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine, automatic transmission, paint and fabric protection, and all weather flooring! Good luck, Vince and Kathleen!


Jon: Okay, Vince. Here's how it's gonna work. I am going to give you two more places to identify within ten seconds. However, if you are wrong one time, it's all over. Okay? Grab your marker. 

[Vince grabs his marker]

Jon: Ten seconds on the clock please.

[The timer is set at 10 seconds]

Jon: On your mark, get set, GO!

[The timer and music start]

Jon: Macedonia! Macedonia!

[Vince quickly places a marker on Monaco]


[The audience groans]

Jon: Oh! No car. But here at ACME Crime Net, we are not losers on the show. You two are still winners. Chief, what do you think?

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: Carnie Family, we asked you to catch Carmen Sandiego. You've did it. And now, I hearby award you $50,000 in cash!


Chief: And more importantly, you have earned yourselves a promotion. You are now sleuths! Congratulations! 


[Back to the Map]

Jon: Congratulations, Family Sleuths! Each of you will receive the official Carmen Sandiego Sleuth Jacket!

[He hands Vince and Kathleen a Sleuth jacket]

Jon: [reaches into the left pocket of one of the jackets and hands it to Vince and Kathleen] And each of you will also get this camera so that you can take pictures on your trip.


Jon: Listen, you two. You did a lot of great stuff today. There's one more thing I want you to do. You know what it is!?


[Cubapella and their folks perform the theme song during the credits]
Buttons & Rusty: Well, she sneaks around the world
from Kiev to Carolina.
She's a sticky-fingered filcher
from Berlin down to Belize.
George: She'll take you for a ride
on a slow boat to China.
Tell me...
Bearbette, Frisky, Bridgette, and Rosie: Where in the World is...
Buttons: Carmen Sandiego?

Bearbette: Steal their Seoul in South Korea.
Make Antarctica cry "UNCLE!".
Frisky: From the Red Sea to Greenland,
they'll be singin' the blues.
Rosie: Well, they never Arkansas her steal
the Mekong from the jungle.
Tell me...
Abner: Where in the World is...
Bearbette, Frisky, Bridgette, and Rosie: Carmen Sandiego?

Cubapella: She go from Nashville to Norway,
Bonaire to Zimbabwe,
Chicago to Czech or Slovakia...

All cubs and their folks: Well, she'll ransack Pakistan
and run a scam in Scandinavia.
Then she'll stick 'em up Down Under
and go pickpocket Perth.
She put the Miss in misdemeanor
when she stole the beans from Lima.
Tell me...
Bearbette, Frisky, Bridgette, and Rosie: Where in the World is...
Buttons and Abner: Carmen Sandiego?

Frisky: WHOA! Tell me...

All: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Rusty: Oh, tell me...)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Rusty: Where could she be?)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Frisky: Gotta find her. Gotta-gotta find her!)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Buttons: Ooh... Got to find her now!)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Bearbette: Where is Carmen? Where is she?)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Rusty: Wheeeeeeere can she be?)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

[After the credits, the audience jams to the music]

[Back to the Chief]

Chief: This is S. Epatha Merkerson speaking for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. See ya next time!
[The end]

Based on the Chucklewood Critters/Buttons & Rusty
Created by Bill Hutten and Tony Love

WiTWICS Presented By
WQED Pittsburgh
WGBH Boston

Geographic Information
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Carmen Sandiego Franchise
The Learning Company

Theme Song Written by
Sean Altman
& David Yazbek

Buttons: All geographic and historic information was accurate as of the date this program was recorded.


Rusty: And as always, Gumshoes, Carmen's gang is bankrolled by...

Rusty: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting....

Bearbette: And Viewers Like You!

Cubapella: Thanks!


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