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5/23/2017 6:21 pm  #1

WANTED: Steven Coy Jackson



Reason: Removed from YouTube for:

70 Counts of: Abusing Multiple Accounts (Created accounts based on characters from Full House, Home Improvement)
300+ Counts of: Harassing an ACME Crime Net affiliated channel (ACME TIMENET/Griffin0718)
10 Counts of: Theft of ACME Crime Net videos
10 Counts of: Scheming to Defraud
Talking to himself with other accounts.

ACME TIMENET has NO episodes of Where in Time left! The next time he uploads a Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego episode is in the future. Days, Weeks, Months. As a caution: DO NOT attempt to harass ACME TIMENET or any ACME Crime Net affiliate channel. Rule #2 of my YouTube Channel states "No requests." Rule #1 also states no offensive or harassing comments or private messages. That rule was also heavily violated on ACME Timenet thanks to those Steven Coy Jackson's puppet accounts.

If anyone out there finds a Steven Coy Jackson puppet or the real Steven Coy Jackson invading any of our ACME Crime Net boards, he will be blocked for life on this board!



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8/14/2017 5:36 pm  #2

Re: WANTED: Steven Coy Jackson

The following channels are puppet accounts of Steven Coy Jackson: - Hudson Grimble - Don Harper - Nora Thunderman - Jill Taylor - Emma Kramden - Jules Kramden - Tim Taylor - Max Fuller - Kyle Grant - Eddie Huang - Beast Diaz - Emery Huang - Max Lopez - Gabe Duncan - Roscoe Plummet - ACME Slimenet - Mark Taylor - DJ Conner - Carmen Lopez - Billy Thunderman

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8/16/2017 11:36 am  #3

Re: WANTED: Steven Coy Jackson

ACME Crimenet why don't we forget the trial and reinstate me back into YouTube because i terminated the fake accounts?


8/16/2017 3:36 pm  #4

Re: WANTED: Steven Coy Jackson

ACME Crime Net wrote:

The following channels are puppet accounts of Steven Coy Jackson: - Hudson Gimble - Dawn Harper - Nora Thunderman - Jill Taylor - Emma Kramden - Jules Kramden - Tim Taylor - Max Fuller - Kyle Grant - Eddie Huang - Beast Diaz - Emery Huang - Max Lopez - Gabe Duncan - Roscoe Plunkett - ACME Slimenet - Mark Taylor - DJ Conner - Carmen Lopez - Billy Thunderman



8/16/2017 5:46 pm  #5

Re: WANTED: Steven Coy Jackson

Alvin: And now the results of the trial of Steven Coy Jackson.

Narrator: Thank you, Alvin. In a criminal justice system, all criminals are innocent until proven guilty. Either by confession, plea bargain, or Trial by Jury. This is one of those trials. 

[Supreme Court Arraignment, Wednesday, August 16, 2:30pm]

Bailiff: All rise! The court of the case of Steven Coy Jackson is now in session. Junior Judge Alvin presiding!

Alvin: Thank you, Bill. You may be seated.

[The gallery is seated]

Alvin: Steven Coy Jackson, I see that you have invading ACME Crime Net affiliate channel ACME Timenet (formerly known as Griffin0718) demanding more episodes of Season 2 of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Steven: Yes, you honor. The main ACME Crime Net channel has been warning me to stop doing that.

Alvin: And you've been creating dozens of accounts as a way to harass ACME Time Net for many years. They contained a lot of profanity, racisim, and violet threats. 

Steven: Well, the last time ACME Time Net uploaded an episode of Time was back in 2011. And for a year, I was so angry that Griffin0718 was taking time off of YouTube to focus on other projects. I keep begging and begging for years and years. I created accounts based on many television shows from the 1990s.

Alvin: One of those channels you created was Danny Tanner from Full House, and Tim Taylor from Home Improvement.

Steven: Yeah. I'm a fan of those shows.

Alvin: Me too. All of those accounts you created are fictional characters. Danny Tanner was played by Bob Saget. Tim Taylor was played by Tim Allen. They're should never be accounts that are based on fictional characters. And seen in the rap sheet, you've been talking to yourself with those other accounts. You should always know always keep comments to your account yourself. Only use one YouTube channel when talking to other people.

Steven: Yes your honor. I deleted those accounts today.

Alvin: In addition, you stole videos from the main ACME Crime Net channel. As you know, all videos, fan, and side-fics are copyrighted by ACME Crime Net. Any copying of ACME Crime Net videos are fics are strictly prohibited without written consent.

Steven: I understand.

Alvin: And now, for a briefing of the rules and regulations throughout ACME Crime Net. Here's Jonathan Mann.

[Jon enters the courthouse]

Jon: Thank you, Alvin. Mr. Jackson, Those YT accounts YOU have created (characters from TV shows based on 90s TV Shows) have been closed by you. Thank you. All of those channels you created are fictional characters. You still have these other channels you created. - Bartman - (formerly known as ACME Slimenet) - Simon Belmont

And more likely close those three other accounts and focus ONLY your main YouTube Channel.

Steven: Yes, your honor.

Jon: I strongly reccomend you remove any remaining comments that you (and your other channels) have been created on ACME Timenet's channel as well as that video regarding ACME Timenet you made recently on your ACTUAL YT Channel. 

Steven: Yes, sir.

Jon: Let me read the rules so that you need to follow on our YT Channels (ACME Crimenet, ACME DisneyNet, ACME Holidays Net, ACME Music Net, Buttons & Rusty, TVLubber (1, 2, and 3), BCMan5388, and ACME Timenet:

1. No negative/offensive/harassing comments.
2. No spoilers.
3. No requests.
4. When it comes to game shows, I have a very strict zero-tolerance policy for those who say games are "rigged", because the Quiz Show Scandals of the 1950s made rigging illegal.
5. NO ONE is allowed to declare an official loss on ANY game show a "technical win" unless a technical win actually occurs.
6. No comments about paying taxes (or anything related, such as insurance on cars) on a lot of winnings, for that spoils the fun of the moment (nor other related buzzkill).
7. No trolling, spamming, and stealing.

Any violation of rules 2, 3, and/or 6 will have said comments removed (and in 6's case, receive a yellow card). Any violation of rules 1, 4, 5, and/or 7 or repeated violation of any rule will receive a red card be blocked from our channels for life. Do you agree to those rules?

Steven: Part of rule 1. ACME Crimenet should be "No personal life talk" such as family member dies house address cell phone/house phone number ETC.

Jon1. No negative/offensive/harassing comments. - It's the same was as personal information even on internet rules.

Steven: Okay, and part of rule 3. ACME Crimenet should be "We can only upload what we have and we can only upload when we have the time." As part of No requests it should also say "No demands" 

Jon: 2. Rule #3: Demands is the same as requests. You don't need to add those rules. It's my decision. But i liked the way it's worded "No requests." I like the way the rules on our channels are worded. No need to ask me or TVLubber to add any additional rules. It's my decision. ACME Time Net, has a life outside of YouTube and the next episode that he will upload will be in the very future. PLEASE do not harass him anymore nor create any more fictional accounts (as according to Rules 1 and 3). I nor TVLubber, do not have any Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? episodes.

StevenI vow from this day forth never to harass ACME TIMENET nor make phony accounts. And I know i understand and i'm sorry. But i must think "To the future" and only think positive towards all of your ACME channels. I'll be waiting for the enchanted moment. 

Alvin: I hope so to.

Jon: Well then, case dismissed. [bangs gavel]

[FINAL NOTE: Steven Coy Jackson's case was dismissed. His fictional accounts were deleted by himself earlier this morning. He urged to be patient and wait for a new upload of Carmen Sandiego in the future.]

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