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9/10/2017 8:41 pm  #1

Coming this fall to ACME Crime Net!

Narrator: A very special sneak preview from ACME Crime Net!

Narrator: When you whisper "star light, star bright" who listens to the wish you wish tonight?

Kid: Star light, star bright...

Kid 2: Star light, star bright...

Narrator: In the land of WishComeTrue, the six enchanting StarFairies (Princess Sparkle, Spice, Whisper, Nightsong, True Love, and Jazz) each with her own unique magical talent, hears your every hope. So, wish upon a star--makes no difference who you are--and watch your dreams come true. Featuring the voices of Drew Barrymore and Jonathan Winters! It's Star Fairies. Newly remastered in ACME HD! Coming this fall! Rated TV-G.


Narrator: Also, a very special sneak preview from ACME Crime Net's new fic series!

Audience: WHEEL...OF...FORTUNE!!!

[The 1989 version of Wheel of Fortune theme plays, as a montage of contestants play Wheel of Fortune from Big Jon's PC Games]

Alvin: The famous wheel you loved in filled with excitement, surprises, and hundreds of dollars in cash!

Jon: We're doing Wheel, ACME-Style!

Alvin: Yes, all cash! No prizes!

Jon: You have a chance to multiply your winnings up to 10x!

iKing: Oh, mighty sound effects lady, is that letter in the puzzle?


iKing: OH MA DANG!

Contestant: I'll spin the wheel!

iKing: YOU FOOL!!!

Contestant #2: I'll solve the puzzle!

Jon: Go ahead!

Contestant #2: BIG MONEY!

Jon: YES!!!

Alvin: Join Jonathan Mann, iKing, and me as we help three contestants spin the wheel, buy a vowel, solve the puzzle, and win lots of money.

iKing: This is Wheel of Fortune--The ACME Way!

Jon: We like to call it ACME's Wheel of Fortune!

Narrator: Coming later this fall. Rated TV-PG.

Eris: Thanks for joining us for this special preview. And now, back to tonight's feature presentation!


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