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2/27/2018 7:19 pm  #1

Side-Fic 273: The Dueltainer Pt. 2

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Zuzu: Hey, everybody! The show's about to start! So don't forget to watch in a brightly-lit room, and don't sit too close to the monitor. Okay?

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[Clips from the previous side-fic are shown]

[Central Park, Tuesday, February 13th, 11:55am]

[Alvin gazes up at Yuya]

Strickland: You wouldn't happen to be Yusho Sakaki's son, would you?

Yuya: Who wants to know? Anyway, you've given this little Dueltainer in training too much trouble. I think he needs a little backup before he runs out of cards to draw. Whattaya say, kiddo?

Alvin: [smiles] You're in!

Yuya: Right on! [draws his first five cards]

Yuya: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Alvin: 500 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 1,800 (Hand: 0)]

Strickland: Okay, you can duel, but there's a penalty for interference. 2,000 points of damage.

Yuya: Oh, yeah.

Yuya: 2,000 (Hand: 5)
Alvin: 500 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 1,800 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: You kick things off, Yuya.

Yuya: Gladly. [draws] I draw! [places two cards in his Pendulum Zones] I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale-3 Xiangke Magician and Scale-8 Xiangsheng Magician!

[Said monsters appear in Yuya's Pendulum Zones (Scale 1-8); Yuya's pendant glows]

Yuya: Swing far, pendulum! Carve the arc of victory! It's time to meet my star attraction! Turn up the heat, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!

[Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon appears and roars]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Yuya: [jumps onto Odd-Eyes' back] Odd-Eyes, attack Necroface with Spiral Flame Strike!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at Necroface, destroying it]

Yuya: 2,000 (Hand: 2)
Alvin: 500 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 1,200 (Hand: 0)]

Strickland: Hey! How did I lose 600?! I'm supposed to lose only 300!

Alvin: Is that part of your dragon's effect?

Yuya: Way to catch on, newbie. When Odd-Eyes battles a monster, any battle damage it deals is doubled. Okay, Alvin. It's your turn to steal the show!

Alvin: Thanks, buddy! [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Spell: Pot of Dichotomy! [shuffles three cards from his graveyard into his deck, then draws two cards] I return three monsters with different types from my graveyard to my deck, then draw two cards. The monsters I returned were Warrior Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier, Fiend Sphere Kuriboh, and Spellcaster Silent Magician. Luckily for you, I can't attack this turn. [sets five cards] But I can set these cards and end my turn.

Strickland: [draws] I draw! [places the card he just drew] I activate Card of Sanctity! This card lets each of us draw until our hands hold six cards apiece.

[Each duelist does so]

Alvin: Well, this is it. My deck is completely empty. If we don't defeat him before my turn comes, I'll have decked out of the game in my next draw phase.

Yuya: Don't worry, Alvin. We'll beat him before then.

Strickland: Or so you say. [places another card] I activate Raigeki! This card destroys all opposing monsters!

[Odd-Eyes gets struck by lightning and is destroyed; he disappears into Yuya's Extra Deck]

Strickland: [places another card] Now to seal both your dooms with this baby! I activate Curse of the Masked Beast! [discards a card] I tribute Ritual Raven!

Alvin: Wait! That's a level-1 monster!

Yuya: Yeah, but its effect lets him tribute only that monster when he Ritual-summons a Dark monster.

Alvin: What?!!

Strickland: Behold, the terrifying, the gruesome, the menacing Masked Beast!

[The Masked Beast appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,200]

Strickland: This monster has more than enough attack points to knock either one of you out of this duel. But I intend to knock you both out in one turn. [places another card] With this! Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce! Though The Masked Beast loses 500 attack points, it gets to attack twice!

ATK: 2,700]

Strickland: So long to the both of you. Masked Beast, attack Yuya directly and wipe him out!

[The Masked Beast charges at Yuya]

Alvin: [reveals set card] I activate the Spell: Half-Shut! This card cuts The Masked Beast's attack points in half this turn!

ATK: 1,350]

[The Masked Beast strikes Yuya directly]

Yuya: 650 (Hand: 6)
Alvin: 500 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 1,200 (Hand: 2)]

Yuya: Thanks a bunch, newbie!

Alvin: Don't mention it.

Strickland: You forget, my monster can attack twice this turn. Masked Beast, attack Alvin directly!

[The Masked Beast charges at Alvin]

Alvin: I activate the effect of the Rainbow Kuriboh you made me discard earlier! And I chain this Trap: [reveals set card] My own copy of Imperial Iron Wall! Now, Rainbow Kuriboh, arise and intercept!

[Rainbow Kuriboh appears in defense mode and intercepts the attack]

Yuya: That was a close call, Alvin.

Alvin: And there's more. Thanks to Imperial Iron Wall, Rainbow Kuriboh doesn't get banished. Which means I can activate this: [reveals set card] Michizure! Sending a monster I control to my graveyard triggers this Trap, destroying The Masked Beast!

[The Masked Beast is destroyed]

Strickland: [places another card] I still got this: Fulfillment of the Contract! By paying 800 life points, I special-summon The Masked Beast back from my graveyard!

[The Masked Beast reappears]

Yuya: 650 (Hand: 6)
Alvin: 500 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 400 (Hand: 1)]

Strickland: [sets a card] I set this last card and end my turn. But after Alvin decks out, on my next turn, my Masked Beast will annihilate Yuya and win me the duel!

Yuya: [draws] I draw! But I won't be needing what's in my hand for this grand finale. [places a card from his Extra Deck] Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, time for an encore!

[Odd-Eyes reappears and roars]

Strickland: Oh, man. I forgot, Pendulum monsters are sent to the Extra Deck face-up if they're sent from the field to the graveyard and can be Pendulum-summoned from the Extra Deck. But it doesn't matter. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon doesn't have enough attack points to beat my Masked Beast.

Alvin: Oh, he will. And not just to beat your beast, but you, too! Yuya, I recommend you enter your battle phase now.

Yuya: You got it. I enter my battle phase!

Alvin: [reveals set card] A perfect opportunity to activate Ego Boost! This card gives Odd-Eyes an extra 1,000 attack points until the end phase of this turn. Not that there'll be one, anyway.

ATK: 3,500]

Yuya: Get set to strike again, Odd-Eyes!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at The Masked Beast]

Strickland: [reveals set card] I activate Draining Shield! I negate your attack and gain life points equal to your dragon's attack points!

Yuya: 650 (Hand: 7)
Alvin: 500 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 3,900 (Hand: 0)]

Strickland: Sorry, Yuya, but this duel is mine!

Alvin: Oh, no, it isn't! [reveals set card] I activate my last set card: Double or Nothing! This card doubles Odd-Eyes' attack points and lets him attack again!

ATK: 7,000]

Yuya: And thanks to his effect, Odd-Eyes will finish you off! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, attack The Masked Beast and close the curtain on this duel with Spiral Flame Strike!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at full power at The Masked Beast, destroying him; Strickland screams as he gets blasted with massive damage]

Yuya: 650 (Hand: 7)
Alvin: 500 (Hand: 6)
Strickland: 0 (Hand: 0)]

[Odd-Eyes vanishes; Yuya lands on his feet, posing triumphantly]

Alvin: Game over!

Strickland: I lost?! How could I?!

Yuya: [lands safely on the ground] You mess with one of us,...

Alvin: mess with the both of us! [turns to Yuya] Thanks for the backup, Yuya.

Yuya: Back at ya, Al.

[They shake hands; Yuya grabs Strickland's pendulum pendant and takes every single pendulum gem; he tosses the empty pendant aside and hands Alvin the gems]

Yuya: A cruel duelist like Strickland-- He duels without honor or fun. That's not the mark of a duelist. You, Alvin, demonstrated true spirit and honor. I didn't wanna see you lose to a nutcase like him.

Alvin: I really appreciate that, Yuya. If you hadn't jumped in, I'd have been knocked outta this tournament for good. [holds out 10 gems to Yuya] Here. It's only fair that you get half the gems I won in this duel.

Yuya: Nah, you keep 'em all. I'm gonna talk to Declan and withdraw from the competition. I already had a fun duel with my dad before. I don't need to prove myself to him twice. The only reason I was in this contest was because Declan invited me.

Alvin: You could've said no.

Yuya: I chose to accept his invitation, because I wanted to duel. Besides, I wanted to give someone else worthy enough a chance to duel my dad. That person should be you, Alvin. I mean, sure, your brothers and the Chipettes have proven themselves as such, too, but I think you've got what it takes.

Strickland: [removes his duel disk and whips out his dog tag] He won't get the chance to. Cyber Demon Gear, engage!

[He gets back on his feet and gets equipped with his Cyber Demon Gear unit (complete with a Red Rapier and Blue Backsword)]

Yuya: Whoa! Where'd he get that get-up?

Alvin: The Demonoids must've sent him.

[The other Chipmunks and the Chipettes approach]

Alvin: Guys, we've got another CDG soldier on our hands. Jeanette, Eleanor, take Yuya to safety. Meet up with Declan.

Jeanette and Eleanor: Got it!

[They take Yuya and head off]

Alvin: As for you, Strickland-- [raises his manacle] Dagger!

Simon: Flame!

Theodore: Brutus!

All three Chipmunks: Spider out!

[Out of their manacles come their Battle Spiders]

Chipmunks: Arachna Power!

Brittany: Kaleido Power!

[All four get suited up]

Strickland: Cyber Demonitron! Get them!

[An army of Cyber Demonitron appears; all bad guys charge at Brittany and the Chipmunks, who charge back and fight them w/their weapons; all the while, Yuya, Jeanette, and Eleanor watch from behind a nearby tree]

Yuya: Whoa! Who knew your sister was one of the Kaleido Gladiators? And the Chipmunks-- Spider Riders?!

Jeanette: It's a very long story, Yuya. But I do know this. Mr. Strickland over there-- He was sent by the Demonoids, an evil race of robots from the Underworld.

Eleanor: They were created by Prescott Vorstein.

Yuya: You mean that dirty crime boss who's now in a coma?

Eleanor: That's the guy. We arrested him on Christmas Eve. But the damage he took from the last battle caused him to slip into a coma.

Jeanette: He may be out, but his Demonoids are far from it.

Yuya: Hmm.

[Back at the fight, Brittany slices six Cyber Demonitron in half w/her YumeBlade, revealing their computer chips in their bellies]

Brittany: Alvin, now!

Alvin: [unleashes lightning from his blade] Blade of Lightning!

[The lightning from his blade zaps and short-circuits the chips]

Theodore: [smashes more Cyber Demonitron w/his mace] Morning Star!

Simon: [strikes more w/his flaming lance] Fire Bolt!

[The Cyber Demonitron's chips are destroyed in the process]

Strickland: Quantum Cannon!

[He fires a blast from his cannon at the gang]

Brittany: [pushes the red button on her Kaleido Booster] Mega Armor, activate!

[She powers up to Mega Mode and reflects the blast right back at Strickland w/her Mega YumeBlade and shield, hitting him]

Brittany: I actually feel sorry for you that that simple glitch in your duel disk during your last tournament led to your disqualification from it. But that's no reason to try and sabotage this tournament and treat your opponents like trash!

[She and Strickland fight w/their swords]

Strickland: I wanted to redeem my name and reputation as a champion duelist! That DQ back then was the only loss in my career before today! And I might've retained this record if it weren't for that meddling Dueltainer!

Brittany: You may play fair, but you don't duel with honor! That's why Yuya jumped in! Enviro-Cannons!

Strickland: Quantum Cannon!

[Both fire blasts from their respective cannons at each other; a dark pink-haired figure watches from from behind a tree]

Figure: Amazing.

[Brittany and Strickland maximize their respective cannons' firepower; Brittany spreads her wings wide and flaps them to diminish Strickland's blast, causing Brittany's blast to burst right through and strike Strickland himself hard]

Strickland: You cheat!

Brittany: You never gave your opponents a chance, so why should anyone show you any mercy?

[She takes to the sky and raises her glowing blade]

Brittany: Mega YumeBlade, Mega Dream Strike!

[She bisects Strickland w/her blade; Strickland's unit electrifies; Strickland screams, falls to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

Brittany: Gladiator out!

Chipmunks: Rider out!

[All four revert to normal; the Battle Spiders return to their manacles]

Alvin: Good job, Brittany.

[The other Chipettes and Yuya join them]

Yuya: You guys were incredible! A real show-stopper! Zuzu's gonna be out of her mind when she hears about this. By the way, where are the other Gladiators?

Brittany: On assignment, and on standby in case I needed them, but it wasn't the case today. Strickland was no criminal the Dove of Dreams couldn't handle on her own.

[After the smoke clears, Strickland gets back on his feet, his unit destroyed]

Strickland: All of you-- [whips out his knife and charges at the gang] You're gonna pay for this!

Yuya: Whoa! He's got a knife!

[Suddenly, the figure from earlier whacks him in the head with a large paper fan, then kicks him in the gut; Strickland faints and drops his knife]

Alvin and Yuya: Whoa!

[The figure is revealed to be Zuzu Boyle, glaring at Strickland]

Zuzu: Come at my Yuya with a knife again, and you'll wish you were never born. [runs up to Yuya] Are you okay, Yuya?

Yuya: Hey, Zuzu! Nice of you to show up. Don't worry. I'm perfectly fine.

Alvin: [quietly] Is she your girlfriend, Yuya?

Yuya: Uh, no...

Alvin: She said you're "her Yuya". Don't deny it.

Zuzu: So, you're Alvin, right?

Alvin: Mm-hmm.

Zuzu: [shakes hands with Alvin] Zuzu Boyle.

[Suddenly, Strickland comes to and reaches for his knife]

Strickland: Gotta make those cheats pay!

[Suddenly, a large, familiar figure stomps on the knife; Strickland looks up and notices Gong Strong]

Gong: Don't you know it's a bad idea to point a knife at minors?

Strickland: Uh,... Sorry?

Yuya: That's my buddy Gong. Sure, he looks a lot bigger than me, but it's worth it.

Alvin: I'll say.

[Just as Strickland gets up, he turns around and notices four cops and Yuya's mother Yoko Sakaki]

Yuya: Mom?!

Yoko: [grabs Strickland by the lapels] If you so much as lay a finger on my son or those young chipmunks again, I will end you.

Strickland: I swear, I won't harm them again, Mrs. Sakaki. Outlaw's honor.

[Yoko scoffs, then hands Strickland over to the cops; one cop takes Strickland's knife and puts it in a bag]

Yoko: Get him outta my sight.

[The cops take Strickland away]

Yoko: Are you kids all right?

Yuya: We're fine, Mom. But how'd you guys find us?

Zuzu: Alvin's scientist friend pinpointed your location.

Alvin: Tyler.

Yuya: Well, I'm glad you came when you did. Guys, in case you don't know him, this is my new friend Alvin.

Alvin: Alvin Seville, major rock star.

Yuya: You already met Zuzu, and I've introduced Gong. This is my mother, Yoko Sakaki.

Yoko: Pleasure.

Gong: Gong's pleased to make your acquaintance, Alvin.

Alvin: Pleasure's all mine, Gong.

[The Kaleido Gladiators fly into the scene]

Mia: Oh, no! We missed it!

Sora: You all right, Alvin?

Alvin: Never better.

Zuzu: Wow! The other Kaleido Gladiators!

Layla: That's right.

All nine Gladiators: Gladiator out!

[They all revert to normal]

Layla: We're also members of Kaleido Stage past and present. I'm Layla Hamilton, the Golden Phoenix.

Sora: Sora Naegino, the Angel of Hope.

Rosetta: Rosetta Passel, Diabolo Fairy.

Marion: Marion Benigni, Aqua Blossom.

May: May Wong, Demon Blader.

Brittany: You've already met me: Brittany Miller, Dove of Dreams, lead singer of the Chipettes, and Alvin's best friend. Oh, and I'm not like the others. I've never been a member of Kaleido Stage.

Mia: I'm Mia Guillem, Platinum Pixie.

Anna: Anna Heart, Geo Gester.

Sarah: Sarah DuPont, Lorikeet of Love.

Pamela: Pamela Mosley, Ivory Eagle.

Yuya: My name's Yuya Sakaki, and I'm a Dueltainer. This is my childhood friend Zuzu Boyle, my buddy Gong Strong, and my mother Yoko Sakaki.

Layla: Pleased to meet you all. And welcome to New York City.

Alvin: What brought you girls here?

Pamela: The captain reported a fight with that Strickland guy, and we thought you'd need help. But by the time we got here, it was too late.

Brittany: Sorry about that.

Alvin: Hey, Yuya, take this as a token of my appreciation.

[He hands Yuya a copy of Imperial Iron Wall]

Alvin: Since your deck is made up of Pendulum cards, the only way they'd leave the field without you using them again is by banishing them. But since Imperial Iron Wall prevents anything from being banished,...

Yuya: ...all my Pendulum cards are easily recyclable! Thanks, Alvin! I sure could use a card like this.

[They bump fists]

[A bell rings; Declan enters]

Declan: The preliminaries of the Central Park Duel Monsters Battle Royal are now over. I see that we have only seven duelists remaining. Present your pendulum gems.

[Yuya, the Chipmunks, and the Chipettes approach with their pendulum pendants and gems]

Yuya: Before you tally things up, Declan, I request withdrawal from the tournament and give Alvin my pendulum gems. All 15 of them.

Declan: Why?

Yuya: I only came to this tournament to duel and have fun, not to win. Besides, I wanna give someone else the chance to duel my dad.

Declan: Hmm. This is unprecedented, but I suppose I can't say no. Besides, these young chipmunks have proven themselves, unlike that other guy you helped Alvin eliminate. Very well. I accept your resignation.

[Yuya hands Alvin his pendant and gems]

[Later, Declan stands before a crowd]

Declan: Ladies and gentlemen, our top four duelists and finalists. In fourth place, with 11 pendulum gems, duelist #57: Jeanette Miller!


Declan: In third place, with 12 gems, duelist #79: Simon Seville!


Declan: In second place, with 13 gems, duelist #23: Brittany Miller!


Declan: And in first place, with 44 gems, duelist #8: Alvin Seville!


Declan: Now, all of our participants, including outgoing duelists, will receive a special badge for competing in this tournament, as well as a $50 prepaid gift card from the Leo Corporation. And you get to keep your pendulum pendants, as well. But there's more. Finalists, before we start the next round, let me remind you of the prizes at stake for the top four. All finalists receive $1,000 from our company. And, of course, our champion receives a $100,000 donation to their chosen charity, an extra $5,000 for themselves, a new card from my company, and the winner's cup, and more importantly, the opportunity to duel Yusho Sakaki.


Declan: And now, ladies and gentlemen, to officiate this epic final round is our master of ceremonies, Nico Smiley!

[Nico Smiley enters]

[Cheers and applause]

Nico: Thank you, Declan Akaba! What a privilege to take part in this momentous occasion! All right, duelists. Here's how the final round plays out. All four of you will be competing in a single four-way duel. But remember, no one is permitted to conduct a battle phase until each duelist has had their draw phase, even if they don't conduct their normal draw. The last duelist standing is our champion. Good luck to you all, and may the best duelist emerge triumphant!


[Later, the four finalists, duel disks and duel gazers ready, face each other; they each draw their first five cards]

Nico: This duel will begin in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...!

[The sound of an air horn is heard]

Alvin, Brittany, Simon, and Jeanette: Let's duel!

Alvin: 4,000
Brittany: 4,000
Simon: 4,000
Jeanette: 4,000]

Nico: The player with the least amount of gems going into this round will have the honor of starting this duel. Jeanette, you may begin.

Jeanette: [places a card] Since my graveyard is completely empty, I already have the perfect card to kick things off.

[A beam of light emerges from the sky]

Jeanette: My ultimate monster descends from the higher sky above! I give you the mighty Guardian Eatos!

[Guardian Eatos emerges from the beam of light]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,500]

Nico: How about that?! Jeanette has brought out her ace monster on the first turn of this duel! A classic opening move!

Jeanette: [sets three cards] I set three cards and end my turn.

Simon: [draws] My turn! I draw! [places a card in his Field Spell Zone] I activate Union Hangar!

[His field transforms into that of Union Hangar]

Simon: [takes a card from his deck, then shuffles it] By activating it, I add A-Assault Core from my deck to my hand. [places another card] Next, I summon it to the field!

[A-Assault Core appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,900]

Simon: And that activates another effect of Union Hangar. If I normal or special-summon any number of Light Machine Union monsters, I can equip an appropriate Light Machine Union monster from my deck to one of the summoned monsters. [places a card from his deck] B-Buster Drake, equip yourself to A-Assault Core!

[B-Buster Drake appears and equips itself to A-Assault Core]

Simon: [places another card] Next, I activate Frontline Base! This card allows me to special-summon a Union monster from my hand once per turn. [places another card] C-Crush Wyvern!

[C-Crush Wyvern appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,200]

Simon: With all three on my field, I can join them together! Go, Contact Fusion!

[All three of his monsters fuse together]

Simon: Feel the might of the awesome, bodacious, colossal ABC-Dragon Buster!

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,000]

Simon: [discards a card] Next, I activate its effect by discarding one card from my hand to banish Guardian Eatos!

Jeanette: Not happening! [reveals set card] I activate Fiendish Chain! This card stops ABC-Dragon Buster from attacking and negates all of its effects!

[ABC-Dragon Buster is bound by chains]

Nico: Oh, what a tragedy. The very monster that helped Simon win his first duel of this tournament, and it's rendered useless. At least for now.

Brittany: Not bad, sis. Not bad. Saves us a lot of trouble.

Simon: You got lucky. [sets two cards] I set my last two cards and end my turn.

Brittany: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Spell: Pendulum Call! [discards a card; takes two from her deck, then shuffles] I add two Magician Pendulum Monster Cards from my deck to my hand: White Wing Magician and Double Iris Magician. [places said cards in her Pendulum Zones] Now, I'll use Scale-1 White Wing Magician and Scale-8 Double Iris Magician to set the Pendulum Scale!

[Said two monsters appear in her Pendulum Zones (Scale: 1-8)]

Brittany: [places two cards] Go, Pendulum-summon!

[Two monsters appear:]

Brittany: Dance to the stage, Cyber Tutu!

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,000]

Brittany: Prance into action, Cyber Prima!

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,300]

Brittany: [sets two cards] I set two cards and end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] I draw! Time to put this new deck to the test. [places a card] I summon Armed Dragon Level 3!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,200]

Alvin: [places another card] Next, I activate Level-Up! This card raises the level of a Level monster I control by sending it to the graveyard and special-summoning the Level monster listed in its text from my hand or deck, ignoring the conditions. Come on out, Armed Dragon Level 5!

[Armed Dragon converts to LV 5]

[LV: 5
ATK: 2,400]

Alvin: [sets three cards] I set three cards, then send Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier from my hand to the graveyard to activate Armed Dragon Level 5's effect! [discards a card] He lets me target one opposing monster with attack points equal to or lower than that of the monster I sent to the graveyard. Case in point: Black Luster Soldier's 3,000. Which means I can destroy any one of your monsters. So long, Guardian Eatos! Sharpnel Blast!

Jeanette: [reveals set card] I won't let her go down that easily! I activate Forbidden Dress! This card cuts Eatos' attack points by 600 this turn, but it protects her from being targeted or destroyed by card effects.

ATK: 1,900]

Alvin: Well, that won't stop me from attacking her! Armed Dragon Level 5, attack Guardian Eatos with Infernal Roar!

[Armed Dragon fires his attack at Guardian Eatos]

Jeanette: [reveals set card] I activate Half Unbreak! This card saves Eatos from being destroyed in battle and cuts the battle damage in half!

[Eatos is surrounded by a bubble, which shields Armed Dragon's attack; Jeanette gets struck by some damage]

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Simon: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Jeanette: 3,750 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: You got lucky that time, Jeanette. But come next turn, Eatos is through. I end my turn.

ATK: 2,500]

Jeanette: [draws] My turn! [reveals set card] First, I activate Tribute to the Doomed! [discards a card] By discarding a card, I can target and destroy any monster on the field. I'd target ABC-Dragon Buster, but since it's no longer a threat, thanks to Fiendish Chain, why bother? I'll target Armed Dragon Level 5 instead!

[Bandage wraps charge at Armed Dragon]

Alvin: No chance, Jeanette! [reveals set card] I activate Fairy's Hand Mirror! This card reflects the effect of your targeting Spell to another target I choose: Guardian Eatos!

[The bandage wraps grab Eatos; a claw drags her to the grave]

Jeanette: By destroying Eatos, you brought out her fallen form! [places a card] Guardian Dreadscythe!

[Guardian Dreadscythe appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,500]

Nico: Whoa! Can you imagine that?! Alvin's ambition to destroy Jeanette's ace has only brought out someone even more powerful in her place! Not to mention, more frightening, admittedly.

Brittany: That's the card you used against us when you were brainwashed!

Jeanette: Dr. Novak made the mistake of ever giving me this card after he kidnapped me and Simon, then gave us to Argon to use as his puppets. She may be a demonic monster, but she's of better use in my hands than in Argon's. Anyway, since I summoned Dreadscythe, I can equip her with Reaper Scythe - Dreadscythe from my deck, giving her 500 attack points for each monster in all our graveyards. Mine has Eatos and the Guardian Elma I discarded with Tribute to the Doomed, Brittany's has the Cyber Gymnast she discarded with Pendulum Call, Simon's has the X-Head Cannon he discarded to activate ABC-Dragon Buster's effect, and Alvin's has Armed Dragon Level 3 and Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier. That's a total of 3,000 more attack points, bringing Dreadscythe's attack points to 5,500!

[Said card is equipped to Dreadscythe]

[ATK: 5,500]

Alvin: I'm also aware of the effect that special-summons Dreadscythe back to the field from the graveyard if she's sent there in any way after you discard a card. But your hand is empty, so--

Jeanette: With 5,000 attack points, the chances of Dreadscythe being destroyed are slim. Dreadscythe, bring down Armed Dragon with Forbidden Requiem!

[Dreadscythe strikes Armed Dragon, destroying him; Alvin gets struck with damage]

Alvin: 900 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Simon: 4,000 (Hand: 0)
Jeanette: 3,750 (Hand: 0)]

ATK: 6,000]

Nico: What a letdown for Alvin. He's dropped down to 4th place, and Guardian Dreadscythe's attack points grow with every monster in the graveyard. But since Jeanette has no more moves to make at this point, only time will tell.

Jeanette: I end my turn. Simon?

Simon: [draws] Thank you. [reveals set card] I'll start by activating the Trap: Sixth Sense! Alvin, since you're the opponent with the lowest life points, you roll the die. My numbers are 5 and 6.

[Alvin is given a six-sided die]

Nico: If Alvin rolls 5 or 6, Simon draws cards equal to the number rolled. If Alvin rolls anything lower than 5, Simon must send cards from the top of his deck to his graveyard equal to the number.

Alvin: Taking a big chance with this, Simon. [rolls the die] Go, dice roll!

[The die comes up 6]

Simon: Thanks, Alvin. [draws six cards] Now that I have the needed cards, it's time to bring out the big guns! [places a card] I'll start by summoning X-Head Cannon!

[X-Head Cannon appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,800]

Simon: [places another card] Next, I activate the effect of Frontline Base to special-summon Y-Dragon Head from my hand!

[Y-Dragon Head appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500]

Simon: By special-summoning Y-Dragon Head, I activate the effect of Union Hangar, equipping Z-Metal Tank to Y-Dragon Head and giving it 600 more attack points!

[Z-Metal Tank appears and equips to Y-Dragon Head]

ATK: 2,100]

Simon: But it won't need those extra attack points, because I'm gonna bring these babies together with X-Head Cannon! Go, Contact Fusion!

[X-Head Cannon fuses with Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank]

Simon: Come to me, XYZ-Dragon Cannon!

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Brittany: [reveals set card] I'm not gonna let this one get in our way like Dragon Buster. I activate my own copy of Fiendish Chain! Target XYZ-Dragon Cannon!

[XYZ-Dragon Cannon gets bound by chains]

Simon: [laughs] Nice try, but even though my monsters' effects are now negated, I can still use them for a Contact Fusion!

[XYZ-Dragon Cannon and ABC-Dragon Buster fuse together, destroying both copies of Fiendish Chain on the field]

Simon: I give you the ultimate merged machine! A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon!

[LV: 10
ATK: 4,000]

Alvin: [in his mind] That thing again. That's gonna be quite a hinderance. And since Simon has four cards in his hand, whatever Spell or Trap Card or monster effect any of us activates can and will be negated and destroyed once he discards one of those cards. But Jeanette still has Guardian Dreadscythe, so come next turn, she'll surely attack Dragon Buster Cannon with Dreadscythe. But on the other hand, Simon still has two set cards. [sighs] This could be tricky.

Simon: Dragon Buster Cannon, attack Cyber Tutu with Ultimate Firestorm!

[Dragon Buster Cannon fires his attack at Cyber Tutu]

Brittany: [in her mind] If I can't stop his attack, I can at least force Simon to discard his cards. Once he runs out, his monster's helpless. [aloud; reveals set card] I activate Negate Attack! This card negates your attack and ends the battle phase!

Simon: [discards a card] Not if I negate that card with Dragon Buster Cannon's effect!

[Negate Attack is negated and destroyed]

Brittany: [reveals set card] I still have another backup: [reveals set card] No Entry!! This card switches all monsters into defense mode!

Simon: [discards another card] No chance!

[No Entry!! is negated and destroyed; A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon's attack strikes and destroys Cyber Tutu]

Alvin: 900 (Hand: 0)
Brittany: 1,000 (Hand: 0)
Simon: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Jeanette: 3,750 (Hand: 0)]

ATK: 6,500]

Nico: What a blow that was! 3,000 points down after one attack! So far, Simon's got a commanding lead, not to mention, a commanding monster.

Simon: I end my turn. Brittany?

Brittany: [draws] I draw! [looks at what she drew; in her mind] Wait! Maybe this card may help! [giggles] Can't wait to see the look on Simon's face when I summon it! [aloud; places the card she just drew] Go, Pendulum-summon!

[Appearing on the field is Goblin of Greed]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,800]

Simon: Oh, no! Not Goblin of Greed!

Nico: What a fantastic play by Brittany! Goblin of Greed's effect negates all effects that require discarding from one's hand!

Jeanette: But it won't stop Guardian Dreadscythe's effect. It only requires sending a card from my hand to the graveyard. There's a big difference.

Brittany: I don't care. I just want Dragon Buster Cannon's effect out of the way. Dreadscythe-- We'll deal with her later. Alvin?

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Card of Sanctity! This card lets each of us draw until our hands hold six cards apiece.

[Each duelist draws until their hands each hold six cards]

Nico: Replenishing everyone's hands? Alvin must be onto something.

Alvin: [reveals set card] I activate Premature Burial! I pay 800 life points to special-summon Armed Dragon Level 5 from my graveyard!

[Armed Dragon LV5 reappears]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 6)
Brittany: 1,000 (Hand: 6)
Simon: 4,000 (Hand: 6)
Jeanette: 3,750 (Hand: 6)]

Alvin: With my dragon out of my graveyard, Guardian Dreadscythe's attack points drop to 6,000.

ATK: 6,000]

Alvin: [reveals set card] But now I activate another copy of Level-Up! Armed Dragon Level 5, upgrade to level 7!

[Armed Dragon converts to LV7]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,800]

Alvin: [places another card] And now that I have Armed Dragon Level 7 on the field, I can tribute him to special-summon this guy!

[Armed Dragon transforms]

Alvin: Emerge, Armed Dragon Level 10!!

[Armed Dragon, now at level 10, roars ferociously]

[LV: 10
ATK: 3,000]

Alvin: [discards a card] And now that A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon is helpless on the field, I can activate Armed Dragon Level 10's effect and destroy all my opponent's face-up monsters!

[All opposing monsters are destroyed]

Simon: [growls; in his mind] Using Dragon Buster Cannon's effect to split back into the monsters I used to summon it would've been pointless. Armed Dragon would've destroyed them, anyway. Only one thing to do. [aloud; reveals set card] I activate Union Scramble! This card lets me special-summon up to three of my Light Machine normal monsters and/or Light Machine Union monsters that were banished. X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, Z-Metal Tank, return to the field in defense mode!

[Said three monsters appear]

DEF: 1,500]

DEF: 1,600]

DEF: 1,300]

Simon: Union Hangar, equip another copy of Z-Metal Tank to Y-Dragon Head!

[Another copy of Z-Metal Tank appears and attaches to Y-Dragon Head]

[DEF: 2,200]

Jeanette: [discards a card] I send Fortune Lady Earth from my hand to the graveyard to special-summon Guardian Dreadscythe back to the field!

Alvin: Not this time! [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Debunk! This card negates any monster effect that activates in the graveyard and banishes that monster!

[Guardian Dreadscythe struggles to get out of the graveyard, but suddenly disintegrates]

Jeanette: Dreadscythe, no!

Brittany: I guess you're gonna take me down first, huh?

Alvin: Not yet. [discards another card] Since Armed Dragon's effect can activate more than once per turn, I'll use its effect again to destroy all of Simon's monsters!

[All of Simon's monsters are destroyed, except Y-Dragon Head (who is now no longer equipped with anything)]

[DEF: 1,600]

Alvin: I'll deal with Y-Dragon Head later. [places another card] Now, I activate The Fang of Critias! Critias, come forth!

[Critias appears and roars]

Simon: Uh-oh.

Alvin: [discards another card] I join Critias with the Trap in my hand: Tyrant Wing! Take the form of Tyrant Burst Dragon!

[Critias and Tyrant Wing fuse together to form Tyrant Burst Dragon]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,900]

Alvin: Now, equip yourself to my Armed Dragon!

[Tyrant Burst Dragon equips its wings to Armed Dragon]

[ATK: 3,400]

Alvin: When equipped to Tyrant Burst Dragon, Armed Dragon not only gains 400 attack points, but he can also attack three times during each battle phase!

Brittany, Jeanette, and Simon: Oh, no!

Alvin: Oh, yes! Armed Dragon, attack Jeanette directly twice, then Brittany, with Triple Static Orb Thrust!

[Armed Dragon fires his attack at Jeanette twice, and at Brittany once, hitting them both; Brittany and Jeanette hit the ground]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 2)
Brittany: 0 (Hand: 6)
Simon: 4,000 (Hand: 6)
Jeanette: 0 (Hand: 6)]

Nico: What an unbelievable upset! Alvin has already knocked out two finalists with a single monster! But he's still only 100 points shy of defeat, whilst Simon still has all of his points intact.

[Brittany gets back on her feet and helps Jeanette up]

Brittany: Don't worry, Jeanette. We tried. Just didn't expect Alvin to use that kind of deck.

Jeanette: You're right. We'll try again some other time. But right now, we gotta give Alvin and Simon our moral support.

[Brittany nods]

Alvin: It's just you and me, bro. [sets a card] I set this card and end my turn.

Simon: I may have lost my best monster in this deck, but my hand and life points are now full. [draws] I draw! [places a card] I summon V-Tiger Jet!

[V-Tiger Jet appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,600]

Simon: [places a card from his deck] Thanks to Union Hangar, W-Wing Catapult has been summoned to attach itself to V-Tiger Jet for 400 more attack points.

[W-Wing Catapult appears and attaches to V-Tiger Jet]

[ATK: 2,000]

Simon: On second thought, go, Contact Fusion!

[W-Wing Catapult and V-Tiger Jet merge together to form...]

Simon: VW-Tiger Catapult!

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,000]

Alvin: What good will that do? You don't have XYZ-Dragon Cannon to fuse it with.

Simon: [places another card] I do now! I activate Magnet Reverse! This card lets me special-summon a banished Rock or Machine monster that can't be normal-summoned or set. And I bet you know which one.

[XYZ-Dragon Cannon reappears]

Simon: Since you did away with A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon, I'll have to make do with the next best thing. Go, Contact Fusion!

[XYZ-Dragon Cannon and VW-Tiger Catapult merge together]

Simon: Feast your eyes upon VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon!

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,000]

Simon: Using this monster's effect, I banish your Armed Dragon from the duel! Ultimate Destruction!

[VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon fires a blast from its cannons at Armed Dragon, blasting him to oblivion]

Alvin: I don't believe this.

Simon: This tournament is mine. I switch Y-Dragon Head into attack mode, just in case. Now, Dragon Catapult Cannon, attack Alvin directly and win me this duel! Ultimate Destruction!

[Dragon Catapult Cannon fires a blast from its cannons at Alvin]

Alvin: I activate the Trap: [reveals set card] Dimensional Prison! This card banishes your attacking monster from the duel!

[VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon gets banished, and its attack is cancelled out]

Simon: No! [sighs] Y-Dragon Head, finish him off!

[Y-Dragon Head fires a blast from its mouth at Alvin]

Alvin: Have you forgotten about the cards I discarded to use my Armed Dragon's effect? Like Clear Kuriboh, for instance! [banishes said card from his graveyard] By banishing him from my graveyard, I get to draw a card. If it's a monster, I can special-summon it to the field to take the hit.

Simon: Go ahead and draw.

[Alvin draws, then reveals the card:]

Alvin: Armed Dragon Level 5! [places said card] Come forth!

[Armed Dragon LV5 appears and intercepts the attack]

Alvin: Armed Dragon, counterattack! Infernal Roar!

[Armed Dragon LV5 fires a blast from his mouth at Y-Dragon Head, destroying it; Simon gets knocked back with damage]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 1)
Simon: 3,100 (Hand: 5)]

Simon: [sets all five cards] I set five cards and end my turn.

Alvin: Now that we're in the end phase, Armed Dragon Level 5's effect activates. During the end phase of a turn in which he destroys a monster in battle, he evolves to level 7!

[Armed Dragon LV5 converts to LV7]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,800]

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I summon Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,300 (dropped to 1,900)]

Alvin: You see, this monster can be summoned without tributing any monsters, but if summoned that way, his original attack points drop to 1,900. But that doesn't matter to me. [reveals set card] Because I activate the Trap: Spiritual Light Art - Hijiri! I tribute Gaia!

[Gaia vanishes; Alvin takes a card from his deck]

Alvin: If Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight is tributed, I can add a Black Luster Soldier monster from my deck to my hand. Case in point: Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning. Also, Spiritual Light Art- Hijiri lets me special-summon any banished Light monster. Normally, you'd have to reveal a Trap Card in your hand to negate this card, but since your hand is empty, it doesn't matter. Come on out, VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon!

[VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon appears]

Simon: What can you do to me with my own monster?

Alvin: Well, first, banish one of your set cards, starting with the one in the middle!

[Dragon Catapult Cannon fires a blast at the middle card in Simon's back row, banishing it (it is revealed to be Dimensional Prison)]

Alvin: Then this! Go, Contact Fusion!

[VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon fuses with Armed Dragon LV7]

Alvin: By banishing these two monsters, I bring out a whole new configuration: With the intelligence of a machine and the brawn of a dragon, I bring forth the ultimate mechanical dragon! Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon!

[Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon roars ferociously]

[LV: 10
ATK: 3,500]

Nico: An amazing mind-blower! If I do say so myself. Who knew that Simon could be stared down by a combination of one of his monsters and one of Alvin's monsters?

Alvin: [banishes two cards from his graveyard] Next, I banish Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier and Armed Dragon Level 5 from my graveyard to special-summon Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning! [places another card]

[Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,000]

Simon: Come at me, Alvin!

Alvin: With pleasure. Black Luster Soldier, attack with Luster Blade Attack!

[Black Luster Soldier strikes Simon directly w/his blade]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 0)
Simon: 100 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon, finish this duel! Sonic Sphere Destruction!

[Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon fires a glowing sphere at Simon]

Simon: [reveals set card] I activate Draining Shield!

[The attack is negated]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 0)
Simon: 3,600 (Hand: 0)]

Nico: Oh, boy. Simon's gained a second wind. Can he stage a comeback in his next turn?

Alvin: Make your next move. But remember, because I control Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon, you can't activate cards or effects with the same name as any card that was ever banished from this duel.

Simon: [draws] No, but I can still make a comeback! [reveals set card] I activate Call of the Haunted! This card lets me special-summon a monster from my graveyard. One I discarded earlier with A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon's effect!

Alvin: Lemme guess-- Barrel Dragon?

Simon: Close. But this new card is a different variety of Barrel Dragon. I've been dying to show him to you guys. Say hello to Desperado Barrel Dragon!

[Desperado Barrel Dragon emerges from the graveyard and roars]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Simon: Unlike the original Barrel Dragon, who can only destroy one monster if the result of the triple coin toss is at least two heads, Desperado Barrel Dragon one can destroy any number up to the number of heads results, though he can't attack during the turn I use the effect. [flips three coins] Now, for the triple coin toss! [reveals set card] And for good measure, I activate the Continuous Trap: Proton Blast! if I activate an effect that involves coin tosses, after the effect resolves, I can apply the following effects, depending on the number of heads results. 1: Deal 500 points of damage to you. 2: I can destroy any card you control, not that you'll have any left, anyway. 3: I look at your hand and discard a card from it. But since your hand is empty, I won't need it. Just one heads result will beat you!

Alvin: [banishes a card from his deck] Or so you think! I activate Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon's effect! By banishing a card from my deck or Extra Deck, I banish all cards my opponents control and in their graveyards!

Simon: [gasps] NO!!

Alvin: Ultimate Destruction!

[All cards (except for Alvin's) are banished; the coins all come up tails and vanish (the last unrevealed set card on Simon's field was Time Machine)]

Nico: Talk about a cleanup! Looks like we have our winner already!

Simon: All of my cards-- Gone! I guess that's the end of my turn.

Alvin: [draws] And the end of the duel, sadly. You dueled honorably, bro. I'm proud of you, as always. But this ends here. Black Luster Soldier, Luster Blade Attack!

[Black Luster Soldier strikes Simon directly w/his blade]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 1)
Simon: 600 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon, win me this duel with Sonic Sphere Destruction!

[Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon fires a glowing sphere at Simon, hitting him directly]

Alvin: 100 (Hand: 1)
Simon: 0 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: Game over.

[All monsters vanish]

[Cheers and applause]

Nico: What a tremendous upset! Do you believe in miracles?!

[Declan approaches and raises Alvin's arm]

Declan: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you this year's champion!

[Cheers and applause]

Alvin: Thank you. But I'll admit, it wasn't easily won. I mean, I was down to only 100 points.

Nico: [approaches] Indeed, you were, Alvin. But you came from behind and knocked out all of your opponents. And I congratulate you for that.

Alvin: [shakes hands with Nico] Thanks, Nico.

[He helps Simon up; they shake hands]

Simon: Good match, Alvin.

Alvin: You, too, Simon. Those new cards were awesome, by the way. They should prove useful against the Demonoids' duelists.

Simon: Mm-hmm. I'll keep that in mind.

[Later, the four finalists stand atop the top 4 pedestals]

Nico: And now, as we come to our award ceremony, let's have a big hand for all our competitors!


Nico: In fourth place: Jeanette Miller!


[Jeanette is given a copper medal and a check for $1,000 by Declan]

Nico: In third place: Brittany Miller!


[Declan presents Brittany with a bronze medal and a check for $1,000]

Nico: In second place: Simon Seville!


[Declan presents Simon with a silver medal and a check for $1,000]

Nico: And the winner of our 2018 Central Park Duel Monsters Battle Royal: Alvin Seville!

[Cheers and applause]

[Declan presents Alvin with the gold medal, a check for $6,000, and the winner's cup engraved "Central Park Duel Monsters Battle Royal Champion of 2018"]

Declan: In addition to these prizes, Alvin, you've also earned this.

[He hands Alvin an encased card: Keeper of Dragonic Magic]

Alvin: Keeper of Dragonic Magic?

Declan: Very useful for Fusion-summoning. You've earned it, Alvin. And you've also earned the right to challenge Yusho Sakaki to an exhibition duel before we all leave.

Yusho: [enters] That's right, kid. Whattaya say?

Alvin: You're on, Yusho. [takes another deck out from his belt] But I'll be using this deck.

Yusho: It's a challenge. We'll meet at Strawberry Fields in 15 minutes. Take some time to prepare that deck.

[Alvin nods; the gang walks up to Theodore, Eleanor, Olivia, the cast of KS, and Yuya's group]

Yuya: That was a great duel you guys fought up there. Alvin, what you did using Simon's own monster against him--

Alvin: I just wanted to test out my new Fusion monster. It's very difficult to summon unless you actually special-summon both those monsters. And I didn't have Elemental Hero Prisma in my deck. But I won't be using that deck against your dad, Yuya. I plan to use my new Magnet Warrior deck.

Yuya: You gotta be careful. My dad's one of the best Dueltainers around. His deck consists of Performapals, a series of circus-themed monsters. I use those cards, too, in addition to my Odd-Eyes. But I didn't need my Performapals to beat Strickland earlier. But the point I'm trying to make is that you gotta keep on your toes.

Alvin: Got it.

[Two women approach (portrayed by Kira Buckland and Sarah Anne Williams)]

Woman A: Hey, are you Yuya Sakaki? [holds out a pen] Autograph, please!

Woman B: Plus, my sis and I wanna duel you.

Yuya: Well, the tournament's over, so...

Woman A: Great! Come with us!

[The two women drag the nervous Yuya away; Zuzu fumes]

Brittany: Quite the Casanova, isn't he?

Gong: Not exactly, Brittany. It's just that ever since he beat Declan, he's had tons of fans beggin' for autographs or duels.

[Sora stares at the still-fuming Zuzu]

Sora: Uh, are you all right, Yuzu?

Alvin: Her name's Zuzu, with a Z.

Sora: Right. Zuzu. Sorry.

Zuzu: I don't trust those girls.

Layla: A little jealous?

Yoko: She and my son have been friends since they were children. Every time another girl gets close to Yuya, it sets Zuzu off.

Zuzu: [whips out her fan] Oh, it's more than that. Excuse me while I attend to him.

[She walks off in the direction the women took Yuya]

Pamela: We should keep an eye on her, just in case.

[The other eight in her group nod; all nine follow Zuzu]

Yoko: Wonder what they're up to?

Brittany: That's my hero team for ya. I'll go with 'em.

[She follows Layla's group]

[Diana Ross Playground, 12:40pm]

[Yuya signs his name on the back of the women's shirts]

Yuya: Seriously, you took me all this way just for an autograph?

Woman A: And for a duel. Remember?

Woman B: Teach us some of your best Dueltaining skills.

Yuya: I would, ladies, but a good Dueltainer never reveals secrets. Anyway, I gotta get back and cheer my dad on from the sidelines.

Woman A: Oh, there'll be plenty of time for that when we're done with our duel. It won't be long.

Yuya: Well, I guess one duel against you girls wouldn't hurt.

Zuzu: [off-screen] Make that a Battle Royal!

[Zuzu dives into the scene, flips in mid-air, then lands on her feet beside Yuya]

Yuya: Zuzu?!

Woman A: Oh, it's that bracelet girl.

Woman B: I suppose we could use a fair fight.

[Cut to the Nickar; Roget has seen the whole thing]

Roget: Well, this is some surprise. The reincarnations of Zarc and Ray in one fell swoop.

LN: Our trap is set. I'll use those two as bait to draw the Kaleido Gladiators out.

Mechike: Victory shall be mine this time.


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Re: Side-Fic 273: The Dueltainer Pt. 2

[Back at the playground, Yuya and Zuzu shuffle their decks]

Yuya: Zuzu, you didn't have to come.

Zuzu: I just had this funny feeling when those chicks dragged you away.

[LN and an army of Cyber Demonitron appear before them]

LN: A feeling like this? [chuckles]

Yuya: I take it you're one of those Demonoids the kids told me about.

LN: Correct. My name is LN, and you fell for our trap. Both of you!

Zuzu: [points at nearby trees] You ladies take cover, and don't come out until we say so!

Woman A: Thanks for the advice, Boyle, but my sister and I can take care of ourselves.

[She and her sister respectively transform into Delta and Epsilon]

Zuzu: What's going on?!

Yuya: Who are you?! Two more Demonoids, maybe?

Delta: That's right. I'm Delta.

Epsilon: And I'm her sister Epsilon. And we're your worst nightmare!

Zuzu: I knew there was something wrong about you bitches! I mean, besides your ridiculous looks.

Epsilon: Oh, I'm crushed.

Delta: Just for that,...

[A laser beam on her right arm produces a wide steel cage around herself, Epsilon, Yuya, and Zuzu]

Delta: You have no choice but to duel us!

LN: Once the Kaleido Gladiators find out you're in danger, they'll come for you, and that will be the end of them!

Yuya: [growls] Well, if it's a duel you want,...

Zuzu: Then it's a duel you've got!

[They insert their shuffled decks into their duel disks, as do Delta and Epsilon; they put on their duel gazers; they each draw their first five cards]

Computer: Augmented reality vision link established.

All four duelists: Let's duel!

Yuya: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Zuzu: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Epsilon: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

[Yuya and Delta each roll a die; Yuya's comes up 6; Delta's comes up 4]

Yuya: My team will go first. Zuzu, why don't you lead the way?

Zuzu: You got it. [places a card] I'll start by summoning Opera the Melodious Diva!

[Opera the Melodious Diva appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 2,300]

Delta: A level-4 monster with over 2,000 attack points on the first turn?

Epsilon: Oh, please. Like that's gonna scare me.

Zuzu: [sets three cards] Oh, she will. Your move.

Delta: Sis, you lead off for my team. But remember, no attacking until after the fourth draw phase.

Epsilon: [draws] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep your armor on. [places a card in her Field Spell Zone] I'll start by activating the Field Spell: Crystron Potential!

[The field transforms into that of said card]

Epsilon: This card should give my monsters a home field advantage, because Water monsters I control gain 300 attack and defense points. And speaking of which... [places a card] I summon Crystron Rosenix!

[Crystron Rosenix appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,800 (boosted to 2,100)]

Epsilon: [places another card] Next, I equip it with Black Pendant, giving it 500 more attack points.

[Crystron Rosenix is equipped with Black Pendant]

[ATK: 2,600]

Epsilon: But I won't need it, because I have Crystron Rosenix's effect. It lets me destroy any face-up card I control, and in exchange, I get to special-summon a Crystron Tuner from my deck.

[Black Pendant is destroyed]

Epsilon: [places a card from her deck] Come to me, Crystron Quan!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 1
ATK: 500 (boosted to 800)]

Epsilon: By the way, when Black Pendant is sent to the graveyard, you each get hit with 500 points of damage!

[Yuya and Zuzu each get struck with damage]

Yuya: 3,500 (Hand: 5)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 1)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Epsilon: 4,000 (Hand: 2)]

Epsilon: Since you two are playing as a team, Black Pendant's side-effect applies to both of my opponents. But now it's time for my Synchro-summon! I tune my level-1 Crystron Quan to my level-4 Crystron Rosenix!

[Said two monsters tune together (1 + 4 = 5)]

Epsilon: One with the power of two
shall bring an end to you.
I Synchro-summon Crystron Ametrix!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 5
ATK: 2,500 (boosted to 2,800)]

Epsilon: [sets two cards] I set two cards and end my turn.

LN: Hold everything, ladies! Our prey has arrived.

[The 10 uniformed Kaleido Gladiators fly into the scene]

Zuzu: It's the Gladiators!

Brittany: Yuya! Zuzu!

Layla: Are you two all right?

Yuya: We're fine, but we can't get out unless we win this duel. I haven't gotten to my first turn yet, but this is an advance notice.

Pamela: Don't worry, you guys. We'll keep LN and her army at bay while you two finish dueling.

Yuya: Thanks, Gladiators.

LN: Cyber Demonitron, let's get them!

[She and her army of Cyber Demonitron charge at the Gladiators, who charge back and fight them]

Yuya: Okay, Demonoids. While your friend over there is occupied,... [draws]'s time for my act.

Delta: You excel in Action Dueling, don't you?

Yuya: Yeah. Why do you ask?

Delta: I'm sorry to say that there are no Action Cards here, so you and your partner will be at a disadvantage.

Yuya: So you say. But I've been through duels without Action Cards once before. I can take it. [places two cards in his Pendulum Zones] Besides, I don't need action cards for this performance. I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale-1 Stargazer Magician and Scale-8 Timegazer Magician!

[Said two monsters appear in Yuya's Pendulum Zones (Scale: 1-8)]

Yuya: Swing far, pendulum! Carve the arc of victory! [places another card] Next, I activate Pot of Greed! [draws two cards] I draw two cards. [places another card] Next, I activate Pendulum Shift! This card lets me change Timegazer Magician's Pendulum Scale from 8 to 9 this turn!

[Pendulum Scale: 1-9]

Yuya: [places three cards] My monsters are ready to swing into action!

[Three monsters appear]

Yuya: Take the stage, Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver!

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,000]

Yuya: Wash my hands of my enemy, Performapal Bubblebowwow!

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,300]

Yuya: Turn up the heat, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Yuya: Now, I activate Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver's effect! This card lets me perform a Fusion-summon using it as a Fusion material, along with other monsters I control or in my Pendulum Zones. Odd-Eyes Dissolver, fuse with Bubblebowwow!

[Said two monsters fuse together]

Yuya: Say hello to the newest member of the Performapal family: Performapal Odd-Eyes Metal Claw!

[Said monster appears and roars]

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,000]

Zuzu: Remember, Yuya, you can't attack this turn. Delta hasn't even had her draw phase yet.

Yuya: [sets a card] I know that. Just trying to bolster  our defenses here. Give a guy some credit. Delta, your move.

Delta: [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate the Continuous Spell: Wind-Up Factory! While I control this card, each time I activate the effect of a Wind-Up monster outside of the damage step, I get to add a new one from my deck to my hand. [places a card] To kick things off, I summon Wind-Up Magician!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 600]

Yuya: You think that monster stands a chance against our monsters?

Delta: [places another card] Not yet, but now I special-summon Wind-Up Shark from my hand!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,500]

Delta: By summoning Wind-Up Magician to my field, Wind-Up Shark's effect activates in my hand. And when that happens, Wind-Up Magician's field effect activates, enabling me to special-summon another Wind-Up monster from my deck: [places a card from her deck] A second Wind-Up Shark!

[Another Wind-Up Shark appears]

Delta: [takes a card from her deck] Thanks to Wind-Up Magician's effect, Wind-Up Factory's effect activates, giving me Wind-Up Dog to add to my hand. Now, I activate the effect of each of my Wind-Up Sharks. I can choose to either raise or lower their levels by one. I'll reduce their levels each to 3.

LV: 3]

Delta: Now, I build the Overlay Network with my level-3 Wind-Up Sharks!

[Said monsters convert to streaks of light; the Overlay Network appears]

Delta: [places a card from her Extra Deck] I Xyz-summon Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity!

[Said monster emerges from the Overlay Network]

[RANK: 3
DEF: 1,500]

Delta: But I'm not finished yet. By using one Overlay Unit, Zenmaity's effect activates, special-summoning Wind-Up Rat from my deck!

[Said monster appears; Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity absorbs an Overlay Unit]

[LV: 2
ATK: 600]

Zuzu: Cheesy move, Delta.


Delta: You'll think twice about saying that when I activate Wind-Up Rat's effect, letting me switch it into defense mode to special-summon Wind-Up Shark from my graveyard!

[Wind-Up Shark reappears; Wind-Up Rat switches into defense mode]

DEF: 1,300]

DEF: 600]

Delta: Now, I overlay my level-4 Wind-Up Shark and Wind-Up Magician to rebuild the Overlay Network!

[Said two monsters convert to streaks of light; the Overlay Network reappears]

Delta: I Xyz-summon Wind-Up Zenmaister!

[Said monster emerges from the Overlay Network]

[RANK: 4
ATK: 1,900 (boosted to 2,500)]

Delta: This card gains 300 attack points for each of its Overlay Units. [places another card] But now I activate Overlay Regen, giving it another Overlay Unit!

[Zenmaister gains a third Overlay Unit]

[ATK: 2,800]

Delta: [sets a card] I set one card, then enter my battle phase! Wind-Up Zenmaister, attack Opera the Melodious Diva!

[Zenmaister fires its attack at Opera]

Zuzu: I'm not afraid of some crappy toy. [reveals set card] I activate Pianissimo! This card drops Opera's attack points to 100 and protects her from being destroyed this turn!

ATK: 100]

[Zenmaister's attack hits Opera, but doesn't destroy her]

Delta: But that only means extra damage for you.

Zuzu: [reveals another set card] Not if I also activate Impenetrable Attack! This card reduces all battle damage I take to 0!

Delta: [huffs] You just got lucky, Boyle. I end my turn.

Zuzu: [draws] Luck had nothing to do with it. [places another card] I activate the Spell: Fortissimo! Once per turn, this card gives one of my Melodious monsters 800 attack points until my next standby phase. I'll target Opera the Melodious Diva.

ATK: 3,100]

Zuzu: Opera, attack Crystron Ametrix!

[Opera unleashes a melodious tune upon Crystron Ametrix]

Delta: Hang on, sis! [reveals set card] I activate my Trap: Negate Attack!

[Opera's attack is negated]

Delta: So much for the battle phase.

Zuzu: I end my turn.

Epsilon: [draws; laughs] My turn! [places a card] I activate Pot of Greed! This card lets me draw two more cards. [draws two cards] Next, I activate another Spell: [places another card] Graceful Charity! [draws three cards; discards two] I draw three cards, then discard two: Crystron Prasiortle and Crystron Thystvern. [banishes said cards from her graveyard] Now I banish them both from my graveyard to activate their effects. Thystvern's effect lets me add a Crystron monster from my deck to my hand. [takes a card from her deck] Crystron Sulfefnir. And Prasiortle's effect lets me special-summon a Crystron monster from my hand. [places the card she just added] Crystron Sulfefnir!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 5
ATK: 2,000 (boosted to 2,300)]

Epsilon: Next, I activate my Trap: [reveals set card] Crystron Entry! [places a card] This card lets me special-summon two Crystron Tuners: Crystron Rion from my hand and Crystron Quan from my graveyard!

[Said two monsters appear]

LV: 3
ATK: 500 (boosted to 800)]

Epsilon: [reveals set card] Next, I activate Crystron Impact, special-summoning one of my banished Crystron monsters. I special-summon Crystron Thystvern!

[Said monster reappears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,500 (boosted to 1,800)]

Epsilon: Now, I activate its effect and destroy Crystron Sulfefnir!

[Said monster is destroyed]

Epsilon: And in exchange, I special-summon another Crystron monster from my deck. Come to me, Crystron Rion!

[Another copy of Crystron Quan appears]

Epsilon: And not only that, but because Sulfefnir was destroyed, I can special-summon another Crystron from my deck in defense mode. Guess what? It's a third Quan!

[A third copy of Cyrstron Quan appears]

Epsilon: Oh, by the way, not that it means much, but all your face-up monsters lose all their defense points, thanks to Crystron Impact's other effect. But now, I tune my three level-1 Crystron Quans and my level-3 Rion to my level-3 Crystron Thystvern!

[All five of said monsters tune together (1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 3 = 9)]

Zuzu: A level-9 Synchro-summon? That's not cool.

Yuya: Hang tough, Zu.

Epsilon: I bring out my ultimate Crystron monster: Crystron Quariongandrax!

[Crystron Quariongandrax appears]

[LV: 9
ATK: 3,000 (boosted to 3,300)]

Epsilon: When Quariongandrax is successfully Synchro-summoned, it can banish monsters my opponents control up to the number of Synchro materials used for its Synchro-summon. I used five, but I only need to banish four. Say goodbye to all your monsters, lovebirds!

[Quariongandrax unleashes a powerful blue beam; Epsilon laughs maniacally]

[Strawberry Fields, 12:50pm]

[Alvin faces Yusho; both duelists are wearing duel gazers and have their duel disks ready; they each draw their first five cards]

Alvin and Yusho: Let's duel!

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Yusho: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Alvin and Yusho: [each roll a die] Go, dice roll!

[Alvin's die comes up 2; Yusho's comes up 3]

Yusho: 3 beats 2, so I choose to go second.

Alvin: Thank you, Yusho. [places a card] I'll start by summoning one of my new cards: Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 800]

Alvin: When I summon this monster, I get to special-summon a different Magnet Warrior monster from my hand: [places a card from his hand] Beta the Electromagnet Warrior!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 3
DEF: 1,500]

Alvin: When I summon Beta, I get to add another Magnet Warrior from my deck to my hand. [takes a card from his hand] Alpha the Electromagnet Warrior. I'll save him for later. [sets two cards] Right now, I set two cards and end my turn.

Yusho: [draws] My turn! [places a card] Because you control a monster while I don't, I special-summon Performapal Revue Dancer!

[Performapal Revue Dancer appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 800]

Yusho: Now, get ready for my star attraction. If I tribute Revue Dancer to summon a Performapal monster, she counts as two. [places another card] I summon Performapal Sky Magician!

[Revue Dancer vanishes, and in her place appears Performapal Sky Magician]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Yusho: Next, I activate the Spell: [places another card] Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters! While I control this card, if you summon a non-Spellcaster while I control another Spell while you don't, the summoned monster can't attack or activate its effects during the turn it was summoned. And that's not all. Once per turn, if I activate a Spell, Performapal Sky Magician gains 300 attack points.

ATK: 2,800]

Yusho: [places another card] Next, I activate Magician's Left Hand. [places another card] Second, I activate Magician's Right Hand. Now, for my battle phase. Sky Magician, attack Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior!

[Sky Magician tosses its rings at Gamma, who suddenly disappears]

Alvin: Thanks for the performance, Yusho, but these Electromagnet Warriors have acts of their own, like disappearing acts. During my opponent's turn, I can tribute Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior to special-summon a level-4 Magnet Warrior from my deck. [places a card from his deck] Gamma the Magnet Warrior!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,800]

Alvin: Who better to defend me than the original Gamma himself?

Yusho: In that case, Sky Magician, attack Beta the Electromagnet Warrior instead.

[Sky Magician tosses its rings at Beta, who also suddenly disappears, and in his place appears Beta the Magnet Warrior]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,600]

Yusho: Another one?

Alvin: Yep. All Electromagnet Warriors have just about the same second effect: Tribute them during the opponent's turn to special-summon a level-4 Magnet Warrior from the deck. For Beta the Electromagnet Warrior, I chose the original Beta the Magnet Warrior.

Yusho: Clever. Sky Magician, attack Beta, and don't miss this time!

[Sky Magician tosses its rings at Beta]

Alvin: [reveals set card] I activate Mirror Force! Say goodbye to Performapal Sky Magician, because its attack is about to get reflected right back!

Yusho: I wouldn't bet on it. I activate the effect of Magician's Left Hand!

[Sky Magician raises its left hand, magically negating and destroying Mirror Force; Beta is destroyed by Sky Magician's rings]

Alvin: What happened?

Yusho: Magician's Left Hand's effect negates the first effect of a Trap Card that activates each turn and destroys that card.

Alvin: Good move, Yusho. But not good enough! [reveals set card] I activate Broken Blocker! Because you destroyed Beta in battle, and his attack points were lower than his defense points, I get to special-summon two more copies of that monster to the field from my deck in defense mode!

[Two more copies of Beta appear]

Alvin: And since you can't use Magician's Left Hand more than once per turn, there was no way you were gonna stop this.

Yusho: Not bad. I end my turn.

Alvin: [draws] My turn! [places a card] I summon Alpha the Electromagnet Warrior!

[Said monster appears]

Alvin: His effect lets me add a level-8 Magna Warrior from my deck to my hand.

Yusho: Have you forgotten about Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters? As long as I control it, any non-Spellcaster you summon can't attack or use its effects during that turn.

Alvin: Oh, right. Luckily for me, I already have one in my hand ready for summoning. [places a card] All I have to do is banish Alpha, Beta, and Gamma the Electromagnet Warriors from my hand, field, and/or graveyard so they can merge together!

[Said Electromagnet Warriors appear and combine]

Alvin: The combined magnetic forces of three take the form of a whole new creation! I summon Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior!

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,000]

Alvin: He may not be able to attack or use his effects this turn, but he can still buy me another turn. I end my turn.

Yusho: [draws] My turn! [places another card] I activate Magician's Restage! First, it triggers Performapal Sky Magician's effect, giving it 300 more attack points.

[ATK: 3,100]

Yusho: As for Magician's Restage, it allows me to special-summon a level-3 or lower Spellcaster from my graveyard.

[A magic box appears]

Yusho: Come back to me, Performapal Revue Dancer!

[The box opens, and out comes Performapal Revue Dancer]

Yusho: [places another card] Next, I summon Performapal Sky Pupil!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 800]

Yusho: Better watch out, Alvin, 'cause before damage calculation, if Sky Pupil attacks an opposing monster while I control another Performapal monster, the attack target is destroyed. Plus, any monster it battles has its effects negated until the end of the damage step. Sky Pupil, attack Berserkion!

[Sky Pupil charges at Berserkion]

Alvin: [discards a card] Not so fast! Sphere Kuriboh, bowl Sky Pupil into defense mode!

[Sphere Kuriboh rolls toward Sky Pupil and bowls it into defense mode]

[DEF: 800]

Yusho: Not bad, Alvin. But I can still destroy your Magnet Warrior. Performapal Sky Magician, attack Berserkion!

[Sky Magician tosses its rings at Berserkion, destroying him]

Alvin: By destroying Berserkion, you activated one of his effects, letting me special-summon the three Electromagnet Warriors I used to summon him in defense mode!

[The three Electromagnet Warriors reappear]

DEF: 1,100]

DEF: 1,500]

DEF: 2,000]

Alvin: Thanks to your Spell, though, their effects can't activate this turn. But now I have a whole field full of defenses to keep you at bay.

Yusho: Hmm. I end my turn.

Alvin: [in his mind] Just my Magnet Warriors might not be enough. I'll have to bring out some backups from my Extra Deck. And I know just the ones.

[He smiles]

[Back at the playground, Crystron Quariongandrax's effect is approaching Yuya and Zuzu's monsters]

Epsilon: I'll tell your pops goodbye for you, Sakaki!

Yuya: This is it. [reveals set card] I activate Imperial Iron Wall!

Epsilon: NO!

[Quariongandrax's effect is cancelled out]

Yuya: From here on out, no card gets banished. [in his mind] Thank you, Alvin. Your card saved the day.

Epsilon: [growls] Quariongandrax, attack and destroy Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!

[Quariongandrax fires its attack at Odd-Eyes, destroying him]

Yuya: 2,700 (Hand: 0)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Epsilon: 4,000 (Hand: 2)]

[The battle damage knocks Yuya to the bars of the cage; back at the Nickar, Mechike has his remote ready]

Mechike: This'll teach you to mess with the Demonoids.

[He pushes the button; back at the playground, Yuya gets zapped upon hitting the cage bars]

Zuzu: Yuya, what's happening?!

Yuya: [hits the ground] What the hell is this?!

Delta: Oh, it's just a little something our boss whipped up.

Epsilon: From now on, every time you touch the bars, he'll electrify you.

Zuzu: That's a sick move!

Epsilon: [sets two cards] I set these last two cards and end my turn. [draws a card] By the way, during the end phase of a turn in which I Synchro-summon a Crystron monster, Crystolic Potential's effect allows me to draw a card for each Crystron monster I Synchro-summoned that turn. I chose to forgo it last turn, because I had no need for extra cards then. You're up, Sakaki.

Yuya: [draws] My turn! I've no need for Imperial Iron Wall now, so I'll just send it to the graveyard with this. [places a card] Magic Planter! This card lets me send a Continuous Trap I control to the graveyard to draw two new cards.

[Imperial Iron Wall vanishes; Yuya draws two cards]

Yuya: And don't worry, Zuzu. I doubt these two will ever try to banish our monsters again.

Zuzu: If Alvin finds out about this, he's gonna have a lot of questions to ask you.

Yuya: I'm sure he'll understand. But right now, I've got a duel to finish. [places three cards from his Extra Deck] Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver, and Performapal Bubblebowwow, it's time for an encore!

[Said three monsters reappear]

Yuya: And there's more. Because I special-summoned Bubblebowwow from my Extra Deck, Pendulum monsters I control that were special-summoned from the Extra Deck can't be destroyed by card effects for the rest of this turn. [places another card in his Field Spell Zone] Next, I activate Performapal Dramatic Theater! This card sets the stage for my monsters, because they each gain 200 attack points for each monster of a different type. All three of my Odd-Eyes monsters are Dark monsters, whilst Bubblebowwow is an Earth monster, so they each gain 400 attack points.

ATK: 3,400]

ATK: 2,400]

ATK: 2,700]

ATK: 2,900]

Yuya: Performapal Odd-Eyes Metal Claw, get set to strike! Attack Crystron Quariongandrax!

[Odd-Eyes Metal Claw charges at Quariongandrax]

Yuya: When Odd-Eyes Metal Claw declares an attack, all my monsters gain 300 attack points until the end of the battle phase.

ATK: 3,700]

ATK: 2,700]

ATK: 3,000]

ATK: 3,200]

Epsilon: [reveals set card] I activate Graceful Dice! I roll a die, and whatever number comes up, my monsters gain 100 attack points multiplied by that number. [reveals another set card] And I chain Skull Dice! This card lowers your monsters' attack points by 100 multiplied by the number I roll for this card.

[A fairy rolls a blue die, which comes up 1; a demon rolls a red die, which comes up 3]

Epsilon: What?!

ATK: 3,500]

ATK: 2,500]

ATK: 2,800]

ATK: 3,000]

ATK: 2,900]

ATK: 3,400]

Yuya: Well, you may have saved yourself a few hundred life points, but you haven't saved your monster!

[Odd-Eyes Metal Claw strikes Quariongandrax, destroying it; Epsilon gets knocked back against the wall and gets zapped]

Yuya: 2,700 (Hand: 1)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Epsilon: 3,900 (Hand: 1)]

Delta: Epsilon!

Yuya: Now, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, attack Crystron Ametrix with Spiral Flame Strike!

Delta: I activate a Trap! [pushes a button]

[Nothing happens]

Delta: Activate!

[Still nothing]

Delta: What the hell is wrong with this thing?!

Yuya: Sorry to disappoint you, Delta, but have you forgotten about my Pendulum cards? Stargazer Magician's Pendulum effect prevents my opponents from activating Spell Cards until the end of the damage step when a Pendulum monster attacks. And the same applies to Timegazer Magician, except his Pendulum effect disables Trap Cards. And since I have them both on the field, your sister is toast!

Dellta: NO!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at Ametrix, destroying it; Epsilon gets knocked back against the wall and gets zapped again]

Yuya: 2,700 (Hand: 1)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Epsilon: 3,700 (Hand: 1)]

Yuya: Almost forgot-- When Odd-Eyes battles a monster, any battle damage dealt to the opponent is doubled.

Epsilon: This cage was only supposed to zap Sakaki and Boyle, not all of us!

Delta: Master Mechike must have it on autopilot, or it must be a malfunction. We'd better stop the duel now.

LN: [while fighting Brittany] No! Master Mechike won't allow you to quit so easily! Surrender, and he'll kill you both!

[Epsilon growls]

Yuya: Performapal Bubblebowwow, attack Epsilon directly!

[Bubblebowwow strikes Epsilon, knocking her against the cage, zapping her again]

Yuya: 2,700 (Hand: 1)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Epsilon: 900 (Hand: 1)]

Yuya: Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver, close the curtain on Epsilon!

[Odd-Eyes Dissolver fires a blast from its scepter at Epsilon, knocking her against the cage, zapping her once more]

Yuya: 2,700 (Hand: 1)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Epsilon: 0 (Hand: 1)]

[Epsilon hits the ground]

Delta: It can't be!

Epsilon: I'm sorry, Delta. Finish those brats off for me.

Delta: Right.

Yuya: It's too bad you're on your own now, Delta. [sets his last card] I set my last card and end my turn.

Delta: I swear, you'll regret ever harming my little sister! [draws] I draw! [places the card she just drew] I activate Lightning Vortex! [discards a card] Say goodbye to all your face-up monsters!

[All of Yuya and Zuzu's monsters are destroyed]

Delta: [reveals set card] Next, I activate one of my set cards: Zenmaiday! This card lets me target a Machine Xyz monster I control and turn one of my Wind-Ups into an Overlay Unit for that Xyz monster. Wind-Up Rat, attach to Wind-Up Zenmaister!

[Wind-Up Rat transforms into an Overlay Unit for Zenmaister]

[ATK: 3,100]

Delta: But now, I'm gonna give you both Hell! [places another card] I equip Zenmaister with Stoic Challenge! This card gives Zenmaister 600 attack points for each Overlay Unit on my field, and any battle damage it deals while battling an opponent's monster is doubled!

ATK: 6,100]

Delta: But I won't need the effect of damage doubling this turn. Now that the both of you have no monsters to protect you, Zenmaister has more than enough points to wipe either of you out of the duel! I'd start with you, Sakaki, since you're the one who eliminated my sister from the duel. But I have bigger plans. [points at Zuzu] Your partner!

Zuzu: [in her mind] Oh, no. All I have is Fortissimo, and it won't save me. What am I gonna do?

Delta: Wind-Up Zenmaister, attack Boyle directly and annihilate her!

[Zenmaister fires its attack at Zuzu directly]

Delta: So long, Boyle.

Yuya: Zuzu!

[He dives in front of Zuzu; the blast hits, resulting in an explosion; the Gladiators (minus Brittany, who is still fighting LN), having defeated the Cyber Demonitron, watch]

Sora: Yuya! Zuzu!

Mia: Please tell me they haven't lost.

Delta: [laughs] Boyle is history, and Sakaki is next!

[She suddenly notices the LP counter]

Yuya: 2,700 (Hand: 0)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 0)]

Delta: What?! They're still in?!

[The smoke clears, revealing Yuya shielding Zuzu]

Delta: How could you have survived?!

Zuzu: Yuya? But how?

Yuya: [reveals set card] All it took was a little Mystical Space Typhoon. This card targets and destroys one Spell or Trap on the field: Stoic Challenge. And if Stoic Challenge leaves the field, then so goes Wind-Up Zenmaister!

Delta: Zenmaister isn't going down without a fight! I activate the second effect of Zenmaiday! By sending it to the graveyard, I overlay Zenmaister! Go, Xyz Evolution!

[Zenmaister and its Overlay Units convert to streaks of light; the Overlay Network appears]

Delta: I Xyz-summon Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh!

[Said monster emerges from the Overlay Network]

[RANK: 5
ATK: 2,600]

Delta: Zenmaioh, attack Sakaki directly!

[Zenmaioh fires its attack at Yuya, hitting him; Yuya hits the cage bars, getting zapped]

Zuzu: Yuya! No!

Yuya: 100 (Hand: 0)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 4,000 (Hand: 0)]

Delta: I won't forgive you for this, Sakaki. Ever! Boyle, it's your move.

Zuzu: [draws] My turn! [places a card] I activate the Spell: Ostinato! I control no monsters, this card lets me perform a Fusion-summon of a Melodious monster using monsters from my hand or deck as the materials. I fuse Mozarta the Melodious Maestra and Aria the Melodious Diva!

[Said two monsters appear and fuse together]

Zuzu: Together, you'll sing a sensational duet that will form an even more Melodious monster! I Fusion Summon Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir!

[Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 1,000]

Delta: [in her mind] I can't waste my Trap on this weakling. Gotta save it for Sakaki's monsters.

Zuzu: Bloom Diva, attack Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh with Vaporizing Miracle!

Delta: But your monster has only 1,000 attack points!

Yuya: But Bloom Diva's effect protects her from being destroyed in battle, and you take the battle damage instead of her!

[Bloom Diva unleashes a magical tune upon Zenmaioh, destroying it; Delta gets knocked back with damage, hitting the cage bars and getting zapped]

Yuya: 100 (Hand: 0)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 2,400 (Hand: 0)]

Delta: My monster! But how?!

Zuzu: Not only does Bloom Diva's effect redirect the battle damage to you as effect damage, but the special-summoned monster she battles is destroyed after damage calculation. I end my turn. And by the way, during the end phase of a turn in which I activated Ostinato, the monster I Fusion-summoned with it is destroyed.

[Bloom Diva is destroyed]

Zuzu: And in exchange, I special-summon the two monsters I used to Fusion-summon her. Mozarta the Melodious Maestra and Aria the Melodious Diva!

[Said two monsters appear]

LV: 4
DEF: 1,200]

LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Zuzu: Since I special-summoned Aria, my Melodious monsters can't be targeted by card effects or destroyed in battle. Not that it matters. Yuya, since Epsilon's out, it's your move.

Yuya: Oh, yeah! [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Pendulum Shift once more, changing Timegazer's scale to 10 this turn. [places three cards from his Extra Deck] All right, Pendulum crew! Return to the field!

[Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver, and Performapal Bubblebowwow reappear]

Yuya: Now to perform a Fusion-summon with Odd-Eyes Dissolver's effect! Odd-Eyes Dissolver, fuse with Performapal Bubblebowwow!

[Said two monsters fuse together]

Delta: Let me guess: Another Odd-Eyes Metal Claw?

Yuya: Nope! Come forth, Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon!

[Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon appears]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500 (boosted to 2,900)]

Yuya: Okay, my dragons! Let's end this! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, destroy Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity with Spiral Flame Strike!

[Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon fires his attack at Zenmaity, destroying it]

Yuya: [leaps onto Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon's back] Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon, attack Delta directly!

[Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon fires his attack at Delta]

Delta: Big mistake. [reveals set card] I activate the Trap: Trap Hole of Spikes! When a monster that was normal or special-summoned this turn declares an attack, that monster is destroyed, and you take damage equal to half that monster's attack points! Sorry, Sakaki, but you lose!

Yuya: [snickers] Au contraire, Delta. [shuffles Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver back into his deck] I activate Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon's effect! When a Spell or Trap Card or monster's effect is activated, I can use Vortex Dragon's effect to negate that activation and destroy that card!

[Trap Hole of Spikes is destroyed]

Delta: It can't be!

Yuya: Now, for the grand finale! Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon, finish her! Vortex Flame Strike!

[Delta tries to shield herself, but Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon's attack hits her hard, pushing her against the cage bars again; she hits the ground]

Epsilon: SIS!!

Yuya: 100 (Hand: 0)
Zuzu: 3,500 (Hand: 0)
Delta: 0 (Hand: 0)]

[Both dragons roar and vanish; the cage vanishes]

Yuya: We did it.

[He suddenly collapses]

Zuzu: Yuya!

[She runs up to Yuya and struggles to help him up]

Zuzu: You bitch-bots! Tell your boss he can go to Hell!

Delta: [groans] He's already been there.

Epsilon: And he hated it.

[The Gladiators (minus Brittany, who is still fighting LN) run up to the duo]

Pamela: You two all right?

Zuzu: I am. But Yuya needs help. All that damage he took from that cage took a lot out of him. And where's Brittany?

Layla: [points at the fight between Brittany and LN] Over there!

[Brittany and LN fight w/their swords]

LN: Those young duelists got lucky. But you won't be!

Brittany: I should say the same about you!

[LN knocks her back with her sword]

LN: A little rodent like you doesn't stand a chance against LN!

Zuzu: [furiously] Rodent?!

[Screaming, she charges at LN and kicks her in the face]

Brittany: Zuzu!

LN: How dare you!

Zuzu: How dare you! To insult Brittany by calling her a rodent?! A sick ass-wipe like you oughta be ashamed!

LN: You're biting off more than you can chew, Boyle.

Zuzu: As if that's not enough, your little ploy to lure Yuya into a duel against your two friends almost killed him! That's unforgivable!

LN: Master Mechike's orders. But if you're so adamant about avenging him, I'd be glad to take you up on that offer!

[She charges at Zuzu]

Zuzu: Then so be it!

[She and LN get into a fight; LN continuously tries to land a hit on Zuzu, but the latter defends herself with karate blocks each time]

Zuzu: [backflips to avoid LN's laser blasts] I'm more flexible than you think!

[The Gladiators watch in amazement]

Sora: She's amazing!

Sarah: [more fixated than the others] Indeed, she is, Sora. I'd say she's perfect!

Sora: Perfect? For what?

[Zuzu grabs LN in a Boston Crab wrestling hold]

Zuzu: All right! Tell me how this feels!

[She grabs LN's left leg and bends it back]

LN: [groans] This is too painful, even for a robot!

Zuzu: That's not even close to what you put Yuya through!

[She twists LN's head, prying it off]

Zuzu: [laughs] Who knew you Demonoids were so fragile?

[Suddenly, the head magnetically reattaches to LN]

LN: [tosses Zuzu to the left] Off with you, you little bitch!

Sarah: Be careful, Zuzu! Demonoids have ways of pulling themselves together as long as their computer chips remain intact!

Zuzu: So I've heard. But I'll find a way to destroy that chip somehow!

LN: Don't bother. Unlike ordinary Demonoids, us generals-- We have multiple chips within us. And only by destroying them all at once can a general be destroyed, but if even one remains intact, everything will be repaired instantly. [raises her glowing sword] Now to eliminate you!

[She is about to strike, when suddenly, Spirit Soldier Violet intercepts with her Spirit Saber]

LN: You again!

Zuzu: Huh? Who are you?

Sora: Zuzu, that is a Spirit Soldier.

Soldier Violet: I'm Spirit Soldier Violet, second in command of my team of Spirit Soldiers.

Zuzu: I've read about you in the papers. But where are the others?

[The other eight Spirit Soldiers enter the scene]

Soldier Violet: What took you guys so long?

Soldier Gold: So many duelists were begging for autographs.

Soldier Red: That kinda held us up for a bit.

Epsilon: Oh, great. It's them again.

Delta: As if our day can't get any worse.

Soldier Gold: Ace trooper of courage! Spirit Soldier Gold!

Soldier White: Crown trooper of light! Spirit Soldier White!

Soldier Black: Understanding trooper of shadows! Spirit Soldier Black!

Soldier Blue: Kindness trooper of ice! Spirit Soldier Blue!

Soldier Red: Severity trooper of fire! Spirit Soldier Red!

Soldier Orange Twins: Splendor troopers of wind! Spirit Soldier Orange!

Soldier Fuchsia: Foundation trooper of sound! Spirit Soldier Fuchsia!

Soldier Violet: Kingdom trooper of energy! Spirit Soldier Violet!

Soldier Gold: Spiritual power of nine, unite as one! Sephira Squadron...!

All nine Spirit Soldiers: Spirit Soldiers!

Soldier Red: [looks down at Yuya] This boy here-- [to Zuzu] Is he your friend?

Zuzu: Since childhood.

Soldier Red: [extracts her red opal from her belt buckle] So the Demonoids did this to him, eh?

[Her opal glows, healing Yuya's injuries]

Zuzu: What'd you just do?

Soldier Red: Our Sephira Opals not only boost our Spirit Soldier powers, but they also have the ability to heal the seriously injured.

[Yuya comes to and notices the Spirit Soldiers]

Yuya: Who-- Who are you?

[Zuzu embraces Yuya]

Zuzu: Yuya, thank God.

Yuya: Hey, Zuzu. [gasps] Oh, my God! Dad's duel with Alvin!

Zuzu: We gotta go!

Soldier Gold: You guys go ahead. We'll keep the Demonoids busy.

Layla: Thanks, Spirit Soldiers.

All Gladiators: Gladiator out!

[All 10 revert to normal; Yuya and Zuzu join them as they set off]

[Back at Strawberry Fields, the duel between Alvin and Yusho continues]

Alvin: [draws] I draw! Now, I overlay my level-3 Alpha and Beta the Electromagnet Warriors to build the Overlay Network!

[Said two Electromagnet Warriors convert to streaks of light; the Overlay Network appears]

Alvin: I Xyz-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Gorgonic Guardian!

[Said monster emerges from the Overlay Network]

[RANK: 3
ATK: 1,600]

Alvin: Sure, she's no Berserkion, but you gotta make do with what you've got while you keep your opponents busy. And you know what? Why not overlay my two Betas while I'm at it?

[The two Betas convert to streaks of light]

Alvin: I Xyz-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Daigusto Emeral!

[Said monster appears]

[RANK: 4
ATK: 1,800]

Alvin: That ends my turn.

Yusho: [draws] My turn! Sky Pupil, attack Gorgonic Guardian!

Alvin: Hold on! I chain Gorgonic Guardian's effect. By using one Overlay Unit, one of your monsters loses its effects and all of its attack points this turn! Sorry, Sky Pupil. Better luck next time!

[Gorgonic Guardian's eyes glow, turning Sky Pupil into stone]

ATK: 0]

Alvin: Gorgonic Guardian, counterattack! Gorgon Gaze!

[Gorgonic Guardian fires lasers from her eyes at Sky Pupil, destroying it; Yusho gets knocked back with damage]

Yusho: No way!

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 1)
Yusho: 2,400 (Hand: 1)]

Yusho: Impressive, Alvin. I gotta say, you know how to put on a show. Sky Magician, attack Gorgonic Guardian!

[Performapal Sky Magician tosses its rings at Gorgonic Guardian, destroying her]

Alvin: 2,500 (Hand: 1)
Yusho: 2,400 (Hand: 1)]

Alvin: Well, at least I got one problem out of the way.

Yusho: Yes, you did, but you're still boxed in.

Alvin: I'll make the most of it. For now, I activate Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior's effect and tribute him!

[Gamma vanishes]

Alvin: This time, I'll special-summon a brand-new Magnet Warrior from my deck! [places a card from his deck] Delta the Magnet Warrior!

[Delta the Magnet Warrior appears]

[LV: 4
DEF: 1,400]

Alvin: Normally, if I summon Delta, I can send one Magnet Warrior from my deck to my graveyard. But since your Spell negates the effect during the turn he's summoned, it doesn't matter.

Yusho: [sets his last card] We'll see about that. I end my turn.

Alvin: [in his mind] I have a funny feeling that Magician's Right Hand can negate the first Spell effect I activate each turn, just like Left Hand does to Traps. Cosmic Cyclone won't help, but if I use another Spell as a decoy, I can banish Magician's Left Hand with Cosmic Cyclone by paying 1,000 life points. But there's that other card Yusho set. Then again, if I destroy Performapal Sky Magician and Revue Dancer, Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters will be destroyed, because he can't keep it active without a Spellcaster. Well, only one thing to do.

[He suddenly notices the rest of the gang approaching]

Alvin: [aloud] Hey, you guys! What kept you?

Yuya: We'll explain later, Alvin. Right now, keep dueling.

Alvin: Right. But I should let you know, Yuya, your old man's got me in a tight spot. [draws] I draw! Next, I activate Daigusto Emeral's effect. By using one Overlay Unit, I target three monsters in my graveyard, shuffle them into my deck, then draw a card.

[Daigusto Emeral absorbs an Overlay Unit; Alvin shuffles three cards from his graveyard into his main and Extra Decks]

Alvin: I target Sphere Kuriboh, Gorgonic Guardian, and my first Beta, shuffle them back into their appropriate decks, then draw a card. [draws a card] Now, I activate Stop Defense! I'll target Performapal Revue Dancer, forcing her to switch into attack mode.

Yusho: The effect of Magician's Right Hand kicks in, negating Stop Defense!

[Stop Defense is negated and destroyed]

Alvin: Now you've done it. Stop Defense was only a decoy. [places another card] Now I'm free to activate Cosmic Cyclone! By paying 1,000 life points, I banish Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters!

Alvin: 1,500 (Hand: 2)
Yusho: 2,400 (Hand: 0)]

[Magician's Left Hand is banished]

Alvin: Now I'm free to use my monsters' effects when I summon them. [places another card] I also activate Magnet Reverse! I special-summon Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior back to the field!

[Berserkion reappears]

Alvin: Now, I activate another of Berserkion's effects. By banishing a level-4 or lower Magnet Warrior from my graveyard, I can destroy any card you control. I'll start with Magician's Right Hand by banishing Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior!

[Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior is launched at Magician's Right Hand, destroying it]

Alvin: [banishes another card from his graveyard] Next goes Gamma the Magnet Warrior. Destroy Performapal Sky Magician!

[Gamma the Magnet Warrior is launched at Sky Magician, destroying it]

Yusho: If Performapal Sky Magician's going down, it's taking Berserkion down with it! If Sky Magician leaves the field, I can destroy any card on the field!

[Berserkion is destroyed]

Yusho: [reveals set card] And that's not all. I activate Performapal Revival! Sky Magician, return to the field!

[Sky Magician reappears]

[ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: [places another card] I'm not finished yet. I activate Dark Hole, destroying every monster!

[All monsters get sucked into a black vortex and are destroyed]

Yusho: No!

Alvin: And by the way, I forgot to mention Delta the Magnet Warrior's effect. If he's sent to the graveyard, I can banish three other Magnet Warriors from my graveyard. [banishes three cards from his graveyard] I choose two copies of Beta the Magnet Warrior and Beta the Electromagnet Warrior. And in exchange, I special-summon this guy from my deck!

[Who should appear but...]

Alvin: Valkyrion the Magna Warrior!

[LV: 8
ATK: 3,500]

Yusho: No way!

Yuya: Whoa! Alvin's even better than I thought!

Alvin: It's over, Yusho! Valkyrion, attack him directly with Magnet Saber!

[Valkyrion strikes Yusho directly w/his sword; Yusho hits the ground]

Alvin: 1,500 (Hand: 0)
Yusho: 0 (Hand: 0)]

Alvin: And that's game over. Good duel, Yusho.

[Valkyrion vanishes]

[Cheers and applause]

Nico: And that's all she wrote! Short as it had been, Alvin managed to overcome Yusho's greatest obstacles so as to win this exhibition duel! Truly remarkable.

Yusho: Whoa. What a duelist.

Yuya: [helps his father up] You gave it your best shot, Dad.

Yusho: Thanks, son. But where have you and Zuzu been these past 10 minutes?

Yuya: Oh, that. Well, it turns out the two women who dragged me to the playground for autographs were really evil robots in disguise. And I'm not talking about Transformers, mind you. They challenged me and Zuzu to a duel. They almost had us beaten, but we won. We'd have stayed there longer, but then the Spirit Soldiers intervened and gave us the opportunity to escape.

Yusho: Well, as long as you're okay, that's all that matters.

Brittany: Speaking of the Spirit Soldiers, we'd better check on them.

Pamela: Let's go.

[They all head out]

[Back at the playground, the Spirit Soldiers fight off another army of Cyber Demonitron, while Soldier Violet and LN fight each other w/their swords]

Soldier Violet: Been a while, hasn't it, Ellen?

LN: It's LN, and I don't recall fighting you before! Though your voice and swordsmanship ring a bell.

Soldier Violet: Who you really are doesn't change the fact that we're gonna send you back to Hell where you came from!

[Her Spirit Saber glows]

Soldier Violet: Spirit Saber, Sephira Slash!

[She strikes LN hard with her saber; LN hits the ground]

LN: [struggles to get back on her feet] I'll remember this! [vanishes]

Delta: Don't leave us hanging, Lady LN!

Epsilon: Forget her. We can still take these creeps on.

Delta: Yeah. Why not?

[They both get back on their feet]

Soldier Gold: You two are next! Assemble the Sephira Bazooka!

[He and Soldiers Violet, White, Blue, Red, and Fuchsia combine their weapons to form the Sephira Bazooka; all nine Spirit Soldiers gather]

Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Bazooka!

Delta and Epsilon: Demonoid Cannons!

[They each get equipped with a cannon on their right arms and point them at the Spirit Soldiers]

Soldier Black: Spirit Musket!

Soldier Orange Twins: Spirit Crossbow!

[They each point their weapons at Delta and Epsilon]

Soldier Violet: Spirit Soldiers, ready!

Delta: Aim!

All: FIRE!!

[Both teams fire at each other; all blasts collide, resulting in an explosion, sending them all flying backwards; Soldier White's helmet flies off in the process and hits the ground; Soldier White's face is not shown, but her hair is revealed to be short and white]

Soldier White: My helmet!

[Soldier Gold hands her back her helmet; she puts it back on]

Epsilon: I could've sworn I saw Soldier White's face.

Delta: All I saw was her white hair.

Soldier Red: Well, it appears our cannon power is too evenly matched with yours. Bro, time to try out your brand-new weapon.

Soldier Gold: Right! Sephira Spear!

[A gold trident-esque spear made of steel appears]

Delta: [as a double-ended kanabo appears in her hands] Grab your bo, sis!

[Epsilon whips out her bo staff; both sisters charge at Soldier Gold, who charges back; they fight over the next minute with their weapons]

Soldier Gold: [whacks the two Demonoids back w/his spear] Party's over!

[His spear glows gold; he spins it around and charges toward Delta and Epsilon]

Soldier Gold: Sephira Supernova Slash! Final attack!

[He strikes Delta and Epsilon w/his spear, electrifying them; the two Demonoids hit the ground]

Soldier Gold: Another mission accomplished.

[The gang approaches the Spirit Soldiers]

Rosetta: Hey, you did it!

Layla: Nice work, Spirit Soldiers!

Brittany: Gold, where'd you get that weapon?

Soldier Gold: The crew at our base commissioned it. It's proven more powerful than my Spirit Knuckles, though it can't combine with the Sephira Bazooka.

Yuya: I gotta admit, Spirit Soldiers, you really know how to put on a show. By the way, thanks for helping me earlier.

Soldier Gold: All in a good day's work, Yuya.

[He and Yuya shake hands]

Gong: But who are you guys, really? Or are you the kind of superhero team that's not allowed to expose their identities?

Soldier Black: We'd tell you, but then the Demonoids would easily track us down.

Zuzu: I see you've taken care of Delta and Epsilon.

Soldier Red: Yeah, but we still haven't finished them yet. We gotta find a way to destroy all of their computer chips.

[Back at the Nickar, Mechike has seen it all]

Mechike: LN, fire the Giga Beam!

LN: Yes, sir!

[She hits the Giga Beam button; back in the park, the beam restores Delta and Epsilon's power, gets them back to their feet, and enlarges them; they both laugh maniacally]

Delta: Finally, a giant battle!

[Her kanabo appears in her hands]

Epsilon: Now to give these brats Hell!

[Her bo appears in her hands]

Soldier Fuchsia: I was afraid this would happen.

Zuzu: They have the power to grow?!

Soldier Orange A: The Demonoids do that all the time when their subordinates are losing.

Soldier Orange B: Yes. Or whenever they feel like it.

Soldier Blue: We're gonna need the Sephira Voyagers.

Soldier Black: No better time to test out my new voyager.

Alvin: [to his manacle] Tyler, we've got trouble in Central Park.

Tyler: I'm aware, Alvin. But due to Delta and Epsilon's combined strength, the power of the Gladiators' machines and the Spirit Soldiers' Sephira Robo may not be enough. I've been authorized to boost the power output of the Giga Borg. Call on it if necessary.

Alvin: Roger that. Gladiators?

Pamela: Right! [mutters] Can't believe we have to do this three times today.

Layla: Gladiators, ready?!

Other nine: Ready!

All 10: Kaleido Power!

[They all get suited up]

Layla, Sora, Rosetta, Marion, May, and Brittany: Mega Star Borg!

Mia, Anna, and Sarah: MechaBeetle!

Pamela: Ivory Star Borg!

All 10 Gladiators: Deploy now!

[All their machines enter the scene; the core five KaleidoBorgs combine with the MechaDove, MechaSwan, and MechaPhoenix to form the Mega Star Borg; the MechaEagle combines with the other three KaleidoBorgs to form the Ivory Star Borg; the MechaBeetle converts to Fighter Mode; the Gladiators jump into the cockpits]

Soldier Gold: Send in the Sephira Voyagers!

[An instrumental version of The Best of the Best of the Best by Ron Wasserman is heard in the background]

[The seven Sephira Voyagers, followed by an eighth one in black color, fly into the scene from a portal; the Spirit Soldiers jump into their respective cockpits; the three fighting machines charge at Delta and Epsilon and fight them]

Epsilon: [whacks the Mega Star Borg w/her bo] So this is what it feels like to fight as a giant! Awesome!

Delta: [strikes the Ivory Star Borg and MechaBeetle w/her kanabo] I couldn't agree with you more, sis!

Pamela: Ivory Star Borg, Ivory Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Ivory Star Borg's fists glow; it strikes Delta with them]

Layla: Mega Star Borg, Angelic Dual Knuckle Strike!

[The Mega Star Borg strikes Epsilon w/its glowing fists]

Mia: MechaBeetle, Photon Finger Shooters!

[The MechaBeetle fires photon blasts from its fingers at the two Demonoids, hitting them; the duo shakes off the damage]

Epsilon: Give me a break. We're not surprised.

Soldier Black: That's what you think. Fire lasers!

[Her voyager fires lasers at Delta and Epsilon, hitting them both; they fire their cannons at the Sephira Voyagers, which all dodge each blast]

Soldiers Gold, White, Blue, Red, Orange (twins), Fuchsia, and Violet: Sephira Voyagers, combine!

[Their Sephira Voyagers combine to form the Sephira Robo (mode 2)]

Soldier Black: Mind if I join in?!

[The Black Sephira Voyager transforms into an ion turbine weapon as a gauntlet, which attaches to the Sephira Robo's left arm]

[Cut to the cockpit with all nine Spirit Soldiers]

Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Robo, mode 3, ready!

Delta: Bring it on!

[The Sephira Robo's turbines start turning; its shoulder cannons and Gungnir Cannons charge]

Soldier Black: Turbine Supercharge Blast!

All Spirit Soldiers: FIRE!!

[The Sephira Robo fires all its cannons at Delta and Epsilon, hitting them]

Layla: Giga Borg, begin transformation!

[The Mega Star Borg combines with the MechaBeetle to form the Giga Borg]

Layla: Let's hope the power boost is worth it.

Gladiators: Kaleido Giga Burst!

[The Giga Borg fires all its weapons at full power at Delta and Epsilon, hitting them both hard; they both electrify]

Pamela: Spirit Soldiers, they're all yours!

Soldier Gold: Sephira Robo saber, energize!

[The Sephira Robo's saber appears in its right hand]

All Spirit Soldiers: Sephira Robo, Spiritual Strike! FINAL ATTACK!

[The Sephira Robo strikes the two Demonoids w/its saber; Delta and Epsilon scream, fall to the ground, and an explosion is shown]

[Back on the ground, as the smoke clears, Delta and Epsilon are fully repaired and back to normal size]

Delta: Those who fight and run away...

Epsilon: to fight another day!

[They disappear]

Soldier Gold: Run away, Demonoids. You'll never beat us. Let's go home, Spirit Soldiers.

Other Spirit Soldiers: Right!

Soldier Gold: Gladiators, sorry to up and run, but home awaits. Valentine's Day is on its way, and I promised my team a big dinner.

Layla: Good luck with that, Soldier Gold. Until we meet again.

Soldier Gold: Ditto.

[The Sephira Robo disengages back into the eight Sephira Voyagers, which fly off]

[The Gladiators jump out of their cockpits and revert to normal; the Chipmunks, Jeanette, Eleanor, and Yuya's group approach, joined by Greg, the Chief, and Deputy Chief Frank McKnight]

Layla: Captain?

Sora: Chief?

Brittany: Deputy Chief McKnight?

Pamela: What are you doing here?

Chief: Tyler told us where we'd find you. He heard about your new friends and how well they stood up to the Demonoids.

Greg: That's why the Chief and I have decided to make Yuya and his group the newest detectives at ACME Crime Net.

McKnight: But we can't force them to accept this job. That's their decision. Yuya?

Yuya: I've decided... to accept this opportunity.

Zuzu: If Yuya's going, so am I.

Gong: Count Gong in, too. I'd like to give those Demonoids a taste of my Superheavy Samurais.

Yoko: If that's the case, we'd better tell our friends back home to get our stuff shipped here.

Yusho: I'm sure I can afford us a new apartment.

Zuzu: I don't know what I'm gonna tell my Dad.

Brittany: Until you guys get settled, there's plenty of spare rooms in our warehouse.

Alvin: And you can come and drop by and duel us whenever you want.

Simon: And if you're looking for education, we've got a cool homeschooling teacher looking for new students.

Yuya: We'd be delighted. Thanks, guys.

Alvin: Yuya Sakaki, welcome to ACME Crime Net.

[He and Yuya shake hands]

Sarah: By the way, before I forget, Zuzu, there's something important we must discuss.

Zuzu: Sure, Sarah. What about?

Sarah: You see, I've put in my two weeks notice.

Zuzu: You're leaving?

Sarah: February 18th. I'm engaged to be married, and I'd like to spend more time with my fiancé before we finally tie the knot.

Zuzu: Well, I congratulate you on your engagement, Sarah. But what's this gotta do with me?

Sarah: After I leave, the Gladiators will be short a Lorikeet of Love. And I'm in need of a replacement. And based on what I've seen you do against LN,...

Zuzu: What are you getting at?

Sarah: Zuzu, dear, are you interested in taking my place?

[Everyone else is surprised; Zuzu's mouth is agape]

Zuzu: Me? A Kaleido Gladiator?

[Back at the Nickar, LN shuts the brig and locks it]

Roget: Why lock them up, Master Mechike? They could still be of some use.

Mechike: They are. But they need a few days to reflect upon their failures to beat ACME.

Roget: Shame. But I promise you, I won't fail you.

Mechike: See that you don't. I refuse to let my decades of planning be for nothing.

Roget: Well, worry not. I've got another duelist waiting in the wings and willing to try one of our new Doom Disks. He's got a deck powerful enough to combat an Egyptian God. [snickers]

Zuzu: Sarah wants me to be the new Lorikeet of Love?!

Yuya: I think that's a wonderful opportunity, Zuzu.

Zuzu: Well, I'm a little nervous. I mean, I've always wanted to be a superhero, but it's not gonna be easy to measure up to the team.

Yuya: I'm sure you will. Next time on ACME Crime Net: Sarah's Understudy Part 1!

Zuzu: Vigilance, dedication, courage!

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