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3/05/2018 8:47 am  #1

Spot's 25th Anniversary Special

Zuzu: Coming from ACME Crime Net.

Narrator: Twenty-five years ago, Walt Disney Home Video released the American version of everyone's favorite yellow puppy.

Duncan Lamont: With a smile and laugh,
he can bright up your day
like the sun peaking over the hill.

Narrator: He's Spot. Based on the best selling books by Eric Hill. Spot has been entertaining American audiences for a quarter of a century, even since Spot joined ACME Crime Net in 2010. And to celebrate his 25th American Anniversary, ACME will present a marathon of all twenty-five Spot adventures that were released on Walt Disney Home Video. Featuring Home Improvement and The Lion King star Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the voice of Spot.

Spot: Woof-Woof!

Narrator: So gather up your family and friends for...

Narrator: Coming just after Easter. Only on ACME Deux. Rated TV-G.


The Spot episodes that we will be shown in order are:

Where's Spot?
Spot's First Walk
Spot Goes Splash
Spot Finds a Key
Spot Goes to the Farm
Spot Sleeps Over
Spot's Windy Day
Spot Goes to the Park
Storytime with Spot
Spot's First Picnic
Spot in the Garden
Sweet Dreams Spot
Spot Follows His Nose
Spot Goes to School
Spot in the Woods
Spot Goes to the Beach
Spot Goes to a Party
Spot Goes to the Fair
Spot Goes to the Circus
Spot Makes a Cake
Spot's Favorite Toy
Spot's Lost Bone
Spot's Winter Sports
Spot's Birthday Party


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