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3/16/2018 8:05 pm  #1

ACME WoF - Episode 11

Freddie: Don't touch that damn remote! It's time for another edition of ACME Wheel. So don't forget to watch in a brightly-lit room, and don't sit too close to the monitor. Okay?

Audience: Okay!

Freddie: The Lubber?

Nick: Okay!

Freddie: Chickens?

[Layla, Sora, Rosetta, Marion, May, and Brittany walk up to Freddie and grab him by the collar, Brittany frisks him; Rosetta and Marion drag him to Jon's dressing room]

Freddie: Hey! I was only reminding the viewers to keep the room brightly-lit.  And giving them an okay.

[Sora duct tapes Freddie's mouth. Brittany throws him in dressing room and locks him up]

Brittany: That's what you get for calling us that word.

Rosetta: And one more thing...!

Layla, Sora, Rosetta, Marion, May, and Brittany: DON'T EVER CALLS US THAT AGAIN!!!

Freddie: [muffled] Okay.


Audience: WHEEL...OF....FORTUNE!!!

[Cheers and applause]

Alvin: The famous wheel is spinning your way towards thousands of dollars in cash! And now from the ACME Studios, here are the stars of our show, Jonathan Mann!

Jon: [enters HQ] Whazzup!

Alvin: And iKing!

iKing: [enters HQ] Yeah!

Jon: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another edition of ACME Wheel. Where we play America's game, ACME Crime Net styled.

iKing: That's right. We got three contestants who will be spinning the wheel, and solve puzzles for cash. Let's meet them right now. Alvin?

[Now, to the contestants]

Alvin: Player 1 enjoys poetry and hopes to become a spoken word poet someday. From Poughkeepsie, New York, say hello to Hilda Rogert!

Player 2 enjoys figure skating, softball, and horseback riding. From New Milford, Connecticut, meet Pamela Doetta!

Player 3 enjoys swimming and loves to read and write stories. From the Bronx, meet Mai White!

Jon: Ladies, are you ready to play?

Contestants: Yes.

Jon: You know how the game is played. So let's take a look at our wheel.

Jon: And here is our first puzzle.

iKing: The category is Before and After.

[_ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: We drew numbers before the show, and Hilda you will spin first. Good luck!

[Hilda spins]


Jon: No money, but keeps your turn.

Hilda: R.

iKing: We have one.

[_ _ _ _ _ R   _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: Spin the wheel again.

[Hilda spins again]


Hilda: S.

iKing: There are two of them in the puzzle.

[_ _ S _ _ R   _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ S]

Jon: $800.

[Hilda spins again]


Hilda: L.

iKing: You're in luck. We have one.

[_ _ S _ _ R   _ _ _
_ _ _ _ L _ S]

Jon: $850.

[Hilda spins again]


Hilda: M.

iKing: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...nope. Pamela's turn.

[Pamela spins]


Pamela: N.

iKing: There is uno. That's one in Spanish.

[_ _ S _ _ R   _ _ _
N  _ _ _ L _ S]

Jon: $100. Not enough to buy a vowel. Spin or solve?

[Pamela spins again]


Pamela: T.

Jon: One T.

[_ _ S T _ R   _ _ _
N  _ _ _ L _ S]

Jon: Take you to $625. You now have enough to buy a vowel.

Pamela: I'll buy a vowel. An I.

iKing: Nope. None of those. Costs you $250. Mia's turn.

[Mia spins]


Mia: G.

iKing: I don't believe it. There are two of them!

[_ _ S T _ R   _ G G
N  _ _ _ L _ S]

Jon: $900.

Mia: I'll solve.

Jon: For $900, what is it?


Jon: You got it!



Jon: Congratulations, Mia. You got $900. Let's move on to Round 2 where we put the Super Bankrupts on the wheel.

Jon: And here is our next puzzle.

iKing: The category is Star & Role.

[_ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _
_ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: There's the puzzle. Pamela, spin please.

[Pamela spins]


Pamela: S.

iKing: I can't believe this. Usually, I don't say it. There are six of them in the puzzle!

[_ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _
_ S   S _ _ _ _ _ _
S _ S S _ _ _ _ S]

Jon: $4,200.

[Pamela spins again]


Pamela: T?

Jon: Thank you, Cogsworth. Mia, your turn.

[Mia spins]


Mia: L.

Jon: Nope. No L. Hilda?

[Hilda spins]


Jon: Well, you don't have any money. So that's a Lose A Turn. Back to Pamela.

[Pamela spins]

[As the wheel is at Super Bankrupt]



Jon: WHOO!!! Saved by the click.

Pamela: R.

iKing: There is one, plus another.

[_ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _
_ S   S _ _ _ _ _ R
S _ S S _ _ R _ S]

Jon: Up to $4,600.

[Pamela spins again]


Pamela: N.

iKing: A pair of L's.

[_ _ N N _      _ _ _ _
_ S   S _ _ _ _ _ R
S _ S S _ _ R _ S]

Jon: $4,900.

Pamela: I'll buy a vowel. An A.

iKing: That is a perfect buy! There's not one. Not two. Not even three. Not even four. Not five or six. But SEVEN A's!

[_ A N N _      _ A _ _
A S   S _ _ _ _ _ R
S A S S A _ R A S]

Jon: You're down to $4,650.

Pamela: Can I also buy another vowel? An E.

Jon: Two E's.

[_ A N N _      _ A _ E
A S   S E _ _ _ _ R
S A S S A _ R A S]

Jon: $4,400.

[Pamela spins again]

[Lose A Turn]

iKing: Hey, guess who's getting skipped? Want to know who it is? It's YOU!!!

Jon: Yep. Keep your money though. Mia, break for you.

[Mia spins]

[As the wheel is at $75]

Jon: This should be good for you.


Jon: But it's not gonna click.

Mia: M.

Jon: Yes. There's a single M.

[_ A N N _      _ A _ E
A S   S E _ M _ _ R
S A S S A _ R A S]

Jon: Spin or solve. You don't have enough to buy a vowel.

[Mia spins again]

[As the wheel is at $75]

Jon: Keep going! Keep going!


Alvin: POWER!!!

Mia: D.

Jon: Let's transfer Pamela's $4,400 to your total, Mia. There is One D. You now have $4,475!

[D A N N _      _ A _ E
A S   S E _ M _ _ R
S A S S A _ R A S]

Jon: Spin, Buy, or Solve?

Mia: I'm going for it! [spins]



Mia: Y.

iKing: Let's see. Three of those at that amount equals.....OH MA DANG!!!

[D A N N Y      _ A Y E
A S   S E Y M _ _ R
S A S S A _ R A S]

Jon: $7,475.

Mia: I am going to solve.

Jon: For $7,475. What is it?


Jon: YES!!!

[Cheers and applause]


Jon: $7,475, plus the $900 you've won earlier. You have a total of $8,375. Hilda, Pamela, still a couple more rounds to get some cash. Before we move on, let's talk to the viewers at home about the home viewer contest. Here's the solution to the puzzle we gave you last time. The category was Thing.


Jon: And here's who won today.


Misty Rosen
Tom's River, NJ

Doris McKnight
Chesapeake, VA

Max Lamour
Kalona, IA

George Hall
Crow Agency, MT

Veronica Stallings
Sandy, OR

Jon: Congratulations to the winners! And now, we are going to give you a new puzzle. The category is Place.

[_ P R _ L    _ _ L L _]

Jon: You have fifteen seconds to study the puzzle. Good luck.



Jon: All right. Write down the solution on a postcard with your name and address and send it to...

Or enter online at Each time ACME Wheel airs, we'll pick five people who's solutions are correct and send them each a ACME T-Shirt and $50. For full contest rules, write this address or go to Not responsible for lost or misdirected entries. Be a puzzle solver, and we can send you a T-Shirt and some cash. Let's move on to our $500 Bonus Category Round with a $2,000 space on the wheel.

Jon: And here's our puzzle.

iKing: The category is Who Said It? If you can figure out the speaker of the quotation, I can give you $500. Good luck.

[_ _   _ _ _    _ _
_ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _
_ _ _   _ _   _ _    _ _ _ _]

Jon: There's the puzzle. And here goes, Mia.

[Mia spins]


Mia: R.

iKing: You're in luck, we have one.

[_ _   _ _ _    _ _
_ _   _ R _ _ _ _ _    _ _
_ _ _   _ _   _ _    _ _ _ _]

Jon: $600.

[Mia spins again]


iKing: Merry  Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Happy Easter, Happy Independence Day, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween, you fail!
Happy this! Happy that! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

Jon: iKing, stop! Mia, $600 is gone. We now go to Hilda.

[Hilda spins]


Hilda: N.

iKing: We got two of them.

[_ _   _ _ _    _ _
_ _   _ R _ _ _ _ N   _ _
_ _ _   _ _   _ _    _ _ N _]

Jon: $1,050.

[Hilda spins again]


Hilda: L.

iKing: Way to double up, there are two L's.

[_ _   L _ _    _ _
_ _   _ R _ _ _ _ N   _ _
L _ _   _ _   _ _    _ _ N _]

Jon: $1,150.

[Hilda spins again]

[As the wheel is at Super Bankrupt...]

Jon: One more! One more!


Jon: Whew! Saved by the click.

Hilda: T.

[iKing slowly walks to the puzzle board]

[_ _   L _ T    _ T
_ _   _ R _ T T _ N   _ _
L _ T   _ T   _ _    _ _ N _]

iKing: There are six T's! Incredible!

Jon: $8,650.

Hilda: I'll buy a vowel. An E.

iKing: First you got six T's. Then you bought six E's at a flat rate of $250. A good sexy buy!

[_ _   L E T    _ T
_ E   _ R _ T T E N   _ _
L E T   _ T   _ E    _ _ N E]

Jon: $8,400.

Hilda: Let's also buy the I.

iKing: I don't believe it! You know how many they are? Three!

[_ _   L E T    I T
_ E   _ R I T T E N   _ _
L E T   I T   _ E    _ _ N E]

Jon: $8,150.

[Hilda spins]

[As the wheel is at $800]

Jon: Uh-oh! Uh-oh!


[Hilda's podium turns blue showing:

[Hilda has encounted
an unexpected bankruption.
Hilda's score will be reboooted
back to zero.

[Afterwards...Hilda's podium turns off and reboots to $0]

Jon: The blue screen of death, the black screen of bankrupt, and the score is rebooted to zero. $8,150 gone. I am so sorry. Pamela, it's your turn.

[Pamela spins]



Pamela: S.

iKing: Let's see two of those at that amount equals.....OH MA DANG!!!

[S _   L E T    I T
_ E   _ R I T T E N   S _
L E T   I T   _ E    _ _ N E]

Jon: $4,000.

Pamela: I like to buy a vowel. An O.

Jon: Three O's.

[S O   L E T    I T
_ E   _ R I T T E N   S O
L E T   I T   _ E    _ O N E]

iKing: Well, I've been told that there are no more vowels to be found. Spin or solve?

Pamela: I'll solve.

Jon: For $3,750. What is this quote?


Jon: That's it!



Jon: Now, Pamela, for an extra $500. Who says this line?

Pamela: Ummmm...Moses?


Jon: You were close. This line was actually said by Ramesses in my favorite biblical epic, The Ten Commandments. A big Easter  tradition. We couldn't give you $500 more, but you have $3,750. Mia has $8,375. Hilda, you may pick up money in the Big Money Round. And that we will get to right about now.

Jon: I will be giving the wheel a final spin of the day. As if I give you a letter and if it's the puzzle, you have five seconds to solve it. Vowels are worth nothing consonants are worth $1,000 plus whatever amount I landed. [spins]


Jon: $1,250 for each consonant we find. iKing, puzzle please.

iKing: The category is Food and Drink.

[_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: Hilda, we'll begin with you. A letter please.

Hilda: T.

Jon: No T. Pamela?

Pamela: R.

Jon: One R.

[_ R _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _]



Jon: Mia?

Mia: E.

Jon: One E. No money for vowels.

[_ R _ _ _ E _
_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _]



Jon: Hilda?

Hilda: S.

Jon: Three S's.

[_ R _ _ S E _
_ _ _ _   S _ _ _ S]



Jon: Pamela?

Pamela: N.

Jon: There is an N.

[_ R _ _ S E _
_ _ _ _   S _ _ N _ S]



Jon: Mia?

Mia: P.

Jon: No P. Hilda?

Hilda: L.

Jon: One L.

[_ R _ _ S E _
L _ _ _   S _ _ N _ S]



Jon: Pamela.

Pamela: F.

Jon: No F. Mia?

Mia: A.

Jon: Three A's. Again, no money for vowels.

[_ R A _ S E _
L A _ _   S _ A N _ S]



Jon: Hilda?

Hilda: B.

Jon: Two B's.

[B R A _ S E _
L A _ B   S _ A N _ S]


Jon: Yes!



Jon: $7,500 for you Hilda. You're gonna finish in second place with that total. And we thank you for being here.

Hilda: You're welcome.

Jon: Pamela, you're taking home $3,750. Thank you for joining us. Well, Mia,you're going to the Bonus Round with $8,375. Follow me please!

[He and Mia go to the Bonus Round where Sora (holding a tray of envelopes) awaits]

Sora: Great game, Mia!

Jon: Okay, Mia. You know what Sora has in her hands. The tray of ten envelopes. Each containing a multiplier of a double, triple, or quadruple. Only one of them has the big decuple. Find it and you could increase your total to $83,750. Pick an envelope, and good luck.

[Mia takes an envelope off the tray]

Sora: Good Luck. [leaves]

Jon: Now, let's work on this puzzle. iKing?

iKing: The category is Person.

Jon: And remember: Person does not always mean Proper Name.

[_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _]

Jon: R-S-T-L-N-E. Let's see if any of those letters are up there.

[_ _ R _ E _ _ R]

Jon: Okay. Let's see if you can give us three consonants and one vowel. 

Mia: G-P-D-I.

Jon: Hmmmm.

[P _ R _ E _ _ R]

Jon: Well, that's all you're gonna get. Studio audience, no help from you. She must do this on her own. You have fifteen seconds to talk it out. Use the used letter board if you have to. Good Luck.

[Mia stutters a bit]

Mia: Oh no!

[BUZZER!] (time's up!)

Jon: Oh, I am so sorry. What was it?


Jon: Puveyor. Well, let's find out what would have happened. [opens the envelope to reveal] And you could have doubled your money. You end up wounding up with $8,375, that's not a bad payday for you. Thank you for being on the show.

Mia: You're welcome!

Jon: Well, that's it for the edition of ACME Wheel. We will be back next time with three more contestants spinning the wheel and solvin' puzzles. From iKing, Sora Nageino, and Alvin, this is Jonathan Mann reminding you to "Keep on spinnin' and solvin'!".

All: Bye-bye!


[Credits Roll]

Based on the game show created by

All contestants have been briefed regarding
game rules prior to their appearance.

Narrator: Produced in New York City, ACME Wheel is a production of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net. Vigilance, dedication, courage!


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