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3/16/2018 11:02 pm  #1

Side-Fic 274: The Understudy Pt. 1

Rated TV-14 (DLSV)

Zuzu: Hey, everyone! The show's about to begin! Just remember to turn the lights on in your room, and don't sit too close to the monitor.

Narrator: In New York City's fight against crime, the dedicated detectives who pursue the most vicious criminals are members of an elite unit known as ACME Crime Net.

[At the Nickar, Roget enters with a man (played by Charlie McDermott) wearing a CDG dog tag]

Roget: Master Mechike, I give you our newest CDG soldier: Roscoe Jones.

Roscoe: You didn't tell me your boss was a robot, Mr. Roget.

Mechike: Oh, that doesn't matter, Roscoe. You want revenge on ACME Crime Net, don't you?

Roscoe: I had a million-dollar embezzlement scheme. I almost got away with it, until seven years ago, they tricked me by making a phony bank account and caught me. I lost every penny, and was sent to jail for six years. Even after I got out six months ago, I never got my computers back, and I'm not allowed to use one of any kind, nor the Internet, for three years. No more online shopping, no more Netflix, no more Twitter, no more jerk--

LN: We get the point!

Roscoe: Seriously, prison time is one thing, but to take away my Internet privileges-- Unforgivable. If I can't have Internet privileges, no one can!

Mechike: Good. Now, before you head out, let me remind you that your dog tag not only contains your Cyber Demon Gear unit, but it's also equipped with the newest addition to CDG soldier arsenal: The Doom Disk, a duel disk that will bring an end to any duelist you defeat. Once that duelist's life points hit 0, not only do they lose the duel, but they also lose their life.

LN: [hands Roscoe a new deck] Try this deck. It's got this whole new set of Extra Deck monsters, and the new method of summoning from the Extra Deck makes Pendulum-summoning much more difficult. Especially from the Extra Deck.

Roscoe: Glad I'm up to date on the Link-summoning rules.

Roget: Might I suggest you begin with one Brittany Miller?

Roscoe: The squirt who led the raid against me? It'd be a pleasure to annihilate her.

Mechike: Once you defeat her, bring back her Egyptian God card: The Winged Dragon of Ra. Once we have that, Alvin Seville's Egyptian God: Obelisk the Tormentor, will be next, and soon after, Yugi Muto's Slifer the Sky Dragon will follow. And once we have all three, I'll harness their powers and destroy what's left of ACME. But remember, don't just steal the God cards. The burglar from three years ago who stole Ra before learned that the hard way.

Roscoe: Rest assured, the Egyptian Gods will be yours.

[132 Madison Street, Saturday, February 17th, 1:58pm]

[The Chipmunks, the Chipettes, Yuya, and Gong watch a video on Link-summoning]

Narrator: Here are two major changes to the Duel Monsters card game. First, the layout of the field: The Pendulum Zones have been integrated into the right and leftmost Spell and Trap Zones, and in the center of the field are two new zones called the Extra Monster Zones. Monsters that are special-summoned from the Extra Deck, including Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum monsters, are summoned to these zones.

Yuya: You have got to be kidding me!

Brittany: [elbows him] Shh! Pay attention, Yuya.

Narrator: Normally, you are only allowed to use any one of the Extra Monster Zones at a time. However, if these Extra Deck monsters are special-summoned from the graveyard or a banished zone, you summon them to your Main Monster Zone. But there's also a new kind of monster that lets you special-summon monsters from your Extra Deck to your Main Monster Zones. They're called Link monsters.

[An example of a Link Monster Card is shown]

Narrator: These Link monsters help start the duel in your Extra Deck. The red arrows are called Link Arrows. The Link monsters apply special effects to the cards and zones their arrows point to. They have no level, no rank, and no defense points, and can't be placed in defense mode or face-down. The Link Arrows also allow duelists to special-summon from their Extra Deck to their Main Monster Zones at the arrows point to, including Link monsters. And the more Link monsters you control, the more Main Monster Zones you can use to special-summon from your Extra Deck. Here's how you Link-summon. You send face-up monsters from your field to the graveyard as Link materials to summon a Link monster from the Extra Deck. Each Link monster has a Link rating that tells you at least how many materials you need for the Link-summon, and what kind of monsters you need to use. Only use monsters that meet the specifications. For instance, Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow, is a Link-3 monster that requires at least two monsters. You can also use a Link monster as a Link material, and if you do, you can choose to count it as more than one Link material. If so, use its Link rating instead of one when counting up your Link materials. For example: If you control Honeybot, and you want to summon Gaia Saber, Honeybot is a Link-2 monster, so it can count as two of the Link materials you need. Well, now that you know what's new and different to the game, it's time to duel!

[The video ends]

Gong: Hmm. Sounds interesting.

Alvin: Interesting? Dude, these new rules are so cool!

Yuya: Cool as those new monsters may be, Alvin, these new rules make it harder for me to Pendulum-summon from my Extra Deck. And there's hardly any Link monsters that can even mix well with Performapals and Odd-Eyes monsters.

Alvin: They'll come eventually, Yuya, but in the meantime, you'll just have to make the best of things.

Brittany: These new rules are no concern of mine, since my deck is mostly focused on Ritual monsters. [quietly, to Yuya] Plus, I've got my secret weapon.

Yuya: Cool. Whatever it may be.

Gong: Uh, guys, anyone know where Zuzu is?

Jeanette: Training with Sarah aboard the Cosmo MagnaShip. Don't you remember she came early? We showed her the video, then she boarded the ship before you arrived.

Yuya: Oh, yeah. Zuzu's gonna become the new Lorikeet of Love, so Sarah's gotta train her before she leaves. By the way, what's this Cosmo MagnaShip?

Eleanor: The Cosmo Cats' base of operations, and one of their own personal machines.

Yuya: Oh, yeah. Speaking of the Cosmo Cats, where are Eris and the others? Haven't seen 'em since we came here.

Simon: Eris, Aoi, and Manami are having their bi-weekly doctor's appointment. As you know, they're about two months away from their due date. Plus, Kio and Antonia are training aboard the Catian mothership and being briefed on new Cosmo Cat technology.

Alvin: Anyway, what's say you come on board the MagnaShip for a little tour?

Yuya: Sure. But how do you get on board?

Alvin: [points at the doors to the orbital elevator] There.

[Everyone gets in the elevator; Alvin pushes the "MagnaShip" button, and the elevator goes up fast]

Brittany: Hang on, guys! This elevator's pretty fast!

Gong: Yeah, Gong can see that!

[The elevator stops]

Yuya: Gee, that was fast.

[The doors open; everyone gets off and heads through the halls of the MagnaShip]

Yuya: Nice digs!

Alvin: I know, right? The people of Catia-- Their technology rocks.

Gong: Looks like somethin' outta Star Trek.

[They approach the doors to the holodeck]

Simon: And this is where we train: The holodeck!

Theodore: But we can't go inside now. Look.

[He points upward; the red sign above the doors is lit up: "SIMULATION IN PROGRESS"]

Alvin: I suggest we wait.

[Cut to the holodeck; in a simulated jungle, Zuzu fights an army of Cyber Demonitron over the course of a minute; after a while, Zuzu jumps onto the branch of a tall tree, unknown to the Cyber Demonotron; the robotic foot-soldiers look around]

Zuzu: Hey, boob-borgs!

[The Cyber Demonitron look up at Zuzu on the tree branch]

Zuzu: Girl could get poison oak waiting for you up here.

[She dives down and kicks the Cyber Demonitron to the ground like dominoes; she stomps on each one hard through the midsection, destroying their computer chips]

Zuzu: Who else wants some?!

Sarah: Ending simulation sequence.

Computer: Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated.

[The simulation ends]

Zuzu: [sighs] Who knew Gladiator training would be this hectic?

Sarah: [approaches Zuzu] Well done, Zuzu. Another completed round of training.

Zuzu: Thank you, Sarah. Now, could you tell me why you're leaving?

Sarah: Well, before I put in my papers, my boss at Kaleido Stage, Kalos, proposed to me.

Zuzu: And you said yes?

Sarah: Yes. It was like a dream come true. After 15 years, he finally popped the question!

Zuzu: Well, congratulations.

[She and Sarah shake hands]

Sarah: Thank you, dear. [removes her wristband] Now, I think you've trained well enough to receive my wristband. [hands it to Zuzu] Congratulations to you, my friend.

Zuzu: [surprised] Thank you. I guess. [puts the wristband around her right wrist] So, uh, how does this thing work?

Sarah: Just cross that arm over your chest and shout "Kaleido Power!".

Zuzu: Okay. Here goes.

[She crosses her right arm over her chest]

Zuzu: Kaleido Power!

[She gets suited up into Sarah's Lorikeet of Love uniform]

Zuzu: Wow! I look awesome! But how come it easily fits me when you're taller than I am?

Sarah: All Gladiator uniforms are one-size-fits-all.

[There is a knock at the door]

Sarah: Must be the others. Open holodeck doors!

[The doors open; Yuya, Gong, and the 'Munk Team enter; they gaze at Zuzu in uniform with awe]

Zuzu: Hey, you guys. What do you think?

Yuya: Zuzu, you in that uniform--

Gong: Gong's at a loss for words.

Zuzu: You guys are looking at the new Lorikeet of Love!

Brittany: Suiting up is easy. But you still have to master the abilities. The Lorikeet Flute, the Kaleido Booster, the Mega Mode.

Sarah: Initiate colosseum simulation.

[The holodeck switches to a simulated colosseum; a knight holding a mace charges at Zuzu]

Zuzu: A knight. Very well. Lorikeet Flute!

[The Lorikeet Flute appears in her hands]

Zuzu: Time to pay the piper!

[She plays a tune on the flute, which emit sound waves toward the knight, stopping him in his tracks]

Sarah: Try the Blade Mode!

Zuzu: Lorikeet Flute, Blade Mode!

[Her flute converts to Blade Mode; she and the knight fight w/their weapons; Zuzu dodges a swing of the knight's mace, then kicks him to the ground]

Sarah: Well done! Now, try the Kaleido Booster!

Zuzu: How does it work?

Sarah: Input a three-digit code, and you'll unlock special powers. I recommend using 1-2-0 for a prana boost to your weapon.

Zuzu: Good idea. [inputs code] 1-2-0! Lorikeet Flute, Blade Mode, prana power!

[Her blade becomes empowered with prana]

Zuzu: Lorikeet Flute, Dynamic Slash!

[She strikes the knight hard w/her blade; the knight hits the ground]

Sarah: Wonderful! Now, let's switch to an Old Western simulation.

[The holodeck switches to a simulated town in the Old West; a masked bandit approaches]

Sarah: Let's see how well you excel in marksmanship.

Zuzu: [inputs code 9-9-5] Hmm. I wonder what this code does.

[A VR Laser Pistol appears in her left hand]

Zuzu: A laser pistol?

Alvin: Courtesy of the VR Troopers, created by Tyler Steele.

Sarah: The perfect weapon for the job! Wonderful choice, Zuzu!

Zuzu: [points the pistol at the knight] This is excellent! Let's take it for a spin. [to the bandit] Hey, you! Five paces, turn, and draw.

[She and the bandit turn around and walk five paces, turn, draw their firearms, and shoot; the bandit gets hit in the gut and hits the ground; his bullet narrowly misses Zuzu]

Zuzu: I'm loving this already! Program, take to the sky!

[The simulation switches to the sky; while Zuzu is in mid-air via her wings, the others are on flying carpets]

Yuya: Who put flying carpets in this simulation?

Sarah: Precautionary measures by the Catians in case a sky simulation should show up.

[A robotic flying beast soars into the scene hyperspeed]

Sarah: Zuzu, input code 7-3-5!

Zuzu: [inputs said code] Roger!

[Her wings double]

Zuzu: Double Wing Mode!

[She flies toward the beast at double her original speed]

Zuzu: Take this, you creep!

[She strikes the beast w/her blade, destroying it]

Sarah: Fabulous!

Zuzu: Now let's give the Mega Mode a try. Simulation: Beach!

[The simulation switches to a beach; another army of Cyber Demonitron charges at Zuzu]

Zuzu: Here goes nothing.

[She pushes the red button on her Kaleido Booster, but nothing happens]

Zuzu: Uh, Sarah, something's wrong here.

Sarah: [facepalms] Oh, crap. I forgot to tell you, it only works when the red button starts flashing.

Zuzu: What?!

Sarah: And it only flashes at an appropriate time. End simulation!

[The simulation ends]

Zuzu: Gladiator out!

[She reverts to normal]

Sarah: I'm so sorry, Zuzu. But a simple fight with Cyber Demonitron wasn't going to be enough to activate your Mega Mode. It takes a lot more than that.

Zuzu: How did you manage to activate Mega Mode?

Sarah: Well, even though I had a little help from one of the Spirit Soldiers, I did find out how to reverse the spell of one of Mechike's Demonoids.

Brittany: When I first used Mega Mode, it was back when our Kaleido Boosters were Kaleido Braces. Only by mastering its other powers could I activate it. But since the days of the Kaleido Boosters, it's hard to tell.

Alvin: Layla, Sora, and May were also in the same boat.

Simon: Rosetta gained her Mega Mode after she saved Pamela when a dirty cop held her hostage, and Marion was brave enough to handle Brian Rawlings singlehandedly. That's how she got her Mega Mode.

Zuzu: So you're saying that if I do enough of a good deed, I'll gain a Mega Mode?

Sarah: Certainly!

Zuzu: Hmm.

Yuya: You know, while we're here, why don't we see what the holodeck is like when we're dueling?

Alvin: Great idea! Yuya, you and me. What better way to test out my new Link monsters?

Yuya: Oh, you're on, buddy.

Alvin: Simulation: Dueling arena!

[The holodeck switches to a dueling arena similar to that of Kaiba Land; later, Yuya and Alvin plug in their duel disks, shuffle their decks, and draw five cards apiece; the others watch]

Alvin: Thanks to the holodeck, there's no need for our duel gazers. You ready, Yuya?

Yuya: And willing.

Alvin and Yuya: Let's duel!

Alvin: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Yuya: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Alvin and Yuya: [each roll a die] Go, dice roll!

[Alvin's die comes up 4; Yuya's comes up 3]

Alvin: I'll let you start things off, Yuya.

Yuya: You got it, pal. [places two cards in his new Pendulum Zones] Say hello to my opening act, as I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale-2 Performapal Gongato and Scale-8 Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn!

[Said two monsters appear in Yuya's Pendulum Zones (Scale: 2-8)]

Yuya: Now I'm able to summon monsters between levels 3 and 7 all at once! [places two cards] But first, I normal-summon Performapal Uni, and summoning her lets me special-summon Performapal Corn from my hand! Take the stage, ladies!

[Said two monsters appear]

LV: 4
ATK: 800]

LV: 3
DEF: 1,000]

[The two Performapals approach Yuya and kiss him on the cheeks; Zuzu fumes]

Zuzu: [in her mind] It's just a simulation. Don't waste your jealousy on those two.

Yuya: Don't be fooled by how cute they are. They're also very loyal and protective. Now, because I special-summoned Performapal Corn, I'll activate her effect to add an Odd-Eyes monster from my deck to my hand. [takes a card from his deck] Bet you can't guess which one.

[Performapal Uni switches into defense mode]

[DEF: 1,500]

Alvin: Could it be your famous Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon?

Yuya: [reveals said card] Bingo! Now, it's time to Pendulum-summon! [places the card he just added] Swing far, Pendulum! Carve the arc of victory! My monster's ready to swing into action! Turn up the heat, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!

[Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon appears and roars]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: Not bad for the first turn, Yuya.

Yuya: [sets a card] You ain't seen nothin' yet, Al. Your move.

Alvin: [draws] My turn! [places a card] I start by activating One for One! [discards a card] This card lets me discard a card to special-summon a level-1 monster from my hand or deck. [places a card from his deck] I choose Dongle Acorn!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 1
ATK: 0]

Alvin: It's one of the new Cyberse monsters Pegasus added to the game. And so is the monster I'm about to summon back from my graveyard. Since I sent it to the graveyard with One for One, I get to special-summon Dotscaper back!

[Dotscaper appears]

[LV: 1
ATK: 100]

Alvin: What's more, if Dongle Acorn is special-summoned, I get to special-summon a Dongle Token to the field!

[A Dongle Token appears]

[LV: 1
ATK: 0]

Alvin: And I'm not done yet. [places a card] I normal-summon Draconnet!

[Draconnet appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,400]

Alvin: By summoning Draconnet, I get to special-summon a level-2 or lower Normal monster from my hand or deck in defense mode. [places a card from his deck] Take it away, Digitron!

[Digitron appears]

[LV: 2
ATK: 1,500]

Zuzu: Wow! His first turn, and Alvin's already filled his Main Monster Zone to the brim!

Simon: And that could mean multiple Link-summons.

Alvin: Now it's time for my first-ever Link-summon! Dotscaper, Dongle Acorn, Dongle Token, link up!

[Said three monsters link up and glow]

Alvin: Circuit, combine! [places a card from his Extra Deck] Link-summon Traffic Ghost!

[Traffic Ghost appears in the Extra Monster Zone to Alvin's right]

[LINK: 3
ATK: 1,800]

Yuya: That's an awesome move, Alvin. Not to mention, its Link Arrows point to three Main Monster Zones. You're really lucky to have a Link monster like that, buddy.

Alvin: I'm not quite finished yet, Yuya. Draconnet, Digitron, link up!

[Said two monsters link up and glow]

Alvin: Circuit, combine! [places another card from his Extra Deck] Link-summon Link Bumper!

[Link Bumper appears directly behind Traffic Ghost]

[LINK: 2
ATK: 1,400]

Yuya: Your Link monsters are impressive, Alvin, but they're no match for Odd-Eyes.

Alvin: Not now, they aren't. [places a card in his Field Spell Zone] Next, I activate the Field Spell: Cynet Storm!

[His field transforms into that of Cynet Storm]

Alvin: All Linked monsters gain 500 attack points. And by Linked monsters, I mean a monster in a Main Monster Zone that a Link monster's Link Arrow points to, or a Link Monster that points to another monster. Since both my Link monsters are Co-Linked, they each gain 500 attack points.

ATK: 2,300]

ATK: 1,900]

Alvin: [places another card] Next, I activate Graceful Charity! [draws three cards; discards two] I draw three cards, then discard two: Dandylion and Clear Kuriboh. And by sending Dandylion to the graveyard, I special-summon two Fluff Tokens to the field!

[Two Fluff Tokens appear]

[LV: 1
ATK: 0]

Alvin: Now, I can use these tokens for another Link-summon! Link up!

[His two tokens link together and glow]

Alvin: Circuit, combine! [places another card from his Extra Deck] Link-summon Proxy Dragon!

[Proxy Dragon appears and roars, its right Link arrow pointing at Link Bumper's left]

[LINK: 2
ATK: 1,400 (boosted to 1,900)]

Yuya: Three in one turn? Still not enough to beat Odd-Eyes.

Alvin: [sets two cards] Maybe not now, but we'll soon see. You're next, Yuya.

Yuya: [draws] I draw! Odd-Eyes, get set to strike! Attack Proxy Dragon with Spiral Flame Strike!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at Proxy Dragon]

Alvin: Now you've done it, Yuya! [reveals set card] Security Block, protect Proxy Dragon!

[Proxy Dragon is protected by a firewall, which repels Odd-Eyes' attack]

Alvin: The Quick Play Spell Security Block protects us both from taking battle damage this turn, and Proxy Dragon from being destroyed.

Yuya: Not bad, Alvin. [sets his last card] But you're only delaying your defeat. Your move.

Alvin: Now for my turn. [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Pot of Greed, letting me draw two more cards. [draws two cards; places another card] Next, I play Cup of Ace! I flip a coin. Heads, I draw two cards. Tails, you do.

[He flips a coin; it comes up heads; Alvin draws two cards]

Yuya: You always have all the luck.

Alvin: There's more. [places another card] Next, I summon Box of Friends!

[Box of Friends appears]

Alvin: Next, I reveal my set card: [reveals set card] Oops! I target one card I control and destroy it. Bye-bye, Box of Friends.

[Box of Friends is destroyed]

Alvin: But by destroying it and sending it to the graveyard, I get to special-summon two normal monsters from my deck with 0 attack or defense points. [places two cards from his deck] Digitron and Raitron!

[Said two monsters appear]

LV: 2
DEF: 0]

LV: 4
DEF: 0

Alvin: But I need one more monster to complete my next Link-summon. [places another card] That's why I'm special-summoning Cyberse Converter to the field!

[Cyberse Converter appears]

[LV: 2
ATK: 1,000]

Alvin: This monster can be special-summoned from my hand if all monsters I control are Cyberse monsters. And all three of my Link monsters fit the bill. Okay, Cyberse Converter! Time to link up with Digitron and Raitron!

[Said three monsters link together and vanish]

Alvin: Circuit, combine! Link-summon... [places another card from his Extra Deck] Tri-Gate Wizard!

[Tri-Gate Wizard appears in place of Gaia Saber; its right arrow pointing at Proxy Dragon's left arrow]

[LINK: 3
ATK: 2,200 (boosted to 2,700)]

Alvin: But that's not all. [places another card] Next, I activate Swing of Memories, special-summoning Raitron back from the graveyard!

[Raitron reappears]

Alvin: Now, for my first Extra Link! Kuribohrn, link up!

[Raitron glows and vanishes]

Alvin: I Link-summon... [places yet another card from his Extra Deck] Linkuriboh!

[Linkuriboh appears in the second Extra Monster Zone; its one arrow on the bottom pointing at Tri-Gate Wizard's top arrow]

[LINK: 1
ATK: 300 (boosted to 800)]

Yuya: Hold on! How did this happen?!

Alvin: Simon and I checked the instruction manual earlier this morning and found out that if Link monsters are co-linked from one Extra Monster Zone to the other, a player can control both of these zones. Sorry, Yuya, but I control the field now. Now, I activate Tri-Gate Wizard's effect! Since two monsters are co-linked to him, once per turn, I can banish any card on the field! Ta-ta, Odd-Eyes!

[Tri-Gate Wizard draws power from Proxy Dragon and Linkuriboh and fires a blast from his scepter at Odd-Eyes]

Yuya: [reveals set card] Odd-Eyes won't go down that easily, thanks to Compulsory Evacuation Device! Odd-Eyes returns to my hand, cancelling out the effect of your Tri-Gate Wizard!

[Odd-Eyes vanishes back into Yuya's hand]

Alvin: It doesn't matter now. Proxy Dragon, attack Performapal Uni now!

[Proxy Dragon fires its attack at Performapal Uni, destroying her]

Alvin: Link Bumper, attack Performapal Corn!

[Link Bumper strikes Performapal Corn, destroying her]

Alvin: Now, Linkuriboh, attack him directly!

[Linkuriboh charges at Yuya]

Yuya: [reveals set card] This card will avenge my Performapal friends: Performapal Pinch Helper! Whenever a monster you control declares a direct attack, I can negate the attack and special-summon a Performapal from my deck with its effect negated. [places a card from his deck] Performapal Parrotrio!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 3
DEF: 500]

Alvin: Okay, then. Traffic Ghost, attack that monster!

[Traffic Ghost strikes and destroys Parrotrio]

Yuya: By destroying Parrotrio in battle, you activated its effect. True, Performapal Pinch Helper negates its effect on the field, but not its effect in the graveyard. Parrotrio's effect lets me special-summon a non-Pendulum Performapal from my deck. [places a card from his deck] Performapal Sword Fish!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 2
DEF: 600]

Alvin: That's just another bump in the road.

[Suddenly, Sword Fish fires harpoons at all of Alvin's monsters]

ATK: 200]

ATK: 1,300]

ATK: 1,300]

ATK: 1,700]

ATK: 2,100]

Alvin: Hey! What gives?!

Yuya: When Sword Fish is summoned, all your monsters lose 600 attack points.

Alvin: [scoffs] Doesn't matter. Tri-Gate Wizard, attack Sword Fish now!

[Tri-Gate Wizard fires a blast from his scepter at Sword Fish, destroying it]

Alvin: I end my turn.

Yuya: [draws] Perfect. [places another card] Go, Pendulum-summon! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, take the stage once more!

[Odd-Eyes reappears]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,500]

Yuya: And watch out, buddy, 'cause when Odd-Eyes battles a monster, any battle damage dealt to you is doubled. Odd-Eyes, get set to strike again! Attack Linkuriboh!

Brittany: If Linkuriboh is attacked, Alvin's gonna lose the duel!

Yuya: Spiral Flame Strike!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at Linkuriboh]

Alvin: Linkuriboh, activate your effect!

[Linkuriboh vanishes]

Alvin: When an opposing monster declares an attack, I can tribute Linkuriboh to reduce that monster's attack points to 0 until the end of the turn.

ATK: 0]

Yuya: Hold your fire, Odd-Eyes!

[Odd-Eyes stops his attack]

Yuya: [sets a card] You got lucky that time, Alvin. Your move.

ATK: 2,500]

Alvin: [draws] I draw! [in his mind] I'd use Linkuriboh's other effect and special-summon him from my graveyard by tributing one of my other monsters, but Yuya will just find a way to negate Linkuriboh's effect of wiping out all of the attacking monster's attack points. Besides, thanks to his Performapal Sword Fish, all of my monsters are weaker than Odd-Eyes. Plus, they're all Link monsters. They can't go into defense mode. However, the empty Main Monster Zone on my far left-- Because Tri-Gate Wizard's left Link Arrow is pointing at it, It can still be used as a space for me to summon a monster from my Extra Deck. Maybe the card I drew might be of some help. [places a card; aloud] I activate the Spell: Red-Eyes Fusion! This card lets me perform a Fusion-summon of a Red-Eyes monster using materials from my deck! Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight, appear and fuse together!

[Said two monsters appear and fuse together]

Alvin: Prepare yourself, Yuya, for my newest Red-Eyes Fusion monster: [places a card from his Extra Deck] Red-Eyes Slash Dragon!

[Red-Eyes Slash Dragon appears]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,800 (boosted to 3,300)]

Alvin: Since he's linked to Tri-Gate Wizard, Cynet Storm's effect gives Red-Eyes Slash Dragon 500 more attack points. Now, because of Red-Eyes Fusion's effect, I can't summon anymore monsters this turn, but that doesn't bother me. Red-Eyes Slash Dragon, attack Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!

[Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight appears and attaches itself to Red-Eyes Slash Dragon]

ATK: 3,500]

Zuzu: Wait! How did that knight get there?!

Gong: Must be one of that dragon's effects.

Simon: It is. If any Red-Eyes monster attacks, Alvin can target a Warrior-type monster in his graveyard and equip it to Red-Eyes Slash Dragon, giving him 200 more attack points.

Theodore: So if Odd-Eyes is destroyed,...

Brittany: This duel's as good as over.

Alvin: Go, Red-Eyes! Take down Odd-Eyes! Inferno Fire Slash!

[Red-Eyes' claws ignite; he charges at Odd-Eyes]

Yuya: Too bad, Alvin. [reveals set card] I activate Wall of Disruption!

Alvin: Oh, no!

Yuya: When a monster you control declares an attack, all your monsters in attack mode lose 800 attack points for each monster you control. That's right, buddy. All five of 'em! 5 x 800 equals 4,000, so that means...

[All of Alvin's monsters ATK drop to 0]

Alvin: This can't be!

Yuya: Sorry to have to end this duel this way, Alvin. Odd-Eyes, get set to counterattack! Spiral Flame Strike!

[Odd-Eyes fires his attack at Red-Eyes, destroying him; Alvin gets knocked back with damage]

Yuya: And thanks to Odd-Eyes' effect, the battle damage is doubled!

Alvin: Which means I lost.

Alvin: 0 (Hand: 0)
Yuya: 4,000 (Hand: 0)]

[The simulation ends]

Computer: Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated.

Yuya: You fought another good duel, Alvin. You almost had me on the ropes with all those new Link monsters.

Alvin: Thanks, Yuya. And I'm glad you were able to overcome these new rules.

[He and Yuya shake hands]

Alvin: We'll duel again eventually.

Yuya: I'll be waiting.

[The alarm blares]

Alvin: [sighs] No sooner do we end our duel than an emergency comes our way.

Sarah: Everyone to the bridge!

[Cut to the bridge; the gang is shown a profile on Roscoe Jones; the monitor split-screens to show the profile and Greg]

Greg: This is Roscoe Jones. 27 years old, convicted of embezzlement six and a half years ago.

Alvin: Greg, we'd look like fools to keep tabs on this guy. Embezzlement isn't a violent crime.

Greg: No, but murder is. The 3-1 found four bodies in Washington Square Park. They're all dead.

Sarah: But how?

Greg: There were no gunshot wounds, nor stab wounds, and little to no bruises. But all four of them died just the same. They died immediately after losing a duel to Jones. He used a powerful new Link monster. Not to mention, on each of his victims, he left a message.

[The monitor shows a photograph of one of the deceased's corpses with a note:]

Brittany: "I seek The Winged Dragon of Ra. Bring me Brittany Miller. Anyone who gets in my way shall be dispatched."? [scoffs] No doubt he was sent by the Demonoids picking up where Prescott left off, trying to claim the Egyptian God cards. Well, if my dueling him is the only way to stop him, then I'm in.

Sarah: No, Brittany. Dueling that man is too dangerous. What if you die next?

Brittany: I'll make sure he doesn't win. I have faith in my Cyber Angels.

Sarah: I'm sure we'll send backup.

Greg: That won't help. Every duelist that got in Jones' way was forced into a cage duel. Maybe Brittany dueling him is the only way he'll stop.

Brittany: He doesn't stand a chance against the Dove of Dreams.

[The alarm blares; the monitor now opens a channel to the South Street Seaport; Voxoid, a demonic robot with wings, a shield, and a harpoon, emerges from the sea and frightens citizens]

Greg: Another one of Mechike's Demonoids is on the attack at the South Street Seaport. I'll send the other Gladiators after him.

Zuzu: I'm going, too! I may not be able to use Mega Mode, but I might not need it to beat that Demonoid.

Sarah: I'll go with you. One last fight alongside my fellow Gladiators before I leave, even if I'm not in uniform.

Greg: Very well. The rest of you, back Brittany up, just in case. Good luck, you guys. [signs off]

[Later, the gang exits the warehouse and checks if the coast is clear]

Alvin: Coast is clear.

Brittany: Ready, Zu?

Zuzu: Ready!

Brittany and Zuzu: Kaleido Power!

[They both get suited up]

Sarah: All right, chaps. Let's split up. Zuzu and I will join the other Glads at the seaport. The rest of you deal with Roscoe in Washington Square Park.

[She and Zuzu hold hands as Zuzu flies them in one direction]

Zuzu: Brittany, good luck.

Brittany: Thanks, Zuzu.

Yuya: Let's go!

[He and the others head in the opposite direction]

[Washington Square Park, 2:17pm]

[Roscoe approaches a duelist; Delta is right behind Roscoe]

Duelist: What do you want?

Roscoe: A duel, with you. If not, admit you're a coward.

Duelist: I won't! I'm not afraid to duel you. I'm just afraid to die.

Roscoe: I'm afraid you don't have a choice. Delta, prepare the cage.

Delta: Coming right up, Roscoe.

[She is about to prepare a duel cage with her laser, when suddenly, Brittany soars into the scene and slices Delta's right arm off w/her YumeBlade]

Delta: [growls] Damn you, Miller!

Brittany: [flies toward the duelist] Go on home. I'll deal with this guy.

Duelist: But you'll get killed, just like the others!

Brittany: Only if he plays dirty. But no one plays dirty against the Dove of Dreams. Now, go.

[The duelist exits; the rest of the gang approaches Brittany as she turns to Delta and Roscoe]

Brittany: You want my Egyptian God card, Roscoe? You'll have to duel me for it.

Roscoe: Just what I want. It's a duel.

Yuya: Count me in, too, Brittany.

Alvin: Me, too.

Roscoe: Sorry, but this one must protect Ra on her own. Delta, the cage!

[Delta reattaches her right arm and fires her laser beam, erecting a Demonoid Cage around Brittany and Roscoe]

Yuya: A Demonoid Cage, just like when Zuzu and I dueled Delta and Epsilon! Brittany, be careful! Every time you touch the bars, you get zapped. It happened to me and Zuzu.

Brittany: But it won't work against a Kaleido Gladiator. [points her blade at Roscoe] As for you, Roscoe, I'll be watching you for any foul play.

Roscoe: Please. I didn't need foul play to beat any of my previous opponents. They were all weak. Now, let's get started!

[He and Brittany activate their duel disks, shuffle their decks, and draw their first five cards]

[Everyone dons their duel gazers; the field transforms to that of a shrine]

Computer: Augmented reality vision link established.

Brittany and Roscoe: Let's duel!

Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 5)
Roscoe: 4,000 (Hand: 5)]

Brittany and Roscoe: [each roll a die] Go, dice roll!

[Brittany's die comes up two; Roscoe's comes up one]

Brittany: I'll go first.

Alvin: You guys support Brittany. I'll deal with Delta. [raises his manacle] Dagger!

[Out of his manacle comes Dagger]

Alvin: Arachna Power!

[He gets suited up]

Delta: [as her kanabo appears in her hands] It's on, brat!

[She and Alvin fight w/their weapons; back to the duel]

Brittany: Good luck, Alvin. [turns to Roscoe] Okay. Back to the game. [places a card] I'll start with Cyber Petit Angel!

[Cyber Petit Angel appears]

[LV: 2
ATK: 300]

Roscoe: Your little mechanical cherub doesn't stand a chance.

Brittany: [takes a card from her deck] Not without its effect, it doesn't. If I summon it, I can add a Cyber Angel Ritual monster or Machine Angel Ritual from my deck to my hand. [reveals the card] I choose Cyber Angel Idaten. [places another card] Next, I activate Hymn of Light!

Roscoe: What's that?

Brittany: A Ritual Spell, silly. I tribute Cyber Petit Angel from my field and Cyber Tutubon from my hand!

[Cyber Tutubon appears; she and Cyber Petit Angel vanish]

Brittany: Behold, my newest Ritual monster: Saffira, Queen of Dragons!

[Saffira, Queen of Dragons appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 2,500]

Roscoe: A new monster? [scoffs] That doesn't scare me.

Brittany: [takes a card from her graveyard] If I tribute Cyber Tutubon, I return Hymn of Light from my graveyard to my hand. Not that I'll need it. [sets a card] I set this card and enter my end phase by activating one of Saffira, Queen of Dragon's effects. During the end phase of a turn in which I Ritual-summoned Saffira or a Light monster was sent from the hand or deck to the graveyard, I get to activate one of three effects: Add a Light monster from my graveyard to my hand, randomly discard a card from your hand, or draw two cards, then discard one. [draws two cards; discards Hymn of Light] I'll draw two, then discard one. Your move, Roscoe.

Roscoe: [draws] Thank you. [places a card] I summon The Agent of Creation - Venus!

[Said monster appears]

[LV: 3
ATK: 1,600]

Roscoe: This monster allows me to special-summon a Mystical Shine Ball from my hand or deck by paying 500 life points. And I'm allowed to do it more than once per turn. I activate its effect three times and special-summon three Mystical Shine Balls from my deck by paying 1,500 life points!

Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Roscoe: 2,500 (Hand: 5)]

Brittany: Why would you waste your life points on that?

Roscoe: Because I plan on using two of these Mystical Shine Balls for two separate Link-summons. Mystical Shine Ball, link up!

[One of the Mystical Shine Balls glows and vanishes]

Roscoe: [places a card from his Extra Deck] Let's go, Link Spider!

[Link Spider appears in the Extra Monster Zone on Roscoe's right]

[LINK: 1
ATK: 1,000]

Roscoe: Next, Mystical Shine Ball, link up!

[Another Shine Ball glows and vanishes]

Roscoe: [places another card from his Extra Deck] Now to bring out Imduk the World Chalice Dragon!

[Said monster appears, its top arrow pointing at Link Spider's bottom arrow]

[LINK: 1
ATK: 800]

Roscoe: With this monster's effect, I can normal-summon an additional monster, as long as it's a World Chalice monster. [places a card] I summon Lee the World Chalice Fairy!

[Lee the World Chalice Fairy appears]

[LV: 2
ATK: 100]

Roscoe: [takes a card from his deck] When I summon it, I get to add a World Chalice monster from my deck to my hand. World Chalice Guardragon. I'll save it for later. Right now, it's time for a third Link-summon! Link Spider, Mystical Shine Ball, Lee the World Chalice Fairy, and Imduk the World Chalice Dragon, link up!

[Said four monsters glow and link together, then vanish]

Roscoe: Circuit, combine! Prepare to meet the same fate as those before you! I Link-summon... [places another card from his Extra Deck] Saryuja Skull Dread!

[Saryuja Skull Dread appears and roars]

[LINK: 4
ATK: 2,800]

Brittany: That's the monster you used to beat those other duelists?!

Roscoe: Mm-hmm. And it packs quite a punch, since it has three Link Arrows on the bottom. That gives me three more spots to special-summon monsters from my Extra Deck. But there's more. Since I Link-summoned Saryuja Skull Dread with four materials, I get to draw four new cards, as long as I place three from my hand in the bottom of my deck in any order.

[He draws four cards, then returns three to the bottom of his deck]

Roscoe: There's more. Because I used four materials to summon it, I get to activate these effects. Once per turn, I can special-summon a monster from my hand. And another: Any monster normal or special-summoned to a zone it points to gains 300 attack and defense points. [places a card] I'll start by special-summoning Beckoned by the World Chalice to the field.

[Said monster appears in the zone in Roscoe's fifth column (pointed to by Saryuja Skull Dread's bottom left Link Arrow)]

[LV: 4
ATK: 1,800 (boosted to 2,100)]

Roscoe: Thanks to Saryuja Skull Dread's effect, it gains 300 attack points. But it won't need 'em, nor a shot in battle, because it's time for it to link up with Agent of Creation - Venus!

[Agent of Creation and Beckoned by the World Chalice link together, then vanish]

Roscoe: [places another card] Come forth, Ib the World Chalice Priestess!

[Ib the World Chalice Priestess appears in the zone in Roscoe's third column (pointed to by Saryuja Skull Dread's bottom right arrow)]

[LINK: 2
ATK: 1,800 (boosted to 2,100)]

Roscoe: Since her Link-summoning required two monsters with different types and attributes, I needed Light Fairy Agent of Creation and Earth Warrior Beckoned by the World Chalice for it.

Brittany: Um, hello? Haven't you forgotten about my Queen of Dragons?

Roscoe: Gimme a chance already! I also forgot to mention that Ib can't be targeted or destroyed or by card effects or be destroyed in battle, as long as she's linked to a monster. But I can send her to the graveyard if a monster she's pointing to is about to be destroyed by a card effect. Right now, I've got none. [places a card] At least, until I activate One for One. [discards a card] I discard Dandylion from my hand to special-summon my level-1 Dongle Acorn from my deck!

[Dongle Acorn appears, alongside a Dongle Token and two Fluff Tokens]

LV: 1
ATK: 0]

LV: 1
ATK: 0]

LV: 1
ATK: 0]

Yuya: He's using some of the moves Alvin used against me. By special-summoning Dongle Acorn, Roscoe summoned a Dongle Token, and because he sent Dandylion to the graveyard, too, he also summoned two Fluff Tokens.

Gong: He must be up to something.

Roscoe: Dongle Token, link up! [places another card from his Extra Deck] Come to me, Secure Gardna!

[The Dongle Token vanishes, and Secure Gardna appears in Main Monster Zone 5 (pointed at by Saryuja Skull Dread's bottom right Link Arrow)]

[LINK: 1
ATK: 1,000]

Roscoe: Next, Fluff Tokens, link up! [places another card from his Extra Deck] Let's go, LANphonlinkus!

[The Fluff Tokens vanish, and LANpholinkus appears in Main Monster Zone 4 (beneath Saryuja Skull Dread's bottom Link Arrow)]

[LINK: 2
ATK: 1,400]

Roscoe: But I only need these two new Link monsters to perform this Link-summon. Secure Gardna, LANpholinkus, link up!

[Said two monsters vanish]

Roscoe: [places another card] I Link-summon Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior!

[Ningirisu the World Chalice Warrior appears where LANpholinkus was]

[LINK: 3
ATK: 2,500 (boosted to 2,800)]

Roscoe: This monster required at least two Link monsters for its Link-summon. And since the combined Link numbers of its Link materials totaled three, it was just what I needed. [draws a card] And when I Link-summon it, I get to draw one new card. But I'm not finished yet.

Jeanette: How many more monsters does this guy plan on summoning?!

Roscoe: [places a card] I activate Instant Fusion! By paying 1,000 life points, this card lets me Fusion-summon a level-5 or lower monster without using any Fusion materials. Come on out, Sea Monster of Theseus!

Brittany: 4,000 (Hand: 2)
Roscoe: 1,500 (Hand: 3)]

[Sea Monster of Theseus appears beside Ningirisu's right Link Arrow]

[LV: 5
ATK: 2,200]

Roscoe: Now, this monster can't attack, and it'll be destroyed at the end of the turn, but since it's a Tuner monster, I intend to use it for a Synchro-summon before that can happen. [places another card] First things first, I activate Monster Reborn! Special-summon Dongle Acorn back to the field!

[Dongle Acorn reappears]

Roscoe: Now, I tune my level-5 Sea Monster of Theseus to my level-1 Dongle Acorn and my level-1 Dongle Token!

[Said three monsters tune together]

Roscoe: I Synchro-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Samurai Destroyer!

[Samurai Destroyer appears where Sea Monster of Theseus was (in column 5 of Roscoe's Main Monster Zone)]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,600 (boosted to 2,900)]

Roscoe: Okay. This main phase 1 has gone on long enough. Time for the battle phase! Samurai Destroyer, attack and destroy Saffira, Queen of Dragons!

Brittany: [in her mind] Time to activate Hymn of Light's effect from my graveyard.

[She pushes a button, but nothing happens]

Brittany: [aloud] Nothing's working!

Roscoe: Also forgot to mention: When Samurai Destroyer battles an opponent's monster, you can't activate cards or effects until the end of the damage step, and the effects of the monster battles are also negated during the battle phase. Sorry!

[Samurai Destroyer punches Saffira, destroying her]

Brittany: 3,900 (Hand: 2)
Roscoe: 1,500 (Hand: 2)]

Brittany: Saffira...

Roscoe: Now you're wide open! Ib, attack her directly!

[Ib fires a blast from her staff at Brittany]

Brittany: You can't beat me that easily. [reveals set card] I activate Impenetrable Attack, reducing all battle damage to 0 this turn!

[Ib's attack is cancelled out]

Roscoe: [growls] You got lucky this turn. [sets a card] But next turn, you won't be. I end my turn.

Brittany: [turns to the rest of the gang] That was quite a long turn, wasn't it, guys?

Eleanor: I'll say. Who knew one could summon so many monsters in a single turn?

Simon: This must've been how he won his duels before.

Brittany: Well, he should understand that summoning so many monsters from his Extra Deck against me will soon be his downfall. [notices] Hey, where's Alvin?

Gong: [points to his left] He's over there fightin' that Demonoid.

[Brittany notices Alvin and Dagger fighting Delta]

Brittany: Keep her busy, Alvin! Even if I win, she might force me into another duel.

Alvin: You don't have to tell me twice!

[He strikes Delta w/his blade]

Delta: [snaps her fingers] Time for a little backup.

[Two dozen Cyber Demonitron appear]

Alvin: Here we go again.

Simon and Theodore: Spider out! Arachna Power!

[Out of their manacles come Flame and Brutus; Simon and Theodore get suited up and join their brother]

Alvin: All right, bros. You deal with the Cyber Demonitron, I'll keep Delta at bay.

Simon and Theodore: Roger!

[Riding their Battle Spiders, Simon and Theodore fight the Cyber Demonitron while Alvin continues his fight with Delta]

Yuya: At least the Demonoids are kept busy.

Brittany: In the meantime, I've got a duel to finish. [draws] I draw!

Roscoe: It doesn't matter what you draw, Brittany. My army will clean you out point by point until I claim The Winged Dragon of Ra! [laughs]

[South Street Seaport, 2:30pm]

[Voxoid fires bolts of lightning at fleeing citizens]

Voxoid: Only a bunch of cowards would refuse to face me. [scoffs] Why does Master Mechike always give us lesser Demonoids the weaklings to lure ACME out?

[Suddenly, the nine other Kaleido Gladiators (in uniform) and Sarah fly into the scene]

Voxoid: [sighs] Never mind.

Sarah: Remember, Zuzu, you were able to master your powers as a Gladiator when you fight solo. This is the perfect test to see how well you fare with your teammates.

Zuzu: Got it, Sarah.

Voxoid: Oh, a new Gladiator, eh? It'd be a pleasure to take down this weakling.

Layla: Roll call now! K-1! Golden Phoenix!

Sora: K-2! Angel of Hope!

Rosetta: K-3! Diabolo Fairy!

Marion: K-4! Aqua Blossom!

May: K-5! Demon Blader!

Mia: K-7! Platinum Pixie!

Anna: K-8! Geo Jester!

Zuzu: K-9! Lorikeet of Love!

Pamela: K-10! Ivory Eagle!

Layla: Where--

Zuzu: [interrupts] Where there is light, there is a heart of justice!

All nine: Kaleido Gladiators!

Layla: That "heart of justice" line was supposed to be my job.

Sarah: Oh, let the new kid have a little fun, Layla.

Voxoid: I'm Voxoid, proud servant of the Demonoids. And I see there's one Gladiator missing. I heard there was supposed to be 10 of you. What's the matter? Your wimpy Dove of Dreams too much of a coward to face me?

[The Gladiators charge at him with their weapons]

Voxoid: Uh-oh. Cyber Demonitron, get them!

[An army of Cyber Demonitron appears and charges at the Gladiators; Sarah joins the Gladiators as they fight on]

Sora: [fires arrows at a dozen Cyber Demonitron] Call Brittany a coward?!

Layla: [strikes another dozen w/her Phoenix Saber] Your boss' new lackey has her occupied at the moment!

Voxoid: [snickers] I knew that. All part of Master Mechike's plan.

Zuzu: [strikes Voxoid w/her flute blade] His idea of divide and conquer really irritates me.

Voxoid: [intercepts with his shield] Well, it helps get the job done!

[He whips out his harpoon; he and Zuzu fight w/their respective weapons]

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Re: Side-Fic 274: The Understudy Pt. 1

[Back at Washington Square Park, the duel continues]

Brittany: I don't need Link monsters to beat you, Roscoe. [places a card] I activate the Spell: Pot of Dichotomy! Only by activating it at the start of my main phase 1 can this work. I shuffle three monsters of different types from my graveyard back into my deck. [shuffles three cards back into her deck] Saffira, Queen of Dragons, Cyber Petit Angel, and Cyber Tutubon. A Dragon, a Fairy, and a Warrior. [draws two cards] Then I draw two more cards. Lucky for you, I can't attack this turn. [places another card] But I can activate Machine Angel Absolute Ritual! [discards a card] I tribute my level-10 Winged Dragon of Ra - Immortal Phoenix!

[Said monster appears, then vanishes]

Brittany: [places another card] Angel of light hiding eternal power. Now show your form to this vast world, and illuminate all creation! Descend, Cyber Angel Vrash!

[Cyber Angel Vrash appears]

[LV: 10
ATK: 3,000]

Eleanor: Yes! Brittany's won this already!

Gong: How?

Jeanette: If Vrash is summoned, all opposing monsters that were special-summoned from the Extra Deck will be destroyed, and the opponent takes 1,000 points of damage for each one. And even if he uses Ib's effect, with only 1,500 life points, he'll lose, anyway.

Brittany: Vrash, unleash your Angelic Fury!

[The brass gear behind Cyber Angel Vrash glows brightly and emits a powerful wave of energy upon Roscoe's monsters]

Brittany: This duel is over, Roscoe!

Roscoe: [scoffs] You think that'll work on me? [reveals set card] A good duelist always comes prepared, with cards like Ultimate Providence! [discards a card] I discard a Monster Card from my hand to negate the activation of Vrash's effect and destroy her!

[The energy wave is repelled]

Brittany: You may negate my monster's effect, but Vrash won't go down that easily! [banishes a card from her graveyard] I banish Hymn of Light from my graveyard to protect Vrash from being destroyed! You may have bought yourself another turn, but I now control the strongest monster on the field. [sets a card] Try your luck. Your move.

Roscoe: [scoffs] I'll show you. [draws] I draw! [places a card] This card is what ends the duel! Link Hole! Because I control a Link-4 Link monster, Link Hole destroys monsters you control up to the number of Link-3 or higher Link monsters I control. Bid farewell to Cyber Angel Vrash!

[His Link monsters create a black hole; Vrash gets sucked into it]

Roscoe: [laughs] There goes your best monster, Brittany! Now, as for your set card, I'll activate Ningirsu's effect. Once per turn, he lets me send one card on each of our fields to the graveyard. I need Saryuja Skull Dread and Ib for an Extra Link, so I bid farewell to Samurai Destroyer and your set card.

[Samurai Destroyer vanishes, along with Brittany's set card]

Brittany: You played right into my hands, Roscoe. The set card you sent to the graveyard was Shrub Serpent! If it's sent to the graveyard or banished by an opponent's card effect while set, I get to special-summon a monster from my deck or Extra Deck.

Roscoe: You're joking!

Brittany: Why would I joke? [places a card from her deck] I special-summon The Unhappy Maiden in defense mode!

[The Unhappy Maiden appears]

[LV: 1
DEF: 0]

Roscoe: That's it? That's all you got? Oh, well. Ib, destroy that wimp.

[Ib fires a blast from her wand at the Unhappy Maiden, destroying her]

Roscoe: Now, Saryuja Skull Dread, attack her directly!

[Nothing happens]

Brittany: Because you destroyed The Unhappy Maiden in battle, the battle phase is over.

Roscoe: [scoffs] Make your move.

Brittany: [draws] My turn! [places a card] I activate Card of Demise! [draws three cards] I draw until my hand holds three cards, as long as I don't special-summon this turn, and I discard my hand at the end of the turn, if any. [places a card] Now, I activate Swords of Revealing Light, preventing you from attacking me for three turns!

[Flashing swords surround Roscoe's field]

Brittany: [sets her last two cards] I set two cards and end my turn.

Roscoe: [draws] I'm not impressed. [looks at what he just drew] Hmm. I activate Ningirsu's effect again.

Brittany: [reveals set card] Not this time! I activate Solemn Strike! By paying 1,500 life points, this card negates Ningirsu's effect and destroys him!

Brittany: 2,400 (Hand: 0)
Roscoe: 1,500 (Hand: 1)]

[Ib suddenly vanishes]

Roscoe: I send Ib the World Chalice Priestess to the graveyard to prevent Ningirsu from being destroyed!

Brittany: Good move. But Ningirsu's once-per-turn effect is still negated, and my cards are spared.

Roscoe: For one more turn, yes. [sets a card] But next turn, you won't be as lucky. Make your next move.

Brittany: [draws] My turn! [reveals set card] I activate Sixth Sense! Roll a die, and if it comes up 5 or 6, I draw that many cards. Otherwise, I send cards from the top of my deck to my graveyard equal to the number rolled.

Roscoe: [rolls a die] Then go, dice roll!

[The die comes up 5]

Brittany: [draws five cards] Five is enough for me to stay in the duel. [places another card] And I'll start by activating Machine Angel Ritual! I tribute Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater in my hand to Ritual-summon Cyber Angel Dakini!

[Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater appear, then vanish, and in their place appears Cyber Angel Dakini]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,700]

Brittany: And since I Ritual-summoned this monster, you must send one monster you control to the graveyard.

Roscoe: [in his mind] Hmm. If I choose to get rid of Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior, I won't be able to use its effects, but if I choose to get rid of Saryuja Skull Dread, not only will I lose my free spaces for Extra Deck monsters, but I'll also lose the power boost it grants to every monster summoned to the zones its arrows point to, and she'll attack and destroy Ningirsu, anyway. [groans] Which one?

Brittany: Any day now, Roscoe. Dakini isn't getting any younger.

Roscoe: [sighs; aloud] I send Ningirsu to my graveyard.

[Ningirisu vanishes]

Brittany: Wise choice. [places another card] Next, I activate Pre-Preparation of Rites! This card lets me add a Ritual Spell from my deck to my hand, as long as that card specifically lists the name of its appropriate Ritual monster, which I'll also add to my hand. [takes two cards] Primal Cry and Vennu, Bright Bird of Divinity. [places a card] Next, I activate Primal Cry! I tribute Dakini!

[Dakini vanishes]

Brittany: [places another card] Take to the sky, Vennu, Bright Bird of Divinity!

[Vennu, Bright Bird of Divinity appears]

[LV: 8
ATK: 2,800]

Brittany: [places another card] Next, I activate Card of Safe Return! This Continuous Spell lets me draw a card each time a monster is special-summoned from my graveyard. This'll come in handy later. But right now, it's time to attack! Vennu, attack Saryuja Skull Dread now!

[Vennu fires its attack at Saryuja Skull Dread]

Roscoe: Your bird will be destroyed, too.

Brittany: That's not gonna happen, thanks to the second effect of Machine Angel Ritual in my graveyard. [banishes said card from her graveyard] By banishing it from my graveyard, a Fairy that would be destroyed is not destroyed. Sorry, Roscoe, but Saryuja Skull Dread is no more!

Roscoe: [reveals set card] Not if I activate this: Impenetrable Attack! This card shields Saryuja Skull Dread from your attack!

[Saryuja Skull Dread is protected by a shield, stopping Vennu's attack]

Brittany: Lucky break, Roscoe. I enter my end phase and banish Primal Cry from my graveyard. [banishes said card from her graveyard] During the end phase of a turn in which a monster is sent from my field to my graveyard, I can banish Primal Cry to special-summon one of those monsters. Cyber Angel Dakini, return to the field!

[Cyber Angel Dakini reappears]

Brittany: [draws] And thanks to the effect of Card of Safe Return, I get to draw a card. Too bad my turn's over now. You're up, Roscoe.

Roscoe: [draws] I draw! [in his mind] Since she's got Swords of Revealing Light on the field, I'm still stuck. But if I can at least strengthen my Saryuja Skull Dread, I can still survive the next few turns. [looks at what he just drew] And I've got just the card to do it. [aloud; places the card he just drew] I activate the Field Spell: Cynet Universe!

[The field transforms into that of said card]

Roscoe: While I control this card, all my Link monsters gain 300 attack points.

ATK: 3,100]

Roscoe: Even with your Swords of Revealing Light protecting you, none of your Ritual monsters can destroy my dragon in battle.

Brittany: Any other moves?

Roscoe: Nah. Go ahead. Not that it'll help.

Brittany: [draws] My turn! I draw! [places another card] I activate Card of Sanctity! Now we each replenish our hands by drawing until our hands hold six cards apiece.

[She and Roscoe do so]

Roscoe: Thanks for the free cards, kid.

Brittany: Don't mention it. Not that you'll need those cards, anyway. [places a card] Because I activate Machine Angel Absolute Ritual! [discards a card] I tribute Cyber Angel Benten!

[Cyber Angel Benten appears, then vanishes]

Brittany: [places another card] Let's go, Cyber Angel Idaten!

[Cyber Angel Idaten appears]

[LV: 6
ATK: 1,600]

Brittany: By tributing Benten, I add a Fairy monster from my deck to my hand, and by Ritual-summoning Idaten, I add a Ritual Spell from my deck or graveyard to my hand. [takes two cards from her deck] Cyber Angel Natasha and Sprite's Blessing. [takes a card from her graveyard] Plus, Vennu's effect activates. Once per turn, if I tribute a monster, I can add a monster from my graveyard to my hand. [takes another card from her graveyard] I choose Cyber Angel Benten, the monster I just tributed. [places another card] Next, I activate Sprite's Blessing and tribute another copy of Cyber Tutubon from my hand! [discards a card]

[Cyber Tutubon appears, then vanishes]

Brittany: [places another card] I Ritual-summon Cyber Angel Natasha!

[Cyber Angel Natasha appears]

[LV: 5
ATK: 1,000]

Brittany: [takes yet another card from her graveyard] And, as you know, Cyber Tutubon's effect lets me add Sprite's Blessing from my graveyard to my hand. Also, if you target any of my Cyber Angels for attacks, Cyber Angel Natasha will negate the attack. Plus, once per turn, Natasha grants me life points equal to half the attack points of any of my monsters. I'll target Vennu and gain 1,400 life points.

Brittany: 3,800 (Hand: 4)
Roscoe: 1,500 (Hand: 6)]

Brittany: I don't need Extra Deck monsters to defeat an opponent who counts on Link monsters to win. Next, I activate another of Vennu's effects. Once per turn, I can reveal a monster in my hand, then target one monster I control to change its level to match that of the monster I revealed. [reveals a card] I reveal Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended, then target Cyber Angel Idaten to change her level from 6 to 7.

LV: 7]

Brittany: [places another card] Now, I activate Sprite's Blessing! I tribute Cyber Angel Idaten!

[Idaten vanishes]

Brittany: You've met Saffira, Queen of Dragons earlier in this duel. Now it's time to meet a member of her clan! I Ritual-summon... [places another card] Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended!

[Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended appears and roars]

[LV: 7
ATK: 2,600]

Brittany: And that's not all. Because I tributed Cyber Angel Idaten, all my Ritual monsters gain 1,000 attack and defense points!

ATK: 3,700]

ATK: 2,000]

ATK: 3,600]

ATK: 3,800]

Brittany: Now, all four of my monsters have enough to destroy your dragon and wipe you out! Sauravis, attack Saryuja Skull Dread!

[Sauravis fires its attack at Saryuja Skull Dread, destroying it]

Brittany: 3,800 (Hand: 2)
Roscoe: 1,000 (Hand: 6)]

Brittany: Vennu, Bright Bird of Divinity, attack Roscoe directly! End this duel!

[Vennu fires her attack at Roscoe directly]

Roscoe: [discards a card] Swift Scarecrow, negate the attack and end the battle phase!

[Swift Scarecrow appears and negates the attack, then vanishes]

Brittany: [sets a card] You just got lucky, Roscoe. I end my turn by activating Cyber Angel Dakini's effect. During each of my end phases, I return Machine Angel Ritual or a Ritual monster from my graveyard to my hand. [takes a card from her graveyard] I choose Cyber Angel Idaten. My turn is over.

Roscoe: You may have destroyed my best monster, but thanks to Card of Sanctity, I have a full hand ready to clean you out. [draws] I draw! [places a card] I activate Bound Link! This card lets me return a Link monster on my field or in my graveyard and return it to my Extra Deck. [returns a card from his graveyard to his Extra Deck] Saryuja Skull Dread. [shuffles his Extra Deck] Next, I draw cards equal to its Link Rating: 4! [draws four cards; puts four from his hand into the bottom his deck] Then I return that same number to the bottom of my deck.

Brittany: Sadly, Roscoe, it's gonna take a miracle for you to Link-summon it again.

Roscoe: That's no problem. [places a card] First, I activate Premature Burial! By giving up 800 life points, I special-summon a monster from my graveyard. I special-summon Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior back to the field!

Brittany: 3,800 (Hand: 2)
Roscoe: 200 (Hand: 5)]

[Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior reappears in Main Monster Zone column 4, equipped to Premature Burial]

Roscoe: [places another card] Second, I activate Overdone Burial!

Brittany: Point of order! You can't use that card on Link monsters or Xyz monsters! They have no levels!

Roscoe: Who said I was gonna use it on a Link monster? [discards a card] I discard The Big Saturn to special-summon Samurai Destroyer back to the field!

[Samurai Destroyer reappears in Main Monster Zone column 1, equipped to Overdone Burial]

Brittany: Good move, but you still have this one more turn to deal with my Swords of Revealing Light.

Roscoe: I know that. But there's more. [places another card] I activate Monster Reborn! I special-summon Ib the World Chalice Priestess back to the field! But first, I chain my Spell: [places another card] Emergency Provisions! I send Monster Reborn, Cynet Universe, Premature Burial, and Overdone Burial to the graveyard to gain 1,000 life points for each one!

[Said four Spell Cards vanish]

Brittany: 3,800 (Hand: 2)
Roscoe: 4,200 (Hand: 1)]

[Ib reappears in Main Monster Zone column 3]

Brittany: Are you done?

Roscoe: Not even close. All three monsters, link up!

[All three of his monsters link together and vanish]

Roscoe: Since Ib's Link Rating is 2, it'll count as two monsters for the Link-summon. [places a card from his Extra Deck] Now, give a warm welcome back to Saryuja Skull Dread!

[Said monster reappears in the Extra Monster Zone to Roscoe's right]

Brittany: Unfortunately, you can't draw four new cards, because you used three monsters for your dragon's Link-summon instead of four.

Roscoe: No problem. [places another card] That's why I have this card: My own copy of Card of Sanctity!

[He and Brittany each draw until their hands hold six cards apiece (unbeknownst to anyone, Roscoe has secretly slipped six cards from his sleeve to the top of his deck before he started drawing)]

Roscoe: Perfect. [places another card] I activate the Spell: Painful Choice! I take five cards from my deck, reveal them to you, and you choose which one I add to my hand, whereas the others go to the graveyard. [takes five cards from his deck and reveals them] Masked Sorcerer, Miracle Flipper, Damage Mage, Doomstar Magician, or Gambler of Legend? Which one?

Brittany: I don't know what you're getting at, Roscoe, but all your choices are admittedly ridiculous. Miracle Flipper.

[Roscoe sends the other four cards to the graveyard]

Roscoe: Wise choice. Not that it matters, because I've got a card in my hand that'll put the discarded ones to good use. [places another card] But first, I activate Soul Absorption! Every time cards are banished, I gain 500 life points for each card. [places another card] Now, I activate Magicalize Fusion!

Yuya: I've never seen that card before!

Gong: Gong, neither!

Simon: It must be one of the new cards Pegasus released last week. But they're so rare. How did Roscoe get one?

Brittany: Unless he may have stolen it from one of the duelists he killed.

Roscoe: This card lets me Fusion-summon a Spellcaster by banishing materials from my field or graveyard. I fuse Masked Sorcerer, Damage Mage, Doomstar Magician, Gambler of Legend, and Beckoned by the World Chalice! Go, Fusion-summon!

[Said five Spellcasters appear and fuse together]

Brittany: 3,800 (Hand: 6)
Roscoe: 6,700 (Hand: 4)]

Roscoe: Joining the powers of my Spellcasters five,
the ultimate wizard shall come alive!
I Fusion-summon... [places a card from his Extra Deck] Quintet Magician!

[Quintet Magician appears in the Main Monster Zone pointed at by Saryuja Skull Dread's bottom Link Arrow]

[LV: 12
ATK: 4,500 (boosted to 4,800)]

Brittany: This monster's like a Spellcaster version of Five-Headed Dragon!

Roscoe: That's right, and there's more to this magician. He can't be destroyed by card effects, nor can he be tributed or used as a Fusion material. But there's more! Because I used five different Spellcasters as materials for the Fusion-summon, Quintet Magician can destroy all cards you control!

Brittany: Not so fast! [reveals set card] I activate my Trap: Zero Gravity! This card switches the battle positions of all monsters on the field, thereby switching all our monsters into defense mode!

[All monsters switch into defense mode, except Saryuja Skull Dread]

DEF: 4,500]

Roscoe: Too bad that card doesn't work on Link monsters, since they can only be in attack mode. Oh, well. So much for your field of Ritual monsters!

[All of Brittany's cards are destroyed]

Brittany: You'll pay for that!

Roscoe: And there's more. [places another card] I activate Dimension Fusion! By paying 2,000 life points, I special-summon my banished monsters. I special-summon Doomstar Magician, Gambler of Legend, and Masked Sorcerer!

[Said three monsters appear]

Brittany: 3,800 (Hand: 6)
Roscoe: 4,700 (Hand: 3)]

Roscoe: Do you notice what these three monsters have in common?

Brittany: Yeah. All three of them are level-4. I bet you're planning to Xyz-summon with these monsters.

Roscoe: Correctamundo! I build the Overlay Network with my level-4 Doomstar Magician, Gambler of Legend, and Masked Sorcerer!

[Said three monsters convert to streaks of light; the Overlay Network appears]

Roscoe: [places a card from his Extra Deck] Rise, Gagagigo the Risen!

[Said monster emerges from the Overlay Network, appearing in the Main Monster Zone pointed at by Saryuja Skull Dread's lower right Link Arrow]

[RANK: 4
ATK: 2,950 (boosted to 3,250)]

Roscoe: True, this monster doesn't have any effects, unlike most Xyz monsters. But that doesn't matter, because I can still attack with it and Saryuja Skull Dread to wipe out the rest of your life points. But first, I activate this: [reveals set card] Delinquent Duo! One card in your hand is randomly discarded. I just have to give up 1,000 life points.

[One random card in Brittany's hand is sent to the graveyard]

Roscoe: Then you choose the next card in your hand to discard.

Brittany: [discards a card] I'll make you pay for that. One of the cards you forced me to discard was Dotedotengu! If one of your card effects sends him to the graveyard, he can blow any card you control back to your hand, or in this case, your Extra Deck! Back you go, Gagagigo the Risen!

[Gagagigo the Risen vanishes back into Roscoe's Extra Deck]

Brittany: 3,800 (Hand: 4)
Roscoe: 3,700 (Hand: 2)]]

Brittany: I could've used it on your magician, but since he's in defense mode and can't switch battle positions this turn, he's hardly a threat to me now.

Roscoe: No, but my dragon is, and it can and will defeat you on its own. [places a card] Because I activate Gift of the Martyr! I send Samurai Destroyer to the graveyard and give Saryuja Skull Dread its attack points!

[Samurai Destroyer vanishes into Saryuja Skull Dread's body]

ATK: 5,400]

Roscoe: Saryuja Skull Dread, attack Brittany directly and wipe out the rest of her life points!

[Saryuja Skull Dread fires its attack at Brittany directly]

Brittany: I activate the effect of the Necro Gardna you made me discard with Delinquent Duo! By banishing it from my graveyard, your attack is negated!

[Necro Gardna appears and negates the attack]

Roscoe: Impressive. [places another card] But it won't save you from Double or Nothing! Because Necro Gardna negated my dragon's attack, it gets to attack again, with its attack points doubled during the damage step!

ATK: 10,800]

Roscoe: So long!

[Saryuja Skull Dread fires its attack at Brittany again]

Brittany: [grits her teeth] This isn't over!

[Back at Alvin's fight with Delta, Delta kicks Alvin off of Dagger]

Alvin: Dagger, tie her up!

Dagger: Roger that!

[He fires his webs at Delta, who repels them all with her kanabo, then whacks Dagger on the head]

Delta: Putting humans or animals against a machine is no contest. Machines always triumph over man.

Alvin: Wrong. There are lots of things humans and animals can do that robots can never do. And one includes fight with heart! Dagger, let's go Super!

Dagger: You got it, partner!

Alvin: Arachna Super Power!

[He and Dagger merge]

Alvin: Super Spider Rider!

Delta: Bring it on, you little brat!

[She and Alvin charge at each other with their weapons, then fight]

[Back at the fight in the South Street Seaport, the Cyber Demonitron are destroyed, but Zuzu is still fighting Voxoid]

Voxoid: My army may be gone, but there's a good reason you haven't beaten me yet, newbie.

[He kicks Zuzu to the ground]

Voxoid: It's because you're a wimp.

Sarah: You leave Zuzu be! She may be new, but she's an exceptional Gladiator!

Layla: We'll show him not to underestimate new members. Everyone, strike!

[She and the other seven Gladiators charge at Voxoid with their weapons]

Voxoid: [strikes each one down w/his sword] Dumb bitches!

[Each of the eight Gladiators hits the ground]

May: The Demonoids sure have gotten strong since we beat Prescott.

Rosetta: I feel too numb to even reach my Kaleido Booster.

Voxoid: Eight down and one to go. Well, newbie, you're on your own. Too bad this battle will end sooner than I hoped it would.

[Zuzu grits her teeth]

Pamela: Zuzu, don't believe a word he says!

Sora: Remember, you're not weak. You're the Lorikeet of Love!

Layla: You can do it, Zuzu!

Voxoid: Why follow their advice, kid? Newbies are always wimps. Your only good quality is dueling, and you're a reincarnation of legendary duelist Ray Akaba. Nothing more.

[The other eight Gladiators gasp]

Voxoid: This news came from my master himself. And the only reason she beat one of my people's generals in a duel was because she had the help of the reincarnation of legendary duelist Zarc.

Zuzu: Leave Yuya out of this!

Voxoid: To think your boyfriend used to be a total monster.

Zuzu: Wrong! The original Zarc was never a monster to begin with. He was originally a benevolent pro duelist. His road to monstrosity all started with a freak accident, which was not even his fault. But that caused his audiences to see more violent duels like that. The demands were so much, he became a threat to society. But that's all in the past. This reincarnation known as Yuya Sakaki is the same kind duelist Zarc
used to be!

Voxoid: [scoffs] Once a threat, always a threat. Now, are you gonna surrender, or do you want me to kill you? Or, better yet, I'll kill this one first!

[He points his sword at Sarah]

Voxoid: Without your powers, you're just a mere bumpkin.

Sarah: Bumpkin, eh? [whips out her nunchaku] I'll teach you!

[She conks Voxoid in the head with her nunchaku, then kicks him in the midsection w/martial arts moves]

Sarah: I'm the reason Zuzu became the skilled fighter you see now. Before I became a Gladiator, I was, and still am, a martial arts enthusiast. And my nunchucks are my primary defense weapon. What do you say, Voxoid? Have another go?

Voxoid: [growls] I'll make you eat those words, DuPont!

[He and Sarah get into a fight; Sarah constantly defends herself w/martial arts blocks of all sorts]

Voxoid: You can't beat a Demonoid with mere martial arts!

Sarah: Maybe, but I can wear one down with martial arts, like I'm doing to you!

Zuzu: All right! Keep him busy, Sarah! [inputs a code on her Kaleido Booster] 4-1-0! I summon the power of Gabriel!

[Miku Izayoi's angel Gabriel appears in organ form]

Zuzu: Now, what's that Sarah said it was? Oh, yeah. Solo!

[She plays said tune on the organ, releasing sound waves toward Voxoid, hypnotizing him into lowering his weapons]

Zuzu: Now, to give Sarah the boost she needs. March!

[She plays said tune on the organ, releasing sound waves toward Sarah, boosting her physical strength]

Sarah: [down round kicks the defenseless Voxoid] Tae Kod! [kicks him to the outside of the knee joint] Tae Pub Nok! [kicks him to the inside of the knee joint] Tae Pub Nai!

Voxoid: [snaps out off his trance] Jeez! How did I--?

Zuzu: [raises her glowing flute blade] My turn! Dynamic Slash!

[She strikes Voxoid w/her blade]

Zuzu: Just one more move.

[Suddenly, the red button on her booster flashes]

Sarah: Zuzu, this is it! Activate Mega Mode now!

Zuzu: Well, here goes nothing. [pushes the button] Mega Armor, activate!

Brittany: What?! The losing duelist will die?!

Gong: That doesn't seem fair!

Yuya: Whoever's behind these Doom Disks is gonna pay for it with his life!

Zuzu: Next time on ACME Crime Net: The Understudy Part 2!

Sarah: Which is sadly going to be my grand finale. Anyway, vigilance, dedication, courage. Ta-ta!

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