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11/25/2016 8:31 am  #1

The New TV Ratings Package

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to introduce you to a new set of symbols that we will be using throughout ACME Crime Net [fanfics, side-fics, and videos] beginning 1/1/17.\

This is the new TV Ratings box. On the top, you will see the TV Rating set in the ACME Crime Net typeface. On the bottom is the closed caption and either two speakers for stereo programming or the Dolby symbol for Dolby Surround programs.  For ratings with the subrating, the sub-rating appears for 7.5 seconds before the Closed Caption and Stereo/Dolby symbols. You must put one of these rating boxes at the beginning of each fic. To do this, right click on the rating box, then select Copy or copy link address. Then, at the beginning of your fic click on the Image icon, past the URL of the rating box, then click Insert.

The TV-G/Stereo box is an example of the rating box, I just showed you. So, here are the remaining TV Rating boxes with the stereo tag. The Dolby Surround boxes will be in a separate post.




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