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Buttons & Rusty: The Complete Episode Guide (New Adventures)

Season One:

101. Winter Wonder (It's winter in Chucklewood, and the cubs go on a skiing trip which gets them lost in a sudden blizzard.) [TV-G]
102. The Salmon are Running (a.k.a Buttons' Dilemma) (Buttons is caught in a dilemma; he has to choose to either go fishing with his father or go to Bearbette's birthday party. The cubs come up with a way for Buttons to do both.) Written by John Bates and Mona Marshall. Directed by Bill Hutten. [TV-G]
103. No Cave Like Home (All the critters are forced to evacuate Chucklewood when they hear explosions from a mountain, which they think is a volcano.) Written and Directed by John Bates and Bill Hutten. [TV-PG]
104. Raging Rivers (Jonesy reminds the critters that the Critter vet is coming to do some sort of inoculation. Meanwhile, the cubs set off for adventure, water rafting and camping, and are caught in the rapids. They reach a cave and meet a critter named Selma, who ran away from something scary.) [TV-PG]
105. Mudcats Galore (The cubs learn about the endangered mudcats and decide to help them, but don't know what they look like and accidentally mistake them for a couple of wild pigs.) [TV-PG (V)]
106. The Lone Pony (The cubs find a lost pony separated from his herd and Bearbette decides to look after him.) [TV-PG for a brief scene of rude dialog during the first three minutes of this episode, rest is rated TV-G]
107. The Creature from Chucklewood Lake (The cubs glimpse something in Chucklewood Lake and are convinced they have discovered a relative of the Loch Ness Monster.) [TV-PG]
108. Smile Please, Lester (The boy cubs, their folks, the girl cubs, and Franklin visit the girl cubs' old neighborhood Crystal Bayou. They meet Lester Eli Gator which a good friend to the cubs, but he isn't himself. After investigation it turns out he has a toothache but is too scared to visit the dentist.) [TV-G]
109. The Wishing Stone (Exploring a new cave, the cubs discover some old Indian artifacts; in particular, a shiny stone which they come to believe has magical powers.) [TV-G]
110. Family Feud (not the game show!) (The cubs' folks are into serious arguments. They must think of a plan to stop the feud between their folks before it ruins their friendship.) [TV-PG (D)]
111. Where Do I Come From? (While the cubs learn about family trees and how not all families are the same, Frisky goes on a search to find her lost family and finds out she was adopted.) [TV-G]
112. Chucklewood Cousins (a.k.a Buttons' Cousin Cathastrophe) (Buttons' Uncle Woodrow, Aunt Francine, and Cousin Bruce visit Chucklewood. However, when Bruce shows off in front of Rusty and the girl cubs, Buttons loses his confidence. How can he get it back?) [TV-PG]
113. The Gram Who Came To Dinner (Buttons' grandmother (known as "Gram") comes to Chucklewood. However, problems make everyone grumpy and impatient until she tells a story to the critters, with them as the main characters.) [TV-PG (L)]

Season Two:

201. Nora Know It All (Franklin's Aunt Nora arrives at Chucklewood Park, full of amazing stories, and Franklin confides to Jonesy that no one seems to need him anymore.) [TV-G]
202. Timeout (A prequel to Show 107, The cubs enter a cave which leads them to an underground world, and there they meet a young dinosaur named Bubbles.) [TV-PG]
203. Spring Eternal (During a dry spell at Chucklewood Park, the critters learn how to conserve water.) [TV-G]
204. Unitentified Fury Object (Franklin teaches the cubs about space travel and really fires their imagination when a strange new creature from a planet called Down Under appears in Chucklewood.) [TV-G]
205. Arrival of the Fittest (As the cubs learn about the Olympics, their cave is taken over by a family of grizzlies. The cubs compete with the grizzlies in an Olympics tournament to win their home back.) [TV-PG (DV) for depictions of bullying; Viewer discretion is advised for the young children]
206. The Mystery of the Sneaky Snacker [a.k.a Law & Order: Chucklewood] (Chucklewood is celebrating it's birthday. However, when a bobcat named Jonah comes to Chucklewood, food starts mysteriously disappearing. Is Jonah innocent until proven guilty?) [TV-PG]
207. Anything You Do? (The mothers visit Grandma Bear’s [a.k.a “Gram” from Show 113] for a day, leaving the fathers in charge of the cave as a result doing chores as well as cooking dinner. Meanwhile, the bear cubs have an argument about whether boy cubs or girl cubs are better, Freddie decides to have a contest.) [TV-PG (DS)]
208. An Eye For a Tooth (There's a rumor of food shortage in the forest, and the cubs meet a traveling trader named Claude. They exchange Abner's tools for a barrel of food, but it turns out it was a fraud. How could they get the tools back?) [TV-G]
209. Mother Nature’s Missing (A barrel of chemicals falls into the Chucklewood creek and Mother Nature becomes affected by it, which causes strange things to occur around the forest. The cubs set off to find a solution which will save Mother Nature and restore Chucklewood’s natural balance.) [TV-G]
210. The Big One (Earthquakes [“Earthshakers” to the critters] are mysteriously occurring in Chucklewood. Join the cubs on finding out who is responsible for the tremors.) [TV-PG]
211. Scenter of Attention (When Rocky Ridge, which was on the other side of a ravine from Chucklewood, catches on fire, a skunk named Eugene escapes it and meets the critters. However, they find his scent a little disturbing.) [TV-PG]

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