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10/11/2018 6:21 pm  #1

Spot the Dog: Now Newly Remastered in ACME HD!

Duncan Lamont: With a smile and laugh,
he can bright up your day
like the sun peaking over the hill.
And his eyes give a wink
cause he's ready to play.
Come along, it will be quite a thrill.
There's a brand new world to discover.
Let's uncover what he's got.
Everyone is having lots of fun
with a friend named...Spot!

Narrator: Now remastered in ACME HD! Each episode (except for the two specials) consists of three or four Spot adventures. Making it a full 15-20 minute show. 

Spot: Woof-Woof!

Narrator: Six regular episodes, plus the two specials. Only on ACME Deux! Rated TV-Y (two specials are TV-G).

Spot's Magical Christmas will include Spot's Winter Sports. (Black Friday 2018)
Spot and His Grandparents Go To the Carnival will include Spot at the Fair, and Spot Goes to the Circus. (Spring 2019).



3/03/2019 8:38 pm  #2

Re: Spot the Dog: Now Newly Remastered in ACME HD!

hey out of curiosity are there any additional voice credits on spot that you know of? because I don't believe that Linda Gray, Corey Burton and JTT carried all that weight like the cast of World Carmen did (but I'm probably wrong about that too)


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