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8/19/2016 5:10 pm  #1

Get Ready For School

ACME Crime Net presents six videos from the hit series Golden Step Ahead which will help your child get ready for their first day of school.

Get Ready for School: Come along with Brewster on his first day of school. An interactive personal approach and Richard Scarry's lovable characters help your child gain the important attitudes and skills needed to Get Ready for School. Brewster's feelings about going to school are sensitively explored, as well as safety, manners, and what to expect at school. Your child will experience a typical day in kindergarten. Join Brewster's teacher Ms. Brown with stories, games, and songs as they reinforce essential preschool concepts such as ABC, numbers 1-10, colors, shapes--and more!

Know the Alphabet features skills children need tor recognize and name the letters and sounds of the alphabet.

Join Timmy Tiger as he invites you to his "I Know Letters" Show for adventures, songs, and interactive fun! 

1. Go on a field trip to a galaxy called "Alpha" where your child will learn and practice capital and lowercase letters with their formations.
2. Join Timmy's sister Tammy as she sings about her Alphabet Friends as they introduce initial letter sounds. 
3. Play three sets of "Alpha Quizmo" where you will reinforce alphabet order as well as introduce basic everyday words.
4. Timmy's friends will present you with "ABC Tall Tales" which you can build basic vocabulary words.
5. Sing along with a group of monkeys as they rap more basic stories with more vocabulary words.

In Get Ready to Read, join Ready the Clown as he takes you to the Readiness Circus, introducing your child basic reading readiness skills.

1. Start your journey on the Alphabet Midway as your child illustrates the association between consonants and their sounds. Here you will meet Jake the Juggler as he juggles much more than a "J." 
2. Head over to Scarlet Scooter's Sizes Sideshow where Scarlet herself teaches you the different sizes of things. 
3. Head inside the big top where you will reinforce your skills as you will be entertained through many circus acts. Plus, sing along with the Shapes and Colors clown as he encourages children to observe carefully.  Then, join Sara Seal as she shows your child and her clown friend how letters form words as they are placed in order from beginning to end.

Your child will continue getting ready to read while they visit Groucho Barx and Olivia Ostrich on a Journey Through The Jungle of Words. Go on an exciting trek through the jungle of words and simple sentences to gather clues leading to the secret treasure: the fun of Working with Words!

Follow along with Groucho and Olivia as they travel through the jungle in search of the clues that will lead to their friend Schnoz Ali. 

On your journey; using the skills learned in Get Ready to Read and Know the Alphabet

1. Introduce your child new letter sounds with Groucho and Olivia as they help the animals drink water from the waterhole with the help of Mr. Zebra. 
2. Meet King Tut, a friendly ghost who helps form words by combining beginning letters with word endings.
3. Head inside King Soloman's Mind where you will meet Dualot and her friend Seealot as they introduce your child action words.
4. Then, join Schnoz Ali as he invites your child to participate in fun, skill-building reading games at his fantastic Reader's Palace!

Get Ready for Math features essential math early math skills and explains the importance of numbers in everyday life.

Minerva has joined the circus leaving a bird in charge of the dance studio. Follow a dog and a pig as they found lost numbers belonging to Minerva's dance studio, which are required for counting, music, and number fun! Your child will help the dog, the pig, and the bird sort out numbers 1 thru 10.

Watch lively musical dances from around the world as your child reinforce the numbers one to ten and their corresponding sets. 

Go on a field trip to a pet store, and learn the differences between short and tall, big and small and other size relationships. 

Your child will discover "The Wonder of Numbers". Then, take Meggie's math homework and an rainstorm that's confined six kids to their playroom. Add some energetic make believe and songs dreamed up to help Meggie solve her math problems. What do you get? The Rainy Day Numbers Show. This video which continues your child's journey into the world of math proves working with numbers is fun!

1. Join Jumpin' Jack Rabbit as he takes you to his marvelous gym where your child counts on the beat introducing numbers 1 thru 20.
2. Soar with Meggie as she becomes an ordinary "space chick" as she sights various sets of things.
3. Play a mathematical game show called Count on Fortune with Jumpin' Jack Rabbit and Vanna Lamb as your child will be introduced on how to add two sets together into a new set. That is called addition.
4. Uh oh! Lamb is opening up her candy store and discovered that there isn't enough candy to run the store. The question is: "who took her candy?" It's up to your child; who will be introduced to subtraction; to solve The Mystery at the Mall with Rock Raccoon, Private Ear.  

Along the way, visit Al E. Gator's Used Numbers as Al E. Gator himself teaches you the symbols for solving a math problem.

As your child watches these six videos, he/she will learn that school is fun and makes many new friends, and will also learn the importance of cooperation and sharing. Like Brewster, your child will say "I'm Getting Ready for School!"

All videos are rated TV-G and are closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Exclusively from ACME Crime Net.

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7/04/2019 4:33 pm  #2

Re: Get Ready For School

Who was the voice actress for Olivia Ostrich in Journey Through the Jungle of Words?


7/05/2019 6:01 pm  #3

Re: Get Ready For School

Culture00 wrote:

Who was the voice actress for Olivia Ostrich in Journey Through the Jungle of Words?

I am not sure since the voice actors in all the GSA videos are uncredited.

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