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2/17/2020 9:15 pm  #1

#4 - Runaway Bride

Rated TV-PG (DL)

Jonah: You ready for tonight's movie? I am. Make sure that the room is brightly lit and you don't stand too close to the screen.

Sora: Tonight.  

Maggie Carpenter: I wanted to tell you why I run - sometimes ride - away from things.

Ike Graham: Does it matter?

Sora: Having already left three grooms at the altar, Maggie Carpenter is branded "the runaway bride" by jaded city journalist Ike Graham. But, after his facts are called into question, Ike races to Maggie's hometown to save his reputation and report on her upcoming fourth trip down the aisle -- during which he's convinced she'll run again. Though he's there on a muckraking mission. Julia Roberts.

Carpenter: Will you marry me?

Sora: Richard Gere.

Graham: I... I've got to think about this a little bit.

Sora: Runaway Bride. Next!


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